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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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u.s. would they risk everything to defend this country? cheryl: breaking news this morning at president trump at some muscle behind the health care bill and is heading to the fore this week. train to the supreme court wrapping up the session today. or we could get a decision on the travel ban and the speculation that supreme court justice anthony kennedy might announce his retirement. can be 80 years old. elizabeth: the final week of june. nature average as trading up 1%. dow futures up 52 points. nasdaq gaining 16. train to investors watching oil prices which have really shot up
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1% on weaker u.s. dollar projections. that certainly affecting oil right now. oil at 43.44. the president taking out energy week highlighting u.s. production and investment. lauren: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg minus about his big plan for tv show. cheryl: that will be a great story. farmer pro martin's crowley going on trial for securities fraud. we will tell you what to expect. lauren: five games down. would it come back to tell you about. a spectacular finish for jordan spieth. train to date the spieth fan could love that kid. it is june 26th. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren. i am lauren simonetti. welcome to "fbn:am."
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cheryl: breaking news all week long. republican senators going to be making their demand on a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. and devote this measure this week. others remain divided over medicaid and insurance regulation. programming appearing on "fox and friends" say they need to drop their resistance. >> would be great if democrats and republicans could get together, wrapped her arms around it and come up with something everybody is happy with. but we give one democrat vote. cheryl: dick durbin saying the gop bill as one-sided. >> what's driving this is not health care reform. what's driving this is tax cut of about $700 billion for the
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wealthiest people in america and pharmaceutical companies. >> senator john barrasso helped write the bills of the planet plan eliminates taxes imposed by obamacare. >> obamacare raise taxes on every american who uses health care in america. prescription medicines, medical devices. people that buy health insurance. lauren: the congressional budget office had to release this court today. five republican senators opposed the bill which require at least 50 votes to pass to get three republicans or democrats on board. cheryl: caretaking in their heels in the gop side. the supreme court is going to be handed down its final decisions today. action is expected when president trump's travel ban. the biggest news of all would be
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whether the justices on the high court. anthony kennedy could announce his retirement. kennedy has been the swing vote on many of the berlin since departure. as a transverse nominee coming meal gorsuch joined back in april. lauren: president tripp meets with indian prime minister moody at the white house. the visit comes as the trip administration gives india approval to buy unmanned surveillance drones. the deal estimated to be $2 billion. talking also highlight the multibillion dollar purchases as though it has mixed this week and energy week as he tried to get energy dependence. leading congressmen are calling on cheryl: urge removing barriers to u.s. trade and investment.
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train to a flood of washington and the white house press secretary sean spicer says the tapes of the conversation with former fbi director james colby worked. spacer discussing the news. >> the truth is coming out and he said very clearly on three occasions he was told he was under investigation. he was ready. having director comey, approved the president was right. cheryl: trump says his tweets suggesting there may be tapia persuaded a fired fbi director to tell the truth about conversations between the two men. lauren: democrats exercising president obama for not taking action when he learned russia was trying to implement the 2016 presidential election. the ranking member adam schiff
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says obama was too slow to respond. >> the obama administration should have done when it became clear not only was russian intervening but it was directed at the highest levels of the kremlin. lauren: rush every car in the u.s. ambassador was the source of the pollution allegation against the trunk campaign. but his feet with surrogate display at back to russia amid the congressional investigation into russia's meddling in the u.s. cheryl: breaking news overnight. nearly 100 people are missing after the massive landslide. an entire village. the mountainous parts of shushan province. a couple in their month-old infants are the only ones rescued so far. concerns about this ability of a race in the earthquake 25 miles away code 90,000 people back in 2008.
