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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 21, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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trish, reminder we have the south carolina winner, ralph norman. he barry won. that is race maybe democrats poured money instead of georgia. first tv chat, 4:00 p.m. fox news, "your world." trish regan. trish: thank you, neil. we'll be on it. president trump and republican party proving yet again the democratic party has no message. they're running on this anti-trump platform. look, it is not working. not working at least in georgia. overnight republican karen handel securing a huge win in the georgia special election as president trump heads to iowa in a few hours to meet with voters and get his pro-growth agenda back on track. we're near lows of the session. down 68 points on the dow. oil still getting hit, plunging today. we'll have a live report on. i'm trish regan, welcome,
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everyone to "the intelligence report." liberal media calling georgia race a litmus test for president trump. despite all the money, $30 million they spent on the race and polls showing democrat jon ossoff was in the lead, they still lost. so will liberals finally realize that being anti-trump, that is not what matters right now? that is not what voters want. they want economic solutions. we're on it. robert mueller, the special counsel leading the russia probe stacking his deem with democrats, folks who donated to hillary clinton's campaign. does he really have to have them? there is no one else he could possibly fine? perhaps someone who doesn't have what is perceived to be some kind of a bias? we'll ask judge napolitano. all of that coming up. big business story today, uber ceo travis kalanick, stepping down as chief executive. according to the "new york post," facebook coo,
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cheryl samburg on the short list to. we'll ask branding expert bruce turkel. senate republicans release a draft of the health care bill tomorrow. they're still determined to vote on the bill later next week. i want to go to adam shapiro. reporter: 9:30 a.m., the public will get a idea of what is in the draft. it will be sent to cbo scoring possibly and a vote after the score comes out next week. look what is happening behind the scenes. today's headlines, anthem, blue cross, blue shield pulling out of two states. wisconsin, indiana, diminishing offerings under the obamacare plans because premiums are going up and it is not working. look what the white house did today, they launched repeal and replace obamacare website. key point 28 million americans still do not have health insurance.
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premiums on average have gone up $3,000. there was the tweet this morning from president trump who said, i will read the entire tweet, democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with republicans on health care, tax cuts, security. obstruction doesn't work! obstruction may come from the republicans when it comes to the senate health care bill. listen to what john mccain said about the bill which he has yet to see. >> i do not like the way that this thing is being put together. i think it's wrong. i think the american people, by not knowing what's in our bill, more and more swinging towards what is clearly a failed policy, and that is of course obamacare. we need to many could out with what we stand for, what we believe in and how we're going to implement it. reporter: trish, although the public and senators all of us will find out what is in this bill tomorrow, i ran into senator susan collins from maine. she said she was concerned about
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the formulas for funding medicaid and also about protecting what she said were the maternity issues under health care. so there is anything but consensus as of yet, but the republicans know that this is something that is key for president trump's agenda. also for the republican agenda tomorrow. mitch mcconnell, on, in the hot seat when this bill becomes public, then heads to a vote possibly next week. trish? trish: interesting to see this senator collins is of course one to watch, adam. thank you very much. thank you for that report. moving on president trump can also claim victory after last night's republican victory in the georgia congressional race. >> the special thanks to the president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> trump! trump! trish: while perhaps, and i
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emphasize perhaps here, because it is not a given, perhaps republicans can enjoy some breathing room going into next year's midterm elections. qualifying that they have to get tax reform through and repeal and replace, democrats on the other hand are forced to do soul-searching since their strictly anti-trump platform isn't translating to any kind of victory. the president gloating over twitter today, saying, quote, special elections are over, those that want to make america great again are 5-0. all the fake news, all of the money spent equals equals zero. joining me radio show host ethan berman and joe walsh. they spent a ton of money. most expensive house race ever. what is it that the democrats keep continuing to miss here? you can send all the hollywood stars you want, you can spend as much money as you want, joe, but if you are not connecting with
