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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 24, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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of information and video on our website, i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] russia bugs our airplanes. here is lou donees. trish: i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs who is on ray kaig tonight. on the day wounded congressman steve today his is finally moved out of intensive care. johnny depp was forced to issue an apologied a advocating more violence, joking about assassinating the president. hillary clinton weighing in on the senate bill. forget death panels the 2016 runnerup tweets.
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if republicans pass this bill, they are the death party. pete arer doocy has -- pete arer doocy has our report. >> this bill is currently in front of the united states senate. it's not the answer. it's simply not the answer. reporter: nevada's dean heller says he's a no and he isn't ready to negotiate. president trump seems confident in his aby the to flip four other republican senators. cruz, lee, johnson and paul. >> they are four good guys and friend much mine. i think we'll get there, we'll
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have to see. >> the president's secretary tom price, the legislative affairs team has been providing technical assistance and working with senate leadership to talk about changes that might be necessary. >> this is not a perfect bill. and i understand senator palms concerns. and i share -- senator paul's concerns and i share some of them. reporter: even red state democrats are firmly opposed. >> there is not democrat i know of that will vote to repeal. reporter: the man obamacare is made after has reentered the fray. barack obama posted on facebook, if there is a chance you might
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get sick, or start a family, this bill will do you harm. strong word, but not nearly as strong as his party's current office holders. senator elizabeth warren posted on twitter. this is blood money. they are paying for tax cuts with american lives. another democrat who is a doctor says the bill will kill people. >> trump care isn't just mean, it's cruel and deadly. >> republicans on get one shot at passing this healthcare package next week. if it fails obamacare remains the law of the land for a while longer. trish: president trump talking aim at special counsel robert
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mueller over what he calls a ridiculous investigation over collusion with russia. he says it's quote bothersome that mueller is close friends with james comey. john robert has our report on the president's busy day which included keeping a key campaign promise. >> with the democrats licking their wound from big elect losses, president trump found running room to go back on offense. in the east room, president trump keeping this commitment to the veterans. >> veterans have fulfilled their duty to this nation and now we must fulfill our duty to them. so to every veteran who is here with us today, i just want to
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say two simple word. thank you, thank you. reporter: va reform was a key issue in the president's campaign. >> all of these executives that let our veterans down, you are fired. reporter: sergeant michael verado was the face of the veterans today. >> what i was not repaired for was coming home to a broken va system. i wasn't prepared to watch my wife beg and plead so i could receive basic medical care. reporter: the president insisting the tweet may have encouraged comey to faithfully recount the details of their conversations.
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>> because then he has to tell what took place at the events. my story didn't chang. my story was always the truth. but you will have to determine for yourself whether his story changed. but i did not tape. >> it's unclear how much the tweet may have influenced comey. the white house disputed comey's assertion that the president asked for a loyalty pledge and asked to drop the investigation into michael flynn. the president said he has concerns about robert mueller, calling his relationship with james comey bothersome. >> i can say the people who have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary clinton. the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth from that stand point.
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but robert mueller is an honorable man, and hopefully he will couple with an honorable solution. reporter: there were more questions about possible russian interference in the hillary clinton email scandal. they want to know what role loretta lynch had in shutting count f.b.i. probe. letters were sent to lynch and three other people want to go know if she had assured a clinton campaign staffer that the email investigation quoant wouldn't go too far. an email indicated lynch told the clinton campaign the email investigation wouldn't be a problem. but the committee is looking into it as a whole new rink toll this story.
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trish: rank and file democrats are calling for new leadership. but house minority leader has one very powerful voice back her. president trump says it would be a sad day for republicans if pelosi ever see sides to step down from her post. > reporter: the house democratic caucus shows no sign of wayneing in their support of pelosi. >> i'm a master legislator. i'm a strategic politically astute leader. my leadership is recognized by many around the country. reporter: many democrat saw yesterday's remarks as smug and self-serving. one observer said she would be
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out if there was a clear plan in place. >> the defender said she would never do anything to hurt the caucus. >> nancy pelosi has been through this before. this is not her first time at the rodeo. just like paul ryan had to deal with th the freedom caucus. reporter: central to pelosi's fate is whether her fundraising skills are outweighed by how she is uniting republicans. >> i hope she doesn't step done. it would be a sad day for republicans if she stepped down. i would like to keep her right where she is because our record is extraordinary against her. >> after being so critical of donald trump on so many
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occasion, this is one occasion where we ought to say he deserves to take a victory lap. reporter: pelosi is 77. one possible replacement for hoyer is 78. bernie sanders is 75. and is pulling the party far to the left. >> the democratic brand is pretty bad. the trump brand is also pretty bad. that's why so many people are giving up on politics. reporter: linda sanchez of california and richmond of louisiana. while they may be a diverse bunch, they may not appeal to white midwest working voters who deserted the party in 2016.
