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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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my regular program. myself and lauren will have the latest overnight developments on the situation in north korea. gerri willis is here with making money. fast-moving developments in the north korea showdown. the trump team responds to the rogue regime's threat to strike guam. don't cross us, because you will lose. first to adam shapiro who is joining us live from bridgewater, new jersey. adam, i know you will break this down. a report from south korea that north korea is considering
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firing four missiles at but all. do you have -- at bu guam. do you have any information on that. reporter: the south korean report indicates north korea military is considering striking around guam with four interest media range missiles. they shall intermediate range. of course we await response from the u.s. administration on this. on a day when the rhetoric was being ramped down, the president did tweet about the u.s. nuclear stars mall being modernized since he took office and the fact that the united states is and will remain the strongest
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nation on the planet. the administration says it speaks in one voice after reports that the president spoke off the cuff. but she also said other countries are backing up the united states. >> one of the ways they are acting is derek out their diplomats. that will remove some of the funding north korea gets and they funnel into their nuclear weapons program. by starving them of that money, if you will, that puts pressure on north korea and we have had success with that. reporter: here is what jim
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mattis said. our state department is making every effort to resolve this through diplomatic means. it must be noted the combined allied militaries possess the most of precise, rehearsed defensive capabilities on earth. they will be grossly overmatched by ours if initiated. the administration taking unified response and now this breaking news out much south korea that the north korean military is considering using four intermediate range missiles. gerri: the fallout from
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president trump's fire and fury as general james mattis doubled down on the comments today saying they will lose in any armed conflict against the u.s. captain chuck nash a fox news analyst and michael walsh, the former tear frism advisor to vice president cheney. i want to get to this unconfirmed report that came out moments before the show started, that north korea considering firing four missiles at guam. this is unconfirmed by our government. >> this is part of the back and forth and bluster from the north korean re seem. the hwasong 12 were tested off
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the sea of japan. they are essentially stored on mobile launchers. they can be moved at night. they can be hidden in under passes. it's difficult to detect these things and we did not detect them before they were test launched. but guam is protected by the thaad missile protection system with about a 100% success rate. gerri: we are talking about what the u.s. can do and the war of words. have we exhausted all diplomatic options? we imposed sanctions on north korea. there was a good meeting with the nations. is there more we can do in terms of diplomacy? >> i'm fairly confident there
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are back-channel talks going on. you have political tensions and not just the rhetoric. the political tensions are high. the japanese are considering significantly nodp modifying article 9 of their constitution to allow them to have a military capability. the potential for japan to go nuclear should north korea continue to be a threat, then you start looking at the forces in play. the navy is there with the ae girks s system that can shoot down missiles in mid-course and the thaad system. why the intention of winning the powerball tomorrow? i don't think it's going to happen. gerri: it sounds like you
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believe it will run its course what are the potential military options? there is a big range of them. there is a lot that can be done before that. >> i don't think we should skip over the sanctions regime. there is a notion that -- i agree we tried diplomacy since the mid-90s and it failed. congress is passing secondary sanctions particularly against chinese companies that are doing business with north korea. we'll go after those chinese companies, not just the north korean companies as well. we haven't ratcheted those sanctions up yet and i think we can have an effect there. that's the same approach that had an effect with iran. the military options are not great. the trump card kim jong-un has
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in terms of artillery and rockets same at seoul is significant. i don't think from my understanding we would be able to take those down before they were able to fire on the civilian population and that would be catastrophic. we need to explore covert and cyber and middle area strategies before we get to the military option. gerri: thanks so much for being on with us tonight. president trump sounding confident about the strength and power of our nuclear program. he said my first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. hopefully we'll never have to use this tour, but there will never be a time when we are not the most powerful nation in the world. is this an accurate read on our nuclear arsenal?
