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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 19, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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stay here. lou: good evening. most er everyone watches us last night, knew there was a slim chance that senate republicans could overcome themselves and pass obamacare repeal and replace legislation. it became clear, that republican senate opposition was growing. majority leader mcconnell suffered a devastating blow, after senators moran of kansas and lee of utah announced they would not vote for the revised legislation. their opposition, not only reportedly blind sided
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majority leader, but also president trump. who is spending his evening strategizing with republican senors or dinner. it was not to be, tonight, after the implosion of senate healthcare bill, there is an over war raging within the opinion party. john roberts with our report. reporter: donald trump has never liked to lose, last night he had the rug pulled out from under him. >> i am disappointed. very disappointed. reporter: failure of push to repeal and replace obamacare blind sided president trump, frustration showing with his lunch. >> for 7 years i have been hearing repeal and replace from congress, loud and
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strong, we get a chance, they don't take advantage of it. reporter: and vice president weighed in, he is main conduit between the white house and congress, today the lines of communication were on fire. >> inaction is not an option. congress needs to step up, do their job, and do their job now. reporter: news that senator lee and moran conspired to kill the measure came ar th after the president had a dinner. >> they were not disloyal, they have their own reasons, i was surprised when the two came out last night, we thought they were in good shape, but they did, everyone has their own reason. reporter: after conferring with mcconnell, president trump tweeted, that republicans should just repeal, failing obamacare now.
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and work on a new healthy care plan. white house strategy is to remind senate republicans that 49 of them voted two years ago to repeal obamacare. it was ay a show vote. but white house is calling out senators who voted for repeal when they knew it would fail, but will not vote now, when it might successed. >> what do you say to two senators who voted for repeal in 2015, but now say not in 2017. >> we saw what vice president said, do your job, time for congress to do their job. reporter: at same time he works to twist arms to pass a re peal bill. >> i think we'll in a position we'll let obamacare fail, we're not going to own it. i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it. reporter: has president figures out next step in healthcare reform, fox news
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identified eighth person in donald trump jr. meeting with russia attorney, ike is vice president at croak us group. owned by a russian business associate of president trump. donald trump jr.'s attorney said that he has been a u.s. citizen for years and has no ties to the russian government or russian intelligence. >> he emigrated to united states from republica republic of georgia in 199 1991. the gao was looking at suspected russian money laundering. he was never accused of wrong doing. and called the investigation, a witch hunt. familiar language. lou. lou: 17 years ago, at least there was closure on that part of the deal, john roberts
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thank you. >> we learned that president trump invited all of republican senators to the white house for lunch, they will be talking about health care. majority leader mcconnell today announced he would try a proposal to repealo openo own be care now then -- obamacare now then replace it at a later date. even that has collapsed with three mod yeah moderates declaring they will not vote for a repeal without a replacement. reporter: the latest voting on a repeal plan, with two years to transition. >> it is clear there are not 50 republicans at the moment
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to vote for a replacement for obamacare. reporter: democrats insist that repeal without a defined replacement would be a disaster. >> like if our health care system was a patient who came in and needed medicine, republicans propose surgery, now they propose a second surgery that will kill the patient. reporter: only one republican moderate susan collins of maine opposed that bill two years ago. >> it is so interwoven in our health care system to repeal it with no idea what it is going to be replaced with, is not the right approach. reporter: three other moderates who supported 2015 repeal reject the latest effort, alaska's lease and ohio's portman. >> we have 19 counties without a single insurer.
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in 2015 we had insurers never country. reporter: last night things fell apart with repeal and replace legislation, when kansas and utah joined, rand paul of kentucky in moderate susan collins in opposing the bill, putting the nail in the coffin. >> it was not made in spur of the moment, i had conversations over a long period of time. reporter: speaker paul ryan and his leadership team are left waiting to see what the senate will do. >> we would like to see senate move on something. we are proud of the bill we passed. we passed a bill to repeal and replace obamacare with a better system. reporter: west virginia democrat, is proposing having former governor in congress sit down and engage in talks. calling the governors problem solvers that know the issues that states are facing, and they could sit down and address them in a constructive
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way. lou: thank you very much. >> diswro joe, has a lot more faith in governors than senators. trump administration slapping new sanctions against 18 iranians, individuals and groups. they come hours after the trump administration certified the congress that iran is actually complying with the obama nuclear deal. president trump reportedly reluctance to certify that agreement. but defense secretary mattis, secretary of state tillerson, and national security ad adviser mcmaster we're told, persuaded the president to recertify it, at least for now. 4 senators last week lobbied secretary tillerson to terminate the nuclear deal.
