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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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confetti button, this is a record. a gain of any point this year but we are up 47 points with the dow jones industrial and as the closing bell ring, it's important to know that gold which had been up $9 appears to be closing down about $7. we have about a 17 - 16. swing. over to you melissa. >> stocks indeed are making a big comeback in the final moments. there closing at a record high. take a look at this high. we saw a big dip after 2:00 p.m. eastern. they announced they were raising rates and janet yellen took to the mic. >> this is after the bell. >> republican lawmakers under attack. the gunmen shot one of the most powerful men in washington.
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he is now in critical condition. the president calling this a brutal assault. what we know about the suspect and his motive behind the attack among our guest this hour, they were on the field during the impact. we have dan and tom the leg. >> the dow is closing a new record high for the second straight day. it wasn't a given. after janet yellen's remark it sent stock to session lows. oil tumbled to a seven month low we are watching that action but first to nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, what did janet yellen say that spooked the market. >> she basically is saying look, there could be further rate hikes. i think some people started to run wonder about the hikes after they got tepid economic news and recently, overall with the retail sales numbers, just
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showing a consumer that is a little more conservative. inflation is not going the way people think. people started wondering about further rate hikes. they are unchecked but what's interesting is the market did raise during the time and we are closing at a record high for the dow. utilities paid dividends, that's a good way to make money. energy, and oil got hit because of the latest inventory numbers. : there was a little hope for a bounce yesterday. but guess what? that group was back in the red again today. that will be a technology chat throughout the rest of this week
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melissa: nicole, thank you. phil, oil tumbling to the low of the level since november. why is that? >> a lot of things, melissa. as nicole mentioned. eninventory reports were a real disappontment but a report from the international energy agency was bigger disappointment. that report said the u.s. and global oil market will not get in balance until later this year. they pushed back when the global market gets in balance. that set a very weak move. the other thing, people need to get out and drive more. the gasoline demand number was terrible t caught this market by surprise. we were supposed to be setting records for gasoline demand in this country. it is not happening. we're down 1.4% over the four-year average. we should be blowing that number away. when you look at gasoline price this is is one of janet yellen's problems with the fed. the lack of consumers prices, low gasoline prices, slack
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demand, that will really be a problem for the fed. low oil prices big fed problem. gold with the fed move today, we were really strong earlier in the day. that market reversed course after the fed went from being up to down. big down day. back to you. melissa: phil, thank you. david: for more on federal reserve decision, today's market panel, robert wolf, 32 advisors ceo, former president obama economic advisor, fox news contributor. danielle dimartino booth, former advisor to the dallas fed and john layfield, layfield report ceo. i want to bring up what happened earlier inside the beltway, just outside of the beltway, the shooting. again the markets seemed to rise above any kind of political emergency or disaster whatever it happens to be. is it ever going to affect the market? >> well, you know, unfortunately smart gun reform isn't happening fast enough in this country but away from that it zooms like -- david: two points specifically,
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how come the market is not reacting to any of these political the quakes? >> because i think at end of the day political earthquakes come and go, as long as not something geopolitical, would be more clarifying moment, like something with north korea or something with a war. when it comes domestically the truth is the markets are big are than what is happening in these locations domestically. david: danielle, you've been on the inside. does the fed ever factor these political earthquakes into its decisions? >> i thought it was very telling that chair janet yellen started off her press conference with a recognition of the events that had taken place. former chair bernie sanders recently said in an interview -- ben bernanke, he was frankly disturbed about the divide between republicans and democrats and how that might play out or show up in the economic data. so, i know, i have to push back a little bit. it concerns me greatly that the
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market continues to shrug off, you fill in the blank, whatever happens, markets just seem to keep going on and on. if there is no logic, rhyme or reason, i think investors should have rein to be concerned to go back to the "fang" stocks. they're starting to really raise some red flags. david: john layfield, one place i push back on janet yellen, her insistence we need inflation. i don't like higher prices. taxes are going up. a lot of things go up. gop wants to continue with the border tax which would push up the price of imports. why is she so insistent on inflation? >> i don't know. set certain targets on unemployment. set certain targets on inflation. she pretty much ignored those. david: so they don't mean anything, even though she says one thing she doesn't really follow through on it? >> like the opec quotas. say one thing and they do something completely different. i don't mean to compare miss yellen to opec but you understand the analogy.