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john, we make this grand assumption that everything is great in terms of our neuk -- or nuclear capability. by the was built and put together decades ago. is our nuclear capability in great shape? >> our equipment is old, but it's well kept. we need to update it eventually, but right now if you talk about a power with less than 15 nuclear weapons with a country with a triad of missiles and lcbms, it's a different game. x would counter their blows
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with our aegis cruisers and thaad and the consequences would be grave for north korea. gerri: ben rhodes tweeted this in response to what the president had to say. he said boasting about the size of our nuclear arsenal is chilling. he has big questions about whether we are in good shape on that score. what is your read? >> up not surprised ben rhodes doesn't like what trump said. i hear president trump under scoring how effective our arsenal is. and we have our fully tested minuteman. trump is just reminding north korea that they will never catch us with it comes to being a nuclear power.
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and we have an effective, reliable layered missile defense. different from the cold war. gerri: i was looking at the numbers on the nuclear warhead. we have 6,800. the russians have 7,000. 4,000 are stockpiled. only 1,800 are deployed. what do you make of that when you look at those numbers. is that concerning? are you totally confident in our nuclear capabilities? >> yes. i would say this. our slbm capability and land-based missiles are extraordinary. the way we would go about this if we had to respond in a nuclear sense, we would use a b2 or dual-capable aircraft. they wouldn't be able to see the
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b in 2 coming in and they would be able to lay down the munition effectively. we would hope we could do other covert measures to take them off before they got to that point. but our ability to back up our words are extraordinary. gerri: guys, thanks for being on the show. appreciate your time. why rising tensions with north korea may take a big bite out of your 401k. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value.
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gerri: stocks breaking from their record run hey mid tensions today amid kim jong-un's antics. you can share my frustration having my future retirement at the bidding of a north korean dictator. >> an unstable guy. actually i expected i.s. markets to trade off more aggressively today. trading volume was up a bit. but nothing signaled huge anxiety. in japan the market was off 1.3%. as you get closer to the hot spot it was more tumultuous. the exposure is far far greater. gerri: we were up 60, then down
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60 yesterday, though we closed 30 points down. gold is up, treasury doing well. what does this mean? >> a little bit of defensive investing. this comes when people are concerned about the level of valuations of the stock market. it's been a huge run this year. the most of in any of the big markets, by the way. and yet let's come back to why the market is so strong. he earnings growth has been above expectations and very solid guidance going into the second half, and most of economists look for a pickup in growth. it's not as though we are totally untethered from the fundamentals. gerri: there are grate fundamentals.
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i want to get you to this question on billionaires. a lot of billionaires saying we are worried about the stock market. we can have a pullback. warren buffet is sitting on a ton of cash, not putting it to work. carl. >> carl icahn says stocks are overvalues. >> one fellow is talking about the mark it for risk being overvalues. that's not mainstream stock market talk. warren buffet has been extremely bullish on america and the american economy. the people who are most of hesitant are people taking bites of the apple.
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and i don't mean apple stock. people look for real value. warren buffet has been a real value player. there is not a lot of stuff out there that is extremely cheap. if you talk to private equity investors, they are a little bit on the fence. gerri: reports say the north korean military is firing back at president trump saying his loaded nonsense about fire and fury shes he's failing to grasp the ongoing grave situation. that's from north korea. more on the raid of paul manafort's house. that's next on fox business. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck.
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july 26 in connection to the russia probe, the day after he met with the senate intelligence committee. a spokesperson for man for the said in a statement. fbi agents executed a search warrant at one of mr. man for the's residences. he has consistently cooperated with serious inquiries and law enforcement and did so this time as well. my understanding of this ladies it was early morning with no advance warning. what does that tell you about the state of the investigation and what do you think they were hoping to find. early morning for the fbi in a typical search warrant execution is *. most of judges are issuing search warrants for daylight hours. that's commonly 6:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night.
