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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 18, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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hole, a conference, central banks in focus, a couple of data points but everyone wants to know what is janet yellen going to say, what is mario drogy going to say. lauren: tough morning, maria. maria: thank you so much, ladies, lauren. terrorism in spain, good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us, friday august 18th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. second attack in spain overnight. police killing five suspects wearing fake bomb belts who were linked to the car ramming attack in barcelona yesterday. [shouting] maria: at least 13 people and a hundred others injured. 13 people dead, a hundred other injuries in the rampage in the heart of the city yesterday. authorities say three suspects have been arrested.
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vice president mike pence speaking out yesterday saying the u.s. is ready to help. >> the united states condemns this terror attack and we will do whatever the necessary to help. the united states stands ready to assist the people of spain to find and punish those responsible. maria: the very latest developments coming up this morning. the terrorist attack weighing on global markets, futures off of earlier lows as you see here but certainly yesterday was the tough day in markets, the dow and s&p 500 posting longest drop since may. today we have mixed performances. 7 points lower on the dow and the nasdaq is up this morning. in europe declines across the board. take a look at european indices. the dax index in germany down 2%. the shanghai squeaking out a fractional move. nikkei average in japan, hang
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seng in congress congress better than 1%. investors are seeking safety. gold above 1300. remembering two of virginia's bravest, the troopers who died while patrolling the charlottesville rally will be lay to rest today and tomorrow. fallout from deadly collision from destroyer in june, u.s. top leaders from the uss fitzgerald will be removed from duties. at&t-time warner deal, the merger hit a major milestone despite criticism from president trump. that looks like it's happening. plus obamacare sticker shock, the only insurance is raising premiums by nearly 60% next year. all the stories coming up and joining me to talk all aboutate fox business dagen mcdowell, the chairman of the program in economics and business at the king's college in manhattan brian brendberg and andrew peek.
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good morning, thank you so much for joining us. >> you bet. maria: lots to talk about today. dagen: particularly with the terror attack, again it's time and again and time again really beginning with the terror attack in nice using a vehicle and at what point do authorities step up and prevent this because apparently there were no blockades from prevent this from happening in barcelona. maria: these vehicles, this is low-tech. how do you get ahead of something so basic as getting in your car and ramming into a crowd of people? >> if it was one they should have gotten ahead of is this one and not because it keeps happening but because there was a variety of individuals and attacks involved in the situation. explosive belts at least nine people, there should have been some kind of human intelligence source that said something is going on here, you need to watch these people. maria: that's our top story, obviously. spain held a minute of silence in barcelona remembering the victims of yesterday's attack, a
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van attack in heart of barcelona left at least 13 people dead yesterday more than 100 others wounded when a white van smashed into pedestrians on barcelona's iconic, hours later attackers mowed down several people with a car before being killed in shootout 60 miles away. that was in the seaside resort, according to spanish authorities, three men have now been arrested in connection to the barcelona attack, though the driver is still thought to be at large, isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. president trump responded to the terrorism tweeting this, the united states condemn it is terrorist attack in barcelona spain and will do whatever is necessary to help be tough and strong, we love you. speaking from panamá city, vice president pence vowed to stand with the people of spain in the fight for justice. >> whoever is responsible should know that the united states of america together with our allies will find and punish those
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responsible and drive the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. maria: that's what we are talking about today. andrew peek i want to get your take on the fact that the cia, there were report that is the cia warned barcelona that there could be an attack coming, what went wrong that they saw something coming? >> right, the trouble is without actionable intelligence this individual or this location or this plot, there's not that much that's helpful in the information. what's been publicly reported it was a public place in this city potentially on the street and few spanish authorities are going to say, okay, can you give us anything more specific and because spain isn't in the select group of five eyes intelligence countries that has access to the top, top secret u.s. intelligence information, there's probably not that much more the cia could give them even if they knew. >> spain, by the way has been diligent about counterterrorism
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since 2004, since the ma did train bombings, this isn't a country that's been caught flat-footed. they've been active in trying to combat this stuff. dagen: spain even recently according to many have been overstepping in terms of policing social media. they've been a very aggressive at that. there was pop singer, i think, who made a threat against -- a singer who made a threat against spain's king and it was kind of a joking threat and he went to jail. it would seem obvious that there would be concrete barriers there to prevent these types of things from happening. i've been there. the equivalent would be literally can be as crowded assay times square in new york city but starting with the nice vehicle attack last year, that was in june of 2016, 86 people
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dead there, there's been nice, berlin last december, the westminster in london and then london bridge attack and that's not even naming all of the vehicle terrorist vehicle attacks in europe in just the last year. maria: the street, that particular street that you say you've been to, it's interesting the way it's set up because people walk in the middle of the street. it's wide open, you're a target. >> oh you can talk about putting up barriers, people are weaving in and out. you can't control in tourist areas. they are always going to be the threat. dagen: you learn to live that. you learn to live with greater security checks on airplanes. it might be annoying.
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>> the free speech talking about being overstepping and you have to learn to live with that sort of thick if you're going to be effective. >> after 9/11 they put new security measures where all cars and vans had to get checked. i mean, what we are seeing now is an ordinary van transformed into a deadly weapon, how do you prevent that? >> no, as i said in our first comment, i think it comes down to human intelligence. i respect what you're saying but there's only so many times you can hardened every cultural or soft target site in a country from infrastructure and beaches. getting inside the networks that are doing this, particularly if they're based as some reporter indicated the spanish cities in africa that are sort of overseas territories that offer easier way into the country. i think that really has to be
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where the effort is focused not endlessly hardened up the soft targets. maria: markets react to targets in barcelona, yesterday tough day in markets, dow industrials down nearly 275 points, that posted the second biggest decline of the year travel and leisure stocks among the hardest hit. things going on in the market away from terrorism. speculation that we could see cabinet resignation and the white house had to come out and defend the situation and say, no, gary cohn is focused on going what he's doing and he's not stepping down. what do you think? >> a day that just built on itself in negative ways, you had disappointing earnings and all the speculation around gary cohn creating uncertainty and then barcelona. massive uncertainty here. fleebl markets are what's driving the stock market right now. there's optimism about where the global economy is going with barcelona and then you start to worry about that again. i think today it's going to be a
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question is there calm in dc, how do people think about global markets and that's going to dictate where investors go. dagen:ly point this out, this is tough stuff, i talked about the president consistently bragging about record stock market, record stock market and yesterday it was clear evidence that his erratic unpredictable communication with the nation and even with his most followers has had an impact on the markets because the early selloff was all about gary cohn's potential resignation because investors are concerned if he's gone, then you don't -- tax reform, there's an even slimmer chance of it happening. maria: a lot of shaming going on yesterday. i know that larry summers was calling ceo's on the president's council say, you better step down, if you don't step down, you're unfit to lead. that's what he said to the ceo of wal-mart. he wrote on op-ed. doug did not step down but made a comment that he didn't agree with the way the president was
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handling. i bet you that was going on yesterday in terms of cabinet positions. shaming of people in the cabinet saying you better step down and that's where the rumors started. the white house came out and they were add meant gary cohn is staying. maria: the shaming is incredible. that's the strategy on the left. that's what's going on right now. >> what's important, see the question has been how much do markets care about the president's agenda at this point? are they really hoping for tax cuts? what you saw yesterday with the gary cohn reaction markets do care about agenda which is why it's so important for the president to hold things together and move forward on that. if they see problems here, they are going to react strong.
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>> congress doesn't really care in my view whether gary cohn is in the white house or not. that really won't affect tax reform proposal. dagen: maybe that's their problem. [laughter] >> that's my point, the perception. maria: you're right. >> he's not pulling votes on capitol hill. >> he's selling this thing. maria: right. yeah. we will see. this is -- this administration has got to have legislative victory. when people come back to september, 12 days to get something done. we are on it this morning. coming up we have breaking news out of barcelona and then a community in mourning, people in charlottesville gather together to honor state troopers who died while monitoring rally last week. details on their tribute coming up. the progress so far. back in a moment right here our lives. ♪
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maria: welcome back, a memorial service for one of the virginia state troopers who died last week on a helicopter crash. lauren: pilot will be remembered this morning at church service in richmond, that'll be followed by private burial. honoring the white nationalists in charlottesville.
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i hate looking at that photo. navy has removed two senior officers and senior enlisted sailer on that ship that almost sank off the coast of japan in june after struck by philippine container ship. several junior officers also disciplined. well, at&t takeover to time warner is moving closer, at&t lawyers are discussing merger conditions with the department of justice, significant milestone in deal closely watched for how the trump administration would view large mergers, during the campaign president trump was highly critical but he has not publicly talked about the recent transaction. time warner shares are up over 5% this year, maria. maria: interesting to see here. you wonder what kind of concession it is department of justice might be putting out there.
