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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> keep the conversation going on our twitter account, "after the bell," melissa a. francis, david asman has one as well. we love it. and thank you to our beloved josh patch. come in, come in! he's going to a dairy farm! here's "risk & reward." liz: the notorious poster boy of drug company greed, martin shkreli, found guilty of securities fraud. he faces a long time behind bars. >> this was a witch-hunt of epic proportions, and maybe they found one or two broomsticks. but at the end of the day, acquitted of the most important charge was the case, and i'm delighted to report that. liz: welcome to "risk & reward" i'm elizabeth mcdonald in for deirdre bolton. happening now, president trump arriving at the airport in new jersey. the president is heading to trump national golf club in
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bedminister. he was called the most hated man in america, martin shkreli convicted by a federal jury of three counts of securities fraud. the 34-year-old faces 20 years in prison for running his companies like a ponzi scheme. the conviction is separate from another controversy that got shkreli vilified and hauled before congress, where shkreli's companies raised the price of a cancer and hiv drug 5,000%, and a kidney drug for children by 2,000%. shkreli was kicked off of twitter for harassing a journalist. it doesn't end there. shkreli smirked his way before congress and through his trial, now faces time in prison. and still a lawsuit by former company retrofin, check pharma stocks, merck, johnson & johnson closing lower in trading today. joining me is tracee carrasco on location at brooklyn district federal court with the
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latest. reporter: martin shkreli, aka pharma bro, walked out of the courthouse with a smirk, he was delighted with the verdict, despite the three guilty verdicts on two counts of securities fraud and a single count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. he was acquitted on five other counts of conspiracy. securities fraud carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. federal prosecutors accuse shkreli of cheating investors out of millions of dollars out of a hedge fund that he runs, right here shkreli maintains innocence, he didn't do anything wrong, and his lawyer benjamin brafman is leaning for a lenient sentence. >> this verdict gives the court the enormous discretion in the kind of sentence that she could fashion and allows for a sentence that doesn't even have to include a period of incarceration, and if it does,
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to be honest with you, a much, much lower period of time of incarceration than the government ever contemplated. >> reporter: shkreli most notably known as the controversial ceo who raised the price of life-saving drugs. his lawyer said this was a difficult case to try, there was a lot of anti-shkreli sentiment. the jury made up of five men and seven women came back with a verdict, but prior to today had come to the judge once, on thursday, they had two questions about asset management and fraudulent intent. they were wondering if there was some discrepancy between the jurors if they were having a tough time coming to a conclusion, but as we can see, martin shkreli found guilty on three counts. as for what's next, possibly appeal and no sentencing date has yet been set. liz?
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liz: good job, thanks for that reporting, terrific stuff. take a look the breaking news, berkshire hathaway, the conglomerate run by warren buffett, just reported a big miss on earnings, and earnings for the second quarter are down to $4.3 billion versus a 5 billion earnings in the year prior quarter. taking a hit on derivatives book yet again and insurance underwriting also went down at the company. we're going to stay on berkshire hathaway news for you. it is america's fifth most valuable company, sticking behind apple, microsoft and google. let's get reaction to the shkreli case, bring in the legal eagles, leeza garber, shkreli and team acted like this is a big win, do you agree? >> i think this guy has a lot of issues and to call it a big win, we'll see what happens when sentencing comes down, could be up to 20 years, and this is a man that has already been judged in the court of
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public opinion, much more and, of course separate for the drug that it helps aids patients, cancer patients, pregnant mothers and he is not well liked. he's eccentric, i'm not surprised to hear he thought this was a good result. it's not a great result, and he deserves it. liz: shkreli said he got off on the most important count. take a listen. i'd like your reaction. >> we're, i think, delighted in many ways with the verdict, count 7 was the government's attempt to theororize that i robbed peter to pay paul, and the jury had spoken incluesively. some made ten times or more than that of the original investment after they did receive settlements. liz: the jury clearly not buying this line of argument at trial. he's convicted of three counts of securities fraud.
