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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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about lucille ball. remember monica lewinsky and linda tripp? remember that one? gerri willis is here with making money. gere report sanctuary city showdown raging on tonight. san francisco is agreeing to pay $190,000 to settle a lawsuit brought on by an illegal immigrant because city officials turned hip over to immigration officials in violation of the city ordinance. and they are considering giving illegal immigrant the right to vote in local elections. here with me now, the sheriff of
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bristol county, massachusetts. sheriff. thanks so much for being with us. your reaction tonight to chicago suing the federal government. >> this is outrageous. when you think this mayor has a city that basically has been a war zone. he refers to his city as a welcoming city. the only welcoming going on there are criminal illegal aliens who know they can get sanctuary there. it's outrageous for him to suggest that somehow he's going to sue the department of justice because he does the like the criteria imposed upon all of us about partnering with our federal partners. gerri: we have the justice department saying more chicago whats were murdered in 2016 than
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l.a. and new york combines. the federal officials say they are trying to protect americans. your view? >> this is what most of americans are frustrated with. you have officials who took an oath to uphold the law. the mayor there, rahm emanuel said the doj has no right to change the criteria for the grants being awarded to cities like chicago. the reality is the only way anyone can change that is congress. if he believes that, how is it he feels since congress created our immigration laws that it doesn't apply to him in that regard. that's where the people of this country have a problem local officials deciding how much of the federal law they will follow in putting our resident at risk
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every day in chicago. >> i have to tell you, the money you are talking about, $2.3 mill in chicago alone. the cap on that being put just a portion these dollars and ironically for chicago, this is money that would be used to keep the city safe. this is money to help law enforcement that would be turned off. i want you to hear what the mayor had to say about this issue. >> we'll not abandon our values as a welcoming city. gerri: there you have it. we won't be coerced off of our values. >> he has a warped sense of values. i think the american people have a sense that following our laws in the united states are what values are about. this mayor suggesting as i said they are a welcoming city.
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welcoming to who? this mayor has been in there and we watched young children getting shot and killed on the front porch with a sling. this judge has done nothing but to obstruct the law and law enforcement to keep our citizens safe. people don't want sanctuaries for criminals. they want the elected officials to follow the law, uphold the law. president trump and the attorney general are absolutely correct for doubling down on those community. and we have a mayor trying to create an environment that's fertile for crime and expecting the government should give them money to fight crime makes no sense. gerri: thanks for your time. i wanted to bring in my panel for more on the sanctuary city showdown. also with us, former hispanic
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chamber of commerce official, pablo rodriguez who also served as a former dnc official. you look at what the sheriff is saying, he's saying they are just bumping up the possibility, more crime in the streets of chicago by turning down the feds requirement that they assist them in hooking at these people in earnest. all they want to do is talk to these people in jail, they want to hold them longer. if they have a warrant for the arrest of these folks, what's wrong with that. >> first on principle the thing that's wrong with it is ultimate hi what immigration and customs enforcement is doing through this sanctuary city activism is a big government takeover of police facilities.
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they are telling police to hold people for an extra three days and check in with i.c.e. but they are offering no fund to pay for the budge and the food and things people in jail have. this is not just something i'm saying. this is the fraternal order of police. one of the largest police organizations in the country representing hundreds of thousands of our men and women in blue saying this is a terrible policy. yoford: this is a political calculus pure and simple. democrats believe illegal immigrant will become lifelong voters and that's why they are going to double down on it. if you say you are affecting safety, they will argue you are racist. we all know what this is about. this is about making sure
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illegal immigrant become democratic voters pure and simple. gerri: if you can interrupt your debate. i want you to hear what attorney general sessions had to say about this. he said no amount of taxpayer dollars will help a city that refuses to help it own residents. pablo, isn't that persuasive with you? >> i think the police on the streets of our community are there to keep us safe. one of the things jeff sessions is trying to with hold through the grant he's trying to deny them through the sanctuary city activism are the fund they use to buy bulletproof vests. ford: pablo is trying to make an emotional argument that doesn't fly. we didn't protect illegal
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immigrants in this country in sanctuary cities which is an obstruction of law. the fact that the men and blue are standing up for these sanctuary cities is because these ordinances are coming down in the sanctuary cities. gerri: i have more from sessions i think you should hear. you know we are live in this hour. this is what he just said. this administration will not simply give away grant dollars to city governments that proudly violate the rule of law and protect criminal aliens at the expense of public safety. so it's simple, comply with the law or forego taxpayer dollars. >> i's saying comply with the law or you can't buy the bullet
