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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 14, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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we do not know with any certainty at what point the incident began. there are 10,000 active duty and reservists on the base. 13,000 family members as well and 3,000 civilians. an active shooter has been confirmed on the base. we'll have the latest for you as details he morning. right now the base, everyone there has been told to shelter in place. we'll be coming back with the details as soon as possible and as soon as they come in to us. we are talking with chris farrell of judicial watch. we are talking about the presidency and what may turn out to be an absolutely historic point in the country's history. your judgments about the options available to the president, to the leadership of the house and
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senate who permitted this egregiously horrible decision to permit a special counsel. >> there are a few things in play. we have a case where yesterday attorney general sessions obviously rocked the leftists back on their heels with a strong defense. but the deep state wouldn't allow that to occur more than 24 hours. so now you have a leak coming out of the special counsel's office or the f.b.i. agents work for him. that in and of itself is a form misconduct that could result in his termination. you can't have a special counsel's office running an anti-presidential campaign on their own. so now he's got a leaking problem just like his buddy, mr. comey. let's not forget mueller and comey are pals.
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so there is a conflict of interest there. this is a mess. lou: it's clearly an attempt to subvert the government of the united states as well as the administration of donald j. trump, president of the united states. what are his options? how should he deal with it? this has reached crisis proportions without a doubt. >> this is a rough assessment. it's not nice to say. but frankly the left wants the president impeached, and if it could jail members of his family they would go for that, too. it's just that vicious. it's just that dirty. the president is faced with a new attorney general to eliminate the conflict of interest with respect to attorney general sessions or exercises his authority and says you are already leaking what could be false and misleading statements with anonymous sources to the post.
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that's a form of misconduct that he can relief him or fire him for. lou: robert mueller? >> correct. or he could say let's let this thing play out. we'll have the justice department through mr. rosenstein constrain or limit his mission statement. right now he can run wild. but they can say to him, you only look at criminal matters. not counter intelligence reviews, criminal. lou: is there a good choice available to the president, chris? >> of course there is. lou: ways it? chris: the most cautious way to proceed would be to direct mr. rosenstein to tell the special counsel to narrow the scope of his investigation to criminal matters. nobody can name the criminal predicate behind whatever his
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investigation is all about. it's a base i can interest rolling tough and they can't -- a basic interrogative and they can't answer it. lou: what motivated the leftist shooter? psychiatrist dr. keith ablow joins us and he point out a troubling trend with the left itself. ablow says they have no restraint in not just h expressg disagreement with the president's policies, but unbridled homicidal hatred toward the president. we'll be taking that up with dr. keith ablow tonight. former attorney general michael mukasey joins us to discuss the deep state and its attempts to delegitimize the presidency of president trump.
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he says the notion that attorney general sessions was trying to conceal chance encounters with a russian ambassador is farcical. but fir the f.b.i. now said it's investigating the social media presence and motives of the illinois man who shot congressman steve scalise and four others at a congressional baseball practice today. adam shapiro live on capitol hill. he has the latest for us. adam: you mention the man who is dead identified as james c. hong kin on. the f.b.i. -- hong ki hodgkins . they believe he was living in a
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white van and he would go to the ymca facility where the baseball park was located. they have not ruled out the possibility of other people being involved. but they won't say he was acting alone just yet. in regards to the five people shot this morning. we have representative steve scalise, he's in critical condition but he's out of surgery. also matt mika, a lobbyist for tyson foods. he's in critical condition. the special agents are going to be fine according to authorities. then zachary barth, an aide to congressman williams will be okay. president trump went on the airways and he was the unifier
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talking about both parties coming together because of this tragedy. >> we may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capital is here because above all they love our country. adam: we are learning more about the shooter. he posted recently on facebook that trump is a traitor, trump has destroyed our democracy, it's time to destroy trump and company. it's harsh rhetoric that he was known for spewing. and people who knew him. they are not saying good things about him. a former lawyer is saying things about him that you can't repeat on air. but they are derogatory and they don't paint hip as a rational human being. lou: his speech is clearly hate speech and his threats against
