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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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december. depending on the inflation data, other economic data, maybe two next year. [closing bell rings] liz: david kudla two billion in assets under management. good to see you. guess what, a trifecta. the dow, nasdaq, s&p, ending postively for the week. david, melissa take it now. david: thank you very much. melissa: stocks trying to eke out gains on this friday. the dow ended in the red about 13 point but the s&p gained a 10th of a percent as the nasdaq snaps a two-day losing streak. i'm melissa francis. david: just barely, barely snapped the loosing streak. i'm david asman. happy friday this is "after the bell." here is what we're covering in a very busy hour we have for you. strong reaction from the senate health care bill pouring in from washington to wall street while senate republicans move full steam ahead.
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there is a official committee looking into obstruction of justice by former attorney general loretta lynch. dud she break the law in toward to get hillary clinton elected or tried to? >> friendship between special counsel robert mueller and fbi director james comey is bothersome. what this means for the investigation. steve forbes who ran in here from the street is with us. gregg jarrett, doug schoen and betsy mccaughey is with us. melissa: hitting all-time high yesterday as senate rolled out the new health reform plan, nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. talk to us about it, nicole? >> no doubt we got a boost in the early going when the health bill was revealed by the gop. with that stocks turned around midday and moved higher. but then sold off at the end of the day yesterday. this group has done very well. the health care group really hello on.
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look at winners and losers this beak. you can see health care related stocks were the best of the bunch. in fact merck and pfizer were winners. home depot and general electric, you should make those red because those are actual lower for the week. the hospital stocks in particular, names like hca was real winner this week. we also saw some others mixed bag. another winner would be universal health. moving on, want to talk about specific names that would be blackberry and bed, bath & beyond. both had sales that missed despite positive blackberry sold off in a big way, down actually%. bed, bath & beyond said traffic in the stores has slowed down. the transactions at the cash register fewer, fewer working and tabs weren't as big either. those two names came under serious pressure. melissa: nicole, thank you. david: let's get a check how commodities ended the day. oil prices rising today,
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settling over 43 bucks a barrel, still way down for the week, the fifth straight week of losses, marking the longest losing streak for oil since 2015. gold climbed a little helped by climb in u.s. dollar. that helped boost gold prices for third day in a row. melissa. melissa: the white house and the rest of washington are reacting to the senate version of health care reform as some republicans on the hill say they're still not on board with the legislation. adam shapiro is standing by in washington, d.c., with the latest. reporter: yesterday we were talking about the four senators saying no now but trying to get to yes as negotiations over the bill proceeds. now it is five senators, dean heller of nevada joined the four who he previously said not yet. ted cruz, ron johnson from wisconsin, mike lee from utah and rand paul of kentucky. dean heller is in nevada. he is saying no to this bill. let me let you listen to why he
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is he saying no. >> this bill, this bill currently in front of the united states senate is not the answer, it is simply not the answer. and i'm announcing today that in this forum i will not support it. reporter: for people who keep score, in order for mitch mcconnell and be republicans to have victory to pass the bill in the senate, they have to have at least 50 votes. then the vice president can cast a vote to put it over the finish line. at this point they don't have the 50. they're not even there. but, president trump earlier today when it was just four senators, was confident we would get there. here is what he tweeted or rather said earlier today on fox. >> people have worked on health care for many years. it is a very complicated situation from the standpoint, you do something that is good for one group but bad nor another.
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it's a very, very narrow path but i think we're going to get there. we have four very good people that, it is not that they're opposed. they would like to get certain changes. we'll see if we can take care of that. reporter: you heard the president reiterate, not oppose but want changes. that is what the original four senators said. they are right now no but they're trying to get to yes. yes has to come pretty quickly. mitch mcconnell wants this taken care of next week. we should get the cbo score next week and we could have a vote on the bill next week. melissa: we'll see a lot of horse trading next week. adam shapiro, thank you. david: then there are the democrats beginning with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who slammed the republican health care bill who says it puts the health of americans at risk. >> these cuts are blood money. people will die, let's be very clear. senate republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy, with american lives.
