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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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between the two stocks are more attractive. [closing billion rings] liz: mike holland. thank you so much. >> happy friday. drink beer and play some golf. liz: happy friday to you. that is a new closing record. david, melissa, over and out from the u.s. open. melissa: ending the week on a high note, the dow closing at a brand new record high. the 21st time this year, can you believe that? that is amazing. s&p and nasdaq not so lucky, ending the day and the week lower. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. happy friday. glad you could join us. this is "after the bell." here is some of what we've got for you this hour. president trump rolling back more of president obama's legacy >> effective immediately, i am canceling the last administration's completely, one-sided deal with cuba. [applause]
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david: details on his new policy for cuba and what it means for american businesses. and meanwhile the white house is firing back against a steady stream of leaks. yes, more leaks, anonymously-sourced stories. a new warning from doj's second-in-command, rod rosenstein. supermarket sweep. a huge announcement rocking grocery stocks inside amazon's game-changing to buy whole foods. melissa: back to the markets, the dow ending at a brand new record high. oil also ending higher today but tumbling for the week. phil flynn life at cme in chicago but let's go first to nicole petallides. she is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. and, nicole, how did the markets finish the week and give us all the details about everything on the floor including that bombshell deal. >> right. we have so much to digest. the market has shown resiliency last week and this week. headlines from washington. thed if raising rates and
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unwinding the balance sheet. now you can clap your hands, do your dance, your 401(k) is tell higher if you're following index funds. basically the dow jones industrial average had to close above a level of 21,374, and it did that. that's a record. the s&p 500 moments ago moved into positive territory for the week and higher for the third week in four though the nasdaq did not really bring it the way the other two did. we bring it now to, look at this group here. amazon's big deal with whole foods. $13.7 billion. they're taking over whole foods. they will keep whole foods intact but gives them the option of 460 stores in really desirable neighborhoods. but it weighed, amazon up 2 1/2% whole foods surges 29%, that is 40% premium. supervalu, kroger, target,
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walmart, all the competitors in the grocery business suffering on a weak outlook from kroger this week got pummeled. some moved to levels we've not seen since 2013 and 2014. they will have pricing pressure and profitability issues. melissa: for sure. david: phil, oil up slightly. below 45 bucks a barrel, dropping for the fourth straight week in a row, down more than 11% since may. when will we ever see it go up again? >> you know that is the big question. we're hanging on by a thread right now, dave and $44 a barrel is a number a lot of traders believe, i do believe, that if we go below we'll see real pain in the shale patch. all those rigs we've been adding, we'll stop doing that and it will raise risks of bankruptcy. but i do think we're pretty darn close to a low right now. even though this bounce today was very small, we'll roll over into a new contract in the next week and it is going to raise some hopes we could see this
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market start to come back. really we've gone straight down four weeks since opec said they would extend production cuts. we'll be coming up on an opec meeting later in the month and that is going to really drive what happens next. is opec trying to shock and awe this market or will they stand by here and let it fall? that is going to be a big question. the other question of course is gold. gold did turn around today. but it has had a hard time especially since the fed meeting they're starting to roll back that balance sheet. but there are a lot of people saying that gold could see some upside later on. that we're getting pretty close to a low. they think because the fed is raising rates the still, real interest rate when you compare it to the the price of treasuryd will make gold look attractive. look for gold to rebound next week. david: phil, have a great weekend. >> thank you. melissa: pretty heavy at this grocery bill but this is whole foods we're talking about.
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staff forbes from "forbes" media, carol roth, entrepreneur and former investment banker. steve, this is quite a deal. there are some things interesting about it, the thing annoying about whole foods is the line and how crowded and hard to get through. i imagine jeff bezos sorting that out with the rfid on the shelf. pay for it right away, probably never stand in line. what is your take? >> what we see here will be happening to supermarket what happened to the print industry. my industry a number of years ago the web high-tech is sweeping through. already in britain, german discounter little massacred margins of supermarkets and specialty stores. little is coming into this country. that is putting pressure on supermarkets. if they don't have a big presence, good presence, muscular presence on the will be they're in deep trouble. there will be a lot of blood on the floor. margins for supermarkets are very, very low.
