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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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barcelona and another city also said to be involved. keep it here on fox business network brought the latest developments to thank you so much for watching the show tonight but i will see you on twitter and instagram at indignation and on facebook. i will see you tomorrow night >> i am greg jarrett in for lou dobbs, we begin with breaking news out of barcelona, spain, a suspect ramming his rented van into a crowd of pedestrians on the city's most famous avenue, killing 13 people, injuring hundred or more. isis claiming responsibility, police are saying, it was terrorism. and intended to kill as membership peoplmany people as possible. fox news correspondent amy is live with our report. reporter: it became clear to
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people, quickly on ta would be a terrorist attack. that police did formally declare it one. greg, there have been a lot of developments in the last hour and a half, i want to bring you up to speed, police in barcelona arrested two people. neither of those two is the driver of the van that killed 13 people on the road. so, that leads to us all understand that the driver is still at large. which is quite bad news at the moment. then also, after the attack, a car leaving barcelona, was flagged down by police, it refused to stop, it ran into police, then kept going. about a few miles later, police caught up with it again, stopped car, shot the driver dead. those police officers were not badly injuries it is not yet clear whether or not this was connectioned on what happened earlier today. then, last night, overnight an explosion in a house, some
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hours from barcelona, one person is dead, another injured, police initially thought it was a gas explosion. it turns out they announced they believe that explosion was connected to evens today in barcelona. leading people to request -- question whether there was a bomb plan in the world. now greg, we get to video of dramatic moment after this happened. the aftermath. that shows horror, panic, bloodshed, and we need to warn you the video, you may find quite disturbing. victims sprawled on street after a van jumps the sidewalk, swerving from side to side, driver mowing down whatever is in his way, in barcelona's historic las ramblas district, in what police say was a terrorist attack, dozens of victims
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covered in blood, left mangled on the street, bystanders offer whatever help they can. before medical help can arrive. >> i heard many people screaming then i saw van going down the boulevard, you could see all of the bodies on the street, it was brutal, a tough image to see. >> everyone ran forward, and it trampled them. reporter: heavily armed police moved in clearing street of tourists and residents as they search for suspects. >> there were police, and ambulances, fire engines. they were directing everyone to go as far away from their as you could. reporter: police arrested a man of moroccan decent and they are treating him as a terrorist, another suspect arrested after that. >> to cowards, you will not get it look at reaction we
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have. reporter: president trump condemning the attack on twitters. calling on spaniards to be tough and strong, vice president pence offered support. >> and a warning. >> whatever inspired today's terror attack u.s. standing ready to assist the people of spain and fine and punish those responsibility. reporter: responsible. reporter: tourism has been booming in spain of late. the las ramblas is top of list of people's place to visit, i believe it possible when we get the names of the dead it will be both local and a lot of international visitors to beautiful city of barcelona police say, that 13 people are confirmed dead, they fear that the death toll is very likely to rise. 15 people in quite critical condition in the hospital, 100 people all together. hospitalized this evening,
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greg. >> two places, all of tourists flock. familia and las ramblas, that is a place of intend. amy kellogg thank you very much. joining me now dr. walid phares. spain has been a transit point for isis and other terrorist recruits going into syria and elsewhere. was it logical that spain would get hit? was it inevitable. >> with both, greg, authorities are now focusing on understanding the tactics. i project that will get most of this information about this individual or a cell. that is done. what is more important according to your question is there is a network in spain or
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crossing spain coming from battlefields? or is it an urban network this lives and resides in spain. this is longer term discovery we have to do. >> it appears there was more than one terrorist, two people arrested, not the driver who is still at large, then you have other vehicular attack today. one shot dead. the explosion last night, several individuals who were making bombs, another explosion today. does this tell you that this say rather sizable terror cell? >> well, just by learning that it was more than one incident involving more than one person, you already talking about a mini-cell. we're discovery as well, is that they have discovered the weapon that we have no counter to. which is is not the car or van or hatchet, it is the brain, those individuals could have conducted that same attack with different means, those
