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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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thanks so much for watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. ♪ train to breaking news this morning. today is the day republicans revealed their replacement for obamacare. don't count on democratic support. nicole: house minority leader nancy pelosi is being blamed for losses in georgia and south carolina. i look at her futures. cheryl: oil prices hitting energy stocks on wednesday picked it out on 57 points yesterday. right now futures pointing to a slightly lower open. lauren: oil prices hitting a 10 oil yesterday continue to fall
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today by another time. $42.44 a barrel. train to tropical storm cindy turney deadly. we will have a live report from louisiana during the hour. drain three who will be the next ceo of over? charlie gasparino to replace travis kalanick. train to the new york yankees sending their losing streak. in basketball, big news for the nba draft. we will tell you what teams are making deals. lauren: 5:01 a.m. in new york. good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: i'm cheryl casone. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. and whether in politics.
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lauren: senate republicans will unveil their version of the new health care bill this morning. the measure to rollback the obamacare expansion of medicaid and penalties on people not buying insurance coverage and eliminate taxes to help pay for obamacare. cheryl: in cedar rapids, iowa, president trump seemed optimistic about senate bill. >> we have a very slim 52-48. that means that basically can't lose anybody. i think it may help, can't guarantee anything, but i hope we will surprise you with a good plan. i've been talking about it playing with heart. at the money to it. but obamacare instead. train to democrats strongly criticizing republicans planting the bill has been discussed in secret with no input from the minority. a vote could come as soon as next week before the july for congressional recess.
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drink your president trump calling for limits on welfare for immigrants in the country should preserve the safety net for struggling americans who truly need help. >> at boot time has come for new immigration rules with those into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years. train for u.s. immigration law bars the most foreigners have been eligible to democrats like social security and food stamps for the first five years. proposals to make more categories on benefits off-limits to immigrants. train to be continue to track a major tropical storm cindy making way earlier this morning with deadly consequences. a 10-year-old boy vacationing with family in alabama killed yesterday after being struck by
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debris washed on shore. the storm is moving inland. facilities along the border in the biggest concern right now is flooding in some areas with 50 inches of rain in galveston texas. emergency officials ready. >> we are used out in the water, but the roadway. train to stay with us. janice dean will be joining us with the latest on tropical storm cindy and what we can expect today. lauren: fbi investigating an attack on a police officer yesterday at an airport in flint, michigan. just another was stabbed up bishop international airport yesterday morning for a 49-year-old canadian citizen who had a 12-inch knife. >> he was carrying baggage.
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he went into our restaurant, spent a little time in the restroom, dropped both facts, came out and pulled out a knife can be gelled allahu akbar and staff lieutenant lavelle of the neck. lauren: repeatedly. they made a reference to people being killed in syria, iraq and afghanistan. charge of committing violence at an airport in his a bond hearing next week. officer neville is listed in satisfactory condition and we wish him well. train to more changes at google are following the resignation of ceo travis kalanick. lauren: tracee carrascas joining us. it seems like we it seems a quaint new headlines every day. reporter: venture-capital still one of the earliest investors is stepping down from the right ailing company's race. his departure comes one day after the resignation of ceo
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travis kalanick. one of the five investors that five investors that lead to results and him to step down. on tuesday, gurley said there'll be some@travis k. with several entrepreneurs at the lasting impact on the world. a alerts taken over since first leading sander levin lien dollars fine in being in birth in 2011. gurley is being replaced by matt kohler. he could be helpful in the topic for kalanick's replacement. sheryl sandberg, the current ceo of facebook. she's reportedly taking her name out of the running with direct your theory on the huffington. others include ford ceo alan mullally. susan majewski courtesy of youtube ursa minor.
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former ceo of yahoo!. fox businesses charlie gasparino spoke with one of the chief capital investors who see big prospects for the future of the ridesharing company. the line is out the door of world-class candidates. talking someone who could make $1 billion when an ipo with the valuation of 70 billion, there has been recent speculation as to whether cooper will follow snap sleep in public trading. lauren: that's a good point pakistan to make so much money when they get the ipo of ground that they need to fix their culture. they are losing market share. >> they are. lyft has managed to stay out of the drama and lift market share risen to 24.7% up from 21.2%. closing in terms of download. it is at a record all-time low.
