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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 27, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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plan, 52 republican senators will meet at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. rand paul my guest on "your world" in a couple hours. push seems to get something done, even if not done before the july you 4th recess. it is getting pushed back. stocks selling off. trish regan. trish: investors don't like that. after having been up earlier. neil cavuto thank you. senate republicans abruptly delayed vote on health care bill until after the 4th of july. we'll hear from the white house, as possibly mitch mcconnell, you see a live picture coming from the white house. we believe we have a live picture there outside of the senate hall. mitch mcconnell may be speaking on this as well. looks like they were not able to get anything done by the 4th of july. are you surprised? i'm not. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." here we are just learning president trump will meet with republican senators at the white house in less than two
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hours from now. this is critical. he is trying to change their mind here. it is coming as we're getting word that the health care bill is now not going to be voted on at least not before the 4th of july. they do not have the votes. don't forget five senators came out and said they didn't like the thing. several others as well rumored not going along with it. so it would be a pretty uphill climb. there was just enough to make everyone a little bit angry in the bill. so not happening before the 4th of july. here is the problem. this is why. show the market, how we're now down 45 points. i want to bring in a live intraday chart of the dow if we have it. market selling off on the news because expectation had been, get repeal and replace or this version of repeal and replace through. therefore you get tax reform, you get infrastructure bill, everything would fall in line. one of the reasons the imf now is saying it has to lower
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economic forecast for united states of america. in terms of trump's economic agenda. economic agenda good for markets. good for the economy. get republicans in disarray here. now the senate delaying we're getting word, they're delaying the health care bill. now we want to get sean spicer's reaction. he will be giving it. we're waiting on mitch mcconnell to speak. amid all of this news i want to bring in former chair of the dc democratic party, scott bolden, republican strategist ford o'connell for their reaction. ford, start with you. we were all hopeful, hopeful for us that want tax reform going through. it is not going to happen, at least not just yet. what do they need to do to salvage it? >> they obviously get 51 votes, trish. i do not think it would be done
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by july 4th, but drop dead deadline is august 1st because of budget reconciliation process. here is the problem with senate republicans. this is as good their hand will get. this is not about making a promise. this is moral imperative. premiums need to be stablized. individual needs to be stable aided. they need to do the job. some might have to walk the electoral plank. that is what they signed up for, help the american people, not prolong their senate career. trish: remind viewers, live picture from capitol hill, we're waiting everyone on mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell, who many this is a magician is not able to pull it off, not at least by july 4th. that is what we're hearing. what will he say? what does need to tell americans how they move forward on the process. scott, they just can't seem to find cohesion here they need.
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>> it is not cohesion, trish. what it is, it's a bad bill. you know he what the definition after bad bill is? hard right and liberal left of the republican party, they both disagree. this isn't about health care. it is about a wealth transfer. it is about reducing taxes and deficit. the hawks like that but then you have the susan collins of the world and those up for re-election in middle of the ground state has clinton won, they can't afford the medicaid cuts. remember, the american people were told by donald trump and other republicans, this new bill is going to, is not going to cut medicaid. it will lower premiums and will cover everybody. those are three promises that have been broken. those are three promises that have been broken and has to be explained. trish: you know what it did do? i think people could take heart in? got i had are of employer
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mandate. it is a mold on small business owners. they're telling you ford, don't bother getting anything bigger. if you do we'll make you pay through the nose. i talk to a lot of them. i can't add that 50th employee. i can't. implications are too significant. what i go back to, you want this economy to thrive. you want people to be employed. you them to have opportunities and companies in turn will need to be more aggressive for their hiring. they will need to offer better benefits. >> to your point, trish, this is as much a jobs bill as it is a health insurance bill. we've seen this before. basically the employer mandate was killing the growth of small business and costing people jobs. what kills me a lot of hard right republicans say, gee, this is obamacare light. two things i would like to tell them. one, you need 60 votes to fully repeal obamacare. we have to actually work on what is in front of us. this is not obamacare light.