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the president are actionable on the part of the secret service but nothing was reported to the secret service as well. adam, thank you for the report. joining me to discuss the security concerns raised by today's shooting. bill gavin, great to have you with us. the f.b.i. gets involved as you well know whenever a congressman is shot, whenever there is an incident like this, they are involved in what they are learning and what learning about this shooter. it's deeply troubling because there is an active campaign of hate and subversion on the part of the left in this country that is directed at the president, at the republicans in congress, and what can the f.b.i. do here? >> lou, the on thing it f.b.i. can do at this particular point
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in time is investigate what happened. but i totally agree with you. the vitriolic hatred that spews forth from the left-leaning legislation towards and broadcast by the left-leaning press, is what causes things like this to happen. they want to believe it many on the figurative speech. it's literal speech. and that literal speech drives unbalanced people to legitimize the kind of actions that happened today. it's a shameful thing that they do, and they have to somehow it's got to stop. i don't know what will make them stop. but america has to become conscious with what's going on with the left-leaning party and the left-leaning press. lou: i know you have got to be gut sick. you and others who served in the
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f.b.i. with such distinct and commitment over many years. it's clear that the f.b.i. has at its top some individual more without question absolutely corrupt. leaking important information to the press and doing so both illegay,nethically ando the detriment to the country. what are your thoughts as we learn through unnamed sources what the f.b.i. is doing and the response of the trump white house which says point blank the f.b.i. is the source and what they are doing is illegal? >> well, you know, lou, i don't know anybody has been able to show me conclusively that any leak is coming out of the f.b.i. lou: we start with just one admitted leaker, and that's james comey, the fired director of the f.b.i. >> that's true.
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but that doesn't necessarily mean the entire f.b.i. is. lou: i'm talking about the top officials in the f.b.i. which i hope i said in my question. that's who i am talking about. >> i think it's probably the top official. i don't know if it's plural. some of the information is coming out of the leftist hillary clinton people that is still left over. that has a way of coming out as well. lou: i don't think there is much question in the mind of many that the leftovers of the obama administration, the loretta lynch you met with former president bill clinton and directed again admittedly on the part of james comey to alter his language as well as the direction of his so-called investigation which became a
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matter on hillary clinton to support her campaign. we will see if that gets investigated. bill, thanks for being with us. appate it. good news out of travis air we just received word from fairfield, california, the base spokesperson said the lockdown has been lifted. the reports of shots fired turns out to be a false alarm. the lockdown at travis air force base has been lifted. up next late-breaking news that the special counsel witch hunt is apparently targeting the president. but that is based on reports by "the washington post" based on unidentified sources. we'll have more for you. robert mueller reportedly investigating the commander-in-chief for
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special counsel overseeing the investigation into the alleged relationship between russia in the election and in the transition team of the president-elect trump, it's widening, we are told by the post, based on unidentified sources into possible obstruction of justice, specifically on the part of the president. that according to anonymous sources. "the washington post" reporting it started in the wake of the president's firing of former f.b.i. director james comey. none of this source beyond anonymous sources. my next guest says he has seen no evidence of a crime, no obstruction or collusion when it comes to the russian investigation. joining us, michael mukasey, former federal judge.
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served as attorney general under president george w. bush it's great to have you with us. let's start with what appears to be a winding of the probe. if the post -- get the hypothetical in there, there is a huge disconnect between truth and the "washington post" and the "new york times" too often for us to say the report is accurate. nonetheless, your thoughts? >> first of all, obstruction of what? is this based on comey having said the president said he hoped the flynn investigation would come out with no charges against flynn? or he thinks flynn suffered enough and he's a good guy? is it that? if that's the case, i don't see where the obstruction is. obstruction is defined as an attempt to stand in the way of an investigation, corrupt it.