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that region is known as a very earthquake room. train to cancel the survival even. a facebook page near you this social network looking to hollywood to produce original content as early as this summer. lauren: tracee carrascas i've been story for us. everybody wants to get in the game. trade absolutely. compared with netflix and amazon in who the come a facebook is kind of late to the game. insiders say the social networking site is talking to hollywood about producing its unscripted tv quality original programming. facebook is targeting audiences from the tainted 34 premier league in the 17 to 30 range along the line of pretty little liars scandal and reality shows the bachelor. it will avoid shows and and rough language. facebook is signed up to
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relationship drama and a game show called by skate scandium. facebook looking for short form content. it could run for 10 minutes in the spotlight section for videos. the push for the effort to target the tens of billions of ad dollars spent on television. facebook telling hollywood would share data with them. the industry eager to see if facebook and translate the data for nearly 2 million monthly users in the inside that makes her more popular television. facebook could be coming to a screen near you this summer. >> i guess you can't really blame them because so many other sites have been getting in. how would this be different from netflix? >> as far as longer shows, facebook will have god spared not netflix 10 at-bats. they will build shows around the community crew. taking on the social community. it makes sense.
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lauren: which is about mark zuckerberg has been talking about. lauren: wonder sports plays in also. no politics, no. tracey, thank you. cheryl: let's get you caught up in global market action. first over to asia. a shot at the markets and the green is the nikkei in japan. hang seng, shanghai, kospi all love. lauren: italian authorities prepared to go to italian banks. still stocks thereof. that is one of the reasons we have overall gains here. the cac at 50, dx intermec 95 points. cheryl: u.s. stock markets falling in delete. the dow up by 63. s&p nasdaq slightly higher as well. lauren: will down 20% so far this year is up-to-date by 50 cents. of course a weak u.s. dollar
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helping the oil down $15. one and a quarter% at 1240 a troy ounce. cheryl: trading for the month of june, everything is up about 1%. let's bring in anthony chan, we would like to see these numbers certainly. washington could be an issue. how closely are you watching the bill? >> it's important that they make progress. i don't expect progress will be immediate. keep in mind every time you try to do something to help one group of republican senators, another group gets the point. it's almost like waccamaw. right now some senators have a little problem with the preexisting conditions, which the american people want, but that of course means that raises the premiums and other senators feel it. i hope that some sort of a compromise will be crafted at
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some point because the american people will be the winners out of this. everybody in congress understands that. >> had his health care reform plan a tax reform? if they can get the repeal and replace them late come a deal with those taxes that are part of the health care bill >> the hope and expectation. the health care reform is successful and the appropriate compromises in some sort of a package workable. five straight weeks of gains but pharma companies doesn't continue. >> the more compromises that are made, the more generation it is.
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you can see that from the beginning, the generosity and that is a reason why many of these stocks are rising. cheryl: thank you for the perspective. >> a senate bill this week that they don't have the votes needed to pass it. we'll take a look at whether this situation will change. pharmaceutical bad boy martin shkreli going today. shareable have that. cheryl: lucky man. ♪ at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. trained to rise and shine. 5:15 a.m. in new york. rescuers searching for survivors from a tourist that capsized on the reservoir in colombia. at least nine people dead and 28 missing. recreational jet skis bowling people from the blood of the wind down avoiding an even deadlier tragedy. it's unclear what caused the boat to sink but survivors said appeared to be overloaded and nobody on board was wearing a life vest. mark 10 shkreli goes to court for allegedly defrauding investors. the last months dollar through
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bad trade genocide business hedge fund dumas is the second pharmaceutical company for $11 million to pay them back. he never intended to scam anyone and everyone was paid back. dan lopez come a sweet tooth apparently facing his biggest fan ever on a chocolate company. the investor says $3.5 billion stake in nestlé is helping to reinvigorate the brand as well as what he says is the companies underperforming stock price. nice gains this morning. the final week of the first half of the year. that's a quarter after 1%. we are seeing similar percentage gains for the s&p and nasdaq. that is what is happening now. >> the markets watching what's happening in washington with the senate bill and health care pit republican senators coming up skeptical about the gop health care bill.
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lloyd matheson, former chief of staff for senator mike lee is the president of the institute. good morning. >> good morning, how are we doing? cheryl: depends if you're mitch mcconnell high your doing. at least the republicans have come out with their misgivings. and, once a vote this week. how bad is this? >> the fact he is pushing further the soul of the reckless on his part. there's no reason for the vote to be this week. if all of those have expressed concern, i don't know any that don't want to get to yes on this. let's have a good, open and honest debate and amendment process that is at rest in the middle of the night. look for the democrats weigh in on the things they think are most important to this bill. but to just jam this thing through really is reckless in not good for the american people. it's not about health care.