6:17 am
>> i'm so heartened to see that the department of justice is not cracking and does not move forward. a merger of two companies, that's just not true. it's good to see this happen, the trump administration should let it happen and looks like it's going to. maria: you're a free market guy. >> i'm not worried about monopoly, in this world and expanding options on the web, consumers can win as a result of. maria: my take away from this and i wonder who you think, dagen, this is going spur a lot of other deals. we saudis cofry go after scripps, a lot of deals as a result of these two getting bigger. dagen: it helps sure up president trump's business
6:18 am
credentials, if you will, and this is particularly important because donald trump did attack this deal as we have talked about before. at&t, a deal we would not approve in my opinions because it's concentration of power in the too few. maria: he said on the campaign trail. dagen: this is why it's important. he's going to walk a different talk. >> i hope they don't come in at a late stage and try to do reversal. that would be bad for markets. at this point it has to go through. if the rule of law is going to prevail, expectations are going to prevail -- >> keep your eye on the twitter. dagen: i was going to make a bad joke. maria: go for it. dagen: head of cnn maybe isn't the head of cnn -- maria: what concessions are they going to do? does jeff survive the deal ahead
6:19 am
of cnn? there's no military solution for curving north korea's missile program. >> in close collaboration with our allies, there are strong military consequences if dprk initiates hostilities. maria: rex tillerson's response next. obamacare premiums skyrocket in iowa, state only insurer is seeking a 57% rate increase, that's coming up. back in a moment ♪ [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you
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change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. maria: welcome back, we want to take a look at oil prices this morning at 47.17, up this morning a fraction. third straight weekly decline though. tom, good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> nice to be here. maria: it is conceive thabl we
6:23 am
could see crude oil down to $30 in the 30-dollar range in the next few years? >> in the next few years. it's fairly valued and inventories are dropping 40, 50 million-barrels with a lot of financial support for crude. so when you get into 2018 and the opec, 2019 and you have big projects coming on, throw in maybe a slowdown or recession, sure, you could see moments where it's in the 30's. maria: specially with all of the supply. >> absolutely. you know, the montra that it was lower for longer, maybe it's lower for longer. it's probably going to be cheap until we see the demise of hydrocarbon age. i don't think we will see $100 a barrel in my lifetime. >> opec is trying to battle this.
6:24 am
do they have anything left to fight this? is this inevitable and everything that they are doing is going to fall flat? >> there's not much. oil prices are helping them because global demand is rising but even that's a little bit considering circumstances. the only thing they have going on is privately. it's kind of refiners hope some other refiner has a hurricane so they can benefit from it. opec countries maybe hope that other -- one of the other countries libya, nigeria has some sort of internal disruptions that knock down production. so i think the price around $50, 45 to 55 is probably the reasonable range but we can have moments where we can go to 30's, we could have moment where we go 65 but not months, just moments. >> it looks like venezuela is slipping in anarchy right now. do you see prediction that oil productions falls off the cliff? >> i don't know that they'll fall off the cliff.
6:25 am
they'll have to be like libya if they fall in disarray. i'm not sure. they are disarray 2.1 right now. the problem with venezuela is we get a lot of heavy crude from there and a lot of world relies on heavy crude. think about it as high-protein crude that you need. [laughter] >> now, if something happens in venezuela where they get some sort of administration that's closer to democracy and closer to the west, they have the largest oil reserves in the world. maria: huge opportunity. >> just tremendous opportunity and no one out there is thinking that within the next five or ten years that they'll get the western companies back and exploit the reserves. dagen: how does that situation of venezuela affect gasoline prices in the u.s. with that venezuelan crude that might be refined in the united states? can these refineries that are engineered for that -- >> yeah. dagen: heavy sour, can they shift to crude that's produced here in the united states?
6:26 am
>> they can always run light and sweet. now, the problem with light and sweet, i defer to the ladies here today, the problem with light and sweet is that you make a lot of gasoline and a lot of light ends from it. you actually have more gasoline when you are running the light tight shell oil than you would if you're running venezuelan crude or heavy iraqi or off-shore crew. dagen: does that push gases even further? >> after the season. we are in the last two weeks of driving season right now, gas prices are going to go down after labor day. it's a question of whether they do it in slow motion or whether they do it in kind of a mail fashion. drops 5% after labor day and maybe more now because the amazon factor and people not going to malls and so forth. i don't think that's just -- i
6:27 am
think it's real and that means a lot discretionary traffic on the road. maria: tom, great to have your analysis. tom kloza joining us there. president trump meeting in camp david. mylan reaching settlement after claims that the company overcharged the price of epipens, details on that agreement next. back in a moment. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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again, spanish police stopping a second attack killing 5 suspected terrorists after the devastation in barcelona yesterday. van killed 14 people i did and injuring dozens of others. both the king of spain and the prime minister attended a moment of silence, the latest as authorities continue to search for suspects coming up. futures turned positive, bouncing by 3 points on the dow. across-the-board the s&p and the
6:31 am
cac quarante, and stocks closed lower. the rising threat of north korea, secretary of state rex tillerson rebuffing remarks by steve bannon. no military solution for dealing with the hermit kingdom. >> to undertake a very concerted campaign of exerting pressure. they are prepared militarily with our allies, they respond if that is necessary. maria: the latest on escalating tensions. the details in the $500 million settlement. the wisconsin plan to take another step forward. we breakdown what is next for the project. more trouble for obamacare, one company wants to increase rates
6:32 am
by 50%. our top stories this half-hour rethinking the war on terror on the rate of the deadly attack on barcelona. killing 14 people, dozens of others. hours after that strike, attackers wearing fake bomb belts mow down several other people before being killed in a shootout, 60 miles away in the seaside resort town, still underway. donald trump will huddle with his national security team today at camp david, with a new strategy in afghanistan. jim mattis spoke about what to expect from this meeting and the role of the us today. >> we will move toward a decision as we are coming close
6:33 am
to a decision and i anticipated in the near future. maria: secretary mattis and rex tillerson back a plan to send additional troops to train afghan special forces. joining us this morning is foreign policy advisor paul botticelli, thanks for weighing in. what are you expecting from today's meeting? >> the president like a lot of presidents doesn't want to be involved in a war he thinks he can't win, he campaigned about it, leaving afghanistan will be devastating as it was for obama and i hope general mattis and others have an idea we may not ever see afghanistan in our lifetime be some sort of switzerland or even close to that. it is a place that is willing to fight our enemies as long as it takes and that means 10,000
6:34 am
troops. it means an outpost where we stay and make our enemies know that every single day you could die. that is a great way to stop people from attacking us. it doesn't look pretty but it is necessary. >> some of the trouble we had with this discussion, it is not clear why 10,000 more troops will make a bigger difference than 30,000 or 60,000 did, we are so far past decision points, the deck of small marginal returns, not sure there is that much upside. >> a couple reasons, one is because we have not been clear about what our policy is over 8 years under obama we knew we wanted to come home and be done with it but with a trump administration there's more than one side in that white house,
6:35 am
rex tillerson and mattis are interested in being there longer, maybe not talked about it the way john mccain did, they think there is a role for us. having clarity on whether the united states is desperately trying to go home or do what we have to do to secure ourselves will help answer that question whether it is 10, 15, 20. i go back to what i said earlier, our enemies know we will never turn around and go home and let you rebuild what you had before and attack us, you will always have to worry about staying alive. it is not pretty but it is better than having the talent and come back and host isis or whoever else wants to be there. >> we are talking troop numbers, a decade or more. is afghanistan a place we can expect to leave in a significant way in the next 10 or 15 years? is that a permanent presence for
6:36 am
the us in afghanistan? >> i don't see a way for us to leave. i see a way for us to reduce troops over time, years overtime from 10,000 to 20,000 level as our allies take more responsibility and the afghan government gets stronger and india and pakistan come to an arrangement to work on these things. i see a longer-term. the only other option besides going home is something eric prince is talking about, turning things over to contractors, i don't dismiss that out of time, the idea the united states telling its enemies we will never turn around is an important policy question that needs to be answered. >> these tensions have ramped up in the last few months. white house chief strategist steve bannon claimed, quote, there is no military solution to
6:37 am
curbing the country of nuclear ambitions, yesterday secretary tillerson rejected that notion. >> i don't have a comment on what mister bannon's remarks were. we have been clear what the policy and posture towards north korea is. we are prepared militarily, to respond if that is necessary. it is prudent they fully understand the consequences, they make a bad choice. >> i want to congratulate the secretary of state, i don't know what else he could have said, everyone knows the last thing the united states wants to do, it will result in millions of
6:38 am
south koreans dying, one military expert talking about within 15 minutes you could wipe out the north korean artillery and wouldn't lose that many, it is not true many people say that. these should not be discussed because north koreans have responded to a tougher administration. what the secretary said about coordinating our activities making clear we are standing firm, we will tolerate provocations of these threats and ultimately do what we have to do, in a regime for starved of information, they need to hear the same thing from the united states and allies, to make sure where we stand. dagen: the wall street journal has an editorial about this today saying, paraphrasing,
6:39 am
striking and troubling with bannon's willingness to undercut donald trump's policy of pressuring china by saying there is no military solution on north korea, bannon cold called this writer of this left-leaning publication and insisted after the fact that it was off the record which was balderdash. the wall street journal writes if mister taine -- mister trump retains mister bannon after such disdain for his own colleagues the president will risk other departures. if he doesn't get rid of bannon and reject such a request from chief of staff kelly, the chief of staff will wonder whether he can do his job. it is not about mister trump, it is are you going to allow one of your advisors -- >> peter king calls for bannon's reservation. dagen: this is also i dare you
6:40 am
to fire me tomorrow. >> the only argument is nobody in the president's inner circle is a political animal. kelly is not a politician, mc master is not, who is the political brain, who is karl rove, it is not anyone other than steve bannon. maybe kellyanne conway. the bench has been. >> who else in the administration is conservative? a lot of liberals, look at a lot of the cabinet who supported hillary clinton or president obama. what do you think? >> i agree with andrew, the presence of steve bannon was not just low politics, it assured the president's supporters but higher politics like the voice of karl rove or axelrod, someone forgot the president's overall views of his role and our role
6:41 am
in the world. having said that, that voice is usually quiet, not one that gets a lot of attention. when it comes to foreign policy the president is not surrounded by a bunch of goldman sachs liberal elites or anything, these are people who get the security of the united states and are very smart so hopefully it will be done behind closed doors. dagen: the wall street journal points out you could call gary cohen at goldman sachs democrat but he assembled a premarket policy king who wants to get tax reform done and cut taxes for all american businesses. he is walking a different talk and being labeled a goldman sachs democrat. >> thanks for weighing in. coming up, wisconsin advances as the state assembly approved a $3
6:42 am
billion tax package for the tech manufacturer. john deere set to report third-quarter earnings, breaking down expectations for the agricultural equipmentmaker, back in a moment. ♪
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>> welcome back, a bounce for stock prices indicating a higher open for the broader averages after a tough day yesterday. a couple names on the move, deere and company, the agricultural equipment maker approaching third-quarter earnings per share came in at $1.97. in the south american culture operations projected to lead to a 20% jump in growth this fiscal year. the makers of epipen finalizing a settlement for claims the government overcharges, lauren simonetti onset.