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melissa: carol, i order everything in the world on amazon prime. it could be a stick of gum. i will get on amazon prime. the idea instead of going to whole foods, which isn't that far, if i can be even lazier, have amazon prime bring it to my house i could not be happier. what do you think? >> it is funny, that is exactly jeff bezos' strategy in my opinion. i think he wants to own the relationship between you and your family. he is creating an ecosystem that resides in your home so you don't even have to go on to amazon prime. you can say hey alexa, i need to have more groceries, even better yet, your refrigerator will tell you what you're low on and automatically restock it. they're trying to own that relationship. we're seeing that over and over again. while it may sound exciting as a consumer right now it's a little bit scary for competition. frankly investors have been giving this company a fast allowed them to do this over and
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over again. melissa: their list of acquisitions outrageous. it is pages and pages, so cool. david, go ahead. david: perfect synergy between the two companies. melissa: i can't wait. so excited. david: two hours ago president trump speaking to very energetic crowd in miami, florida, reversing one of president obama's key foreign policy initiatives regarding travel and trade with cuba. tracee carrasco in miami with the very latest. hi, tracee. reporter: david, the free cuba is what we will achieve. he was pretty confident as he cancels the one-sided deal as he calls it. that it plays into the hands of a repressive cuba regime that offers nothing in return. he laid out bullet points how he will achieve this. one, he will enhance compliance with united states law. hold cuban regime accountability for on depression and human rights abuse.
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national security and foreign policy interests of the united states and those of the cuban people. lay the groundwork for cuban people to develop greater economic and political liberties. president says once this happens we will be able to move forward with cuba. >> any changes to the relationship between the united states and cuba will depend on real progress toward these and the other goals, many of which i've described. when cuba is ready to take concrete steps to those ends, they will be ready, willing and able to come to the table to negotiate that much better deal for cubans, for americans. reporter: now, one big takeaway, the policy will strictly enforce the statutory ban on united states tourism to cuba. the self-directed individual travel permitted by the obama administration will no longer be
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allowed. trump believes the tourism money goes straight to the cuban regime. the president will not cut off recently resumed u.s. direct cuba flights even though some airlines pull back on their service to cities outside, other than havana because they have deemed that demand has not been as high as they hoped. trump was very clear, that any further developments with the relationship with cuba and united states will be tirely depend on the cuban government entirely demand on cuban government's willingness to improve the lives cuban people. benn rhodes, obama's policy advisor tweeted that trump cares nothing about human rights of cuban people. david: cares nothing about human rights. he is talking about human rights! steve and carol to talk about this, steve, an amazing thing somebody from the obama administration saying he doesn't
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care about human rights. he didn't listen to the whole speech. the whole speech was about human rights and about the despicable behavior of the regime in power for almost 60 years. let's play a sound bite what trump said. >> many of you witnessed terrible crimes committed in the service of a depraved ideology. david: depraved ideology, i couldn't think after better phrase to describe the castro regime. compare that to the way president obama dealt with them, he went down, holding hands with raul castro. fidel was dead or on his deathbed. they were shaking hands, buddy, buddy. different doctrine way of dealing with dictatorships. >> that's right, david. unfortunately president obama was an appeaser, as he has been to a lot of other thugs in the world. did nothing to human rights. did nothing to release political prisoners. did nothing to ease on depression in cuba. one of the things president trump is pushing which is a good
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thing in terms of future libbablization, hotels controlled by the military we'll have nothing to do with them, more importantly that cuban workers get paid directly by foreign companies, not by the government. the government takes the cash. gives workers nearly worthless pesos. david: exactly right. >> what step of progress, workers get actual cash from the companies, not the government. david: carol, the bottom line is, what the obama administration was doing giving them everything for nothing in return. in this case he does hold out a carrot in addition to the stick. he says look, if you guys really change, if you have free political elections, you have political parties other than the communist party, we will talk and negotiate, but nothing more for nothing. >> yeah. i think that the everything that you said is correct but i do find it slightly bizarre and a bit hypocritical because, if you think back, a couple of weeks, you had president trump standing with his hand on glowing orb
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with the leaders of saudi arabia, who obviously have a lot of human rights violations themselves. so i understand what you're saying. i personally think that we need as many steps as we can to have free trade with cuba, to empower those cuban people to be more successful. i don't know if this throws a wrench in that plan or will facilitate that plan, we'll see. but you know, again sort of the context of all the things that he could be doing, i'm not sure that this is where americans want him to be spending his time, nor see the consistency. david: carol, before we go, jean kirkpatrick, once our u.n. ambassador, she said there is difference between authoritarian government and a totalitarian government. clearly that would be the difference between what is happening in saudi arabia and what has been happening in cuba for the past 60 years. i've been to cuba. big difference, totally totalitarian in it is nature and design. but we think you.