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choose and select mean according to what they want to achieve. this is where counterterrorism experts in europe are concerned about. >> putting a map on the screen . that shows you vehicular terrorist attacks that have occurred over last 13 months roughly 9 of them overseas, mostly in europe as you see there on the map. and all using vehicles, is this now the weapon of choice for terrorists? >> that connected to my earlier statement, should it be isis,al guide or individuals, jihadist they realize by using such a weapon went liberal democracy, where you don't have road blocks to check everywhere. they discovered that weapon we cannot countier, unless we want to create a systemic change, that would harm liberal democracy, spain,
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united states, england. and elsewhere, they are going to be pressing on this. from all cases you mention they choose a truck evan o, vans or individuals with hatchy ohatchets or knives. >> this may be a claim of opportunity when isis said it is responsibility for the attack, hard to know. not that it makes a difference could after all, they did issue a worldwide call quite a while ago, grab a knife, grab a gun, get in a vehicle, truck or van, and use it. kill as many people as possible. so does not necessarily matter they are directly trained. it is good enough to be inspired, isn't it. >> absolutely. back to the time when al qaeda on-line material, more than 12 year ago, have been sending those guidance to would be
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jihadists, they don't have to be members of al qaeda. now we have it with isis, i think isis when they use word foot hold -- foot soldier, this is code of on the ground in europe. >> we have had terrorist ain u.s., but nothing like for example in france and london and great britain at large. what is it they overseas need to do better? what is it here that we're doing right? has prevented further attacks? >> lets me address first point. what happening here by way of comparison with north america, including canada, western europe, we're larger, it is more difficult to access united states but everything that happens in europe can happen here. the attacks in california, two individuals attacking a soft
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target attack in orlando before that the dozens of attempts. in europe, a future possibility forever united states if we don't actually fight back against the ideology early on, and intelligence agencies can work together to stop that next wave here in united states. >> doctor walid phares thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up secretary of state rex tillerson saying that terrorists will face justice after barcelona. >> terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. >> ambassador john bolton will join us live next, as we continue our special coverage of the barcelona terror attack. ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild.
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the latest reviews. the lowest prices. greg: we're following latest developments concerning today's terror attack in barcelona. isis claiming responsibility. two people under arrest so far, the driver of the van still not in custody. 13 people killed after the van
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plowed 82 them on las ramblas. 18 nationalities were involved in today's attack. and a house explosion last night. it appears that it was a bomb making operation. one person died. 6 others were injured there. for more now on terror attacks we're joined by former u.s. ambassador to united nations, ambassador john bolton. i want to dig into ideology of isis. it so alien to most clear-thinking people. is this that these terrorists believe that western civilization is trying to kill or destroy islam? and that in their twisted
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minds justified their homicidal acts? >> they do believe, that but their approach is creating caliphate they tried to set up in syria and iraq it is their religious obligation to make the caliphate expand until it takes over the whole world. they would be trying in their own way to extend their authority. i think that ideology, and approach they are following, leads to war. this is war against the west. i think that is one fundamental point that with all due respect to a lot of people even in trump administration, we still have not figured out. this not going to be resolved by u.s. and allies follow a law enforcement paradigm. it needs to be addressed following a war paradigm, that
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means several things put us in a very different posture how to deal with them and how to treat it. i am afraid until we get fully into that way of thinking, this will continue as far as the eye can see. greg: describe to me the war paradigm you would recommend, were you sitting here with the president of united states. >> i think a lot of steps that we are failing to take come because we look at it as each terrorist attack as a criminal act. certainly law enforcement seeks to prevent crimes committed. they are famil familiar -- fundamentally a reactive operation, real counterterrorism, really defending america and our allies from this ideological threat requires a much more forward position, a lot more direct action, these days particularly in cyberspace, i am sure that would cause a lot of criticism by people who say, you are using power of the state against potential
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attackers. in ways that -- if this were law enforcement, going after potential bank robbers would raise civil liberty issues, but i don't think in the war paradigm it does. greg: beyond cyberspace, physically what more can we do to get rid of the terrorist threat? and you know, if you can be specific. are you talking about using more miferl missiles, bombs, troops on ground in places like syria or iraq? where? what? how. >> for example the obama administration war against isis, was based on notion that our objective was to degrade and to destroy isis. that was president's own phrase. his war took a long time. in fact that strategy while it has been accelerated somewhat with trump administration has not changed.