6:46 am
>> settling claims they overcharged the medicaid program, that settles allegations it misclassified epipen reducing the amount, attend billion dollar fox con facility in wisconsin a step closer to reality, the status of the past the $3 billion tax break package for the taiwan-based electronics giant sending the bill to the state senate. fox con wants to open a display panel manufacturing plant that could employ 14,000 people in wisconsin. the deal was announced a month ago by donald trump and scott walker. iowa's only obamacare insurer looking for a 50% rate increase for tens of thousands of customers, this is one of the biggest premium hikes for 2013, 13% more than they asked for in june because of uncertainties over the federal healthcare
6:47 am
subsidies, one of many insurers who say they are stuck in a holding pattern waiting on congress and the trump administration to decide the fate of obamacare. maria: this is the only insurance company that wants to raise taxes by 60%. >> got to cover your costs, back to the fundamentally flawed economics of obamacare which we are doing nothing about except debating whether the federal government can bail them out. one insurer to stay in the market, it is not marketed have to raise prices as high as they need to, having a deal with that. >> as you said early on, now that there has been all this back and forth republicans own this in the left is trying to say the reason everything is stalling and the reason obamacare isn't floating is the republicans even though it is not true. dagen: republicans cave and understand they will be pouring more taxpayer money. nothing to do with the actual
6:48 am
rules with restrictions on health insurers. single-payer is very easy to sell as long as democrats don't have to talk about the costs and the fact that it will speed up the bankruptcy of the united states which is what medicare is doing. >> a possibility of turning into a litmus test for democrats in the primary. if bernie sanders has a wind behind his sales or air apparent in a 20/20 primary, what is to stop him making single-payer, you saw how hard it was for hillary clinton to say free college single-payer, too expensive and pie in the sky, that is a tough thing to argue against. >> in 2018 of democrats regain control you will see a public option in the market and that is the last step toward single-payer. dagen: it is so easy, let the
6:49 am
government take your money and we will give you great health insurance. ask your grandparents don't they love medicare? it is also going bankrupt in 12 years. that is socialized medicine and a disaster. maria: several us college basketball teams visiting barcelona, they are safe, the attack happened outside their hotel following the terror attack in the city, oregon state university spoke about how the team is doing this morning. >> people back home are concerned but don't understand the gravity of what occurred here today. let them know we are all in good shape. maria: more those comments coming up in a moment. to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep
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maria: barcelona terrorist attack touching the american sports world, college basketball teams play exhibitions. >> oregon state, clemson, arizona, four in exhibitions. oregon state and clemson were staying in a hotel right near where yesterday's attacks in barcelona, everybody is okay, wayne tinkle. >> at 5:00 pm, a mad scramble driving through, looking out of our window, we won't show any pictures but some horrific sites. >> a studios for hockey night in canada was in the same hotel is
6:54 am
clemson and oregon state, something outside barcelona, unclear at this point. the area has been evacuated. never the all american college basketball teams are accounted for and safe. in philadelphia, the eagles malcolm jenkins continued his protest of our national and some. he raised his fist but what was different about last night's protest, a white teammate, the first such occurrence during one of these protests. eagles defensive lineman chris lahm explains why he put his arm on jenkins's back. >> malcolm is a leader. and show support. >> they beat the bill 20-16. nba finals, kevin durand said the warriors get invited to the white house by donald trump to celebrate the nba title, kevin durand will not be there, he said i don't agree with what he agrees with so my voice will be heard by not doing that. that is me personally.
6:55 am
he said if i know my guys well enough they will all agree with me. the rents grew up 11 miles from downtown washington dc in a neighborhood 95% african-american. he added he believes the president is adding fire to escalating racial tension. maria: if they get invited he won't go? >> the warriors -- maria: not even invited. >> and sports whoever wins the championship's for our major sports leagues and ncaa basketball and football always gets an invite to the white house. maria: but they haven't yet. if they get an invite. >> the whole team has been outspoken particularly steve kerr, of the trump administration from before the election to this point. we will see what happens. >> this keeps getting more politicized. i don't see the pendulum swinging. if you want to watch sports and be a sports fan to you have to deal with this stuff from here to eternity or what does the
6:56 am
pendulum swing? dagen: if you don't like the way he communicates with people you get to go and talk to him and say thank you -- what are you doing? you need -- you have his ear. like ceos, you lost the opportunity to weigh in. >> we were talking when the process first started we were saying what is this? what is it you are saying? i am looking at a 6-year-old and you have to ask what is bothering you? if you have something to say, say it. it is important to present the message when it is this volatile. >> you see colin kaepernick winding up with a team, jacksonville is in the middle of full-blown crisis. >> hasn't been signed yet. >> he is not good enough to be worth it. >> he has not had a good year.
6:57 am
>> guys that were worse than him starting jobs. >> he is not a superstar. why would a team go to the problem of bringing oman and having this get reignited. >> that is why he is not playing. maria: people don't want athletes to get political. >> we don't want this in our sports which i will sneak out the side door and find a fun sport. maria: still had looking at life pictures of a memorial held in barcelona, spain in the aftermath of the terrorism attack, the latest investigation details next hour, "mornings with maria" back in a moment. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and.
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maria: breaking news terrorism in spain. it is friday, august 18th, top stories 7:00 on the east coast, police prevent a second attack in spain overnight killing five suspect wearing fake bomb belt, the devil rising to 14 in these two attacks, 100 others have been injured. and all three suspects have been arrested but the man hunt for the driver still ongoing. rex tillerson condemning the attack and issuing a warning to terrorists. >> we stand ready to assist law enforcement, national security authorities in spain, terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. maria: last hour spain's king led a minute of silence to remember the victims in the nation will be in morning for
7:01 am
the next three days. terrorist attack weight on global markets as well, futures this morning are often their lows, the s&p and nasdaq and positive territory after a tough day yesterday, the dow and s&p 500 hosted the largest 1-day decline since may. the dow down 275, this morning just we had points coming in europe declined across the board, the s&p 100 and cac quarante are down better than 1%, the dax is below 1/2 present. in asian market closed mostly lower, investors seeking safety, gold prices hitting their eyes level since november 9th now up two third of 1% at 1301. the search for missing army helicopter widens this morning, two of the 5 crewmembers have been identified after the black hawk crashed off the coast of oahu. a missouri lawmaker facing theory over her tweet calling for the assassination of donald trump. a lawmaker, the outrage coming up. debbie wasserman schultz's former it worker facing new
7:02 am
charges, a brother indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury and the race is on, people creating massive traffic jams as they head to keep viewing areas for the solar eclipse happening on monday. although stories coming up in joining me to talk about it dagan mcdowell. chairman of the program in economics and business at kings college in manhattan and former intelligence officer andrew peake here today. thanks for joining us. big show. we are watching the terrorism in barcelona, two attacks, second attack overnight after what we saw yesterday with the van. >> low-tech attacks, people asking question how do you do anything about this? sophisticated attack is one thing but the low-tech attacks are the hardest ones to do anything about and people are scratching their heads wondering where it will happen next. maria: that is the new am over isis.