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steve forbes, carol roth. have a great weekend. don't forget catch steve forbes and me this weekend for for example and fox on 11:00 a.m. even saturday on fox news and sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern on -- seven a.m. eastern sunday on fbn. melissa: steve scalise, the latest on his condition coming up. david: thousands more u.s. boots could be hitting the ground in afghanistan. could this turn the tide in the war against the taliban? melissa: senate republicans are scrambling to create their own health care bill and not everyone is on board. why both conservatives and democrats are taking issue. >> they are writing their bill in private. they're keeping the their bill secret from the public, trying to keep the american people in the dark about the consequences. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony.
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david: the senate is working quickly to come up with a health care bill to overhaul the current one premium increases may come soon for obamacare insurers. gerri willis has all the details surrounding this health care most. hi, gerri. >> hi, david, that's right. insurers face the deadlines across the country to file their plans for coverage next year and picture of the exchanges is beginning to emerge. new survey by oliver wyman that the average increase being requested by insurers for coverage on the 2018 obamacare exchanges is 20%, two, o. 43% asking for increases in, ses of 20%. at the top end, maryland insurer, carefirst is asking for 52% increase in rates. as in the past, insures are raising rates dramatically because of lack of young people
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signing foundup for obamacare coverage. under certain hety around obamacare policy is pushing them to assume worst case scenarios. as more and more pull out of the exchanges, according to center for medicare & medicaid services, 1200 counties, 40% of all counties nationwide that contain 2.4 million customers of obamacare will have a single insurer on their exchange next year. another 47 counties, mostly in ohio, missouri and washington, will have no choices at all. the senate's efforts to craft a bill to repeal and replace obamacare is foundering on conservative objections to the direction the bill is taking. at issue the medicaid expansion. how long should the program keep running? also how many of the 21 tax increases put in place by obamacare should be removed? what about the rollback of coverage requirements? the issues are complicated. now the lack of direction causing chaos in the individual insurance market. david? david: 21 tax increases.