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this is one of the reasons the stock market is so high. low inflation environment, low yields environment, and s&p, the yield is higher than the 10-year right now. the defacto bonds right now is in the stock market in the u.s. david: robert, we're a long way away from really meaningful inflation when i remember we had meaningful inflation. i remember weed ha the worst, which was stagflation, low growth and high inflation. i don't want to go back there again. >> what is interesting, david, we're two book ends, like you say, slow growth, low inflation and we're talking about this rising rate environment and obviously cutting back on balance sheets. i'm not sure what it really does right now. we'll still be in the low rate environment for foreseeable future. your guest beforehand, i'm from a different studio, i would agree with him. we're talking about a bond yield equivalents here. david: yeah. >> the truth is we're staying in a low rate environment for the foreseeable future because gdp
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will continue to stay low. irrespective of what a lot of these supply side economists are talking about. david: by the way my last guest was in a studio in bermuda. we can only be so lucky. eventually we'll have the same luck as john layfield. danielle, the missing factor here is, if we have significant tax cuts, that is what changes everything, right? >> absolutely. you know, it's, i like to say that the market right now is trading on hopium. that is hopes that physical measures get passed before the end of the year. we have fewer distractions coming out of washington, d.c., and more action. but the stock market is definitely communicating that it still retains the optimism. bond market is throwing off a much different message. we saw probabilities for the september rate hike, despite what chair yellen said, the probability for this next potential rate hike in september decline to 18 percent. after her press conference. david: good stuff. quickly, robert. >> i think we'll see the rate
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hike in december. they will just dot balance sheet reduction until then. david: that has to be the last word. john, i owe you one. we have breaking news. thank you very much to all. >> gunshot. that's a gunshot. >> everyone hit the ground, trying to call out from the line of fire. >> a lot of us dove into the dugout and tried to get as many as we could. >> he fired two more times and i saw scalise go down. melissa: republican lawmakers targeted on a baseball field earlier this morning as congressman steve scalise remains in critical condition following his emergency surgery. we just received brand new video showing the shooting scene. [gunfire]
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>> he is behind the building. [gunfire] melissa: garrett tenney in alexandria, virginia, with the latest on this, garrett. reporter: melissa, fbi investigators are here on the scene, we're going through what we're told 50 to 60 gunshots fired at baseball field this morning. it is really remarkable no one other than the shooter was killed in this event. this is extremely residential -- melissa: all right. we lost garrett there. obviously we had a problem with that signal. we'll go back to him when we can. here is congressman barry louder milk from georgia. he was on the field during the shooting. i have to ask you, we just saw that new video, and just, it's staggering the number of shots, you how rapidly one fired another. i know you were on the at the
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time. what was it like? >> it was regular practice. 7:15 i was standing by home plate, getting ready to back, when i heard the shot. i quickly identified as gunshot. there are there residences around there. that came to the third base side. i look the to my right, security detail of representative scalise, that is rawls there, their body detail. i figured they were concerned we would be concerned. they got out of the vehicle. at that point north shot rang. it was closer. apparently the pause, the shooter moved up to the fence, stuck the rifle through the fence and was opening fire on the field. at that point one of the members hollered it, he has a gun. we all scrambled. many went and dove into the concrete dugout. i went outside of the field and got smallwooden building between me and the shooter. but, i was, within probably 15,
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20 feet of the capitol police officers who were engaged in the gunbattle. later on once he moved toward us, it was clear he was targeting members of the congress, as we ran out on the first base side he moved along the fence to get a the per shot at us. melissa: wow. that is so terrifying. we're been reading reports on twitter elsewhere, saying you guys are coming to the cameras today on capitol hill, doing these interviews to let people know what happened. to bring out this message, we have to work together. in between the interviews there is a lot of people in tears. there is a lot of emotion. what is the emotional roller coaster been like for you today? >> it is going to be. there were several members served in the military as i have. some have been in combat. you do the best you can in those situations. you never know how you're going to act when the guns start firing. it was to stay calm, find a place to be secure and see what you would do to help. we, i think everybody reacted appropriately. you know, it was probably within
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the first three rounds that our whip, representative scalise was shot in the hip. that was when within the first barrage. melissa: could you see him when that happened? >> i did not see him go down. i was sprinting to get off the field as was a whole crowd of people. i did not see him go down. by the time i got behind the wooden building, took cover, matt mika was shot in the chest laying 1015 in front of me. 15 feet in front of meet. myself and another tried to get over to him a couple times. the shooter moved around to our side of the field, was taking shots at us. kept us pinned down there. that is when the capital police had moved their vehicle to provide cover for them and for, for mat. he started taking shots at vehicle, right in front of me one of the capital police officers was shot in the ankle.
