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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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look like a win for the week. tim, great to see you. >> thank you. liz: tim courtney. [closing bell rings] dow ending up after the worst week since march. the governor of guam talking about his island territories. david, melissa, take it away. david: the dow trying to stage a comeback after a 200 point drop yesterday. ending down 1% for the week. up today. it was the worst week of the year for s&p anas dach. they were in the red the third straight week, longest losing streak more than a year. happy friday. i'm david asman. melissa: happy friday. i'm melissa francis. this is after the bell. we have more on big market movers. this is what we're covering during the very busy hour ahead. lock and loaded, the president and north korea trading more threats today.
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a is diplomat has been working behind the scenes with north korea for months. president trump will get an update when he meets with u.n. ambassador nikki haley. that is about an hour from now. the president issuing harsh criticism for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell over his inability to repeal and replace obamacare. but members of the house are keeping the fight alive, even if it means going behind house speaker paul ryan. pennsylvania congressman scott perry is helping to lead the charge. he is going to join us coming up. david: the dow snapping a two-week winning streak, ending this turbulent week down about 1%. let's go straight to nicole petallides. she is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, it has been a wild week but it was nice to see it end in the green at least for the dow. those are the weak averages down a percent but it was positive today. >> we see all three of them down more than 1% for the week. as you noted, the dow right now, up 15 point as we heard that closing bell.
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this morning at the opening bell we were just one and awe a quarter% away from the record close on monday. 270 points to the downside. with he saw tepid buying, cautious buying, dipping back in on the dips is what we saw. to give you the facts, the dow had the worst week since march 24th. the s&p had the worth week since march 24th. nasdaq since june 30th. that is how it is looking as we close. we're moving on, taking a look at movers in the retail sector. earnings season has been so great but not for retailers. jcpenney, new record low today. they had weaker-than-expected numbers for the quarter. a fifth straight sales loss quarterly. and so they have sweeping store closures wracked their sales. the stock dropped 17% today, new low there. then snap, snap has hit its 11th record closing low in just one month, down 20% in one
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month. there is a look at it, 11.83 a share. they missed on quarterly numbers. that was the big lag guard. the tensions with north korea remain, selling for three days, people ran to gold and treasurys. we got a little back finishing this friday in the green. david: traders copastetic about the whole thing. melissa. melissa: gold continues its climb today, keep an eye on this one, closing at the highest level since early june closing at 1294 an ounce as tensions in north korea fuel an investor flight to safety. good for gold bugs, david. david: you see north korea playing into the market. stocks breaking a three-day losing streak amid heightened tensions with north korea. let's bring in today's panel, jack hough from barron's and carol roth. investment banker. traders like to sell off what
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they have or safe they can sell to make a profit on. didn't seem to happen today. >> it is an interesting dynamic. we have seen the market be able, overall to digest a lot of bad news. that shows how much cash is still on the sidelines. every time the market comes off of a new benchmark, there is capital being, able to be deployed, i think one of the big things we've seen today too, is that inflation remains very low and that could mean that the fed holds off on raising rates. i think that is a big part of story today on why we saw things go up a little bit. david: some fed officials talked about that but, jack, what is holding the market up? >> i am glad we got stabilization today. i got nervous as we weakened into the close. the stocks that got killed out there, deserved to get killed. jcpenney the world doesn't need it anymore. snap is facebook road kill, but
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broadly the market was pretty stable. david: facebook road kill. that is new one. melissa. melissa: he might be on vacation but is still focused on jobs. president trump holding a job skills and workforce discussion moments ago in new jersey. >> we began historic to expand apprenticeship in all industries. apprenticeships are one of the many avenues that lead to the great jobs completely debt-free. who knows more about the word app -- apprentice than donald trump. melissa: companies want industries that want workers are paying for the training. this seems like a home run. >> absolutely. anytime you take the focus away from the 43 or some odd job programs that we have the government runs, which obviously haven't been doing so great, put that back into the private
