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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  July 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> turns out republicans are better tippers, averaging 20%. >> democrats averaging 15%. >> that's because they like to spend other people's money. risk and reward starting right now. liz: we're digging through the antitrump coverage to get to the facts of what is being done to get the u.s. back on track. congress now back at work on president trump's pro growth agenda. their top priority repeal or replace obamacare. and now a very tight deadline. a new draft of a bill as soon as maybe this week with a vote next week. welcome to risk and reward, i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. now, the markets are closing mixed today with the nasdaq and the s&p ending higher as tech stocks led the way. we have a new fox poll. shows voters going even more negative on the dc swamp. voters now have a better opinion of the administration.
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melania trump, vice president, and the president leading other politicians including republicans and democrats in the dc swamp by double digits. now, president trump pushing for a legislative victory saying quote i cannot imagine that congress would dare to leave dc without a beautiful, new health care bill fully approved and ready to go. while the democrats are still fear mongering, the latest from vermont senator bernie sanders now slamming the gop health care bill. estimating it will be nine times worse than the losses we suffered on 9/11. that's a quote. former trump campaign chief operating officer jeff with me now. all right. let's stay on bernie sanders for a second. i mean, timing is one thing. the muslim pro sharia activist linda just declared jihad on the white house. i wonder how the people of new york, pennsylvania, and dc, the victim's families will feel about bernie sanders comparing policy to terrorist attacks. what do you think? >> it's not only uncalled for,
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but it's very unsenaterrial, and i would expect more out of sanders. this is what the american people have voted for. almost every republican lawmaker ran on a antiobamacare platform, and it's now time to deliver on the promises made to the people. that plane and simple. i fully agree with president trump that it is time to get a bill done and nobody should be going on vacation. liz: jeff, bernie sanders and his crowd, they're pushing for failure of the gop bill because they want single pair. we do get to that in a second. but, you know, second pair under the veteran affairs single pair system according to the inspector general, 307,000 vets may have died waiting for care. this records were stalled at the va. so it's really single pair that's the issue; right? i mean, he's -- it's a disgrace to compare it to 9/11. i tell you, if he doesn't face blow back, i think the lawmakers are -- bernie sanders, you just brought it to a new low. go ahead. >> well, the va is a perfect
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example of how the government fails miserably at handling health care and how anybody could assume that we want the government to handle all the health care over the country. it would be a terrible mistake. in addition to the fact that there are estimates outer that if it was single pair, it would cost $3.2 trillion over the next ten years. where in the world would we get that money? it doesn't exist. so, no, it's a bad idea. we need less government in health care. we don't need more government in health care. liz: and collapse vermont bernie sanders home state. even before it was implemented, just the idea was collapsing it when they tried to implement single pair in vermont. we have just three weeks before the august recess until they have to get it done. you see this, senator grassley now warning the republicans could go from senate majority to senate minority. mitch mcconnell is horse trading like never before. what do you think? >> if we go as republicans from senate majority to minority, it won't be because we got something done, it will be because nothing got done.
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the american people are fed up with a congress and a senate that talks but delivers nothing. so if we want to hold a majority and increase that majority, we have to deliver on the promises. plain and simple. so, again, i default to president trump. you look at obamacare as an example, it's failing miserably. here in arizona, we've seen the premiums over double. people can't afford to do anything with obamacare. so it's failed. it's done, and you look back as he just mentioned, you know, some people claim that was the democrat's plan all along is that obamacare would fail and force the country into single pair. but the american public have given republicans now the majority in the senate house and the white house. and with the expectation that they will deliver on repealing obamacare. and now it's time to do that. >> you know, jeff, about the fear mongering, hillary care, remember hillary clinton tried to reform the health care system under bill clinton. and that was similar to obamacare. hillary care was criticized as, you know, creating possibly the death of thousands.