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david: steve forbes, carol roth are still with us. steve, it has to be said, this is a week after the scalise shooting and shooting of other republicans. everybody said they were going to dial back the rhetoric. what happened to liz warren? she clearly didn't get the memo. >> she did not, she hasn't had it ever. i thought i was listening to kathy griffin as a matter of fact using extremist rhetoric. she forgets one little fact among many, david, people on medicaid have no better medical outcomes than those who don't have insurance. this program is an expensive disaster. quality is going down. of the costs are going up. republicans have a decent plan out there to start to deal with this. to use that kind of rhetoric is just, has no basis in fact. pure demagoguery. david: carol, i remember how democrats screamed when republicans talked about the death panels, remember that? the death panels wasn't as far as blood in the streets. >> yeah i think the good news
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here is that elizabeth warren has no credibility among anyone. so her scream literally bloody murder is probably will be put to the side. i think that over all certainly the plan as it stands isn't sustainable. so we know that isn't workable. we need to have a workable plan. i don't think the plan that has been presented is workable in the fact that it doesn't cover everyone, cover everyone affordably, to lead to quality health care outcomes. i agree something needs to be done but that rhetoric is serves no purpose. david: steve, remember, this is still a draft. yes, it will be a bill. it will look different, even mcconnell said the final bill they vote on will look different. there will be horse trading next couple days, right? >> it will be but this is a improvement over the house bill. takes care of people 50 to 64 better than the house bill. a few more tweaks, at least on the path gets us to sensibility in health care. not a bad thing. i just wish, i hope these
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senators are going to be here's trading and not trying to kill the bill. melissa: better is better. american airlines ceo doug parker not happy about the prospect of qatar airways planning to buy a 10% stake in the company saying the approach is puts he -- puzzling and stra. steve a lot has to do with the feud going on with airlines in america an airlines in the middle east, asking how much the qatar government controls this airline. they deny it. but then again how can the airline have this much extra cash around to do this if the government isn't involved in the kingdom. what did you think? >> this gets into a whole diplomatic dispute between qatar and neighbors playing both sides of the fence. they support terrorists and we have major military base. this thing going after american airlines, american airlines in this case, is part of a bargaining tool to get some issues resolved by
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using your ipads on aircraft. melissa: you think it goes to that? i didn't even think about that angle. that's smart. >> i think it is all together. i think it will be resolved. but the meantime qatar is trying to say we've got cash. pay us respect. melissa: yeah. all right. carol, what do you think? >> it does seem a little bit like political trolling. if you think about where qatar's airlines are in terms of how they're ranked worldaway, they're very heil-ly ranked. american airlines i don't think cracks the top 20 worldaway. from and financial investment base it doesn't make any sense but from a control basis, having a 10% stake would make them one of the top three shareholders. they could actually, if that were allowed you have a lot of influence at board level. i think this is political move, not a business move. something potentially stopped at our government level. melissa: all right, guys. david: back to policy now, when paul ryan spoke on tax cuts earlier this week he mentioned
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not one word about the border tax. so has he given up on an idea steve forbes has been warning us about from the very beginning, first i ever heard about it. steve has he given it up? >> i hope so, the fact he mentioned rumors are going around he has given up on it, however i talk to people who believe hopes perhaps in the bargaining he can resurrect this thing. he has not been fully given up, but told by his fellow republicans if this is in the bill it's dead. david: carol, manufacturers like this idea because they want to sell homegrown stuff, understood but this has gone outside of the beltway. the beltway swamp weighed in. they thought they won one on the border tax but everybody outside of the beltway didn't like the idea, and donald trump himself said he didn't love the idea, for him is like saying i don't like you it. what do you think, does it make it or not? is it dead? >> i think hopefully it bill be dead because i'm sure you agree, i know steve would agree you can