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sector, that is going to cabinet win, not just for businesses but for anybody who is looking for a job. i do think, melissa, that the president could make this even easier if he, they focus on making it easier for small businesses to hire, whether it is making clear path for unpaid internships, changing definition of a 1099 employee, creating an opportunity for those 22 million small businesses that don't yet have an employee, if 5% of those could hire their first employee, we would have a million new jobs. melissa: that is such a great point. i love all of that math. jack, i talked to so many ceos in communities. they need people. willing to train them. willing to set up a program. they only didn't do it in the past because of regulation. you have a factory where you want to train people in the community to work there. >> i've been looking for a chance to say something positive about the president and i got it, melissa, thank you. most people exaggerate how difficult their jobs are. other people can be trained do
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them if we give workers who don't have experience a chance. companies can do that. i'm glad the president is on this. melissa: nice. david. david: are you sure that was jack hough? melissa: move on quick. david: believe it or not another push to repeal obamacare in the house. freedom caucus members, jim jordan, tom garrett, scott perry, signed a petition on the floor without the support of speaker paul ryan to vote on clear repeal of obamacare. here is republican congressman scott perry from pennsylvania. congressman, i love to see rebels. i'm with you in terms of your rebel spirit. let's be honest, you have to get 218 votes. you're not going to got that, are you? >> i don't know, it was unanimous 15 months ago, a unanimous vote in the house and senate. david: you saw what happened when the rubber met the road. there was all sorts of infighting. eventually you just made it. eventually you have to get -- this is parliamentarian manuever.
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it allows you to sort of override the speaker on bills that have been sitting around for a while. so again, good for you for trying, are you anywhere close to 218? >> today is the first day. it is first step. we have three signatures at 9:00 this morning. and now everybody, because of fox business, will hear about it. i suspect that their constituents will say how come my member hasn't signed, call their member, wait a minute, you voted for this 15 months ago. you talked about this for the last umpteen numbers of years. you voted on this in congress. you sent this to president obama's desk. why isn't your signature on this? why aren't you voting on this? david: you get my vote. you made a compliment of fox business. that is true everybody is watching so you got big exposure. the senate as we saw in the last go round with health care is the real problem, is it not? >> right. it is part of the problem but see senate democrats they have
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no impetus, there is nothing urging them to get into the equation and be for anything to first this, to find a solution. once it is repealed. then, they will have the impetus, that will encourage them to get into the discussion and do something meaningful, impactful and realistic. up until now they don't say anything. david: that is optimistic but when we saw what happened, it was like you watching sausage getting made. it was ugly process but it ended up bad. i wish it was sausage because it didn't end up doing that. paul ryan kept saying over and over again beginning of the trump administration, we had to do obamacare first, repeal and replace before we could do tax reform. turns out that wasn't true. he was selling a false narrative what had to happen. wasn't that the biggest mistake this buy ever made? >> i don't know if it was a big mistake. i understand why he did it that way because certain amount of savings can go into tax reform.
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david: is it true that we had to do that first? we could have started with taxes. if we had gotten tax reform in, this economy would be churning? >> sure, we probably could have started with tax reform, the economy is going to look up under president trump no matter what because of his agenda. until health care is fixed, every business, every citizen has a weight around their ankle tying them down, slowing them down. it has to be done sooner or later. it has to be done. david: let's hope it is. congressman perry, thanks for coming on. >> appreciate it, sir. melissa: jack and carol are back to react to that. carol, what do you think? >> i love the fact that you can have leadership from somebody who doesn't have the top leadership title. i think that is the way that we do affect change, whether it is in congress ors where. that being said, everything he said is right. people voted for this 15 months ago. this has been a top priority. they have had years upon years not only to figure out how to
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repeal but to he replace it and we know that it is not working and we know that it is going to blow up so there is a moral obligation for them to get this done and get it done quickly and i like that somebody is stepping up to take the leadership. melissa: yeah, jack, it's a disaster as it stands and it is frustrating on lawmakers on any side not doing anything about it. >> the problem is, this is not repeal and replace. this is repeal. then we're out of ideas. tens of millions of people lose their insurance, but trust us, things will get so bad, we're so desperate and come together -- melissa: they are already so bad, jack. they have already lost their insurance. there are some counties where there aren't going to be any obamacare policies offered. we're there. we're there. >> i just wish republicans would have come up with a better plan than blame obama. melissa: what about democrats? they don't have an idea except socialized medicine, my friend. >> they want to fix it. melissa: we don't see any
