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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 25, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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michigan, north carolina, wisconsin, florida. the other states don't mean anything. he carries four of them he wins the election. kennedy: republicans scoring a potentially major victory on healthcare. president trump is doing a victory lap but the battle may just be beginning. president trump tonight is letting the military have it. a big celebration after a nuclear threat from north korea and a standoff with the iranian navy. and attorney general jeff sessions back in the hot seat. are this days in the white house numbered? it's time to rock it was one of the busiest days in d.c. history as healthcare resurrected itself.
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russia testimony logged on on the noose tightened around senator jeff sessions' head. healthcare rose up in a procedural miracle to live another day. susan collins and lisa murkowski almost taked the motion to proceed. john mccain bravely returned to the capital to cast the deciding vote. he gave a speech that spared no one from his barbs. what a day on capitol hill. the news just didn't stop. senate republicans scoring a big, but perhaps brief victory after voting to continue debate on repealing obamacare.
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the president touted the win at a rally in youngstown, ohio. watch. >> at the very top of the list is healthcare reform. with obamacare, the washington obstructionists, meaning democrats, made big promises to the american people, and every single promise they made turned out to be a lie. you can have your doctor, you can have your plan. do you remember? 8 times. you can have your doctor. you can have your plan. i know democrats that heard that and they would have never voted for it. but they voted because they believe the lies of president obama. for 7 years he republican running for office promised to repeal and replace this disastrous law.
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now they must keep their promise. kennedy: not everybody was feeling the president's message. cops had to drag out quite a few protesters including one guy waving a communist flag. the healthcare battle is far from over. there is days of voting ahead as the gop tries to figure out the next move. before it was unclear if they even had the votes to proceed. how did we get here? and what happens next? let me ask fox news capitol hill producer chad pergram. was this a victory for the president? >> it was a minor victory because they had to start debate. healthcare would probably be dead and you would have mitch mcconnell, the senate republican
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leader trying to work with democrats on board. but one thing i want to point out, so important. john mccain's return to the senate, a very emotional moment on capitol hill. you cannot change the math on capitol hill. had he not been there the vote would have been 50 democrats voting no and 49 republicans voting yes it was crucial to get to 50-50 to have vice president pence break the tie and get on with the bill. you can't alter the math. by the same token. the fact that it's such a narrow turning radius. they can't afford to lose anybody is. it's one thing to vote to get on to a bill and another to see what the senate reduces the next two or three days and keep that coalition together and not have mike lee or rand paul drop off.
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kennedy: all of the people that you mention, all the nors, chad, they were all on the fence and we didn't know how the vote was going to go, this motion to proceed. let's take a look at senator mccain's speech on the floor of the senate. >> we tried to do this by coming up with a proposal behind closed doors in consultation with the administration and springing it on sceptical members trying to convince them that it's better than nothing. that it's better than nothing? ing us to swallow our doubts and force it past a unified opposition, i don't think that will work in the end and probably shouldn't. kennedy: he had quite a few people he was admonishing including some of his colleagues in the senate and a little bit for the president. what was the strange jest thing you saw as all of this was firming up into that crucial vote?
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>> probably the strange jest thing was ron johnson, republican nor of wisconsin. he had been for one of the other iterations of obamacare, and he got into a tough with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he didn't think mcconnell had been clear with him and straight with him on medicate issues for his state. the end of last week he indicated he had been for the motion to proceed and was rethinking it. we sat for quite a while at 48 and 2 with murkowski and collins. you have mccain coming in. ron johnson was on the floor with that majority leader mitch mcconnell. you can't change the math. you have to get to 50yays. but he sat on his hand waiting
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for mccain to come in and they basically voted together and got him to 58. kennedy: as you said, this was a procedural vote. as of this point, they are til nos. nos -- they are still nos. >> vote-rama will be roll call vote after roll call vote and it will culminate late thursday night, maybe early friday morning on pass or fail with this bill. but it's something that's key. that will tell us what's in the bill and that will dictate whether republican senators can vote for this. we can't estimate how that will turn out because that universe is not formed. kennedy: this is still a * fluid situation.