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it's insurance. >> the cbo score could help make combos case an even better than expected shows a more favorable picture of what the bill looks like that you could see other republicans have more courage to say we support this. >> the cbo score is going to hurt mr. mcconnell's push to get this through. because it will show a lot of americans losing their insurance or not be on insurance. it will highlight the fact this is not a repeal or replace bill at all. it is really a tax bill and insurance bill for risk pools for the insurance companies. it is sort of like what abraham lincoln used to always like to ask. if you call a dog's tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have, it is still four. calling this repeal and replace has nothing to do with it. cheryl: there are some very specific things the gop republicans will not support
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this. the biggest is medicaid really. barrasso republican senator said the plan is not a replace. when it comes to regulation, when it comes to medicaid committees are big financial risk that the gop bill is taking on. this could definitely hurt states. >> yes. the prescription for health care is a good dose of federalism. there are some things within the bill that do block grant things back to this day a little bit. we're a long ways away. on a radio program this is a challenge because it's not really getting it right down to the state level where we can get things done that will impact the poor and middle class. >> a lot of these guys are by states rights. that's the problem there. thank you very much. lauren: coming up, transformers
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five topping the weekend box office. >> all you have left depends on it. he felt like a girl? >> akamai felt like a girl. lauren: number one was still a disappointment. what do you exactly why. the l.a. dodgers rally after being five runs down. the major comeback to show you. for jourdan spieth as the travelers championship. you are watching "fbn:am." so we need tablets installed... with the menu app ready to roll. in 12 weeks. yeah. ♪ ♪ the world of fast food is being changed by faster networks. ♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪ which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations.
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>> to protect us into a riot. >> we will seek redemption.
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lauren: the fifth installment of the transformers franchise tops the box office to really open to lower than expected earnings. last night an estimated $45 million over the weekend that the previous four movies all $97 million on their debuts. this on a big disappointment. second place wonder woman. both with $25 million in fourth place. the sharks thriller fan $7 million fare. a lifetime me. the story of the prolific rapper to pop placing bets with almost $6 million. cheryl: a lot of franchises falling off to the wayside in hollywood. some new ideas hollywood are watching. time now for sports. the dodgers and the rockies are playing the wildest and 13 impact.
5:25 am
combining for eight wild pitches. the three of them from the dodgers second inning is nowhere near the plate. just a bit outside. a few batters later mccarthy with another wild pitch. maccarthy not alone. adam ardolino throws a wild pitch saying that is another wild pitch. this time to run score. the dodgers take a seven-foot lead to. five runs of four. his second homer of the game. dodgers went at 12-6. >> adrian bell trade showing he's still done it. that's his third of the year.
5:26 am
yankees on the comeback drives a three run home run. they muster only two more runs. jordan spieth on the team holds for the bunker in. look at that birdie. he pretty much cannot contain his happiness. even berger gives the thumbs up for that one. when's the championship after one play. cheryl: is that body bumping? bodyslamming. lauren: he's so young. president trump pushes the health care bill despite opposition from his own party. >> health care is a very, very
5:27 am
tough thing to get. but i think we are going to get it. lauren: will tell you by ceo mark zuckerberg wants to get into the tv bid.
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cheryl: breaking news this morning. president trump at the muscled the time the gop senate health care bill and to the senate floor for a vote. happening this week. lauren: wrapping up the 2017th session today, where he could get a decision on the president's travel ban. the supreme court justice anthony kennedy announced his retirement although he has the issue. cheryl: investors pretty vocal as we head to the the week in june. the average trading up over 1% this month and right now the u.s. stock market pointing to a higher open. lauren: investors watching oil prices shot up more than 1%.