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not tax your way into prosperity. this is something that will not only hurt small business owners and also consumers. what we need to do, we need to stop with the taxes and need to flip that on its head, start with incentives. we have more manufacturing incentives, make it more profitable for people to buy those american goods here, that would be a huge boon for small businesses. i work with small businesses all day long that would love to manufacture in america and just can not do it. instead of going the penalty route, flip it on its head, create those manufacturing incentives and ends up being a win-win for everybody. david: steve, very quickly, this was the week when we had paul ryan come out just as strong for tax cuts across the board, both individual and corporate tax cuts i heard them call for. >> republicans are recognizing if they don't get a good tax bill for individuals and companies they will be looking for new opportunity after next year's elections. so i think that prospect is focusing their minds in a way
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sadly our great arguments have not. david: finally carol, about the market reaction to tax cuts, i happen to believe they haven't fully priced in the tax cuts. once they see tax cuts, i think market will go higher. what do you think? >> absolutely. i think at this point in time especially since now we're back to health care and not focusing on that, there is that discount built in and we all know if we are able to get those tax cuts, if they are even i think half of what potentially could be transpire i think that's going to be a great thing for the market. david: steve and carol, great stuff, thank you very much. do not forget to tune into fox news tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern to catch "forbes on fox." steve and i will cover all the details behind the white house push for tax reform. you do not want to miss it. melissa: a fifth republican coming out this afternoon, the senator saying that he doesn't favor the senate's health care reform draft. dean heller of nevada, that is who it is. senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell wanted to get a vote before the 4th of july. does this take that possibility off the table? we are all over this story. david: the senate judiciary committee opening a probe into former attorney general loretta lynch and her attempts to change the fbi's description of their investigation into hillary clinton during the campaign. fox news's gregg jarrett will join us a little later this hour. melissa: plus president trump calling the friendship between former fbi director and current special consul muellersome especially because many who backed clinton are part of the investigation. david: hmmm. >> there has been leaking by comey but there has been no collusion, no obstruction an virtually everybody agrees to that. so, we'll have to see. i can say that the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary clinton. i mean the whole thing is ridiculous if you you want to know the truth
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melissa: so you're looking at live pictures of an anti-government protest in venezuela's capitol you city of caracas. hundreds of thousands of venezuelans have taken to the streets to protest a clampdown on the opposition. shortages of basics like food and medicine, the shooting death of a 22-year-old unarmed protester yesterday, all that resulting in riots. david: and a troubling friendship. trump raising eyebrows after questioning special counsel robert mueller's independence in the russian investigation. our own blake burman is live at the white house with the very latest. involves people he has been hiring among other things,
4:18 pm
right? reporter: yeah, david. in an interview with fox's ainsley earhardt that aired on "fox & friends," the president described bob mueller as quote, an honorable man. hopes he comes up with an honorable solution but the president very clearly took two issues relating to mueller. first off his closeness to jim comey and secondly some of the hires mueller already made. >> he is very, very good friends with comey, which is very bothersome. i can say that the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary clinton. i mean the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth from that standpoint. reporter: the president suggested in that interview there the may 12th tweet as it related to tapes was essentially a big bluff to try to get jim comey to tell the truth. the white house press secretary sean spicer was asked today whether or not that tweet amounted to a form of intimidation?
4:19 pm
he pushed back on that notion. >> quite the opposite. i think the president made it very clear that he wanted the truth to come out. he wanted everyone to be honest about it. he wanted everyone to get to the bottom of it. he succeeded in doing that. the reality he wanted to make sure the truth came out. reporter: back to mueller at the white house, the briefing was off-camara with spicer. spicer says the president has no intention to fire mueller. that is point reiterated at the white house several times but he would not say if mueller is a partisan or not. david? david: blake burman. have a great weekend. melissa. melissa: here is gregg jarrett, fox news anchor and former defense attorney, our guru and professional who comes to break it down for us. what do you think of this one? >> i think the perception mueller is a partisan is pretty flagrant and glaring. in fact he is violating the special counsel statute says if you have a close personal relationship with somebody who is central witness in the case you can not serve.