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the president also said tonight that the nation has to stop being so divide. >> america must also be united because when america is united. america is totally unstoppable. kennedy: earlier at the white house the president made it clear he's not happy with republicans who voted no. >> we have two republicans that went against us which is very sad, i think. it's very, very sad for them. but i'm very, very happy with the result. i believe now we'll over the next week or two come up with a plan that's going to be really, really wonderful for the american people. obamacare is a disaster. it's failing on every front. it's too expensive. it gives horrible coverage it was gotten by a lie. kennedy: i will take
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wonderfulness over disasters any day. it was pretty obvious he was talking about alaska senator lisa purchase could you ski and susan collins of maine. but the number of republicans who could vote against it could grow depending on the direction mitch mcconnell takes with the legislation. is this headed for disaster? let me take it to my squeaky clean party panel. kristen haglund and anthony fisher, and tom shillue. welcome, everyone. let's talk about a little bit of healthcare. a lot of people assumed that because the senate majority leader pulled the bill last week that it was dead in the water. here we have the motion to proceed which we didn't think was going to proceed, but they got enough senators on board to do it. >> it's exhausting.
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50-50 to decide on just to proceed? you have got no democrats in there. they can't get susan collins. he time she talks she says i'm not going to vote for the bill. forget by the. i don't know what they are doing. kennedy: as chad per gram per gm point out, democrats were having a field day fanning the flames of their own disaster. here is chuck schumer. >> i would plead one last time with my friend on the other side of the aisle. i know you sincerely tried to modify and change things. turn back. we can go through regular order. we want to work with you. we know that aca is not perfect. but we also know what you proposed is much worse.
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kennedy: from not perfect to horrific. >> he's saying there are baby steps they have been inching along. it's miraculous they got it through procedure. john mccain is right, trying to have this whole thing done behind closed doors which is something republicans ripped democrats for for 8 years over obamacare. it's time to do this whirlly gig. let's find out what's in the votes. it's time for that. kennedy: we'll talk about more in depth about the speech he gave which i thought was actually pretty fantastic and brave of him. i want to talk about the fact that edscolded people for want to go have these big blustery fights. they can't seem to get anything done. but at the same time the
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incremental changes that have to be made on healthcare. they aren't glamorous but they are necessary. >> i think a lot of people watching this debate at home. they are the ones paying their premiums with sky high deductibles. what good is healthcare if i can't afford it. they are so sick and tired of look at washington and seeing this play out. i just want something that works in my life. this has been politics as usual. donald trump as much as he promised about draining the swamp, this is so swampy. at the end of the day people need a healthcare system that works. they need something that works, not just a political win. this is an actual life and death decision. kennedy: senator mccain made that point. and he used his time on the floor to take his fellow
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lawmakers to task for letting things slip so far down the drain. >> let's trust each other. let's return to regular order. he with been spinning our wheels on too many issues because we keep trying to find a way to win without both sides of the aisle. from the top down without any support from the other side. we are getting nothing done, my friend. we are getting nothing done. kennedy: with the current political climate is there any chance that the lawmakers see the errors of their way? senator mccain should be back in arizona treating as he said, treating his illness and taking time off to do that. but he can't. just after he had surgery he has to fly back to washington, d.c. to cast this vote and stood there before other members of the senate to give them a good tongue lashing.
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>> it was a good speech it was amazing. this is the great thing about politics. you see the guy coming in with the scar on his head, he's giving the speech. but i don't think they can get anything done on healthcare. democrats like obamacare. they will stick with it. so you get no votes from democrats. i'm puzzled why they put so much focus on this. they should have done taxes. but not healthcare. kennedy: mccain made the point it was so unpopular before the senate got their hands on it. does it move the needle at all? >> where are we at? july, 2017? we have a year and change until the mid-terms. even more than a referendum on trump, healthcare will affect the mid-term congressional elections. but you are not going to win any democrats. democrats will dig in their
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heels over obamacare and the aca. if you can't even articulate to the republicans whether they are moderates or the ted cruzs or mike lees of the party. you can't articulate how you are going to sell this to their populace to make sure they don't get sold down the river for something that's wildly unpopular. kennedy: texas senator ted cruz is live on the floor of the senate. >> the obamacare plans are still on the market with all those mandates. but democrats are terrified of freedom. they are terrified people might make a difference choice. my friend from oregon said those on the obamacare exchanges would go into a death spiral and see their premiums spike. when that john adams quote about facts being stubborn things? hhs found those on the exchanges
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with all the title one mandates including preexisting conditions, that their premiums would drop by over $5,500 a year. so the question is, who is more trustworthy, the experts at hhs analyzing what would occur with competition and choices in the marketplace or the rhetoric and scare mongering being offered from the other side? it would be one thing if they were confronting facts, actually addressing real facts. instead it's nothing but angry rhetoric. my friend from oregon described repealing obamacare and empowering consumers and lowering premiumsing a wealth-care. there is an iron why in that. the people paying the irs fines, roughly half of them are making less than $25,000 a year. number two. do you know who agrees with the democrats on this? the insurance companies.