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does he sound repentant to you? >> no, he definitely doesn't sound repentant or sorry at all. he sounds just as smug as he always has throughout the trial, and i think that he's facing 20 years, and his behavior during the trial is not going to do him any favors with the judge. liz: leeza, did his behavior hurt him to you think, before the jury? >> it certainly hurt him. his smug persona over social media. the videos he consistently posted and live streamed. harassment of reporters, this came into play, which was so hard in the beginning to choose a jury. this is a man that cheated, lied and stole. he recycled money any, which way you slice it. liz: he was accused of running a ponzi scheme, yosha. he faces 20 years in prison for the counts he was convicted of. his attorney is saying otherwise, though, let's take a listen. we don't have the sot.
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here's the thing. will this behavior, going for the microphones and top spinning it, it could affect the judge's sentencing for martin shkreli? >> his behavior during the trial could definitely affect his sentencing. the fact that the judge had to reprimand him for talking to the press is huge, and ultimately he's been convicted and now it's up to the judge to sentence him and that's going to weigh on the judge's mind. liz: what do you think, leeza? >> i think she's completely right and think about how unapologetic he is, and the statement by his attorney saying these people made two to three times as much money as they could have. they may have gotten lucky but he still broke the law in this case and needs to be punished. all of the factors will weigh in on his sentenceing. >> great stuff there, appreciate it, leeza and yosha. >> thank you. liz: president trump firing back last night blastingly the russia investigation as mueller
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convenes a grand jury. >> they're trying to cheat you out of the leadership you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us, and most importantly, demeaning to our country and demeaning to our constitution. i just hope the final determination is a truly honest one, which is what the millions of people who gave us our big win in november deserve. liz: and today, u.s. attorney general jeff sessions announcing a major crackdown on classified leaks. he's saying leak probes tripled under president trump and the government is leak more than they did under obama and bush. >> no one is entitled to surreptitiously to fight to advance battles in the media by revealing sensitive government information. no government can be effective when its leaders can not
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discuss sensitive matters in confidence or talk freely in confidence with foreign leaders. liz: bring in donald trump for president adviser board member jeff dewitt. good to see you. >> great to see you, liz. >> the u.s. intelligence community accused of inserting itself in the u.s. election, do you agree? >> i don't know how else that these -- this high, high level of leaking could occur. i mean these are private conversations between presidents of countries where transcripts, written transcripts are leaked in the conversations, so this is very, very high-level stuff, and you think it would only come from very, very high-level organizations to do this. it's terrible that our own president cannot have a conversation with a foreign leader in private without it getting leaked. keep in mind that once we're dealing now with foreign countries, if it can be proven that this is aiding and abetting another country, this is treason, and this could be punishable by death.
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this is not just getting fired. this is bigtime stuff people are dealing with here. liz: i don't know if i would go that far, you bring up an important point in situations past through u.s. history, we've seen the accusations and that kind of fallout potentially, but this has been so severe that even the prime minister of the united kingdom, theresa may, went live on the television saying after the manchester bombing whoever is leaking in the u.s. intelligence community has to stop, because it's hurting our terror probes, trying to track terrorists potentially in libya for being behind the manchester bombing, what are your thoughts there? >> i totally agree, this is something where it's harming the national security of our country. what somebody inside one of these organization says doing, who we obviously believe is an obama administration holdover is leaking to help their own policy or their own politics, but putting our country at risk. it has to stop, and i really hope the attorney general can
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get to the bottom of it very, very quickly. liz: you know, jeff sessions also announcing he's considering sending subpoenas to the media. i mean some would say that's a step too far, the media is doing its job, doing reporting, protected by the first amendment and the pentagon papers case. is it right to go after the media or crack down on leakers first? >> obviously, we'd love to get the leakers first, but if you're a member of the media and you get your hands from whatever source on something that could be damaging to national security, there's still a choice to either shred it or return it or use it. there are so many members of the media that use anything they get their hands on. nobody wants to harm anyone's first amendment rights. these are national security issues and it has to stop. it's putting our country, our efforts against terrorism and our military at risk.
