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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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to fire the special counsel, i don't know what could be. steve forbes great to see you, ned ryun, great to see you. thanks for joining us. >> breaking news this morning. a new twist in terror attacks. several people injured and one dead after a man driving a man driving it and its worshipers in a mosque in london get the latest on the situation. >> markets over the weekend. america's streak continues today as you can see in your screen after the dow hit another record friday 24 points. despite retail and grocery stores stock factory in the sense that $13.7 billion the heavy nasdaq and 13. a big strong kickoff to your week with these markets. >> a look at what's on the
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agenda. cheryl: google's youtube to curb extremist videos. >> and sports, his first-ever major golf tournament. we will show you the highlights from the u.s. open. by the 1:00 a.m. in new york. monday, june 19th. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. you are watching "fbn:am" come here for look at morning markets and breaking news. cheryl: one person confirmed dead, 10 others injured after a band van plowed into a mosque. tracee carrascas there with the story. reporter: the crash happened after a collision between adrian and pedestrians. crowded with muslims looking in translating after ramadan prayers. eight of the injured were hospitalized in the other two with minor injuries and were treated at the scene.
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but then seemed his beard and hair people intentionally. >> has at least eight people on the floor. whatever happened was done in a very vindictive way. it wasn't an accident. reporter: the driver was detained by the crowd until he arrived. as a precaution where he will be given a mental health evaluation. an attack is highly like doing after a van veered into pedestrians on london bridge setting up vehicle and knife attacks a few weeks ago in manchester, killed more than 20 people and carry on the ground a concert. theresa may described it as a potential terrorist attack and she was sure an emergency cabinet session later today. we'll keep you updated. >> she was treated and she was just appalled by this. thank you very much.
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lauren: joining us with his reaction is army intelligence officer and repeat. hi, andrew. >> how are you? lauren: more toughness from london once again. this appears to be a different type of terrorism. anti-muslim terrorism. people say a retaliatory attack as well. what are your thoughts on the situation? >> this is a radical groups like al qaeda and isis want to have happen. cause for inciting attacks against the local population, which hopefully then turns into attacks on muslims, which radical aces the muslim community further in countries like the u.k. and more likely to join al qaeda and aces. if mal insurgency. tested for terrorist act experience they are cheering right now. they are pretty happy about this. cheryl: so we don't have an identity on the driver of the van. we've seen some witness accounts
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that he was a white male in his 40s. what if we find out that it is not someone who maybe was inspired by aces. you are saying jesus wants this, this may be a revenge attack. >> no, it might well be. that is their entire ammo. he is a small sliver of the population that supports isis. as would have been a mere guess what happens in iraq after america withdrew. more and more attacks against the muslim community in iraq or elsewhere pushes the community towards supporting radical like i says. whatever the motive of the attack, and will help them. lauren: will receive more anti-muslim attacks? >> i don't think so. it's not a systemic threat. there's not a network of countries and preachers overseas and taking them on.
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there attacks domestic anti-muslim attacks are generally less lethal because you don't have the operational support network with a former episode six concert date. you may see more, but i would be surprised. cheryl: what do you think london authorities are investigating as they go through this. we don't know what the motive is yet. they are saying this is investigated as a terror attack. how does that change the investigation and what they are doing right now. >> intelligence services, and i find an msx has more ability to get into the caucuses, of this bomber if there is one where he got his ideas, what he was saying. if it was just a local killer, local bank robber, the local police would have much more limited powers.