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they are not pleased with the decision on the part of trump administration. we're coming right back with more to discuss, look at, analyse. stay with us, we'll be right back. >> president trump ripping congress after the senate health care bill imploded. >> i think you will also agree that i have been saying for a long time, let obamacare fail. that everyone will have to come together and fix it. come up with a new plan. lou: what will the republicans do now? can they do anything? we take up their strategy options with the dean, ed rollins next. >> and is this congress the most ineffective and unproductive in history of american politics? the worst ever? can they catch up to president trump's break-neck pace? we'll have more on that story. stay with us, we'll be right potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes.
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. lou: breaking news we're just learning president trump held not one but two meetings with vladimir putin at the g20 summit in mo hamburg, second meeting we took place, at a
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dinner for g20 leaders, half way through the meal, we're told, president trump left his own seat to occupy a chair next to putin. president trump went there all alone, and putin attended by his official interpreter. make up that what you will. i'll tell you what -- well, in polite company. i won't. >> failed senate healthcare bill exposes mcconnelled futilic effort. >> there was a buy you bailout for louisiana senator cassidy. in all, additional 70 billion
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dollars was aimed at persuading gop holdouts. all that money anything into the ether? no, it not, held back now. it was not wasted. maybe this was the right outcome. joining me to discuss current state of a disfunctional republican party. ed rollins, good to have you here, 70 billion they did not have to spend of. >> that will be spent, don't worry about it. i think two thins that disturb me. our side cannot count votes, having spent 50 years in my life in politics, you have to know where your votes are. you don't bring people over last night if you don't think
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you got the votes, if someone tells you maybe, that is a no as far as i am concerned. there are still 8 they don't know where they are, my sense is, if you want to -- there will not be 50 votes. lou: to be clear, neither mcconnell norryan should be in their jobs. and if republican party, you know president today was speaking for the republican party, we don't hear him speak for republican party nearly enough in my opinion. it should be every day. he reminds me who leads this party, it is not mcconnell, and not ryan. and the two are o -- oafish in the way they conduct themselves. >> lunch is critical tomorrow, he has to say, are you serious about putting a republican
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agenda forward that will get america moving forward. i promised i would lead this nation and party, you promised you would vote on these issues, you are going to vote. lou: but you already know the answer. >> i do, but the president should make that issue, we created, untold story, we created a major entitlement program that will be here for a long time. lou: president should tell mcconnell, you are not putting 70 billion on the table to persuade the recalcitrant senators to do what the president of united states is asking them to do, and what the american people are asking them to do. >> he is just following obamacare. but, i still think they have not got a clue what their votes are, same with the house. lou: why not get them out? if mcconnell and ryan cannot deliver, neither one has done so.
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the votes they said were there promised to the president of united states and they are not there, then get them the hell out. >> i said, before you move forward, make sure that mcconnell comes over with a sight of paper with 51 names on, signed and sealed, and if ryan has something, he has to have 218. otherwise don't wrap your arms around their programs if they are not supporting themselves. lou: i hope no one in this administration is wrapping their arms around their programs of so-called better way, hearing mcconnell use that expression today amaz, made him look like a i don't know, what a country bump -- bumpkin? really. a better way? then, saying something about a vote next week, saying president trump and the vice president mike pence want this vote.