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it's not simply expressing a wish, even if you think the wish is from the president an order. he has to be acting corruptly. and in connection with the flynn investigation i can't see it. lou: let's take the james comey firing as well. >> threw run into the problem at jim comey was the person to whom the people conducting the investation were reporti. he wasn't conducting the investigation. he was supervising it, others were supervising it, too. you don't stop an investigation by firing the head of the f.b.i. it doesn't make a lot of sense. which investigation? the only other investigation other than the flynn investigation which was and is criminal is a national security
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investigation which is not a criminal investigation. and that again was going on regardless. lou: do you find it preposterous there are five congressional investigations under way of the house and the senate who have oversight of 17 intelligence agencies but apparently still notv found a crime, they have not found evidence of collusion of any kind otherwise that would be before the committee and actionable on the part of one of our agencies. certainly the justice department. >> collusion, you will look in vain for the title of collusion. if you are looking for a crime, russian hacking into the democratic committee and
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podesta. but if that's the crime, then there is no crime for anybody else. lou: judicial watch's farrell said he should tell rod rosenstein to order the special counsel to order his investigation to a crime. chris farrell's judgment being there is no crime and that would eliminate the special counsel's efforts. >> that's the only thing a special counsel is suppose to be appointed to investigation. you are not suppose to be appointed as far as i know to conduct parallel intelligence investigations. lou: advise the president, if you would, judge. what should he do in this situation? >> i think that somebody has to sit down and have a conversation
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with rod rosenstein about the scope of the investigation as defined in the document that he issued and see what can be done about that. if you are talk can about an obstruction case, based on something that goes on between comey and the president, you have got simple fact that mueller and comey are not just acquaintances but friends. and that perhaps robert mueller ordered whether he should stand aside. lou: i would call for exactly that result for some time based on ways an obvious potential of conflict of interest. you would think a man with the ethics mueller presumably possesses he would have already done. >> if he's investigating only issues relating to the campaign and russia, there wouldn't be a
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conflict because comey is not in the middle of that. lou: up next, republican congressmen who found themselves being shot at this morning slamming left-wing hate speech that drove what could have been a bloodbath. >> this political rhetoric and discourse that led to hate has led to gunfire. i ner thought it would go to baseball practice for charity and have to dodge bullets. lou: kimberly guilfoyle will be with us.
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for his presidential campaign. >> violence of any kinds is unacceptable in our society. and i condemn this facts strongest possible terms. real changing only come about through non-violent action and anything else runs counter to our most deeply held american values. lou: joining me now, co-host of the five. kimber live guilfoyle. you heard bernie sanders trying to distance himself from the rhetoric on the left. but time off time it's the left's rhetoric that's driving this kind of violence whether it be physical violence or the violence of an assault on a president and his administration, and i think the
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ignore rant promise they will continue through 2018. it's suppose to be an opposition party, 23409 a party of destruction. kimberly: all of this during the campaign and continuing now, a full-on attack against this president, the presidency, and against anybody who would support him. the people who are supposed to be the ones embracing freedom of speech and a political thought and discourse are the ones, the alt-left being discriminatory. they don't want to hear from anyone else. lou: when you can drive ann coulter off your campus. a woman of such strength and
8:30 pm
character and passion, you have shut down free speech in america. when you have the third highest ranking republican in critical condition in a hospital in washington, d.c. fighting for his life tonight because of the actions of a madman who was driven by politics. his social media talked about killing republicans, killing the president. and no one, no one apparently took the time or the interest to report those postings. if they saw them. kimberly: can you imagine just being sitting ducks there, it's so sad and appalling what's happening every day in this country. and just the complete destruction of any kinds of civility and any kind of open mindedness, to be able to listen to another side and allow a u.s.
8:31 pm
government and president, someone who won the office fai and square to fution and vern. that's part the bigger picture here. lou: some of that includes dashed beliefs that the obama administration is success seeding in destroying the passion for this country and the patriotism that absolutely ref habsolutelyrevels in the destruf this country. they thought the country they had taken over, and they finds there still is america. kimberly: they made it a cardinal sin to be patriotic and to love the country and see the president succeed. it was good that both sides came together today. but how long will that last?
8:32 pm
bernie sanders came out, you can only imagine the alternative if this was another way and it was a trump supporter campaign volunteer how the reaction would have been. lou: left-wing vitriol turning into real-life violence. >> the capitol police began returning fire. without the capitol hill police it would have been a massacre. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest
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lou: there is breaking news out of the white house. president trump is now on the move. there are reports he's planning to visit congressman steve scalise. traveling with the president, the white house press pool. that hospital is 18 minutes drive from the white house. congressman scalise underwent surgery earlier today for the wounds he sustained in the shooting at the congressional baseball game practice. president trump on the move. he left with his security detail, the white house press pool following them at 8:28.
8:37 pm
he has been on the move for about 8 minutes. we do not know his destination. we saw members of the family. our reporters and producers on the south lawn of the white house as the president was leaving the white house. we do not know if any family members are traveling with the president. we'll have the latest for you as soon as we learn where he is headed. the f.b.i. is investigating the anti-trump social media postings of the man who today opened fire, shooting republicans during a congressional baseball game practice. james hong ki -- hodgkinson. he wrote this about congressman scalise. hodgkinson also a member of a number of left-wing facebook groups.