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to your point, trish, it pulls back employer mandate. pulls off taxes. it does not hold the gun to average american to buy a failed government product. if they don't get this done, they will have to you cut a deal with schumer around democrat. we know they have no interest in actually making this a free market. they're interested in bringing us closer to socialized medicine. for the average viewer may not know what that is. look at va? do you want american health care become the va. hope republicans fail if that is you want. >> if the republican make a difference, throw away the mandate. a lot of democrats are not crazy about the mandate. that is big issue for republicans. get rid of it, cure the problem as opposed to being obsessed repealing the whole obamacare piece where you have got these tax cuts. i know their arguments why you need tax cuts and cut in medicaid and what have you. only 17% of americans support
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this bill. obamacare, because the republicans with one another, only 17% approve it. obamacare's popularity is rising because of discourse that the republicans can't get -- trish: that might be taking it a little far. >> i have a question for scott, what exactly constitutes repeal? as i just discussed you can't fullly repeal obamacare without 60 votes. getting rid of mandate and getting rid of taxes what we're going for. yet you guys have shown no interest whatsoever. trish: they're not going to -- hang on scott. let's be realistic here. the democrats do not want anything that would involve repealing obamacare. this is president obama's legacy. so when you start with talk of repealing obamacare, well that makes them very nervous obviously. the mere semantics, the mere words here are a problem for those. >> repair it. repair it if you will. trish: you want to fix it. >> let's fix it. trish: but you said basically this program was kind of a fix
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it for obamacare? a lot of folks, forgive me if i'm putting words in your mouth. that is is the complaint, right? a lot of conservatives say this is obamacare light. the concern basically just takes some bad parts of obamacare and doesn't do enough to fundamentally fix things. rand paul, is apparently tweeting out about this. he just came from the white house. he said he wants to make things better. are you going to be able to meet someone like rand paul, even if you're donald trump, are you going to meet him in the middle? ted cruz some of the moss initial outspoken critics of this? your thoughts on that, ford? >> well here's the thing. 200 billion to play with, carveouts for some of these folks. i think you get ted cruz putting
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more money into health savings accounts. he is big understanding person is better controlling money than the government. i'm not sure you ever get rand paul to come around unless basically mitch mcconnell, puts kentucky stranglehold on him. folks like collins, murkowski, heller. understand think get the best deal possible. there is a risk in 2018 of the republicans losing the house. pushing this on to the next election as much as hard right conservatives argue in the media, including fox news's own eric bolling. i fully disagree with that. trish: what did you say about eric? >> eric says we shouldn't do the deal. should kick it on down the line. put pressure on democrats after the 2018 election. my response to eric, is very smart guy, simply this. we'll lose seats in the house.
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trish: americans sent republicans to the white house to capitol hill for a reason. and one of the biggest reasons was to get rid of obamacare. if you're someone looking at sticker shock right now because your premiums have gone through the roof, and you want something different they need to come forward with something different. with that said, mercedes schlapp, fox news contributor. they didn't come up with, what was different you enough. mercedes, look at this. they had eight years. eight years. shame on them for not having something more cohesive they could put forward to actually get people to rally around and change it. >> you know, it is very easy to just say we'll repeal and replace obamacare. it is a completely complicated, convoluted process when you deal with the enormity of our health care system. going back to ford's point, the fact there is is legislative
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constraints. their inability to be able to just do a simple repeal and replace is constricted by the fact that you don't have 60 votes in the senate. you're dealing with budget reconciliation framework which is limiting. when you have to deal with new components to a law, you have to pass legislation that requires 60 votes in the senate. so with that being said, the pressure is on for the republicans to sell the message, to say, look, we need .
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trish: why not stay in washington, d.c. work on this, and try and come to some kind of agreement, so that you can follow through on the promises you made to your cone sit went that sent you there in the first place? >> you're singing from the same hymn book. that is what they should do. lifetime tenure. serve at privilege of people. got to do the job. stay here 4th of july, and 24 hours a day. they came here from washington. to do the people's business. right now they're getting weak-kneed. scared of fact they may lose an election. trish: go ahead, mercedes. >> i do have hope that they. end of july. a lot more negotiation that has to happen, i do have to say mitch mcconnell, if there is one thing the man is masterful at is negotiating .
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>> nice nor senators to take extra week. they will be working with the districts. how to get the bill passed. trish: tell you who does not like this. draw up sectors. getting hurt the most right now, team will work on that for you. we work on market now off 75 points. so the realty is. looking basically below the session. i would temper this. on the dow. nasdaq getting hit harder. here is good news for you. financials actually doing
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despite all this. health care stocks, are rather mixed right now. throw that board up as well. energy is another one to keep eye on, energy week at white house. [no audio. >> back end of medicaid to get susan colins of the world. if you do that that is reconciliation. maybe done before or after july. in regard to democrats. invite them to the table. just about repealing obamacare.