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lauren: authorities to the attacker away for mental evaluation. where does the investigation go from here. >> precisely that. they've got this phone into expectation. everyone is talking to, everything is posted online, get the information see if there's a network is radicalized him are provided in the operational training capability used to carry out the attack. cheryl: before we let you go, it seems like we see this relay in london. this puts the rest of europe i notice that this is the new normal for the european nation, especially western europe. >> europe is in a severe state of attack. each one of the attacks continues to push their system further and further towards the red line. lauren: for perspective, in london for the terror attack coming and repeat, thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: the "usa today" shot
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down in jet yesterday. it happened in iraq after the warplane fired on u.s. backed rebels. the pentagon says this is the first time that a u.s. pilot has struck a regime plane. the f-18 hornet from the uss george h.w. bush also appears to mark a new escalation and also follows a number of recent incidents against the assad regime and everything that forces by the u.s. military. lauren: a lawyer tonight the president is a federal inquiry is part of the expanding russian investigation. the development after lauren: sentries suggesting he's being investigated. jay sekulow got into it about whether trump could be under investigation without knowing. >> i do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth would have been crystal clear the president is not and has not
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been under investigation. >> you don't know is not under investigation. >> you are right. i can't read the minds. >> you are in agreement. cheryl: sekulow says john street was in response to a story in which the president was being investigated. cheryl: more on this. senate republicans are working towards a fourth of july deadline is set for themselves to draft legislation to repeal obamacare. at the same time, democrats are planning on ways to slow down. democrats are upset they are not allowed to take part in drafting the gop replacement bill. amy klobuchar was a member of the democratic party that passed upon a care upon a care in 2009. here's what she had to say. >> doing this behind closed doors is not what we do at the affordable care act.
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i'm hopeful this is an opportunity given what we see across the country with prices for prescription drugs were overcome back together. cheryl: the senate hopes to pass its version of obamacare without it though. they use the parliamentary process using budget reconciliation that would not involve the times. lauren: president trump visit the top tech ceos. he plans to attend the macro session of amazon's jeff bezos, apples end quote and jimmy ronda d. many attending that meeting have publicly announced the white house position on policies from immigration and the travel ban to climate change. cheryl: more than 60 people have been killed by ranging forest fires. the deaths all expected to as firefighters battled six major blazes. 47 of those killed or found dead in their vehicles or along the road in both by flames and
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smoke. the cause appears to be lightning strikes it happened saturday afternoon. transferring oxygen cut up a global market action overnight. the nikkei up two thirds of 1%. the hang seng hong kong at 1.2%. again in china with the shanghai composite adding two thirds of 1% and the cost be in south korea at the third. cheryl: watching month-end and 92 developments after midnight local team. indices higher right now despite the ftse 100 in london. cat for us, it backs higher as well. lauren: breaks it talks to begin today. the dow building on the record high reached friday. futures up 74 points. s.b. futures at seven, nasdaq up 48. cheryl: oil and gold 4467, gold three bucks. cheryl: youtube ramping up
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efforts to restrict content on its site. google working to remove all pages that violate guidelines such as terrorism. did you not be grounds for removal but still promote a warning to not be able to recommend, endorse or comment on. reports that one of the suspects in the london bridge terror attack became radicalized after watching pro ices videos on youtube. >> a lot of pressure to deal with extremist content and they are stepping up to that. lauren: amount of content to sift through. 400 hours a minute. cheryl: it's incredible without they are. a lot more coming up. you want to say that that's because donald trump's lawyer is not under investigation by special counsel robert mueller. >> we have not received or are we aware of any investigation of
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the president of the united states. cheryl: heated exchange with their own chris wallace. we will bring usb followed the developments the latest on the terror attack. one person dead after he then went down worshipers leaving a mosque in north london. as we go to break, not affecting u.s. markets this monday. the dow higher by 76 points. s&p nasdaq higher as well. real quick on the check of oil and gold. oil down slightly as well. you are watching transcendent, we've got all the latest is for you. stay with us. we will be right back. ♪ here comes the fun with sea-doo ♪
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lauren: happy monday. good morning to you. 5:18 a.m. in new york. at least one person is dead, 10 others injured after a band plowed into a group of muslims do a mosque in london. a suspect is in custody. is investigating the case as a possible act of terrorism. some of america's top technology executives will meet with us in a truck today. amazon's jeff bezos, apples tim cook after attending the first section of the american technology council. many ceos are at odds with the administration on policy change and immigration.
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interject much of a special election is really close in the two candidates scrambling for last-minute votes. the race between republican karen handel and jon ossoff is seen as a key test for republicans putting voters uneasy with president trump. in the markets building on the record we suffer the dow on friday, dow futures up 74 points at the moment. technology stocks hoping the overall market. nasdaq futures up to nine points. s&p tacking on seven points right now. cheryl, that is what is happening now. cheryl: tech ceos heading to the white house later today. is the president the subject of an investigation or not? president jones legal team says the president is not under federal investigation. this confusion since the president posted a tweed saying i'm in a cicada for the man who told me to fire the fbi director. with time.