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my friends from oregon was reading the insurance companies. kennedy: democrats terrified of freedom. that's ted cruz live on the floor of the senate in d.c. the day is not over. they are still going. some at the party panel will return a little bit later. president trump said he's very upset with jeff sessions. ben shapiro the one and only here with reaction and analysis next. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced.
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he it's look more and more like attorney general jeff sessions days in the administration could be numbered. jeff sessions said time will tell what will happen. >> i'm disappointed in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself almost immediately after he took office. if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me
9:22 pm
prior to take office and i would have quite simply picked somebody else. so i think that's a bad thing not for the president, but for the presidency. i think it's unfair to the presidency. kennedy: the attorney general reportedly told friends he has no plan to the resign. lawmakers on both side of the aisle came to his defense. i'm no jeff sessions fan, but this situation is somewhat unprecedented to see a president go after his attorney general so publicly. what happens now. joining us is ben shapiro. this is so weird. i don't like jeff sessions for a number of reasons. but he's becoming a victim and i feel bad for him. >> he could engage in civil asset forfeiture and take trump tower in revenge.
9:23 pm
trump has the power to fire him. i love the line, "only time will tell," i want to use that on my wife, will i pick up the groceries? only time will tell. if he's not upset about it just fire him. i don't know if he thinks harassing him and getting sessions to quit won't blow back on him. kennedy: i don't understand the scenario. if sessions resigns, who is going to take that job? >> right not you only thing that's clear is trump wants somebody who is going to fire mueller. so then it's obvious what he's doing. kennedy: rosenstein is not going to do it. he's going to wants to hire some a.g. who will come in and take the hit. that's not a long list of people who want to do that. especially after trump keeps talking about sessions loyalty.
9:24 pm
if you are looking at the administration to enter. you have trump attacking sessions. it doesn't look like a great job situation. kennedy: you have a number of defections or early resignations from h.r. mcmaster and rex tillerson. and that may be gossip or pure speculation, and that may be people in the media drumming up stories. but it's starting to sound a little bit more probable given the climate with sessions. >> there is also talk -- the number of officials that left the administration is relatively high at this point in the administration. you don't feel there is an attempt to coalesce on a policy agenda. a lot of the policy mavens in his administration, those people seem like they are being sidelined.
9:25 pm
they are being sidelined in favor of jared and ivanka and anthony scaramucci. the people who make it their job to protect trump personally. sessions as you say, i have some problems with jeff sessions agenda for sure. sessions is carrying out mostly what trump wants him to do but trims still ripping on him about the stuff. kennedy: let's say sessions resigns. he sees the writing on the wall. he already offered his resignation a few weeks ago. what does that mean for trump in the senate? >> people are going to feel like if i defect he will attack me. if i join him he will attack me. then in terms of confirmation hearings it will be death. how do you gather a majority around confirmation around the
9:26 pm
a.g. when you note only task they have is to fire the special counsel. kennedy: and all the republicans will have to answer for a vote like that. come back and join us again. coming up, jared curb he -- jard kushner back on the hill to meet with the house intelligence committee. we have more on trump's rally in ohio. we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier,
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♪ kennedy: hello welcome back jared kushner spoke on house intelligence committee today after spending 3 hours with senate intelligence committee yesterday. pal manafort behind closed-doors this afternoon, president said, media is just making it up. i'm. >> i'm here too cut through the fake news filter and to speak straight to the american people. fake news, fake, fake, fake ne news. kennedy: does the president have
9:31 pm
a point? and will he base continue to stand by their man. joining me now, mollie heming way, welcome back. >> great too b to be here. jim: kennedy: president talking about fake nude news, health care. >> i think that this is his strategy to do campaign style speeches, reminding base what they like about him. and this is successful. you see the enthusiasm. kennedy: a bit of a redirection considering some news focus on meeting last summer that don jr. had with manafort and kushner.
