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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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intelligence report at 2:00 p.m. eastern. good night from new york. see you tomorrow. train to breaking news this morning. senator john mccain is returning to washington. which pillows on the floor. lauren: white house senior adviser jared kushner returns to capitol hill to face questions on meeting with prescience. cheryl: big day for earnings. five dow component to report this morning, including a technology, caterpillar, 3m, dupont and mcdonald's. s&p as well. lauren: in europe, the british luxury maker opened sharply higher after being bought by
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american rival michael kors. european stocks up 40 points. cheryl: grupo, reporting strong absent after that the last name. we will tell you about it. lauren: samsung might be best known for telephones and television but could he get in the u.s. pharmaceutical business. ♪ train 25:01 a.m. in new york. tuesday, july 25th. good morning. and cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. good to see you. here we are. bring a shadow appeared trying to a lot of breaking news overnight, over the weekend.
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lauren: john mccain returning to washington as senate republicans plan to hold a procedural vote to open debate on health care bill. this comes days after the arizona senator was diagnosed with rain cancer. his office released a statement last night. senator mccain looks forward to returning to the u.s. senate tomorrow to continue working on important legislation including health care reform, national defense authorization act for new sanctions on russia, iran and north korea appeared cheryl: a lot happening in washington. president trump in the blue room at the white house yesterday made it clear gop senators need to get it together. >> ever republican running for office promised immediate relief from this disaster is blown. we must fulfill the solid promise to the voters of this country to repeal and replace what they've been saying for the last seven years.
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so far, senate republicans have not done their job in mtv upon the care nightmare. cheryl: hoping to find out today if it's repeal or replace. kentucky senator rand paul said he would only support a clean repeal bill. >> i wish i knew what we are proceeding to. it's hard to make a determination if you don't know what you are preceding two. i would vote to proceed to the bill if we were guaranteed we'd receive the cream ale. i can try other options after that, but you get conservatives on board with the clean repeal of upon the care. train to democratic senator dianne feinstein treating i don't know how anyone could go to advance the bill that takes health care way for millions without hearing from those affect me. a lot of upon the care of the dems for what the president yesterday at the white house. lauren: premium searching and the like. the president will meet with the
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lebanese prime minister at the white house to discuss the fight against terrorists. fox business will carry the statement in the rose garden at 3:00 eastern this afternoon and then the president is going to youngstown ohio to hold a big rally this evening. lou dobbs tonight was special coverage of 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. train to president trump son and one senior white house adviser richard kushner will return to capitol hill today one day after meeting behind closed doors the senate intelligence committee aides as part of the russian investigation. blake burman has details from the white house. true nature of kushner had four contacts with prescience before entering the white house and he did nothing wrong. those interactions or twice during the campaign and twice during the transition. two conversations with the russian ambassador sergey kislyak, though one lasted under a minute.
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kushner came back to the white house and defended himself all accusations and a first of its kind public statement. >> i did not collude with russia, nor do i know anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian fun for my businesses. and i have been fully transparent and providing all requested information. reporter: and a fan of the less than three minutes statement, kushner said the storyline belittles those who voted for the president. >> donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that is why he won. suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. kushner will return to capitol hill today for more private questioning this time from the house intelligence committee. back to you in new york. train to play, thank you very
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much. lauren: speculation about the speculation of chat sessions. washington poster hoarding trump and his advisers are looking at possible replacements for session. senator ted cruz denied reports he is considered for the job and so is new york city mayor rudy giuliani disputes another report that says he's also a possible candidate and we should point out, cheryl, giuliani says it's the right move to recuse himself from the russians. cheryl: the former mayor of new york has always expressed interest in some thing with the tribe campaign but it never panned out. we shall see. the president also expressed, very much expressed frustration about sessions recuse himself from the russian investigation. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders on air force one about it. >> the president has been