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i have now doubt we'll defeat isis and eliminate the caliphate in western iraq and syria. but it still going on. they have extricated, they have gone to libya, and other places to plot the next phase. the term degrade and destroy was a signal to them, they had a long time to get ready, i think there, in afghanistan and the areas we should prepared to take stronger steps than we have. greg: what are those stronger steps? >> another example in somalia, terrorists there are in league with somali pirates they bring a source of revenue, some years back there was ain aing suggestion that nato naive
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navy go after them and destro destroy them. nothing was done, because that would infringe on people's rights who live in pry pirate villages. greg: i do know know you had civil rights in a pirate paradise. >> absolutely, under the european view. greg: ambassador joo john bolton, thank you, sir. >> thank you. greg: on wall street stocks closed sessions lower following the terrorist attack, dow down 274. largest one-day drop in 391 months, s&p down 38, and nasdaq down 23, volume 3.1 billion shares. walmart falling more than 1.5% after retailer issued a disappointing outlook, despite beating earnings particulars. -- expectations, and jobless
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claims hit lowest level in 6 months with 232,000 americans filing initial claims last week. a reminder, listen to louo report three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> up next, vice president pence said that united states stands with spain against radical islamic terror. >> whatever inspired today's terror attack, united states stands rea ready to assist the people of spain. greg: charlie hurt will be join me next. stick around.
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greg: president trump today earlier tweeting about the attack in spain, writing,
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united states condemns the terror attack, in barcelona. will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong, we love you. greg: left wing stational media, which is redundant, perhaps attempting to link -- well not perhaps they did link today's attack to violence in charlottesville over the weekend, one guy did. wolves world, here is the outrage out claim. >> there will be questions about copycats, questions, about what happened in barcelona. with it all, at all, a copycat version of what happened in charlottesville. they use the same killing device a vehicle, going at high-speed. in to a group a large group of pedestrians. >> no, wolf blitzer, of cnn, you are only one that would ask that dumb question.
10:27 pm
joining me washington time opinion editor charlie hurt, fox news contributor rachel campos duffy. charlie, he does not realize, wolf blitzer there have been 9 terrorist vehicle attacks in last 13 months in europe alone. it his knowledge so meager and his brain so vacious we lives in his own wolf world? >> wolf's dead. i think there is something, cnn and left media have so successfully wrapped this entire charlottesville thing around donald trump. that is his way of somehow blaming bar barcelona on donald trump. only comparison we should look at between charlottesville, and barcelona situation, is how insane this fracas is that we've been listening to for
10:28 pm
last week about how forcefully and when and how many times donald trump has denounced all of these hateful groups, this is so stupid. a situation like this, just reminds us how much time we waste listening to the idiots in the media talk about stuff that is not importance. greg: yeah. look, wolf blitzer is not a dumb man but that was a dumb thing to say. did he get it backwards? the guy in the vehicle in charlottesville may have gotten the idea from isis. >> more than likely, i say, he missed such an important point. isis has been saying for a long time, they wanted to attack spain, there is historical reason, the moore's occupied 800 years, spain, and isis said they want it back as part of caliphate. and ca catalonia is one of
10:29 pm
the highest places with muslim immigration rate, it has been done on purpose,s so secessionists in catalonia have been wanting more immigration and making these people citizens at a faster rate, because there are not enough spaniards to vote for secession. >> all right, since wolf brought up charlottesville, we'll run with it. charlie, look, the kkk, white supremacists, neo-nazis are repu repugnant in every way shape and form. but was president trump legally correct. and chief of police said, both protesters and counter protesters committed acts of violence, assaulted, and battery in one case murder. which appear to be the point that the president was trying
10:30 pm
to make. >> there is is not a line in a world of what donald trump's said in his press conference tuesday that is not absolutely verifiably true, and was not already stated by the chief of police in charlottesville. even yet, media freaks out be they freak out because they hate him, i don't know if they think he is a racist or not. but they want to paint him, and smear him as a racist that is their go-to, when they deem someone a monster and they want attack them. all of it was backed up by what police chief said, and also, important to remember that you know, we have a history over last several years of president -- of our president, previously, coming out, and saying things in the volatile situations, saying things when we did not have the facts, and saying things he should not have said, that
10:31 pm
makes the situation worse. only thing that made situation worse here, is this press was making things up that donald trump never said. greg: right, i did try to lack at it fairly. -- look at it fairly rachael. i wrote following in an opinion column. on fox always a mistake to equate actions with legal of the righteous, it may be legally accurate but morally suspect, this is where trump went astray. >> yes, and no, antifa or whatever that group circumstance i acircumstance i am -- group is, i am not clea clear. i would say to you, that the most important thing that should have happened during this whole thing was to ignore them, i have seen poor, unfortune at towns be chose ep
10:32 pm
a chosen as kk, can protests, we just ignore these idiots, there a political reason that why the press wanted to give this so much attention to the kkk and continue to should how tie him to the president. there and i think it because they feel like the left fiel the left field that race is lacplace they can talk about, they try to tie it to right. republicans like a color-blind merit base society, and i think that left will lose by continuing to i think spoke the flames of identity policy. greg: president trump is only president that i can determine who came out and directly on very same day, condemned one of the klan-like supremacist, neo-nazis, and rallies, and
10:33 pm