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the basic message of economic prosperity you're never going to win? >> hey, trish, that is their problem. that is the democrats problem right now, they do not connect with regular americans. what you said a few minutes ago, this was a huge victory for trump. this district was a republican district. the republicans should win but trish it was not a trump district. trish: right. >> karen handel, the republican candidate overperformed donald trump. so what does that mean? that means a lot of republicans stayed with donald trump. this is a really big victory for him. and trish, again, what you said, i hope this gives a shot in the arm to republicans in d.c. to get off of their backsides and cut taxes and pass tax reform. trish: that is what i said. not giving them, i don't think any kind of window they can sit back and relax, say, all right everything is hunky-dory. >> amen. trish: it actually should be a message, look, we got, we got
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these folks right now, and they're believing in what we're doing but if we don't actually come for word with anything we'll have a different set of problems on our hands. ethan, let me go over to you a moment, i don't understand why they keep running the same playbook. you have to be more than anti-trump, don't you? you have to stand for something because americans want to vote for something, not against? >> well, that is actually a good point. what is most important here to remember is politics in the congressional race, joe knows this very well, is just like real estate, by the zip code. you need to be talking to what the people in georgia 6th district are concerned about. maybe in san francisco and los angeles anti-trump plays very, very well. georgia 6 you have to have a message for people to connect with them. i think ossoff can pain lurched around a little bit. he was anti-trump. then a blue dog democrat.
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he didn't stay on consistent message. that is what ultimately hurt him. trish: neither one of those candidates, let's be honest, neither one of candidates are compelling. 30-year-old filmmaker, hollywood ties and hollywood money pouring in. nancy pelosi who turned out to be more of a liability. i will speak to that in a second. it speaks volumes, karen handel was not lighting the world on fire a la donald trump style, but still push comes to shove, joe walsh, this message, we need to, we need to move forward, we need to create jobs. we need to lower taxes, we need to repeal and replace obamacare that continues to sell. >> yeah. you know what, trish? it proves the average republican voter in this district is smart enough to differentiate between trump and he say the republican candidate. again the democrats are so, so anti-trump, but here are a bunch
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of republicans that the democrats had a shot to get. highly-educated, highly-affluent, but they understood it is important to have a republican in this seat, broken record, so that we can get something done, tax cuts and tax reform. trish: let me ask you this, ethan. because when you look at exit polling overwhelmingly there was concern that if ossoff went to washington, then that district would increasingly going in the direction of nancy pelosi. and it turned out voters there didn't want that. they absolutely didn't want to be heading in nancy pelosi's direction. is she becoming, in your view at all, a liability for the party? >> well, again i think it is by district. i think that was a wonderfully effective negative campaign tactic that was used by karen handel's people, which was to tie ossoff to nancy pelosi. she is not necessarily popular in georgia's 6th district.
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she is not necessarily popular in a number of rural districts across the united states. so again, the democrats need to do a better job spending the money wisely, targeting the campaigns, specifically to the district. i mean, again as republicans did a great job. trish: i'm wondering, you know, if she is getting near retirement time, joe? i don't think she is doing them a lost favors at this point? >> look, ethan is too polite. i'm a republican. so i know democrats will not listen to me. nancy pelosi needs to retire. she is the biggest albatross the democrats have if they want to take back the house next year. she doesn't play anywhere in this country except mayor her own home district. trish: wow. so why is she hanging on? has she not realized this? is there no leadership in the party right now that can tell her this? >> she hung on because trump won. i think if hillary had won there was every indication, trish,
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that nancy was going to retire. trish: okay. so they're still stuck. when you look ahead, ethan, nancy pelosi, joe said it, i will say it, she is not future right, of your party. bernie sanders isn't really the future of your party. joe biden is talking about running. he is not the future either. who have you got? what will message be off the anti-trump message, that is not working? >> cory booker in my mind. he is strong out of new jersey. he has shown a lot of leadership skills, excellent, well-spoken. i don't disagree with joe. so interesting how he and i keep agreeing on things. same thing in the democrats just like within the republicans, in the republican party you have the tea party caucus fighting against established republicans. same thing happening with democrats. progressive liberals are fighting against more moderate democrats. this needs to be solved before the 2018 midterms.
