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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  July 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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people who attempted to go to the website were met with an error message saying there was a problem loading the page. now, my daughter was one of this writing. she loves the show. melissa: i tried it, it's way too much. david: we don't see it. melissa: i guess we're boring. risk and reward starts right now. >> if this administration can make breakthroughs in taxes and regulatory reform, we have become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing societies on the planet. it's almost an embarrassment being an american citizen around the world and listening to the stupid (bleep) we have to deal with in this country. and at one point, we all have to get our act together. unfortunately, people write about this like it's for coronations. it's not for corporations. competitive taxes are important for business and business growth, which is important for jobs and wage growth. and, you know, honestly, we should be ringing that along every single one of you, every time you talk to a client.
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liz: that was the head of nation's biggest bank, jp morgan chase criticizing the dc swamp. during the bank earnings call last friday. but now, main street is joining in on jamie diamond's call. speaking out saying they are just as frustrated as jamie diamond is with the dc swamp. welcome to risk and reward i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. jamie diamond's not the only one tired of washington, d.c.'s hyperpartisan bickering. a new sound of an anguished caller. he's a working class guy. he called in to a radio station. his call shows how desperate many americans are now feeling. and they're screaming that both dc and the media are ignoring the struggles of everyday people. listen. >> i'm sick of donald trump stuff, all the trump stuff. i consider myself one of the forgotten men and women. i'm worried about job creation. i'm worried about tax cuts, more money. i'm living paycheck to paycheck.
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they just cut off my cable bill. i'm rubbing two nickels together. my girl can't find a job to help me. we're out here struggling, and these people don't get it. i mean, they really don't get it. i don't have money. i mean, i'm cutting back on my medicine, my groceries. she can't find a job. >> do you feel like the president -- allen, do you feel like the president is keeping his head down and doing what he promised to do to try to help you and other americans like you? do you think. >> if they let him do it and give him a chance. they're fighting him every step of the way. we need help out here. we've been struggling for years under obama, and he had the right message. we voted him in because of that. and we need tax cuts. i need a couple extra dollars in my paycheck every week. we need jobs. >> thanks, allen. >> we need trump, and these liberals, the press and all of this, they need to get off of that and think about us. put on our boots every day getting up at 4:00 in the morning going to work and trying to provide for our families, and it's hard.
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liz: hear that, washington? anybody in media land, are you hearing this guy breaking down crying in the middle of a call? saying he's getting up at 4:00 in the morning to get two nickels to rub together, and he can't even pay for medicine. he can't even support his kids. let's bring in joe the plumber, the vice president of liberty alliance public relations. joe, you know the plight of everyday americans. can you relate to the struggles of that caller? >> damn straight, i can. that's my neighborhood. those are my neighbors, those are my friends. ben franklin said well done is better than well said. fast-forward a couple hundred years, actions speak louder than words. i've been to dc, i've talked to people like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, and they have no idea what it is to struggle every day to make decisions do i buy my kids shoes or buy them antibiotics? there's houses up for sale in my neighborhood on a regular basis, constantly turned
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around. they buy a house, they can't afford it, they get pushed out or they lose their job. this is the real struggle of america. and, you know, all the mainstream media can talk about, really, is russia, russia, russia, and maybe a bit of obamacare. but nothing really what's going on. the same thing with the republican party. 78 i, paul ryan is doing a lot of statuing, if you will, he's not really making a difference for the american people, the american workers. the guys that actually built this country. that get up every day, put on their workboots just like that guy said, and they work eight, 10, 12, 14 hours a day, and they go home and have little to show for it. liz: i say you put that guy, what he said on a loudspeaker every day and every hallway in washington, d.c. have it blared out every morning until they get it. until they understand the struggle of working men and women and the real pain that's out there.
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and even cnn said she too was fatigued from the trump russia coverage. let's listen. >> i hear you're russia fatigued, and i share it. you know, there are a lot of mornings i come in and just pray for other news to eclipse any sort of russia thread. there are always ethical dilemmas that journalists face. there's going to be what do we leave with and what do we leave without? >> any other news. it's about reporting on both. listen, joe. you would agree, and i think people on mainstream agree. throw the book at anyone with russia to manipulate the election. i mean, russia wants sanctions listed. the average guy and gal out there, they get it. they get that russia wants the compounds back. they get that russia probably did medal in election. russia's now accused of hacking a dozen nuclear power plants here in new york. that's wrong. unacceptable. but the guy in mainstream like you, joe, you get that. but you also get what the media is missing. the pain and suffering that they've been experiencing that lasts 15, 20 years. go ahead.