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i had forgotten it was that many. that is extraordinary. >> that's right. thank you. david: melissa. melissa: here to respond to all this, rory riley, a republican strategist. so you heard the spin in that now. they're going to say it is because of confusion in the marketplace and its president trump's fault. what do you think? >> i don't necessarily agree with that. i think the fact that exchanges are increasing their costs so much shows that there are problems with obamacare. what that problem is, is that they're forcing everybody into an expensive cadillac type plan. as gerry noted, the exchanges were dependent on young people in particular signing up and that is not what we're seeing in reality and that is not president trump's fault. melissa: yeah. senator elizabeth warren had a few choice words about the process that is going on in order to create the new health care bill. let's listen. >> right now the senate
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republican leadership has 13 men locked behind doors, negotiating what they're going to do on a health care bill. won't let democrats in the room. melissa: i mean, if that is the case that is a pretty smart strategy, if they're together working on that, bring it out. the question is, do they have enough different types of republicans in the room in order to carry a vote what do you think? >> i think it is going to be tough. some of the comments that we've seen so far that the republicans really need to work together in 52 block they have in order to get this to go through. senator john mccain in particular made comments he thinks some of the senators are somewhat far apart on this it definitely will be a challenge for them. melissa: in the meantime, i mean there is that new letter from leader mcconnell and schumer together inviting the entire republican conference to a bipartisan, all senators meetings on health care. that was in the wake of everything that's happened and we heard a lot about this letter around the potential meeting. does that, you think that is all show or there is anything in
4:21 pm
that? >> i think there is certainly something in that. i think that everybody wants health care to improve, as we noted in our discussion about the exchanges. those rate increases show that there are in fact problems with obamacare. health care is complicate. if we want to truly fix the system it is going to take all hands on deck effort. it would be great if that could be bipartisan. melissa: thank thank you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. david: coming up, mixing sports and politics again. we thought this was over but an espn commentator reopened the debate the national anthem. plus leaking more intel from inside the government. a new warning from the deputy attorney general as president trump is doubling down on his claims of a witch-hunt. >> whoever is leaking this information is committing a crime, okay? that is illegal. you can not do what they're doing. ♪ nvestors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage.
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melissa: so as president trump is looking to tackle his packed agenda, distractions from investigations continue to steal the spotlight away from the accomplishments of the administration. adam shapiro is live at the white house with the latest. adam. reporter: melissa, it has been quite a day especially with the first few tweets the president sent out this morning. i will go through them in order and reaction with the one at the end which people seem to believe is the president confirming he is under investigation. we're going to get to all of that but go in order as he tweeted. the first was, after seven months of investigations and committee hearings about my quote, collusion with the russians, end quote, nobody has been able to show any proof, sad. the second tweet, the fake news media hates when i use what turns out to be my very powerful social media, 100 million people. i can go around them. third tweet, despite the phony witch-hunt in america the economic and jobs numbers are great. regulations way down, jobs and enthusiasm, way up.
4:26 pm
the fourth tweet, this raised a lot of eyebrows. i am being investigated for hiring, for firing the fbi director by the man who told me by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch-hunt. a couple things about the last tweet. it seems the president is confirming he is being investigatedded, however his legal team says this is not, this is not a confirmation he is being investigated. and there is according to sources which have been confirmed with fox news channel, the person being identified in the this tweet is actually rod rest send stein who is the -- rosenstein, who is the deputy attorney general who has the authority to fire robert mueller, who could recuse himself in this investigation. the doj put out a statement saying he is not recusing himself. that has not changed. he will if he has to, however nothing has changed. however there was statement last night from rod rest --
4:27 pm
rosenstein said people should be careful about sources that are not quoted. before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous officials particularly when they do not identify the country, let alone the branch or agency of government which the alleged sources are supposedly are affiliated. he went on to say americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. so if you are keeping score, i will sum it all up. the president according to his legal team not confirming that he is under investigation. the department of justice saying that rod rosenstein not recusing himself at this point, no need to do that yet. the saga goes on. melissa: great, adam. good stuff. thank you. david: by the way on the left side of the screen you're seeing air force one return from miami where the president gave really a breathtaking speech in terms of its vindictiveness against the castro regime unlike we heard since george w. bush was
4:28 pm
in office. is returning from that trip. clearly outlining a different strategy of dealing with cuba than his predecessor did. we'll keep that up. or at least show you president trump getting off of air force one when that comes to a stop. here to react to all the stuff about the leaking, joe concha, "the hill" media reporter. let's start with rod rest send stein. >> david i would think rod rosenstein would no better not to trust unnamed sources or officials close to the matter. last month there was a huge report he was going to resign, based on unnamed sources. at last check he is in that position. we're seeing these stories wrong all the time. half the american public minute
4:29 pm
they see based on unnamed sources they don't read the rest of the story. david: there is legal side which is somebody is breaking the law. there is also journalistic side breaking journalistic sides, "the washington post" during watergate they had standard how anonymous sources would be double-checked and triple checked by reporters. doesn't seem like psalm care is given. >> we're in a world where it is quantity over quality because of internet. you have to get stories out quickly. people cite water gait, that was based on unnamed source. why shouldn't we continue to do that. no one is saying that. watergate reporters woodward and bernstein were very careful, over months and years time building their reports, not every day at 4:30 seeing a new bombshell no one knows whether to believe or not. david: editors that watched over them very carefully of the as wee waiting to see the staircase roll up to air force one.