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liz: our own maria bartiromo has leon panetta on "wall street week" at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. let's take a listen. >> i think both parties have been hijacked by the extremes. that's been the problem in terms of the inability of the parties to work together. extremes have taken control of what's called the party base, and so it's a result of that, and they feel in order to survive, they've got to cater to their extremes as opposed to working to solve problems. >> the democrat and the republican party, nothing is getting done in d.c., the president doesn't have a legislative victory right now. >> and he's right in the fact that that is the fault of both parties. there's no question. i'm a lifelong republican, but i'll get out there and say republicans failed us to not get obamacare repealed. something they promised for years and years and years, the fact that nobody was smart enough over the course of the
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last seven years to write a replacement or anything and wait thinking nothing will ever happen. we have a president who is elected as a deal makener chief. he's a successful businessman. this was the american public standing up and saying we want someone in there that can get both sides to do something, and it's why congress has a 10% approval rating because on both sides they can never get together and do anything. i very, very much hope this is a call to both sides to get something done for the american people. it's time. liz: and the american people are asking for jobs. more than one million jobs created since january. we're going to talk about that more later. good to see you, jeff. love having you on. come back soon. >> great to see you, liz, thank you. >> the justice department releasing new e-mails showing behind the scenes there was deep concern and that the justice department and the fbi over last year's tarmac meeting between then attorney general loretta lynch and former president bill clinton. when the fbi was probing hillary clinton's e-mail server. we're bringing in jordan
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. >> all i can tell you is we were landing and we were moving on with our program and we were about to leave and about to go into our cars and move on to our evening events, and it was communicated to me that he wanted to say hello, and that was all the information that we gained. liz: fresh new e-mails shed new light on the tarmac meeting between then attorney general loretta lynch and former putting bill clinton during last year's campaign when the fbi was investigating hillary clinton's e-mail server. the redacted e-mail show the fbi under director james comey misled the american center for
5:18 pm
law and justice when it said it did not have further records about the fbi's response to that meeting, indicating apparently it was a nonissue, but the e-mail show it is very much an issue. the e-mail show the fbi and the justice department were very worried. the e-mails between justice and the fbi discuss talking points to deal with the fallout of the meeting as well as deep concern about the media's coverage of the meeting. moreover, there are e-mails showing the mainstream media downplaying the story with their bosses seemingly to curry favor with the government. we have this, a "washington post" reporter e-mailed the justice department saying -- joining me now attorney for the american center for law and justice, jordan sekulow, good
5:19 pm
to see you, jordan. >> good to see you, liz. liz: how concerning is the batch of e-mails with the fbi and the justice department dealing with the controversy? >> very. because it starts with a document when we filed the foia request before we go to court, we filed the foia request with the department and justice and the fbi about two weeks after the meeting with the tarmac. and i got in my hands the response from the fbi and the fbi said we did the search, they were going back and forth for a couple months and we found nothing. and today and yesterday's document release, if you go through there, you will see fbi officials. not only will you see fbi officials on the e-mails and actually with records, but you will actually see places in these 413 pages where it was the fbi redacting information from us. so they were very much involved, so they started the whole process by saying there was nothing and started redacting things when there was something and this was happening under the tenure of
5:20 pm
james comey, ultimately the documents get released and as you pointed out, liz, not only is it troubling to see how the department of justice was really just concerned about how do we respond to this. this was at a time when they were worried that the media was going to glam on and say, it will just be fox, maybe cbs, you see the "washington post" reporters, the "new york times" reports playing a game. liz: jordan, is it, is there any indication in the documents that you've seen, the e-mails that the fbi and the justice department knew ahead of time that bill clinton would meet with loretta lynch on the tarmac. it was played like it was an accident? >> there's a question there, so you got the department of justice, first response to some of the people was this wasn't planned, but there san e-mail within these documents thats about the security teams, that's the headline, we don't get the text. the headline is the security teams coordinating. at some point, and may have been very close, liz, i don't
5:21 pm
want to go too far than what the documents tell me. at some point they were being questioned and having to figure out where the security teams of loretta lynch coordinating with the secret service protection for president bill clinton receives. so that is very real. we're not done here. at the aclj, we are going to look for the redactions, just to show people what they redacted here, we have pages and pages like this, and the headline is talking points for attorney general's media availability. why would you redact the talking points? what we figured out going through the timelinewise liz is they redacted that because she ultimately only had to do one press conference on the issue, and they say it's really just fox news covering, it and they've handled abc and handled cbs, and they got "washington post." liz: remember james comey said he was concerned, he said loretta lynch wanted him and everybody to call it a matter
5:22 pm
and not an investigation. trying not to tone it down, jordan, final word. >> final word on this is jim comey loved memos and his team was involved in this. he said under oath this was one of the reasons why he took the bizarre action to announce the closure of the investigation on his own. i have a feeling this is not the end of the documents and we're going back to court to find out what the fbi may be hiding. liz: good to see you, love having you ocome back soon. >> thank you, liz. liz: another leak from robert mueller's team. usa today is reporting special counsel robert mueller is using two grand juries, one in virginia, one in washington, d.c. to advance a new wide ranging federal inquiry into possible coordination between president trump's campaign and moscow. this also potentially involves investigations of financial crimes. mueller may continue to use these grand juries, these multiple panels to eventually consolidate efforts in d.c.