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democrats have to stay on message, somebody more like cory booker than nancy pelosis or bernie sanders. trish: we'll be watching. thanks very much. another big story we're following today, founder of uber, travis kalanick, he is stepping down as the chief executive officer of this company, the company he founded after a shareholder revolt. is this what it is going to take to turn around this troubled company? plus president trump putting china on notice after its failure to rein in north korea while imposing new sanctions on russia. general jack keane is here on that. stay with us. we're back in two.
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including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. trish: all right, everyone, the guy that co-founded uber, the
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ride-sharing app, travis kalanick stepping down from the company. he announced his resignation amid a lost scandals including claims of sexual misconduct. "new york post" says uber wants facebook executive cheryl samberg to fill the top job. can they get her? tracee carrasco is following the story. reporter: facebook's sheryl sandberg, that they plan to approach sandberg facing the newly created position. the samberg idea is being pushed by arianna huffington. tom staggs is also a leading candidate for the job. marissa mayer, stepped down from chief executive yahoo! is also in the mix and tim armstrong,
2:17 pm
former aol ceo, and john martin. kalanick on stepping down from the company he helped start, i love uber more than anything else in the world, at this personal difficult moment in my life i accepted the investors request to step aside so that uber can go back to building rather than be distracted by another fight. the board said travis always put uber first. this is bold decision and sign for his devotion and love for uber. by stepping away he is taking time to heal from the personal tragedy and giving the company room to fully embrace this new chapter in the company's history. we look forward to him serving on the board. kalanick's exit came from pressure from top executives that wanted the troubled ceo out. uber is scrambling to clean up its corporate image after a string of recent scandals, internal investigations and
2:18 pm
lawsuits led to number of resignations of top executives. trish, the company is looking for chief financial and chief operating officers. trish: wow. a lot of work to do. reporter: a lot. trish: replacing the entire team. tracee, thank you so much. joining me with his thoughts on all of this, turkel brands, bruce turkel. bruce, you have the founder of the company being ousted. other board members being ousted. other executives being ousted. can you start over from scratch here? i mean it's a good idea, ride-sharing thing but facing a lot of competition. you don't have people that understand the business there. what are you going to do? >> well, they're doing something very smart. i mean on one hand without a ceo, a coo, a cto, a cfo -- trish: depends what you are. >> they are not a company. they're living it. not like this hasn't been before. we saw what happened when apple got rid of their ceo, made some changes, brought in a babysitter ceo, brought jobs back, look what happened.
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this is not unprecedented. trish: wow, you think kalanick could come back a la jobs at some point if they realize they really screwed up? >> i think what kalanick did, what he was so good at, getting a company put into different communities that didn't want it. you remember, they didn't stop at anything. he is being called obnoxious, hard-driving everything else now, part of why they had become a success. at some point companies evolve and they need something new. trish: that is important though, right? you see that a lot with technology companies now. they get these great ideas. they grow and grow and grow. frankly they have immature people sometimes from a personal level running them. that seems to have been the concern here. you look at, i'm not saying mark zuckerberg was immature in any way, certainly doesn't seem to be, but he brought in cheryl samburg in chart because he needed safwa fair, sophistication from management perspective.