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extremely clear about his position. i've answered this question a number of times. he's very disappointed attorney general sessions chose to recuse himself. there's more on what was said on the matter. train to president trump was after sessions in a tweed yesterday as well after "the new york times" article from last week that the press secretary at the time did not know about the interview. lauren: terrific story of texas to talk about. for domain faces potential life sentence after being charged with smuggling 100 people across the texas mexico border in the back of a sweltering truck. 10 died in the death toll could rise. more on this story from casey stegall. >> these people were in the trailer without any water. temperatures soared above triple digits, to 100 illegal immigrants were crammed in the back of this sunlight writing
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from laredo to houston. court documents say the victim struggled to get fresh air from a single hole in the trailers of all because they were locked in with no air conditioning. >> this happens -- [inaudible] training authorities made the discovery by san antonio wal-mart parking lot after they noticed people in distress searching for water. when police arrived at eight victims were already dead. two more died at the hospital. within 20 were transported in critical condition. >> i just want them to know we care about them. trinity can be gathered to hold prayer vigils for the victims and family members. several law enforcement and immigration officials interviewed this man that prosecutors believe 60 james matthew bradley junior clearwater, florida with behind the wheel of the semi. today he made his first court
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appearance before a federal judge. but the claims he did not know what he was transporting human cargo. >> this is not by happenstance. this is organized. we have to shut down the safe haven. reporter: wasting no time to bring politics into the discussion saying this is my sanctuary cities like san antonio needs to be shut down. packed in ice director thomas holman released this statement, which reads in part by any standards a horrific crime uncovered ranks as a stark reminder of why humans likely networks must be pursued, caught and punished. >> police track down the owner of the tracks who claims he sold it to a man in mexico a few months back. bradley was supposed to be dropping it off this weekend. in dallas, casey stegall, fox news. cheryl: a new report condemning german automakers were colluding
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on pricing and i'm technology. lauren: tracee carrascas joining us more with headlines making news. good to see you. reporter: good morning, ladies. facing collusion after a news report claimed the top three german automakers secretly coordinated on pricing and technology. the report from a german magazine says bmw, vw, including audi and porsche and they learn mercedes discuss various technologies and pricing of components or german auto industry committees. the european highs data backs the 90s to determine whether they amount to antitrust violations. automakers have coordinated to limit the size of the tank with a solution of diesel emissions of harmful nature cannot decide. it freed up space in the vehicles according to a report, reuters reported monday the w. had a schedule of an extraordinary supervisor with to
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discuss the controversy. that's an interesting meeting. >> sam sun is now mature business. this is very interesting. americans with arthritis will now find relief from unexpected flair the pharmaceutical market according to reporting "the wall street journal," samsung best known for his smartphone television will make available lower right copy of johnson & johnson rheumatoid arthritis drugs remicade. it is beyond alike tronics and will be sold for about 35% cheaper than the list price. and as it expires, get into the business. a new report out about office charge and.
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>> have you ever heard of sprays in the office? a new study from american express on the effect to and an alert place. we make up words to convey what we are trying to say even if we are 100% sure of the meaning. so jargon offenders that survey participants on most ridiculous piglets parking lot is, blue sky thinking, silo thinking, and the weeds and deification. i don't even know. the goal shows how made-up words get in the way of the ability to get business done. you are trying to figure out what that means. train to confuse your colleagues said they think you're really smart. lauren: coming up, john mccain
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returns to the senate floor. a vote on health care. we'll take a close look. a manhunt underway in switzerland for a man who attacked the office workers. you'll never believe it, with the chainsaw. we will be right back. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ what i like about you ♪ you hold me tight ♪ tell me i'm the only one you want to go home with tonight ♪
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lauren: good morning. police hunting for the man who attacked five people at the chainsaw yesterday. officials say the 51-year-old suspect was in the woods and remains armed with the chainsaw. the health insurance building, has noticed they are still not clear. china reportedly preparing for a crisis while a border with north korea. "the wall street journal" reporting along at 880-mile with north korean realigning forces. one of the possibilities he's planning for is a u.s. military strike. morgan stanley back on top. yesterday the firms asked goldman sachs in terms of market value for the first time in decades. morgan stanley votes the market cap is about $86.5 billion, 500 million more than goldman. cheryl, let's check on what is happening now.