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>> great question for you. what is repairing obamacare? you guys have been saying this for two weeks. when dick durbin changes talking points i know i'm being sold a sucker's bet. what is it to repair obamacare. get rid of mandate. we can pass the bill up right now in united states senate. >> what is on jibbing shunnable to republicans and democrats is, get rid of mandate, right? you you have massive tax cuts and cutting medicaid. >> that is another lie. we are not cutting medicaid. >> of course you are. you are cutting it and capping it. >> that is not true. trish: no, no. scott. hang on. i'm going to settle this debate because once again coming down to your use of a verb, to cut, right? there is nothing in the way of cutting here. the amount of money that is being spent on medicaid is continuing to grow. and i want to simplify this for people. think about it like this.
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if your household, say you make $30,000 one year and you're spending $20,000, and then, the next year, maybe you make, a little bit more, but you spend a little bit less. scott, a lot of democrats would tell you, you have cut your spending, regardless of the fact, forgive me if you're spending more. so in other words, you may actually see that spending still increase at a certain percentage rate, but for the left, if you don't keep it at same percentage rate, you did the year before. they see this as a cut. that is misappropriation of words. period. >> trish, can i talk real quick. trish: scott, respond, i go to mercedes. >> what i mean, can't have obamacare and mandate without medicaid expansion right. so in order to have medicaid expansion you're putting more dollars into it. trish: but you are putting more dollars into it. >> we're putting 73 billion a
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year, versus 200. >> if you take that away, if you take that away, you will lose up to 22 or 23 million in coverage if you will. that is simple equation. trish: you're forgetting a couple things. let her said get in, people are making a decision not to have health care. they are making a calculated decision, that is one reason why you have people. >> that will kill your insurance pool too. trish: the other part, you are spending more. so don't say you're not. you are spending more. this is not a cut. >> how are you spending more in medicaid. trish: mercedes, go ahead. >> what i find troubling from democrats, one in four citizens to be on medicaid. this is a program that was designated for in the past, historically for the poor around disabled. so what you're doing is, that medicaid has become the hidden single-payer system that the democrats are dreaming about. it is about entitlement expansion for the democrats.
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so we have to ask ourselves, is medicaid the only way for these individuals to get and have to have health insurance. is there a different way, is there more innovative way not government-run, not government-expansion. medicaid is not the best quality when it comes to health care. >> what is the answer to your question? >> what individuals, what -- >> what is the answer to your question? >> not enough. all i'm saying scott, you think it is accessible for one in four citizens to use medicaid? you're leaning toward single-payer which is exactly what you guys got. >> i think it is acceptable to keep 22 million people covered. however you want to come up with that, if you don't -- >> i want be able for those americans, i want hose americans to prosper. i want them to have economic opportunities. >> if they're poor and elderly they can't prosper. >> we take them off the dependency. >> that is pipe-dream. medicaid is pipe-dream comes to health care. >> mean and cruel.
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>> mean and cruel? >> mean and cruel. trish: to ask people to be seven sufficient. i would say that is core part of who we are as americans. these are american values. you take care of yourself, take care of your family. the government helps those who help themselves. on that note as we look -- >> we don't take care of each other? really trish? trish: of course we take care of each other. >> exactly. we agree on something. trish: but we take care of each other but we need to help people to move forward so that they can get off the spigot from government, right this why keep them on that. enable them to help themselves. >> what is the republican plan for that? what is it? they don't have one. they can't pass a health care bill for eight years. >> that is not true. >> they haven't passed it. it is embarrassing. it is embraering. >> they don't have affordable health care scott. they don't even have health insurance. >> because the republicans are killing it making market
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unstable. [all talking at once] trish: i'm going to jump in, play referee go down to the market right now where we find nicole petallides. because nicole, we have a market off 4points, near the lows of the session. look it could be worse. seeing trepidation right now on wall street. seeing some concerns that look, if they can't get this through, maybe don't get whole agenda through, people are anxious for it. >> it's a selloff. led we're looking at, technology and utilities. those are under pressure. to your point trish. we are hitting market lows at this time. the low of the day, 21,328. we're right off the lows. from top to bottom, it is over 110 points, from this morning opened up to the upside. throughout the day has been dwindling lower. you see intense drop-off. you know now vote has been pushed off after congress's
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july 4th recess, now that brings back a little bit of uncertainty. i will say that most people still believe that something goes through, health care bill in particular. focusing on janet yellen, her comments made at british academy, basically saying we're seeing much more financial stability, i'm paraphrasing since 2008. and lending that is happening. can never rule out another financial crisis. just basically saying that. also that the regulators, really need to watch how much they're regulating, burden imposed on those regulated, overregulated. technology, trish, get worst of the bunch of it. names down 2%. trish: did she give any indication what is she wants to do on interest rates at all, nicole? >> i didn't see any about that. more about capital in our system. structure, how much it had improved. trish: let's get back to capitol hill, right now, everyone.