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look at more fear mongering from the dnc chair tom perez. he claims if obamacare is repealed, hundreds of thousands of americans will die, and he will have to institutionalize his autistic son. let's watch. >> 200,000 people will die if the affordable care act is repealed. >> that's rhetoric. >> don't take my word for it. these are the assessments of people who have looked at the bill. 22million people are going to lose their lifeline. liz: politicians who are fear mongering, not people who have looked at the bill. they're talking about people who are making choices. and if they don't pay the band-aid tax, they could get the insurance they want. this is all hyperbole. and, by the way, jeff, reporters have not heard back from tom perez at the dnc on why tom perez feels he would institutionalize without government assistance. what's your reaction? >> you know, the democrats
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always spend money we don't have and basically spend our children's money and make them pay for it is the emotional arguments using strawmen and fake figures. the bottom line right now is we should not be spending our children's money and grandchildren's money and making them pay for the bills of today. we have to be if i doily responsible. that's basically what tom perez is advocating. liz: they're not cutting medicaid, they're cutting the growth rate of medicaid. 29% higher medicaid spending under obama. able-bodied on it now. aworst fundraising month since 2003. and ten democrat senators running in states trump won. go ahead, jeff. >> well, tom perez is running the d nc nearest the way the democrats run the government. he came into office, he fired everybody off the pa bat, and now says he wants to double
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the budget of the d nc. but they're raising less money. and that's what the government -- that's what the democrats do with government. they want to double budget, double spending, but they can't pay for it. so the dnc is absolutely imploding. he ran on no platform. he came on basically as the democrats way to keep out keith, the bernie sanders wing of the party, but he just has no platform and no leadership at the organization. which as a lifelong republican, i very much enjoy, and i think all republicans would like to see him stay with the dnc for many years to come but if it fails, we've got democrats increasingly committing to supporting single pair health care. they're calling it medicare for all. again, that bankrupted bernie sanders home state. elizabeth warren wants medicare for all. i mean, is this gaining traction? to your point, it's going to cost trillions over a decade if they do it. >> 3.2 trillion to be exact. look, one of the failing
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problems of obamacare was that just lumped everybody into one risk pool and made healthy people pay for the sick people. now what you're saying is let's keep doing that but make the government foot the bill for everything, which is a terrible idea. so it won't work. it will fail. it will cause taxation to go through the roof. what we have to get back to as a country is opportunity for all and economic growth. these are not policies which will support that. getting rid of obamacare and going back to free market solutions do support that. so that's what we have to get done. and every republican senator right now should be bulking down to deliver on the promises right now. liz: thank you, jeff. we love having you go on the show. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. liz: a new revelation shows former fbi director james comey may have broken his own agency's rules. here's what's going on. more than half of those nine memos that comey wrote to himself about his conversations with president trump about the russia investigation reportedly contain government records. the political website media outlet called the hill says
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these memos, some of them could contain classified information. now, comey, remember, he gave his memos to a friend in order to leak them to the press in hopes of getting a special prosecutor now robert muller. throughout, comey never leaked information showing the president was not under investigation. comey defended his leak in testimony last month arguing they were his personal records. experts are now saying, no, they're not. they're government documents. listen. >> yeah, my view was that the content of those unclassified memorialization of those conversations was my recollection recorded. liz: all right. the president blasted back saying james comey leaked classified information to the media. that is so legally. let's bring in the executive director of the american center for law and justice. joins me now. good to see you, jordan. >> good to see you, liz. liz: now, comey's memos contain classified material. isn't it legally to share it?