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cheryl: amazing morgan stanley last night. speaking of a win, republicans really needing it. john mccain returning to cast his vote health care bill. let's bring in former advisor to president george w. bush rightfully claimed. ann rabin by rail. good morning to you. brad, and are they going to have the votes? >> estimate they will. but john mccain coming back, wait until you see the reception he gets from his colleagues. if john mccain can do the right thing with illness that hangs over him, shame on on any republican who goes south on this procedural vote. this is not substance, just moving the bill forward for debate. republicans are going to veteran john mccain will get great reception. cheryl: the president said yesterday republicans failed to vote. that just as they are fine with
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obamacare. i could be very bad in the mid-term. >> yeah, absolutely. they've got to deliver something. i just hope that it's not just a repeal or any replacement. the cbo showed up last week at 33 million americans would lose coverage. you can't convince me when two thirds of the recipients of the affordable care act, otherwise known as obamacare were actually trump voters. they don't want to be stripped of their coverage. cheryl: just to be clear here, rabin, that's when you get a lot of the individual mandates, people choose not to have coverage. and when you have it, totally different. they can't pass something on health care. everything else on the agenda, the budget it seems to me we are talking big fall.
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>> this will be major problems. in 2017, 2018 will be a year of reflection as to mid-terms come upon us. by the way, the party in power gets crushed in midterm. can you imagine republicans reneging on promises on health care, infrastructure, taxes. they've got too many things coming in the fall not to be with the wind at our back. we've got to get health care started. today is day for that and they move on to the fallen raising the debt ceiling in the budget. we've got to tackle infrastructure in taxes. if we have a record by january to run on, there is no stopping republicans from having a great big term cycle. cheryl: i do want to change topics, rabin. the president has been very vocal. yesterday he called and beleaguered. rabin, where does this tell you about the trump administration?
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>> i am nervous. jeff sessions was an eagle scout specifically not invited yesterday. if you could read the tea leaves, things aren't looking good. i want to say that jeff sessions is so incredible integrity are accusing himself of that investigation. he's got to set aside his ego. if there is no there there, let the american public regain the confidence of the administration and his voters really are waiting. they want something. >> today, show me the bill. unlike to know which one. >> bride, rabin, thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> you bet, thank you. lauren: coming up, it was
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supposed to be his comeback album. ♪ lauren: the latest bad news for justin bieber fans. yesterday he said he was going to feel like fall in the northeast and it did. temps are way below normal. janice dean is back with today's forecast. stay with us.
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these smart ♪ is it too late now to say sorry? cheryl: he may need to say he's sorry.
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justin bieber canceling the remaining 15 performances of a world tour. he's been on the road touring for two years and plans on resting and relaxing. he also said he loves his fans and his sorry if this all disappointed. the tour netted 93.2 million. one of the moms of this building had eight girls gone that way stadium. these girls had their outfits picked out a many to go to the beaver concert. peace crushing a lot of fans. lauren: he went to be the most popular to a big disappointment. cheryl: you can't pull it together for 15 shows? how old are you? trade 323. anyway, cooler air moved into the northeast. let's bring in janice dean. >> i did not. don't blame the mom. blame the beaver. it is his fault.
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i'll call him and see what i can do. he's canadian. 63 year new york city. fresh air, 63 in chicago, 75 in kansas city. showers and thunderstorms also want to point out across the southwest potential for flash flooding. the system across the northeast is moving out, but anyone will watch across the great lakes with hail, damaging winds, isolating tornadoes. at the sioux falls area we have the kind of old site for the potential, maybe some tornadoes. be aware if there is a watch or warning in the area. it is hot. not cool with heat indices well over 100 degrees. if you want hot, move more to the last. back to you. cheryl: thank you, janice. coming up, after 32 years, is this the end of the road for the
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lauren: senator john mccain returns to washington to cast his developer help to reform. but what happens after that? triggered this is going to happen. white house adviser jared kushner returning to capitol hill with questions on meetings with russians. true to her earnings are just pointing today. united technology, caterpillar, 3m, dupont and mcdonald's. u.s. futures down 14, cheryl: over year, jimmy choo opening sharply higher. they are bought by american rival michael kors.