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evidence them getting so far? >> don't try to get me to wave the flag for democrats. i have equal disdain for both political parties. melissa: we can agree on that. i'm with you there on that one. thank you, guys. david: the bottom line, why do we need the government to come up with a solution for health care? the markets come up with solutions, business solutions all the time of the more government gotten into health care the more of a mess. melissa: the more government got into anything more of a mess it is. david: amen. contractors looking to do business with the city of los angeles could be forced to reveal whether they have any connection at all to president trump's border wall? is that right? melissa: yep. david: we'll speak with the head of the california builder's exchange about this potential form of discrimination. melissa: guam in the cross-hairs. how is the tiny u.s. territory in the pacific dealing with new threats from north korea? we'll speak with the governor of guam. that is coming up. david: president trump sending another fresh warning to north korea. america's military locked and
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loaded and in the middle of all this we're getting new comments out of china. what that nation says it will do if the u.s. attacks first. former white house national security staffer jillian turner joining us on all of this coming next. >> i hope that they are going to understand fully understand the gravity of what i said and what i said is what i mean. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that.
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4:17 pm
take on the issue. then president trump reaffirmed a tweet he sent out from 7:30 this morning, he said solutions were in place locked and loaded should pongyang act unwisely. >> he utters one threat in the form of an overt threat, which by the way he has been uttering for years and his family has been uttering for years, or if he does anything with respect to guam or my place else that is an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it. >> reporter: the korean peoples army earlier this week said it was preparing plans to attack, envelop obama in missile fire if the order was given by kim jong un unand korean army said by middle of this month it will have plans prepared. as this happens, leaders are calling for restraint, rhett tore ral restraint. german president angela merkel
4:18 pm
says the rhetoric is not contributing to solution. she wants it talked out on the u.n. security council. russian forerin minister sergey lavrov says both sides should calm down the rhetoric as the chinese. the state run newspaper published a piece if china would stand by neutral if north korea attacked first of u.s. territory but warned the united states should not seek regime change. david? david: rich edson at the state department. thanks. melissa. melissa: here is jillian turner former white house national security council staff and fox news contributor. this is the question i keep asking people, i can't get an answer to, something short of violence, what's a good outcome? because it doesn't seem like the kim regime will give up the nuclear weapons? i don't know that we would be satisfied with something less than that? you know some people i talk to, if he would stop with the rhetoric. that doesn't seem satisfying. they continue to develop the weapons. what is the good outcome short
4:19 pm
of battle? >> well, so the problem with this, the threat of north korea having a nuclear weapon in development has been around for decades and i think unfortunately people don't like to hear this, but something along the lines of what we've seen over the last 10 years is kind of the best-case scenario, where we've avoid nuclear holocaust obviously. we avoid any kind of ground conflict, but at the same time we, not necessarily that we have to accept that they're going to have a nuclear weapon, we can continue to pressure them diplomatically and politically, but would i offer that the way things are right now with the heightened tension, is not a good scenario for anybody. and you -- you i say people don't like to hear this, people don't want to hear that the united states will accept north korea as nuclear power. we don't have to and we shouldn't but at the same time
4:20 pm
we don't want, we don't want to unnecessarily provoke them. melissa: it sound like though you are saying accept them. people talk about getting china to step in and rein them back under control. i don't know what that looks like. they're quietly developing a weapon and not testing it openly? >> it is hard. melissa: it is deep underground. they're continuing to do it. they continue to build up their stockpile until they can really sit is there and aim it. it is sort, i heard other people say the soviet union, former soviet union, russia will play by the big boy rules. >> yeah. melissa: where they sit back and follow norms with the weapons that they have. it doesn't seem like north korea is ever going to do that because they're not rational players. >> they are, so since the end of the korean war the united states official posture has been to adopt strategic deterrents. that consists of, heavy push for diplomacy backed by credible threat of military force and
4:21 pm
this is what every president has ended up adopting, you know. i worked in the white house with presidents bush and president obama and now president trump is in the white house. they have all done essentially the same thing. melissa: yeah. >> by which i mean the rhetoric and style is different but president trump has not changed the policy so far. he has been have he outspoken when comes to the kim regime and punching back. that is stylelistic point. if you look at situation on ground, we have same number of troops in south korea, american troops as we did at the beginning of the administration. the military posture has not changed. it comes down to the words, war of words. he thinks, president trump believes fighting intimidation with intimidation will ultimately be successful. i hope it is. melissa: yeah. >> give it a chance. melissa: we'll see. >> but the best-case scenario for us right now is obviously that nobody attempts to lob any missiles at one another. melissa: absolutely.