5:23 pm
staying on that story for you. next up, berkshire hathaway, the conglomerate run by warren buffett reporting a downturn in its second-quarter profits. shares of berkshire hathaway did end the day in the green. next up, we've got another jobs beat. adding 209,000 jobs in july flowing past the 183,000 jobs expected. since january, the u.s. added 1.07 million jobs. we've got the west virginia coal miner turned senate candidate lou copley here to talk about it next. >> he's going to bring all these jobs back, how are you going to do that? what are you going to do? flonase sensimist allergy relief uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief.
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.. >> some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back. >> unemployment is at a 16-year low. >> he's going to bring all these jobs back. well, how exactly are you going to do that? >> economic growth has surged to 2.6% nationwide. >> he just said i'm going to negotiate a better deal.
5:27 pm
well, how -- how exactly are you going to negotiate that? >> we want to bring back our plants and our factories and our manufacturing, and that's what's happening right now, and you see it and so does every other state in our union. >> what imagineic wand do you have -- magic wand do you have, and usually the answer is he doesn't have an answer. elizabeth: well, it's another jobs beat. the u.s. adding 209,000 jobs in july, blowing past the 183,000 jobs expected. and since january the u.s. has added 1.07 million jobs. the unemployment rate ticking down slightly to 4.3% from 4.4% while the labor force participation rate edged up to 62.9% from 62.8% during the month. 345,000 more people went to work, the third straight monthly
5:28 pm
record. average hourly earnings increased too. in addition, toyota and mazda now saying they're building a $1.6 billion u.s. plant to develop electric cars. this after apple's supplier, foxconn, recently announced they're building a factory in wisconsin. talk there is foxconn could build another plant there too. and since president trump was elected, nine companies have promised to add jobs in the u.s. including amazon hiring 20,000 one day. and now this, the u.s. is also set to deliver coal to ukraine for the first time. that could cut its reliance on russia for energy. watch this number though. since january 1.07 million jobs have been added. take a listen to a sound bite about the ukraine deal. >> when you made comments like we're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs, these are the kind of people that you're affecting. this is my family.
5:29 pm
my hope is in god. that's my future. i just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend. elizabeth: let's bring in bill copley, the west virginia coal miner who famously confronted hillary clinton during the 2016 campaign after hillary clinton said, you know what? we're going to put coal miners out of business. you've launched a campaign to become a u.s. senator, you're going to be running as a republican. what do you make of this jobs number, 1.07 million jobs created since january? >> well, liz, thank you for having us on the show again this evening. i think it's spectacular. it's one of the reasons why we're doing what we're doing. you have someone who's not a politician who comes in and does what he says he's going to do, and i think that that's what the american people want. someone who's going to come in and actually say -- the kind of things that they're going to do and then actually do them. and that's what we're trying to do as well, is try to be
5:30 pm
truthful with the american people. you know, the president being a businessman, i kept hearing the quip about former president obama saying how's he going to do it? well, i think when you put a businessman in that position, he's going to show you how business works instead of a community organizer. elizabeth: you know, we're hearing from a lot of businesses though, they come on camera here, we've been reporting what they say out there. the businesses are saying the president dialed back the smothering pillow of hyperregulation that was, you know, put this there by president obama. -- put in there by president obama. that lets them deploy capital, that lets them invest capital more in creating jobs here. but we have a dnc chair, tom perez, he says the credit ought to go to obama. what do you saysome. >> well, i find it funny when there was success in the obama administration early on, it was never long term from the bush administration, and now that we have the type of success that donald trump promised we would have, they want to come in and
5:31 pm
take credit for that as well. so, you know, you can't have it both ways. so i think, i think with his time being gone, he needs to move on, and i think they need to let go on of president obama's administration and let our current commander in chief take credit for the things he's actually doing. elizabeth: you know, the governor of your state is now becoming a republican. the approval ratings for the president still low, trending around 36% or 33% between gallup and quinnipiac. how do you have such low approval ratings when the jobs are coming in? >> well, i think it may have a lot to do with his brash nature. but again, as i've said many times before, donald trump was elected because of who donald trump is. he's not politically correct, and he's not going to pretend to be. he's going to say the things that he thinks is right, and by
5:32 pm
most parts what he has done so far is he's trying to live up to the things that he's said. you know, if you could have seen what we saw at the rally last night in huntington, the crowd outside beforehand, you know, it resonates here. people understand he's trying to do what he said he was going to do, and he's trying to put people back to work. when you come from a working state like west virginia, it's greatly appreciated. elizabeth: bo, we love having you on the show, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. elizabeth: a new tv series called legends of tomorrow, it says they're hitting back against president trump. they're revealing it will debut a new muslim character named isis. my next guest says, you know what? they're glorifying evil, radical terrorists. islamic forum for democracy's chair speaks out about that next. don't go away. a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup.
