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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  August 18, 2017 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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discipline, speaks with one voice, a more cautious voice, gets some competency back -- >> and gets some victories and some wins. stuart: you need a win! >> anything. stuart: all right. our time, all three hours of it, is up. but gerri willis is here in for neil. go ahead, gerri. gerri: this is "cavuto coast to coast," i'm gerri willis. stocks turning around on a report that a decision on steve bannon's future, well, it's imminent. and officials are expecting a firing. we're going to dig into this over the next few hours, but i should tell you this, that this is a single report. we're telling you this because the markets have turned around 90 points. but first, our top story, terror striking spain. two attacks in the last 24 hours leaving at least 14 people dead and more than 100 injured. a manhunt underway for the driver who mowed down innocent people. police killing five suspected terrorists in the pursuit and arresting four others.
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isis claiming responsibility, secretary of state rex tillerson with an >> we have now received word and confirmed the death of one american citizen in the terrorist attacks in spain, amongst those who have been killed. we're still confirming the injuries and deaths of others, but obviously we express our deepest sympathies to the loved ones, of this individual. gerri: sad news there. one american dead. the state department now confirming another american was injured in the attack. former navy seal sniper, republican virginiqç congressman scott taylor with us. five suspects dead, four arrested, another one on the loose. this sound like a terror cell. how are groups like this so far under the radar? why don't we know about them ahead of time? >> as you're seeing gains in iraq and syria, of course getting their butt kicked there, you're seeing them pushing out,
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disseminate information, lessons learned on the battle field with vehicle improvised explosive devices which particular attack could have been that as well. they messed up with the probain tanks, whatever their safe house that they had. you're seeing that information getting pushed out. frankly. very difficult, you will never have 100% security. you will never 100% be able to identify all these groups. but it is important that not only are national intelligence agencies disseminating information, but sharing information, but local authorities, not just nation people, locals on the ground. they see something, say something. you have to have those layered, layered ability to disseminate information and create data point and be able to disrupt them. gerri: we're hearing u.s. government officials saying focusing on size of the cell getting details they can.ç cia knew there could be a attack
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on las ramblas. this is the big boulevard where all tourists congregate, yet we didn't know, we didn't prepare, we didn't get ahead of the problem. what will it take for us to see around that corner and see in these cells? >> again, you never will have 100% security. this is low-tech. very difficult to figure out somebody jumping on a truck and a crowded place. that being said, you have to get cities involved as well too, and local law enforcement as well too, in terms of information sharing. you have to do low-itç being things like putting concrete bollards and jersey barriers. having stand off areas that could potentially be targets. these are not expensive things. you have to disseminate information, that is a threat and message. you're seeing drones used on battlefield with isis as well too. you can bet you will see that as well with some cells across the world. as we figure out what the
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methods are, what the threat is, tactics, that information has to be disseminated amongst not just nation states and localities in cities. gerri: understood. information needs to be shared across the board.ç what is interesting about this. this is pattern with isis. vehicles, low-tech. do you need a credit card? you need a tank of gas to carry this off, very hard to predict. at end of the day, what is your message for people out there who might be on vacation right now, in a crowded place. what do you say? >> there is nothing that replace as situational awareness. there are a lot of folks aren't trained in that type of thing. you have to understand the environment around you as you talked about it. with las ramblas, there were folks from all over the world that was there. if you're on vacation, you better keep your situational awareness, understand what is going around. if you see something, alertç local authorities. make sure you spreading message, something doesn't look right. no question.
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gerri: congressman, thanks for being with us today. appreciate your time. >> thank you. gerri: the u.s. gaining ground on isis right? if you listen to this network you know that, more than half of isis's capital raqqa, retain by u.s.-backed fighters yet still able to inflict the kind of damage we saw yesterday. to former green beret ben collins to start the attacks. let's start there. how do we stop the attacks? we're desperate for answers. not easy to come by. >> we're not. as much asç pains me to say th, seal you had on before, congressman scott taylor, is exactly right. these things are so low-tech, the way within the past we were able to break into these cells, target these cells, when they start communicating with each other. so if you just look at, methodology, you know, via emails and via phones, we used to track that, maybe track the phones, listen in on the phone conversations. now they moved into third party
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applications, messaging, that is secure, they can talk to each other, but even then we could perhaps getaway in there. because of that territory been retakeé in racca, certainly in iraq, you know, there was a point where the caliphate said look, don't come here to the caliphate anymore, just stay at home if you want to -- they put out monthly magazine. it is extremely difficult. only way you stop it to attack the idea itself. gerri: that is some statement. before we move on to that, isis is on the run, we really real hit them in the gut, right. they do that from where they live to track them where theyç are. they are running under a banner somewhere in raqqa you see them, you know them. you can identify them, but, if they're just driving a car down the street, you don't know.