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josé arista mendoza dnc deputy press secretary. he joins us now. but not as chief of staff for senator mike lee, also president of the southerland institute. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: the confusion continues between what the president is tweeting and what his counsel said on "fox news sunday." is the truth somewhere in the middle? >> as likely as has the thing the administration has to remember that the russians will not damage the administration. mueller is not going to damage at the very nature of the democrats. the other people damaging it are themselves. they just need to step back and act like there is no there there and get on with it. they should be focused as moran pointed out, the tech executives are coming in. that should be the focus, but they are really getting distracted. the witchhunt thing is a common thing to undermine those that may be against it.
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for the clintons is the vast right wing conspiracy. those things are normal but those are not the things that take down the administration or move forward. that's where the focus needs to be. lauren: josé, difficult to not get distracted when you're constantly excited washington. i want you to respond to that and i want your opinion on whether you think this is a witchhunt. >> the president of the united states is trying to undermine the investigation. he said it himself via twitter. one thing we understand here is donald trump's biggest enemy of the president himself. maybe you should stop dreaming and start focus on governing the country. >> i think some of his staff would agree with that. let's talk about rob rosenstein, deputy attorney general. they seem to go after him and treat after year. is that a good -- it's going to
5:19 am
look like he's just find people finding people that don't see when they agree with him. >> absolutely not. cheryl: that's to you. >> no worries. i don't think it's a great strategy for the president. he needs to function from a position of strength. then all these cases throughout history come you have to remember is really the investigation that had that been the problem. it's how you handle the investigation that becomes a problem. you try to take a shortcut, try to stop somebody down and that's where the problems begin. the president needs to keep his guns in the air, step away from the phone, but everyone else handle it. they should function from a position strength and focus on the agenda. that's all that matters. cheryl: comes in the air. that was a good one. we see you guys in a little bit. lauren: brix casco once his first double golf tournament. at the box office.
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>> the beach made me. lauren: disney cars races to the top of the box office. you are watching "fbn:am."
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>> all right, everybody. let's go racing. ♪
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lauren: that his car story and i won the race for the weekend box office despite being one of the lowest opening center for a pixar release that the franchise pulling in around $53.5 million overtaken by cars, wonder woman was in second place at 40.8 million but she's still the superhero of the summer earning a total of $274 million settlement 500 million overseas. and third place, all eyes on me, the long-awaited story of robert tupac shakoor with $27 million the money and 47 meters down rounding out the top five at the box office over the weekend. and it was raining. cheryl: and advice which it would've been good for the box office. a lot of sports news. talk about somebody fascinating over the weekend. broadcast guys are one of golf's biggest stars but he is now. he won the u.s. open. finish 16 under tying the open records for lowest total under
5:25 am
par on the 18th shows off his driving power. he heads the longest drive of the day. in the final round, he shot a 67 with six birdies. the first major of his career. the third straight american to now when the u.s. open. to baseball. fans are starting to notice the colorado rockies have the best record in the national league. yesterday noland had the four-run. rockies seven-5. bogart goes deep twice for the sox. it corrects for rbis. closes it out in the sox wanted 6-5. nascar action. michigan international speedway.
5:26 am
causing the pilot. the neil suarez into danica patrick. spins out, crashes into the wall. in the final lap, lesson takes the checkered flag for his third career win in 2017. larsen in first place in the sprint cup. a lot happening for the weekend. lauren: coming up, the latest on yet another deadly attack in london. another person is dead after a van ran down worshipers leaving a mosque. >> obviously it was a deliberate attempt on people's lives. there was an eyewitness i spoke to him he clearly told me the man was on the road and then he swerved into people to cause maximum casualties. lauren: president donald trump getting the tech ceos at the white house today combating terrorism and will no doubt topped the agenda at the meeting. investors start monday morning and i find it at dow futures
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pictures at 70 points this morning. nasdaq futures really strong. they are 40 or .7%. you are watching "fbn:am." we will be right back. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ cheryl: we are following breaking news out of london this morning. 10 people injured, one person died after a man driving a van has worshipers leaving a north london mosque. cheryl: in america's commander recently beaten tech site to your today. nasdaq futures at the 40 points helping the dow building on a 73. cheryl: despite the terror attack in london. president donald trump meeting with ceos. we'll take a look at what's on the agenda. google and youtube announces new steps to curb extremist videos. >> the first major golf tournament now a star.