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i still have the panel here with me. we cooled off just a little bit. we have mercedes, scott and ford back with me. we were debating sort of the essence of does the government make sure that it is there to help those that can help themselves or does the government continue to be there in people's lives so they can live off the government effectively and not be working towards any type of end goals? some sort of fundamental differences i think perhaps how the left and right see things. ford, you and i talked about it in the past. there is sense of victimization. you have to keep that victimization going. people just can't manage on their own. we should not be forcing them to manage on their own because at the end of the day, this is all about votes. >> well it absolutely is all about the votes. let me tell you something else why democrats will jump in and vote. not just president obama's legacy. basically the pinnacle and leg
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of democratic liberal thinking progressive thinking if you will is universal health care. couple of points, one, we're not cutting medicaid. we're adding 73 billion a year versus 231 billion under president obama. another point, even at rate we're funding it with president obama and trying to make it a single-payer system, under obamacare it is actually going bankrupt by 2028. whole democratic idea turn america with assistive living home with military, we need not to put a a gun to people's head to force them to buy a bad government product. to allow them to put money back in their hands, make their choices for themselves and their family. scott, one quarter of doctors don't take medicaid. you're giving them absolutely nothing. >> 75% do. listen that is great political rhetoric. great republican rhetoric. talk about reality. when the republicans talk about
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legislation like this, the reality is, people need help. the top 10 states that get the most entitlements, top 10 red states, mostly from the south. this is not real think that people don't need help. the republicans are only concerned about tax breaks and tax breaks and wealth transfer, if you will. that is really what this -- trish: no. no. let's be realists here. mercedes tell us how the insurers, actually hang tight, mercedes. gerri willis is joining us as well. you tell us how all the insurers are getting out state after state, saying we can't do business here because it is not economical for us to be engaged in this. in other words you have to create a marketplace environment where you have customers and you have those that are serving customers, i.e., insurance companies. they have to be engaged. >> you have that absolutely right, trish. look, last you numbers i saw, 44 counties in the country have no
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insurers of 2018 as of this moment. numbers i saw recently, this is fascinating, 41% of u.s. counties will only have one choice in 2018. that is not a marketplace. that is single-payer. these insurers can not make due under this regime. they struggle to put together some kind of a product. let me he say this negotiation, ticktock for rest of the year, right up until the eve of exchanges to 2018. these insurers. [no audio.
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trish: seems to think companies to altruism. >> no, as matter of fact. your guest was talking. i completely agree with her. reason for agreeing with her, isn't because obamacare is dying on the vine? because republicans are killing it on the vine. i would pull out if it was uncertainty coming out of -- trish: happened before. she is still there, to talk us through the timeline. you can't blame republicans for this. this is a flawed system to make insurers, will pull out -- >> but republicans have not invested in obama care. they have not invested advertising it and reaching out to others. >> this was your baby. this was obama's baby.
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they spent plenty of money, marketing. those health care. got too expensive for those young people to get on the obamacare. got too expensive. they were counting on it. >> republicans made it unstable. it doesn't happen. it didn't happen, scott. >> republicans are frying to fix mess democrats and president obama created. >> in interrim they have not invested in the current system. >> in the interim, they tried to make it. in interim -- >> trish, trish. trish: still looking at some mixed -- >> keep it positive. trish: thank you, scott. we're looking at marco rubio on capitol hill, talking with colleagues, health care stocks right now. we're looking at mixed bag. look here is reality, when we separate fact from fiction.