4:30 pm
we have time to put in a sound bite of espn host max kellerman. they were supposed to pull politics out of their coverage of sports but kellerman getting it back in. play the sound bite. >> you do not have to the stand for the national anthem. even if it was a rule that you do is that colin kaepernick injecting politics into the nfl? no. that's the nfl injecting politics by playing the national anthem and putting pressure on you to stand for it in the first place. david: joe, who is this guy, and what the heck is he dyingtrying to do? espn was pulling out. he is pulling them back in. >> sound like al pacino in godfather 3. i used to be a sports writer. david: you loved it. >> watch espn to escape from reality. reality politics is everywhere. i can get all my highlights on stupid debate shows. so one like max kellerman even
4:31 pm
if he doesn't believe it, bob ley, he admitted that espn has no diversity of thought. it is completely left-leaning. as a result disney's stock has gone way down. there has been tons of layoffs at espn. a lot of that is because people don't want to watch a sports channel to be lectured to about politics, particularly liberal politics. david: laying off people, to the extent they go get involved in politics, people like mike ditka on. mike ditka controversial guy. he sometimes shoots from the hip. this guy certainly shot from the hip. mike ditka did it interesting way. he has some skin in the game literally in sports. >> exactly. chicago bears, 1985. super bowl champion. no longer with espn. curt schilling, obnoxiously against the north carolina bathroom law, fired. tony kornheiser, pardon the irter are up shun. he compared the tea party, to isis caliphate. no suspension, nothing happens to him. least leaning opinion on espn
4:32 pm
applauded. right-leaning you're out the door. david: is there attention to business consequence of doing this. the clearly as you mentioned, other people talked about espn has been falling in ratings, partly as a result of getting more political and particularly -- there is president trump. he as i mentioned before, arriving from miami. he was down there giving a very important speech, really reversing the policy of his predecessor president obama on cuba. although not entirely. perhaps not as manies many as some anti-castro types would like, to the extent businesses are doing business in cuba. he will let people stay there. you can bring back cigars and rum but there is not unlimited travel. >> trump was once a sports owner. new jersey generals. leave it on that note for the weekend. david: melissa. melissa: russia's defense
4:33 pm
ministry claiming it took out isis leader al-baghdadi and other leaders in a airstrike last month. fox news's john huddy in jerusalem and he has the details. john? reporter: this isn't the first time there have been reports and claims that be a but bakir al-baghdadi is dead. it is the first time that russia 's military said they killed him. to be clear there is no proof of that. there is no dna evidence, there is no body. still russia's defense minister is investigating through, quote, various channels, reports that al-baghdadi was at a meeting of isis commanders in may 28th when it was targeted by the russian airstrike. if al-baghdadi was killed it would be a major takedown. as mentioned he is considered the world's most wanted man with a 25 million-dollar u.s. bounty bounty on his head. pentagon officials are skeptical of russia's claims. baghdadi remains elusive, never
4:34 pm
stays in one place and unlikely he would be at a meeting of commanders and fighters. if al-baghdadi was killed in recent weeks it, may not necessarily have that serious impact on isis's over all operations certainly in light of the recent terror attacks in the uk, tehran and baghdad, of course the ongoing fighting in iraq and syria. while it is unclear if al-baghdadi is alive or dead, what is clear is that the russian airstrike was a heavy one, taking out according to russian officials as many as 30 midlevel isis commanders and probably perhaps upwards of 350 isis fighters. also russian officials say that the u.s. was made aware of the attack. back to you. melissa: john, thank you. here now is peter brookes from the heritage foundation. he is also a former deputy assistant secretary of defense. thank you, sir, for joining us. what is your take? what do you think happened? do you think he was killed? >> well we don't know as your
4:35 pm
reporter mentioned, melissa. i think we have to proceed on the idea that he is still alive until we have some definitive proof. he is an important figure in the islamic state. we're involved now in raqqa which is the capital of the caliphate and i don't think should become complacent at all about the threat and his ability to influence isis. so until we have some dna or some sort of proof, i think we have to proceed as if he's still alive. melissa: how big of a victory would it be though? seems like there are a lot of people to replace him. there is glory in dying in this battle and you're a martyr. in some ways it would give him more power? >> well potentially. you're right, i mean they often celebrate or commemorate the deaths of their senior leaders just for the purposes that you, that you mentioned. so that is something we need to think about. so we may have heard something prior to this.