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michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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elizabeth: twin terror plots directed by isis foiled in australia. police officials there arrested two men, they now face terrorism charges for allegedly planning a bomb attack on an aircraft during counterterrorism raids and for planning a separate poison gas attack on the public. isis claims responsibility saying it provided the bombs and the material. this as dc comics superhero isis will join the new season to have tv series "legends of tomorrow." the show's executive producer revealing the character will be
5:37 pm
muslim because of the new administration saying, quote: you might have heard there was this election. not to get political, but something that we all gravitated towards in the writers' room was making this character muslim. basically, reviving a character in the past named isis, making her muslim. dc comics owned by warner brothers, 50% owned by cbs and time warner media stocks and ended the day mixed in trading action. the president of the american islamic forum for democracy, dr.sidety jasser. good to see you. >> it's good to be with you, liz. elizabeth: what do you make of this show saying they made the character muslim because of president trump? >> well, you know, liz, this goes in the category of you just can't make this stuff up. listen, there was a character9 in the '70s, a super woman type character called isis, her husband was o sigh race. but if you ask american about a woman named isis and her husband
5:38 pm
would be al-baghdadi, not osiris. unfortunately, this is a major misfire for marvel. they've had to other problems. listen, if this has had been a conservative group that had a character and called it isis, they may claim idiocy, but they can't. unless they're going to make a caricature of this, maybe marvel's trying to rebrand isis. i mean, it's absurd. they just want to dismiss the reality of the fact that if they're going to have a character that's going to be muslim, they should be fighting radical islamism. they should have a miss mihm character that's -- muslim character that's fighting the global scourge of radical us louisiana no, it's just a western comic that's just going to check the checkbox of the minority muslim community in a political way against the trump administration. elizabeth: you were just saying there's nothing wrong with a muslim superhero, you're saying, but can you give us a reality check for these producers? tell them what isis did to
5:39 pm
people. >> isis is the most heinous by-product of middle eastern radical islam that has come out of the last hundred years if not more. isis is the islamic state in iraq and syria. it is a militant islamist group that is a collection of jihadists that for every muslim is something we're trying to destroy -- elizabeth: but they have beheaded children, they've crucified children, burned people alive, they've attacked muslims, right? so go ahead. heinous acts that you just pointed out. >> absolutely. every minority, they've enslaved women, they've tortured and raped women, yazidis have been tortured, they are deeply anti-semitic. they spew hatred in their magazine, "inspire," around the world. and as you said in the story that opened, we just stopped a plot in australia that was trying to kill with poisonous gas australians and westerners that are their primary enemy as
5:40 pm
they try to rebuild the caliphate9 and bringing the end of times. so if you're going to call a character isis, you can't just focus on the egyptian, non-religious character that was in the '70s and the old comics, but look at what the reality is and hows this is actually not going to help brand muslims in a superhero way, but it's going to make people reading their comics say, wait, what is this? isis is not a positive image of muslims, it's negative. and is we need to brand muslim superheroes as fighting radical islam. give them a different name, for crying out loud, other than isis. elizabeth: doctor, come back soon. we love having you on. >> thanks, liz, appreciate it. elizabeth: dunkin' donuts now thinking of dropping the word donuts from its name. who would have thought that would happen? and thousand this, a brooklyn dunkin' donutss accuse of refusing service to two new york city police officers saying, quote: i don't serve cop toes. the president of the police association is going to react
5:41 pm