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health care companies have pulled out of certain markets because they can not financially make it work. now it has to get fixed. people have to have access to health care. marco rubio there talking to reporters. we are waiting on mitch mcconnell. people need access to health care. they need to be working around the clock whatever it take. >> it is no surprise that republicans can't get together on this. they have been, it has been like herding cats for anybody trying
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get group of folk together. they need a common ground, a final place to put to the public we're together on this. this is on their shoulders. as you say the democrats failed to come up with a. >> there were a lot of people out there warning of this initially. everybody being caught up in the idea, left basically pushing this ahead. this this is all at stake. >> what do you think we hear from sean spicer. who will massage this little bit as well. two minute warning to spicer. >> what spicer will say, this is time for discussion and negotiation.
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which can not stop with this. push through bills through state lines. we have to push bills through, that do not allow hospital administrators. to set prices for a lot of goods cat scan, other items. [no audio. >> basically say we'll move forward on negotiations. from sean spicer. i think, huckabee, sarah huckabee is doing briefing.
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they will basically saying president trump will urge as a man and push you senators to get this bill passed the time is now. we're running out of time. very limited window, legislative calendar for less than 45 days. they recognize that the pressure is on. i think for president trump and his team, they have to keep applying that pressure on the senate republicans to get this thing done. trish: quickly listen in to sarah huckabee sanders. see if she has anything to say on health care. i do to remind viewers. we'll go straight to mitch mcconnell .
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be here today to share a little bit of observation that i have relative to energy week. this week the trump administration will bring together state, tribal, business, labor all together one room, happily sitting down and discussing how we're going forward. what the path forward is for u.s. energy dominance. and president trump wants wants to achieve energy dominance using abundanat resources lear and abroad. energy dominance, america moons self-reliance. secure nation.
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free from the geopolitical turmoil of other nations who seek to use energy as an economic weapon, and energy dominant america will export the markets around the world, increasing global leadership and our influence. at doe and across the administration we're ending bureaucratic blockade that has hindered american energy creation. united states has been net energy exporter, excuse me, a net energy importer since 1953, almost, almost as long as i have been alive. but thanks to innovation, technology advancements, we're on the brink of changing this, and in very important elements of an american energy portfolio. 10 years ago people would never
2:34 pm
have guessed that by 2018 the united states is expected to be a net energy exporter. of natural gas. we exported u.s. lng to trading partners in europe and asia. it will lead to robust job growth and expansion in every sector of our economy. this week we will also reaffirm our commitment to clean energy. pro-environment, been perpetuated by the obama administration to set up a false argument. we can do good for both. we will. there was one fact missing from headlines about the u.s. withdrawal from the paris agreement.
2:35 pm
that is the united states already leads the world in lowering emissions. we've done this through innovation and technology, not by signing agreements. the paris agreement put taxpayer on the hook for a costly deal. it is a billion dollars already out the door. thankfully this president has good sense to step in before billions more had been committed. we've already seen the fruits of innovative, clean, technology like ccus, car ban capture utilization, sequestration. that petra nova plant on outskirts of houston, texas, uses a process removing 90% of carbon dioxide after coal is burned in energy in a clean way. it enhances carbon for enhanced recovery. instead of preaching about clean energy. this administration will act on it.
2:36 pm
i believe no clean energy portfolio is truly complete without nuclear power. so does the president. if you want to see the environment and the climate that we live in affected in positive way, you must include nuclear energy with zero emissions in your portfolio. do it safe, thought fully, do it economically. under the leadership of the united states the world can benefit from that. this administration believes that nuclear energy development can be a game-changer and an important player in the development of our clean energy portfolio globally. i believe we can achieve this, focus on development of technology, for instance, advanced nuclear reactors, small, modular reactors. under present trump's leadership, we will continue to
2:37 pm
advocate, for a very broad, all of the above energy portfolio to allow the united states to achieve energy independence, dramatically reducing our trade deficits and create jobs. beyond the 6.4 million americans who are currently employed in that sector, we look forward to hearing from americans this week how we best move forward to reduce unnecessary government regulation and bureaucracy, to promote jobs and economic growth in the energy sector. for years they have been overregulated by washington politicians and bureaucrats who believe they knew best. the lecturing is over with. and now, it is time that we listen. with that i will attempt to answer your questions. >> on nuclear power what specifically do you want to do to accelerate its development?