4:36 pm
but i feel that we've taken out a tremendous number of their leaders below al-baghdadi, and the pentagon talked about this in the past. i'm not quite sure of the russians claim, but if he is gone it is definitely a win and isis is on its heels right now. melissa: what do you think about the idea of russia taking credit for it? >> sure. melissa: does it make you nervous we would be on the same side in some battles? >> well it is about time they got in the battle on isis, melissa. they have been talking about it a long time since their intervention a few years ago in syria. so the fact they're doing it now is interesting but what they're really trying to do is advance the ball for the regime in damascus. melissa: right. >> the bashar al-assad regime. we're not talking so much about isis but about territorial grabs because syria is far from resolved. melissa: yeah. >> isis will fall out of the raqqa they may turn into an insurgency. there are all sorts of other scenarios but right now people are thinking what happens next
4:37 pm
in syria after isis collapses. melissa: absolutely. meanwhile the battle he will against terror, the pentagon, they have not talked about the troops needed to fight in afghanistan. four thousand more troops, white house pushed back but there is indication they may put significant amount this in. >> we have train and advise mission there for the afghan national force, melissa. we want to put more pressure on the taliban to get them to come to the negotiating table. ultimately wars are resolved politically under military pressure often. we may need more forces there. the pentagon, white house, the state department are undertaking a review but another important element of this is russia. russia has gotten friendly with the taliban, iran and of course pakistan where afghan taliban and haqqani network and other groups that are operating against us in afghanistan are
4:38 pm
able to find safe haven. that is very complex issue. those are the things the administration is looking at right now. melissa: peter brookes, thank you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. david: it is amazing russia that fought the taliban for so many years is now allied with them? meanwhile in england the search continues for victims of london's massive high-rise fire. 30 people are confirmed dead. officials warn the intensity of the fire some may never be identified. local reports say dozens of people are still missing and the death toll could ultimately climb above 100. queen elizabeth visited families in shelters but there is growing frustration for more to be done. >> i share the frustration and local residents. demanding from the prime minister, answers, action and justice. david: resident said they had been complaining for years about the buildings lack of standards. a lot of frustration there,
4:39 pm
melissa. melissa: just amazing. such a tough time to live in london. david: this public housing is very shabbily put together to say the least. melissa: back on u.s. soil but not nearly out of the woods. medical challenges facing the american student freed from north korea. mrs. our nations leaders on the same team. lawmakers coming together to support one of their own as congressman steve scalise is fighting for his life. next fox news medical correspondent marc siegel weighs in on the majority whip's condition. >> when he a arrived he was in critical condition with imminent risk of death. he is as critical as you can be when he came in. ♪ looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this
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and get medical help right away.
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♪ he came to the world justin the usual way ♪ ♪ but there were planes to catch and bills to pay ♪ ♪ so i moved my meeting saw him walk that day ♪ ♪ he was talking 'fore i knew it, and as he grew ♪ ♪ he'd say i'm gonna be like you, dad ♪ ♪ you know i'm gonna be like you ♪ ♪ and the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon ♪ ♪ little boy blue and the man in the moon... ♪ melissa: record turnout for the congressional baseball game last night. lawmakers stepping up to the plate after a shooting at the gop team practice.