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elizabeth: say it ain't so. the world's biggest doughnut seller, dunkin' donuts, dropping the word donuts for its name. it will still make them, they want to be known for their coffee. stock ending in the green, up over 3%. coffee competitor starbucks closing the day in the red. dunkin', though, is now in hot water, getting heat in brooklyn after a worker was accused of refusing service to two new york city police officers saying, quote: i don't serve cops. the head of the detectives' union now leading a boycott of the chain while the manager of the store disputes the incident. joining me now, president of the cleveland police patrolmens' associate, detective steven loomis. good to see you, detective. >> good evening. elizabeth: is this a problem? we heard of a mcdonald's
5:45 pm
worker in virginia fired for denying service to cops. is this a big deal? >> you know, i think this is happening more than is actually being report, and that's sad. the employees need to be vetted better by the employers, you know? why would you work at a doughnut shop if you didn't like the police? elizabeth: exactly. [laughter] >> that a makes no sense at all. elizabeth: so why is it happening? >> you know, the false narrative out there, we're still fighting the obama administration false narrative, black lives matter. people are starting to come around now, and we are seeing that on more and more occasions. but we're still dealing with that false narrative, and here you probably have a very young, impressionable mind that has his mind made up and, unfortunately, took the actions that he took. now, the ownership of that place needs to stand up and do the right thing and apologize to the new york city police department. elizabeth: sir, do you notice a palpable down tick, a down trend in rioting and black lives
5:46 pm
matter marches somewhat's going on there? did you notice that, is that true. >> >> yeah, i think it is, i really do. we see it here in cleveland. the sport for the police officers -- the support for the police officers here in cleveland is overwhelming. people are tired of living in fear, they're tired of hearing the false narrative against police officers across this country. they see we're doing a much better job of getting the very good stories out there, the heroic stories that we didn't do before. so it is going to swing, and it's swing anything our favor. and, you know -- swinging in our favor. we're a good group of people, and we're out there doing a very tough job, and we make very good decisions in very bad situations -- elizabeth: understood. and minority police officers have stepped up and said we're out there fighting the good fight, right? >> absolutely. elizabeth: yeah. >> absolutely. you know? minority police officers have it harder than caucasian police officers because they have to deal with the racial issue of being a minority, you know? elizabeth: yeah. >> we have officers that go through the uncle tom, you know?
5:47 pm
they go out and do police work, and they're the, they're the race-haters all of a sudden. so they have a very difficult job too, much more difficult, i think, than a caucasian police officer. elizabeth: let's switch topics. could donald trump's presidency be hurting the gun business? we've got shares of turn ruger and company plummeting nearly 10% after the gunmaker reported sales fell by 22% versus a year ago. fbi background checks for gun purchases dropped double digits in year-over-year. gun stocks closing the day mixed, sturm ruger and vista outdoors ending higher with american outdoor brands closing in the red. gun sellers reported a boom last year when the obama administration was moving in on gun control, now sales are down under president trump. what do you think of that? >> well, they were record sales. good, god-fearing, law-abiding
5:48 pm
citizens were scared to death that their constitutional rights were going to be obstructed by president obama or a president hillary clinton. and so they went out and they, you know, they did more for the economy -- that's probably the only thing that they did for the economy, was boost gun sales. but now you can't maintain that level. people are comfortable in the fact that president trump is not going to be attacking the second amendment. and there's not a rush to get in there before, you know, the laws change and the constitution changes. that's not in our near future, so -- elizabeth: now we have this story we'd like you to react to. we're not going to show -- let's show it. this video of a horrific attack left a man motionless on a dallas train platform. there was this gang, they beat up a kid. you know, sir, is traveling by subway or train getting overrun by violence? when you see videos like this, this is horrific. i mean, scary stuff. >> yeah. it's, it's a terrible video.