4:20 pm
it is mandatory, you have to disqualify yourself. but he hasn't done it, which invites the question what is really going on here? it would not be farfetched for the president to fear that comey and mueller are acting in collusion to try to bring him down, with a false case of obstruction in order to try to trigger a debate in congress over impeachment. it has happened before. in the ken starr case. melissa: they have, not like they have know each other because they're in the same circles that sort of thing which some people tried to make it out like but they had a mentor and mentee relationship, no? >> they absolutely did. not only is it a violation of the special counsel statute, it is also a violation of code of professional responsibility. you get disbarred for doing things like this. the president is right, call him on this at, go to the opinion section. i argue the president should not
4:21 pm
fire mueller but ought to finally make a public case that mueller has a disqualifying conflict of interest and demand that mueller resign and recuse himself. not only that rod rosenstein, if there is obstruction of investigation investigation by mueller, rosenstein is a witness in the firing of comey and he can't oversee the case an be a witness in the case simultaneously. melissa: let me ask but the senate judiciary committee looking for information into loretta lynch, how she may have involved herself in the email case. >> the whole lynch, bill, hill, triangle always smelled like a sick oyster at low tide. melissa: [laughter]. >> the stench of this thing was overwhelming. and she clearly violated multiple provisions of the espionage act. her acts were intentional. it's a crime. she destroyed documents, so
4:22 pm
forth. how in the world did she get away with it unless the fix is in? maybe you now we're learning loretta lynch was the fixer. so if i were her, i would hire a pretty good criminal defense attorney because you got a lot of explaining to do. melissa: it is not surprising that you would see senator dianne feinstein who is also a democrat being one of the once out there saying let's investigate her, there is this history in the past of democrats, she is not useful any longer loretta lynch. so they can throw her right under the bus, what do they care. >> throw her to the wolves. melissa: yeah. >> the other person who has to be worried seems to me, james comey. why did he spend better part of a year concealing this information. he blurts it out in his testimony that loretta lynch was trying to get him to lie and characterize -- melissa: he did it, he said he did it. he admitted he did it. >> apparently going to the reporting he goes behind closed doors, presents senators on the
4:23 pm
intel committee with a smoking gun document. why did he sit on that? he has a duty under the law to disclose that to authorities, including congress. failure to do so is crime by comey calling miss prison of a felony. -- misprision of felony. melissa: gregg. david: you're perfect. david: sick oyster at low tide. i will remember that. johnny depp making a joke about president trump at a music festival in britain. did he bake break the law? members of the democrat party are calling for one of their leaders to step aside. clinton pollster doug schoen joining us with his take coming next.
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david: so is the democratic party in deep trouble?
4:27 pm
calls for house minority leader nancy pelosi to step down from members of her own party. president trump weighing in saying this morning that the democrats are getting in the way of progress. listen. >> they are right now obstructionists. all they want to do is try to obstruct. i think they would do much better as a party if they got along with us. david: here doug schoen, former clinton pollster, fox news contributor. is the president right? >> more or less he is right. i think the democrats need their own agenda which should be separate and he apart from the republican agenda but complimentary, responsive, rather than just obstructionist and resist. david: obstructionism doesn't win at polls, we've seen that, right? >> four elections straight, david. david: nancy pelosi seems to be blinded what is happening. she spoke about this yesterday. let me play a little bit of that. >> by all accounts if you're a republican this is not good news to you. it is a pyric victory, four pyric victories, because it shows where the vulnerability is
4:28 pm
on republican side as we come forward. david: a pyric victory. then four pyric victories. after four victories, you can't use the word pyric anymore. that is victory for republicans, defeat for the democrat. >> very, very simply and directly david, she has got to go. you can't have pyric victories. you need new leadership team. because shebecome as issue for swing voters and she is toxic as representative tim ryan said. david: doug schoen, you're out there saying its the truth. >> it is true. i want democrats to win. i don't need pyric victories. she will not produce them. david: don't take it wrong way, your ilk is a dying breed, blue dog democrats. >> he i have to agree. we took over the party in the mid '90s. bill clinton positioned him seven as new democrat, balanced budget, welfare, crime that is all gone. david: it is not all gone.