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train to about the names you listed on there, marissa mayer available but marissa mullally was credited with the success of ford and the suffering since. some very interesting names on the list. reporter: and the company. train to very good story. thank you very much. another headline, u.s.a. is set to go public today. but will be the biggest u.s. telecom ipo in 17 years. 63.9 million shares at $30 each raising $1.9 billion at more than 20 billion. the stock will trade on the near stock exchange under the symbol u.s. they further merger of cablevision and suddenly communications. the ipo is coming at a time when u.s. telecom stocks have slumped
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this year can we have a theme a lot of ipos. >> let's take a closer look at it with adam johnson, founder and author. >> great to be with you too. i wouldn't touch this thing with a 10-foot pole. this is like the t-mobile up to cable business. this is a tough market. i'm not sure why anyone would get into this market but it's really more about rugby and access. another theory is that the attraction is for this company is a scrappy european upstart, decided to come to the u.s. and be the fourth-largest in the country. it's losing money, guys. the reason most investors buy telecom is because it dividends. that appeals to me. this company loses money. sorry, i wouldn't touch this one. train to is you are talking come over showing the year today shared country and start.
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it doesn't look so great. besides the ipo, business sector have a lot to do to turn itself around? >> again, this is a very difficult business. we all watch tv. we all need internet service at home. it's not as though this is a dying business. the point is it's not a growth business. there's a finite number of households in this country. it's tough for no one else to go out there and buy houses in an economy that going a lot slower than we are accustomed to in our country. this is a difficult business. tim telecom in general. i can understand it's the biggest since 2000. but that is also telling. they raise 1.9 billion that is the biggest is 2000. that tells you everything you need to know. cheryl: plus all the consolidation. that's why they're trying to hang on.
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lauren: at him, we appreciate your candor this morning. >> is your cup of coffee. lauren: outtake another. see you soon. trained to ask a path of global market action overnight. following our. following a late comer to the today show right now. the nikkei, hang seng, shanghai to the downside. kospi and career coaching out again. lauren: low oil prices pressuring the sector. the ftse in london and 43. the dax down 37. and like to point out that e.u. leaders are meeting to brussels talking about the british plan to leave the european union. cheryl: here in this market we are looking as you can see the dow, s&p and nasdaq pointing to a lower open on this thursday but not by much. it's all about commodities. lauren: oil is down the fort in a row.
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42-point safety continues to drop 5% so far this week. up 7%. 12 by 52 amounts. cheryl: are we going to see oil in the 30s? the analyst said very possible. coming up, a lot more to come in washington. gop senate leaders get set to reveal their plan. president trump optimistic about democratic support. >> if we went and got the single greatest health care plan in the history of the world, we would not get one democrat vote because their obstructionists. train to a lot more when we come back. stay with us.
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lauren: good morning. i picked in the new york. iraq's military says the islamic state destroyed a mosque and its iconic beauty than mozilla. three years ago the isis later abu book are all about the use the mouse to declare a caliphate. reuters reported that private equity firms in effect to acquire staples.
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the $6 billion would come a year after a merger between staples and office depot on antitrust grounds. nike no longer running away from amazon. the two are negotiating a deal to sell 90 goods directly on amazon's website. the deal would give access to amazon's huge retail channel and also reduce the sale of counterfeit goods. stock prices this morning with the losses. the dow down in two days in a row. the dow up 26, nasdaq up five. that's a check in with happening now. train to the health sector is insurance companies watch today because now you've got senate republicans set to unveil their health care plan. the nation's second-largest health insurer officially pulled out of obamacare in the u.s. overall. let's bring in chris didn't a contributor to the hill and author of government gone wild.