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trish: president trump is optimistic he will ultimately get a victory on healthcare. >> obamacare is a disaster, and we are trying to do something in a very short period of time. >> we'll discuss the president's tireless effort to repeal and replace obamacare. and shocking new foat photos showing how close a russian jet recently came to a u.s. air force spy plane. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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trish: the senate judiciary committee opening an investigation into loretta lynch's efforts to protect hillary clinton. lawmakers want to know whether lynch ever assured clinton that the investigation wouldn't quote push too deeply into the matter as reports have alleged. joining me right now to discuss the possibility of obstruction charges against lynch, the potential conflict in the comey investigation and the fate of the gop's healthcare bill, the executive editor for the weekly standard and fox news contributor, fred barnes, and senior fellow at london center
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for policy we search. betsy, what's your reaction to what we have seen out of d.c.? now they are looking into loretta lynch. >> i'm glad they are looking into it. no one should be above the law. the emails cite as being exchanged between the democratic national committee and justice department raise troubling issues. but let's not forget that everyone whose life intersects with james comey is facing trouble. his innuendos, seeking attention, self-just iifications. they all seem to land other people in trouble. so i'm keeping that in the back of my minds even as i see this investigation focus on loretta lynch. he had a duty, did he not, to
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say something if he felt loretta lynch was a problem or felt donald trump was a problem? he never said anything. so how can he go back after the whole ordeal and cry wolf now? >> this is why we want to get loretta lynch and james comey under oath answering questions from the judiciary committee. there is a lot more we have learned about leaks by comey and things he has done that he said he hadn't done. so we are a long ways with from getting the truth. i want to hear from loretta lynch and bill clinton for that matter. did it just happen that they met at the phoenix airport and discussed their grandchildren? that's pretty preposterous. was that meeting planned? what did they really talk about? the way we find out is we get them under oath. trish: a potential letter was
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sent to a campaign staffer for debbie wasserman-schultz that potentially said this won't go too far, don't worry. if loretta lynch is making those promises it sounds to me like it's political. >> it's a violation of the law. trish: let's turn to the special counsel for a moment. i find it amazing, i want your thoughts on this, james comey happens to be buddies with robert mueller and robert mueller not only is friends with comey, but he has then stacked the deck essentially by getting a bunch of people added to his team that has donated to hillary clinton's campaign or other democrats. isn't there a fundamental flaw in that? shouldn't there be some rule against that?
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>> mueller has a reputation in for integrity and honesty. and it was known of course his relationship with combative when he was selected as the special counsel. so if anybody is to blame for that, it's the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein. i think that should have been enough for him to have picked somebody else. if he was going to have a special prosecutor in the first place, which i don't think he should have. but hiring all these people who donors for the clinton campaign including a lawyer who would -- who worked for the clinton foundation -- trish: very quickly, betsy, i want to ask about this hillary clinton tweet. she writes, forget panels. if republicans pass this bill, they are the death party. this is coming at a time when
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scalise is just getting out of the hospital. you have a congressman that was shot. >> this inappropriate language, demagoguery when we are dealing with a serious issue, rescuing the nation from a totally defunction healthcare law. this bill will put more people to work, it will reform medicaid, and provide $600 billion in tax relief to get our economy moving. trish: she never wants to see this thing through. but at a time like this when the republicans are dealing with all this vitriol to then start saying they are the death party is going a little far. >> the american people are rejecting this. they are rejecting it, it's a sabotage rejection of a two-party system.