7:03 am
>> it has to start with human intelligence. he will never fortify enough soft targets like infrastructure to present anyone from picking up a car at enterprise rent-a-car and driving it into people, you have to infiltrate the network and -- dagen: the dow having its worst decline in three months, had a 63 session streak without a move of 1% and yesterday down 1% so that streak is broken. maria: it worsened after the barcelona attack. dagen: gary cohen's potential resolution which was refuted. maria: terrorism striking spain. yesterday's attack in barcelona left 14 dead, more than 100 wounded when a white van plowed into pedestrians on the historic las ramblas promenade. 5 attackers wearing fake bomb belt mow down several people with a car before being shot down by police in the seaside resort town of cambrils. according to spanish authorities
7:04 am
three men have been arrested in connection with these attacks. the driver reportedly still at large, isis is claiming responsibility for the attack, donald trump responded tweeting this out, the united states condemns the terrorist attack in barcelona and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong, we love you. mike pence out to stop extremism. >> whoever is responsible should know the united states of america together with our allies will find and punish those responsible and driver evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. maria: joining us is national security and foreign policy expert and secretary of transatlantic parliamentary group on counterterrorism wiley ferris --walid phasres. are these attacks becoming the new norm in the west? getting in a van and plowing
7:05 am
through clouds? >> they have already over the past two years, specifically over the last year we have seen these attacks repeatedly in france and great britain and sweden and spain. my projection is now that they have discovered this is a weapon we have a hard time opposing they will continue with it and not just in europe but in other liberal democracies, potentially here. the study of what to do tactically in these situations in my view, we need to look at the strategy how to defeat isis in the region and how to defeat its networks here at home. maria: is there anything about these attacks we are talking about this morning in spain that indicates there is a cell in spain? that this is more organized than past terrorist attacks? >> looking at what i call the operation, there were two
7:06 am
events, spanish authorities, more information during the day were days to come, this is a complex operation and it could be that the goals of the operation were much wider than just using the van and other means and other locations just to create shock in barcelona. it is an important economic center in spain, the goal was to have a strike and because of the international nature of activities in barcelona, economic activities. >> do you think spain has particular symbolic importance because of things like 700 years under muslim rule or catalonia's history of independence seeking and anarchism during the spanish civil war, any of those elements might have played into isis's decisionmaking? >> decisionmaking has to do with today's spain and barcelona from
7:07 am
social media but also on social media that is very close to the jihadists, isis and al qaeda, spain has had a lot of importance in ideological thinking, not operational thinking, they consider themselves part of the caliphate and the caliphate was defeated in spain so the indoctrination to their jihadi's those who are becoming terrorists, we need to striking spain in response to 700 years ago or more. dagen: something andrew brought up about there have been so many of these attacks in the last year starting with niece, andrew pointed out you can't harden every soft target. what can you do? in this instance in barcelona there were no concrete barricades essentially
7:08 am
protecting las ramblas. >> we had the discussion overnight, the past few attacks, you cannot harden everything. what jihadists have discovered is whatever is soft we will go, they will go to the next soft spot. what we need to do or two things, number one, inform, educate and train, the case of israel, never had that action. and to the jihadists on the offense of, waiting for where they are going to strike and establishing the defense lines around homes and neighborhoods. >> what is most frightening is not the attack in barcelona but the seaside town 60 miles south of their. if you look at the map, big cities we are talking about, a pattern, what is to stop isis
7:09 am
from going against these smaller targets where it is impossible to track where they go. putting up concrete barriers in larger cities you have smaller cities, if it is smaller it is still catastrophic, seems to me it does. >> over the past year, not just paris but a village or town in normandy and hundreds of small villages and locations across western europe or europe where the jihadists can target. it is not a harden everything but to make sure the population can respond to law enforcement. they know it is not just one cell in spain. how many multiple cells. dagen: the mainstream media
7:10 am
failed to call this what it was. wolf blitzer suggested the barcelona attack may be a charlottesville copycat. we need to get your reaction. >> there will be questions, whether what happened in barcelona was a copycat version in charlottesville, virginia even though they may be different political ambitions. they used the same killing device, a vehicle going at high speed into a large group of pedestrians. maria: what do you make of that comparison? >> the political ambitions, the jihadi ideology operating here, in iraq and libya, not even factoring in the analysis, and car was used here or there, we
7:11 am
make the link. and these are two things, both are violent but different. maria: they don't want to acknowledge islamic terrorism. dagen: 5 instances of terrorist radical islamic terrorist violence in europe since june of last year involving vehicles, these are major incidents starting with niece. this is an intelligent man using this in barcelona to advance the narrative that donald trump is a racist, let's these people at cnn push that narrative because they enjoy it. they can't face the threat. not only our freedom in the united states but the freedom in the entire world but one quote i found so appalling, the file and
7:12 am
-- in the new york times it was one quote from this young woman. you need violence in order to protect nonviolence. that is pure idiocy. that is the idiocy of the left and i want to point that out, can't call these radical islamic terrorists what they are by name. maria: the public is sick and tired of it, people want to move forward and it is constant mincing of words, attacking the white house. can we move forward and come together? it is outrageous. >> we get whiplash from going from donald trump has to call this attack in charlottesville what it is, radical white supremacy, to a day later no one mentioning radical islam. perspective that cannot be discussed. it is 150 °.
7:13 am
dagen: that is every holiday wrapped into one for the crazy left-wing tv media and that includes cnn and msnbc. maria: that is all they are wall-to-wall, another crew member has been identified after that black hawk crash in hawaii, the latest on the expanded search next, then gop headquarters vandalized with hate filled graffiti. the outrage next. ♪
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7:16 am
casper. maria: coast guard expanding search for the missing crew of the army helicopter, and -- >> those soldiers after the black hawk helicopter crashed during nighttime training, up from the 5 miles offshore. to allow swift and dynamic currents, two of the 5 crew members have been identified as brian weber and abigail -- the democratic state senator in missouri facing resignation calls for posting on facebook that she hopes donald trump is assassinated. maria in a doubt deleted the post but a screenshot was saved and shared on twitter. in interviews with local news she said she regretted her post
7:17 am
but not her anger at the president. she blamed her outburst on the president's response to the white supremacist violence, the secret service is investigating. a former aide to democratic party representative and former dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz indicted on four count including bank fraud and making false statements, the indictment includes his wife. according to the daily caller, their relatives collected millions of dollars working for other house democrats most of whom fired him back in february but shultz kept him on until his arrest in july. maria: this is an important story and we want to talk about this because they collected $4 million collectively and made $165 each, three times with the average it worker made. >> so many baffling elements to this story. they are making four times as
7:18 am
much as the congressional staffers, there is a family networked into, forgive the pun, networks of the hill with somehow no oversight. why did she not fire them? and weirdly insists on fighting this out to the end. >> muslim brothers, they were hired years ago by debbie wasserman schultz and had access to foreign affairs data, the data around benghazi, intelligence data they were in charge of. dagen: wife and family fled to pakistan. >> the last one who was here. maria: our questions whether we are talking bank fraud or if the charge is bigger than that having to do with the muslim brotherhood, this has been talked about, not a new idea. a lot of congressman said to me that is buzzing around the hill. >> democrats wonder why they
7:19 am
can't get traction, people look at washington, this sort of thing and say what are we doing here? why are we having the conversations we are having with this corruption, this fraud happening. maria: the daily caller has done a good job on this story, breaking more information on it. a man who escaped death in the manchester bombing is in barcelona as terrorists strike again, terrifying eyewitness account next in the world mourns those lost in spain, we are looking at the tributes from around the world. ♪ potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually-
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maria: an unbelievable coincidence was a survivor of the manchester bombing also living through yesterday's barcelona attack. what a story.
7:23 am
>> a very lucky man. christopher pauli lives in manchester, he was at that ariana grande a concert and left moments before that explosive device detonated killing 22 people, injuring dozens more. yesterday he was on vacation in barcelona and narrowly missed the attack. he arrived just moments after the van plowed through the street killing all those people. he took the cell phone video immediately, he was just yards away when he stumbled onto the scene. terrifying eyewitness account and tweeted can't believe we are in the same place as another terrorist attack. hope everyone is okay in barcelona. what are the odds of that? incredible survival story. since the attack we are seeing tributes pouring in. last night the eiffel tower the
7:24 am
frequency of these attacks. >> said social media companies be responsible for flagging terrorism? this is a conversation we keep having in terms of technology, media companies, what should they be doing? >> after the attack in manchester teresa mason these companies are giving the terrorists a safe space on the internet. they are taking steps but it seems it is not enough. we don't know if these terrorists were using social media in spain but it seems they need to do more. maria: we had this debate since
7:25 am
san bernardino. what can you do without stepping up privacy? dagen: they can remove contents that is violence. twitter in the beginning, at the beginning of the rise of the islamic state, this goes back years and years, twitter -- these were violent videos, beheadings that you could find videos and photographs all over twitter. they are trying and stepping up but if you can police -- social media companies are legally required to police child pornography and report it to federal authorities and they made the case it is easy to do with radical islamic terrorists information. there should be a higher
7:26 am
standard. >> the problem is not policing violence content about radical content. what do they do about chat rooms the say we need a caliphate, that would be tremendous but not blow up a marketplace. that is where the homogeneity of silicon valley is going to hurt it. genuinely do we trust twitter etc. etc. to sensor radical political ideas. what is radical? >> even if facebook, twitter, changed policy, so many other platforms that can be used to disseminate this information, isn't it the ultimate game of wacko mall, how do you police that when it is easy to set up a network online and communicate? >> i think that is true. they -- anyone involved in that business, i don't want to say out west, going to stamp out all
7:27 am
the content they find objectionable eventually after enough of these attacks and that will include eventually, i don't want to get too conspiracy theorist, things like climate denial, climate change deniers have attempted to become allies in some states. maria: coming up taking you live to barcelona with the latest as police search for suspects connected to the terrorist attack that ford's massive settlement, how much the automaker is shelling out to settle racial hunt harassment claims. yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce
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good friday morning welcome back everybody. it is friday august 18. terrorism strikes europe again. the spanish police stop a second attack overnight. the scum after the devastation that we was yesterday in barcelona one of the crowded streets. they just didn't know which one to go. you can see all those bodies there. it was brutal. the very latest as authorities are searching for suspects this morning. it's wayne on global markets. there once again lower. it's down again about 17 points.