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>> good morning, guys. cheryl: but we know so far in the bill unveiled later today, would he think about the chances of this? >> it's hard to say. but republicans have been meeting for weeks to get this done and repeal and replace obamacare. the bill to reshape subsidies to low-income americans. they will be tied as considered a major upgrade from the hospital. the senate bill also expected to get rid of house favors that allow states to let insurers create preexisting conditions. the bill will let take opt-out of certain regulations and deny funding for planned parenthood. this could go up for a vote as early as next week. lauren: at showtime. years and years to repeal obamacare. criticism from democrats and some senate republicans is that
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those crashes. two major criticisms. republicans have complained it's really rushed. also tension about phasing out the medicaid expansion with the seven-year phaseout while the senate republicans have proposed a three euro. i don't think we can expect support from democrats on this. democrats have made it clear their whole agenda is to obstruct any legislative agenda of the republican seven republican senators. cheryl: is going to ask you next if you look at susan collins of maine, there are's a moderate republican that may be an issue. are you hearing anything about where these folks may be right now? >> it's really, really tough. depends what happens over the next week.
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republicans agree something needs to be done. obamacare is not working. premiums have doubled since 2013. deductibles are so high. >> christine, like the cover. thank you so much for your voice on this. >> deadly tropical storm cindy sending the gulf coast. >> two to three inches can cause you to move your car and then expect that direction. it's important to not drive through standing water. >> senior meteorologist janice dean. the new york yankees landing their losing streak. big move for the nba draft. we'll tell you you what teams are making big deals here on "fbn:am." ♪ ♪
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lauren: tropical storm cindy making landfall between the texas louisiana state area have a line. cheryl: janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the latest on i guess one of our first big stories of the season. reporter: absolutely. so early on here that is significant if you look historically at the amount of tropical storms early on in the season. sometimes we will have a busy tropical season. the good news of the tropical storm. it's a weak one but it gets us prepared for the season ahead. 40 miles per hour sustained winds. landfall minutes ago around the lake charles area. we are dealing with the next six to 12 hours of flooding threat
5:24 am
and rapport tornadoes. no tornado warnings right now but a watch from louisiana, mississippi and alabama. with turning us in tropical tornadoes make landfall as well. flood advisories that a concern in the next couple days as the storm moves up towards the tennessee, ohio, mississippi river valley. six to nine inches of potentially flooding rainfall with isolated amounts of over a foot. watch this is to move north and east where it in the mid-atlantic region this week and perhaps back to you. cheryl: quite a storm with god on their hands. attention now to sports this morning. dodgers back in place at dodger stadium. the second pitch of the game for the lead on the homers the eighth of the year. the mets stay quiet after that.
5:25 am
the sco plead blast a three-run homer, appears to say something that is running the bases. they are not happy. dodgers win in 8-2. the other l.a. new york matchup trying to snap a seven-game losing streak. bottom of the second with a game for the two-run home run. yankees have to-0. the 15th homer of the year. yankees go on to win it 8-4. the nba draft is here. the top two picks appear to be locked in already. 76ers traded for the number one pick their expected to take washington, ucla project it to follow number two to the lakers. after that, anybody's guess. the knicks created the biggest biggest i've seen they are
5:26 am
willing. a group of nfl hall of famer has enjoyed a special meeting with pope francis at the vatican. jerry jones presented the pope at the sign number one jersey in the hall of fame helmet. the pope is an avid football fan but please differently where he comes from. lauren: coming up, house minority leader nancy pelosi's job on the line in the wake of the big election losses in georgia and north carolina. lugar drama continues. market shares to write a lyft. you are watching "fbn:am." the you totaled your brand new car.
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lauren: breaking news this morning. republicans set to take their plan to replace obamacare. the president says don't plan on any democratic support. cheryl: house minority leader nancy pelosi may be losing hers. she's been blamed for election losses in georgia and south carolina. a look at what could be her future or not. lauren: oil prices driving down energy stocks that the dow down 57 points. features down 34 this morning. nasdaq futures down 18.