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took her out of the fight. the other officer, he actually went out into the parking lot, drew the fire away from us. engaged in the, with the, with the shooter. the acts of bravery from there from our police, if it wasn't for the capitol police we would be naming off names of former congressman today. he was clearly targeting members of congress. it wasn't just rapid fire one after the other. it was pop, pop. then he would pause. he would take aim and shoot again. it was methodical. it was targeted. but, fortunately, you know, only those five, five people were wounded. you know, i'm concerned about the whip and, all of them but especially matt mika, who was, pretty significantly injured. melissa: what did it feel like when you couldn't get to him, saw him there, couldn't go hip and you wanted to. >> it was frustrating. i was angry.
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i was angry at the sheer because i couldn't get there. we have doctors on our team. we have military folks on our team. we had no way of defending ourselves. if it wasn't for the capitol police we were sitting ducks. i was able to get off the field. some went below the dugout. some were sandwiched between the fence and dugout.they became vue moved around the side. some near me repositioned themselves behind a bathroom, that was 30 yards behind us a concrete bathroom. two of us elected to stay there because, you know, we needed to be there in case somebody needed help. your thought process is, keeping myself safe. trying to find where the shooter was the biggest challenge i had because he kept concealing himself. i repositioned behind a tree, i could see him. by that point he was brandishing a handgun. he came around the other side of the building ands that when the capital police were able to take
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him down. melissa: congressman, we are so happy that you are here to tell this story. >> thank you. melissa: we're happy you're okay. our prayers are obviously with everyone who is injured. we hope they make a safe recovery. thank you so much for coming on today. we appreciate your time. >> well, thank you. david: we just heard clearly capitol hill police were the heroes today for taking down the gunman. it is not the first time where these officers put themselves right in the line of fire. one former house majority leader tom delay's security detail was shot and killed protecting his life. we'll join him later in the hour. melissa: details coming in on the shooter. his facebook posts getting a lot of attention. were red flags missed? former secret service agent dan bongino next. david: president trump addressing the situation. more on how the white house and capitol hill are now responding. >> we all can agree that we are blessed to be americans.
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that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace, and that we are strongest when we are unified. ♪ [ mooing sound ] [ laughing ]
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be part of this workforce development week by going to the labor department, signing an executive order there. that very clearly did not happen as the white house says the president and vice president were monitoring the situation, starting off in the very early minutes after this occurred. what we can tell you, david, is one of the very first phone calls we were led to believe that the president made was to the wife of steve scalise. after that this morning the president spoke to the american people from the diplomatic room here at the white house. >> we may have our differences, but we do well in times like this, to remember everyone who serves in our nation's capitol is here because, above all, they love our country. reporter: most all activities at the capitol came to a halt as well. however, the leaders of both parts in the house and in the senate did take to the floor for some very brief speeches.
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here now nancy pelosi and paul ryan. >> in our shock, we are united in our anguish, and an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [applause] >> it is in the family. it is an injury in the family, for the staff, and for our colleague, and for his leadership. reporter: david, now for the first time many just might be learning about this congressional baseball game that goss on every year here in washington and has been going on for decades now. raises a lot of money for charity. the managers i guess, republican, democrat on both sides are giving a news conference here in washington saying indeed the game will go on tomorrow. that most assuredly will happen they say. david? david: blake, thank you very much. praising the heroic actions of the capitol hill police senator rand paul says without the security detail for gop majority
4:23 pm
whip steve scalise the shooting would have been a massacre. >> he was reloading. 50 or060 shots. we can't see him that well, my gut feeling tough decide to stay or run. at this point i think he is advancing towards us. at this point, capitol police began returning fire. i do believe without the capitol hill police it would have been a massacre. david: joining me by phone, dan bongino, former secret service agent. dan, not only fair was he correct, what rand paul said, this would have been the largest political assassination in u.s. history were it not for those two officers. >> yeah. any reasonable person who looks at the way rand paul was would come to the same conclusion. you had a guy clearly intent doing tragic horrific damage, you had a limited security force there to fire back. having been a secret service agent, when the president
4:24 pm