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>> well, go back to what you said initially. you know, when we talk about entitlements, congressmen actually are the worse when it comes to entitlements. so you put the loudspeaker on in the hallways, they'll turn a deaf ear to it because these guys are subject to society like nobody's business. when it comes to russia, i don't know to get angry or laugh about it. when spongebob squarepants has better ratings than cnn. is it the comedy network without laughs? it's absolutely ridiculous when it comes to russia. on, we just talked about that. donald trump got rid of 500 employees from the va. he's trying to make a difference. did the mainstream media talk about that? no. you're not hearing any of the accomplishments of president donald trump. they're just dragging him through the mud and bring up old news that has no difference. and when it comes to russia, it truly was an issue, conservatives would have jumped up already and got somebody out there. because we're about as american as they come. it's the democrats that have colluded with the russians for the longest time, and there's
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actual facts there that cnn won't report on. you know, hillary was cozied up to putin. obama. how many lines in the sand did obama draw and actually never did anything? no, it's not the republican -- well, it's not president donald trump. it's mainstream media and house and senate not doing a damn thing and kicking the can down the road. and something i've said for the last eight years and something that has been said for the last 20 years. we've actually got to get something done. we have to get a new tax code out there. and as far as obamacare goes, listen, anyone who has built a house knows you have to have a good foundation. the problem is republicans are trying to trim on a bad house that was built on a bad foundation. what we need to do is let the private market take care of health care. repeal it completely. don't replace it. liz: i don't think we've ever had -- joe, we've never had a private market in health care. the government's half in with medicaid and medicare. i don't think the media understands that. how manipulated the health care market is in and of itself. but now, joe, we have the democrat and new york state attorney eric schneiderman
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threatening to sue the federal government if republicans pass their version of obamacare. we've got democrat state attorney general really blocking president trump, including on his refugee pause. what are your thoughts about that? >> well, to be honest with you, i'm okay with him trying to sue over repealing obamacare because quite frankly, the bill that they have right now, i can't get behind it. like i was just saying. it's new trim slapped on a old building. it doesn't work. it doesn't work for the american people. i pay more. my neighbors pay more, and i get less and less health care. that's something we've been talking about now for the last three or four years. your premiums have doubled. it's getting worse every day. republicans have had eight years to sit there and think about this, and they're more busy trying to stay their jobs and help the american working man, you know, the blue-collar guy. the road blocks get put in the way, i'm okay with that until the republican party throws their head out of the butt and gives us something that we can work with. liz: joe, we love having you go on the show. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. liz: president trump trying to fulfill another campaign
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promise. he's pushing made in america week by promoting product made here in the u.s. listen. >> we will have two simple rules when it comes to rebuilding this country. buy american and hire american. buy american and hire american. buy american and hire american. liz: this as russia dominated media coverage this morning. roll tape. >> it's not a phony story. it's not a fake scandal. this is very real. >> what russia is desiring to do, the influence that they would like to have in the united states and on a global stage should matter to americans. >> do you know everyone who was in that meeting? was it six? was it eight? >> we now learned that eight people were at the meeting. a significant jump from the four we were told originally were there. >> the russia investigation could mushroom even more this week. liz: american candy
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manufacturer, he's president and ceo joe joins me now. joe, the white house hosted a maid in america product showcased this afternoon on the south lawn featuring products from all 50 states. what do you think of this new -- this push this week about made in america? >> well, you know, today is supposed to be made in america day. he signed a decree and made it, you know, made in america week and made in america day. and it was great. you know, we were with one representative from each one of the states that were producing products that were made in america and creating american jobs. and i think the -- you know, his goal is to try to get other companies to realize how important it is to have made in america manufacturing and companies because he talked about how it's a trickle down effect, you know? every dollar that we pay in wages gets put back into the local communities and so it