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proof vests you need to keep your police force safe. gerri: what do we do? what is your alternative vision for this country where all these people come into this country illegally and in san francisco there is an illegal alien who is being paid $190,000, taxpayer money. this is so crazy. >> that's a lot of money and that's not a good thing, i would agree. ford: you don't have a solution. gerri: what your solution? >> my solution is that we trust local police to source within their communities regardless of immigration status who are the criminals and who aren't the criminals. ford: i get rid of every single sanctuary city. i'm sick and tired of the democratic party saying securing
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our borders and protecting our citizens -- >> these are police. gerri: respond to this idea it can be hand at local level. ford: it can't be handled at the local level because the local level is making this policy in violation of federal law. gerri: in miami date county what's going on, they have been taken off this list. they reversed their policies. they are in partnership with the federal government. i don't understand why that is so very objectionable in this case. why wouldn't local authorities want to work with the feds to make sure people aren't criminal. pablo i don't understand this. >> our local police have enough on their minds. they are already doing their jobs. now big government through ice, through immigration and customs
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enforcement is saying we are going to redefine your job. this is what you need to do. local police have had enough. ford: the democratic party is basically going far left on this. they don't realize when they do this, they are hurting the citizens and hurting the jobs. if they continue to double down on this they won't actually win elections, they will win even further. i don't get why they are doing this and why they would hurt their own people. gerri: thanks for coming on tonight. the new york city subways in total disarray. but bill deblasio has a plan. he's going to make the wealthy pay for it. newly released government documents show former obama attorney general loretta lynch used a fake name for official
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>> too many people who paid in haven't gone the their fair share. and too many people who haven't paid have. that's why i'm calling on albany to pass a millionaires' tax to support the mta. gerri: that was new york mayor bill deblasio announce his plan to tax the wealthiest people in new york city to pay for the subway city. the tax will be used to help
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fund discounted rides for lower-income citizens. i listen to that and he says it's an issue of fairness. is it? >> it's an issue of incompetence. he increased spending 22%. he increased the property tax levy 28%. we have no money for transit? he has been adding tens of thousands of people to the city payroll. the governor needs to kick in some money. the bottom line is this is about mismanagement from the city, from our manager, the mayor, who doesn't seem to understand what priorities are. gerri: he wants to raise the income tax on those earning $500 million or a million for a couple.
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it doesn't sounds like a lot. but when you are paying 50% in thanks which is what people at those income levels pay in tax. it's onerous. you see this all the time. in connecticut they tried to go after the very wealthy, and the very wealthy have left. hedge fund managers pulled up stakes and moved to florida is that what new york would face if there was another tax on these folks? >> it's not just the wealthier people. it's the middle class he's driving out. this property tax levy has i driven senior citizens out who can no longer pay their taxes at the ends of the year. there is a surplus. he should be using that money immediately to give to the mta. gerri: what dose wants to do with that surplus. >> he spends money like a saudi prince and now it's something
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critical that's affecting millions of new yorkers. the number one issue he doesn't seem to wants to chip in to help. his answer to every problem is to raise taxes. he's just a bad, incompetent manager. gerri: let's play devil's advocate. a lot of people would say if you make a lot of money in new york city, you need to give something back. >> it's the way he's spending the money he added tens of thousands people to the payroll. he's spending money like a saudi prince. he needs to freeze hiring. he doubled the number of special
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assistants he has at city hall. 224 special assistants. gerri: this is a guy who at heart is a social evening near. he's have much left on the spectrum. and the idea that the governor is going to let this go through, i think probably not. >> he should work together to resolve this issue. then we can look at cost savings next year. when i'm mayor we'll fix the budget. gerri: google employees anti-diversity message. we'll have the details next on fox business. (microphone feedback) listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable.
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gerri: google sculptives are firing back at a manifesto written by one of its engineers that said women are fit for tech jobs. >> the google engineer who penned this controversial memo is receiving major public backlash. but he says internally some of his co-workers are thanking him for address issues they are too scared about. it sounds on on google's diversity program that he says increases race and gender tension. he calls for an open discussion about the gos and benefits of these program. but google's new vp of diversity say there are guidelines for
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free speech at google. strong stands elicit strong reactions. the google worker also blames sensitive p.c. culture for kreef tag it a psychologically unsafe environment at work writing we have an intolerance for certain ideas that don't fit a certain ideology. conservatives are a minority who feel they have to stay in the closet. he says gender gaps don't always imply sexism. and it's not discrimination that's keeping women out of technology. gerri: joining me now, julian mel mucher and deneen borelli.