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it suggests to me mott just the early hour but the lack of advance notice to mr. man for the or his counsel, and we don't know if there was advance notice. if there was it might have been 2 minutes before where a call was placed saying we are the fbi we are outside and trying to be discreet. please open the door, we are going to come in and search. gerri: do they know what they are going after? is this a fishing expedition? >> this is a step past where we have been. to obtain a search warrant it requires an fbi agent typically to go before a federal judge with an affidavit of probable cause that there has been a federal crime planned, underway, committed or likely to be found evidence of that crime in a certain place, and that evidence should be there recently. they have a 14-day window to execute. that judge will independently determine whether there is
6:25 pm
enough to indicate a crime and to indicate the evidence or contraband or information relating to that crime at that location. this is no long were just bob mueller or a congressional committee. this is no longer a grand jury subpoena. there is something more. gerri: we are guesting closer and closer obviously. ryan, thanks so as much for joining us and shedding light on how that all works. it's very, very interesting. my panel joins me on what this all means. tammy bruce and former d.c. party chair, scott bolton. what does this tell you? what are the political implications of this as you watch this play out? >> i'll tell you this. it does go a step further. it heightens the political
6:26 pm
ramifications because man for the now -- i'm a form prosecutor. manafort is either a target or subject of this investigation. this was a search warrant. they are look for something they don't have. that:mean either he's flying them, he's misleading him or they have information after his interview, they compared to what he told them to what they had before, it didn't match up and the next day they had the search warrant. gerri: what you say brings up a good question for her. it sounds like maybe this is good news for donald trump. if the investigation is going to focus on manafort does that mean good news for donald trump? tammy: obviously he was the campaign manager for a little bit of time. and he has a long history of being a lobbyist for foreign governments.
6:27 pm
this happened one month after he finally registered as a foreign agent. so that's interesting, the day after his testimony to congress. in man tort's behavior has always been at the top of the list of individuals who may have had personal exchanges. he made $17 million in his relationships with foreign governments. that's a lot of money. it doesn't might was related to the campaign. the breadth of mueller's dynamic is he can look at other crimes that happened in the midst of assessing russia collusion. and if he finds personal a that could be a crime he can act on that. gerri: scott, very, very quickly. where does this go from here? wrap us up here quickly.
6:28 pm
>> take a look at manafort, stay focused on him because he may and target or subject and they may be trying to flip him. if he cooperates it's ballgame over for a number of these operatives. gerri: more breaking news i want to get to you out of north korea. reports say the north korean military is firing back at president trump saying his load of nonsense about fire and fury shows he's failing to grasp the ongoing grave situation. the rogue nation says they will finish the guam plan by mid-month and await kim jong-un's final order. that's still up in the air not confirmed by our government. the state also declaring
6:29 pm
president trump is not capable of sounds dialogue. 367 could threats be distracting from other security threats?
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now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. gerri: sweeping headlines,
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also eliciting tough talk back from president trump and his national security officials. while the trump team focuses on dangerous threat, they might be distracted by another major national security threat, the war on terrorism. mike baker is here to talk with us. senior fellow athlon bee at -- at london policy research. michael, i start with you. we got news from paris, that there was really awful attempt to now down soldier -- mow down soldiers in central paris proper. is this the kind of thing that we g got our eye off of the ball because of north korea. >> no, we can multitask, they
6:34 pm
are separate levels of government and law enforcement community. i am not concerned that the rightful focus of north korea is going to causes thank you lose track of war on terror that we're engaged in. we're still battling isis, still dealing with al qaeda realm confidents. gerri: it is a lot. >> it is a lot, jesse, how do we handle both of those at the same time. paris is not in auerbach -- our backyard, not like it is omaha, but we have to be alert. and also belgium, frightening headlines this morning. less concerning, but you know, a steady drum beat now, how do we stay focused. >> we have over 50 thousand troops in japan and south korea right now, they are ready to take action. most well rehearsed, precised, and disciplined militaries in the world. we're more than reado on that
6:35 pm
shore to take care of business. on france, this is the 25th attack they had in two years. france has issues they are not resolving with their immigration problem. gerri: michael, does france have problems they seem in-- i mean it just seems like over and over, the headlines come from there. >> well, i top go back to your point you made about it being a distraction, your guests are right, the u.s. military can handle this global problem and isis and north korea from a military stand point. from a policy stand point, i think you know having served in white house, there is limited bandwidth at the stop. we still have huge policy issues, in terms of what turkey, who is opposed to our kurdish allies in syria, and with afghanistan, we're starting to see isis fighters flowing back into afghanistan,
6:36 pm
and pakistan, and in libya, that is sti stim a mess otop of russia meddling in europe and in middle east, where they are trying to take resurgence role. we have not solved that yet, and ukraine. and all of these issues need to be dealt with as we shift to deal with kim jong-un. gerri: go ahead. >> i was going to say, part of the problem we tend to as a public have attention deficit disorder, we're like racoons chases a shiny object, north korea pops up and then we're surprised there is a terrorist attack there is snow con-- there is no connection. gerri: except that, i find interesting about this, is seem foss me that you know, there always rogue players in world who command headlines and get attention. while the west is like maybe we should do something about that, and seems to be lost.