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trish: be sure everyone you have got to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe there is enough evidence to show attorney general loretta lynch obstructed justice in providing cover for hillary clinton. follow lou dobbs and twitter and instagram. flash flood warnings are in effect tonight. heavy rains may push river and lake levels higher in parts of tennessee, kentucky, and west virginia over the coming days. in the nation's southwest the opposite problem an unrelenting heat wave will continue to bring record-breaking temperatures that will last through the weekend. the dow closing down 3 points on the day. the nasdaq rallying 29 points.
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volume on the big board. the dow, s & p and the nasdaq surging 22%. energy stocks were up nearly 8%. healthcare the top performing can tore on the week. up nearly 4%. listen to lou's report three times a day. promises made, promises kept. the president signing a law to improve healthcare for veterans. >> veterans were put on secret waitlists. given the wrong medication, given the bad treatments and ignored in moments of crisis for them. what happened was a national disgrace. today we are finally changing those laws.
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trish: photos show how close a russian fighter came top a u.s. reconnaissance jet high above the baltic sea. you can see the russian pilot in the cockpit. u.s. officials caught encounter unsafe and provocative. there have been 35 interactions between u.s. and russian planes this month. here to talk about the cat and mouse games with russia. fox news military analyst and retired four-star general jack keane. we are constantly seeing these interactions. but this doesn't feel like a good situation, given what's
4:28 am
going on in syria, give what's going on in ukraine. your thoughts. >> they are reckless getting that close to another aircraft. they were humiliated when the u.s. fighter pilot took down a syrian fighter aircraft. we had total justification to do that. the generals are on the ground. they were attacking our u.s.-led coalition forces, then ordered an air attack against them. we took the aircraft out. we'll do that every single time something like that happens. russia is threatening to do something to us if we flight west of the you fray tees. they will not shoot us down because they will destroy their air base and everything that's on it. >> they don't want to engage us in that way and put us in a
4:29 am
position where we are forced to come through with major force. >> we have overwhelming combat power in the region. >> let me turn to north korea where it seems as if the president is getting fed up. you saw his tweets saying i was hopeful china could help us out here, and they tries. but they can't. if china can't influence north korea and we are still trying to, what do we need to do? >> the north koreans are continuing their steady march toward developing nuclear weapons and intercontinental police particular missiles. the administration went into his with their eyes wide open. they were hoping the chinese would come up with something. but hope is not a method.
4:30 am
the policy is probably shifting. but here is what i think they are doing. they will apply maximum pressure on north korea. any ally of us doing business with north korea. our treasury department is probably contacting them telling them to knock it off. >> what is maximum pressure? >> sanctions. every business entity that north korea is involved in will be contacted by the united states except those in china. those in china we are going to have to move on china and begin to sanction the banks and finance companies that work and support north korea. no one from the youth has ever sanctioned china. but that's the road we are on. you have a bank there that does business with north korea and that bank does business with other entities that are allies of ours. and that's where we'll apply the
4:31 am
pressure. >> there will be people out there that won't luke this, general. >> china has been hood winging its own people and us for years by saying let's maintain a solid economic relationship. that's the key to having a relationship with us while they trample over their own people and also while they trample over our interests in the region. we are on a collision course eventually with china. trish: we are copping back with much more. stay with us. president trump once again denying any collusion with russia. >> there has been no collusion and no object truck and virtually everybody agrees to that. trish: we'll take up the democrats desperate witch hunt with steve forbes next. this thrill seeker taking advantage of the longest day of the year to set a new world record. looking sharp len. who's the lucky lady? i'm going to the bank, to discuss a mortgage.