travels there are cadre of hundreds, if not more supporting him in travel. due to large portfolio protectees of congress, 535 members, not all of which have protection by the way, but rather large contingent of people they don't have the ability to do that. hat tip to the brave capitol police officers. he is right, it would have been a massacre. david: they have done it before, by the way, put themselves in harm as way. several of them have died as a result. i want to talk about the clues that the secret service maybe should have perceived at least with regard to this guy. he was putting stuff up on facebook. he had many letters to the editor. they weren't as violent on stuff as facebook. he said it is time to destroy trump. you know, facebook catches a lot of stuff. they catch stuff when you're doing any copyright infringement. why didn't they catch this? >> it is interesting, david, brought this up, doing a lot of research for a project. social media changed the entire
4:25 pm
analysis of political, the investigation of potential political assassinations, political assassins. it made the threat field so deep and so extensive it is almost impossible to conduct a thorough investigation into anything that originates on social media. here is just a quick example. when i was a young secret service agent threats came from bars. drunken patrons would say something at bar. bartender would call us, some block head threaten the president. we would go out and do a investigation. the threat stream of president trump and members of congress, so voluminous it is nearly impossible to conduct a thorough investigation of each one of these. this is big problem. david: let me ask the final question, dan, i'm afraid we're running out of time, all these violent anti-trump messages we've seen, we don't have to would through them all, everybody knows what i'm talking about, in any way do you think they fueled the actions we saw taken today?
4:26 pm
>> i have absolutely zero doubt that they fueled that. i've done a ton of investigations on political threats where they were fueled by love songs. i'm not even kidding. they thought the singer was singing to them. no doubt in my mind a bunch of mock decapitations and political assassinations in some way are contributing to this toxic political environment may have motivated someone out there to do something really tragic. put it this way, david, it is 100% not helping. david: absolutely. dan, thank you again for your service and for the service of all those guys who really sacrificed their lives at times for this nation. >> yes, sir. david: appreciate it. melissa: deadly scene in san francisco. how a normal day turned into a nightmare. details coming up. plus what was behind this morning as shooting on the baseball field? we're getting background on the suspect next. ♪ [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference.
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melissa: new details on the
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gunman who opened fire on republican lawmakers. the shooter identified as james hodgkinson, a 66-year-old man from illinois. he had a history of arrests, and he repeatedly slammed president trump and republicans on social media. fox business's jeff flock in chicago with the latest. jeff? reporter: known to local authorities in his hometown of belleville, illinois. we have pictures of one in 1992. that was related to dui. in 2006, series of offenses battery charge. latest charge was this year in connection of report of shots fired in this neighborhood. subject heard someone in the trees shooting. heard 50 shots. but when police responded they found the shooter had a valid firearms identification card. he was allowed to keep his weapon. that more serious offense i mentioned back in 2006, in connection with something related to his daughter where he punched a neighbor's girlfriend
4:31 pm
in the face with closed fist according to the police report we obtained. he walked outside with a shotgun, aimed it at the neighbor's face. he was charged with two counts of battery. mr. hodgkinson a local writer to the local newspaper. saying at one thing president reagan's trickle down policy never worked never will. he was a volunteer for the bernie sanders campaign, in addition on facebook being a big supporter of bernie sanders. his facebook photo, background photo was a picture of sanders. the facebook post also said, democratic socialism, expand in three words, we the people. bernie sanders quick today to disavow any connection with mr. hodgkinson from the senate floor. listen. >> i am sickened by this despicable act, and let me be as clear as i can be.
4:32 pm
violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society. and i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. reporter: facebook, million list sachs quick to take mr. hodgkinson's profile and pages down today. they were already getting a lot of negative posts from the other side. boy, maybe it is time we all just took it down a notch, said, we all want the nation to be better. we just disagree sometimes on how to get there. just have the debate. melissa: jeff, thank you. david: across the country, another tragic shooting today. three people dead after a gunman opened fire at a san francisco ups facility. this is around 9:00 a.m. pacific time. the shooter turned the gun on himself. the suspect was in a ups uniform. no confirmation yet, whether he was employee. more details coming out in a press conference scheduled at the top of the hour. melissa: new details on the
4:33 pm
tragic shooting in virginia. the latest on the fbi's investigation into the attack, and whether the suspected shooter had a motive. david: plus shaken by the attack of on some of their own, leaders standing together following the brutal attack. chad pergram, fox news capitol hill producer on what happens next. that is coming up. i love getting more for less.