7:31 am
down 275 points yesterday. the ft 100 done about a%. in asia over night stocks closed mostly lower as you see there. the earnings of topped expectations. they are falling this morning after a big mess. the shares are down 19% during company down almost 5%. the details after rocks are thrown through windows. the money the automaker paid out over harassment allegations. what you need to know before you hit the road for the solar eclipse on monday.
7:32 am
right now isis has claimed responsibility for yesterday's terrorist attack. it left at least 14 people dead and more than 100 wounded. there are three separate incidents that are connected as part of this. there was an attack yesterday here. they ran into the promenade. killing at least 13 people and wounded more than a hundred. and then a late late last night early this morning. five people were killed. according to spanish police they were able to thwart the attack. they bring the total to this.
7:33 am
of about nine people. three people are in custody. the five that were killed there. police say it was the driver of that van yesterday. they had been looking for him since yesterday when he fled the scene and they don't know where his whereabouts are. >> it looks like we lost his audio there. as degen pointed out we are seen at the seeing the same thing repeat again and again in europe. it does not appear to be the case that we've been the idea how to deal with this. you made that point as well. i think people are watching this and saying is there anything that can happen here that will turn the tide.
7:34 am
clearly there is some link between the radical political ideals that are pervasive in the middle east and the segments of middle easter's in places like syria and iraq et cetera. in the violent terrorist attacks. the spanish newspaper reported that the cia have warned ursuline police two months ago. it could be the target of a deadly vehicle terrorist attack. the they use vehicles as weapons. and how would the cia have gotten that information there was no actionable intelligence
7:35 am
given in that warning. al qaeda is determined to attack the united states. and people after that. you missed the indicator and the signal. in reality okay you get the information thank you very much what do i do with that. i'm not sure it was as critical a piece of information. there are hundreds of places. you can't barricade everything. it just doesn't go very far in terms of helping police and authorities make a decision or take action. they are wrapping up a security in the wake of this attack. what should we be seen in terms of differences. one thing that they point out today is that europe for the
7:36 am
most part has been late to some of the counter terrorism initiatives that we practice here in the united states. there can have to move it to crackdown on funding. and work on the radicalization in countries where multiculturalism where the groups in the muslims are not integrated in the broader society. it's a multipart approach. there are a number of people roughly a dozen killed in a terror attack and she even said to me. out loud. what is your gonna do more to fight terrorism. >> some of these things are so tough for liberal societies.
7:37 am
there's no reason of foreign governments should be sponsoring religious institutions in your country. on the other hand western organizations of fund missionaries in places like russia. is there a difference though between a not-for-profit group said church here in the united states. in state government funding of operations here in the states. it gets so murky because governments like saudi arabia put money into the institution. it is still a government money but it's like the federal government gives money to planned parenthood. and then as if they kicked money into russia or somewhere.
7:38 am
they sold off sharply yesterday. as well as drum at the way has. investors worried about reports that the president's key economic advisor was going to resign. it was initially down on the speculation until the white house came out and said absolutely not he's here. they are posting the second biggest decline of the year. what he think investors want to hear at this point. it shows us of the actually do care about the agenda. they care deeply about that. they are very concerned that if he and other advisors leave this will happen though. they do talk about how they are going to advance the ball down the field. now is a time for the time for them to start doing that.
7:39 am
>> are they going to be able to do this. he his pushback from every corner. is he going to be able to get people together to get tax reform done. it's on the president to change his message and focus on the handful of things that are important to you. economic growth. if you just pick a few things. you can't avoid responding to events of the day. it needs to be measured. if you take a measured approach. you can kind of calm the waters so to speak for the next couple of months. and then put pressure on congress to move ahead. if you get his gives focus on that kind of handful things
7:40 am
that goes a long way. without me an argument going on to infrastructure spending. that something you could see a lot of people getting behind. the argument is that you need companies to re- pay treat that money is harbored overseas. that's part of it. that is where the agreement is. hopefully they will get that done. sadly not tax reform. they've about two weeks to get on track with that. the timeline goes away. that is a disaster for 2018 for them. gop headquarters were vandalized. the hate filled heat filled message that is shaking one community. we will show you that next.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
welcome back. the republican party headquarters has been vandalized. the word nazi was spray painted spray-painted inside the republican party headquarters and they also threw rocks through the windows. all this comes after they link for the deadly violence of charlottesville virginia. white nationalists have crashed with the counter protester. they agreed to settle sexual harassment charges. following an investigation by the equal employment opportunity commission. more than $10 million to settle the case. employees at the plant get female and african-american workers --dash mike the first order is there. is on monday.
7:45 am
viewers and organics they are causing a traffic nightmare as they scope out the best spots to see it. the narrow stretch was a backed backed up for 30 miles yesterday. it will move across the country from oregon all the way to south carolina. if you plan to take some time off work to watch it you will not be alone. american employers will lose $694 million may be more for the 20 minutes that we take to leave and go look at it. it gives us something to talk about together. what about the inspiration you get from all the creative ideas that you come out of it. i'm trying to get in the middle of that traffic jam.
7:46 am
good on you. i had 3d glasses. not solar eclipse. the barcelona terrace attack set the dow tumbling yesterday. will check markets which by the way are now in positive c territory. stay with us. company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:49 am
police had arrested a fourth suspect in connection with yesterday's deadly attacks in spain. we will bring you more details as they come in. markets this morning a rebounding from a truck selloff yesterday. you are seen stocks up fractionally hovering near the flat line.
7:50 am
key market drivers in the retail earnings. foot locker reporting a decline in same-store sales. it's down 20% right now. walmart was of course a drag on the market yesterday. thank you so much for joining us. what did you make of the market reaction yesterday. having a terrorist attack abroad invests this market selloff. anytime that large that happens. as can have that sort of impact. i think well have a little bit a correction. and if we do see and need more
7:51 am
correction is time for it. for the most part earning has been okay. foot locker is not great. for the most part it's been okay. they have the online retail growth. their margins were compressed little bit. was that surprising to you. what walmart is trying to do right now is take a lot of that revenue and put it back onto online. they've have it a lot longer than amazon has. now they're scrambling to get that online business up and running the problem started back during the recession. a lot of these stores started explaining very quickly because they were expecting this nice rebound. now because nobody really rebounded and spent almost ten years now.
7:52 am
the consumer has not rebounded as much as the industry thought they would. i've been talking at how lousy the online experience is with brick-and-mortar traditional trains. and i will point to macy's or even target. they never have been able to figure out. they've not been able to figure out how to link online and in store. he going the nike store there out of all of their shoes. and they said go online. i said can you just order me those and have them delivered tomorrow i can do that with any other retailer.
7:53 am
then they don't even had access to their own online store. the problem is the front end which is a sales is not really talking to the backend very well. it's all the tech people. there is no sort of marriage there. the people on the online part don't know that. that's part of the reason the best way to describe it as that cruise ships that are floating down the hudson right now. they're moving at this very slow pace. as part of the problem. sometimes it happens in change stores.
7:54 am
she will actually go on with that. sent to her from the online distribution out to new jersey. and she gets a sales credit for it. but she which is to make sure that she closes that. they don't have the inventory is so they can send it to you within three hours. making sure that they are close to everyone. they had had these large ones kind of a dotted all over the country. is these economy brick-and-mortar locations. amazon is moving in the other direction.
7:55 am
he said we just need a space bar inventory. is interesting there is a lot. there is a little bit of that. i don't think it is just a straight up brick-and-mortar store that amazon well head. it's probably what can happen with amazon as well. it is amazon need it if i could say that. it is a show room. it would be a small store was with some items and nothing is in stock. they can flip through.
7:56 am
as you know everything that we do a shopping wise is done on our phone or ipad. towns, cities and states are being hurt. many jobs being lost. when you make what you make of the president's statement there. basically what's going on is that he is right. there are a lot of jobs that are going to white because of what amazon is doing but that is the nature of retail. those are jobs that people don't necessarily want. they were talking about taxes. there was a theory that came out in december of 2016.
7:57 am
there's 1.4 trillion dollars and 50 american companies. walmart destroyed all of those jobs already. i have to say some of that. when amazon says it's getting into a certain business and what happens at other companies in that business. there is some truth. the personal information is exposed. [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment.