2:38 pm
as has been seen in georgia, there are still problems. the obama administration green-lighted two plants. they're bogged down, primary because a lot of american companies haven't built nuclear power plant in three decades. there is technology gap there. how do you deal with that? number two, if this administration advances production of nuclear power does it believe yucca mountain needs opened up or reconsidered as repository for nuclear waste? >> that is very astute question you ask about the issue. for 30 years the supply chain nuclear energy to play a portfolio.
2:39 pm
industry is one of the challenges. not just the night from standpoint of our having an energy source that is reliable. that is zero emission. about america maintaining our, rye gaining maybe a better, regaining a better world our leadership role in nuclear energy. russians and chinese are actively engaged in, across the board, globally, to go put their technology to gain and leverage their political place, if you will, using nuclear energy as one of the levers. so, this is a lot bigger issue than just allowing the united states a couple of plants in the southern part of the united states. it is a lot bigger than that. it's a lot bigger than just making sure westinghouse continues to be a stable american company. this is is a massively important
2:40 pm
issue for security of america. and the security for america's allies. so keeping that -- trish: i'm going to jump in. we'll leave the energy secretary aside, listen right now to mitch mcconnell. >> in our conference, on differences that we have, that we're continuing to try to litigate. consequently we're not be on the bill this week. we're still working towards getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. we're going down to the white house at 4:00. president invited us to come down. white house very much involved in these discussions. they're very anxious to help. we appreciate the invitation. i hope all of our members will head down. i think that will likely be the case. >> schedule may have changed a little bit.
2:41 pm
one thank that hasn't changed, obamacare is collapsing. it is failed system. it needs to it be replaced. we believe in the legislation that we're trying to get up here on the senate floor, considered there will take america in better direction. it will help bring stability to the marketplace. it will bring affordability to people he across this country who are suffering under the curse of high premiums and high deductibles and high out-of-pocket costs. so much so since 2013 in the individual ya'll market premiums have doubled. that has to be addressed. we want to assure coverage people have for coverage for preexisting conditions. we also want to make sure medicaid is sustainable. not just for today but for future as well. we need more flexibility to design programs that make sense for their population. experiments that for example, worked around the country operating in much more cost effective and efficient way.
2:42 pm
delivering high quality health care to people in individual states. those are our objectives. those continue to be our objectives. as i said, schedule may changed a little bit, we're intent on rescuing americans from a failed system that has driven up their costs, made it more difficult for them to find coverage. >> the pain of obamacare continues to get worse around the country. i was in wyoming this past weekend, visiting a hospital talking to doctors, nurses patients. many impacted in a bad way by the obama health care law. just had a woman in the office this morning from a small community in wyoming. lost her insurance when obama care came into play. that was good enough for her and her family. apparently wasn't god enough for the democrats. she now, she and her husband have a policy, expensive in cost. $6500 for her as well as 6500 for her husband.
2:43 pm
he says we will not go to a doctor. counted as somebody insured under obamacare, according to them he doesn't have usable insurance. republican proposal, number of key points to it. we eliminate the dreaded mandates that people across the country hate that you have to buy a government approved product. we eliminate all the taxes. we return a lost authority to individuals and states getting things out of washington, same amount of money, helping more people, more patients more families with health care. washington. we feel it is very important in terms of putting medicaid on sustainable path for the future, the states need authority to do it in the right way. medicaid was initially set up to help poor women, children and the disabled, and it is taken in a direction way different than
2:44 pm
that with bonus payments, to sign people up for obamacare, able-bodied, working age individuals. finally our proposal really focuses on this incredible high cost of insurance people faced with. doubling rates of obamacare. what we do, looking at these rates, cbo has scored. actually lowers the rates for insurance 30%. couple years from now. that is what people are screaming about at home. increasing rates, and projections for next year are even higher under obamacare. obamacare is a bust. it is going off a cliff. democrats are saying stay on board. we're trying to rescue the american people from this bus that they're on. >> [inaudible] >> we continue to talk about it. this is very complicated subject. i remember how challenging it was for democrats when they were enacting this 2009, 2010, a big
2:45 pm
complicated discussion. a lot is going on. we're optimistic we'll get. >> were there on going discussions -- >> they're not interested in participating with us. >> [inaudible] what is the process to go back to recalibrate -- you spent a lot of time in private. why not get them involved in your conference? isn't that indictment once you -- [inaudible] >> no. >> why not. >> no, on going discussion. members have, want, several of them want more time. we have. number of discussions going on for six weeks. they continue. this is big, complicated subject. if some of you ever covered a complicated bill, they're hard to pull together, hard to pass. >> [inaudible].