5:31 am
cheryl: with it right now. a 10 month low. this is a big market story this morning. >> tropical storm cindy turning deadly will go live to louisiana. cheryl: who will be the next ceo of uber? charlie gasparino reporting the line is out the door to replace travis transfected well-known names like sheryl sandberg and arianna huffington has said no thank you. lauren: jd power is out with the industry top quality survey. we will tell you which brand drove to the top of the list. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. thursday june 12th -- lauren: june 22nd. cheryl: is that? uber i am lauren simonetti.
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you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. the correct times and days. turned to look at this right for you. senate republicans are going to unveil their version of the health care bill later this morning. this measure expected to roll back the obamacare expansion of medicaid. people not buying insurance coverage and eliminate taxes that pay for obamacare. lauren: a rally in cedar rapids, iowa, president trump up domestic about the senate bill. >> we have a very slim 52-48. that means we basically can't lose anybody. i hope they guarantee anything but will surprise you with a really good one. i've been talking about a plan with heart. i said at the money to it. a plan with heart. obamacare instead.
5:33 am
lauren: democrats strongly criticizing republicans think they know bill has been discussed in secret no input of the minority before the july 4th congressional recess. cheryl: a lot on that story this morning. also from the president, president trump: forster or limits on welfare for immigrants. the country should preserve safety nets for struggling americans who truly need government help. >> i believe the time has come for new immigration rules, which say those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years. cheryl: u.s. immigration law bars most foreigners from federal benefits like social security and food stands for the first five years. expected to make more categories
5:34 am
off-limits to immigrants. lauren: tropical storm cindy has made landfall in claims life of a 10-year-old boy on vacation with his family in alabama killed after being struck by a log. the storm came ashore along the texas louisiana border this morning potentially life-threatening flooding is the biggest concern along the gulf coast and in parts of the south for tomorrow. some areas get as much as 15 inches of rain. in galveston, texas, emergency officials say they are ready. the ninth but got a contingency plan in place. lauren: stay with us. we will have a report from lake charles, louisiana on what is expected and what is happening there. lauren: big storm already. the fbi is now investigating an attack on a police officer in
5:35 am
flint, michigan is an act of terrorism. jeff noble aside bishop international airport by 49 euros canadian citizen with a 12-inch knife. >> he was carrying baggage. he went into the restroom. he spent a little time in the restroom, dropped bookbags and came out, pulled out a knife, yelled allahu akbar instead attended novell in the neck. trade to the fbi says they made a reference to people being killed in syria, iraq and afghanistan. he started committing violence at an airport and is being held until his bond hearing next wednesday. absurd novel is that in satisfactory condition this morning. big changes at the uber following the resignation of ceo travis kalanick. lauren: tracee carrascas journey with the latest. it's been a thank you.
5:36 am
the benchmark capital was one of the early investors stepping down from the right feeling company's board of directors. it comes just one day after the eradication of troubled ceo travis kalanick. gurley is one of the private investor that led to revolt and pressured him to step down. he treated there'll be many pages in the history of the devoted to@travis k. entrepreneurs have had such an lasting impact on the world. a large stake in uber since first uber since first lady than $11 million signing in 2011. been replaced by the benchmark colleague matt kohler. the appointment of the board could be helpful in moving the topic for kalanick's appointment. populace to sheryl sandberg, current ceo of facebook or she is her name out along with ford direct your area and huffington. from her ford ceo alan mullally come alan mullally, long-time
5:37 am
american airlines executive david kirsch, a season which is mayer former ceo of yahoo! and the former ceo of disney. charlie gasparino spoke to one of cooper's cheap capital investment theses the prospects for the future of the company. the line is out the door of world-class candidates. you are talking someone who could make $1 billion when it ipos with the valuation of 70 billion with recent speculation as to whether uber will follow snap's lead. trade to the competition is watching this. they could be benefiting a little bit. >> absolutely. this data out of the spotlight. they've seen an increase over the past few months. consumer favorability for uber is at a record low. consumers are choosing lyft and other options right now.