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helps, you know, grocery stores and different companies that are producing goods for our workers, and it's just good for the economy and the community. liz: you were there, joe, i think at this event, and the president says it's time to honor the work of skilled trades people in america. do you agree? >> i agree. you know, i think that we used to have an offshore facility in korea that we brought onshore to reno, nevada in 2008. and, you know, it was really scary to bring jobs back to the u.s. because it was more expensive, there were more regulation, but we've grown. we've gone from seven employees to 40. and what i realized is, you know, president trump is trying to make it easier for us to bring companies back onshore. it's very simple to say, you know, we don't care about what happens in trade, but it affects small businesses like mine. liz: jamie diamond is ceo of jp morgan chase. really drilled and went after
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washington, d.c. and the roadblocks they put in place of businesses across the country. how was business the environment under the obama administration compared to now? >> well, you know, i think we see some easing of regulations. and i'm not sure there's a lot that's been done since the beginning of the year because what's happened is we find it's a little easier to do business in nevada. they're trying to make the mentality of the bureaucracy is starting to ease up a little bit. you know, when we first brought the factory over in 2008, you know, we got in front of a lot of people, and they had a lot of regulations, and we fought, and, you know, we didn't win some, and we won some. now it seems like these groups of bureaucracy are a little easier to work with. we just expanded our facility into a much larger one, and the bureaucracy was a lot nicer here.
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we just moved in january. and getting all of the permits were actually a lot easier. liz: what more can the president do to help the nation's small business owners? >> you know, i think he's got to somehow reduce taxes on corporations like ours so that we have a little extra money to reinvest into the business, you know? the last number of years have been difficult for many small corporations, and we pay a lot of taxes. i mean, we pay taxes for all of our employees, we pay, you know, business taxes, and all sorts of things that take away from our bottom line. we're a family-run corporation, and, you know, my employees are like my family. but i can only do so much without having higher -- basically, i have to make more money. and the government before just seems we were paying more money for health insurance. we were paying more money for regulations, and now it seems to be a little -- i have hope. let's put it that way.
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i think the thing we have now is we have more hope. liz: joe, president there at the candy company. and basically leading wait. thank you so much for your time. >> my pleasure. you know, life is sweet. just remember that. >> good point. thank you for that. online streaming giant netflix shares jumping more than 10% after reporting really sizable user growth. it's kick starting the he didn't season for the tech world. but watch out. therthere is a mountain of debt both on and off netflix's balance sheet. counting about $20 billion worth, basically swamping the cash pile over there. leaving many on wall street will now ask will netflix have to sell itself to, say, disney or apple? we're following that story for you. next up, we have british athletic company. the shoe and clothing company reebok mocking president trump telling french president emmanuel macron's wife that she looked fit. looked pretty good. but the joke backfired on
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reebok. we've got that story for you. also, without any proof whatever, usa today says an op-ed that pro female golfers playing the lpga at the president's golf course this weekend were too afraid. they were too scared to criticize president trump. we've got a guest who says what you know? this is another example of media bias. i've got more on that after this. don't go away copd makes it hard to breathe.
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liz: british athletic company, it's reebok making fun of president trump for his comments to french president emmanuel macron's wife tweeting quote in case you're wondering when it is appropriate to say you're in such good shape, beautiful,
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they basically showed it with a yes or no diagram showing that in most situations, this kind of comment to reebok is not appropriate, even if you're president. but it backfired on reebok when twitter users weighed in on it. our own gregg says what phobe ease you are, reebok. your entire campaign is based on people dying to be noticed of being in shape. in the meantime, this is how they market their products. they look in good shape. and included these two photos showing sexy models from recent reebok ads. let's take this to the political power panel. look who's here, conservative radio host and strategist danielle. reebok responding saying reebok first came on the scene with women's fitness. today we are helping change the narrative around women. we saw this as a opportunity as a learning moment. instead of judging and labeling, let's raise the bar and push each other to being the best version of ourselves.ectivifying them.