2:20 pm
google brought in eric schmidt. maybe this is an opportunity. i question whether it should have been done a long time ago, and travis kalanick would have kept his job had he bought adults in the room early on, bruce. >> you made a lot of points, all good. other companies done it, yin and yang, adult, babysitter or operator. but at the same time should they have done it sooner? they say the two best times to plant an oak tree, 20 years ago or right now. they're doing it right now. it makes a difference because now they can grow the company in the ways they have to grow it. they might not need what he brought to the company anymore? they need something different. trish: but is the pendulum swinging too far? let me ask you you that as well. you have the board member, private equity investor tossed out because he made some, pretty knock with us joke, but he should not have made it in the climate we're in, talking about
2:21 pm
women, but arianna huffington said not a big deal but he resigned over the whole thing. we've become very sensitive to all of this as we should be but in some ways is uber going too far, and are they running the risk they are not going to have the right people in place that really understand the business? don't forget lyft, right there on their heels, another ride-sharing app. >> there is two things you need to keep in mind. number one, when momentum starts moving the chips start to fall. one hand you can say they have gone too far, why is all this happening, why didn't it happen sooner, the broom swings, pendulum swings and that is the way these things work. number two, don't forget, kalanick is on the board of directors. his stock is vesting but the pun is he can vest in peace. he is is still involved, he is still there, still part of it. on one hand they get to get rid of the ugly side, issues they have been having as you point
2:22 pm
out cost to change or lyft to gm's program is zero. all the consumer has to do to change the app on their phone. trish: what does sheryl sandberg bring them? >> sheryl sandberg is brilliant choice. she instantly overcomes all the problems. whether she is right choice, technical choice, i don't no idea. from marketing point of view, sheryl sandberg says there is adult in charge and calm in charge. trish: a woman by the way with is relevant for this company. >> that's right. that's hugely important. and, she did it before. she did it at another frat rat dorm bro company, facebook. so that she could do the same thing here. i think from optics point of view, by the way sheryl sandberg is from miami like me. i like her for that reason alone. trish: we'll watch. maybe she will get it. bruce, thank you very much. >> thank you, trish. trish: secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with chinese officials today on the heels of president trump calling them out for their inability to deal with north korea. general jack keane is here.
2:23 pm
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trish: secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with chinese officials to discuss new ways to deal with north korea after president trump put china on notice after its failure to keep north korea at bay. the president tweeting, i quote, i greatly appreciate the efforts of president xi and china to help with north korea, it has not worked out. at least i know china tried, exclamation point. talks follow the tragic death of american student otto warmbier fatally injured after being held in north korea over a year. if they can't persuade china to rein in north korea's aggressive tactics, can we influence them at all to influence north korea? we have retired four-star general, fox news military analyst, general jack keane.
2:27 pm
>> good to beer here trish. trish: a little frustrating. president saying china is not able to do it, so if china can't do it, what do we do? >> we discussed this a number of times, trish. we said that china, while telling the president they were going to help and certainly the president gave them plenty of rope to do that, we said here that it is likely they're gaming us, because that's what they have always done. they certainly put their interests ahead of our interests to be sure, and put stability on the peninsula ahead of nuclear program. the chinese after all, trish, they tolerated nuclear weapons coming on to the peninsula in north korea. they certainly tolerate ad ballistic program. many of those ballistic missiles north korea has look remarkly similar to the ones that chinese have. what tillerson is saying to them, i can only speculate. look it, you told us you would help. you haven't done much of anything. we're asking you one more time to do this. we'll have to take some other actions, some which you will probably not like.
2:28 pm
trish: what does that mean, other actions? you've been saying all along, that's right, general, you can't fully trust what china is doing. we've now seen that on display. so with that in mind what do we do, what do you recommend we do? >> a couple things likely to see. administration probably won't talk too much about this because it has to behind closed doors certainly. trish: yeah. >> we'll go to our allies, anybody doing any business with north korea, has any relationship with the united states, we're going to ask them to shut them down. also we'll try to find -- the bush administration very successfully was able to sanction banks that were holding money that were the personal money of the leadership of the regime. and deal with that bank based on their dealings with our allies. i i think this is the kicker. we'll probably have to sanction china for the first time. that may be what citizens
2:29 pm