4:29 pm
i give you a little hope. 18 blue dogs met with mnuchin and members of the economic team to talk about tax cuts. maybe tax cuts would be your in again? >> i would like to believe that. i think on corporate taxes there is plenty of room for agreement. on individual tax rates the democratic party committed almost to its core to raising rates on the wealthy which is nonstarter. david: the past four elections that democrats, since the presidential election that democrats have lost two of the candidates were on the left. two were sort of moderate candidates. all four lost. so which way will the democratic party go, if they get rid of pelosi? go hard left or more to your liking? >> i wish and hope they go in my direction. i expect and anticipate they will go hard left. if you asked me, who will be most likely to be the competitors for the nomination, leading competitors? bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. david: you're calling for pelosi
4:30 pm
to go? >> no, not at all, not a chance. david: david: very interesting. melissa. melissa: stepping back from a vulgar remark, johnny depp apologizing for so call joke he made about assassinating the president. depp writing in statement, i apologize the bad joke i attempted last night in poor taste about president trump. it did not come out as attended, intended, sorry. i intended no malice. i was only trying to amuse, not harm anyone. okay. yeah. david: he is an actor. melissa: who cares. he is an actor. >> exactly, who cares. what bothers me politicians like liz warren, doug was talking about liz warren and others were saying kumbayah, we'll dial back the rhetoric. what happened? melissa: not only that, you would say what does it matter what actors say, except so many on the left trot out these actors to then go stump for them. david: that's true.
4:31 pm
>> sometimes we care what they have to say. other times we're supposed to ignore it. david: they're not working at polls. not working clearly at moment. melissa: that's true. david: media madness going too far. melissa and i were talking about it. criticizing president trump is nothing new for the mainstream media. this time it is crossing the line. details to come. melissa: health care taking center stage as opponents tear the bill apart but did they even read the entire thing? beating obamacare author betsy mccaughey zones off. that's next. -- sounds off. and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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david: we have breaking news. reuters reporting that walmart is not actively considering making an offer for whole foods market. jpmorgan releasing a note earlier today saying the retailer may have been looking to come in and take away amazon's deal but sources say whole foods has not received any rival bids. whole foods closing today above amazon's offer of 42 bucks a share. melissa. melissa: seems everyone is weighing in on the new health care plan. the latest, the american hospital association coming out against the changes. gerri willis is standing by in the newsroom with the details. so what are their complaints? reporter: there are a lot of them, melissa. many, many complaints in fact. stakeholders in the health care fight weighing in on the senate bill, reaction, uniformly negative. among the critics, aarp, the american medical association, the american cancer society, action network and the
4:36 pm
association of american medical colleges. that is just to name a few. here is a sam blink of what they had to say. we're, extremely disappointed by the senate bill released today. that is from the medical school association. despite promises to the contrary it will leave millions of people without health coverage. others with only bare-bones plans. the ama had this to say. the ama strongly opposes medicaid spending caps. we have grave concerns with a formula not covering needed care for vulnerable patients. from the aarp calling on senators to reject the bill. the senate bill would hit millions of americans with higher costs and result in less coverage for them. aarp adamantly opposed to the age tax which would allow insurance companies to charge older americans five times more for coverage than everyone else. now reaction to these statements came fast and furious yesterday with some responses so quick, you had to ask yourself, did they have time to actually read the bill. let me give you an example explaining.
4:37 pm
142 pages in the bill, to tell the truth. for example, at 12:48 p.m. east coast time the american medical college association made public its comment in the bill in this tweet you're looking at you now. that was two hours before the senate went public with the bill, which leaves the question, how much time did they have to actually look at this? and was there analysis informed guesswork? we're probably never going to know but i think we'll hear from more critics of this bill as time goes on. back to you. melissa: some of the criticism i saw minutes later was factually incorrect what was in there. it was so obvious people prepared their complaint before it even came out. gerri willis, thanks for that. david: melissa did read the whole thing yesterday. melissa: i did. david: here is former lieutenant above of new york, author of "beating obamacare." betsy mccaughey. holding in her hand. she read it. these are beltway lobbyists. claim to be for the doctors.
4:38 pm
claim to be for -- but they are beltway lobbyists. they're all inside beltway. i would think badge of honor for people to put this together their against it. >> only 17% of physicians, practicing physicians belong to the ama. david: these are people, all these people were supporters of obamacare. >> exactly. but the fact is this bill is good news, if you're looking for a job, if you want to support your family, this is a job-producing bill. this bill repeals the job-killing employer mandate. it repeals $600 billion in job-killing taxes, including that owed just 3.8% investment tax surcharge that discourages investment in new businesses. david: it is not a jobs bill. it is a health bill, and the big question, the primary question politicians have, will it lower premiums? premiums going up and deductions going way up, that is what bothers most americans. does it do anything?
