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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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yellen giving doveish comments saying interest rates will stay below historical averages. thank you for having us in your homes. trish regains here with "making money." trish: we have new developments in the donald trump, jr. saga as legal questions mount on whether the montana's son broke the law when he met with someone who was said to have information on hillary clinton. donald trump, jr. told sean hannity it was for opposition research. if it's for opposition research, how does that become a crime. we are asking alan dershowitz. >> it becomes a crime only if donald trump, jr. said to the russians, we want opposition
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research, why don't you hack the democratic committee and get it. he didn't do that. but to use opposition research no matter the source is the voice of democracy. trish: the democrats are saying it's illegal and treason. >> that's ridiculous. treason is defined in the constitution as waging war against the united states or giving aid and comfort to an enemy. it doesn't include receiving opposition research from the russians. it's like the "times" publishing the pentagon papers. they knew it had been obtained illegally. the clinton campaign had a right to use negative research no matter where it came from. if you take it to the logical conclusion.
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you can say if a student went to the clinton campaign and said we have a photograph of clinton greepg woman and if clinton said yes, she would be guilty as a crime. trish: you say they have a right to use this information. in this case they didn't have information. you are making a point they have a right to use information, but they have a right to gather and listen so long as they are not committing a crime, listening to what somebody has to say, albeit from russia, that's okay? >> of course that's okay it's protected by the first amendment. of course the "new york times" would be able to listen to it and evaluate it. the "new york times" published information from snowden who was
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a thief and stole american secrets. and ellsberg who stole american secrets. people throw around the term "treason" so easily. we have to distinguish between political sins and crimes. collaborating with the russians and accepting information from the russians is probably not a good idea. but to turn a political sin into a crime is to endanger democracy. trish: i would point out tim kaine who ran for vice president with hillary clinton camp web was one of the ones out there day saying this is treason. another example of calling this treason. richard blumenthal, the senator from connecticut. they are embarking on what it seems as though you are saying, professor, dangerous territory
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in that they are threatening our democracy with throwing around terminology like these? >> i agree with you. i wish these senators who i support, i voted for them, would read the constitution and see how treason is defined. the british used to cut off the heads of their none as because they committed treason. treason was defined broadly. so the united states government defined treason very narrow. trish: is this all for political purposes? i should point out, professor, president trump did tell reuters that he had no advance knowledge of this meeting. not that that would necessarily matter? >> it would matter politically, but it wouldn't matter legally. if the president went and called before he was president, candidate trump called vladimir
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putin and said, look, i'm a deal maker, do i have a deal for you. if you can give me neck negative research you have on hillary clinton i will call off the sanctions. it would be horrible by the wouldn't be a crime. the only statute people have pointed to is treason which is inapplicable. other is making campaign contributions from a foreign country. it's only supposed to cover money within not facts or truth, because that's all covered by the first amendment. trish: i want to play some sound for from you tim kaine earlier. i want your reaction on the other side. >> we are beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what's being investigated. this is moving into perjury, false statements and even potentially treason. trish: potentially treason.