condemned bigotry and hat hatred. our research department went back decade, days, they came up with a long list of events. nearly identical, not a single sitting president remarked on it. so has media now invented a new special standard they are super imposing on president trump. when he does not view precisely too the language they demand -- >> the media is going after him like sharks in chummed water, they are blind to anything. they will hang anything on him. and rarerachel is right, these thugs, these dirtbags they come out every now and then, they show up at these places, good people, just ignore them. and if you ignore them, they go away. and instead we have is cnn,
10:34 pm
cnn ought to have to write on their financial forms, the fact they made a multimillion dollar donation to david duke in the form of free air time. >> right. >> it should be hedg hung around their neck, this is disgusting to give these people the aim of free air time. >> and a political decision i think on part of city of charlottesville. i don't know from police department or mayor, but a political decision to not provide security needed for this i think -- >> federal judge glen conrad, they warned him, this is going to be bloody and violent, they presented their evidence some people will be armed, they tried to convince that judge to issue an order letting them move it away to a safer place with better protect, judge glen conrad refused to do it he needs to think about, that charley and rachel good to see you both. >> thank you. greg: coming up islamic state claiming responsibility for
10:35 pm
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10:39 pm
for the driver of the van who plowed through dozens of people in las ramblas, barcelona. two suspects are? custody. one from morocco and one from the spanish enclave of malis. we are joined by tony schaeffer. colonel, always great to talk to you. we put the map up again. 13 months. there have been 9 of these vehicle attacks using cars or trucks. oftentimes there are knives involves and so forth. the names up there of the places where this occurred in just 13 months is going to increase over the next 13 months. what can we do to stop it? >> learn lessons. i would argue that despite the
10:40 pm
propensity for these attacks, we have learned little. isis is expanding. while we are defeating them in the middle east, along with their allies, they are moving to other places. they are in afghanistan, they are in pakistan, the philippines, and they are still in europe. there are two things we have to do. first we have to understand how they communicate. we had huge compromises with snowden and bradley manning. they compromised to the enemy and the enemy watches what we do and how we receive communications. the old-fashioned espionage, the second oldest profession. you defeat a network by penetrating a network. and we haven't done that. there was a report today that
10:41 pm
the cia did give some level of warning to spain. credit to mike pompeo. he's not trying to be the best gay and lesbian employer in the country, and i'm not kidding about that. that was john brennan's focus. gregg: steve bannon who is the president's chief strategist at the white house, gave an unexpected interview to a jelt never met before. there is no military solution to north korea's nuclear threats. forget. until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that 10 million people will die. i don't know what you're talking
10:42 pm
about. there's no military solution here. >> what's been going on since 1951 is not the way forward. seoul is a hostage state to the north. and as steve bannon rightfully point out you can hit seoul with direct military fire from north korea. and there are 50,000 american on the ground there. we have to find another non-military solution to end the issue once and for all. gregg: we have 1,000 times the number of nuclear weapons they will have in the next ten years. >> you have to have the enemy believe you will use the weapon should it be necessary. barack obama did not bring that confidence. over the time he was president,
10:43 pm
armed exchanges along the dmz increased by 3,000 percent. there was a diminution of belief. how many people do you know drives a 1979ed ford pinto. probably nobody. but that's the technology in our nuclear weapons. i think senators dodd, frank will be looking at it. gregg: at least the ford pinto can't explode. vice president pence blasting those responsible for the barcelona terror attack. >> this latest attack, the worst terror attack on spanish soil since the 2004 madrid train
10:44 pm
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gregg: the islamic state claiming responsibility for the terrorist attack in barcelona
10:48 pm
that left 13 people dead, 100 more have been injured. this comes as spanish media is reporting local authorities had been warned by the cia recently about a possible islamic plot against spain particularly targeting that boulevard las ramblas. reporter: spanish police are reporting there is an ongoing operation in a town 70 miles south of barcelona, and they are urging people to stay inside their homes at this hour. this may be significant because earlier today police in spain connected an explosion last night in a town 100 miles south of barcelona with the van attack in that city. so that's what we know. here is what it looks like based on my experience what is going
10:49 pm
on. it looks like it was a gas explosion, but when authorities took a closer look, they acquired bomb-making cannisters. that may have been the event that caused people to move quickly in barcelona itself. gregg: it's possible the terror cell is located in this particular city outsidebars lona where the explosion took place and this was a terror cell preparing a larger attack than just using a vehicle. reporter: what i can tell you is everything points to a small cell and more complex operation than simply a lone wolf who was self-radicalized and began driving that van down that tourist destination in barcelona. the spanish police have connected the explosion to what
10:50 pm
may be a bomb-making factory. now this evening there is an on-going operation at another town which is the halfway point between what looks like a bomb-making factory and barcelona. gregg: are intel agencies going through watch hiss? reporter: we understand the names of the suspects have been shared with intelligence agencies. they are combing through the data bases to see if these individuals were known terrorist suspects to us and whether we had blocks in the system that would prevent them from entering the united states. spain is a visa waiver program. so the key thing here is whether we knew about them and whether there were mechanisms in place
10:51 pm
to block them, and whether they cad rallized beneath the -- whether they had radicalized beneath the radar. gregg: barcelona shaken deeply by this deadly van attack. we are going to take up the search for answers with a former fbi director, bill gavin next. when i first started working with capital one, my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad.