8:38 pm
they include terminate republican party. the road to hell is paved with republicans, and donald trump is not my president. dr. keith ablow, doctor, great to have you with us. based on this, actions and what we know of his history. your thoughts about the man and his state of mind. >> well, i haven't evaluated him, lou, i always give that as a disclaimer in the beginning. but even if this was an unstable person psychologically burdened by maybe some mental disorder. you have to say that the left has inflamed the passions of those people who are on the edge. the rhetoric, the kathy griffin tasteless non-humor of holding
8:39 pm
the president's severed head or model of that. the central park play that depicts his assassination. folks on the left have taken no responsibility for this at all. there is a wink and a nod. nobody came out and said we are boycotting madonna's concerts because of her threats against the president which she lodged. nobody is saying we'll never go to a kathy griffin event period. she held a press conference and and an attorney from the represented her there. donald trump represents autonomy and freedom. he strode on to the stage when all seemed lost and the left can't stand it. the dissolution of america as we know it, they thought it was done. and he arrived on the scene. they want his head. lou: the hatred you see
8:40 pm
expressed. to see the minority senate leader chuck schumer with his head down saying all the right things in the most peculiar tone but not even to race his head to look into the camera to you would think offer to the family and the rest of the country some sort of gesture of love, of empathy, of sincerity. >> i didn't detect any of that. he should be at hospital tonight. we are covering the president, apparently on the move to visit the fallen. wounded. and we don't hear that the democrats are there. bernie sanders makes a statement. but let's be honest. bernie sanders is also someone who wants to radically change america and follow on the heels of barack obama who seeded this
8:41 pm
country with such self-hatred that the very symbol of the rebirth of our nation, donald trump, has a target on his back and those associated with him do. and the psychological come knows line up perfectly. to make one central authority, the government replace individual freedoms and thought. didn't happen because of one guy. donald trump. lou: that explains in large measure why there is everest by the left to subvert his presidency. is there anything other than an outright conflict that will resolve what is a clash between those who want to overturn the establishment, the status quo, the orthodoxy and the elites,
8:42 pm
the establishment that want to preserve the power that they have known for so long. >> we'll have to win it the old-fashioned way in the hearts and minds of individuals who see their incomes rise and possibilities grow. you know how we win it? with the truth. human beings psychologically do not wish to be enslaved by a central authority that takes all their rights. they want freedom. in the end the truth always wins. and in the end you win by demonstrating to people they have the capacity to run their own lives. that's who we have as president. someone who believes that in his marrow and it's drivg the left literally crazy. lou: thank you for being here and bringing an addition of truth to the body we need to build. thanks so much. up next, a web of deceit spun by
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lou: we can now confirm president trump is at medstar washington center. he's visiting congressman steve a his in critical con -- steve scalise who is in critical condition after being shotle earlier today. he arrived at 8:40, seven minute ago. joining me, gregg jarrett. let's start with these latest leaks being reported by "the washington post." namely that the special counsel quoting again to the post, using anonymous sources, that the special counsel is broadening his investigation to include an unprecedented charge if it is true, for the first time ever, obstruction of justice.
8:48 pm
gregg: according to "the washington post" it's obstruction of justice for also the firing of comey by the president. think about what's going on here. you have one of the close personal friend of comey deciding whether the president obstructed justice for firing his close long-time friend, ally and partner. the special counsel statute says you must disqualify yourself under those circumstance it says personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or the prosecution you shall disqualify yourself. so if mueller has a fidelity to the law and to ethics, he mist resign. it's incomprehensible to me that he was ever selected.
8:49 pm
everybody knew comey was going to be the key. lou: i have called for the past two weeks for his resignation on the basis that if he is a man much ethics on his own he should resign. and if not, he should be fired, because of the conflict of interest that is already one and was from the beginning. yet the republican leadership of the house, the republican leadership of the senate, the president of the united states did not raise one word against his appointment. gregg: within an hour of his being named i sent out an email to everyone at fox news and said mueller can't serve. the statute says he can't do it. it's a violation of the cannon of ethics -- the canon of ethics. you can get disbarred for this sort of thing. lou: this is part of a campaign
8:50 pm
to subvert the presidency of the united states. and there is not even a question about it. and yet there he is. and the republican party are the leaders of it are complicit with the democrats who put him forward. gregg: if i'm a defendant in a case and the prosecutor is long-time best friend with the star witness and he's screaming at the top of my lungs, saying this isn't fair and the due administration of justice. this is bias and prejudice. lou: there is also law breaking going on, but none of it on the part of the president. from the justice department and the f.b.i. and intelligence agencies, the law breaking is the appointment in point of fact that you described it of robert mueller to work with his good friend james comey who the president fired.