7:58 am
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it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides. the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. . . maria: breaking news he terrorism in spain thanks for joining us good morning, everyone. i am maria bartiromo friday, august 18 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, authorities just arrested a fourth suspect in connection with to the attacks in barcelona and cambris at least 14 dead 130 injured in two attacks, police killed five suspects wearing fake bomb belts, the car a reasonabling attack in barcelona yesterday vice president mike pence spoke out with stern warning for extremists whoever is responsible should know united states of merck together with allies will find and punish those responsible and drive
8:01 am
evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the after he. maria: king of spain load a might have known silence to remember victims this morning the nation will be mourning three do as very latest coming up this mornings, global markets down on heels of a sharp sell-off revolted to the attacks futures pointing to a higher opening in the u.s. with nasdaq up a third of a percent 18 points higher dow s&p up fractionally, they have their largest one-day decline yesterday, since may the dow down yesterday almost 275 points, in europe, this morning, the selling continues, declines across the board. as you see this is off the lows of the morning but, nonetheless,, down almost a percent on the ft 100 cac quarante, in about asia overnights markets mostly lower heels of u.s. sell-off one exception was china, flat. investors issue seeking safety in gold gold prices highest level since november -- november 9 up two-thirds of a%
8:02 am
two troopers who died, about patrolling charlottesville rally laid to rest today and tomorrow. the -- step forward "the wall street journal" is reporting merge hit a milestone despite criticism from president trump, travis fights back former uber ceo lashing out this morning, stories coming up joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, chairman of the program economic business kings college manhatten, former intelligence offer and peek heap you are here. >> tough week bad news. >> after the car attack in barcelona overnight a second attack. >> this is a complex plot there is a lot of moving -- there is a lot of types of attacks explosives cars, fake explosive belts, and such a huge neck network involved a dozen people looks like how
8:03 am
could we not have seen this psychological. >> second attack outside urban center not just big cities some smaller towns more difficult to predict? the low tech attacks maniacs getting in a car ramming through crowds of people how do you predict that? >> human intelligence, the people know things that are going on, are the family members the mosque leaders can report to police. >> president trump is headed to camp david in wake of barcelona attack blake burman live at the white house with latest. good morning to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you president trump wakes up in new jersey you are right later today he will head to camp david to meet with national security council the president will go to camp david this afternoon and focus there will be on the way forward, in afghanistan, and the strategy that the president plans on employing, however certainly a white house that is keeping its eye
8:04 am
on the attack in barcelona, the president yesterday, in new jersey tweeted out the following, in his response he said quote the united states, condemns the trir attack in barcelona spain will do whatever is necessary to help be tough strong we love you, isis has at an credit for the attack in barcelona that killed 13 people, injuring 80 more, yesterday, speaking in panama the vice president mike pence, directed his remarks toward that terror group. >> the united states of america together with our al looigs will find and punish those responsible and drive the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. >> the national security council later today in camp david. maria: blake burman white house, and, andrew we have to believe, that just talk about north korea, the blon attacks part of that conversation. >> absolutely, mike pence put
8:05 am
out a powerful statement in panama the most posture part that he said radical islamic terrorism i wondered if that is part of administration push to focus more on ideologic element instead of operational angle instead of a of moving away maybe from mcmaster approach to trump 1.0 approach. >> what does that -- how is that different? >> gosh, i think there is a lot of elements, i think, most importantly, it entails addressing the peaceful radical threat that i think is really the nub of the problem the violence only comes out of radical political ideology how you interconnect with groups like muslim brotherhood you mentioned earlier even no nominally nonviolent extremely challenging i could easily see the administration focusing on that next. dagen: is it tougher in europe, to uncover these sorts of terror plots andrew compared to the united states? because i was talking about multiculturalism in europe and
8:06 am
you have seen with the paris attacks, the attacks it happened in brussels, after that, even in london where because of multiculturalism you have large very insular closed off muslim communities in part breathe radicalized terrorists it makes it much more difficult for the authorities to kind of crack that if you will. >> you know that is such a great point it is harder in western europe, you know, part of what pushing back on peacefully ideology of radicalism entails your own nationalism that is the pushback against the multiculturals, includes intolerant ideas saying hey your ideas have to live within left and right limits, of our discourse of action right? and europe avid world war ii said hey, it is nationalism that got us into world catastrophe you a cull rally pushback seismic shift for
8:07 am
them to police these communities they hate ideas are okay these ideas are not. >> the president is going to be huddling with national security team at camp david later today they are talking about a new strategy, in the afghan war defense second jim mattis spoke yesterday about what to expect from meeting on role of. s in afghanistan today. >> we will move this toward a decision as we are coming very close to a decision, and i anticipate it in very near future. >> secretary mattis secretary state rex tillerson backup plans to send more troops to train afghan special forces what are you looking to see from this meeting? is this right plan andrew in terms of training the afghan forces again. >> you know, i have been skeptical of this in the past because he i know how five or 10,000 more other forces 17 years in war past decision points we missed past previous revisions is really what makes this strategic different.
8:08 am
>> i was -- and 10,000. >> it will not i have to remember, that the last relevant experience we have of this is so farriest invasion afghanistan last time outside power tried to exert control over afghanistan the way that when soviet backed afghan government collapse not when soviet troops left it was when money ran out long run what is keeping afghan government afloat not u.s. troops in congress countries if congress is willing to give them money to survive. >> turn attention to north korea recent interview white house steve strategy steve boonon claimed this quote no military solution to curbing the country nuclear bishz yesterday secretary tillerson rejected that notion. >> i don't really have a comment on what mr. bannon's remarks were we have been quite clear as to what policy posture towards north korea is we are prepared, we are prepared militarily we are prepared with our allies.
8:09 am
to respond, if that is necessary. that is not our preferred pathway persistent is only prudent that they enroll understand consequences should they make a bad choice. >> meanwhile, north korea new propaganda posters boosting u.s. within strike range of its missiles joining us right now your asia group asia director thanks very much for joining the conversation your thoughts on latest tensions here? >> absolutely i think you need to being watching what president did he have chef also secretary of state are saying, our military options are always on table but there is something that it is the sense of nature of a military option they are considering here the trump administration, is going to focus, on diplomatic pressure strategy to force pyongyang back to negotiating table what we suspect over the months. >> it is baffling to me how adviser conundercut saying one key leverage point is off the
8:10 am
table yesterday i suppose raises the question is this -- steve bannon on to something is it the case that really there are very few legitimate military options to deal with north korea, given the proximity to seoul in the region. >> barriers are very high i as many note steve bannon speaking off-the-cuff to reporter it wasn't official interview the administration, is going to focus, on the diplomatic strategy, to force north korea back to the negotiating table to build leverage over north korea through application of sanctions other means applying economic pressure, and the game here is to get as much leverage over pyongyang as possible so that when you do sit down at the table, you have the ability to force an endgame that is in u.s.' interests. >> between sanctions passed at u.n. and north korea very publicly kind of backing off its threat to guam, would you
8:11 am
say that trump's policy on north korea has been s you can so far. >> look go being going to take time for that policy to play out, certainly the challenge here, is that the application of economic sanctions, over the course of the last couple decades have not deferred pyongyang from ultimate goal obtaining icmb that would have the ability to strike the united states with nuclear tipped warhead so pyongyang has shown no indication that it is interested at all, at negotiating away one thing that it believers protects its regime from being overthrown from our side, from u.s. side and that have our allies, in the region, the military option is horrific something that the military chiefs want to only consider as an ultimate last resort not defensive measure when we look at long game year beginning to see, the strategy evolve towards a possibly for a deterrence containment strategy this is not something
8:12 am
white house is talking about, but it is something that policy experts and this can tanks in field are beginning to discuss revising there are no good options on the table as a military options really not one that any parties want to deploy. >> we will leave it there thanks for insights, thank you, coming up chicago voters exposed online security leaps that led to the leak sensitive information nearly two million americans then is merge mania back on a new signs that the at&t time warner deal could be nearing an important milestone, despite president trump's threat on the campaign to kilt. back in a minute. in 574 branches. all done by... yesterday. ♪ ♪ banks aren't just undergoing a face lift. they're undergoing a transformation. a data fueled, security driven shift in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed
8:13 am
across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver.