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>> no, you don't. you asked a great question, could you even use a credit card. isis thought about that look if you don't have access to a credit card, here is how you break into a van, hotwire it and steal it. that don't even have that on record. let me make sure that i'm clear, when i say the attack the ideology, i'm saying radical islamic fundamentalists, that these kids and these adults are getting sucked into, there are role models this need to be able to step in to say look(ç that is not what this is, this religion is about, or, somehow reach out to them, because unfortunately, you know, especially in europe, you look at the number of those countries of foreign fighters that when to syria an have come back, you look at places like brussels, that have just a massive influx of them. gerri: we need to reclaim this generation. it may take -- >> absolutely. gerri: may take family structure may take different offensive. i want to get to another question that is fascinating.
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i want your take on this. cnn's wonderful blitzer, i can say it, yesterday suggesting that the barcelonaç terror attack, it could be a charlottesville copycat. listen to this. >> there will be questions about copycats. there will be questions if what happened in barcelona, was at all, at all, copycat version of what happened in charlottesville, virginia, even though they may be different characters, different political ambitions. they used the same killing device, a vehicle going at high speed into a group, a large group of pedestrians. gerri: come on, ben. this is like textbook isis, right? >> absolutely. that was the, that was,ç lone wolf idiocy right there. the fact he was trying to make a political statement. he was trying to push a political agenda with that statement in of itself. the fact al qaeda, isis.
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out of the al qaeda manuel, going back, you know, 15 years ago, talked about, using cars to kill and to maim and murder. isis has now, a flashing magazine that goes out every month where they talk about these types of things. you look at london, on the london bridge, they targeted a high tourist area. they used a van. couple month, summer, to nice, in nice,ç france, where they ud a vehicle. that was just to me, there was just no place for that kind of a statement. gerri: well, you know, look, i don't think wolf blitzer is any idiot. i think he is very smart. that shocked me, surprised me, told me something about how a part of this word views this kind of thing. i was surprised. look, this is becoming so common it's, almost boring, right? you know what is going to happen in these big cities. you know what will happen where tourists gather. it is terrible. and ben, thank you so much, for coming on and talking to us
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about it. really appreciate your time. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: the dow, as weç said snapping a streak of 63 consecutive sessions without a 1% move yesterday. stocks starting lower, well off the lows on axe videos report, decision -- decision on steve bannon's future is imminent. there is uncertainty what is happening to the white house. go to stock watcher and former trump surrogate, steve cortes. what do you say? >> yesterday's pain in stocks, important to keep that in context, it was a bad day for the market, in context of a trump rally, really immaterial. stocks veryç much believed in e trump growth agenda. we have to get tax cuts done. that is a major caveat to the growth agenda, as long as we do that i think we will in the fall, i think stocks have quite aways higher to go still. gerri: ended calmest stretch in
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22 years when you look what happened yesterday. one of the things so interesting, sometimes the market doesn't react at all, right? we have major event. the market moves on. why do they react yesterday? >> mostly yesterday, first of all, obviously a horrific terror attack in europe, never good news. something the markets become accustomed toç fortunately. it wasn't so much that. i think it was more about discord in the west wing. worries about the effectiveness of presidency. i mention tax cuts, can they get that done. will we get repatriation of profits trapped overseas because of our tax code? there were worries about the trump agenda, implementing it on capitol hill. i understand those worries, even though, i understand acknowledge them, i'm still optimistic. i still believe come fall we'll have serious tax cuts and tax reform. gerri: steve, you're ducking my question here about what is going on in the white house right now, and if we're going to
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getç resignation announced from bannon. let's talk about this this is highly controversial. bannon himself out saying things about the white house, about the president, and now he is, the story in axios this morning he told friend he wants to go medieval on trump enemies. we're told he could be fired momentarily, john kelly is leading parade to get rid of hill. what do you say? what impact on the president, white house and the agenda? >> we'll see. gerri, reticent talk too much bit, i'm close to steve bannon, number of people involved in this. i don't want to speak publicly. a lot ofç this are rumors and sources say. gerri: market is moving on it. steve, the market is moving on it, and you're in a perfect position here to tell us the true story. if you know him well, if you're close to him, to tell us what is really going on? >> to be honest i don't know. i don't know if he is going to be fired or not. i hope that is the not case. i think he is very valuable