9:32 pm
what do you think the change has been for kushner, has it been positive? >> a couple weeks ago people thought they really had their white house target, he has smart lawyers, he explained everything, you heard comments from democrats and republicans who have spoken to him, they are satisfied high is no he is not . kennedy: he was very straight forward and answered their questions from republicans and democrats on both committees. what lesson should this be for other members of administration. >> i was thinking that media less alesson don't over promised under achieve, don't keep hyping these, if there is nothing there, maybe this transparency
9:33 pm
approach, might be the way to go. but, there is a hearing tomorrow, where they will talk too. kennedy: is this glen simpson, the fusion gps head who said, he would plied the fifth. if he were subpoenaed to go before senate intelligence committee. >> he did say he was not going to cooperate, but now it looks like high migh he might be, to k behind closed-doors, same with manafort, and don jr. but people will be speaking on the record, you learn that target is looking at whether glen simpson's group, failed to register as an agent of the foreign government, when they did work for russia. kennedy: interesting. >> that is wrinkel that people are missing, yes, they were behind the des yor dossier thatd
9:34 pm
trump. but not the government just russian -- if they failed too register, while doing lobbying and prwork, tha that is a probl. kennedy: all right so last question, should president continue holding these rallies? talking about jobs and the economy? >> he certainly should do stuff like this, instead of his try raids again jeff sessions, that is not resonating as much and focus on issues, talking jobs in youngstown, ohio is what no one else is doing in dc and new york, making sure he does thin likthings likecut taxes and foce economy. ism thank you, mollie. you know what i'm worried about, robot overloaders, now a battle of billionaire tech nerveds elon
9:35 pm
musk worried about a -- now zuckerberg pushing back that musk's view of a ai doomsday is irresponsible. musk said i have talked to mark about this, his understanding of the subject is limited. no you didn't, he did, will they ever come face-to-face to duke it out. back to participan participant . where do you stand on this? ai, or zuck said he is optimistic or it is a doomsday scenario. >> i am thinking that this is all part of long strategy by elon musk, we'll find out soon that zucke zuckerberg is a robon we'll have to shut down facebook.
9:36 pm
but we can't talk about it on facebook so we'll have to talk about it on linked in. kennedy: and go to dark web, >> then we'll find out that elon is the robot. kennedy: he does have very smooth skin. ien, a lot of people fear once artificial intelligence is self aware we're hosed. >> possible. some artificial intelligence is disturbingly civil aware now. kennedy: rumba, keeping track of your house. >> and criminal cases they kept just a little bit more of 30 seconds they were supposed to keep. but, you know, elon musk calling his knowledge limited that is savage. just savage. >> that is to have limited knowledge, that is biggest like
9:37 pm
nerdblow. >> he is going to send him on a rocket to mars. >> this is probably the most salty of the insults. kennedy: i trust elon musk and stephen hawking who said that ai is potentially dangerous we should be more balanced about it, i trust them more than silicon valley billionaire harvard drop out in a sweatshirt, that is my personal opinion. and also, a lot -- yes, we can be o optimistic about technolog, we have young people growing up not able to have face-to-face conversation, they just text, they don't know how to speak that is dangerous. we need to reconnect we're we're sits in bed having robot warsism or meld with machines -- meld with machines, blend ourselves. >> thank you, tom, anthony and
9:38 pm
kirsten. >> thank you. >> coming up president tonight pitched beefing up military as north korea fires over a warning to united states, saying a hint of an attempt to remove kim jong-un from power would be retaliated with a merciless blow of nuclear hammer, president call for pentagon cash. next. look at him go, woo! ♪
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kennedy: president trump today spoke with veterans in ohio before a rally in youngstown. >> you saw our budget, we're orders billions and billions of dollars of new ships, new planes. equipment for our great soldiers. we are building it up. there is rarely been a time where we needed the protection of our incredible military more than right now. right here, that is what we're going to do. >> speech came over a heat day where north korea threatened u.s., with nuclear attack. and u.s. navy ship fired warning shopped at an iranian patrol boat in persian gulf.