putting on the table. trish: wow. >> 90% of all the business done between china and north korea, you know -- trish: wow. >> it is, is north korea's business. trish: that's a big decision, general. i mean, you know, it has been threatened but that would be a big decision. that would certainly have major economic implications. >> i think it is all a part of, we have a new administration here looks very realistically at the world. they're returning american leadership to very responsible role. we're very concerned about our allies. china is trampling all over our interests not just economically in terms of trade but also geopolitically, in the region. our allies as well. i think we'll see this administration move into a much tougher policy. trish: very interesting. >> with china writ large. trish: can we not just get rid of the bad guy there in north korea? can we not just sort of in some way, shape or form, go in, take
2:30 pm
him out, and avoid all these other issues with china, the threat of hurting innocent people there in north and south korea? >> well, actually we're prevented by law to assassinate anybody. trish: we play by those rules but they don't. >> what i think we always would have wanted to do is, to have china recognize that this leader is himself destablizing not only the peninsula but the region. and it is in china's interests to find a new leader. that, that would be something that would be very doable. i don't believe the chinese, at least in the near term are going to do that. trish: i know we have that law. i'm troubled by it, because what happens is, innocent people wind up becoming victims of these situations where you know, you just want to change the situation at hand. you want to change the leadership. you want to be able to get them out without a slew of problems
2:31 pm
along the way. let me ask you about russia. diplomatic reprobations seem to be deteriorating there as far as syria goes. is this turning in your view with a proxy war with russia? do we really know what we want to accomplish there in syria? >> that is a tough question, as you usually do. you ask pretty hard questions. what is going on with russia? first of all, russia putting us on notice they will track our aircraft and imply that they will shoot something down if it flies west of the euphrates, that is not going to happen. they are not going to shoot any american airplane down, we would destroy their airbase in syria. the russians, they have it pretty good right now. they have successfully propped up the assad regime indefinitely. big victory for them. number two, they have a strategic asset in syria in this airbase, in addition to their naval base where they can
2:32 pm
leverage their national interests in the entire region of the middle east. they are doing that. they don't want to do anything that jeopardizes that. so that is why we have rhetoric but we're not gog to have a lot of action other than harassing a ship or an airplane from time to time which they continuously do. the best thing to do about that don't pay much attention to it. so, yes, the situation with russia in terms of it is is a deteriorating situation over all not just because of syria but what they're doing with eastern europe and allies there as well. but it is not in the near term going to lead to conflict with russia over syria. we're certainly not going to do anything but protect our own forces, what we were doing when, when we struck down the syrian airplane because it was bombing the forces that we were leading. trish: general jack keane, thank you very much. good to have you here today. >> good talking to you, trish.
2:33 pm
trish: there are new questions, everyone, impartiality, whether it exists of robert mueller, the special counsel overseeing the russia investigation. why is he stacking his team with so many hillary clinton supporters? can he not find anybody who is neutral there, tahas -- that hasn't given to the democrats? don't you want to present an option so it looks like the president is getting a fare shake here? judge andrew napolitano is here. he has interesting perspective he will share next. thank you. good to see you. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. thithis is the new new york.e? with think again.ntage. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges.
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trish: market is lower. 21,410. energy is one of the big laggards here. that is dragging things down. however if you look over on the tech side of things, nasdaq is up 35 points. meanwhile, tropical storm cindy is forecast to move inland later today, putting states from florida to texas on flood notice. this as a 10-year-old boy already has died in alabama after being hit by a log during a storm surge. major oil terminals in the gulf of mexico are suspended due to the storm. workers were evacuated. so that's big news as well. take a look at some of the oil rig companies. you can see predominantly lower.
2:38 pm
enbridge is up. mcdonald's adding fresh beef to menu across the country. what does that tell but the beef they have, in hopes improving sales. the patties will take one minute longer to cook than the frozen patties. oil closing to hit a new low for the year. let's go to phil flynn live at cme with more on this hey, phil. >> hello, trish. an amazing close considering the news you just talked about. we're shutting down oil rigs in the gulf of mexico. we have tropical storms. historically that means prices would go higher. not so much. that really shows you, trish how bad the mood on the market. not just oil, but gasoline futures hit lowest level we've seen since last year, since november. the same thing with distillates.