5:49 pm
it's a terrible set of circumstances. i'm shocked that the dart system down there does not have audio/video. this is courtesy of a facebook post, that we have this evidence -- elizabeth: it's terrible. it's just a disgrace. >> and i want to know where the, where are the, where's the naacp? where's black lives matter? this was an african-american gentleman that was attacked by an african-american mob because he was smoking done, because they were smoking done and he asked them to stop. where are these groups? his civil liberties were, obviously, abusedby this group of misunderstood youth. elizabeth: okay. >> you know, if that's what you want to call them. elizabeth: detective, thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate it. thanks. facebook taking new steps to eliminate the spread of fake news on its platform, creating software algorithms to flag suspicious stories and send them to fact checkers where the story will either be verified or debunked. facebook's stock closing today in the green, ticking slightly higher just over half a percent.
5:50 pm
we have the new bruce willis movie, a remake of the '70s charles baron southern's death wish -- bronson's death wish classic. now some on twitter putting a new light, their own light, on the movie. they're calling it alt-right. we've got the details next. ♪ ♪ all done by... yesterday. ♪ ♪ banks aren't just undergoing a face lift. they're undergoing a transformation. a data fueled, security driven shift in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. every branch running like headquarters. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater
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5:54 pm
white man becomed an armed vigilante against chicago civilians, the dangerous message. another saying angry old white man, basically, it's dangerous for america. let's that take this right to the panel. eric schiffer and patrice unwuka here. eric, have people out there and even the media critics are trying, some of them are trying to say this is alt-right. have they forgotten that the first version of this movie got a lot of heat and a lot of blowback for being vigilante, but now all of a sudden it's an alt-right movement? what do you think? >> well, it's interesting, liz. i went back to "the new york times" review of this, and they were saying even back in 1974 of the first one that it was sr. considered to be a far-right film. i don't see it. i really don't. look, it's entertainment, number one. these people on twitter are playing to to the base. imagine if tom hanks played the role of this, of bruce willis who's a conservative. imagine if it was tom hanks. i don't think you'd hear these
5:55 pm
things. so i don't buy it. i think it's, it's silly, frankly. elizabeth: patrice, yeah, to eric's point, bruce willis is seen shooting a white guy in the movie. the it's a remake of a '70s movie, right? >> it is. the backlash is really just a way to delegitimize anyone who is white and, god forbid, carrying a gun. i mean, the timing happens to be at a time, you know, after president trump was elected, but this movie has been in the making for seven years. sylvester stallone was supposed to produce and star in this film at one point. sos this is just a lot of nonsense. elizabeth: you know, eric, here's the thing, people today think that their opinions are facts, that their thoughts are facts, that everything they say is correct, that now they're going to try to say that death wish is a fascist, that's the term now being used, a fascist, alt-right movie. how is this movie fascist? >> well, i think they're arguing that it's fascist because he's not following the law, he's sort
5:56 pm
of taking it into his own hands. and i guess you could perhaps make that argument, but i think that's a real stretch, liz. i think what you're seeing -- first of all, again, entertainment. number two, this is an equal opportunity killer. i mean, he's going after every race and creed. i don't think he's targeting any minorities. and as to fascism, look, he's following in his mind justice. elizabeth: but fascism is exalting a nation or a race above everybody else, and he's shooting all different races. patrice and eric, thank you so much. i'm sorry, we've got to leave it there. thanks for coming on the show. we're going to have more after the break. don't go away.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
elizabeth: we have breaking news. the senate has blocked president trump from being able to make recess appointments as lawmakers leave washington, d.c. more their august break, for their recess. the senate left, basically, they're not going to return to washington until after labor day. well, that does it for us.
6:00 pm
thank you so much for having us in your homes. have a good weekend. gerri willis is here now with "making money." ♪ ♪ gerri: fast-moving developments tonight from wall street all the way to capitol hill. on wall street the dow closing at an eighth straight record high after a better than expected jobs report. unemployment, again, at a 16-year low while this washington the attorney general works would-be leakers, don't do it, because you will be found out and prosecuted. hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis, and you're watching "making money." ag sessions announcing the justice department is ramping up efforts to crack down on intel leaks that he says are damaging national security. already four people have been charged, and sessions assures more will be brought to justice. >> this nation must end this culture of


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