5:20 pm
the president paid a honest, real comment here the way any person would do. this is what americans love about him, his authenticity, and they're left looking really, really ridiculous right now. liz: yeah, to gina's point, social media, again, showing even more previous reebok ads showing even more ads with women. >> i would agree that reebok with the ads they put out there in the world is not the best company to be doing this. i will say in their defense that they're a company committed to social justice and many other things that are important. liz: sorry about this, danielle, but i'm about to bring up, gina, remember when
5:21 pm
reebok rolled out five years or so ago the quote cheat on your girlfriend, not your workout ad campaign in germany. what are your thoughts about that? >> i guess i'm just glad -- and that's why reebok just alienated about 50% of the population. liz: you know, president trump at the women's lpga golfing tournament at his new jersey golf course this weekend congratulated the winner this morning. this as usa today published a column calling the president a quote controversial host who
5:22 pm
female golfers were down right afraid to talk to. without showing any reporting or proof of that, gina. what do you think of this? let me take to danielle. i mean, the author of the article, danielle, said the pro female golfers would not speak out against president trump. but can you confer that from the answer she got from the golfers? >> it's not really clear to me. i thought honestly, it was a little bit strange. but one thing the president could do is he was worried about or getting this negative press, it's frankly, super distracting. with what happened with the women on the lgpa. don't go golfing so much. don't have the appearance of self feeling or, like, all of these issues. i think he's hamstringing his own success by this kind of distraction. liz: gina, the op-ed writer somehow segued from the president to saying that, you know, female golfers are second-class citizens and a male-dominated sport. that female golfers get paid less. there was -- i mean, those are serious issues. but how do this issues connect
5:23 pm
with donald trump? >> well, they don't. women's golf. and yet the media will find a reason to criticize. his haters are going to hate because that's what haters do. and here the president was -- he is the one who has implemented so many amazing women entrepreneurial programs through his daughter and other ways. this man has been supportive from the beginning of his presidency for all of the things that women can do, putting them in high positions and everything else, he was there to support women. again, this was another nonissue. something the media tries to bite on. distracts from the real productive things that this administration is doing. liz: gina, we have to leave it there, danielle. thank you so much. sorry. are they coming back later in the show? i think you are. no, they're not. oh, poor necessity. sorry about that. >> next time. liz: some workers who have not saved enough for retirement are now getting more money from an unlikely source. their bosses, now we've got a new vanguard study saying the
5:24 pm
average company contribution to 401(k)s rose to 4.7% last year. that's up from 3.9%. now, according to data on savings plans, it looks like company bosses are getting a little bit more generous with them. next up, we have president obama's iran deal marking its two-year anniversary. [applause] liz: this as iran has now imprisoned an american college student who iran claims is a u.s. spy. we've got the details. next liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed the living room. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat.
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eye eyes eye eye. >> sanctions company snapped
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back into place. liz: tough words from president obama back in 2015 after the iran nuclear deal had passed. as tensions rise between iran and the u.s. over sanctions. we now learn of an american student imprisoned in iran. he's 37-year-old, he's a princeton graduate student doing research in iran. he's accused of spying by the islamic republic. he's been sentenced to ten years in principle. with me now retired lieutenant colonel tony shafer with the london center for policy research. what do you make of the timing of this? >> well, the timing is very much made into building an advantage with the iranians. let's be clear here. this was a bad deal from the beginning. the iranians were timely able to obtain wealth from us to have the last set of prisoner released. let's remember that the obama administration did actually get caught and loretta linearly was tied up in this paying money and resources to the iranian government for their release of u.s. citizens. we paid ransom.