2:39 pm
lowest level we've seen all the way since last august. what we're seeing here is really a negative mood take over the market. if you look at today's oil inventories, they weren't that bearish. we saw crude oil supplies actually fall, in the very important delivery point in cushing, oklahoma, we've fallen week after week after week after week. but it is perception out there, that u.s. shale production will continue to rise, concerns that opec is not going to be able to keep it together, because countries that are not held by quota, like nigeria, and libya, are raising production. that has really put a negative pall across the market. the concern is at these levels we'll see a big pullback from the u.s. energy producers. you see the stocks go down. you see the rig counts fall as well. trish: phil, thank you so much. always helping to put this in perspective. meanwhile, everyone, the special counsel overseeing the russia investigation, former fbi
2:40 pm
director robert mueller, meeting with top members of the senate judiciary committee trying to insure there are no conflicts between mueller's probe and the work of congress but what about all the conflict stemming from the hillary clinton support that's mueller is stacking his team with? what about the fact that mueller happens to be buddies with james comey? look who he has picked here to help him. he has jeanie reed, donated 5400 to the clinton campaign. andrew weissmann, donated sixes times to president obama's pac, $5000. james quarles donated 10 times to democratic pacs last 30 years. newest higher behave to both obama and hillary. she is looking down the road. forgive me, obama and hillary. you i was saying, something is not right here, right? if you're a president, looking at this, i've got james comey's friend and james comey's
2:41 pm
friend's friends in a special counsel against me, effectively it is against. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano joins me now. i find this whole thing really bizarre. it seems very biased. >> start with what he did today. why would he bother meeting with the heads of the house and heads of the senate intelligence committee? they all want the same documents. he has priority over those documents because he is the only one that can present them to a grand jury to seek an indictment. i don't think it will happen, but it could, to the house judiciary committee and seek impeachment. basically they're going over not type of conflict you're suggesting exists because of his friendship with comey and hiring democratic lawyers but the type of conflict, who gets this piece of paper first and who can do what with it this is ordinary for him to work it out. trish: but i have the problem with the other conflict. >> to the other conflict, it is not uncommon for prosecutors to
2:42 pm
know their witnesses. in fact it is quite common. they often use the same cops and use the same fbi agents. if the witness is your friend, your good friend, so be it, you're vouching for witness's credibility. he is prosecutor, not the judge. if the judge knows witnesses and making a decision on their credibility that is a different story. prosecutors are a different breed. they all believe that their targets are already guilty. and that that job to amass evidence against them. the fairness comes in the adjudicatory process with judge and jury in between. i don't know what he thinks because he is more thoughtful than most prosecutors. most prosecutors believe, see these targets here? they're all guilty. our job to find evidence and let the judge and jury decide if we did so in the right way. trish: it doesn't feel right. james comey, i keep going back to what he did.
2:43 pm
he thought there was a chance to get fired. he kept paper trail which a lot of people do. no problem with that he has a little paper trail. once he does get fired he says leak this thing to "the new york times." coupled with the fact that mueller is his friend. coupled with the fact that mueller is hering a democrats. that is starting to get problematic. >> that may rattle the president's base, he may like that his base gets rattled because he feels he is treated unfairly. to those unfamiliar with the weeds of law enforcement, it may appear to be unfair. in fact very standard operating procedure for prosecutors to have political opinions and for prosecutors to have their friends as witnesses and their friends as colleagues. in terms of comey leaking the document, it was a document he wrote. it did not have any privilege to it. it did not have any classified material. trish: he thought he needed the special counsel. he wanted to get the special counsel and he put this thing together after he was fired.
2:44 pm
>> great observation. there are two theories here, because he wanted to get the special counsel to torment the president who fired him, or he wanted to get special counsel because he didn't think the justice department run by rod rosenstein and jeff sessions could be fair to the president. you decide. trish: if this is happening to you, why don't you come forward, say something before it all hams? because it looks like sour grapes after the fact. >> the president has complained that he is the victim of a witch-hunt perpetrated by the person who told him to fire jim comey. that is rod rosenstein. if he thinks that, he can peck up the phone and solve it. it will cause political problems and solve it. he can replace all those people. nobody is irreplaceable, including bob mueller. mueller has the right to have his friends as witnesses. every prosecutor does. you and i are friends but we're not witnesses. trish: you do hope that the legal profession, you obviously --
2:45 pm
>> you hope for a just outcome. we're at the bare initial stages. sometimes investigations take place to exclude the person, to get them off the plate of the investigators. that may very well produce a happy ending for the president. trish: good to see you, judge. >> likewise,. trish: i'm back right after this.