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>> i wish he would have focused on perjury. perjury is lying under oath. we have no evidence anybody has lied under oath. there is no crime in america for politicians to lie. it's only a crime to lie to a federal law enforcement official or lie under oath. i wish tim kaine wouldn't throw around concepts like this. his candidate, the one he ran with, republicans yelling lock her up, she is guilty of espionage, she is guilty of treason. i'm not doing this because i support the trump policy. i'm doing this as aliberal democrat because i believe the law should be interpreted narrowly because we don't like the person. it reminds me of joseph stalin,
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he said show me the man and i'll find you a crime. people don't like trump or they are saying let's find a crime we can accuse him of. it's not the way democracy is supposed 0 operate. -- not shall is not supposed to operate. he will serve his term and as far as we know he has not committed an impeachable offense. on martha's vineyard where they don't permit republicans. trish: they may not let you into the restaurants soon. thank you so much. let's get more reaction right now with our panel. we have gina louden and ford o'connell. your a lawyer by background as well. professor dershowitz who
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politically is not aligned with donald trump saying there is no possible way you can get to the likes of treason. ford: you absolutely can't. treason means you are levying war against the united states and giving aid and comfort to our enemies. tim kaine is a harvard law graduate. why are democrats throwing around political theories. because they are not getting the traction they want. donald trump, jr. is guilty of being a political amateur. trish: i'm going to take eight step further, gina. i wouldn't say he's really guilty of anything. so what he's a political amateur. a sophisticated political person would also want to know what the open significant research would be. if someone comes to you and said i have information on the candidate you are going to be running against or your dad in
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this case is running against. why couldn't you take that opportunity to hear them out? there is nothing wrong with listening. gina: absolutely. i ran for office. i'm from a political family. my husband held office for 14 years. trish: i'll go one step further, if they say they wouldn't, they are probably not have good at politics. >> but to professor dershowitz's point that people who don't like trump are so vehemently against him. if it were chelsea clinton they would be putting her head on
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mount rushmore. trish: they took a meeting with ukrainian officials because they wanted to see hillary clinton win? ford: the dnc did try to get opposition research from ukraine. let me say something to gina's point. i probably would have taken the meeting as well under certain circumstances. i would have gone to the campaign lawyer. thin would have distanced myself from the meeting. if it's nothing, i don't report it. if it's something, i take the material and i call the f.b.i. trish: he didn't have many staffers. you compare his team to clinton's team. two different ballgames. >> i totally agree with you. i'm just saying everyone who tells you they wouldn't have
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taken the meeting are lying through their teeth. i know the clintons play dirty and you have to play he which way to beat them. trish: president trump's pick to be the director of the f.b.i. says the russia probe is not a witch hunt. but president obama clearly feels otherwise. we'll debate it after this.
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trish: these live pictures coming in from oklahoma, six cargo cars have been derailed. there are no injuries that have been reported. but you can see what a mess it is there in oklahoma amidst that
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derailment. dangerous stuff. thank goodness no one has been reported hurt. now, president trump's pick to lead the f.b.i. facing a confirmation hearing. christopher wray promising not to make the same mistakes james comey made. senator lindsey graham peppered wray with questions about collusion with the trump campaign. >> as the future f.b.i. director, do you consider this endeavor a witch hunt? >> i do not consider director mueller a witch hunt. trish: but it is a witch hunt. that's what alan just said. he made the point he's a liberal democrat who did not vote for donald trump, but he does not like to see what the mainstream
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media and the democrats are trying to do because they are on a witch hunt. bill, what many the expression, fit looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck. any sane person look at this with the likes of tim kaine and blumenthal calling it treason, isn't this a witch hunt in. >> i think the next director handled it extremely well. he wanted to step away from the concept of calling the overall thing a witch hunt. so he said and we just herd him say he doesn't think bob's investigation is a witch hunt. he walked away from his idea of the whole thing. trish: politically he needed to do that. so he did what he had to do.
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what's your reaction there to lindsey graham setting that questioning, that line of questioning up so that you could hear him say, no, it's not a witch hunt. >> mr. wray talks about independence. i would like to see some independent thinking here. the establishment approach, mueller and russian collusion. mueller ought to be able to do his job. or whether there should be a special counsel to begin with. it would be nice to have an f.b.i. director under a trump administration who is a reformer and questions these basic premises that are so suspect. which is why we have a special counsel. whether the new f.b.i. director is going to take on the bureaucracy at the f.b.i. and address the issues that have arising, i wish he was more brave and had more of a
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reformist ad attitude rather than saying meet the new boss the same as the old boss. there is nothing new about the way wray approaches his job from comey and mueller. i don't think those directorships worked out well in protecting the american people or from waste, fraud and abuse. trish: it has been politicized for sure. bill, you are just overall thoughts on christopher wray and whether he will be able to do a decent job. it sounds like tom is concerned because he thinks it's the same ole same ole. he showed his personality, he showed his temperament. an showed based on his responses to the questions his political
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acumen, and he showed he understands both institutions, the department of justice and the attorney general's office and f.b.i. as well. i think he handled some of the questions well. lindsey graham, someone threw a handful of ground glass on his wheaties this morning. but the way handled this was terrific. you didn't see him get upset or flustered. he answered as much of the questions he could. he did a great job of doing those kind of things. i think anybody that looks at him as an individual who is reticent to do anything, i think you will be sadly mistaken. trish: it looks like he will be confirmed. senator feinstein saying she'll vote him in. a new gap gallup poll showing president trump's approval among republicans remains steady.