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when the hell have you heard anybody refer to the vice president in what the hell he wants? that was one of the most ignore a ignorant statements that majority leader could have ever uttered, and he had a few. >> it is time to be an offensive leader, if he can't put the stuff forward, then don't go to the white house and say we'll pass it. don't say we have the votes. i feel strong lo lowly -- strongly about that. lou: i can't get you all the way to get the hell out of there. >> if you want me to say i want ryan and mcconnell out, there is the prerogative of the people in the house and senate. lou: i do. >> we do have privilege of sitting on television, and saying when they are doing a
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lousy jobe job. i do love the believe they are doing a lousy job. lou: that is why we're pals. ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, is it time too repeal and replace senator mitch mcconnell as majority leader? we'll take these one at a time, cast your vote on lou dobbs, follow me on twitter could like me on facebook. if your name is mitch mcconnell, you don't have to follow me. >> our twitter followers are fired up about my new thriller. tweeting -- viewers whose comments are read on the show receive a autographed copy. >> today, stocks closing
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mixed, dow down 55, s&p up to, closing at a new record high, nasdaq up 30, also a new record high, we're coming right
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lou: a few thoughts on republican leadership, once again failing to deliver for president trump. president trump has to be disappointed to, treatment with these gop leaders. senate leader mcconnell failing the president and his party on health care twice in less hand tw than 24 hours. despite having 7 years to prepare for this moment. >> we worked hard to provide them with a better way. we did so in knowledge this task would not be easy. we understood it would not come quickly. lou: can you believe that blather? and mcconnell with his slogan remark, mcconnell and
4:26 am
ryan love that hallow slogan. the speaker is boasting he is proud that house was able toe pass its own bill. but not helpful to the republican party. ryan failed too garner votes for bill in march before it barely passed than in may. that certainly not a lot to crow about, but crow about it, ryan did. a new analysis from weak magazine shows who 38 bills have passed house, they are held up in senate, just 13 of those however we're told have a 50% chance of reaching the president's desk according to gov track. and putting this congress on track to be most unproductive in nearly 165 years. an hoo honor of their own
4:27 am
making, this is taking a toll, 34% of voters, view speaker ryan favorably. 13 point decline since december. and "fox news poll," showing mcconnell's, favbility fallen to 25%, and now two losing leaders have to be moved aside in my opinion. they have been unhelpful. ineffective and lack true leadership qualities, they have no bond with president trump or his agenda. it is time they remove themselve or removed. our quotation of the evening from abraham lincoln. my great concern is not whether have you failed or whether you are contend with your failure.
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we're coming right back. >> rising evidence that clintons were those colluding with russia. >> her husband getting a half million from russians while she was secretary of state. lou: tom fenton is joining me, blasting left wing media effort to hide the clinton-russia connection. >> and why just one extreme sport when you can double the thrill with two? we'll show you the video coming up here next. we're coming right back, stayyyy
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lou: a look at what the left-wing media and national investigators are ignoring. why isn't more being made of investigating the democratic national committee. the only intervention by the rugs that we know kind of for sure is with the servers of the democratic national committee. president trump learned of the russian intervention into the dnc servers, and he did absolutely nothing. no response, no outrage, no declaration of war or whisper of presidential displeasure.
4:33 am
congressional investigators have made nothing of it at all. but what if the remembers for president trump's refusing a to act for simply straightforward. with all the document the russians allegedly got a hold of from those dnc servers and the hillary clinton campaign. what if among those document were the instruments of blackmail? perhaps president trum the -- pt president obama could not act because he was the object of that blackmail. pure speculation. but would that not be the worst collusion of all time? why have our intelligence committees not looked at that? why should any citizen have to put up with such dereliction of duty on the part of the investigators, the oversight
4:34 am
committees and the president of the united states himself. it's worth looking into, i think. new wikileaks documents show hillary clinton sided with russia. that sounds like collusion as her husband was making paid speeches in moscow. president clinton received half a million dollars from a russian financial firm for a 2010 appearance while hillary was opposing sanctions as secretary of state. that's close to collusion. it's got to be. don't you think? that's been so ignored again. troubling, don't you think? the clinton campaign boasted about killing a bloomberg news report highlighting the connection. we contacted bloomberg and they
4:35 am
said they don't comment on inmaterial editorial decisions. good for them. we are joined by judicial watch president tom fi finton who knoa thing or two about the russians and the clintons conclusion. thanks for the terrific work you and judicial watch do. let's start with why in the world isn't there some investigation of what we know to be motivated behavior to avoid if you will inflaming the rugs because they went after the servers of the dnc and our fbi
4:36 am
and cia said. >> i don't know, maybe they hacked the dnc. but did they release the emails? wikileaks suggested they did not get the emails from russia. i'm so confused about what we are suppose to be believing now. if you look at the email -- lou: we are supposed to believe that donald trump and his campaign organization excluded with the russians. even though we don't have a scintilla of evidence to that effect and even though we have mountains of evidence to the fact that the clintons and the russians worked hand in glove whether it's uranium ore or presidential speeches being paid for to the tune of half a million dollarsn an hour in moscow. >> you have millions of dollars