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investigation this morning into shooting of house majority whip steve scalise. a capitol hill aide and two capitol hill officers at a baseball park in alexandria, virginia. speaking to the press, the fbi agent in charge asked whether or not it was an act of terrorism? >> it is too early to say. it is really raw at this moment. we're at initial part of the investigation. so it is too recall to say. we're working both ways right now. melissa: joining us now, former fbi special agent manny gomez and former nypd detective pat bronson. thanks for both of you joining us. manny, let me start with you. how would you characterize what we know about this so far? i only ask because probably significant in terms of what we trying not to make it happen again? >> definitely an assassination attempt. was it an act of terrorism? you could definitely classify it as act of domestic terrorism if
4:38 pm
this person did it for political reasons. is it your classic jihadi isis attack? absolutely not, or at least it doesn't seem to be but what we're looking at here is the potential of a copycat and that is what is concerning law enforcement. that is what my sources are telling me. now out in the public, congress is not as protected as people would think they are. they're out in the open. they're exposed and that there could be a copycat act. melissa: i want to apologize because we labeled our other guest with the the wrong name and everything. i'm sorry about that. it is joseph jacalone, former nypd detective. my apologies, sir. >> no problem. melissa: when you look at something like this all day long, people talk about is it a extension of the political rhetoric and heat going on or is this a crazy person who could have been excited by almost anything extreme out there? what do you think? and is it important to make that
4:39 pm
distinction? >> well, one of the first things that law enforcement does is try to identify a motive or develop a theory. if i was investigating a case like this, seeing what he was saying on facebook, i would say this is politically-motivated event. i don't think you need a slide rule to figure that out. if you look at some of the things he said. he had an open page. i was on his page and looking at it. it was ironic, people were dropping off his friends list, about 100 within ten minutes when i was on there. goes to show you it is important that law law enforcement get onp of these things quickly to download the information because there might be some good investigative material with people dropping off his page. so yes -- sorry. melissa: that is a great point. i was going to ask manny the same thing, people on there associating with him, all of sudden they're going away because they don't want to be associated with him, do they have something to hide? do they want not to be hanging
4:40 pm
out on a page of a killer? >> the fbi took over this case because it was a congressman that got shot. that being said, they're growing to run down every possible lead, facebook, internet access, phone calls, text messages, emails, friends, neighbors, associates. they're going to try to determine the full puzzle, put together the pieces of the puzzle of who this person really is, was he working alone, did he have associates, and what his true motivations are. i agree this seems to be politically motivated but, was he acting a alone or did he have other people working? melissa: joe, real quick, before we go, you know, a lot of -- so far today, different congresspeople are saying they can't have more security around them. the whole part of their job they're supposed to go out to the supermarket, people they represent having access to them. do you think that is folly? >> well, yeah. at this point because now we have terrorists all over the
4:41 pm
world including isis shaking their head. they didn't know this. you now they do. we'll have to deal with it. and deal with it quickly. melissa: great and terrible point. david: that is good way of putting it. melissa: thanks, guys. i didn't even think of that. david: i didn't either until now. outrageous shooting in the capitol. sadly this is no not the first time our elected officials were targets of assassins. tom delay, like steve scalise was majority whip until a gunman entered capitol 20 years ago. he joins us next.
4:42 pm
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4:44 pm
david: breaking news. congressman williams who was there still has an aide in the hospital with a press conference. let's listen. >> 25th district of texas in the united states congress and also have coached the republican congressional baseball team. this morning as you know, we were attacked by a gunman at her
4:45 pm
press conference. there will be those who will talk about what's wrong with america but in this case officers griner and bailey, we saw what's right with america. but saw two people risk their lives to save the lives of others. we saw courage in the face of death. we saw examples of why all americans should be grateful every day for law enforcement officers around this country. there could have easily been 25 deaths or more today. i think we had 25 team players and about 15 staff. but officers griner and bailey prevented that, and my family and i will be forever grateful. the thin blue line held today. law enforcement officers everywhere should be proud, and americans everywhere should be
4:46 pm
thankful that this is still the kind of country that still produces these kinds of heroes. so i ask everybody in join me praying for the victims and for their full recoveries before you go to bed tonight. i will be happy to take some questions. would briefly just tell you my story. i was on the third base side hitting ground balls to trent kelly and ron he he desanity. little did i know that the perpetrator was probably 20 yards from me. i went around the first base side to hit congressman scalise ground balls. i did that. the first one i hit him, the shots went off. i heard the first shot, and i wasn't sure, i thought maybe
4:47 pm
backfiring of a car but then the second and third, everybody yelled, he has got a gun, run for cover. and that's, that's what i did. fortunately i was on the first base side, just emotions take over. i ran to the first base dugout, which has got, which is in the ground about seven feet. i literally dove into that, into that dugout. like diving into a swimming pool with no water. but i did, and in there were some other colleagues, some of my other colleagues. zach barth, who works for me was shot while he was retrieving balls in the outfield, when i got into the dugout, it wasn't 10 seconds then zach come running in from the outfield, and he literally, we landed in each other's arms. he held me, i held him.