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voice inside of the west wing. i think he is incredible leader of the campaign in 2016, what we pulled off. i think largely due to him. most of all due to the president himself and biggest upset in political history. i don't know what willç happeno steve bannon. markets will prefer he be gone, i certainly concede that the market are the worried that steve bannon is such a economic nationalist we'll have trade tension with china because steve bannon is powerful voice in the west wing. markets would prefer steve bannon not there. gerri: what is what he is talking about china, how that needs to be number one thing. we'll talk more about the bannon store as we go along. steve, thanks for being with us, appreciate your time. right now president trump enroute to camp david to huddle with his team amid uncertainty about his staff.ç how the president can regroup
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gerri: well, president trump about to arrive at camp david. you're seeing pictures of the president right here. he will sit down with vice president pence, the white house, on the fence today
12:18 pm
after week-long battle with media critics on the left over president's response to charlottesville. meanwhile, we have reports that john kelly, set to decide whether steve bannon should stay or go. that is at chief of staff, talking about steve bannon. what would the white house need for reset? former bush 43 spokesperson mercedes schlap, former trump campaign manager, david bossie. this axios story, we're quoting a singleç source, but appears o be moving the market the here. that is why we're giving it credence, that john kelly may fire bannon imminently, at anytime and one of the things in this story you should know, trump suspecting bannon of leaking, it was said. your reaction, her said? >> i think steve bannon played an important role during the campaign. he obviously understood what the plight of so many americans in middle america were experiencing. i think that going from a campaign to a white house is a very different ballgame.
12:19 pm
obviously when the person becomes the story, when the person or staffer becomes a distraction, it is very difficultç for the president to be able to voice and talk about his agenda. and so, i think, it is for general kelly to decide, what the future of bannon and where that will go. i think that the key and concern for some conservatives will be there need to insure that there is balance between what they call the globalist faction in the white house and those that focus on economic nationalism. so where bannon has been that voice. i think that will be the balance that general kelly will need to fine. gerri: david, there is another kind of breakdown here as well. bannon very important to trump's base'q)e. what impact would a bannon exit have on the campaign, on white house, the policy, the agenda? >> first of all i certainly hope that these rumors, which have been circulating for, you know,
12:20 pm
obviously quite some time, you know, are not true. however, steve bannon understands that everyone who works there works at the pleasure of the president. and so there are good days and bad days. we'll have to see where this plays out today. steve bannon is somebody who understands, you know, what the american people were looking for lastç november. and, he understood, like the president, see the president understands clearly where the american people are, and why he won the election, was talking to those rust belt workers, in pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, florida, north carolina, hey, iowa, and all -- gerri: all over the country, frankly. >> that's right. all over the country where we won in places that republicans hadn't won since the '80s. he understands that message. gerri: but fast forward, we're
12:21 pm
in a situation where he may now be gone and this fellow known for publishing theç clinton cah book, as editor of "breitbart," he was a hard-right luminary, well-known by the base. you have to ask yourself a question, the president's base always seemed rock solid but is it really, mercedes? >> i think the president's base is rock solid. they stand with the president. they feel there are unfair attacks coming from the left. i think they realize that the president is under attack from all levels, from the democrats and liberal media. and so i think that what is happening is, that the left media has taken force against steve bannon and anyone who serves the president. to the point that you have hafç even a tv host come out call all those people who support trump a racist. this goes back to deplorable comments, said anyone that supported trump was deplorable. that is insult to those people that have supported donald trump. gerri: that is absolutely true.