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do you think this engineers rant has merit? >> i do. i disagree with some of what he said. but i think his larger point about p.c. culture and micro-aggressions being emphasized. it's very valid and i think it's ironic you have google talking about inclusion being exclusive of ideas. gerri: what's so interesting is this is happening in silicon valley it's been a problematic area. we look at what happened with iesh and their ceo. what do you make of what this engineer wrote? >> i come from a corporate background. i worked in corporate america for 20 years. i totally agree with what you
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said. individuals are afraid to be vocal and speak what they think and feel when they have a difference of opinion from the norm. what this person point out is the fact is how biased this company is. if you step out of line, you will be made an example of. gerri: i thought the words that sent me into orbit was women prefer jobs in social and artistic areas. really? >> i think you can make the point that fewer women do go into these. >> i even and engineering areas. maybe that's what we need to be look at. >> part of what we are looking at with women in technology, are they able to make the choices they want while still having family and children? that's really the barrier. i really disagree with what he said about women in that respect. but i do think there is value about having that conversation.
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google's effort to shut down that conversation. gerri: he said conservatives are shut down. i have seen that on the east coast. you don't have to go to the west coast to find that. is that a problem corporate america? >> it can be. at google or any company you stand the risk of alienating consumers. it should come down to the best and brightest. the talent. that's what you a want for your company to be successful. gerri: nobody cares. thank you, ladies. appreciate it. north korea arming patrol boats with missiles. stay right here. too many children in this neighborhood do not graduate from high school. the kids after school, they are alone and they have nowhere to go
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and we tried to solve that problem by having this wonderful place where they can be children. wtef is the washington tennis and education foundation. we help the kids with their academics, and we teach them tennis. we have retired teachers doing the tutoring and they're here every day. wtef is the sole beneficiary of the citi open® tournament. since citi® has become the sponsor of this tournament, citi® has helped us raise more funds. that means we are able to serve more children. i'm so proud of the fact that 100% of the students in wtef graduate from high school. these kids are keeping the ball inside the lines. inside the lines.
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gerri: u.s. officials telling fox news north korea loaded two anti-cruise ship missiles on to a patrol boat pats rogue regime is vowing to strike the u.s. with thousands-fold revenge after the united nations security council imposed new sanctions on the rogue regime.
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fred, i'll start with you. this latest news. what do you make of it? >> it's troubling whenever there is an escalation like this. i think this probably represents typical bluster we see from north korea after events. the key thing here is will china enforce these new sanctions. it hasn't done so in the past. that will be the key to preventing the outbreak of a serious military confrontation. gerri: we had the sanctions from the u.n., the president said he really liked them. but is it enough? >> i think it was a major diplomatic victory for the u.s. i think it's vital we do what we can to have the chinese a yank
6:33 pm
the chain on parapet bull. and as long as they are cooperating and helping us keep north korea in a box, we don't need to be discussing high-definition tvs. have them focus 100% on north korea. we don't want seattle to go up in smoke. put the trade stuff on the side and keep north korea under control. gerri: this was the single largest sanctions package ever but we still don't know if that will be enough. >> the challenge here is simple. if the chinese don't enforce these sanctions -- 90% of north korea's exports go through china in the 10 or so years we have had sanctions the chinese never complied with security council resolutions.
6:34 pm
i think there is a great move on the trump administration's part. but will the chinese enforce the sanctions? no way, they will never do it. gerri: what do you want to see happen? >> i think the trump administration did the hardest possible thing when it comes to foreign policy. that's make north korea the number one foreign policy community. let donald trump go on his bully pulpit twitter feed and say to the chinese. you have 30 days to enforce those sanctions. gerri: i want to read some of these treats. trump said the fake news media will not talk about the importance of the united nations security council 5-0 vote in favor of sanctions on north korea. this was a significant win, come
6:35 pm
on. >> most of sangs against north korea are 15-0. there were tough sanctions approved in the past. a tough resolution was passed last november that put caps on chinese purchases of iron ore and coal from north korea. china didn't abide by them. and there was a 70% increase in economic activity with china. gerri: deroy, what's it going to take. before we came to air you said this is the new cold war. >> i hope it stays cold and won't heat up. what would be helpful is if kim jong-un went to sleep one night and didn't wake up the next morning. gerri: a big debate on whether the u.s. is looking at regime change.