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8:15 am
higher opening for the broader averages this morning a huge sell-off yesterday, market is expected to be up 10 points on dow 20 points on noose decree nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange looking at markets. >> good morning. >> good morning, maria relief here we do see green on the screen after yesterday's 274 point sell-off jitters from washington blon we saw reaction biggs sell-off since may for s&p 500 dow industrials, futures this morning looking up, about 10 points after yesterday, when all 30 dow components finished lower the last time that happened, was in september, of 2016. there is a look at yesterday's all the averages down over 1% it also drags on the markets,
8:16 am
for this week, there were hopes that for the week we will have up arrows now looking at weekly losses two weeks in a row forrio and s&p also four weeks in a row for nasdaq and rule of, the they are thing that was he russell. >> the moves in treasury reese and gold gold story overnight 1300 level not seen that since november 9 remember that well that was right after the surprise victory of president donald trump, and gold spiked a few reasons for that also inflation likelihood of the rate hike now, less likely in december as well as what we have been seeing, the political unrest in washington look at a big story this is the 85 1/2 blend merge between at&t and time warner "wall street journal" report there saying now event availabling president trump october did not support, of course, very critical of cnn, this puts
8:17 am
cnn, hbo, warn brothers directv 100 million under one umbrella saying the justice department will present condition by end of next week looking more likely looks like trump administration will not stand in the way of this one at this time. >> thanks very much nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. >> what do you think about that vocal on time warner at that time at that time but journal clearly writes looks like moving forward. >> i am glad he backed off it they are bigger fish to fry the important thing about merges they are done for defense reasons especially in media telecom defense emergence they have exorcise breaking down neck, netflix yesterday reporting seven-billion-dollar investment in content moving forward, these are people disrupting the time warner, this move is not a problem for s consumers not leading to consolidation in market there is a disaggregation in media
8:18 am
these sort of things should not be blocking on the ground if going to -- >>. >> how about apple-billion-dollar in entertainment content a threat you haven't even begun to see fruit from that content development. >> we're not talking -- dagen: that could be if apple those a bit of cash i said apple should buy netflix if apple throws a good a chunk that have cash at content development, they can wipe the floor with netflix. >> there is amazon. >> right. >> amazon has. >> very good content. >> all investing in content, there is no risk to the consumer through a merge like this, the risk is that when you block deals like this put markets participants get worried they start to get worried about being able to do details can when that happens cal grinds to a halt the big story not deal let deal making happen market evolve? i don't know -- from white house perspective i don't want to keep going back to political side of this. dagen: you are in washington. >> i know. >> political --
8:19 am
>> there is i mean anything that looks big business cronyism as opposed to the economic populism one trump industrial midwest a liability i said over and over i think true for 2020. >> i guarantee if issues with amazon acquiring wholly foods is that going to be something we hear from trump administration, i don't know. you want that deal to go through you are a free markets guy. >> look, there is the optics of this i don't think people are paying as much attention to it you might i think in d.c. circles create value what is important long term we allow in a deal making to happen i like that the administration right now is not getting in the middle. >> all whole foods turned into a cafeteria for people would you like to -- stay home with baked tofu not that great store anymore.
8:20 am
>> amazon wants to buy a -- maybe, i like traditional grocery stores, i am not a fan -- not a fan recently of --. >> more expensive whole foods. >> it is expensive and really not a grocery store anymore it is literally a gigantic salad bar. >> salad bar preprepared. >> again like i have to have my tray of my -- biodegradable trey edamame soy meat. >> kidding. >> we will take a break charlottesville the community gathered to remember troopers killed in last weekend's violence in virginia the touching tribute we bring to you next the sensitive information of nearly two million chicago voters leaked over time, new question surrounding the security lapse behind that data breach pm back in a moment.
8:21 am
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liberty mutual insurance. maria: welcome back service for one of the virginia state troopers who died last week in helicopter crash lauren simonetti with details. >> trooper pilots remembered this morning at service in richmond followed by private br yal he was monitoring the white nationalist rally in charlottesville with fellow trooper a pilot his funeral tomorrow. registered voters in chicago, have a personal information published online about krefk for unknown period of time officials say file containing names addresses birthdays information for the city's almost two million voters involved here. a data security researcher found files conducting a search of items uploaded to horizon cloud service uploaded
8:25 am
by contractor that helps maintain the book they have been secured and investigation is under way, former uber ceo travis kalanick firing back begins the lawsuit from benchmark capital says benchmark gained in personal attack threatens to damage the company one of the biggs investors in uber filed a lawsuit saying kalanick defraud it had board keeping questionable business practices secretary of state wants to oust kalanick from the board kalanick as you know resigned after a number of he scandals. >> questionable business practices what are they did they identify specifically what they were. >> not that i am aware of. >> we have the conversation about uber before, what do you make of this benchmark saying business practices that as reason that we want the ceo off the board now former ceo kalanick. >> it was a -- it was at a
8:26 am
culture, that was not favorable to women it was behavior that was repugnant the tracking of the journalist covering uber, it was a wasn't even a secret a known fact in silicon valley, among all other companies, about what the culture at this company was like. >> and ultimately, it does hurt the ability to hire because, again, there are great engineers who happen to have different genes than the men running the company, it has hurt them, i am surprised it took this long for investors to step up actually say something about it because it was very obviousness what was going on at the company. >> a situation somebody pie oners industry because of missteps somebody else comes in takes advantage long term lyft others like that usher looks like about in that sort of situation very bad news. >> quickly if you get in uber in the city there are multiple other lyft and other
8:27 am
ride-sharing services, and all the drivers who drive for uber drive for other rideshare companies they get paid better, than uber pays them, this is something this is a company that could easily be put out of business. >> remember when drivers told us i have got to give more money to uber. >> propriety. >> they take more and more money, this when we come back terrorism strikes europe isis claimed credit for a van bloig through a crowd in barcelona street the latest on suspects connected to the strike how technology companies are joining the fight against extremism. stay with us.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
optum. how well gets done. i'm maria bartiromo, friday, august 18 your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. terrorism strikes europe again, spanish police stopping a second attack overnight, are killing five suspected terrorists, this coming after the devastation in barcelona yesterday a van plowed into a crowded city street between about to attacks at least 14 people killed, and at least 130 others injured. the very latest authorities arresting a fourth suspect in that attack this morning, the terrorism weighing on global markets take a look, the u.s. market has bounce now in positive territory, after having a tough day yesterday, the markets were impacted by all of this, causing the worst sell-off, for 275 points lower on dow industrials worst sell-off since may this morning seeing gains with
8:31 am
nasdaq up almost half a percent in europe this morning, declines across the board to report, take a look, the ft 100 cac quarante. dax index are all off the lows of the morning, nonetheless, negative. in asia overnight stocks he lower as i see. >> able to go cemptio speaks out following attack message to employees this morning. american college athletics shaken by terrorism in barcelona. >> everything is good with our guys obviously going to be tough thing to deal with moving forward, but thank god we are all safe, being accounted for in hot snool dozens ncaa basketball players staying near the site of the attack, regular season yet to begin protests are already stealing nfl headlines later to neil during national an thoem coming up this morning, breaking news, authorities arrest a fourth suspect in connection with the terrorist
8:32 am
attack in carslona, 14 dead 130 injured at this time coming as technology companies are working to combat terrorism online, google ceo tweeted that company has activated alert for people in blon including news maps local information posted a statement reads in part terrorism is designed to divide us, the challenge best response is to speak out, to give hatred no place to fester to unite around values we share joining us is ceo of mcafee chris young thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for the having me in the leader in cyber, activity, and we want to know what you think about technology companies, unless what the industry should be doing differently in the face of this terror. >> i think the industry should be sharing information, that is one of the most important things we can do, security you companies are larger, you know content companies google, sharing information, working together, so that we can -- we
8:33 am
can quickly respond to these kinds of attacks is important. >> so state department reportedly launched a new office focused on cybersecurity, should u.s. be combating cyberhe terrorism how can you work with state department. >> we believe investment in this problem when new government offices both in state department or other parts of the government are a positive step forward we've got we work very closely with the government, in a variety of sectors, to share information at times to help them respond, and so that they can help us be better at protecting our consumers as well as the companies we serve. >> chris we have spent a lot of time talking about russia chinese north korean cyberabout capabilities what would you say the voos overseas threat people face daily basis. >> one of the biggest threats he business model cyberattack big voting vector inside security we sue we are seeing right now play itself out around hbo "game of thrones",
8:34 am
it is a business model for attackers they are instead of stealingings information selling in black market taking information, and coming back to the organizations they'll saying, if you pay me i won't expose you economically, that is a different model than what we have seen when we go back five years ago, six years ago, people stealing credit numbers social security numbers that sort of thing this is different model just another example of the wtheir approach. >> new model is more lucrative than the old model. >> i think a couple things one is that we evolved our ability to identify attacks attackers move their approach. second reason is anonymous occurrences bit coin one of the reasons attackers can monetize approach through currency can't alleys be of trade as normal curoccurrence. >> the valuation is incredible.
8:35 am
>> if you it is an evolving emerging technology, an emerging approach currency not currency fatal being used for these purposes announce nature the most popular by far not the only one, that can be used, so we're going to have to evolve as a society on how we use these different types of currencies. >> looks like you crock me if wrong so many are flat-footed in terms of the threats can't ep keep up you reprehend ransom ware vector there is any way a company can clearly protect itself again, the hackers, the thieves are seem smarter than company executives.