2:46 pm
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trish: president trump heading to iowa in just a few hours to hold a make america great again rally and get this? some folks even camped out overnight in order to get the best seat in the arena. you're looking at pictures of them there. trump supporters are sick and tired of this russia problem story. they want to hear the president talk about jobs. they want to hear about technology. out here they want to hear about agriculture. for latest, jeff flock in cedar rapids, iowa with more on all of it. hey there. reporter: you see the crowd, trish. as you report, people came standing in line overnight even. this isn't a huge crowd. so a rainstorm went through. that may have damped it a little bit.
2:49 pm
president will talkagriculture. he is making this push not everybody has to have a four-year college education. there are lots of jobs in skilled manufacturing and in agriculture. a lot of these folks, by the way i should point out they're not even from iowa. they came from everywhere across the country. very happy to be here. some young trump supporters. good to see you. first person, excuse me. head of the line was from minnesota who camped out overnight. it is interesting, iowa, is, a state where the president famously lost the gop primary. he actually lost in the presidential election in cedar rapids. iowa mainly hasn't voters. it is interesting. there are more independent voters in iowa than there are either republicans or democrat. so it is an important state. as you can see this crowd, leave you with a picture perhaps. a lot of people excited. trump backers i don't think have backed down one bit. trish?
2:50 pm
trish: i think you are right. jeff flock, thank you so much. we'll be watching of course for that big speech tonight. check this out. lamborghini is unveiling its latest sports car. do we have pictures? reach as top speed of 217 miles per hour. i'm dying to see it. do we have any? >> there we go. all the horsepower will cost you because this is a lamborghini. wow, we have more on all this. find out the price tag. see how fast this thing goes next. we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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trish: all right. less than a week after buying whole foods, amazon is now targeting retailers. amazon prime customers will now have, how do you like this? seven days to try on brands
2:54 pm
enconcluding calvin klein or levis before paying or returning it. you go online, don't get charged for another seven days. because you have the chance to potentially send it back. plus as an incentive shoppers receive discounts depending how much they keep. another blow to department stores as more customers move on line for their purchases. retailers trading down. j. c penney's down, macy's down two. just in time for the drives season, lam bore genie -- lamborghini unveiling its new car. it is the fastest car yet, topping 217 miles an hour. fox's automotive editor, gary gastelu is at a raceway for a test drive. he can tell me if i pronounced
2:55 pm
it right. >> how is it going, trish. trish: i don't want to disturb you driving something 217 miles per hour you're making me nervous. >> here we go on the straightaway, not hitting 217 but hoping to hit 130. here we go, 119, 130, hard on the break. it is $417,000, this lam bore -- lam 400 million-dollar car for lamborghini. this is really incredible thing. this is the newest version of it. it has four-wheel steering. automatic transmission basically like you get in the race car. it will do 217 miles an hour. it does zero to 60 inunder 3 seconds. one of the top supercars today.
2:56 pm
trish: which one are you in, red or silver? >> i'm in the red one. professional driver keeping me in check. trish: is it fun? going that fast? >> it's a fast car. it's a fast track. really what is great about this car, not just the top speed but how well it handles. goes through the tight turns very much like the best sports cars in the world. when you hit it on the straightaways, it is really nothing else like this car. trish: gary, that is awesome. i will let you go, because i don't want you thinking so hard and driving at 100 what? my gosh, 30 miles an hour. this is quite something to see. thank you so much, gary. enjoy it, enjoy it. we'll be right back with more intel after this.
2:57 pm
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3:00 pm
now i want to hear from you what do you think there is a special counsel. does it have a bias problem. how is that right. how is it fair to follow me and tell me what you think. liz, over to you. liz: we are watching the markets very closely right now. i did a due to multiple disk developing stories right now. this news conference has just started. america's leaders putting their have together at this hour. the live picture. they are working very hard to deal with the threat facing our nation. they are discussing what happened in their meeting and that was in top diplomats.


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