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trish: support for the president among republicans remains strong. 80% of republicans still think the president is doing a good job. why can't the gop get its act together and recognize donald trump is support by mainstream americans. why can't they stand behind him to get his agenda through? charlie, why do you have lindsey graham chewing nails as he went
6:24 pm
after the new head of the f.b.i., soon to be christopher a wray. why is it so many members of the gop are he luck and the to dive in and get things done with our president? >> that's where they are comfortable, taking breaks after taking a break from doing nothing. i'm pleased the senator mccouldn't said they are going to work through the august research. but work is an uncomfortable term when you talk about washington, d.c. politicians. there are very few people in the senate who want to get this bill passed. when you look at what they did in 2014 and 2013, they passed full repeals of obamacare. now they refuels to do it when it actually matters. so the few senators standing for
6:25 pm
principle want to get stuff done. but theoer senators are perfectly fine grandstanding all day long. trish: it's frustrating as a bystander to watch this. they have been given the keys to the kingdom, the house, the senate and the white house. they had almost 8 years to couple an alternative to obamacare in is no way anybody in their right mind would think you could repeal the whole thing and it would all go away. the president campaigned on replacing it with something better. but they got ha nada. >> cruz, lee and paul are standing up to honor their commitment that they made the last four election cycles. instead of using it as a campaign promise then lie to the
6:26 pm
american people as the senate leadership is today. if you wonder why president trump is popular along republicans, he's draining the swamp and note allowing congress to get in the way. he produced an executive order pulling back on the clean tour plant signed by president obama. but kings standing in the way. president trump when he tweeted they need to go to full repeal, that's what he needs to do, he needs to lead the way and get to congress and get them to do their job. trish: that's where you have this breakdown. moments ago the president spoke with pat robertson, i would like to show you a little bit of that interview, he talks about this. >> it has to get passed. they have to get together and get it done metropolitan if the. >> what happens if they don't?
6:27 pm
i will be very angry by the and a lot of people will be very upset. but i'm sitting waiting for that bill to come to my desk. they have been promising it for years it's a failed experiment. it is totally gone. it's out of business. and we have to get this done. repeal and replace. trish: it won't be good if they can't get it done. i say this as a business reporter who is watching the markets every day. there is a sense of optimism that you will see repeal and replace and you will see tax reform and you will see less regulation. we have gotten little bit of less regulation. but it's not going to be pretty if they can't get it done. economically and also politically. >> that's right. listening to that clip, that's the first time i heard it.
6:28 pm
he's right, there will be anger. i will be one of the people upset. why did we sends these republicans to washington, d.c.? they said we'll repeal obamacare. and they didn't might. he said i'll be angry, i'll go after you. when is the last time you saw a president say that about his own party. demonstrate some leadership and stop taking vacations. >> it's only good if we get full repeal it's no good just to do something. they have to get to full repeal to drive premiums down and that's what senators paul, lee and cruz are trying to do. trish: border wall funding may lead to a showdown on capitol hill.
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trish: all right. everyone, a house panel unveiled legislation to build a border wall between mexico and the united states. the wall will have a price tag of win 1/2 billion dollars. and mexico isn't paying for it. 1 1/2 billion. it is part of a $44 billion homeland security funding bill. it could trigger a government shutdown because democrats refusing to vote for the bill if it funds the wall. here with me to discuss former hispanic chamber of commerce official, pablo enriquez and fox news contributor dineen borelli. >> afternoon, trish.