8:36 am
>> i would say that most companies particularly larger companies are working you know very aggressively to position themselves better to respond, or even stop krooik attacks before they happen, but thee thing i invoicadvise cyberneeds thoob ceo board room level issue most companies if honest with yourselves you go back three years ago, five years ago, it wasn't a board level of it wasn't something thought of as enterprise risk issue now needs to be company will will follow suit most cases, second, needs to be a company-wide issue, can't just be the issue associated for the cybersecurity team, every employee every stakeholder organization has a role to play, in this a lot of times, these attackers get in because they trick an employee into dog something they probably should not do a little bit of training can make it a lot harder on the attacker. >> how do you get those employees to care that much about cyberthat is really the nugget of this right. >> i think a lot education
8:37 am
could be very simple one thing that companies can do, for example, is run exercises, that teach people what o. >> about fishing good example in our company we will send out the fake phishing attacks use that as teaching moment when somebody falls prey. >> a lot of companies are doing that teaching moment let you get your data stolen and being stolen by someone internally but you definitely are starting to see that. >> this is unlimited spend companies spending so much on things like your products on cybersecurity, characterize the spend today versus five years ago. >> the issue in my opinion we are catching up, i -- i have called it a different points in time a cyberdebt, we are paying off a dent, that you ne we have allowed a lot of or i technical infrastructure to grow, and move and change,
8:38 am
more kwooblg than our cyberinvestment historically speaking so now, we are catching up with a lot of that, because we are as a society, we are realizing the importance of resiliency against a cyberattack good thing ultimately we will get there. there are a lot of greet capabilities machine learning for example is something we are heavily investing in in our own product portfolio try to help protect users can't always protect themselves as one examining. >> incredible, what artificial intelligence is doing how in every industry right now, so is that where growth at mcafee spun out of intel is that -- look at five years. >> we looked at five years cloud big part of what we're doing because everybody is moving there, infrastructure if you will, to the cloud protect capability there, but adding machine learning new tools that allow our customers to be faster to be more intelligent with how they respond, cover more
8:39 am
infrastructure, like the internet. >> you are son borrowed of snap parent of snapchat what is your take how it is doing obviously you a rough ride since --. >> a great company a young company we got a very talented management team that is really built this company from the ground up, i think, when i look out over the long term, it is going to be really revolutionize how we think about mobile devices camera social media in general, and it is a long-term game a great company. >> so much to talk to you about happy you are here thanks very much. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you ceo, breaking news president trump tweeted this, homeland security law enforcement are on alert, closely watching for any kind of trouble our boards tougher than ever before coming up what sparked yesterday's sell-off to report surrounding white house speef
8:40 am
economic o advisory gary cohn. >> have nfl in preseason national anthem protests are already growing louder how it could being the league's upcoming season. back in a moment. ♪ introducing the newly redesigned gla suv. at a price that'll make you feel like you've gotten away with something. the 2018 gla. lease the gla250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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maria: global markets down this morning in wake of the terrorist attacks in barcelona killed the least 14 injured the least 100 gary cohn looking for at the white house to come out say absolutely not happening "varney & company" host stuart varney with me, what do you have to say good morning. >> good morning, maria i think that is the issue, when brought our market down. if you are asking is it terror or is it gary cohn, that helps bring our stock market down my answer is it was largely gary cohn and big other picture turmoil win white house seems to me such a pitch that the president's in danger of not being able to push through
8:44 am
almost any of his growth agenda. and when we saw gary cohn looking extremely uncomfortable during that tuesday press conference this week, all the speculation about him leaving, that is what pushed that market down. now this morning, we are dealing with a "washington post" headlined that says gary cohn has good he to stay and then added two words -- for now. . what does that mean? we are only got gary cohn on side of tax cutting few more weeks months or what? again, there is this instability surrounding the president surrounding the white house, i think that is what putting the market in anxiety all over again. >> because all shaming somebody shaming cabinet members to say step down what happened with ceos, constant calls saying look, you are unfit to lead unless you step off president's council. >> right, have you seen that quote from senator bob corker? >> talking about it. >> talking about instability?
8:45 am
questioning the stability of the president? not the presidency the president himself. and that is a new lovely and coming from a republican. and i don't think it does this market any good at all. maria: why are republicans doing this dagen? dagen: they are many of them are anti-trumpers. as i said i think it was last week, that you can't -- remember president trump destroyed the establishment in the republican party gobbled them up one by one like little m&ms marco rubio little marco,lying ted, decimated the party, as they knew it, they wanted it, and they are out to get him yint antiwant to use him as cover for not getting anything done for american people. >> i have six years here i am going to outlive this guy. >> the republican party needs the leadership of president trump to get something done, president trump needs the
8:46 am
republican party. so this division is acute, very dangerous and very damaging. maria: going into 2018 election see about that see you 15 minutes thanks so much "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" join stuart 15 minutes. >> american college students caught in chaos of barcelona terrorist attack ncaa basketball players near the sight of the van strike, back in a moment. most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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8:50 am
everybody okay they are shaken want to bring in former nfl star jack brewer good to see you thanks for weighing. >>h in. >> your reaction interesting in the hotel right behind where the van went into the crowd of people. >> i couldn't imagine being a college student preparing traveling excited most kids probably never had an opportunity to play outside the country, and they have to deal with that. it brings everything in perspective shows you, you know these situations can touch anyone so sports is always you know a vehicle to showcase these different things but this makes it real for people i think. >> do you think most athletes would say postpone game or hold it to show we're not intimidated. >> have that is a great question, i remember playing, ball back in 9/11. you know, in kind of had same feelin' you want to go out there, and stand up against
8:51 am
terrorism and all that hate efl out of respect for the people lives lost a tough, tough thing i think you can make arguments for both sides, but in this scenario i hope they get back out play ball play well, and really represent -- the world, the world we are humans he everyone, same tended we are all humans. maria: the precondition game between philadelphia eagles buffalo bills making headlines want you to talk about this eagle defense lineman joined jenkins in national anthem previous to we talked about this before colin kaepernick did this unemployed was it smart. >> i look differently if you see wrong that is sitting next to him arms around that man, that white man, is from the same place where terror attacks happened this is a symbolization that is symbolization of unity this is
8:52 am
not a protest a protest when you stand out not participating. >> like kaepernick. >> exactly standing up facing the flag it is unity man a beautiful thing in the country, has really started to come together. >> that is totally different, right because. >> no doubt, i think we need more of this i think this is what is good about america. showing you you know, that these teams are coming together as a white man as black man playing sports doesn't matter what color you are, and, you know, we are at a position in this country now we got to get past a lot of the rhetoric past a lot of division making people pick sides, we are all americans, and we got to stand together just like they did on that sideline. >> have these stories just threaten to dominate the narrative of the nfl going forward and other sports kevin durant, what is it like if you could say here is how we do it the right way what would you like to see people doing is it standing -- something what else should we look for as
8:53 am
leaders in leagues set the tone. >> the conversation, discussion, using that platform in a respectful way right no one is here in this situation, no one is disrespecting america people are saying, you know we are in the country right now where we have racial tensions 40 years past segregation we still have issues here we got to address that. dagen: rather than -- you know when you take a -- a stand on the football field during the national anthem or not stand, but rather -- do something that gives back to the community, like what jim brown has gone dedicated his entire post football life to, is actually working in communities and bettering people's lives rather than again we use term virtual signaling it is about me here
8:54 am
is how i feel make it about somebody else. >> one hundred percent, and the guy you see there deep in the community, very you know always doing community service and so i agree with you, it is not about you as an individual, it is about unity, i think this is a little bit different if someone was on knee standing out of national anthem disrespecting our country that would be different but these guys are standing together right here that is that is just the fact. >> you have been articulate on this always thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: want to get this to you, i have some sad us. >> personal news my beloved jazz passed away 17 had a a puppy at heart, views are got to know her love her has been on the show, getting makeup before made fox business network debut getting makeup right before appearing right are here on "mornings with maria" i miss her -- one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
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. maria: we bring breaking news president trump just tweeted obstructionists democrats make security for country very difficult use courts delay at all times, must stop. all right. talking about the democrats i want to get final thoughts from all-star panel. >> you know immediate had fun
8:58 am
with donald trump, over the past week but i think we are already moving out of it i think in another week, narrative will be gone three weeks political damage gone. maria: and in september need to get something done. >> i think going to survive this what do you think. >> i think he can but he's got to get beyond this -- that was a big deal from a surprisingly big deal for markets yesterday shows how much markets still want him to get his agenda through but got to go beyond my aides around the going to quit got to go he they are here getting things done that narrative has to change. dagen: ask also needs to change shaming that you get from the left wing lunatics who criticize president trump for calling people names being bully exactly how they behave, this quote that is insane, and bizarre in the "new york times" today from anti, you
8:59 am
need violence in order to protect nonviolence. so, again, logic never holds up. maria: it's all about shaming. ii defended something that the president said and all of a sudden, they're calling me nazi names. it's outrageous. here is an op-ed today. kim strassel on more shaming, these are staffers that the left is putting pictures in "the new york times". shame them, get them so nervous and ashamed so that they can step down. that's exactly whatever they're doing. dagen: call me whatever you want
9:00 am
to call me. maria: we have courage on this program. thank you for joining us. dagen has you covered the next two weeks, have good two weeks. dagen: you deserve time off. maria: varney & company. stuart: it was not a lone wolf, it was a terror cell and carried out attack in spain. terrorists try today -- tried to mow down pedestrians, more people killed before attackers were shot to death. 13 civilians have been killed in attacks and over a hundred injured. it's not over. police are going after the terrorists that they believe drove the van in the initial attack. he is still on the run and bigger than we first thought. it was


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