12:22 pm
you talked about, you know the assault on trump. there are weekly magazines taking the charlottesville controversy, causing their own controversies. some on the right say these go too far. take a look, look at that new yorker picture, the economist, mercedes, these are amazing to me. basically putting the president together with theç kkk. putting those in the same sentence. let me go to you, david. how can the president push back against this media narrative. the? >> it is very difficult road because the mainstream media has created this situation by continuously harping on the president and instead of trying to come together, to heal, which was what the president i think has been trying to do. first i think the president can use his bully pulpit to say, that 99.9% of the american people are inherently good. the people who showed up, the
12:23 pm
charlottesville, on both sides, and of course, it was led by this neo-nazi organization and organizers who are reprehensible to all us. gerri: right. >> that is what the president i think should do, is talk about the economic populism that he can do. >> the president had two very strong statements when the charlottesville incident happened. it is interesting that the media never felt president said enough. they were never satisfied. i go back to jared kushner's opinion piece in the observer back in 2016 when he said, jared as you know, he isç grandson oa holocaust survivor, he basically said my father-in-law is not anti-semitic, he is not a racist. these people know the president. david does as well. the fact that the president condemned white supremacists. for the media they keep pushing this narrative. if the trump supporters and
12:24 pm
republicans don't push back, i think it will be more problematic. gerri: but here's the problem today. you have got to turn the page. >> yes. gerri: you have got to move on. you have not just solidify the base. you have to bring everybody on board. why? because, what is at stake here? what is at stake? tax reform? getting aç budget deal? there is a lot at risk here. how do they do that? >> when there is, when there is these moments in our history, i mean you look at 9/11, or look what happened at ferguson, look at different moments, that is when the president needs to pause. that is when a president needs to bring groups together, black ministers, evangelical leaders, talk about issues burdening some of these cities. the race relations is a complicated matter. it is not solved overnight. gerri: it is. >> this is generational problem. gerri: we'll have to hop out of this in a second. i want to get you in on this thing. how do they come back? how do they rebuild? just about to say, if the
12:25 pm
president can get his tax reform package together, through congress and lead this economy into vibrant stage which has opportunity for all, it raises all americans. i think that the strife that we see in the cities can be helped by a great economist. i think we all agree on that. that is what the president is focused on and that is what he will continue to focus on. >> you have to handle the issue. charlottesville will not go away. you have to talk about. we need healing in this nation. that is what the president needs to do. gerri: wow, what a great panel. thanks to both of you comingç . great job dave and mercedes. time warner merger with charlie gasparino new details, and possible spin-off of cnn? really? is that coming? debbie wasserman schultz aide indicted. you may not hear about this from the other networks. we have all the details coming
12:26 pm
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gerri: president trump about to huddle with vice president pence to talk military strategy. blake burman with the latest. reporter: gerri, white house released a list who will be in the meeting not just the vice president, but 21 different folks from security, defense, economy and so forth. that will meet with the president at camp david within the next hour or so. the president previewed meeting this way. he wrote on twitter, and i quote here, heading to camp david for major meeting on national security, the border and the military which we're rapidly building to strongest ever. the major focus at this camp david meet something expected to be on afghanistan. the way forward there, the war there, troop levels and decisions that the president, the commander-in-chief has to make. here is how everything stands at this moment. here is how the numbers and reality on the ground shakes out really. currently right now there is
12:31 pm
8400 u.s. troops in afghanistan. one of the decisions the president is weighing, whether or not to add roughly 4,000 or so more troops. whichever way you look at it, it is a sliver of u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan during the height of the war back in 2010-2011, as there were one point 100,000 u.s. troops at its peak. nonetheless, still a major decision. defense secretary james mattis will be a part of the conversation at camp david, framed the decision this way, saying announcement should come in the near future? >> we'll meet with the president, secretary tillerson and i, several others on national security team. we'll move toward a decision. moves very close to a decision. i anticipate in the very near future. reporter: gerri, couple things to keep in mind the president talked about a the amount of money, trillions of dollars have
12:32 pm
been poured into this region he would like to see that money go elsewhere. before even got into office, this was a president who was very, very skeptical about afghanistan. at one point tweeting out as a private citizen that we node to pull out. now he is commander-in-chief, president trump is, he has a decision to make. he will be surrounded with his top military brass at camp david within the next hour. gerri. gerri: no easy answers there, blake. thanks for the report. president trump tweeting homeland security officials are on alert following barcelona attack yesterday. he said u.s. borders are more secure than ever. to former green beret commander automobile, requires no training. doesn't require any sophistication.
12:33 pm
easily available and they're obviously using it to great effect. i would not be surprised to see one of these attacks soon in the united states. gerri to your -- gerri: i hope you're wrong. >> i am too. but, you know, to your previous segment about the decision security are fantastic can only play perfect defense so long. eventually bad guys will get some through. we have to stay after sanctuaries whether in afghanistan, iraq, syria. gerri: that is a very good point. i think every single day being here in new york city, what great protection we've had and how amazing it is, that we, you know, that we have really as good a ride as we have. but i want to ask you a question, occurs to me, john kelly is in the white house. he was running homeland security. if he is not there anymore, is that a problem?