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>> absolutely. and if his reporting is correct and david richmond is reporting back whether or not the marking were on there or not, as james comey explained during the hillary clinton investigation that that doesn't matter to the officials, he's worried now, the law professor because there's a conspiracy statute to sharing classified information and leaking that kind of information. so it's not just comey leaking it and him being in trouble but the professor himself. and if four of seven have classified information and the professor has admitted now to having four memos, he at least has one memo that was deemed to be -- have classified information with within it. so he had that in his possession. he was unauthorized person to have that. that is a criminal statute, punishable up to ten years in prison. liz: jordan, let's stay on this. because the memos appeared to have the markings by the fbi -- the classified markings on them. so how could james comey ignore the same security protocol that james comey publicly criticized hillary clinton for in the remaining
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days of the election? >> he's a hypocrite. jim comey has been a hypocrite throughout this process. he's gone a step further. i mean, hillary clinton was setting up a server that was improper. jim comey was leaking out classified information. i mean, intentionally. and of course, in this situation. he's already violating the rule because remember, also important to this. the fbi deeming this government property. so we now can start from the beginning in the criminal code and say we look at government records provisions that have nothing to do with whether they're classified or not. that is a crime. so taking this government records. that's a crime. then if they're classified, that's a second crime. the espionage act crime. then if you have a conspiracy to share with your friend. third crime. so jim comey has -- i mean, just a base level. i think already got them pretty easy on misdemeanors. the question is how many felonies could you add up at this point? liz: you know, jordan, comey's actions some critics have said what kind of message are you sending the rest of the
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intelligence community that you, such a high level individual leaked -- and the flip side of that too is leaking is par for the course, clearly because james comey was so comfortable doing it. and we have former house oversight chair jason chaffetz saying comey repeatedly downplayed the security level of his memos. let's take a listen. >> the fbi director multiple times has testified and in his public comments has said whether or not they're marked as classified does not matter. it's the content. regardless, you cannot take a government record and just hand it out to your buddy. liz: i mean, we're talking also about people who oversee our nation's secrets. does this show comey's disregard. >> absolutely. i mean, he is -- these are individuals at the highest level of law enforcement who are disregarding basic training they receive for all law enforcement officials. people who handle our taxes
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like the privacy act that also includes the president of the united states. you cannot just disclose every information you have as a government record on individuals without authority to do so. and he did not have authority to do so. he has repeatedly done this. that's now he's being fired and now the question is whether he's fired, two additional questions. what criminal charges will jim comey face and grand jury being paneled. i hope at least as the investigation has done and number two, because the entire did idea was the special counsel was based on memos, memos now that we know had classified information that were at least one of them illegally classified and given to this law professor because he just admitted that he got four of the seven and so at least one of his four had classified information. there's another crime right there. liz: jordan, thank you so much. really appreciate it. we love having you go on the show. come back soon. victory in the battle against isis in the strategic iraqi
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northern city mosul following a bloody eight-month battle. the terror group has held the city for the past eight years. it has impounded u.s. aircraft. the secretary of state tillerson saying quote i congratulate prime minister and the iraqi people on their liberation of mosul. this is a critical milestone in the global fight against isis and underscores the success of the international effort led by the iraqi security forces. let's get to the markets closing mix with the dow down slightly. the nasdaq and the s&p ending higher as tech stocks lead the way. online retail giant amazon rising nearly 2% ahead of prime day starting tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. it's a 30-hour -- 30-hour shopping spree. we have this for you as well. social media messaging appear. that is snap. dipping to $16.99 a share. it broke down below $17 ipo price back in march. you next, the cbs contributor blasting the youth of the
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political insult referring to people as quote snowflakes. >> i'm a snowflake and so are you. your children are snowflakes and so are mine. to those on the right and the left, enough with snowflake. liz: coming up, we have america's pit bull of personal development. he is larry winget. he disagrees, and he is here to responding. and also this white house senior adviser kellyanne conway duking it out with cnn's chris cuomo this weekend over cnn's bias coverage of president trump. we've got the highlights after s
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you have donald jr. who went from saying i never met with -- >> i think america matters. people keep saying opposition research the way you guys constantly vomit words like collusion and interference, all of which you have no evidence. you were just able to speak two minutes uninterrupted, and i frankly think it was more punditry. sitting right near you talking about credibility issues. >> i could not have more praud to have that on next to me. >> you're invested in months now as a network in something that simply doesn't exist. >> no. that. liz: white house senior adviser kellyanne conway duking it out with cnn chris cuomo this morning over the network's coverage of president trump. time warner, parent company of cnn closing the day in the red. we're going to bring in -- joining me now, media analysis, he is tim graham. good to see you, tim. >> thanks.