6:33 pm
trish: good to have you here. pablo, i will start with you. you don't like this, right? you don't like idea of the wall, don't like fundamentally what it stands for? >> i think when we get $1.6 billion is roughly, what, 28 billion mexican pesos. when we get the check that would complete a promise mr. trump had during the campaign but i'm not as a taxpayer not putting support behind that a wall will not stop anyone. border apprehensions is all-time low. this is big loser as a taxpayer. trish: that is pessimistic there. you say don't underestimate the will of the american immigrant. i get that. you know what? immigrants are wonderful and able to do great things. we have a different problem here. we're not getting all good
6:34 pm
immigrants coming through. people coming here illegally through the border there in mexico, a lot of them, i looked through the i.c.e. reports, it is disheartening to see, over and over and over again these people, you can't do anything about it. you can't deport them because, you're not allowed to because municipality or a state decides to be a sanctuary area. dineen, it doesn't seem as though it is asking all that much. i think, if you look back historically in the democratic party there was a time hillary clinton was all for borders too. what has happened where we want to make it some sort of a free-for-all? >> sure. trish, it is outrage just for people to think we should not protect our citizens and our property. that is the government's basic role to do so. there is story out recently of a man who was here illegally, deported seven times, drunk driving, killed a man, a father of three children. there are countless stories out
6:35 pm
there of people who come here illegally, which is criminal. then they commit crimes against law-abiding americans. it needs to end. trish: if you're living in a place like san francisco, there is nothing san francisco can do about it. >> right. i think it is outrageous when you have politicians and law enforcement, standing on and supporting these sanctuary cities. where are the sanctuary cities for americans? kate steinles of america and gem meal shaws of america. countless stories of american families harmed by criminals that come here illegally. we don't know about the stories, faces something needs to be done. trish: pablo, can you not admit that? you have a country you have to have borders? >> right. the bad apmillions like the situation of the drunk driving dineen mentions are cases in point these people should have been removed. i think the "breitbart" coverage pointed out. he had bin here and been
6:36 pm
deported seven times somehow he kept resurfacing? >> what about those come here illegally? what about those who come here the right way? what about their responsiblities and paying money and going through it legally and then you have people who come here, anytime they want, crossing the border, an on other hand creating havoc? >> i think that there is a lot of havoc that gets created by a few bad apmillions. >> beyond a few bad apples. >> they're essence of american resiliency, the american immigrant is something -- >> they need to come here the right way, i'm sorry. campaign promises to build a wall, protect citizens and to end this nonsense that is going on when there is criminals coming here illegally across the borders an harming innocent americans. it is outrageous -- trish: we leave it there. it seems kind of ludicrous we even have to have this debate. this is country. borders period. end of story. yes you can be all for
6:37 pm
immigration but people have to do it in the right way. thanks, guys. good to have you here. >> i want wall paid by mexican pesos. trish: north korea aming up threats against the the u.s. well-known morning show host is bailing on gop after ongoing verbal public battle with the president. ♪
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trish: north korea warning the u.s. it will turn us into ash if america strikes its nuclear program. this is just bravado, should we be taking them at their word? captain chuck nash on it next. copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve
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6:41 pm
its muscles after a missile successfully intercepted a projectile during a test. tensions are mounting. the stakes are rising. so what do we do? joining me right now, captain chuck nash. good to have you here, sir. >> nice to be here. trish: what do we do? this is a real problem. doesn't look like china will give us cooperation we had hoped for? >> well it doesn't look like china is going to give us the cooperation right now but, let that play out a little bit. i am sure there are talks going on behind the scenes that are well outside of the public view but what should we be doing now? is we should be doing what a holocaust survivor once said when asked what was the lesson of the holocaust? he says when somebody says they're going to kill you take them seriously. we can not just disregard this because he is a kook and people want to make fun of him and deride him. but you take a look at this guy, capabilities that he has got, the testing he has done, he has a very serious weapons program.