4:39 pm
>> that is what ted cruz is concerned about. he has a legitimate concern. the house bill has better provision in it, this bill is really a ball. we want to kick it down the field toward conference between the house and senate so we get a final bill land on president's desk. david: i have to push you on this, betsy, will it lower premiums as it is written now? >> no the senate bill will not lower premiums sufficiently. what it does do, critically important, it reforms medicaid. this nation is in danger of drowning in medicaid costs. we have 74 million people on medicaid. that is 20 million more than on medicare. half of all the women who give birth in the united states have medicaid pick up the tab. medicaid was supposed to be a social safety net. david: it is like food stamps. there has been explosion of welfare. medicaid is a form of welfare, therefore it is part of the fix, but another critical point that rand paul and others have made about it is, there is 50 billion-dollar essential
4:40 pm
payout, essentially a payout for insurance companies because they have to pay, they have to continue to pay for these preexisting conditions. is that, does that qualify as a bailout? is that a disqualifier for you? >> no, it doesn't qualify as a bailout. what it does, in order to keep people with preexisting conditions in the insurance market, you have to pay the insurance companies somehow, otherwise insurance companies have to raise premiums for everybody to cover those costs. the 5% of people with preexisting conditions use 50% of the health care, right? so, if you're going to charge them all the same premium, you have to some you how make it up to the insurance companies -- david: 50 billion-dollar bill somehow has to be paid, we the taxpayers pay it. >> you're absolutely right. in the house version it is set up as a fund in each state to pick up extra costs for people with preexisting conditions. one way or the other the public -- david: bottom line, this is starter. it is a starting ball that will be kicked down the field?
4:41 pm
>> that's right if you want to get rid of job-killing obamacare you need to pass this bill. david: betsy mccaughey. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: north korea speaking out for the first time since at owe warmbier died responding to american accusations why he was brutalized. he died a week after his return to the united states is quote a mystery. claims that he was abused are quote ground lis. adding they're the biggest victims of this incident. can you imagine? grotesque. david: spitting on the grave. he is no longer living in white house. why is former president obama weighing in on every single major issue? former george w. bush senior staffer brad blakeman says a former president should not be senor heard. he is next.
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david: they landed a recycled rocket from cape canaveral, florida. it deployed a bulgarian space satellite. spacex expects to launch a new falcon 9 rocket from california's vandenberg air force base. it will deploy 10 communications satellites for irridum communications. melissa: well, he isn't president anymore. that isn't stopping president obama weighing in on health care, posting to put the american people through that pain while giving billionaires and corporations a massive tax cut in return, that's tough to fathom. remains my fervent hope we step back and try to deliver on what the american people need. here now is brad blakeman, former george w. bush senior staffer. what is amazing to me, this post got no attention on facebook because, no one was looking at his facebook page. had to retweet it.
4:46 pm
started to get a little bit of traction. why weigh in on this? >> he sees his entire legacy in danger of being blown away by a republican house and senate. but it should be no problem for this president to, for the form president to understand that two things i agree with him on. elections have consequences. and two, we only have one president at a time. donald trump was elected. now he will make good on promises he made, including repeal and replacement of obamacare. if obama were smart he would let it play out and 2018 when he could go around campaigning on what the republicans have done, assuming that is even going to help. but we haven't seen it help in the 5-0 special elections we've seen with republicans continuing to win one after the other. melissa: a long list of things he has spoken out and not been very long.
4:47 pm
senate bill to replace obamacare. withdrawal from the paris climate deal. mexican border wall. travel ban. i guess in some ways it says a lot about the fact that there isn't solid leadership on the left. nancy pelosi isn't getting the job done and somebody new hasn't stepped in. he has to step in defend his legacy. if democrats were more successful he wouldn't feel like this. it is kind of sad, posting on facebook. like, reduced -- >> craving for attention. melissa: no one reads my posts. i don't know, what do you think? >> he longs for the days when he could walk around the corner from his office and command a public stage. he had power of the bully pulpit. look he can't get arrested today. there is no reason why the press should be camping out in front of his mansion here in washington to find out what he thinks and how he thinks. the democrats are now beyond barack obama. the problem is, they aren't. they aren't even beyond hillary
4:48 pm
clinton. that is the lack of leadership you talked about. pelosi is the best thing that ever happened to the republican party, because the rank-and-file of republicans discount her. faction in the democrats and overstayed his welcome. melissa: thank you for coming in. >> thank you. david: report card from the press or on the press. media is facing serious backlash after taking trump hits way too far. we'll show you examples coming up next on "after the bell." ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites.