4:37 am
flowing into the clinton foundation. while agitating against the sanctions move. and while promoting -- from the same entity that was promoting the uranium one stock which was spiraling out of control downward at the time clinton was making his speech. going back to what are we suppose to be concerned about, according to the donald trump, jr. email the russians wanted to talk -- the russians were completing with trump to talk about the collusion with clinton because they had dirt on russians and the dnc. i can't make that work in my head. maybe some here in washington can, but it doesn't make sense. when it doesn't make sense, i don't believe the underlying theory that there was collusion of any substantive nature. what i am concerned with is
4:38 am
maybe they thought they were telling the truth. maybe they thought there was information on collusion with the russians. i think that ought to be a subject of investigation. my view is investigate everything. make it clear it's being done in an independent, serious fair way which it can't be done under the mueller regime. lou: i can't even figure out what mueller is doing. why wouldn't an attorney with his background not be straightforward with the american people and say there is no such they will charge as collusion and what in the world are we to do anyway? why is he loading up with a bunch of dems and strong donors to democratic counties at that? this on its face a charade that looks like it's going to have evil consequences for some time
4:39 am
to come if we give mueller his head and free rein. >> i don't know why he's investigating the meeting. the meeting may have been politically damaging to the trump presidency. it doesn't raise any legal or ethical issues. it doesn't raise any legal issues i can tell. there are going to be a lot of people under investigation in this town, and the clinton campaign and the clinton cam and mrs. clinton personally in terms of getting money directly from russian interests while she is secretary of state. you can't overstate the seriousness of that. lou: why wouldn't 17 intelligence agencies be investigating that. we have the dni that that was russian intervention with the
4:40 am
dnc servers. but that's a level of speculation because we don't have evidence and we don't have any sure connection. but now it's become as so many things have in this quote-unquote collusion episode. it's become fact just through repetition it's stunning stuff. >> compare and contrast with the all hands on deck the obama administration took to spying on trump and investigating the russia connection, compared to lone fbi agents and assistant u.s. attorneys were investigating the clinton foundation and they couldn't get permission to do anything other than read news tape clips. lou: gregg jar it point out on the federal election commission, they make it clear that volunteer work by a foreign national including russia,
4:41 am
uncompensated work by a foreign national including russians in a political campaign or as individual volunteers is entirely permissible. >> this wasn't pen volunteer work. these are meeting conveying information. this is what the left is argue. campaign finance laws were violated by two people meeting to exchange information. it's a far cry from treason and it ain't the law under their only ridiculous absurd interpretation. lou: the russians could be supporting any candidate for president outright if they wanted to be. and if they had discussions it's not and transfer of value. it's the transfer of information as would be normal in the course of a campaign.
4:42 am
the legal aspects of this thing becomes so ambiguous as to become unhelpful. then to have a special counsel pursuing collusion, it's without definition in law as being a crime or something that could be even violated. >> he's investigating this meeting. what's the crime he's investigating? what's the crime? we know what the crime is. the. lou: the crime is we have a special counsel put there through the designs of a fired fbi director and compliant democratic and republican party in congress, and there is the principle -- the principal part of the shame. these thrill seekers giving new meaning to go take a flying leap. the stuntmen soared through the
4:43 am
air, pulling their parachutes and floating to the ground. a heart-stopping display. my goodness. that makes for a great, great video, doesn't it? growing questions about robert mueller's conflict of interests as he looks to expands his investigation of what? collusion? presidential historian doug wead it could be the next big thing i should totally get that domain name... get your great idea online too... get your domain today, and get... ...a free trial of gocentral from godaddy
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lou: joining us historian/author doug wead. these calls this time from congressman bill force, republican of texas, asking the president's children to leave the white house in the middle of all this. what's your reaction to that? >> before we get started, lou, i read your book "putin's revenge." i haven't enjoyed a spy thriller like that since the trilogy of george smiley. it's --
4:48 am
lou: let's just talk about my book. >> i have got scenes in there where you have putin himself. i didn't think that could be pulled off. that was brilliant. i have written probably a thousand pages of memorandum to presidents of the united states. so when i read spy thrillers i get somewhere in the book where i say that could never happen and i can't finish it. but yours was superb. lou: getting back to bill flores asking the president to have his children leave the white house. >> i think the left for some time has been trying to isolate the president. that was part of the flynn thing. he can't get anybody appointed. it took a long time to get people appointed he wanted. he trusts his son-in-law and daughter, that trip to the east
4:49 am
in was superb. that was a jared kushner production. ivanka is superb. lou: even if they are mediocre. they are support for their dad, the president of the united states. and i think it's a terrific thing. you can find points to where maybe yes or no they should have done or not done something. but the reality is the president is the president has the opportunity to have the people he knows with him and that's his family. i think it's important he be able to have that in the white house. >> they know each other, they can read each other's minds. they are competent and loyal. and they have continuity. you invest all this time with your boss which he's in the white house and he's out. but if you are a son or daughter they are going all the way to the end.