6:37 pm
>> i understand what you are saying it does seem overwhelming at times in particularly now because of the compressed timeline of what happened with north korea. from a perception point. this is a result of 25 years of bad foreign policy, we should not be surprised. but it does feel somewhat overwhelming, my point, having spend a long time in government in intel operations we have the bandwidth as michael said. to handle this. and so people should not be alarmed by seeing something, you know an attack that is unpreventable in paris unless you lock society down, people should not be concerned saying we can't manage this. gerri: my point, it has to strain resources, are we moving on? thank you panel for coming on with us. thank you for being with us. >> major averages in red today, crisis in north korea worsens, we'll tell you about that coming up.
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gerri: reuters reporting closer to developing a prototype of a long haul truck.
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gerri: ongoing tension with north korea spooking investors as stocks fell for a second straight day, joining me is kevin kelly, managing partner at kelz kelly and company. this is true, people have been spooked by the headlines out of north korea, and sold off, it is not a huge sell-off. >> right, market is trying to focus on what else is coming out of the news cycle. earnings is almost over, where did we go next, that happened
6:42 pm
in august to september, people are done, they focus on macro, but they realize this north korea situation will probably be contained. we saw china's acteds where they cut off coal. gerri: we have a long way to go on that sanction story, but market reacted should give people pause make them feel better. we had disney coming, with interesting headline, launching their own streams platform, getting off netflix. >> that is interesting, what happens with companies like disney and netflix, stock don't trade with their brand equity, disney needs to unlock that. they can no longer give the keys to castle away. gerri: they are trading down. >> yes, they have not figured it out, they are behind curve. netflix has created its own content, and they carried did
6:43 pm
disney content. it sold off in unison, there may be a fight. gerri: at end of the day, espn a big part of the story, it was considered the most single important thing in world in television, now not so much. >> important stat is espn, makes double revenue when you combine lucas film, star wars, azusa marvel -- as well as marvel and parks and resort, this is the cash cow. gerri: not so much right now they can't figure it out, they lost 10 million subscriber, it happens because of the way we consume contend, we're a binge on demand, and sport season are longer there are so many bowl games, people want shorter, faster on demand. gerri: that is why i like hockey it fast. >> and fights. >> 20 century fox out -- 21st century fox out with
6:44 pm
earnings, parent of this network, pretty good results. what did you make of that report. >> it shows how lobby, tame, platforms and companies trade, they had a one offset weighin . leveraging known brand content that are in marketplace, and interesting thing on call, we had james murdoch talk about, they are looking at a direct to consumer platform like disney is. the future may be dtc, direct to consumer. gerri: kevin kelly thank you. >> thank you. gerri: more details coming up after the break. ♪
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gerri: well sanctuary city crackdown wages oo, 50 thousand illegal immigrants have been ordered by an immigration judge to be deported from united states by department of homeland security, as we 1 learn from dhs a quarter of all federal inmates are illegal immigrants. joining me now nick adams, and centers for immigration today policy director jessica vaughn. what do you make of this number? is it surprising, 23% of all federal prisoners are illegal in. >> it is very big number,
6:49 pm
about 42,000 inmates in federal system, it is great that we're now getting this kind of information released by the federal government. we have not had it up until this time. it shows that failing to control our borders is contributing to public safety problems. that immigration enforcement can help that,nese ar these are 42,000 offenders that will be removed when they finish their sentence. but this high number of criminals in the federal system, that under cuts argument made by sanctuary jurisdiction that there are no illegal immigrants committing crimes. >> get to nick on this, that caught my attention. if you are one of these sanctuary cities, and you say, hey, you know these folks are not doing bad things. why are they