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lauren: 5:31 a.m. monday, june 19th. thank you for starting your week with us. >> all the breaking news we're following for you. at least one person dead, 10 others injured in a crowd outside a mosque in london. cheryl: tracee carrascas has been following the events overnight. reporter: good morning. police received reports of a collision between a fan and predeath stands. muslims leaving a mosque after ramadan. we say eight of the injured were hospitalized and the other two had minor injuries and were treated at the scene. there didn't seem to have feared and hated people intentionally. whatever happened was done in a
5:32 am
very vindictive way. it wasn't an accident. >> the 48-year-old driver was detained as police arrived. he was arrested and taken to a house as a precaution for you is given a mental health evaluation. highly likely after van veered into pedestrians setting up vehicle and inanester when a bomberilled more than 20 people at a ariana grande conserve. teresa may describe the crash as a potential terrorist attack and she would share an emergency cabinet meeting later. cheryl: thank you. following everything, developments out of london. now shut down a serious government jet. diaz's stronghold arauca after
5:33 am
pentagon. a u.s. pilot strapping machine playing shot down by the f-18 super hornet friend did george h.w. bush appears to mark a new escalation in this conflict and follows a number of recent incidents against the regime. iranian backed forces by the u.s. military. lauren: janessa talk about this is andrew peake. this marks the first time coalition forces have struck a machine playing in syria since the civil war. how does this change thinks going forward? >> is a long-overdue enforcement of certain u.s. by the end of syria. from the moment that his inauguration when he became commander-in-chief, president trump has made it clear the u.s. will not only not tolerate chemical attacks as a sinus attack against the regime but the chemical attack in march, but we won't tolerate attacks against our allies fighting
5:34 am
aces. defeating aces is a top priority of this administration and rightfully so. for too long can too long, and the iranians, syrians and other groups of the syrian government has been able to attack our allies. >> this is interesting timing in the middle of the russia program the u.s. what does this mean that the russians and the particular backing of syrian forces. >> this is the really interesting thing. from day one, the administration has pursued a far more hawkish line particularly in syria whereas he noted it is taken several actions against the russian backed regime that directly contradicts russian interests. i think it means they put the lives immediately to this idea that donald trump is somehow colluding with russians to get elected and pursue a professio policy.
5:35 am
lauren: was obviously set limits in the air space. can we send what types of actions by the u.s.? >> yes, absolutely. at some point the iranians most likely a russian aircraft spoke to some of our limits. i think that could happen in the airspace around jordan, in particular. that could happen with a terrorist attack against u.s. forces when they are fighting side-by-side with iranian allies, shiite militias. but i think they're serious constraints also because redneck stories turkey in turkey and russia have a long hostile history that russia doesn't want to get into a mix about. cheryl: andrew, we're speaking with you earlier, but all this time together is facing a massive amount of syrian refugee moving in particular into paris and london. let's talk about this because the terror threat seems to be more escalated in western
5:36 am
europe, the direct result of what we've seen. should they be worn other but received overnight? >> it would be tough to be more an alert than they are tiara. the constant drumbeat of terrorist attacks has kicked the u. k. terror attack indicator up to the second highest. it wouldn't be surprised if in the next couple weeks it goes even higher. it does point to the fact the problem of terrorism is not solved by having more refugees come there. it is solved by creating a political solution in syria that allows more people to stay at home. that makes more potential radicals in syria not put a western europe. >> it is different than the other attacks we've seen recently. this van rammed through a crowd that was just finishing up worshiping at a mosque during the holy month of ramadan. your thoughts on how different this attack was.