5:31 am
$43.35 a barrel. cheryl: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg wants to go hollywood. we'll tell you about his big plans for television shows. cheryl: farmer batboy martin shkreli. what to expect coming out. lauren: los angeles rally. expect secular finish for jourdan spieth. cheryl: and a bodyguard. 5:31 a.m. in new york. monday, june 26. good morning. i am lauren simonetti. cheryl: welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. transfer republican senators making a demand on a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. senate leaders are pushing for a vote on the measures this week. some republicans want more money for opioid addiction while
5:32 am
others remain divided over medicaid and regulation. meanwhile, president trump on "fox and friends" over the weekend and democrats need to drop their theme of resistance. >> it would be so great that democrats and republicans would get together, wrapped their arms around it and come up with something everybody is happy with. it's so easy but we get one democrat vote -- not one. lauren: durbin said the gop bill as one-sided. >> what is driving this is not health care reform. what is driving this is a tax cut they insist on a 700 alien dollars. the wealthiest people in america and pharmaceutical companies. cheryl: the senate plan eliminates taxes by obamacare. >> obamacare raise taxes on every american who uses health
5:33 am
care in america. they put it on over-the-counter medicines, prescription medication, medical devices. train to the medical device tax is a big lead. the budget office is set to release his score to send health care bill as soon as today. five republican senators and a few more speaking out over the weekend. this need 60 votes to pass. cheryl: supreme court can't than a decision today for long summer break. action expected on the president's travel ban on visitors coming from six muslim countries. the biggest news of all about one of the justices on the high court. reports surfaced over the beacon that anthony kennedy could announce his retirement. he's 80 years old with a swing vote on many of his departure after three decades. the gop conservative air total control. kennedy himself has given no indication that he is retiring.
5:34 am
president trump's first nomination neil gorsuch joins in. be my president trump said my president trump set to meet with indian prime minister modi later today. coming after the trump administration gives and the approval to buy two dozen surveillance drugs. the deal worth about $2 billion. term i also highlight the billion dollar purchases through a toaster center to be this week. meanwhile, congressman conan president trump to remove barriers to u.s. trade and investment within the country. the tube out and about. lauren: white house press secretary sean spicer says remarks about being possible tapes of the conversation with fbi director james comey work. discussing the point on fox news mediabuzz.
5:35 am
>> he knew the truth would come out. the truth is coming out and he said very clearly on three occasions he was told it was under investigation. and he was right. i think having director comey come out under oath and approved the president was right. lauren: between last night suggesting there may have been tapes may have persuaded the fired fbi director to tell the truth about their real conversations. cheryl: democrats now criticizing former president obama for not taking action when they learned russia was trying to influence the 2016 election. the ranking member on the house intelligence committee adam schiff says obama was too slow to respond. >> i think the obama administration should've done a lot more when it became clear not only was fresh intervening but being directed at the highest levels of the kremlin.
5:36 am
cheryl: russia recalling its ambassador who has been the source of the pollution allegations against the trump campaign that reported over the weekend that kremlin is sending survey kislyak back to russia on this the investigations have been simultaneously into meddling in the u.s. presidential election. lauren: television shows coming to a facebook page near you. the social network looking to hollywood to help produce original content as early as this summer. cheryl: tracee carrascas joins us now with more on this story. reporter: good morning, ladies. compared with netflix, msn and who, facebook is a little late to the game. the social networking giant not talking about hollywood studios and agencies about producing its own original programming. according to "the wall street journal," facebook targeting audiences from 13 to 34 primarily in the 17 to 30 year range. think along the lines of pretty
5:37 am
little liars come the scandal and the reality show the bachelor. content will avoid political drama, news and shows with and rough language. facebook i find that the relationship drama and a game show called last day standing. facebook looking for short form content primarily unscrewed good represented in the in the spotlight section for videos. the postwar effort to target tens of billions of ad dollars spent on television and facebook telling hollywood that will share viewership data within. the entertainment industry eager to see a facebook or it has on the habits of 2 billion monthly users into insight that make for a more popular television. facebook could be coming this summer. cheryl: this is really good for facebook but there is a lot of competition in the sky would be different from netflix. how do they do that? >> they are going to have ads that will set them apart.
5:38 am
as far as content, it will be built around a social community. because shows that show watch together. >> facebook is on a tear today's earlier this month. recover all of those losses. cheryl: they are doing a great job monetizing. good to see you. thank you. taking a look at asia with arrows for you. from shanghai kospi in korea up more than a fraction. italian authorities prepared to bail out to italian banks. the cac in paris at 51. he accept 88 points this morning. >> we will continue the winning streak or dow futures higher. a kickoff to your week. s&p up by 43 quarters.