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trib * a new poll shows a majority of americans agree with president trump and think congress should move on from the russia investigation. 56% of voters say the investigation into trump and russia are hurting our country. 73% say they are concerned the probes distract congress from the matters that matter to them like healthcare, defeating is
4:36 am
are * and the economy. joining me to discuss the baseless russia investigations, steve forbes. good to see you, steve. you know, they have been investigating this thing for basically a year now. they have been looking and looking. they have been trying to see some connection between the dots. but all we have is still a bunch of innuendo. are they ever going to let his go? >> they will push it as long as they can. it's an investigation looking for a scandal. this is where at some point after he gets his legislation through, the president will be tempted to tell mr. mueller, call it off, it's over, and you compromised this investigation, get out. trish: you have got this team of
4:37 am
mueller disciples for lack of a better word. steve: clinton contributors. trish: these are the folks that are going to be trying to come up with these charges for obstruction of justice? is that right? is that fair? should we not have more rules about that? steve: he never should have been appointed in the first place because of his closeness to comey. if they can't find what they are looking for, they will find something else. you don't remember throwing a spit ball in the second grade? bad stuff. we have seen the overreach in he investigation of these kinds. the sooner they cut it off and get on with it. hopefully the president won't be tweeting about russia. let the thing fall on it own. dead weight.
4:38 am
steve: airplanes met. it's not like bumming into each other on the street or in an airport. that was arranged. trish: the airplane issue and concern basically she was out there telling debbie wasserman-schultz debbie wasserman-schultz was communicating with her to tell a clinton aide, don't worry about this, loretta lynch has this under control. steve: it's not an investigation, it's a matter. trish: healthcare, is this going to happen in you have a bunch of senators standing in the way. ted cruz. in some ways he has seemed repeatedly as if he's out for himself. remember the convention? everybody thought he was going to say imhere to endorse donald trump as president. he got up there and hogged up the stage for all that type and never gave the endorsement.
4:39 am
will he be a big problem, rand paul and the rest of them right now? steve: i think it what you wise for senator mcconnell to get a leader. so if you want some chang put it on the -- if you want some change put it on the table now. at the end of the day, i think most of them will come around. i see more problems with people like susan collins or senator purchase could you skif -- or sr murkowski of alaska. they have an opportunity to take the best pieces from each bill and get us on our way for the biggest change in entitlement in american history. trish: how important is this? steve: it's critical. if they let this go it will hurt their credibility.
4:40 am
they will go into next year' election, what did you guys do? you had everything. what did you give us? trish: all right. roll the tape. one stuntman jumping head first into the record books. watch here as he makes a harrowing 500-foot climb up a steep canyon from a bridge in idaho. shattering the world's record for the most base jumps in 24 hours. the previous world record was set last year. >> the rocket carrying bulgaria's first rocket into orbit. today's launch and recovery
4:41 am
clears the way for another falcon 9 flight scheduled for sunday. north korea adds insult to injury. the kim jong-un regime calls the death of otto warmbier a mystery. we'll talk about u.s. options to respond to his senseless murder. >> look at otto, he went over there a healthy, wonderful boy. and you see how he came back. you see how he came back. so we have been given a bad hand. but we'll take that bad hand and it will all be good. [music]
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trish: china increasing its presence in the south china sea. satellite imagery shows china moving equipment to hanan island. the images show four planes. our next guest says china will continue to test washington with provocative actions until there is significant pushback. joining me right now. forbes contributor, gordon chang. it sounds like we are starting to hear a different tone and different policy towards china. you saw donald trump tweet saying china can't deal with north korea on its own. this is in response to otto warmbier's death. what do we need to do to get
4:47 am
tough on china and north korea. >> the only thing we need to do is enforce u.s. law. chinese bangs have been using the u.s. financial system to launder money for the north koreans. we are were fine is european banks for busting iran sanctions. and here you have china designing a money laundering scheme for pyongyang and there is no penalty. if we were to say because you are laundering this money you can no longer use your dollar accounts in new york. trish: otto warmbier, his death, north korea addressing this issue. basically saying they don't know how this happened it's a mystery how this kid died. but they sent him home.
4:48 am
they sent him home in a coma. why are they trying to say it's a mystery? >> because they don't want responsibility. they have had custody of warmbier since january 2, 2016. they knew about his condition so well that they were able to time his release so he would not die on north korean soil. they had him under constant surveillance. if it means that north korean explanation is just in the to be believed. trish: what do we do about the americans still being held in prison in north korea. >> the first thing of course we have to take the state department's travel advisory and turn it into a travel ban. put north korea on the list of state sponsors of terrorism and
4:49 am
start to tighten sanctions and enforce them. the north koreans don't want any of this, but all we have to do is tighten sanctions. this an open source and the united states can start to take apart the proliferation networks if we have the political will to do so. trish: it seem as though we do. is this matter of rex tillerson saying anybody connecting the dots laundering money and supporting this horrific regime, you are done, you are through, it's not going to happen? >> when the president said china knock longer help us. you have to look at that in connection to the april 8 tweet saying that china can disarm north korea. trump is saying we'll do this. trish: actor johnny depp joins
4:50 am
the growing left-wing chorus advocating violence against president trump.