6:42 pm
and pretty soon he will be able to back up his rhetoric with hard there, with real hardware that can do the job. he is already probably capable of launching an emp strike on this country -- trish: why does china even want him there, right, captain? >> yeah he is a buffer. he is a buffer. if you look at the korean peninsula, the southern part is allied with the united states. the northern part is the problematic aspect. that is the part that adjoins china and russia. so they are more happy to have a communist regime there than they are a democratic, capitalistic burgeoning society because it just looks bad for the folks inside of communist china and the communist party. so they do not want a unified peninsula with a south korean type government on their bothered. they just don't want it. trish: they're happy to have a guy that is a bit nuts there, even though he is not a rational
6:43 pm
player just because it provides a sense or lack of balance to the region. okay so walk that forward for me. if china is not going to cooperate with us, if china wants him there, how does this change? >> china tolerates him there now, until the heat gets so bad they can't tolerate it anymore. what would that heat look like? that heat would look like the u.s. not just acquiescing, but encouraging japan to go nuclear. that would send the chinese into a tailspin. if we put our tactical nuclear weapons in south korea. they will not start a war over it. we renuclearized the peninsula after denuking it. all those kind of things would put tremendous pressure on china and russia and between the two of them -- trish: is that going to happen? >> i think it is. what will happen we have to ratchet this thing up to the point where the chinese can't stand the pain anymore. it will be belt for them to work to get rid of kim jong-un and maybe in doing that, they're
6:44 pm
going to have to say, here is what we're going to do. we'll get rid of your nuclear program but we'll put you under the chinese nuclear umbrella, much like the united states with nato countries. that being the case, they will have to be very careful, because if he keeps acting up and start as war, and china now is dutifully bound to come back in like they did during the last korean war, that could be really bad for china. this is a very complicated situation but there are ways out of this, short of blowing things up. trish: that's good. >> yes. trish: captain nash, thank you so much. good to see you you. >> my pleasure, trish. trish: coming up, everyone, a great day on wall street. dow closing at yet another record high and we'll tell you why. plus we'll check out our own charlie gasparino who is out there in sun valley where all of the big deals are being made. that is coming up right here. see you after this.
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trish: history made again on wall street today. the dow closing at a record high there, pretty nice after janet yellen sounded a little dovish on future rate hikes during her testimony on capitol hill. dupont, microsoft, home depot, general electric, all leading the charge. also today, the fed's regular survey of business conditions across the u.s. showed economic growth was slight to moderate from late may through june. the s&p 500, the nasdaq, also climbing higher into the close. sun valley conference is off and running out in idaho. deals are potentially being made. our very own charlie gasparino joins me now with all of the updates there. are you having fun and what are you hearing? >> well, i haven't been arrested why the or thrown out. trish: well, that is good.
6:49 pm
>> not a cloud in the sky. by the way ivanka trump and jared kushner, the family members of the ruling trump family, will be here tomorrow. we kind of got a surprise. we got wind of that this morning. we reported it out. both ivanka and jared, ivanka daughter of president trump, her husband, jared kushner, advisor, both advisors to the president, it broke around mid-morning they were coming out here. as we reported they're paying for it on their own dime. they're coming out tonight. they will be at the, enjoying i guess or partaking in the conference tomorrow where you got media moguls from all over the place. not just media. media now is not newspapers, it is not just tv, media now is the internet. it is, technology, it is, tim cook is here. warren buffett is here. ken langone of home depot and long time finance of various companies is here. our boss is here, rupert murdoch. so, you know, this is, this is a
6:50 pm
big thing. a lot of power and wealth here. my guess, from what i understand, not my guess, what i'm getting from washington they are here primarily to get out of whatever is going on there. we don't have to rye live the cast couple days controversy involving their brother, donald trump, jr., and meetings maybe under inquiry. they're looking to get away from that a little bit and also to meet with some of the people here who are, most of the people, most tech tycoons, tech moguls, telecom moguls they didn't vote for donald trump as president. it's a way to interact with you know, people that are part of the trump administration which jared kushner and ivanka are, who are from the more progressive wing. so it might appeal to the tech titans here. trish: charlie, why would they want to go through, frankly the pain of being there, right? it is a crowd that has not necessarily been hospitable to them? maybe this is an opportunity to get in front with some of these
6:51 pm
folks and start to turn the perception around in anyway? if they can affected it on the margin, might be helpful to them, her dad and the administration? >> but, yeah, listen, i don't know the timeline here. i haven't been able to report that out because i'm here, not in new york, a little difficult but it was kind of odd it turned on a dime. the stuff in washington was blowing up involving donald, jr. we got word both of them are definitely coming. i think some news potentially that jared kushner was going to come but it was unclear. i think most of this is related to getting out of that pressure cooker and, this is not a bad place to get out of the pressure cooker. by the way, while it is not a donald trump-friendly crowd i think there is a lot of people here that like ivanka trump and like jared kushner. trish: sure. >> they're from the more progressive side of the trump administration. they're not from the steve bannon side. i think they're coming to somewhat friendly territory. trish: thank you, charlie. don't get arrested.