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the dow climbs to it 9th straight record close. got to love that. we'll tell you all about it coming up. that can be really se. especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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gerri: why did former attorney general loretta lynch use an general loretta lynch use an alias email when discussing the tarmac discussion with clinton. definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. to f...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too. so folks, don't wait. step on up. and talk to your doctor. because you have places to go... ...and people who can't wait for you to get there. if you have diabetes and
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burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands... step on up and talk to your doctor today. gerri: 9 straight days of record closes for the dow despite delays in trump's agenda. i look at this and it's astonishing. i don't know a professional investor out there who isn't getting antsy. are you one of them? >> no, profits are great.
6:40 pm
and when short rates are higher than long rates, that signals a recession and bad things it's a flash signal. all pros look for that. right now we don't have it. gerri: what interesting is volatility. some people would say that should scare you because people aren't scared. is that crazy talk? >> i love these stats. but all it says is that the market hasn't been that wobbly and hasn't gone much up and down. here is what we did. we took all the profits we made this year. we are up 18, 0% international and 8% u.s. if you want to balance your portfolio, you have to remember liquidity is so right now, if
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you see a 3% to 5% dip, you still buy. gerri: there is a fundamentals there, earnings are terrific, and we see them increasing. the "wall street journal" reporting a lot of the regular tory change the trump administration put in place hasn't begun to flow through the bottom line yet. >> if we see them pull back because of noise or trump said something funny one day. you have to look at a small cap index. that's the place that didn't do well because we didn't get the tax cuts. gerri: i think it's funny we are talking about value after all these days. car makers are seeing declines in the smaller models.
6:42 pm
jeff flock with more. jeff, how are you? >> if you walk into a dealership, this is what you see. you don't see cars. you see suvs and trucks because that's what's selling. look at the numbers on small cars. they are just disappearing. the ford fusion down 42%. the buick lacrosse down double digits. we got today woody, dealer of the year. is the small car dead? >> it's not dead, but it's getting close. you see nothing but suvs on the lot and you haven't seen one customer come in and look at sedan. we have to play what's selling, and that's suvs and trucks. reporter: one car is on the showroom on display.
6:43 pm
last month 80% of gm sales, trucks and suvs, not cars. gerri: absolutely. i love it. jeff, thank you for helping us out tonight. i really appreciate it. let's talk about automaker stocks for a second. what's the impact do you think? >> remember the little books my dad gave me to give me my allowance money. before we traded semi conductor stocks and had dot coms we used to trade big you a motives. when you have 6, 7-year lows. if everybody bought a car, they last longer. gerri: there are 2 million new licensed drivers every single year. there should be a way for these companies to make money. >> we have problems with the price of oil going up and down
6:44 pm
and we don't have enough cars going offline. so we are doing sales over the past 10 years to fleets like avis or hertz. they misjudged the useful life and what those resale values will be. you can get the cars a lot cheaper. it's crushing it. gerri: millennials aren't even getting licenses now. >> there is a five-year lag. gerri: great to see you, thank you so much. the u.s. fires a verbal warning shot over the bow of russia. we'll explain coming up. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. gerri: the war of words, secretary tillerson vowing retaliate after russia ordered russia to slash its staff by hundreds. joining us ford o'connell and adam goodman, principal of the victory group. why is tillerson saying we'll get back to you september 1. there is no time like the present to shut down what russia is doing. ford: i'm not a fan of tillerson's actions.
6:49 pm
russia is controlled by the kgb and sfb. when you delay it to september 1, they sight as a sign of weakness you can exploit. i'm a big fan of rex tillerson for falling into the exact same trap obama and w. fell into in previous administrations. gerri: adam, is there a goty here? >> this isn't anything new. under president reagan we expelled 25 russian diplomats from the u.s. and they returned the favor and expelled 25 from the embassy? moscow. and they turned around and got rid of hundreds in the embassy including russian nationals doing the cook, cleaning and front lawn. so what ended up happening is
6:50 pm
u.s. marines was make beds and the ambassador's wife was cooking meals. gerri: that's funny, but at the end of the day, it's getting dangerous. forford: . all three us without dating ourselves lived through the cold war. there is a right way to respond to the russians. when you delay they see this as a spine of weakness. by firing the tomahawk missiles. you can tell the russians and call them every name in the book but they only respect action. gerri: trump and putin both on vacation. i want to you seat pictures the russian government is putting out about their fearless leader. no shirt, no shoes, no service. adam?