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4:52 pm
not depend on the president's word. in my advice would be to republicans who do cozy up to him, like hugging a suicide bomber. blows you up in the process with him. melissa: oh. david: what did she say? melissa: i know. david: brad blakeman is rejoining us for this. brad, again, i had to say this to steve forbes talking about liz warren and her language, this is just a week after the shooting of scalise everybody said we'll dial back. media came out with all these speeches about how you know, we have to calm down the rhetoric and everything. what is going on? >> what is going on, you have a republican in name only appearing on msnbc and basically she is a shill for their line of attack up against the president. the best thing they can do is put a republican chiron under her name and act if she speaks for republicans. i can assure you she does not. republicans are not cozying up p to the president. we support the president.
4:53 pm
he is president of the united states. anybody who suggests and uses that type of wording that suicide bomber akin to the president is disgrace and should not be on any media program. david: you can criticize what the president does. we have very often on fox despite all the rhetoric against us, you can criticize what he does without using language. >> that's right. david: phil rucker, very well-respected journalist, white house correspondent for "the washington post," even got into the sort of swing of things on "face the nation" last sunday. let me play a little clip. >> vice president pence says everywhere he goes broad shouldered leader, president donald j. trump. it is sort of like the dear leader language you hear out of north korea and other countries. we're not used to that in the united states. david: okay, "the washington post" chief white house reporter correspondent likening president trump to the north korean
4:54 pm
dictator, the most murderous sob in my eyes, that is beyond the pale. >> beyond the norms of decency. beyond the respect that should be given to the office of the president, and man who serves there at this current time. but this is, this has become a new normal. if you can't beat them, then you attack him in ways that never been seen by the media before. this is the type of us against them mentality, which is been taken to a new level. really disgrace for our country. david: there is irony all of this, reported on before, despite their criticism of donald trump, they have benefited from donald trump enormously in terms of their own ratings. all media have benefited because he is such a media-friendly personality. but there is a question whether it has run its course. that is those people who go to extreme like we just saw are ticking off a lot of folks out there, including a billboard put
4:55 pm
up outside of san antonio, texas by a trump supporter. we can't show it but you can find it on the internet, check billboard, trump, pretty quickly. this guy took out in his own name. abc news, i grew up with you. we're through. the russians didn't elect trump, i did. i'm wondering if this kind of payback is going to start hurting some of the networks? >> there is no doubt about it. we're seeing in advertising, certainly in ratings and the ballot box. people are sick and tired of the attacks on president and institution of the presidency and others. even the attacks on steve scalise and other republicans. we've had people on mainstream media shows that say we don't care what the motive is, we want to talk about gun control. it is outrage. david: brad blakeman, thanks for doing double duty. appreciate it.
4:56 pm
melissa: taking a turn late night roast that left president trump unscathed for once. david: interesting
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
david: following losses in two special congressional elections when democrats said quote we have 80-year-old leaders in 90-year-old ranking members. this is in the party, a giant assisted living center. even worse the reporter then asked about the upcoming g7 summit and several people yelled bingo. david: that's good. melissa. melissa: it looks like late-night tv is taking a break from roasting president trump for once. nancy pelosi is on the verge of becoming an octogenarian. david: she turned 84 yesterday. age is not the problem. obviously the real problem is how out of touch their rhetoric is from their own net worth and dianne feinstein between 43 and
5:00 pm
$99 million at so much is worth and nancy pelosi $88 million. melissa: at lease. david: there's nothing wrong with being rich but then you don't talk about how bad the rich are. "risk and reward" starts now. >> will we have time, more than 10 hours to visit a complicated till to review the bill? will it be available to us in the public more than 10 hours before we have to vote for it? i would ask rhetorically of my friends the majority leader when his bill is ready isn't is a going to be posted for six days prior to debate or markup? are the american people, our doctors, our nurses, our patience, are the cancer care groups going to get a chance to see it? i doubt it. it's not what it seems like.


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