5:37 am
>> cannot come it was terrible and it certainly was different in that it was an attack on the muslim community of worshipers outside the mosque. instead of a cultural gathering. i points to the need to increase our homeland security in the days to come. lauren: thank you for your perspective. good to see you. cheryl: back at home denying the president as part of a federal inquiry is part of the russian investigation. the development after recent three cities being investigated. attorney jay sekulow got into a heated exchange with fox news is chris wallace on sunday about whether trend could be under investigation without the attorneys, him, knowing. >> i don't appreciate you putting words in my mouth would have been crystal clear the president is not and has not
5:38 am
been under investigation. >> you don't know is not under investigation again. >> you are right. i cannot read their minds. >> we are in agreement. cheryl: chat redesign, maybe talk to your client. the tweet was in response to a "washington post" story which the president was being investigated. lauren: senate republicans working towards a fourth of july deadline they set for themselves to draft legislation to repeal upon the care. democrats are finding ways to slow them to a halt. democrats have said they are not being allowed to take part in drafting the gop replacement. minnesota's senator amy klobuchar the democratic party passed upon the care in 2009. >> doing this behind closed doors is actually not what we did with the affordable care act. i am hopeful this to be an opportunity given what we see across the country but the
5:39 am
prices of prescription drugs where we could work on it together. lauren: the senate hopes to pass its version of upon the care without a single democratic vote because they can by using a parliamentary process known as budget reconciliation. >> ever be talked about it. today, president trump goes by meeting trump technology tech ceos. the names include amazon jeff bezos, apple sent kirk and cheney were badly. they have publicly denounced the administration position that include immigration, h. one b. visas and climate change over the last few months. those things come out today. lauren: elon musk for one stepping down from the council. 60 people and portugal are killed by forest fires in the central part of the country. the death toll to rise as
5:40 am
firefighters have six major blazes. at least 47 killed or found dead in their cars or along the road imposed by smoke. the cause of the blaze appears to be lightning strikes that happened saturday afternoon. cheryl: well, want to get caught up in the type you need despite the attack on the mosque in london, the terror attack. asian markets trending higher sec in japan. the nikkei half a percent to the upside. hang seng, shanghai, kospi in korea up as well. >> the ftse in london up 42 points. ta x in germany at 47. cheryl: again following u.s. markets. right now the dow despite what we see in london higher in the market by 66. s&p, nasdaq as well pointing to the upside. lauren: by the way, friday we saw heavy volume.
5:41 am
when you see the dow at an all-time high, conviction behind that. a look into it then sends a 44.83. oil's been down for weeks now. >> another big market day. following this story because its technology. youtube ramping up efforts to restrict the amount of extremist content. the parent company google is working to remove all videos that violate community guidelines such as those that promote terrorism, videos that don't make rounds for removal will come with a warning and they will not be able to be recommended come endorser commented on by users not to support a few changes reports one of the suspects became radicalized after he watched per oasis videos on youtube. >> they are hoping they are less common in all that they wouldn't be as readily seen.
5:42 am
>> you. the video. >> had to do something. coming up, donald trump's lawyer is not under investigation by special counsel robert mueller. >> we have not received nor are we aware of any investigation of the president of the united states. lauren: okay, we are going to take a closer look for you. if a special election a refendum on the presidency of donald trump? investors like in this monday. dow futures up 61, nasdaq surging 38 points. we will be right back. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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cheryl: 5:15 a.m. in new york if they continue to follow the breaking news out of london. at least one person is dead and 10 others injured after a van plowed into a group of muslims during mosque in london. a suspect in custody. police investigate a possible act of terrorism. well, some of america's top technology executives who met with the president today. amazon's jeff bezos, apples tim cook among those attending the first session at the american technology council. many ceos are at odds with the administration over policies like immigration and climate change.
5:46 am
thomas special election in georgia to close in the two candidates are now scrambling for last-minute votes. karen handel and democrat john ossoff. it seems an easy read a policy of president trump. stock record features added are opening bell. that is what is happening. >> for more, joining us now, former dnc press secretary and good morning to boyd matheson, senator for mike lee. good morning, gentlemen. let me begin with you. this is highly anticipated, the serbian expensive race. how important is this? >> this is going to be a very close race. this is a district that has been won by republicans for the last 37 years.