5:38 am
lauren: all of this happening in just a few. a sudden reaction to the culture problems. thank you on the tracey. cheryl: let's get to caught up in global market action. asia following our markets here. a little bit of pressure. nikkei, hang seng, shanghai trading to the downside. up about half a percent. >> the ftse in london and 40, cac down 35. docs in germany than 45. cheryl: here we go again with u.s. features playing to the slightly negative open this morning when the bell rings at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. >> i've been following this oil story because oilers captain of the market is in team games this week. the largest plunge the first half of this year for crude since 1997. another of right now.
5:39 am
42.74. cheryl: were talking about the $30 range pretty close right now. on the story of oil again at the 2017 low hit on the contract. oil down within 2% yesterday. let's bring in on johnson, founder and author we should say. let's get your perspective on that. are we going to get to the $30 range for oil? about effect on energy stocks in particular. >> this is a wonderful thing. we can crack the code on oil supply thanks to all the shell for missions around the world. he needs opec is no longer relevant. for a while we were saying when the price of oil goes down somehow than negative thing for the economy suggests weakness. this is about supply. if you want to say how far it's going to go down, here's the deal. if you take oil down low enough you will shed in the supply.
5:40 am
kind of a natural brake to be honest. if you are the low 40s can do so call to my subscribers as trade on the downside, 55 and the upside. just because it's the opposite. all of a sudden all those guys are producing oil in producing oil at philly future is as a hedge. that is kind of the oil snapchat. lauren: tropical storm cindy in the gulf of is that why we see oil prices come up a little bit right now? >> yeah, they are up ever so slightly. it will absolutely have an impact. you've got to get people off the platforms. that is critical. we learned in 2010 with the oil spill that these are powerful structures that they are also fragile. people tend to on the side of caution if of caution these days and that's why this dirt evacuee
5:41 am
need offshore platforms. as quickly as they shut them down, they can turn them on. it's only going to be most likely 36-72 hours assuming there's no serious damage. cheryl: are you bullish or bearish on energy stocks, adam? >> i am bullish. take pioneered. this is the number one operator and the number one show. this is down 20, 25%. as a matter of fact i wrote about. the assailant you achieve. those companies are incredibly conservatively run. they manage their cash flow, not revenue. their cash flow on existing most. you have to trade oil. the theme with the oil names. cheryl: things for your perspective. >> banks.
5:42 am
good to be with you. transfer after big losses in georgia and south carolina, are democrats to get about firing house minority leader nancy pelosi. one says yes. >> nancy pelosi is more toxic than donald trump. you know what, the honest answer in some areas of the country, yes, she is. cheryl: oracle as the stock we're watching today. you are watching "fbn:am." 5:42. the >> me >> me ♪ whoa that's amazing... hey, i'm the internet! i know a bunch of people who would love that.
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cheryl: at 5:45 a.m. in new york. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. apparently escaped with minor injuries after the fighter jet caught fire and force him to have to adjust. the jet was on a training flight in houston when the accident happened shortly after takeoff. the cause of the accident under investigation. for the second straight year, kia drives the top of the other windows tree quality survey. number one in the jd power study by the number of owners in their new first 90 days.
5:46 am
for the top u.s. automaker came in at number four. oracle transition to the cloud starting to pay off. the stock surged with the companies path to earnings estimate according to cloud revenue 15%, more than a billion dollars in the fourth quarter. taking a look at u.s. stock markets. have your opening bell. all the major indices pointing to the site below are open on this thursday. cheryl: democratic party has failed and five elections. members asking if it is time to fire their leader. we'll nancy pelosi continue to be the top democrat. joining us now, kristen now, chris didn't take enough for government gone wild. the democrats have a leadership team that is essentially unchanged back in 2006. the top two leaders in their late 70s and they've lost by special elections. three in a row.
5:47 am
with a c+ to stay on? >> that's kind of the problem. nancy pelosi has done little to energize or mobilize the base and she's failed to pay the solutions based for the board. she's all about negative rhetoric. i think the democratic party has a much bigger problem than just nancy pelosi. they don't seem to have a unified, can instant message from a unifying principles and i don't see exciting emerging leaders on their side. 2018 is going to be an ugly election year. cheryl: the last time the dems were able to get meaningful traction with rahm emanuel. not the far left candidates. i wonder if that is the strategy going forward. >> yeah, we will see what they do.