4:43 pm
republicans and democrats unitings on the baseball field huddling in prayer at second base before the game, the position where congressman steve scalise was playing when he was shot on wednesday. among the highlights, the first pitch was thrown by capitol hill police officer david bailey, who was out there on crutches. it was really something. hailed as a hero for helping to take down the gunman after he himself was shot. [applause] david: medstar hospital's director of trauma giving another update regarding the health status of house majority whip steve scalise. take a listen. >> it is my job to be pessimistic, if you accuse me of being optimistic i feel bad about that i feel a lot more confident and a lot more optimistic than i did two, three days ago. david: that is great news. here to weigh in on congressman
4:44 pm
scalise's condition and chances of full recovery is fox news correspondent dr. marc siegel. is his wound, dr. siegel life-threatening? >> what dr. sava is saying when you have this degree of damage, organs went with fragmenting bullet. david: hundreds he said. >> you don't have to talk all the ones out. you take out ones that you find. you have arteries in there and vains and so many bleeding and repairing you can't say all's fine. you have risks of infection when you go repeatedly to operate on an area. even with all the sterile equipment there is till risk of infection. i heard some things, that was optimistic that he is waking up. when you're in shock, david, your blood pressure is low. did the brain get enough oxygen. david: you combine that with
4:45 pm
anesthesia that he takes. anesthesiologist is as important as any other doctor there. >> completely agree. someone in shock, going in and out of anesthesia and going in and out of. the fact he can whack again because there is lot of nerves. david: even sad, we hope this, we fully expect him to be able to walk and run. i was surprised to hear that. probably won't be able to run as he could before but that is pretty hopeful. >> expect to see him back on second base next year. david: wouldn't that be great? >> the man has shown great courage is another big factor in healing. david: i heard you talk about that. even when you're under, there is something that comes from somewhere in the human body or human spirit that has to do with how you get better, and it is a courageous instinct or impulse that you may have that goes beyond brain functioning, right? >> that goes beyond statistics hey, when you get a wound to the
4:46 pm
pelvis and all that bleeding, all those organs damaged, colon, bladder, kidneys, a lot of people don't recover. who does? president trump said a fighter. called him a fighter. i was really glad to hear that. david: by the way sort of reminds you of president reagan when he was shot back in the early 1980s, he had the same desire to live which some doctors said brought him through. >> absolutely. david: his life clearly though will change as a result of this? >> he will have a lost rehabilitation. more surgeries for more fractures. time will tell how much he can resume normal daily functioning. he rehab is a big part of this. i expect he will recover. david: doctor, i want to turn to another medical story. 22-year-old otto warmbier who was held by north korea for 18 months. warmbier's doctors say he is in unresponsive wake fullness. the current state of health remain a complete and utter mystery. will he come out of this his coma, doctor?