5:39 am
>> gold is still enough today by $15 oil trading 43. >> a lot of numbers to watch the major averages for the final week in june every major index up 1%. let's bring in anthony chan, chief economist. a lot of it's been health care stocks. there's concerns now about the border adjustment tax. if it's off the table would this be a boost to some of the stocks? >> absolutely. with the border adjustment tax is going to do as it was going to service a negative hit for about 8% or 9%. the fact that it's off the table, the president is not a supporter. of course speaker ryan talking about it last week with tax reform to suggest that it's off the table and that can boost the overall profit and that's the reason why the equity market in europe this morning celebrating
5:40 am
the fact they just got the index that was higher than did suggesting it continue. lauren: here in the u.s. might be stalled at the federal reserve raises interest rates too fast. do you think they are still unpaid with rate hikes this year? >> i don't think they run pay for three this year and next year. i think that next year given the fact this console not necessarily by growth of inflation that she will make it to rate hikes next year. on friday we did a very important number. we know that is running at 1.5%, but there is a risk that number could flip between now in between now in the between now and between now and into theaters lately and year slightly and that is the reason on top of the unwinding of the ballot should the federal reserve quiz twice next year. cheryl: what does that mean exactly? >> remember if you start unwinding the balance sheet, for
5:41 am
.4 trillion before the global financial crisis, that automatically is contractionary. that means if inflation is not taking off, there is no need for the federal reserve because then we get into the refuge is described. lauren: had he feel about about health care stocks were the strong performance as we look at the gop senate repeal and replace of obamacare? >> of health care stocks for some of them have lagged in all the sudden you're not getting as enough negative discussions about pricing and things like that of washington. the fact eventually a prospect of health care reform that's not been unfriendly, all these things are positive. of course it's going to be a nail biter between now and the end of the month. these things give me some questions of optimism. cheryl: cautious optimism is how people are feeling. anthony chan, thank you for being here this morning.
5:42 am
lauren: coming up, drama at the supreme court as they make their final for the year. will they take of donald trump's travel ban? governor john kasich has this website packed. you will not delete the messages posted on that site. looking like a nice monday as wall street. dow futures up 60 points. nasdaq at 15. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ so we need tablets installed... with the menu app ready to roll. in 12 weeks. yeah. ♪ ♪ the world of fast food is being changed by faster networks. ♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪
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trained to edit 5:45 a.m. in new york at the age of hype and what's happening now. ohio governor john kasich is one of several government pages hacked yesterday with messages advocating support from the active terror group. the page played the islamic prayer and writing in arabic before it was shut down. the website included a line attributing responsibility to a group named team system d.c. they been responsible for others in the past. at least 153 people killed including children with an overturned tanker truck exploded. the truck was traveling from the
5:46 am
southern port city of karachi to lahore when the driver lost control and crashed on the highway. atop the mosque alerted villagers and rushed to the scene with fuel containers. the massive recall is tabulated to its airbags have proven too much work to qaeda. they find for bankruptcy protection in the u.s. and japan being bought by u.s.-based key safety systems for $1.6 billion. a lot of things happening in the market this week. obviously watching what is happening with health care sector up for the last five weeks or so straight. right now, that i was pointing out a 59 points in the premarket. s&p and nasdaq as well. looking pretty good this morning. transfer the nasdaq has eight months of genes in a row. the supreme court wrapping up the 2017th session today. let not this is a former staff
5:47 am
for senator markley. the president of the federal institute. good to see you, boys. lauren: usually the supreme court based its decision for the final day. you think they'll include a decision on the travel ban? >> somehow i don't think they will quite get to it. so many i think i will that play out further. it'll be interesting what they see the decisions to be looking like in relying on things president trump said during the campaign are things that he treated, which is entirely new territory for the courts. not only what is in the law but what you may have in a campaign speech. cheryl: speculation of the beacon of several reports over the weekend about a possible retirement by justice anthony kennedy. he's 80 years old. the report said we might hear something today. how likely is that?