8:51 pm
the law breaking -- gregg: they are going after obstruction of justice which is not under the legal definition. it's not there. you have to have one of five things that constitute a corrupt act. a lie, a threat, a bribe, or concealing document. comey alleges none of those things, he cannot therefore be obstruction. lou: that hasn't slowed down anyone on any of five congressional committees who do not acknowledge the farce that they represent. the house intelligence committee, they are supposed to be jeff seeing 17 intelligence agencies that if the world were not upside down right now would be responsible for producing the very evidence they claim they
8:52 pm
seek now about the president's collusion with russia. gregg: the only collusion i see is between mueller and comey asking as co--special counsel to try to unseat a sitting president of the united states. it's blatant. it's unconscionable. lou: we are watching history in the making. up next, president trump visiting congressman steven scalise at a washington hospital where he's being treated. scalise is in intensive care in critical condition. all of this as investigators search for a motive for today's shooting.
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. lou: breaking news now -- president trump as we told you, left the white house at 8:28 p.m. this evening to go to medstar washington hospital, visiting there, congressman steve scalise, as you know, critically wounded in today's shooting, and with the president, the first lady, melania trump, carrying flowers
8:57 pm
and joining me now to discuss today's shooting, former fbi agent in the los angeles field office, bobby chacon. good to have you with us. a lot to talk about in short order, if i may say, bobby. great to see you, and i thank you for being here. >> sure. lou: the fbi is under considerable pressure as well as public scrutiny. what do you make of no action taken apparently with a man who's making all of these violent statements on social media and no one apparently reporting it to either the secret service or the fbi or any other law enforcement organization? >> well, you know, it's one of those situations where, you know, clearly somebody is mentally deranged and on social media saying this. when does it rise of getting to secret service's attention? or when does it rise, we see terrorism suspects carry out a terrorist act and you go back to social media and see inflammatory rhetoric.
8:58 pm
me othat doe't rise up to the level of a crime. oftentimes it's the first big event that they take which is the linchpin of their actions and that's the first time they've committed a crime. that's the problem. lou: is there also an implicit sort of statement of approval on the part of our government, when kathy griffin can hold up a model of the president's severed head, or a play in shakespeare, "julius caesar," with the president being assassinated, without any any, official recourse? there was a time in this country those would have been considered direct threats and there would have been a result, correct? >> correct, but i think, you know, today, we've gotten so permissive with the freedom of speech and things like that, and, you know, i think it's up to society to condemn somebody like kathy griffin, especially when she came out and tried to
8:59 pm
be a victim with the lawyer at the ridiculous press conference they held. there was sufficient pushback, and that's what has to happen. the people have to take it back. it's beyond the kathy griffins, you have journalists, saying republicans should be shot. college professors saying it, high school teachers staging mock executions of president trump. this is pervasive. not on the level we've seen before. lou: is there any redemption, any possibility, we've only got a matter of seconds here, that we can recover from the depths to which we have sunk? >> you know, we're going to need a new national dialogue. that may take a new leader torques merge that's going to put an end to such divisive and violent rhetoric coming from the left. lou: well, they don't have one, at least not yet. perhaps they will. bobby, it's great to have you with us, we thank you and appreciate as always, the opportunity to talk with you, bobby chacon. thanks.
9:00 pm
>> thanks, lou. lou: that's it for us tonight, thanks for being with us for our special coverage. congressman dave bratt, among our guests tomorrow. our special coverage continues tomorrow with adam shapiro. good night from new york.. adam: i'm adam shapiro and this is a fox business network special report. now as you know, it has been a disturbing and incredible day in the nation's capital, the number three house republican steve scalise hospitalized in critical condition and three others wounded after a gunman this morning opened fire on them, as they practiced for a charity baseball game. capitol police working security at the field shot the suspect who later died at the hospital. he's believed to have been an outspoken bernie sanders supporter who once volunteered for the sanders campaign. according to investigators and witnesses, the shooter approached the practice area in


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