4:22 pm
wish we had more time. thank you, good stuff. david? david: we have breaking new details on the future ownership of the miami marlins baseball team. charlie gasparino has been following this story. he has new details on an agreement that may have just been reached moments ago. he will join us next. ♪ rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪ wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. david: we have new breaking details on the future ownership of the miami marlins. charlie gasparino has been following story, breaking the story for some time now. he has details on agreement that may have finally been reached of the charlie. >> it is not a done deal but apparently handshake agreement between miami marlins owner, jeffrey luria, and former new york yankee great derek jeter to buy the team. let as be clear jeter is not buying the team if this goes through.
4:26 pm
it's a group led by jeter. i keep saying if because it is not done until the deal is signed. it has to be approved by major league baseball. there could be hiccups. he will not be the control person, a money manager, bruce sherman who put most of the money on the investment group that jeter is heading. jeter will be the ceo. from what we're getting from sources close inside of major league baseball, people close to derek jeter, that he has a handshake agreement with jeffrey luria to buy the team for $1.3 billion. he beat out the deal from miami businessman jorge row has. he apparently does have the money. this is where it gets complicated. some of the money is debt, preferred stock investment. baseball generally hates that, particularly with this team. miami marlins are heavily indebted and losing money. they don't like a lot of debt
4:27 pm
here. unclear who is running the show, ceo or the control person. generally the control person. this deal has to be approved by major league baseball. i would say this, this is not a done deal until you see the paperwork. this is what we're breaking. derek jeter will run the team, and not be the control person, ownership person and this could happen any day. david: if this goes you through whether they can turn it around to make money. >> it's a mediocre franchise on the field. it is disaster financially. they're losing money. they have heavy debt. you would you he think that miami would be a great place for baseball given latin american influx. why a lot of people wanted jorge maas, local businessman with ties to the community. but derek jeter won it. jeffrey luria could change his mind any minute. this has been insane stuff. david: you have been all over it. melissa. melissa: tax reform is on track
4:28 pm
this year, what the head of the house ways and means committee is telling maria bartiromo. >> it is doable and we're on that timetable to deliver this year. some people talk september, october, thanksgiving. look, after 31 years, getting this done in the first year would be a huge achievement. so that's where we're on the timetable for. melissa: from his lips to god's ears. david: yes, indeed. melissa: catch the full interview with congressman kevin brady on "wall street week" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. please! oh. david: hopefully not another health care disaster. media hysteria over president trump's tough talk on north korea. are they missing the whole point? they're actual comparing the president with the north korean dictator? steve forbes has a lot to say about this. forbes media chairman sounding off next. melissa: guam issuing guidelines to prepare for such an attack. our interview with guam as governor eddie calvo. his take coming up.or my
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and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. david: firestorm for the preys. mainstream media slamming trump for tough talk on north korea. >> president trump sound unfortunately like a north korean leader than an american leader. >> used to be we looked at north koreans and said those are the nuts with nukes. looks a little bit like we have our own nut with nukes. >> this is the first time the dangerous apocalyptic statements of the north korean regime have been met by dangerous
4:33 pm
apocalyptic statements by the president of the united states. david: this wasn't "saturday night live," folks. this is supposed to be real news. here to dissect all this, fors media chairman. hadley heath manning, independent women's forum polly director. i have to state the obvious. kim has been working on nuclear weapons for decades. he has been working on icbms for decades, despite all promises and happy talk of our presidents and secretaries of state, bribing him doing the good thing would work and it didn't. he developed nuke anyway. president trump coming on to this, not the president trump created this crazy man in the nuclear north korea. previous presidents did. >> i think what the president has done is very clear. we take this very seriously unlike in the past presidents say we take it serious and we cut a deal. what i think the north korean regime is recognizing.