5:29 pm
so of course, the iranians saw that this scammed worked before. i think that they're going to try it again, and it's happening right here at the anniversary of the so-called iran nuclear deal. liz: colonel, it's been two years since the iran nuclear deal. it's not a treaty. again, it's a deal. >> correct. liz: we have four republican senators. they sent a letter to secretary of state tillerson saying you know what? get tough on iran. despite what president obama said if there's an infraction we will inspect it, iran is kicking out nuclear inspectors. no snap back of sanctions, which has always been difficult to do. how do you rate how this deal is going? >> well, this is one of my criticisms of the administration. indications from my dod sources is that iran has not complied. state department reported that they did comply, and i think that we need to be moving forward, as they said with a more strenuous regime of going after the iranians. and the other thing that thief done here is they've been able to by pass some of the
5:30 pm
sanctions to continue research, and they've done that in the form of working with the north koreans. all of that money that we gave them somewhat transferred to the north koreans to continue to work on their program. so it's all linked. so now we are stupid as a government when it comes to understanding that rogue regimes will tend to work with each other if they see benefit. clearly, there's benefit here, and we're not doing sufficient work behind the scenes to prevent the continued development of nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver this systems, and that's why i think we have to take a fresh look at this. it is not a treaty. and i think we can walk away from it any time we need to. liz: so switching gears. we have former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick is out of work after his protest of the national anthem at the football game. now we have a columnist defending kaepernick by taking a jab at the national anthem instead saying quote the star-spangled banner is a pompous battle number stirred by a petition bearing 5 million veteran signatures.
5:31 pm
congress designated this song, the national anthem 1971. it wasn't until 1942 that it was played on loudspeakers daily before the game. let's do a quick check of the chicago tribune, look like it's closing a little bit mixed in the red. your thought on this writer's column? >> look, the national anthem was developed based on the war of 1812, that poem was turned into music, and it represents the united states defending its own equities, and that song represents the sacrifice and blood and treasure for the whole history of our nation. and i think -- talk about pompous, this author and kaepernick are both pompous in their approach to the fact that if you don't like it here, you don't have to be here. but the majority of american citizens i think are very proud of our heritage, they're very proud of the service of
5:32 pm
members of the military, and i think -- this is why we are reminded at sporting events of the greatness of our nation. and i'm sorry if you don't want to listen, if you don't think it's appropriate, then i think you may be in the wrong place. and there's other countries like cuba, north korea, iran. you go go there, and they'll agree with you. liz: colonel tony shafer, good to see you. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: the highly anticipated season 7 of the hit game of thrones premiering last night. a record 16 million fans tuned in. the number doubled last year's viewership during their premier episode. this significant increase crashed h bo go, the hbo streaming website for the first half hour of the show. let's check out time warner's stock, the parent company closing the day in the red. today planet of the aprils movie winning its debut box office war at $65.5 million
5:33 pm
take. but if that's not your summer fling, we have former vice president al gore has a sequel to his climate change movie the truth coming out next weekend. it's just as fictional as the planet of the aprils. the predictions did not come frew from that 2006 movie. we have more on that after this i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix.
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liz: former vice president al gore out with another round of environmental warnings in his
5:37 pm
new movie and inqueens sequel. truth to power. it's a follow-up to his 2006 documentary inqueens truth. but many of al gore's original apocalyptic predictions did not come to pass. listen. >> you said the world would reach a point of no return in ten years, and you called it a true planetary emergency. we're 11 years later. weren't you wrong? >> unfortunately, and regrettably, a lot of serious damage has been done. we can limit and avoid the most catastrophic consequences he go accelerate the pace of change that's now beginning. liz: let's look at possible fuel company stocks. companies like exxon chevron, phillips all ending the day in the red. and a look at green stocks like solar and energy in the red as well. only 8.3 energy partners ended
5:38 pm
the day in the green. joining me now, he is former donald trump's coo, he's jeff. good to see you, jeff. >> great to see you. liz: al gore said we would have more frequent storms. there would be -- kilimanjaro is going to be snow free. all sort of apocalyptic warnings didn't come to pass. what do you think? >> well, like you say. nobody delivers apolyme apocalyptic rhetoric such like al gore does. but the movie, the sequel inconvenience truth didn't go into the previous one. the bottom line is this is a liberal agenda which has cost our economy jobs. hundreds of thousands of jobs. i love the contrast today that at the white house, as was shown earlier here on fox business, it has made in america day. and you have a president and vice president show casing the wonderful products that are made in america and talking about the 50,000 manufacturing jobs that have returned to the country just since president
5:39 pm
trump has been in office. and then is these what you have. the truth of the matter is we have to worry about the economy and jobs and making sure that we take care of our country. we elected a president that got us out of a bad deal, no matter how you look at it. the paris climate accord was a bad deal costing jobs, and that's what we hired him to do. liz: you know, the treaty 2001, the u.s. has done much more than europe since 2001, which i don't think. much better than europe with greenhouse gas emissions. developed economies like the u.s. are working hard to lower that. some people don't like fracking, but al gore that gas bringing down those emissions. but we also have this, jeff. a new report peer reviewed by the epa and mit, they're a research team. they got together and looked into the global warming data saying what people think out there, it's not reality. it's totally inconsistent with the data that they're seeing. so these climate guys, they're getting it wrong.