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liz: so chris cuomo busy and cnn reporting about donald jr. donald trump jr. meeting with the individual from russia during the campaign and not really panning out according to new york times. nothing came of that meeting. you know, people out there want to hear how government is fostering growth; right? policy debates; right? >> well, that's not what they're getting from the networks. you know, we've been documenting that here that the network evening newscast has been spending 350 minutes talking about this and five minutes about the economy. i mean, this is what we've seen. and nobody really does this quite to the same extent that cnn does. they love when it says trump met with the criminal lynn's best lawyer. this came from ted turner who used to do these glorious documentaries about how the kremlin was with the people. a lot of people enjoy this sort of mocking chris cuomo
5:21 pm
like cnn. the c stands for credible. liz: yeah, recent magazine piece interviewed six or half a dozen russian journalists and saying, you know, the u.s. media treats putin like some mastermind. like a strong guy who's pushing around the u.s. election process. they're saying it's chaos over here with what putin's doing. they don't see putin as the u.s. media sees them. and here's kellyanne conway saying cnn was wrong about russia as recently as last week. watch. >> cnn spent a full week plus doing nothing but having these headlines saying president trump is not expected to raise russian interference with president putin. he made it top of the agenda. it was first on the list. pressed him early and often. >> did he press him or ask him whether he did it? >> did cnn say he wasn't going to mention it at all or did they? >> you know that -- >> just aren't true. liz: but here's the issue. do we know if the trump administration is going after
5:22 pm
the russia for medaling in the election? >> well, i think that you've certainly seen. this is not an administration that's been half as soft on russia, as she pointed out, that didn't bring some stupid red reset button to a meeting like hillary clinton did. i think you've seen un ambassador haley being pretty tough on russia at the un. so the idea that somehow russia would try to get donald trump elected so they can get some sort of soft serve ice cream president is not what's happening here. what you really have here is a bunch of networks who cannot accept the fact that hillary clinton lost, that she was just that terrible of a candidate and that their reporting just wasn't that 9-1-1. so they have to assign to it some grand conspiracy theory. liz: do you remember during the election donald trump was asked whether he would accept the election rebuttal, and he wavered a little bit. and hillary blasted him. and now you're right. the democrats are not
5:23 pm
accepting the results, and we have kellyanne conway saying cnn is basically this whole russia medaling thing. now cnn is not interested, according to kellyanne conway and talking about how james comey leaked classified information. watch. >> here's the unfair premise. that we're talking about this again, yet again that you talk about russia more than you talk about america. that the big bombshell of the day is jim comey having classified information. liz: what do you think of that? >> this was more than 30 minutes. most americans would think of 30 minutes being interviewed by chris cuomo was like a long, slow root canal and all he wanted to talk about was russia. so she was obviously right about that. the whole time she was on, that's all he wanted to talk about. so they clearly are obsessed with this story, and they never seem to get an answer they can accept. liz: you know, what about, you
5:24 pm
know, president trump saying, basically, that president obama didn't say anything about russia medaling until -- well, he did give a vague warmer that president obama can d in october. and, you know, this quote that trump is now saying that obama choked. that comes from -- it doesn't come from donald trump and the republican side. it comes out from obama's own adviser quoted anonymously saying what you know? i will of like we sort of choked. >> and they did take some actions, they did warn polling officials that this could happen. but the point is, yes, we didn't have this whole story about how obama's bravely going to take on the russians because, look, it wasn't just obama that thought she was going to win easily. it wasn't just hillary that thought she was going to win easily. it was the entire press core that loves obama and loves hillary who couldn't imagine she was going to lose. so they all sat on it. liz: and still upset about it,
5:25 pm
right, tim? >> well, i mean, it's just hours and hours and hours, you know? russia today, that could be the new title. liz: thank you so much. thanks for coming on the show. we love having you go on. >> thanks. liz: let's get back to the markets. we're talking about tesla right now. it has produced its first lower priced car. called the model three. this is the first $35,000 low end car. that car is going to go, guess what? to the company's billionaire ceo and founder elon musk. he wants that had me for one minute himself. the very first car. he did share this over the weekend. now, tesla is expected to make 30 model three vehicles by the end of the month. tesla ended the day in the green. next up, the attack on the president's family continues. the new york times publishing another. this time of donald trump jr. with anonymous sources. we've got a presidential historian who's going to put it into perspective for you. he says it's a big yawn, historically.
5:26 pm
also the media going after ivanka trump for sitting in the president's seat at the g20. we have a guest saying they would not have made a big deal if it was chelsea clinton. we've got that coming up [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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liz: new york times publishing on donald trump jr. saying he met with the russian lawyer who allegedly had damaging information about hillary clinton. this is during the campaign. donald jr. responded this morning saying quote obviously, i'm the first person on the campaign to ever take a meeting to hear info about an opponent. but nowhere but had to listen. let's take a look at the new york times stock showing stock closing today in the red. a one-month slide right there. my next guest says this is a big yawn. he is presidential story doug. he says historically for campaigns, joins me now. good to see you, doug. >> hi, liz, good to see you.