6:52 pm
>> unlike me, they're unfriendly to me. trish: don't get arrested of the good to see you. >> i'll try. trish: morning show host and trump hater joe scarborough is making some changes. details next. ♪ you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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6:56 pm
trish: [laughter] wow, that hair is something. anyway, msnbc "morning joe" host, joe he scarborough slamming the gop last night, announcing he is leaving the party to become an independent. wonder if the independents want him? back with me to discuss, political analyst gina loudon and turning point usa founder charlie kirk. you know what? gina, i will start with you. was he a republican? in this presidential cycle? >> yeah. this is about as much of a news flash as maxine waters saying she is leaving mensa or donald trump saying he is leaving the establishment. most of these people look at news, he was a republican, exactly like you said it? you're laughing who could even state this with a straight face? it is really not, do the independents want him, that is really the question. trish: that said, charlie, donald trump did go after his fiance.
6:57 pm
you can understand there is some bad blood between them. but i think in many ways it is no shocker here, and i do wonder if some republicans are saying to themselves, okay, good, glad you're going? >> yeah. calling it right now. at the near future joe will run for something. he will probably try to make the great uniter and great independent. i was one that stood up and stepped away. look, one-on-one against donald trump. trish: it is not about ratings? it is about a political career? >> i could be totally wrong but he has trial ballooned this in the past. if you look, he almost ran. i don't know, i have no evidence to support this just a gut feeling but i will say this, when it comes down to joe, he was former congressman before. he served in alabama way back, alabama or north florida at some point. i think by rule of thumb, if you have a late show audience applauding you, you're doing something terribly wrong. that is what i always think.
6:58 pm
trish: he works for msnbc. gina, to some extent is this about ratings and may be about his political career. charlie you may be on to something, he may throw his hat into the political. lou: his viewership, his viewership doesn't like trump. >> his viewership, donald trump, frankly trish, most people surveyed didn't know who he was. keeping his name out there might be you know directly to the point. that he may be looking at a future run or at least trying to keep his ratings up. nonetheless most of us watching this recognize this as self-serving and not exactly news. trish: all right. is there an opportunity, do you think though, for an independent? joe scarborough aside, let's leave this by the wayside, charlie, i think donald trump in some ways has shown you don't have to be a classic anything to getelected. in other words what people
6:59 pm
responded to, outsider, disruptter coming in. is that the future. people don't need to be always democrat or always republican. you can have your own views an doesn't need to be in some kind of a little box? >> right. donald trump is a perfect example of this. in fact he did not win because the republican party. i think he won in spite of it. what do i mean by that, he went to the convention, here is 10 things i don't agree with, trade, immigration, harder, build a wall, gay marriage i'm okay with it. all of sudden, one after the other, i will say what i believe and party formed around him. that is the new way of doing politics. this dogmatic approach all principles totally reshaped the entire republican party. trish: people, people want to have their voices heard and he empower ad lot of folks to get a seat at the table thanks so much, guys. great to have you here. great show, everyone. thank you so much for joining me. i'm going to be back, 2:00 p.m. eastern on
7:00 pm
"the intelligence report" where i am every single day. make sure you tune in tomorrow. but stay tuned because there is big night ahead with lou dobbs. he is next right here on fox business. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump's nominee to run the fbi today acting like, well, another d.c. establishment hack, caressing the tiresome rino rhetoric an anti-trump antics of senator lindsey graham, and like his likely predecessor, james comey, christopher wray went out of his way to exaggerate his and the agency's independence. as fbi director at senate confirmation hearing. in fact i wondered today why the president had even bothered with this obviously


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