5:48 am
i cannot think of many exciting people on their side they can bring together the left progressive wing of the party in the more moderates. the bigger picture is democrats who seem to not worried much from 2016. >> republicans have a message. we thought last night the campaign message, let's drain the swamp. the media is biased. we heard that in iowa. but the message? >> they don't have one. cheryl: disrupt any progress. the democrat don't do some serious self reflection before next year, it's not good for them. look what happened yesterday in georgia special election. $24 million they couldn't win. that sends a signal this is an early sign their obstructionist agenda is not going to work. donald trump card that out last
5:49 am
night. cheryl: a lot of side liberal commentators. lauren: thank you so much. cheryl: coming up, a chilly new trail for the season of "game of thrones." cheryl: stay with us. we'll show you more from not. tropical storm cindy has made landfall along the gulf coast. a live report from louisiana. you are watching "fbn:am." we will be right back. ♪
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treated to state of emergency declared for the golf us. tropical storm cindy makes landfall in louisiana. >> in the storm's path. good morning to you. >> k., cheryl. good morning to you. feeling the effects of tropical storm cindy came to short to 3:00 central time, not far from where i am. pretty close to texas, louisiana coasts. no widespread reports of major damage to tell you about. but we can show you this then this is what happens. so many people concerned here because localized flooding is a huge problem. it is steadily rising. before this is all said and done, forecasters say they could dump six to nine inches on the states from the florida panhandle all the way up to
5:54 am
texas. 13 inches. look at this. a familiar sight using kayaks and votes just to navigate some of those flooded roads in lake charles taking it all in stride. in and around new orleans, more of the same. blinding rains producing significant flash flooding, forcing residents to seek higher ground. >> the police over there said it was illegal to deep to go in there. >> alabama and mississippi impact did. some of the heaviest rainfall could have been there. the governor of alabama has declared a state of emergency in sad news to report this morning. a 10-year-old boy was killed in alabama. a freak accident when the stores are washed along a sure and hit him in the head.
5:55 am
the family was vacationing in alabama. one fatality to report at this point to tropical storm cindy, 10-year-old boy in alabama. that is the latest from lake charles. cheryl, back to you. cheryl: early in the season. casey stegall live along the coast. thank you e. lauren: winter is coming. a seal releasing its second tree with the new season of "game of thrones." >> the centuries are brought together against their common enemy despite their differences. >> we need to do the same if we are going to survive. >> it's always been rail.
5:56 am
lauren: "game of thrones" season seven. cheryl: people are fanatical about "game of thrones." coming up, everybody, more for you. the caped crusaders on patrol in fort worth and he even caught a suspect. we will tell you more. you are watching "fbn:am" ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ here comes the fun with sea-doo ♪ sea-doo has the most affordable watercraft on the market starting at just $5,299 and up to $500 rebate
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train to imagine the surprise of a suspected shoplifter when he got nabbed by batman. a police officer and corporate, texas during his off duty hours and appears at different places, but he also heard wal-mart stores and he was there. turns out a customer walked out without paying for the crusader, given a citation when he found the man had four dvds he didn't pay for. cheryl: the suspect was so surprised he asked the effort for southie and to make matters worse, one of the stolen dvds hit close to home for the officer. >> one of the movies he was attempting to see attempting to stay with lego batman.
6:00 am
you cannot steal my movie. come on. transfer this is the first time he caught a suspect while dressed in one of his costumes. cheryl: i don't know about you, but if they still wonder woman. >> good morning to you. happy thursday to you. thanks for being with us. i am maria bartiromo. top stories right now 60 on the east coast. the push to repeal and replace obamacare has arrived. big changes at a senate majority leader mitch mcconnell this morning. the president calling out democrats for getting in the way thing both sides should work together to move the agenda forward. >> it would be a beautiful, beautiful thing if we could get together as two parties that love our country and come up with that great health care and come up with that great tax deal for our people and tax reform. just


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