5:31 am
we will have the live report from london. ftse, cac are reporting higher. lauren: stocks of google parent out of that with less money for stock down 3% in after-hours. train to after 32 years, is at the end of the road for the classic microsoft software? lauren: good morning, everyone. 530 am in new york. thank you for joining us. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i am cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, everybody. we were just talking about microsoft paint. cheryl: i've never used it, but apparently a lot of folks are very upset about it. we have a lot of braking is to get to that you may have missed
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overnight. arizona senator john mccain returning to washington today. senate republicans plan to hold the key procedural vote to open debate on the health care bill. we just don't know what bill it's going to be coming days after the arizona senator was diagnosed with brain cancer. his office released a statement last night gave senator mccain looks forward to returning to the united states senate to continue working on important legislation, including health care reform. the national defense authorization act in new sanctions on russia, iran and north korea. lauren: president trump urging gop senators to move ahead with their health care plan. >> every republican running for office promise to immediately leave from this disastrous law. we as a party must fulfill that solid promise to the voters of this country to repeal and replace what they've been saying for the last seven years.
5:33 am
so far, senate republicans have not done their job in a bending the dash and india, karat nightmare. trade three kentucky senator rand paul says he would only support a clean repeal bill. >> i wish i knew what we were proceeding to. it's hard to make a determination if you don't know what you are preceding two. i've offered to the leadership i would receive to the bill if we were guaranteed we'd received a clean repeal. other options after that, but to get conservatives on board, the promise to be a clean repeal of obamacare. lauren: democratic senator dianne feinstein tweeting i don't understand how anyone could advance the bill that takes health care way for millions without hearing from those affected. as we noted, those affected by obamacare and the nightmare it's become. cheryl: he gave specific examples of americans said it suffered under obamacare for seven years.
5:34 am
train to the lebanon prime minister at the white house to discuss the fight against terrorism and the economy. fox business will carry that leaders joint statement and that will be 3:00 p.m. eastern time. the president scheduled to travel to youngstown, ohio to hold a big rally tonight. lou dobbs tonight will have special coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox business network. watch a right here. lauren: president trump sunna mott jared kushner will return today after he met with staff members of the senate intelligence committee as part of a russian investigation. blake burman with details from the white house. reporter: jared kushner had four contacts with russians before entering the white house and that he did nothing wrong. those interactions he says were twice during the campaign and twice during the transition.
5:35 am
two of those conversations where the russian ambassador sergey kislyak. one lasted less than a minute. after undergoing questioning at the senate intelligence committee, kushner came back to the white house and defended himself against all accusation the first of the kind of public statement. >> i did not collude with russia who did so. they had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for many businesses. i have been fully transparent and requested information. >> kushner suggested to russia's storyline belittles those who voted for the president. >> donald trump had a better message and ran a starter campaign and that is why he won. suggesting otherwise ridiculous those who voted for him.
5:36 am
train a kushner will return home for more private questioning, this time from the house intelligence committee. that to you in new york. >> blake burman, thank you. traded the administration has very scummy federal judge refusing to block the alleged election prize friend information which would include names and birthdays from states. privacy information challenging the commission's actions. study showed that voter fraud is rare in u.s. elections. the president created the commission in may to investigate his allegations about evidence that millions voted unlawfully in the presidential election. lauren: it is summertime. a lot of people are grilling in bush brothers & co. issued a recall on some of its candidate genes. cheryl: tracie carrasco joins us more. the barbecue is in jeopardy. what's going on?
5:37 am
reporter: lish has announced a voluntary recall of certain 28-ounce cans of luscious brown sugar hickory baked beans, country style baked beans and original baked beans. the problem is potentially defective side seams on the can that were part of the quality insurance checks. you should still throw out any effect the products you may have, even if they don't smell or look bad. you can really rhona barbecue. lauren: bad news for beans. cheryl: i'm still struggling over this story. microsoft is getting rid of microsoft paint, which i tried to use in the 90s. lauren: she is that one person. nerd alert i guess. reporter: if you use this in the 80s and 90s, you are probably familiar with microsoft paint. sadly, microsoft will likely be
5:38 am
getting rid of it after 32 years. several features and functionalities will be dropped or could be removed in future releases and paint sadly microsoft does offer a 3-d in its most recent update. microsoft said their resellers could change in the future, but other programs that may go away. outlook express, the reader have been reading list. >> the last two i didn't years. outlook express. speaking of paint. art work from the president is about to set some pretty big bucks. >> you could be the owner. president trump of the new york city skyline is going to far option of $9000 which features trump tower in the center there. it will be auctioned off.