4:34 pm
no way they get tens of billions of dollars in bribe money to pretend they will scale back their program. they're now in the mode of hope he doesn't attack us. so in that sense it is a good thing. the other thing to make note of david, with those comments, republicans and trump are so lucky to have a opposition party is in such intellectual moral disarray as the democrats are today. david: hadley, more than just the democratic party it is the media. rush limbaugh has the great theory, i think it is direct. it is not democrats guiding the media, it is media guiding the democrats. they're the ones behind a lot of the stuff that the democrats say, you saw that from the clip you just played. by the way, that is nothing. what you just heard is nothing compared to what the europeans are doing. there is actually a cover of a magazine in france in which donald trump and kim jong-un are kind of viewed as the same person, right there. this equivalence sy of a north korean dictator with donald trump, i mean if anything is going to push americans off
4:35 pm
the media message, it is that, right? >> right. of course that is a false equivalence. david: amazing you have to even say that. >> exactly. we all want to be safe. no one wants to go to war. no one wants to see nuclear manies bo detonated. political. we have to remember who the real enemy is. the media can be a part of this. focus on the fact in north korea, these are the people who are posing threats against the united states. as americans we shouldn't feel that the threat is really one another or that our enemy is a different political party but rather our enemies lies where. david: steve talk about political divisions, not just between democrats and republicans and mainstream media and trump. it is in the republican party itself. of course mitch mcconnell made this statement which was kind of wild, how the president had this excessive enthusiasm or optimism about getting the job done, getting health care in, when he himself, mitch mcconnell said is the one you could do it.
4:36 pm
to which the president answered the follow, when he was asked whether mitch mcconnell might lose his job over saying stuff like that, this is how the president responded yesterday. >> if he doesn't get repeal and replace done, and if he doesn't get taxes done, meaning cuts and reform, and if he doesn't get a very easy one to get done, infrastructure, if he doesn't get them done, then you can ask me that question. david: what do you think, steve? is he in danger, mitch mcconnell, of losing his job? >> no, but the republicans are in danger of losing their majority in the house and perhaps the senate next year if they don't get something big. this is david, a senate problem. the president is right to focus on the senate. the house passed a health care bill. the house will pass a tax bill next month. in terms of whether the senate will get around to doing anything particularly on the tax side, the president is sending a strong warning to senate republicans. house will get it done. you better get it done. we'll all sink together if you you don't. david: hadley, big difference
4:37 pm
between health care reform and tax reform is that the president truly believes in tax reform. when steve mnuchin and gary cohn were outlining a tax reform measure a couple months ago the president was behind it 100%. he may take this issue to the people directly in a way he didn't do with health care reform. what do you think? >> that is true. health care may be the most complex political issue of our time. david: exactly. >> it is certainly difficult. we tend to despair and say congress and the president aren't getting anything done but president trump signed 43 acts of congress. most of those are aimed undoing regulatory -- david: hadley, who knows better than anybody? the marketplace, investors. that is why it is up. >> exactly. new study shows that many regulatory changes under the trump administration will save businesses $4 billion each year. you see the market responding. this is bearing out in jobs reports. there is some good news, i agree with steve. they have to get with big-ticket
4:38 pm
items. david: hadley, steve, have a great weekend. thank you. catch steve forbes and me every weekend on "forbes on fox," tomorrow morning 11:00 a.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. melissa. melissa: the threat level in guam remains the same but the territory's homeland security department is issuing guidelines so citizens are prepared if an attack occurs. i spoke to guam's governor eddie calvo about his concerns. take a listen. >> obviously i'm concerned and there is a lot of people in guam and the northern mariannas, because basically kim jong-un says hey, we'll bomb you and he pointed at territory of guam. there is concern, yet at the same time, this is not the first threat that has ever been made by north korea or kim jong-un to the u.s. territory of guam and the mariannas. there have been three or four threats since 2013.