6:50 pm
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when i received the diagnosis, i knew,
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whatever it takes, wherever i have to go...i'm beating this. breast cancer treatment is continuing to evolve. ctca is definitely on the cusp of those changes. we really focus on taking the time with each individual patient so they can choose the treatment appropriate for them. i empower women with choices. it's not just picking a surgeon. it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. visit appointments available now. >> our new president has not been in this line of work before. and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen. in the democratic process. part of the reason that people feel like we're under performing is because too many artificial deadlines, unrelated to reality of the
6:56 pm
complexity of legislating, may not have been fully understood. gerri: well, that was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blaming congressional delays on president trump's quote, excessive expectations, the white house is not buying that. white house blasting mcconnell, saying, i don't think so, after 7 years of hearing repeal and replace, why not done? joining me too discuss, and back with me spot bolton, does mitch mcconnell have it right? >> a political godfather of mine said, stay out of the way, they have problems in the republican party, so do democrats, but republicans are
6:57 pm
in power it was a bad bill, they need to stop fighting and figure out how to move forward. gerri: ford. >> expectations? cry me a river. republican voters don't care about your excuses and democrats like scott are laughing at us. you could not do that in 7 months, here is deal that mcconnell and congressional republicans have to understand, if they want to do well at ballot box, their job is to govern, when trump agenda succeeds they succeed at the ballot box. it had nothing to to with donald trump, had mitt romney been president or -- >> staying on track. mitch mcconnell is firing off saying to stop the tweets, is this his place to tell president to stop using twitter. >> he is not only one talking about stop using twitter.
6:58 pm
but that is not the problem with the republican party. or the bill. only what it is 30% of people believe what he puts out on twitter. gerri: all right. >> 86% of americans think that this is a do-nothing congress. don't tell me donald trump is problem, congress is the problem. republicans have to overcome their divide, and learn how to lead, and make sure that trump agenda goes through. >> moving on. >> go to work stop tweeting. gerri: because look. at end of the day, what is going on, president and g.o.p. seem to be fighting against each other. it is almost like the republicans are opposition party to donald trump. and i don't know if that is a sustainable place for him to be, scott, you first then ford. >> it is, he is 36% approval.
6:59 pm
to move country forward, i do think that republicans and democrats including donald trump need to start talking about infrastructure and tax reform, there may be some unifying. gerri: ford. >> that is a whole nonsense, you throw out, you wouldn't vote for anything because donald trump is president. >> i'm not onlying. not only. gerri: let's not call each other names. >> if you want to succeed in congress, follow donald trump's agenda. >> how is that working for them. gerri: the issue. you tell republicans to follow him, they don't agree with what he wants. >> they do agree. they have been talking about obamacare repeal for 7 years btax reform long before donald trump came along, only thing they don't agree with, is wall and infrastructure.
7:00 pm
gerri: leave it there thank you. >> great debate, great to have you on. >> thank you. gerri: lou dobbs is coming up next right here on fox business. stay with us. lou: good evening president trump today keeping pressure on north korea. warning rogue rejee regime that united states is well equipped to fight, tweeting our nuclear arsenal is stronger and more powerful than ever, president trump's tweet a day after he warned north korea it would be met with quote, fire and fury like the world has never seen. defense secretary mattis also adding his voice, in a statement in lockstep with president trump's saying, quote, the dprk should cease any


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