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pest thing to happen to republicans? 94% said yes. johnny depp apologizing for what he said was a bad joke about assassinating donald trump. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? let me clarify, i'm not an actor. i lie for a living. however, it's been a while. and maybe it's time. trish: the white house issued this statement. i hope some of mr. deputy's colleagues will speak out against this type of rhetoric as strongly as they would if his comments were direct towards a democratic official. the left-evening media and hollywood also continues to embrace such rhetoric.
4:55 am
>> it's a sad day when you cannot depend on the president's word. my advice would be to republicans who do cozy up to him, it's like hugging a suicide bomber. he blows you up in the process with him. trish: is that necessary? president obama making his way back into the spotlight. hillary clinton's latest tweet. and much more. we have mollie hemingway and ned ryun. ned, jail start with you. start -- i'll start with you. your reaction to mr. depp, his community. they are not cheap shots. i think these are dangerous shots they are taking. why are they doing it and how do they get away with it. >> captain jack sparrow needs to lay off the rum.
4:56 am
the thing that was disturbing about that video was the laughter at his comments talking about assassinating our president of the united states. you look at this rhetoric from johnny depp and commend day towards. -- and commentators. part of politics is heated rhetoric. but the big difference is the fact that hillary clinton, eric holder and major political figures in the democrat party are embracing the resistance and saying we are part of the resistance. they are embracing this rhetoric and behavior. this is a real change from how it has been in the past. now we have major parties embracing thoseth things. trish: mollie, the ceasar play as well. your thoughts.
4:57 am
mollie: even worse, some of these artists i don't think people take political advice from, is the political rhetoric coming from democratic politicians or leaders. one week after we saw what happened when people are unable to handle their disagreements civilly and they try to commit a mass assassination of republicans. it unless this environment we need temperature refocus and work together as citizens in this space, and that's not our seeing. it seems frustrating this type of rhetoric is not criticized as much as it should be by the peers of these people and and media outlets. hillary clinton said republicans are the party of death. and you have bernie sanders and elizabeth warren saying millions of people will die.
4:58 am
trish: it seems to me, ned, take a look at this tweet she sent out a short time ago. she wrote, forget death panels, if republicans pass this bill, they are the death party. they are saying this at a time when representative scalise is just getting released from the hospital. ned * chuck schumer said yesterday we have to declare war against republicans and this healthcare plan. we have have our political differences, we settle our differences at the ballot box. we do not settle them with violence or intimidation or destruction of private property. the whole unity thing after the scalise shooting lasted a hot minute. at some point you have to say get past the rhetoric and have real solutions. their rhetoric is appealing to their left base it's not
4:59 am
appealing to the moderate and independent and working class. it won't build coalitions. trish: mollie, they don't have much of a future right now. they have nancy pelosi hogging up a lot of space. she said she is not going to go anywhere. members of the democratic party are realizing she is a liability. hillary clinton, the tweet tonight, clearly a liability. mollie: it would be good for them to adopt some kind of change. but it isn't just hillary clinton and nancy pelosi. this is a problem the democratic party has at large. rather than look inside and think about whether they can change their policies some be more attractive to the average men and women. they have a strategy that keeps them from getting elected.
5:00 am
trish: i appreciate you being here. thank you for joining us. my thanks to lou for letting me sit in for him tonight. i'll see you good night from new york. kennedy: senate republican leaders finally deliver their healthcare plan and not everyone is happy about it. what should stay and what should go. thomas massie is here. mr. democrats force out nancy pelosi? the panel weighs in. and is a black college professor at an elite connecticut college calling for white genocide? that and the college's response. as obamacare continues its heartless death spiral, those who hoped a liberty-rich solution would spring up in its place will be disappointed by


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