4:48 pm
jeff flake took his belt off, and made a tourniquet around zach's leg to stop the bleeding. you know, i remember, and chuck fleishman was on the phone to 9/11 screaming to hurry up and get here. jack barton, joe's son, was in the dugout with us, we were all taking care of him. just trying to take care of each other. there was a lot of heroes today among my friends. it is something i will not forget. it seemed like it went forever. the police say they got here in about three or four minutes, and i'm sure that's the case but it was a long time. they say 60 shots were fired. but without our capital police who, literally took a step forward when they didn't have to. they could have stepped
4:49 pm
backwards. they stepped forward. they saved all of us out there, there is no question about it. we had no arms. all we had was bats, and the shooter. but i'm praying for whip scalise. the policeman, mika, and then my young man that works for us in our office, zach, who will be fine. so with that i will be glad to take some questions, if you have any. yes, ma'am? >> what have you heard about steve scalise's condition? have you talked to him? >> i have not talked to him. but i understand all the reports i get he is doing well, out of surgery. i'm not a doctor. but, all reports are he will make a full recovery. >> you came in with crutches, injury from today?
4:50 pm
>> yes yeah. i forgot about that. i guess when i dove into the dugout, i had done something, i have been to the hospital in alexandria took good care of me. i want to thank the nurses and doctors. i will be going back to texas after the game tomorrow night to let my doctors see what they need to do as far as my ankle and my feet. that is the injury i have, it is an ankle-leg injury they have got me going to where i can and move around tomorrow, be okay. i will go home tomorrow night to get fixed. but, but everybody did what they needed to do. a lot of brave people certainly in the united states congress. yes, sir? >> can you elaborate on your staffer's condition?
4:51 pm
>> he has been released from the hospital. he was shot in the leg. he was in the outfield. i give him credit. i think zach is probably 23, 24. all the time he was bleeding, we were under fire he was texting. he was texting, letting people know we were under fire. and we needed help. so he is doing great. vice president pence has spoken to him. i'm grateful for that, for his talking to zach. so he is on the road to recovery. yes, ma'am? >> congressman, will the team plan on having practice tomorrow morning? i know the game is still set to be on but what about practice? >> some of us are on the injured reserve list right now but i think we were supposed to have breakfast tomorrow. that has been canceled i believe. i believe what we will have, get
4:52 pm
there a little early tomorrow night, have a, maybe have a prayer, little prayer service or something, and then play baseball. and, you're not sure which one i will be, i will be the one coaching third on crutches. but we plan, we're going to play. we need to play. this is game that has been going on for over 100 years. it goes to charity and we need to play this baseball game. and so i'm excited that we decided to do that. i talked to the speaker today about it. told him i felt like we should play. i know he talked to congressman doyle and congressman barton. we all agreed we need to play baseball so. >> can you follow through that thought for us? why is it important to get out and play tomorrow? >> i think that's a great question. i think it is important. these people that want to destroy our lives, our livelihood in america, they win if we give in. america doesn't give out, america doesn't give in. if we don't play this baseball
4:53 pm
game and we go home, then they win. so that is the reason. this is a america, the greatest country in the world. if you punch us, we will pun of back. and we're going to play baseball tomorrow. >> congressman, mike bishop described the situation here as, quote, we were sitting ducks. guns saved our lives. can you comment on that, as far as what you were feeling? >> well, it took the second shot for me to understand what was happening and hear everybody. with he were sitting ducks. i mean we had no, we had nothing to fight back with but bats, it got to that. we were sitting ducks. i think he was not able to get on the field because the gait was locked on the other side. if he had gotten on the field, it could have been a bad situation. but he was not able to do that. but we were sitting ducks. i mean you've got 40 people on a
4:54 pm
baseball stadium, field, at 7:00 in the morning. he just, decided to shoot. and so bishop was right when he said that. that was a good way to say it. in the back. >> i have two questions. are you sure whether scalise was hit with the first bullet that was shot? does it seem like anybody else was shot with that bullet, maybe your staffer? you were pretty emotional at the top talking about officers griner and bailey. i was wondering if you had a chance to catch up with them and thank them for saving everybody's life today? >> i haven't personally thanked them. i will be. i'm thanking them again right here. they saved everybody's life. they literally did that. i represent fort hood and they teach our military to take a step forward, not a step back when you're in combat. these guys and gals did it. it is emotional.