6:51 pm
who is the audience for this stuff? >> from the russian perspective or american? gerri: from the russian perspective. i just find amazing they put this out. >> within the russian experience, the more they can throw strength including the pictures you just referenced the better. and i think what ford said is true. this in a way is a probe to see how strong and serious the american president and administration are about going toe to toe with russia. at the end of the day, these two countries, these two super powers have to communicate. if they do not, we'll head count prim rose path to peril. gerri: originally the russians said they would make 755 cuts,
6:52 pm
then they said not that's because there aren't that's americans there. so we'll make it 455. last word here, ford. ford: adam is right. audience is basically the russian people. every time he gets into a faceoff with america he strengthens his standing with the folks and he wants to scare the bejesus out of the e.u. gerri: president trump slams his haters and praises his loyal trump base in a twitter firestorm. why former obama attorney general loretta lynch used a phoney name on official emails linked to her tarmac meeting with bill clinton. we'll tell you all about it. helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist.
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. gerri: president trump slamming
6:56 pm
what he calls the fake news mainstream media, while heaping praise on the trump faithful, tweeting this -- hard to believe that with 24/7 fake news on cnn, nbc, "new york times" and wapo, meaning the "washington post." with me now is betsy woodruff. do you agree they have it right here? is it base even more in line. >> not a lot of empirical evidence suggesting that's true. as the president likes to
6:57 pm
remind us almost on a weekly bases on twitter, the polls don't have a great track record, and rasmussen clshgs is a pollster that in the past that almost tended to overstate the support for the president has found that his approval numbers are at a surprising low. that said, i think the larger issue here might be the president is focused on exciting his base, and giving them what they want, he hasn't focused on moving the ball through congress. gerri: all right, all right, all right, let's get deneen in here. great to have you. he knows how to fire up the base. no doubt about it, he knows who he's talking to, he knows how to motivate them. can he expand that right now? >> his support, higher than the support for congress, for sure, but still not as high as i assume he wants it. >> you mentioned the rallies that the president has been having, usually on a weekday
6:58 pm
night where people have to work or children have to go school. thousands of people are waiting online to see him, to hear his message. there's a reason why trump goes on twitter with his messages. listen, he's on offense all the time. he's able to get his message out to americans because the media is doing a disservice. they are not talking about the very things you mentioned at the top of this segment. gerri: i got to move uston another topic i am fascinated by. loretta lynch used alias to talk about tarmac meeting with bill clinton and use the name elizabeth carlisle. betsy, wow, i guess she thought nobody would figure this one out? >> attorneys general sometimes use aliases because it's not that hard to guess what the e-mail addresses are of folks in the justice department. eric holder used alias, too. that said, this alias use could be concerning if she used it to get around freedom of information act requests. gerri: all right, betsy, get
6:59 pm
deneen in here, we don't have a ton of time for this segment and i am absolutely confounded by the story and fascinated by it. den eerngs would you pass it off this easily? they always use an alies, it's not a big deal. >> it's outrageous, gerri. loretta lynch, eric holder, gina macarthy, lois lerner all in former president obama's administration, what are they trying to hide using the alies e-mails, makes it harder to do the foia request, the investigation would be on the real names and not the alias that we don't know about. >> when we found out about her alias through foia, when people ask for communications. >> not for sure. >> foia officials knew she used that name, trying to circumvent foia by using the alias, it wasn't successful. >> what is she trying to hide? that is the question. they should be investigating her yesterday. gerri: yesterday. i love it. guys, great job, fascinating conversation.
7:00 pm
love the fact you have two different views. thanks for joining me, lou dobbs coming up next on fox business. stay here for lou. . lou: good evening, everybody, north korea tonight viewing to take revenge against the united states for what it considers the most important foreign policy success of the past 25 years. the united nations saturday voting unanimously 15-0 to impose new sanctions against north korea for its testing of two intercontinental ballistic missles last month. a major diplomatic win for the president because russia and china have long opposed taking tougher action against north korea. those sanctions also the harshest to date, slashing a third of the country's $3


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