4:47 pm
>> we can hope for a medical miracle. david: there are prints for that. >> i believe in hoping an praying here, but problem of loss of brain tissue doesn't bode well. even with his eyes open something over this many months called vegetative state. i don't think there is many mysteries has been said. i don't think there is a chance this is botulism. david: what the north koreans claim. >> neurological testing shows no. that is defined testing. it is not botulism. doesn't look like trauma. not that they didn't beat him up. david: what you do you i think it would be. >> doctors at conference looks like he may have stopped breathe and heart stop the beating. what would cause that overdose of some kind, some sedative that something they gave him caused him to stop breathing. david: north koreans are famous, infamous for their methods of torture and brain control or attempts brain control going way
4:48 pm
back to the korean war 60,0 years ago. is it conceivable that they might have been doing some of this with him and led to his brain stoppage? >> i believe that's true. they may well have been trying some kind of torture around got away from them. david: literally brain control, what they used to call brainwashing? >> but again, whatever drug they were using probably stopped the breathing or stopped the heart. you can get arrhythmia. most likely the drug itself had a side-effect which stopped the breathing. david: could you believe the courage of his family, particularly his father? his father is one of the most courageous loving peop i've ever seen. >> i believe that. i think his father in a way accepting this, using it as a way, a pulpit to say this is a disgrace in terms of the prior administration. david: clearly he was more satisfied with the way trump dealt with it than the way obama. now we realize, when obama was dithering with the north
4:49 pm
koreans, they were doing god knows what to his son. >> horrible. i agree with but the father. very courageous, dr. marc siegel. great to see you. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: round two underway at the u.s. open. you might be surprised by the leaderboard. we're live from erin hills. that's next. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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david: another look where markets ending the day. the dow logging yet another record close. this week and the 21st of the year, the 21st record of the year. driven higher today by shares of chevron, 3m and johnson & johnson. also getting a boost we also saw volume at the nyse at the highest level of the year. this pushing the blue-chips higher for the week as well, in the green for the fourth week in
4:53 pm
a row, the longest winning streak for the market since the beginning of march. melissa. melissa: day two of u.s. open is underway as golfers look to climb up to the top spot of the leaderboard. let's go to fox sports holly saunders live at erin hills, wisconsin. holly. >> melissa, nice to talk to you again. welcome back to erin hills. to update you, rickie fowler is in the lead, joined by the young brooks kept -- koepka. amateur, cameron champ, anybody can qualify. the openness of u.s. even allows some players to get in here. some other players bigger names won't hang around for the bookened? jason day and rory mcilroy will be headed home. those are two players many had their eyes on long hitters won't
4:54 pm
be around for the weekend. dustin johnson is making a move. two-under par for the day, one over for the tournament. he will probably hang around for the weekend. we'll see if he goes anymore-under par and make a run at this which would be really exciting. the weather to update you on that is pretty good here. the course is drying out a little bit as we expected. playing a little more like the usga would like. i will be back in couple hours to update you. nice to talk to you melissa. see you soon. >> holly, great, thank you. david: we have breaking news from asia. we're getting reports from the u.s. navy, a u.s. navy destroy hears collided with a merchant vessel southwest of yokusuka, japan. the extent of navy person until injuries still being determined. we'll monitor the situation. update you when we get more information. meanwhile it was two years ago today, the world, the united states, just about everything,
4:55 pm
our consciousness about politics, melissa changed. melissa: absolutely. changing forever. ♪ : think again.
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dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. . >> okay, david, can you believe that it was two years ago today. watch. ♪. >> our country needs a truly great leader. i am officially running -- [cheers] >> for president of the united states, and we are going to make our country great again? >> wow. you know, he looked different.
4:59 pm
i mean, the weight of the presidency, it is extraordinary, even in just the two years, he looks different. i have to ask you to be 100%. did you think he would make it? >> no! >> two years ago. no, not for a second. >> i remember watching, i remember the speech and he's going on and on and all of a sudden everybody is quiet, and everybody is close to the tv, and all of a sudden they're saying wait a second. i have to say she looked stunning in that dress. i have fought about politics for hours today. that was a gorgeous outfit and said to myself as an outfit i can't wait to see what she looks like for four years. >> as a guy, i have never seen her look anything but spectacular. she's the most spectacular first lady. >> careful. >> other than jackie o.. i remember writing a piece two
5:00 pm
years ago saying he should run for mayor of new york, but not for president. here he is. he made it. >> i had no idea he would win, there you go. that does it for us, have a great weekend. "risk & reward" starts right now.. >> the best way to help the cuban people succeed and improve their lives would be for the u.s. congress to lift the embargo once and for all. liz: the d.c. swamp is now preoccupied with the news that special counsel robert mueller is investigating the president for firing james comey as well as the financial dealings of his son-in-law jared kushner. the president continues to move forward. he's rolling back obama's legacy to better protect the country and get it moving again. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. the marks moving forward in the wake of amazon $13.7 billion deal to buy whole foods,


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