5:30 pm
liz: we have news right now. donald trump jr. has hired a lawyer to represent him. but, you know, when campaigns get help from foreign countries in order to win elections, is that collusion? >> you know, campaigns have been influenced by foreign governments from the very beginning. people railed against thomas jefferson because they thought he was a tool against the french, and they railed against john doe adams because they thought he was a tool of the english. and in modern times, the chinese government funneled millions of dollars into the clinton reelection campaign, so much that bill clinton and the democrats were investigated by the fbi. there was a congressional hearing, and they had to refund millions of dollars. you remember al gore going to the buddhist temple where straw donors were giving him money. so florida governors always go tried to influence the campaigns of other nation and we try to influence elections in the ukraine and egypt all over the world. it's very common.
5:31 pm
liz: you know, doug, this whole trump conspiracy, again, coming up for the donald jr. story, it feels like one, big basketball air horn. blaring off, something's going to explode, and impeachment is just around the corner. how do you feel about it? >> yeah. you know, if don jr. had not messed with someone, whether they're from russia or indonesia or louisiana who claim they have information on their opponent, he would be guilty of political malpractice. i mean, here hillary clinton had done the uranium one deal for $2 million to the clinton foundation, and she had done the university deal, which made university for $2 million to the clinton foundation. the silicon valley of russia. someone came to a political campaign and said we have information on your political opponent. of course you should listen to that. where else do you think we're going to hear it? do you think cnn, which
5:32 pm
provided the debate questions in advance to hillary clinton's campaign is going to give us information of what the hillary clinton campaign is doing? so opposition research, you have it in business, you have it in law. i can tell you stories -- i may write a book some day if i'm sure i'm going to die within a year that can tell you all kinds of stories of infiltrating opposite camps. it's very common. it's a part of the process of politics. liz: you know, president trump made an interesting statement last week, doug, that if he -- if president trump was winning last -- during the election cycle last time, that president obama would have acted about russia medaling and instead just issuing a stern warning in october. and so that's really the issue; right? i mean, president trump saying obama choked because he thought hillary was going to win. go ahead. >> well, it's a good point. and the point that i raised, and i detail, liz, in my book
5:33 pm
game of thorns, i give dates and times and the whole dramatic story of clinton's relationship with russia. so i mean, this is money exchanged. these are facts. this is not theory. so of course the trump campaign needed to be alert. they wouldn't be doing their duty running for office if they didn't tell us and if they weren't open to hearing any information someone has on their opponent. liz: thank you so much. >> good to see you. liz: coming up, we have a cbs contributor saying we should not use anymore. because we're all basically overdone. we're done with that term. but the pit bull of personal development larry is here to respond. he disagrees. we also have this story for you. ivanka trump harsh criticism facing from the media to sit down in presiden president trump's place in the g20
5:34 pm
meeting on saturday. my next guest says they would have never said anything about it if chelsea clinton did it. after this without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. not just something you can see or touch. a feeling. have to think r
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>> ivanka trump recently took a critical role. >> the president's daughter ivanka trump sat in on meetings at the g20. what's her role? >> senior administration officials are downplaying that this is any big deal. it's a reminder that, you know, president trump is abroad or even when he's
5:38 pm
dealing with policies on the domestic front, it is a family business at times. this is the deal when you're talking about the trump white house. liz: ivanka trump facing harsh criticism for stepping in to take president trump's place at a g20 meeting on saturday. normally absences like that are covered by high ranking officials or aids. president trump says there is a double standard saying if chelsea clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mother as her mother gave her country away, the fake news would say chelsea for president. my political panel joins me now, senior policy analyst and democrat strategist danielle chelsea responded her mother wouldn't allow her to sit there. and when bill clinton was president, chelsea was, like, 14 years old and hillary never won the presidency. >> yeah. absolutely. and you see her trying to remain relevant and potentially float her name as a candidate in the future presidential future, which the
5:39 pm