4:50 am
if you tell them something, it has staying power. that's why 18 sons served their father as president including john adams who appointed his 30-year-old son as minister to prussia. lou: and that worked out. >> he game president. lou: senator feinstein said robert mueller won't reject testimony by paul manafort or donald trump, jr. i don't believe mueller would check off on that if he felt anything meaningful would be compromised by their public testimony. >> i'm troubled by the fact mueller is just following around like a puppy dog the national media. i hope he has independence to pursue things on his own.
4:51 am
i'm reminded of a quote by that foalian sayinthat -- that you shouldn't go to battle with the same opponent too many times because they learn your strategy. lou: it looks like there is far more reality to the collusion between the democrats and the russians. doug wead, thank you so much. by the way, what taste he has in books. my god. up next, a new poll shows americans abandoning crooked hillary clinton. not doing well in the polls. we take it up right after the break. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right?
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(in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked, do you believe it' clear senator mccon doesn't have the votes to pass or doesn't want the votes to pass the healthcare bill. no deal.
4:56 am
to talk about the deep 8's efforts to obstruct the trump administration, olympic media managing editor katie frates and matt schlapp. katie, boom. egg is done. all the nonsense is or. what is left is a smoldering embarrassed mitch mcconnell who has proved he doesn't have any business running the republicans in the senate. katie: the whole thing is depressing, you control the house, the senate and you can't get anything done. i don't know why senators assume being in politic is an all or nothing game. they will never get everything they want he time. this bill was the perfect, but it's better than obamacare. the fact that people said no
4:57 am
way, you have no business being in the senate and working for your constituent if you fail to compromise on anything. lou: you have got two beauties in ryan and mcconnell. the membership has to be appalled by what they have to put up with in mccon and ryan. matt: you have republicans who for seven years went around the country saying they wanted to repeal obamacare. i don't thin think it's true for mcconnell. he realizes this failure yep dieses the republican majority in the senate. sue and collins and other senators who are basically for obamacare -- lou: why are republicans putting
4:58 am
up with rinos. democrats don't put up with dinos. the republicans look like damn fools day in and day out, katie. katie: there is a lot of conservatives who are refusing to compromise on anything. they are saying if i don't get every single thing i want -- lou: i can accept that. but the idea that you sell out a mountain to take care of susan collins who isn't a democrat at all doesn't make since. but putting million the of dollars to work to support rinos who won't support a bill like this? this makes republicans look side, don't you think? >> it does make them look stupid. but i would also go back to the point that obamacare is
4:59 am
exploding. it's going to fail. this is a fact. you turn around and look at these people in the senate, you say republicans, you know this is going down the tubes and you don't do anything to figure it? lou: to me the president is right. put this albatross around the necks of every damn democrat and let them go to the mid-term elections with that albatross stinging up the place. i think it's a great way -- it's a kar hurricane c equilibrium. matt: let me be. i think august will be a particularly hot month not because of the paris accord but i think there are a lot of conservatives who felt they were
5:00 am
lied to and i don't think it's going to work. lou: i want to recommend a book written by my buddy jim born and me, putin's gambmbmbmbmb lea: breaking news this morning. president trump words that mainstream media for a second conversation with vladimir putin. we will tell you why he calls the report said. >> the president not happy with the bill to repeal upon the care. he will meet with gop leaders today at the white house to decide what's next for help to reform. lea: the dow retreated yesterday. the dow down 54 points. here's a lucky u.s. stock market futures dip lower pay to come s&p higher pay to create nasdaq higher by


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