9:43 pm
joining me now iraq combat veteran brian suits. so. suits, what do you make of the threat from north korea? last week pompeii talked regime change for the nor, cansorks. >> they are telegraphing their punches, they know we'll take it, they know we're unprepared for a conflict on the korean peninsula. kennedy: are they prepared? if so, how so. >> that is the scary part, they are, they have been doing it for 60 years, this is like a tiger cub 20 years ago, we thought it
9:44 pm
would stay cute, but it kept eating knowingful well, tha, fut will grow up, they spend 60 years tunneling and building shelters, they would not have done this i don't think enough americans understand they would not have done this, if they were not prepared too use them could they are no longer test they are drills. >> shelters hold small percentage of their population, a large percentage are in labor camps? what happens to those people? are they tem terminated or is ta refugee crisis. >> that government does not care. that is what we're dealing with, they are really, truly, sitting down, doing the math on how to survive a counter attack by u.s., they have been playing strip poker with us, we have taken our pants now, they are
9:45 pm
prepared to use the nuclear web ans again, china, and japan, and okinawa and my house, they know we're not prepared. to combat this country, and change the regime there. kennedy: talk about veterans today, president addressing a big group in ohio, he has adversaries and enemies do, men and women who wear uniform still support this president? >> my sense is that, there are a lot more people on the fence than there were, senior people career people, are get more leary about him, younger people, still do like him. they like what he says. but. what he delivers for v.a. that would be great. if it turns into a voucher program that would be perfect for like the 9/11 generation and
9:46 pm
on. if we got vouchers, that would be great. and he would get all of the vote, but we want to see like with obama we want results, show me clinics out there in suburban areas or vouchers in mail where i can go to know actual doctor. kennedy: we'll see, what president has up his sleeve, he has talked about the v.a. reform a lot. brian suits thank you so much. >> big league. kennedy: always. >> coming up, is it possible to fat shame a cat? i'll do my best to try in the topical storm, that is next. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony.
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kennedy: historic day for sports fans, this date 1966 ted williams was inducted to baseball hall of fame, same day 1998, charles barkley to arby's hall of fame. this is topical storm. we begin with great state of north carolina. i love the place. my only complaint is last time
9:51 pm
i was there, a cop stopped me for driving without a mullet. there is a fat cat tear rising the state. -- terrorizing the state, not type of fat cat president obama trash for 8 years then charged 300,000 a speech the second he got out of office. i am talking about a furry one, gross. he has been eating like he is going to the electric chair. this is mr. handsome. he was brought to a local animal sheller after being clonthrown out of a buffett. for all i know the dog ran away to not listen to her pod cast. put a shirt on leyna.
9:52 pm
>> topic two. good news for drunk people. pretty much all of you. nobody watches this show sober. heck no, nobody producing this show sober. [talking over eacsober. taco bell is partnering with lyft, if you hail a lyft, it can take you to taco bell, you eat it and throw up in the back of the car, it is called taco mode. get ready for call my high school girlfriend out of the blue mode and delete everything that i tweeted after 1:00 a.m. mode.
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>> topic three. do you like marijuana and trash? if so, you should did buy new kesh kesh -- kesha album, if you have this, a pot dispensary there is giving free bags of weed to people who collect garbage on the side of the road, he wants to boost awareness to life changing benefits of cannabis. i am indifferent to the whole thing but it is nice seeing stoners doing something. topic tour 4. >> justin bieber canceled hi his world tour this week without a reason why. devastating news to our line producer john who loves the biebs. he is a belieber. he has man biebs.
9:54 pm
but now we might know, they are reporting he is thinking about starting -- get it -- his own church ha hallelujah with a real bieber flair, only church that offers seconds on thsacksacramental wine. >> topic 5. happy first birthday to mini the moo cow who was not expected to live after her owners found her stricken with pneumonia last year.
9:55 pm
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kennedy: breaking news out of capital in senate, better care reconciliation act failed, republican votes 43 yes, 9 nos, some usual suspects voting again the bcra, including senator mike lee, rand paul. and suess ap susan collins. they were althoughs tonight. and it was as we thought. a mick o magics -- mix of conservatives and moderates who do not see enough in the bill, ted cruz and mike lee amendments were attached but still, just as we thought that part of the vota ramma is dead. thank you for watching show, follow me o twitter and instagram. tomorrow night, congressman jim jordan with reaction.
10:00 pm
brett baier on a big night. i will see you on fox channel. . lou: good evening, a big win for president trump and republican leadership after the senate voted to begin debate on repealing obamacare, president trump will take something of a victory lap any moment now with a make america great again rally in working class city of young town, ohio. it is billed as rally in the valley, we'll bring you the events as soon as the president takes the stage. we understand he is running just a few minutes late, president has the wind at his back.


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