5:40 pm
why don't we hear more about this kinds of findings? >> well, again, it's the narrative that the media wants to push. no matter what issue you want to look at, you will find two sides, both backed up with a lot of data, and it's reminiscent of last november and last october where you had a lot of polls pushing a narrative that donald trump could not win, and they were so wrong. and they would oversample in the wrong counties and purposefully play with the data. and what they have in that report that you mentioned, is them showing that scientists can and have been skewing the data. so, you know, the bottom line is donald trump is -- he wants clean water. he wants a good environment. we have to do these things in the right way with the right deals. we had a previous administration under obama that got our country and did some very bad deals with t pp, with the iran deal, with this, and we have a president now that -- and, look, you have a lot of voters. that's why they elected donald trump because they want someone that's not going to give away the store, and it's going to protect america and put american manufacturing jobs first. what you saw at the white house today is that happening.
5:41 pm
liz: jeff, good to see you. >> great to see you, liz. liz: the company google, parent company is alphabet. got a deep mind robots technology that can now teach itself how to walk. look at that. it's a monumental step. this is the first time this has ever happened. now we have billionaire elon musk warning the national governors association that the threat from robots is real. that powerful robotic technology could eventually threaten all of human jobs. he's now saying even possibly a war. we have the details about that next. don't go away potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right?
5:42 pm
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liz: because we're illustrating the movie of terminator. this is google's deep mind of technology. it can teach itself to walk. now this robot technology is programmed to get from point a to b. it's equipped only with location sensors. again, essentially learning to walk from scratch. just like human beings. now, google plans to continue using this robotic technology to propel advances in this form of intelligence. now we have this. tesla and spacex ceo elon musk says to the u.s. governors across the country that robotic intelligence poses a fundamental and huge threat to not just human jobs, but could even start a war. >> i think we should be really concerned about ai. because robots will be able to do everything better than us. i mean, all of us.
5:46 pm
ai is a fundamental risk of human civilization. liz: google closing the day in the red at $953 a share. ending down just .2%. tesla also closing the day in the red. down eight points. ended the day at 319 bucks a share. joining me now, founding member of the capitalist pig. he is fox news contributor jonathan. good to see you, jonathan. >> great to be with you, liz. good afternoon. liz: elon musk is considered to be a genius. he's not the first one to warn of robotic advances. >> against the cotton gin came in, that put a lot of people out of work as well. liz: he's not saying stop robotic intelligence or technology, he's just warning about it. >> warning about what? making our lives tremendously easier? technology always improves individuals lives. so what you're seeing, liz, is more jobs created. and you know what?
5:47 pm
they're going to be done even better. it's easy to compare this to the terminator, using that intelligence to learn how to fix a wound or care a medical disease. google has the history of the moon shot ideas. apple -- google glass is one that necessarily didn't work out. but these are the most brilliant minds and companies in history. that's why the stock is up 30%. liz: he's saying robots can manipulate information inside governments that we might not know about. i know that sounds like tinfoil stuff. i'm just reporting what elon musk says. final word. >> well, you know, we have automatic twitter tweeters now. so the one thing elon musk said that robots can do anything, the one thing they can't do is create other robots. liz: billionaire investor nelson launching a big fight against procter & gamble after the consumer product giants. now, this, jonathan, sets up one of the biggest showdowns between an activist
5:48 pm
shareholder and the corporate titan. now, p and g holds a market value of $22 billion. what do you think of this story? >> huge company. and, you know, activists, liz, they call them raiders. they're investors, in fact, they're holding the company responsible. but i think having a much more difficult task, especially when the market's at all-time highs. even p& g. a lot of the consumer product stocks have done very poorly. might have to increase his stake even more to get the seat on the board because the stock hasn't been a major underperformer. that's where the activists can usually make their money. liz: let me correct myself. it's market value is about $225 billion. so, you know, jonathan, we've seen activist investors successful a number of companies to fix themselves. you saw it with necessarily and samsung. now we're seeing it here. what do you say to investors, regular people out there about these activist investors?