4:39 pm
so this is nothing new. there is a 600-mile archipelago of islands. there are over 200,000 american citizens. if a war were to happen in this part of the world over there as the senator says, not only are you endangering the lives of tens of thousands of military and their dependents, but hundreds of thousands of americans citizens in american soil and that's why i want to be very clear that to those that make decisions when it comes to conflict, i know this north korean guy is a nutjob but we have to be very careful as we move forward and decisions are being made. i'm more concerned about that, than i am about the tweets of president trump. at least with president trump hell and fury, if the united states is attacked, that means guam, i would hope hell and fury false on north korea. melissa: what is it that you are telling people there?
4:40 pm
what are you telling them? are you reassuring them and telling them to prepare? what are you you telling them? >> guam, because of the military presence here for many, many years, there is a lot of coordination and dialogue, cooperation with local military command that is in the joint beach at mariannas. with this exchange of information and dialogue and working with homeland security with the feds, it is important for us to be factual with our people, but then at the same time, you can't always look at the headlines, what is coming out of the news. melissa: so what are you telling them? are people leaving? >> no. i think there is a lot of concern but at the same time the capabilities have not changed. the threat has not changed with all the rhetoric. guam has a missile defense system, a thaad missile system. there are numerous aegis
4:41 pm
cruisers that are in the western pacific between guam and north korea. there are military installations, in fact there is a thaad missile system in south korea as well as defense systems in japan. so there is a, there are multilayered umbrella, system of defense for the u.s. territory ever guam and the northern mariannas. so i'm telling folks, hey, there is reason to be concerned with all the rhetoric going out but folks, live your lives. we have a defense system that can protect the territory. melissa: governor, thank you so much for calling us. we appreciate it. we hope we can bring you back as well. you brought an important message to our you viewers. we thank you for that. >> thank you. take care. david: god bless them. good luck to them. melissa: seriously. david: targeting businesses for just doing their jobs. how one major city wants companies to pay for building president trump's border wall. wait until you hear this. ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe.
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melissa: border wall discrimination. los angeles proposing a new law requiring companies to disclose any service or goods provided for president trump's border wall before doing business with the city. yeah. here to comment on it, tim murphy, ceo of the sacramento regional builders exchange. wow, what do you think of this one? >> well, melissa it is easy to understand why the l.a. city council is upset with president trump's policies but what they're proposing to enact a discriminatory policy that will end up hurting local workers through the implementation of a politically-charged blacklist. melissa: why is it easy to understand they're upset with president trump's actions? >> they have stated they have looked to block his policies wherever possible. other jurisdictions in california also followed suit. los angeles is one of number of cities implementing these types of policies where they seek to
4:46 pm
punish companies for even expressing an interest in bidding on the border wall. melissa: why is that not discrimination? >> it is discrimination. that is our position. melissa: yeah. what do you plan to do about it? >> well, we, we reached out to a number of our member companies. our organization represents 2800 construction companies in the state of california. we're acting on their behalf in providing advocacy to fight against this. this is uphill battle given the political climate in california but what we're trying to put forward out there to let the electorate know is that regardless of what your political opinion is on this matter, to punish companies that would go after what would be a federally approved, federally funded project should congress approve the border wall, it is wrong no matter how you look at it. melissa: what is the response from different companies that might then be prohibited from doing business or doing projects in l.a.? i mean do they feel like they bo
4:47 pm
want to do it anyway? they will stand up for the businesses they should be able to do? or do you think they're essentially going to knuckle under to being bullied? what is the response? >> i think they will respond to the coercion that is in place. what will happen instead is that instead of california-based companies getting work, because they fear not getting additional projects in california, we'll find workout sourced to companies in other states to don't normally do work in california. not only will the work go forward but at the expense of california workers in los angeles. for latino community, we believe that this is particularly damaging because the latino population in los angeles, there is a great number of latinos that work in the construction industry. so this will actually be harmful to them. melissa: yeah. nobody in l.a. understands that the point of the wall is about orderly immigration, keeping drugs out? we're not trying to keep people out of this country, we're just trying to control drugs and
4:48 pm
terrorists, gangs coming over the border, we want to know who is coming and who is going, that argument doesn't fly in l.a.? >> it really doesn't. they look at it with the city of los angeles with a city has a large number of immigrants. that this is something that they feel is within their values, but i think when you look at it on the surface how this is going to hurt local employees, this is the implementation of a blacklist, which certainly, which seem threatening to any company who would want to do business in the city of los angeles, i think they're thinking they can bully companies into staying away. melissa: amazing. tim, thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you, melissa. david: political world. more shocking news in the world of sports. nfl suspending dallas cowboys star running back ezekiel elliot for six games without pay. this after violating the league's personal conduct policy as a result of a year-long nfl investigation into a domestic violence case.