12:34 pm
you have a lot of professionals still at dhs i think can handle this. and to your point of being safe in new york, al qaeda just published in its magazine inspire, yes, it has its own magazine, a step by step process corridor, the acela corridor. gerri: oh. i've seen this. >> that is extremely difficult to get into an airport. not that hard to get into a train station. certainly not hard to get into a subway. my point is, these attacks are going to continue until we truly wrap our mind around this is global war against islamist extremism, the new battlefields are the middle east. we will have to be engaged. it is easy to be frustrated pull
12:35 pm
out the troops it is hard. just as we took on communism and cold war we have to take the extremism on. gerri: so tricky, so difficult the way that they operate, absolutely. lieutenant colonel, thanks for coming on the show. appreciate your time. >> thanks so much, gerri. gerri: big business is bolting, right? but small business, is it backing the president? many small business owners are standing by the president despite backlash from top ceos. the details, fallout coming up after this. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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gerri: stocks turning around here on reports steve bannon may be on the outs. we're seeing positive movements in the markets, and this is something charlie gasparino has been way ahead of. charlie? >> i think he is out. all my sources inside of the white house says he is gone. the question, is he going to get
12:40 pm
fired or is he going to be forced to resign? from what i understand they're trying to get him to resign, to be out. they want him out, and it is all but a done deal. now what is the positive for him resigning versus, you know quitting, or forcing him -- gerri: why would you choose that? >> i think they see it as a cleaner way, more diplomatic way where steve gets to control his own destiny. he doesn't alienate the administration -- he is not alienated from the administration. he can theoretically leave on his own terms. but that is besides the point now. the fact that they want him to resign means he is out today, okay. that is it. gerri: you make a really good point. let me ask you a about a couple things in the axios story. two things, he apparently told friend he wants to go medieval on trump enemies. you can only really do that on outside of the white house. also, apparently, the axios being told he has no projects or responsibilities to hand off. it would be seamless. like --
12:41 pm
>> here is the thing, gerri, i will tell everybody, we should not vouching for axios. they're wildly, they're wildly all over the place. gerri: one source much appears to move markets this morning. >> i don't care. here is the thing i tell you. i reported last sunday he was basically a done deal. that most people said it would take, barring a miracle he was out. that was before the "american prospect" article. when the, at that point, what were my sourcing on it? my sourcing people close to bannon who knew that kelly wanted him out. he wants to shore up, basically thinks the guy is a distraction. he had a big fight with general mcmasters, an ally of kelly. at that point kelly wanted him out. when he did the "american prospect" article, even though it wasn't laced with insanity and vulgarity of the anthony scaramucci skree to "new york" magazine, was talking out of turn, articulating administrative policy outside of
12:42 pm
the group. he is supposed to keep that stuff internally. and gave kelly, even more ammunition to go to trump, now you have to move. and i think this is what they're trying to do now. it is done now. the question, does he resign. gerri: or does he get fired? >> that is my reporting. gerri: this personality always been at margins, very controversial in a lot of circles. he is a guy who published the clinton cash book. executive editor of "breitbart." >> i should point out -- gerri: i'm just trying to give people some details on who this fellow is and where he has been. >> just need to point this out. i know him pretty well. i have spoke with him in the past. we spoke, at one point, we spoke about me doing some freelance for "breitbart." this is a while back, couple years ago. i really like the guy. the guy is incredibly smart. probably the most well-read guy in the trump white house.
12:43 pm
he does have a certain schtick here. the question, does that schtick jive where the president is going right now. gerri: charlie, we're getting reporting from drudge right now, bannon is exactly out. exactly what you've been saying. >> this has been out there. gerri: this is coming up right now on the drudge report. >> this has been out for a little bit. here is the thing, gerri, it is not official yet. the question is -- gerri: "new york times" now saying same thing. say that again, ralph? president trump trying to push out bannon. >> that is what i'm telling you. this is it. what i'm telling you -- gerri: he decided to push out bannon, reporting from "new york times." right now. >> i'm telling you that they're catching up to fox business thank god. what i'm telling you the question whether he gets axed or resigns. and they give him a good way, sort of like easy way out. gerri: at this point does it matter that much? >> yes.