left absolutely hates. they do not want her to run. but ivanka actually has -- she was part of the official delegation that hosts angela merkel said it's okay for her to be part of the discussion. and the discussion was at a critical moment talking about development in africa, which the initiative that ivanka helped push through would have benefited. liz: you know, hillary clinton was criticized for stepping into reform health care under bill clinton. you don't like this; right? >> no. and i -- you know, there was a lot of controversy over what hillary clinton did, although in a way, what hillary clinton did sort of paved the way for ivanka and for jarod now in a sense. we have the antiinves antinepotism rules because bobby kennedy became attorney general. saying this is outrageous. it's not about democrat or republican. there's a fundamental question about whether this country is a meritocracy or not. the president had a huge amount of digression obviously to choose his advisers. but there are plenty of other people who may have sat at that table who are far more experienced and possibly more helpful to the american people
5:40 pm
than a family member. liz: you know, to your point about angela merkel's defending ivanka, what do you make of what danielle's saying here, patrice? >> i mean, i think it's an interesting point. but, again, this is not just a random family member. this is a woman who has built businesses, international businesses, and who has helped to push forward this initiative that delivered $50 million from the united states to help women entrepreneurs around the country. and, again, as i mentioned from reports, the discussion at the time that the president when he sat out was about development in africa. so if she was a person who was pushing the initiative, wouldn't it make sense for her to be at the table at that time compared to other people? liz: and, danielle, there were reports that teresa may was seen leaving the g20 meeting room at one point. her place was briefly taken by an aid, as we pointed out. is ivanka being singled out because she's a trump? >> possibly. and i think she's receiving stree vitriol in a way
5:41 pm
because what her father is doing is outside the realms of normal political behavior. and some people having a problem with it. i think the main thing that we need to remember is not make this personal or cast her off as a handbag adviser. excuse me a handbag designer. clearly, she has her father's ear. she clearly has some ideas. we need to keep this about the process, and not the person. liz: patrice, danielle, thank you so much. now we have this story for you. following the better than expected june jobs report on friday. more than 220,000 jobs were added. the market took that in stride. so what we're watching right now is for the media reaction for basically how the jobs report is being played out in the media. u.s. employment indicators were basically showing a different mixed report. we're going to have more on the story after the break ♪ ♪
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>> i'm a snowflake and so are you. your children are snowflakes and so are mine. and those who protest the loudest about not being snowflakes. i can see your six fold ice crystals from here. because every person empirically is unique and special and flawed, and we are all at times fragile. snowflakery is simply being human, which makes it a pretty flaky insult. to those on the right and the left, enough with snowflake. it's not a cool insult. liz: the cbs contributor blasting the use of political insult referring to people, usually millennials, as snowflakes. cbs stocks just for kicks, we like to look at stocks. closing higher, though, down over the last three months. closing down around $60 a share. we have new york times best-selling author of a new book called what is wrong with damn near everything. is that the title? >> what is wrong with damn near everything?
5:46 pm
liz: you have picked a lot of best-sellers. >> i have. what is this snowflakes is overused? >> i think it's an accurate description. liz: uh-huh. >> and i think in a society of snowflakes, we should all be the heat. we need to put them in their place. what she said in her analysis was actually accurate halfway. she said we're all unique. that's where it stops. we're not all special. when you start believing you're special, you'll start acting like you're special, and that you need special consideration and special treatment. and that sets you apart from other people, and it puts entitlement. liz: but conservatives don't like to be authoritarian or other names. isn't that the same thing? >> well, you said it was a political statement. i don't believe it's political at all. it's not a political insult. liz: you don't think it's an insult? >> no. i don't think it's political. i think that we have -- liz: but do you think it's an insult? >> no, i don't. again, i think it's a an accurate description. it is labeling, but i don't think it's particularly insulting.
5:47 pm
>> if somebody called you a snowflake, how would you take it? >> that would be a joke. i'm a lot of things but not a snowflake. liz: these protesters around the country, you would call them snowflakes? >> no. i wouldn't. i would call them sore losers. there's a difference. and this goes back to what i talked about in my book. i do believe that we need to show respect for the system, and we've lost that respect. and i think protests are good. i'm all for protests. i'm just not for violent protests, and i'm not for disrupting businesses and school systems. i'm not for any of that. but i think we should all speak up when we see actions that we don't agree with. liz: who do you think are snowflakes? >> i think that the people who are so afraid that they're going to be offended by everything, and they're looking to be offended by everything. that they're not willing to hear opposing points of view. and they don't understand the difference between disagreeing and being disrespectful. liz: do you still think college is a snowflake factory? >> i do. i believe believe that.