5:47 am
win or lose tomorrow, this says a lot about spring voters across the country and this is a referendum on the president. if we win tomorrow, bad news for republicans and 28 team. >> will see how this shakes out. candidates and outside groups ve pred 60 milon into the districts. the money is going to candidates in the right way. >> you now, i don't know. it'll come down tomorrow to two things. to the young voter show up for the democrats and do be older voters show up for a republican? on a summer day in june, i would take the republicans lately on that. the young voters always failed to show an election site this, especially in the middle of the summer. the interesting thing will be the results. josé is right it is high-stakes although special elections where we end up having a big impact on the terms. the bigger question will be if democratic have stress in terms
5:48 am
of the president. the democrats have to ask is the elizabeth warren bernie sanders wing of the party polling that's too far away to win the close races. dynamics would be fantastic at a lot of fireworks the next couple hours and see where we go from there. lauren: speaking of dynamics, josé, a voter being targeted by being targeted right now is republicans uneasy with president trump. do you think the show up to vote? is >> i think they love. president trump is not making america great again. the investigation into russia is playing a big part. republicans and democrats are tired of days. they want to govern and they see a more focused on trying to tweet and distract the american people. so we will see. tomorrow is a big day. regardless, it's good news for us.
5:49 am
cheryl: again come under so much attention on the small racing north of anna because it's a referendum on the president's first five months in office. the president has been very involved in robocalls. will that help the republican candidate tomorrow? >> the important thing for the president is a good agenda. good policy is always good politics. expending political capital, sending price down there. the vice president. republicans are investing in this. it is a little bit of a risk that way. in the end they located across the line and hold their feet and be able to step forward. it's all about agenda if they're going to do it in the proper way. >> just to show you how great it is. the democrat us f with and republican handle with 47%. josé, boys, good to see both of you. cheryl: they've got a lot more coming up.
5:50 am
koepka won its first-ever golf tournament. highlights from the u.s. open. plus, heavy rains in the forecast. look at david details from fox 46 meteorologist janice dean. we are watching features out of blender is not deterred by the latest attack being investigated as terrorism in london. dallas pointed out by 63. we will be right back. hey, i'm the internet! i know a bunch of people who would love that. the internet loves what you're doing... build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy. type in your idea. select from designs tailored just for you
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5:54 am
he is the longest drive of the day. 379 yards in the final round 67 with six birdies. the first major of his career. too many up in his 27 years old. let's go to baseball. fans starting to notice the colorado rockies with the best record in the national league. yesterday, no one arredondo hit the walkoff home run. with that home run, rockies ran 7-five. eric stated in denver. in houston facing the astros, deep twice for this out. he collects four rbis for the night. craig kimbrough closes it out for his 20th game. the sox win it 6-5. to a virtual first-place tie. let's go to the michigan
5:55 am
international speedway. tenneco. malfunctions. daniel florez runs into tenneco pastor chris penn died in crashes into the wall. it is over with that. kyl larson takes the checkered flag for his third career win and section of the year. the could to cheer him. larson was in first place. cheryl: before you head out the door, literature monday morning forecast with fox meteorologist janice dean. reporter: good morning, ladies. serbs across the northeast and mid-atlantic. the powerful cold front moving through. the gaffer had come the tornadoes across the northeast. lives of people affected here. delays and cancellations happened for richmond on the left towards boston, new york city, d.c. i turn it up to.
5:56 am
we will flirt with record highs. phoenix to my 120 degrees will flirt with one of your all-time highs. that's going to be dangerous as we head into today in the next several days and then we have the tropics. 90% chance of the system developing regardless of the given name or not we are dealing with heavy rain and fog all along the gulf coast. potential for tropical trouble. he across the southwest. we will keep you updated it back to you. cheryl: thank you, janice. lauren: coming up next, why bill gates might be looking over his shoulders. you are watching "fbn:am." on of,
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and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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cheryl: jeff bezos is closing in on bill gates. the recent searching amazon stock babies those $2 billion richer. $5 billion away from taking over as the wealthiest person in the world. lauren: not beeneally care abit if you ask me. they give most of their money away. basis is worth $85 billion because amazon shares search to find 5% friday after amazon said it was buying. cheryl: i hate missing big stories in business. there is a huge development on friday. >> grocery stores gatecrashed because everybody serviced about what amazon will do to the food
6:00 am
shopping space. cheryl: it is a busy monday morning. let's handed over to maria bartiromo. >> huge stories. good morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo and it is june 19th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news this morning. london has been targeted again. at least one person killed, several others injured after a man plus a man into a crowd near a mosque in london. police are treating this as a terrorist attack and called on the city to combat extremism. >> this was an attack on london and all londoners and we should all stand together against extremists. >> latest in a possible motive this morning. technology executives in the white house today. top leaders in the industry to focus on updating the i.t. system among the ceos attending, tim cook,


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