4:55 pm
it is an emotional day. and you think back to your family, think back to your friends. think about being in that position, it is emotional. >> did you know whether scalise was shot? >> i don't know. i heard, and i had no back up to this, that the first shot that we all heard was actually shot at trent kelly, who was at third base. then trent ran, so i don't know which bullet got who. i don't know which one got zach, or steve. yes, ma'am? >> congressman, how do i feel about your personal security after what happened today? what do you think should change around members personal security? >> well, i frankly haven't thought about it. i know there is a lot of conversation if we should have security or what as individual congresspeople.
4:56 pm
it is, you know, it's, it is a job you're very, people are very aware of you and where you are. i think we need to think about it. although i thought speaker gingrich put it well today, one of the great things about having elected government you can talk to your elected officials. when you're in congress, we represent all about 800,000 people in our district. some didn't vote for us, some did but we represent all of them. it is a slice of america and people need to be able to talk to us. so i think it's a dialogue we're going to have, but we want to be able to keep, we have open government, but i will tell you i will be frank with you, here i am a congressman, an you know, every now and then you would like to have a friend on one side of you, but i haven't decided that. i do believe in open government. i thought speak are gingrich really put it well today when he talked about that. yes, ma'am? >> are you concerned that the current political climate is
4:57 pm
encouraging violence, if so, what do you think americans should do about it? >> well, i know, i don't know if i want to talk about that today. i don't know this person -- evidently had issue, i don't think it was democratic, republican issue. he had an issue. nobody condones this. i do think candidly our rhetoric in this country could be turned down a little bit, the tone could be turned down a little bit but that is what we have to, we have to work on. and, continue to talk about it. yes, ma'am? >> do you think security plans for the game tomorrow are going to be altered? will there be increasing amount of officers or will game -- >> i don't know what the plan was to begin with but i would, i would think that, i'm hoping since it is charity we would have more people than we normally would have.
4:58 pm
we normally have 25,000 people and that stadium holds 50. maybe we have 50. i'm not worried about, that because which have the best security people anywhere. they will do the right thing, anybody, not just the congresspeople, but everybody will be protected, to the extent they need to be. i don't worry about that. i hope we have a lot more people at the game. >> can you tell us about how mika is doing? >> i only heard again, mika, lovely man, friend of all of ours. he was shot in the torso area and, and so i heard that just through his family that his condition is improving improving and everybody is praying for mika. so. >> take one more. >> mr. williams, back to the security situation. do you think in this particular instance anything could have
4:59 pm
been done differently, while recognizing the heroism of capital police officers could something be done differently? let me ask you this because i heard other members say this -- david: that was congressman roger williams. he was injured not by the shooter but by jumping into the dugout. he literally hit concrete, dove into the dugout but he was able to help some people out as well as representative flake who were shot by the shooter this morning. he also was, had an aide, zach barth, who was shot as well, who is recovering well. melissa: that's right. he had a severe injury. he was shot in the leg as well. they said they used a belt in order to turn that kit his leg. he was texting to other people. that was delay he heard to let everyone know they had been shot.
5:00 pm
he's going to be on with us tomorrow, stay tuned for that. >> wow, been quite a day. >> it was. >> "risk & reward" starts now. liz: picking up on the coverage here, a gunman opening fire on republican congressman practicing for an annual charity baseball game earlier today. happened this morning. the third most powerful republican in the house, the majority whip steve scalise and four others shot, injured and hospitalized. tonight, we have new video just breaking of the shooting. it was just released. we will play it for you in a couple of seconds. plus, we have all the experts that you need to hear from here to react. retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer how it went down. dr. marc siegel on how to help the wounded. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton.


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