5:49 pm
are they a force to be reckoned with? >> yeah, they're the investors that are affecting the positive change. you know, liz, they do it by putting their money where their mouth is. not by, you know, asking government for favors or looking to use force. they're doing it by investing in the company. and, you know, if folks don't like it, if procter & gamble don't like what's going on with the company, the beautiful thing about capitalism, sell the stock. you've got nothing to do with it anymore. so these activists should be applauded. it's exactly the best of what capitalism is about. liz: yeah, vote with your feet and your wallet, jonathan. thank you so much. love having you go on. >> great to be with you. liz: remember evergreen college? we brought this story to you. it's a school where an activist group planned a quote day of absence. just not going to school at all. they're asking white students to stand down. and everybody calling out the school. she says it's focusing so much on race. it's actually becoming more racist. we've got a student who agrees here to react after this.
5:50 pm
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>> i have been to several meetings to speak. i've been told several times that i'm not allowed to speak because i'm white. this school seems to focus so much on race that it actually is becoming more racist in a different sort of way. and because i say that, i have -- because i choose not to focus on race, i've actually been labeled a racist and a white supremacist. liz: an evergreen state college student speaking out against what she says is increased violence and racial tension on campus. the adults there have lost all control. this after an activist group plans a quote day after
5:54 pm
absence event asking white students and professors to leave school grounds for the day. one faculty member spoke out against the event. he was forced to remain home out of fear for his safety. joining me now campus reform contributor. good to see you, sir. is this student right by focusing on race that this school is becoming more racist, the students there? >> first of all, thank you for having me. what we have here is a sad situation where a white college student spoke out against protesters, and they labeled her a racist simply because she was opposed to their point of view. she wasn't shut down because she was speaking on her behalf or because they labeled her white. and that's the sad situation happening all over america. liz: all right. this is a school that's in olympicia, washington. what's going on here? where are the adults here saying knock it off. are these liberal campuses so
5:55 pm
out of control that the adults have given control to the students that don't know any better? what are your thoughts? >> well, one thing that i'm very grateful for is working with a leadership institute. and the fact that they've allowed me to go to campuses every day and talk to college students. and what the college students are saying is that professors are actually indoctrinating them, that they're teaching them that socialism is a good thing and the atrocities around the country should be ignored. so really, it's an indoctrination through the professors. now, i'm a hispanic conservative. and one thing i've been taught is hard work merits success. and it's not the color of your skin, but the content of your character. so this is very disturbing for me. and rather than uniting students at campuses, this is actually a division. and so one thing that i'm trying to say is that it would be great if students -- students explained to me how is this beneficial to the working society? how is this rhetoric on campuses helpful to working
5:56 pm
class students? i've worked at a factory during my undergrad. liz: what do students say to you? you ask them that. what do they say? >> yeah. they're saying that socialism can actually be implemented. they don't actually know the truth about socialism. they're just talking about what their professors are telling them. liz: wait a second, do they even know about north korea and venezuela and goes on in these socialist countries? >> i think most professors choose to explain that as bad examples of socialism. liz: oh, come on. really? you know, why don't they try to go there with the students? i wouldn't let my kid go there, of course. let me take that back. that's bad. >> i agree. i would agree. i would love to my generation to go to venezuela and see the atrocities for themselves and speak to people on the ground. liz: come back soon. we love having you go on. >> thank you so much. liz: entertainment streaming netflix popping after the bell. we're going to have more on that after this i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way."
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liz: netflix increasing its
6:00 pm
customer base by 5 million users. the stock popping more than 10% after hours. gerri willis is next with "making money." gerri: the healthcare scramble is on. the republicans push to pass a healthcare law facing a new setback. health issues foresenator john mccain delay a vote on it this week. >> i can tell you we hope john mccain gets better very soon because we miss him. he's a crusty voice in washington. plus we need his vote. and he will be back. he will be back sooner than somebody else would be


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