2:46 pm
>> he is a president, very involved. over the last week, talking to members individually. he wanted to talk to all of us together today. i think that is helpful. and, look, legislation of this complexity almost always take as longer than anybody else would hope but we're going to press on. we think the status quo is unsustainable. all the obvious reasons we discussed over and over again. and we're optimistic we'll get to a result better than the status quo. >> the president just to he.
2:47 pm
[inaudible]. s. >> well, we always anticipated the president would be very important in getting to us a conclusion. after all under our system he is the man with the signature. an in early stages it candidly been kind of a waste of his time in the early stages. we need to get far enough down the path, a few issues. >> we heard from senator mcconnell. they're giving up. we're back with me. we heard a little bit of a dig there, mercedes, some of the
2:48 pm
recorders they knew they didn't like obama care. realizing, on what you're going to put forward ahead of time. so that when you actually get there you have something to work with. i understand it commodity hely indicated. this is hugely complicated. all this is not a business. dealing with these very individual opinionated senators that are going to be involved in the process. add to that the fact that you have a limited legislative framework within that you can work in, with, which is budget reconciliation process. had to that the fact that democrats.
2:49 pm
as mitch said, are not interested in helping. not only it is complicated, enormous path ahead. but there is possible involvement actually getting it done. this needs association, so critically important right now. getting them to a place where the conservatives feel, while we're slowing down growth of medication, not taking the rug from underneath americans. so i think that if they're able to find a bit of this common ground, we'll get there. this is very governing body. we still don't have enough to get across. >> realistically what time frame look like, ford. keeping put artificial deadlines on themselves. would i argue are hurting themselves in the process. nonetheless there is expectation that they got to do something, right. they have been sent there for a reason. they have got to follow through,
2:50 pm
i don't know how they get midterms. they run on nothing. >> i think mitch mcconnell said the right thing. it is a moral i am tear tiff, status quo can not hold. we have to stablize medicaid. we have to stabilize individual markets. the specific question, trish. this whole thing needs to be done by september 30th. to pass legislation through by a reconciliation. we know we're going to do it, democrats will tell us, they want to help us on corporate tax reform. no they don't. we'll have to do this twice, okay? we'll have to get this up by september 30th. quickly shift to tax reform and get that done by april. that is it. you you have you got to get both done. trish: next is so important. democrats not willing to help postively on anything, scott? >> i couldn't disagree with that, with all that being said, there is not a lot to like in the bill for democrats. democrats have decided to fight.
2:51 pm
>> post office you wouldn't vote for it. trish: let your guard down for a moment. chuck schumer now. >> democrats held pictures of working families who would be hurt by trumpcare. republicans were in their lunch with steve wynn, a multibillionaire, who would have benefited with the a huge tax cut. we're talking about average american working people. they're talking about multibillionaires. that did why they're in such trouble. their bill helps wealthy. we're here trying to hurt, or help american families. we know the fight is not over. that is for sure. we're not resting on any laurels.
2:52 pm
nor do we feel any sense of accomplish mint. other than we are making progress with the american people are listening to our arguments. over next couple weeks, leader mcconnell will try to use a slush fund to buy off republicans, cut back-room deals, to try to get this thing done. we're going to watch this bill. and all of the machinations, closed doors, behind closed doors, like a hawk. but the truth is, as cbo made clear yesterday, the republicans can not excise the rotten core at the center of their health care bill. no matter what tweaks they may add in the next week 1/2, no matter how the bill changes around the edges, it is fundamentally flawed at the center. the american people don't want medicaid/ed.