5:39 am
a charity event among a number of celebrities including john mccain, charlie theron to drop artwork for a campaign. >> i think it will go for more than $9000. cheryl: adding to the president list of accomplishments. i am going to learn to paint now. i'm going to learn microsoft paint. dataset. some big business headlines this morning including this. the japanese tech giant wants a multibillion dollars piece of uber. "the wall street journal" saying that is pushing to take a commanding stake in the regulated industry. singapore is taxi from india's a lot in china's texting. now taking a larger stake of the company. no response from over.
5:40 am
lauren: coming up, little charlie gard's parents saying good by to their son before his first birthday, bringing him to the u.s. for experimental treatment. we will have the details of this heartbreaking story for you. in the market, tech specs power in the nonstatic. the dow retreats. how would they accept trading today? you are watching "fbn:am." two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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cheryl: welcome back to that statue caught up with the parents of charlie gard drop in the battle over the bill boy. the u.s. for an experimental treatment about a decision made after recent tests found the baby had irreversible muscular damage. the 11 -month-old boy has been hospitalized as of a rare genetic condition. disney is now watching you at the movies. company scientists have developed a method for analyzing facial expressions of movie viewers, infrared customers can report reactions to the idea that as the filmmaker a better understanding of how anything in the movie itself is received to you don't like it, make it clear on your face. michael kors assumed to be sporting jimmy choo stilettos. they will put $2 billion jimmy choo was the same that princess
5:44 am
diana and let's not forget sex in the city. other mergers in the industry back in may. a little bit less expensive. by the way of london, shares of 17%. they are also looking out of johnson, founder author with a preview. >> they are not as high as jimmy choo shoes, but they will still be good. lauren: ups, dupont -- which runs 10.why? >> they all do. glimpses of pricing power and incredibly powerful concept. companies might be able to raise and that's not something we seen before in my investors are working over to the downside to it. they are treating pretty rich.
5:45 am
it trades at 18 times. all around 25, 30 times. you are paying up for these companies because the story is changed. >> earnings expected to be strong thus far. 76% have beaten expectations at the same time. the index falling to its lowest level in almost a quarter-century. what does this tell you about where the stock market is headed in investor sentiment about? >> i have a theory right now. i call up earnings and employment. the reason people are willing to keep paying up for stocks, once this morning is because we have the most number of people working in this country in about 20 years. earnings growth of 8% to 10%. of the combination together. and incredibly powerful tonic for stocks. but investors are focused on is
5:46 am
simply not russia, neisseria, not north korea, not all the stuff you typically see on the front of "the new york times" gave it a subsidy process in this country. earnings and employment. trade to hear from some big tech names to amazon and face the coming out later this week. we will see more record highs. >> don't get in the way of these companies. look at the amazon whole foods still, the amazon tears to your early start selling kenmore appliances. you don't want to get in the way of amazon. the other part of amazon is the amazon web services that provide those ironically compete against facebook. don't get in the way back when either. that is why they are making new highs. lauren: have to wrap this up coming back to be broken up because it's gotten too big? >> if they didn't break at the banks are not breaking up amazon. lauren: good to see you.