5:48 pm
liz: how do you change isn't that. >> i think what parents have to do is they have to speak up before they get to college. what values they need to have and have them speak up in an effort to be willing to hear any opposing point of view. i think that's up to parents to teach that before they get to college. liz: let's get to this new pew study shows that 58% of republicans say colleges are having a negative effect on the nation. do you agree? >> i do agree. and for the same reason. i think that we are brain washing kids into believing a very narrow point of view. liz: so where does this lead then? >> it leads to pretty much the society that we've got right now and then some. i don't think that it's going to get better until parents step back in and start to teach good core values. respect, integrity, honesty. liz: look at this finding. more than half of primary schools in the uk are holding noncompetitive sports days that fail to announce winners. this is according to a new survey by a family that were done online. what do you think of that? no winners.
5:49 pm
>> yeah. then it's not a sports day, is it? because there's always a winner and there's always a loser. the biggest problem with that, and we're going to see a long-term effect is we're not teaching kids how to lose. and you learn more in your life from losing than anything else. liz: that's a good point and john roberts made a great speech about that recently about the importance of failing. >> and we all need to fail more and teach them how to fail. liz: come back soon. >> thank you. liz: the author of the new book what's wrong with damn near everything? elon musk says the world's population is going to go down in numbers. one day goodnights collapse. liz: i love that scene. coming up, we have a guest that says it is our fiscal policy that will collapse. not the population. he's going to show you the numbers. next you always pay
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liz: i love that. billionaire tech tycoon elon musk says the world's population, he's thinking it's going to start dropping dramatically in size in coming decades. here's his tweet. the world's population is accelerating towards claps. many of the world's populations looks like they are on the decline, meaning lower birth rates in places like the u.s., denmark, china, japan, of course, and singapore. all showing loafer tilt rates. again, japan had a big drop in the 1990s. now, this brings. up all sorts of policy implications, policy havoc, who knows. how do you pay for big welfare
5:54 pm
states? this as tesla, the electric car company took a big hit last week, though, the stock did close slightly higher today. let's bring in dan. what do you think about this prognostication? >> in terms of just population forecast, he's right in the industrialized world and the rich countries, we're living longer. that's good. every year i get, i like that idea. if you look at the population pyramid, the top of us going like that. but we're allusion have firing children so the bottom of the pyramid is going like that. and here is the problem. if you have a conventional tax and transfer welfare state, which involves a lot of redistribution from workers to old people, if you have a population pyramid instead of a population cylinder, that's a big, big, big problem economically. so in a country like, say, italy, this is going to be a disaster. on the other hand, you mention singapore earlier because they save for their own retirement and health care.
5:55 pm
it's not really a problem. so it's really an issue of public policy, not demographics. liz: good point because japan, we saw this first. and china saw a take hold too. elon musk was responding to a new scientist article entitled quote the world in 2076, the population bond has imploded. look at this. the basically the gradual decline of the world population over the next six decades. so we're seeing declining birth rates in the industrialized world; right? but it seems like in other places, the fertility rates, the birth rates are going up. what are your thoughts about that? >> well, in theory, a high birth rate is not a problem at all, as long as you have an economically healthy country. the problem is a lot of places in, say, south arab and sub-saharan africa where you still have these high birth rates, these are also -- these happen to be countries where government is a very oppressive force. there's almost no economic
5:56 pm
growth, and so the high grant crisis we're already seeing today was a lot of people trying to escape out of these countries. it's going to get worse because they're having more children to feed, not because there are economies incapable of feeding people but because bad government policies are holding those nations down. so whether we're looking at the rich world, it's not demographic. it's keeping it. >> and where from growing. liz: good stuff. economist sam mitchell, we love having you go on. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: transportation stocks hitting all-time highs today. did you make money? find out next. don't go away
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6:00 pm
rail roopped and transport. that's all for us. trish regan next with "making money." trish: we have a lot going on tonight. president trump putting the pressure back on congress before congress heads off to recess. there is a lot of pressure mounting for the repeal of obamacare. single payer healthcare. that's gaining extraction with democrats. we could turn into canada if we are not careful here. it could be next if republicans fail to repeal and replace. president trump tweeting i can't imagine congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful new healthcare bill


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