4:49 pm
that he was involved with. dallas cowboys losing one of their star runningbacks. melissa: moments from now, president trump getting update on diplomatic efforts with north korea. he will meet with u.n. ambassador nikki haley and secretary of state rex tillerson in bedminster, new jersey. we'll bring you any information that comes out of this briefing just as soon as we get it. obviously very important topic here. david: indeed. all weaken too. they were once denied a warm welcome home. the long overdue thank you for the men and women who served our country. we've got a tear-jerker coming up that you don't want to miss. ♪ got you outnumbered.
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
getting the warm welcome they deserve aboard an honor flight. fox news contributor lisa booth documented this very sentimental day. take a listen. >> good morning. >> today marks our 42nd honor flight. we couldn't be more proud. >> this honor flight is a bit different. all 107 servicemembers on board are a member of the vietnam war including a member of the american airlines old glory flight crew. >> warms my heart to be with my fellow veterans. >> bruce pharis served in vietnam from 1969 to 1970 in the 101st airborne division. >> we all know we didn't get all pats on the back, didn't get a lot of thank you. well, as of today that changes. >> what a change. instead of dirty looks, these veterans received cheers, a true welcome home. >> when we first came home no one treated us like we had done anything. and it is different now. it is amazing.
4:54 pm
>> it was a day full of emotions. but what made the 800-mile trip worth it the ability to gaze upon 58,318 names etched into the memorial. this is his first honor flight with his brothers and sisters in arms from vietnam. >> when i look at the names, they're not names for me. those are 18, 19-year-old faces come back to life temporarily, in my heart, my soul, my eyes. >> he is the not only one that felt a name on the wall. >> i have got a few friends on the wall here that i wasn't able to meet people -- there are stories like that about everyone on this ball. i don't know what to say. i get too choked up. >> she joined the army as nurse in the 1967. she is one of over 265,000 women who served during vietnam.
4:55 pm
>> women were a part of the whole vietnam experience and none of us was drafted to go to war. we all volunteered. >> they finally got their own memorial in 1993 and thousands cheered their return back in wisconsin, showing it is never too late to say thank you, and welcome whom. >> this is just amazing. absolutely incredible. one of the best days of my life. david: wow. how wonderful. we forget but they were literally spat on, these veterans who risked their lives, saw their friends die, came back. the antiwar movement was in high pitch. they were credit baby killers. one things, if things seem out of control in this country, just be very happy at least veterans coming home from wars are treated well. thank god. they should always have been. they weren't in vietnam. but they are now. that is good news. melissa: absolutely. what an incredible piece. wow.
4:56 pm
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melissa: live from new york, it's sean spicer? >> you need some props? my words to big, i got to show you in pictures. when it comes to decisions the constitution gives our president lots of power. and steve bannon is the key adviser. i am not here to be your buddy. i am here to swallow gum, and i am here to take names. melissa: that was funnyism i. it was. now former white house press secretary, the guy on the right could give melissa a run for her money. spicer wants to appear on
5:00 pm
"saturday night live." melissa: you don't read garbage magazines, that would be so funny. david: we'll have to wait for fall. melissa: here is "risk & reward." >> i hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what i said. and what i said is what i mean. if he utters one threat in the form of a overt threat, he has been uttering for years, and his family has been uttering for years, or if he does anything with respect to guam or any place e else that is an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it and regret it fast. liz: president meeting with u.s. ambassador to united nations, nikki haley, rex


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