2:53 pm
they don't want help they need to fight opioid addiction, to help their parents in nursing homes. to help those with preexisting conditions. just to help the average person who needs food health care. american people don't want all that changed an eliminated. the republican bill is rotten at the core. the american people are not for big tax breaks for wealthiest americans. nor for dramatically cutting health care. that is why the bill has about 1% popularity in america. -- 17% popularity in america. even trump voters don't like it. that will not change with a tweak that wins over this senator or that. no matter what last minute amendments are offered. the bill will force americans to spend more of their paychecks on health care, to receive fewer benefits, so that the wealthiest
2:54 pm
americans pay less in taxes. until republicans abandon that core, that core, that rotten core, they're not going to succeed. in winning the american people over, and makes it much less likely succeed getting a bill done, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. the ultimate reason this bill fails is because the american people just didn't like it. it is not what america stands for. now you say, will you work with your republican colleagues? we want to. we have two suggestions. first, abandon tax breaks for the wealthy. abandon cuts to medicaid. abandon repeal. we can sit down, and talk about improving health care. we think the aca has done good. we're the first to say it needs further improvement. we want to sit down to talk to you about it. we'll not be in a position where we say, okay, only 15 million
2:55 pm
people will be uncovered. we'll support that bill. billionaires will only get a 40,000-dollar tax break instead of a 57,000-dollar tax break. that is not the kind of compromise we're talking about. they really need some structural revision. we have second suggestion for our republican colleagues to work with us. abandon the closed-door secret process they have used. go to regular order. have committee hearings, allow amendments. and go back to the idea that you need 60 votes, a bipartisan majority to pass a bill, we can start over again and work together and try to get some improvements in our health care system. but if our republican colleagues stick to this base bill, which so hurts working families, which so benefits multimillionaires around then almost alone, we'll
2:56 pm
fight bill tooth and nail. we have a darn good chance of defeating it, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. senator durbin. >> for the last several is months, new republican majority in senate and house we've seen a national debate on health care. i think it was long overdue. the net result of it, today, more americans support the affordable care act than at the beginning of the debate. people reflect on what we set out to achieve with the affordable care act, how fundamentally positive it was for them and their families. to get rid of problems of preexisting conditions, make sure everybody had access to quality insurance, to provide medicaid for those people with low income jobs and no benefits. first time in their lives now have medical insurance coverage. to provide a subsidy, help to middle income families to pay for insurance premiums.
2:57 pm
these things are taken for granted. people appreciate those fundamental values and principles are important for the future of the health care system. republicans didn't get it from the start. they thought if they said we're against obamacare, that is all they had to say. american people demand more from leadership. not just to oppose something, but a better idea. the republicans failed to come up with the better idea. they asked me my reaction to the news from senator mcconnell. it is not jubilation, it is relief, for 22 million americans will not lose health insurance from the republican plan, including from my home state of illinois. relief from citizens paying dramatic increases for health insurance. relief from rural hospitals in down state illinois, the heart of the red section of our state went strongly for donald trump, these were hospitals that were in danger according to the hospital association, of cutting back services and employees.
2:58 pm
maybe some of them even closing. i feel some relief. but i don't think this party is over. i think we're going to have to address this issue and should from this point forward. it isn't based as senator schumer said on bill that is introduced. this republican he repeal bill is not some fine wine that gets better with age. it turns sour. the reason it turns sour, people understand what is included in this republican package. they are not going to buy on to the idea that in order. trish: you've been hearing democratic response to what the republicans were unable to do. and as typical chuck schumer fashion, he really went to the jugular, calling bill republicans proposed absolutely rotten to the core. mercedes, you know, part of the problem here is, some of the fundamental flaws, and by the way, that was chuck schumer, fundamentally flawed, may have to do with something else though. this may be something that is they can't actually tackle.
2:59 pm
that is that, insurance is insurance, right? health care is health care. and reality is, you can't go running to the doctor for everything expect insurance to cover it. just like if you're in a car accident, versus a fender bender, you have to shell out some money out-of-pocket. that is perhaps the core of what we're talking about. americans they want full on health coverage. but the private marketplace, they don't care to offer that. >> that is absolutely right. i think part of it is, americans having that responsibility, yes, part of it is they have to budget some of this money for their health care. that is a priority in families budgets for the most part. bigger issue here, have individual market, it is right now, in a critical moment, under crisis because of obamacare. where individuals have seen premiums just increase
3:00 pm
dramatically. that it is unsustainable. i have to leave it there. coming up on the hour liz: as soon as sarah huckabee sanders, who is of course the white house press secretary adjunct, as soon as she gets in front of the microphones, then open the press conference to other discussions, we know that some of the first questions will be about the


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