5:48 am
>> this is huge because they wouldn't really change the balance. kennedy has been a swing vote on things to the right and to the left. a lot of people watching this with great anticipation. he is going to step down. he's done and ready to move on. there were so many voters in president trump's days there really are supreme court voters. they voted with the hope they would put conservative on the court in this is huge. they narrowed the list of 20 down to about five in preparation for that that's very interesting to watch. traits you think you could announce retirement today. >> i do. if not today coming sometime this week before it means spin on this summer. lauren: what would the president look for and how hard will it be
5:49 am
for that person? >> this one does change the balance of power. do if you're a big for anyone regardless of who it is. might make sense to nominate somebody like my old boss you have some relationships with democrats in the senate. that can be fascinating to watch. >> the first appointee nominee by the presidents usually want and the second one was more of a personal choice. cheryl: especially -- [inaudible] a lot coming up including this. soon he really is happening in the southwest. meteorologist janice dean will be bringing the forecast up for you. a girl hanging from an amusement park ride. you are not going to believe the rescue in who showed up to help out. it's an amazing story.
5:50 am
we are going to show it to you. we will be right back. sfx: road noise sfx: tires screeching sfx: horn honking father: you pull in front of me! daughter: daddy! we don't say words like that! ♪just let your love flow ♪like a mountain stream ♪and let your love grow ♪with the smallest of dreams ♪then let your love show ♪and you'll know what i mean
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lauren: ready for sports? dodgers and rockies play in the wildest you've ever seen. 1913 infected two teams combining for eight completely crazy pictures. three of them from the dodgers are the second ending pitch nowhere near the plate. mccarthy throws another wild pitch up one nothing. democracy was not alone. adam avena throws a wild pitch, runs home. this time to run scored gifts for the dodgers to take the lead. eighth inning as well.
5:54 am
another run comes in. i've run subfloor and corey belanger crushes on for his second home run, the 24th of the season. dodgers win 12 to six. jordan spieth in the playoff round. he chips in the amazing birdie. cannot contain himself. even further a thumbs up for that guy. 12 under after one playoff hole. kevin hardwick is back in the dreamland. his first win of the season after 24 laps and took the checkered flag under caution. the first victory since he
5:55 am
switched to forward this season. 50 years and chevrolet. cheryl: before you head out the door, a look at the monday forecast. meteorologist janice dean, please tell me will get a little bit of a cold one. reporter: i'm so glad you started off with that. it is cooler than average across the northeast, sherilyn lauren. 64 new york, 16 buffalo. the upper level cooler refreshing temperatures. still have this frontal boundary stalled out bringing showers, thunderstorms in the gulf coast and southeast. the texas right here. the pacific northwest is the best weather maker tuesday and wednesday. heat advisories till posted for a lot of people, southern
5:56 am
california they are dealing with extreme heat in arizona. they have cooled off relatively on the average five. today 111. not too bad for folks in phoenix. cheryl: they can row with 111. that's bbq weather. coming up, an incredible teenager falls from the usenet park ride. up next on "fbn:am". ♪
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5:58 am
5:59 am
train to a major scare for a fortune to grow on a six flags park over the weekend. in queensboro new york. she fell 25 feet, but luckily she was caught by a group of very helpful bystanders below. cheryl: just looking at that video gives that video gives me the chills appreciated treat him on the way down. she was treated by park medical staff before they took her to a hospital in the area. minor injuries are expected to be okay. the ride remains close for now pending an internal review. we should point out one of the men who came to capture hurt his
6:00 am
back. cheryl: it figures. guess who is back? we missed her. dagen mcdowell. >> good morning, ladies. i watch you on tv when i'm not here with no makeup on. lauren: even better. dagen: i am dagen mcdowell. i am in for maria bartiromo this morning trade monday, june 26. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. the clock is ticking on the obamacare overhaul. president trump remaining hopeful a deal with it done despite opposition from at least five republican senators. >> health care is very timid very tough thing to get. but i think we are going to get it. we don't have too much of a choice because the alternative is the dead carcass of obamacare. that's what it is. dagen: allies on the senate as majority mitch mcconnell holds firm that a vote will take


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