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gregg: welcome back. an update on barcelona. authorities searching for the van driver that killed 13 people, injuring more than 100 in a very popular tourist area in barcelona today. the spanish prime minister calling it an act of jihadi terrorism in a news conference this evening. a police operation is under way southwest of barcelona in a coastal town cabrila. here to talk. how intelligence agencies are combing through terror watchlists to determine if the barcelona terror suspects western known to the fbi or dhs or other agencies. joining me to talk about that is former assistant director of the fbi, bill gavin.
10:56 pm
catherine herridge gave us a heads-up on this. they are checking intel terror data bases. >> what they are checking right now is all the watchlists they have plus all the intelligence mechanisms they have to look at. they are looking to see, has there been any chatter about something like this that was so unspecific that they couldn't figure out what country they were talking about? now they are looking to see if they did have this kind of chatter, they can plug it into being in spain. the other thing they are look at is if these names i'm sure are known to the law enforcement agencies, whether there is anything known to any of these intelligence agencies in the united states and worldwide. there is such a degree of cooperation today that didn't --
10:57 pm
unfortunately didn't exist in the past. i think this is one of the main things to help all of us through all of these difficult problems. gleg * it's been reported and it's fairly reliable that our cia director gave our spanish counterparts a heads-up it was so specific he named las ramblas, this mile-long boulevard that stretches down to the harbor and the apport. that's a pretty specific target. >> it could be something that came up on the grid in the background. the chatter that they had the name of the street, those kinds of things come up. but not the extent of what was going to happen or when it was going to happen. perhaps the agency did in fact
10:58 pm
talk to the spanish folks about what they already knew. gregg: i walked down that boulevard not long ago with my kids and my wife it's beautiful. there are restaurants and cafes and stores. it's spectacular. and that's where tourists flock from everywhere. so if you have got kids heading over on a study abroad in barcelona, it's a popular place. what do you tell their parents and those kids as well? >> this is right out of the playbook. this is the 11th incident since july of last year. it's right out of the playbook. when somebody uses a vehicle as the primary source of killing folks, they go to these areas that are crowded in germany, the one for christmas, in london going down the bridge and
10:59 pm
getting people who can't escape anywhere except over the rails into the thames. it's going to happen more and more. we just have to try to figure out where it's going to happen and how it's going to happen. the sharing of for us all important. gregg: when i walked down there, there were far more people than vehicles. i'm surprised they haven't blocked it off. would that be the new norm. in targeted areas you have to block them off from vehicles? >> i think so. how many different areas within the d.c. area have they put up the protections along the sidewalks. you have to put up some defense mechanism. gregg: las ramblas is the
11:00 pm
equivalent of times square in bars lona. -- in barcelona. our coverage will continue in just a moment. 13 are dead, more than 100 have been injured. good evening, i'll gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. he's on vacation. we are following the breaking news out of barcelona, spain. a suspect ramming his rented van into a crowd of pedestrians on a busy has ram blals street in the -- las ramblas street killing 13 people and injuring 100 others. 15 of them are seriously injured. amy kellogg is there. amy, what more do you know? >> it's 2:00 a.m. in spain. as you have been discussing.


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