5:47 am
thanks for your perspective. >> coming up, martin slugger james carla stanton goes head-to-head with yankees homerun king aaron judge and john outweigh has a huge payday with the denver broncos. jerrod max all over sports this morning. the $200 bill between michael kors and jimmy choo. we are talking shoes, people. all of them are as you can see a little mix. down by 13. nasdaq barely down a point. ♪ so you miss the big city? i don't miss much... definitely not the traffic. excuse me, doctor... the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports
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cheryl: welcome back to "fbn:am." full plate of course this morning. football, basketball, baseball. jared max is here with more. what's up? >> happy tuesday, lauren. thanks, cheryl. two players not share the link for the most home runs in major league baseball. the miami marlins had a couple home runs last night. giancarlo stanton first of a true run shot 31st of the season and a little bit later on and i maintain, average age of the yankees made it even the homerun derby, that we are all even now. the major league lead, martin's 14-nothing. astros employees at the keystone at the houston success. all-star fielder george springer with the quad muscle. there was about a two-hour rain to rate the -- rain delayed this
5:52 am
morning. he goes on to runs batting 528. astros closed the door on the phillies 13-4. bad news for the dodgers. the best pitcher in baseball for several weeks. clayton kershaw at suffered a strain in his lower back. 46 weeks but no official timetable said. dodgers beat the twins 69-31. every player named mvp of the 292,016 will now place the warriors or cavaliers. derrick rose will sign a one-year deal was to $.1 million will join the braun james and cavaliers with uncertainty over kyra irving with the starting job to decide who will be the first official order. 34-year-old interim general manager promoted to full-time gm. remember last week the player
5:53 am
whose stock had reportedly been kidnapped and then the dog was returned. dallas cowboys have following the series of questionable behavioral issues. they blindside the team was yesterday by in woodbridge virginia in june. either way he's no longer dallas cowboys. a five-year contract with the deal expected to make the hall of fame quarterback. why cant unknowns become a football star. he was signed by the philadelphia eagles. he is a tie then. dining in austin airport. he noticed a man was joking.
5:54 am
so he followed what is taught and performed behind the maneuver. once stable, ryan went back. >> after he went and cleaned up and everything, he looked back at the plate of brisket and he was like yeah, i'm going to have to finish this one. he went right back in. reporter: anyone who's ever gone nose. cheryl: it's all about brisket. now that he's alive. >> the guy thought he was looking for his kids. he just had that look on his face. cheryl: speaking of texas, the cowboys take it away. we are going back to the 90s. this is the hard part of being a cowboys fan. how many in jail by the end of the season? lauren: jerrod, thank you. cheryl, thank you.
5:55 am
top news headlines 24 sevenths on the sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: welcome to working with me. coming up, michael cores going with jimmy choo. live for full report coming next.
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5:57 am
cheryl: michael cores dying jimmy choo for more than a billion dollars.
5:58 am
joining us now with overseas reaction. good morning. >> good morning. you are seeing a pretty big reaction in jimmy choo shoes this morning. the stock opened up 17% in an all-time high. not necessarily clear what it's going to mean for michael cores, but investors seemed it's looking pretty good for being on the market this april. lauren: michael cores himself could use some help right now. >> yeah, it's been struggling with a couple things you people want deep discounts at department stores. also suffering from a bit of a slowdown in luxury handbags. the market has seen sales growth really come to a halt. it's really looking to benefit with the acquisition of jimmy choo sim better kind of brand
5:59 am
power in the u.k., china, japan and maybe diversification of its product line. cheryl: certainly will be a stock to watch in the u.s. that's what i'm asking for. >> it's going to be good for consumers. >> honestly it could be really great at managing the inventory and managing price lines. >> do you have any, every about? anyway, dataset for us for us. stay with us. "mornings with maria" happening now. maria bartiromo, good morning. >> happy tuesday, everybody. i maria bartiromo. tuesday, july 25th. top story 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. republicans facing new pressure to repeal upon a chair with a vote potentially tonight.
6:00 am
the administration with a warning for lawmakers. >> after seven years of same repeal and replace obamacare, we have a chance to do it. hopefully they'll do it. >> after years of talking and campaigning, now is the time for republicans in the senate to act. this president and the american people are counting on the senate to act. maria: the make or break vote for john mccain returning today to washington following his cancer diagnosis. today is his first day back. jared kushner to the hill facing the house intelligence committee over russia meetings during the campaign and has already denied collusion yesterday. alphabet shares are sliding this morning down to .5%. even though the results beat expectations, regulatory concerns reagan investor. they had a big fine to the e.u. that crushed earnings.


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