12:44 pm
gerri: tell me impact on white house, tell me the impact on policy and the impact on the markets. >> it does matter. here is why. you don't want steve bannon going rogue, knows more about the white house and campaign than anybody except even trump. you don't need him fighting. what impact of markets? they will take it massive positive, just opposite when there was some talk gary cohn was going yesterday. gerri: markets fell. >> you remember i told you when maria was hosting yesterday, the fact that gary cohn was going to stay, meant that steve bannon was going to go. gerri: we want to bring in hector ba rote toe, former small business administrator, latino coalition. hector, your thoughts on breaking news right now, that trump advisor steve bannon on his way out? whether he is fired or being asked to leave, what is your reaction? what kind of impact could it have on the markets, what kind
12:45 pm
of impact could it have on the agenda? >> my market is small business and i don't think it will have any effect on small business because most of those 28 small businesses have never heard of steve bannon or don't know what he does. in the sense that it is less of a distraction we get back to the economic agenda that's very important to the small businesses. gerri: right. >> they want to see something happen out of the administration. as we're talking about bannon and other things we're not getting to that. >> i say you're losing an ally if you're a small business constituency, because steve bannon stand for small business in that administration. real impact of steve bannon leaving on trade. it will become less protectionist. real impact of less nationalist. the wall might not happen. >> all good things for small business, charlie. all good things for small business. >> here is another thing for small business, wants to focus donald trump's economic agenda on small business. you're now going to have
12:46 pm
globalists running the economic agenda in the white house. gerri: that is very different thing. >> linda mcmahon runs the sba. we're a big fan of hers. we think she is doing a great job. >> she is not as powerful as gary cohn. gerri: let him finish it. >> she is not powerful as gary cohn. gerri: i need to get to breaking news and headlines. "new york times" saying president trump decided to push bannon out of the white house. they're citing two administration officials. but the president could decide to keep ban on none for some time, we just don't know at this point. hector, i want to broaden our lens for a second beyond bannon to the entire white house, talk about this. small businesses have been standing behind trump in a way big companies, big-named companies that resigned from these manufacturing councils, these strategy forums, this week did not. why? >> well, small businesses feel that they finally have a voice, you know? for years we've been saying problem government is in the
12:47 pm
way. when you have somebody talking about lowering their taxes, not on big business, but on small business, lowering regulatory burden, creating more opportunities, that is very, very positive. and that is what small businesses are looking for. they're not paying attention about, what some of the things are being said. they're paying attention to -- gerri: that are being done, right? >> talk realpolitik here. just being clear here if you know this administration. this administration economically has moved from a more populist, a guy -- gerri: with loss of bannon. >> with loss of bannon if he goes, they're trying to push him out obviously to something more globalist. small businesses are not front and center for gary cohn, for steve mnuchin or maybe wilbur ross. maybe for wilbur ross. gerri: hector, is that right? >> no, it flows from the top. those guys take marching orders from the president. >> really? >> i hear the president talking about small business all the time. so they will take their orders
12:48 pm
from him. but on all of these issues, looking you know small business is the engine of the economy. 2/3 of net new jobs come from there. gerri: amen and amen. >> most businesses involved in international trade are small businesses, over 200,000, about 97% of all businesses but they only represent 30% of the trade. >> for the border adjustment tax? >> no. >> donald trump actually, they toyed with that for a while. gerri: but they're not anymore. it is really off the table. >> you never know, it is never really off the table. gerri: charlie, when you look at this, what does it tell but future direction of economic policy? clearly more globalist. >> yeah. gerri: what would you say about tax reform and other elements? >> i think it's a positive for tax reform, steve bannon cared more about the middle than he did about cutting taxes for large corporations and things of that nature. i think, that would be a positive for the tax reform as it is laid out currently.
12:49 pm
i will say this, listen, net-net donald trump is much better for small businesses than hillary clinton or barack obama. no doubt. we'll get that off the table. i'm being real clear here, one of the advocates of small businesses as opposed to globalism to certain extent is steve bannon and he's out. gerri: hector, last word here, we don't have a lot of time left but i do want to hear what you have to say about this. are you encouraged by bannon leaving or are you discouraged? >> i think it is irrelevant. most small businesses never heard of steve bannon. if he was such advocate we never saw him out front. but numbers don't lie. million jobs under this administration. small business o missile is going right direction we have to stay focused and put points on the board. gerri: hector thank you. charlie gasparino, thanks for your fine reporting. reports that steve bannon is out.
12:50 pm
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12:54 pm
gary, the market up about 100 points here. why is that? >> well i think that we're seeing honestly less volatility in the market. i mean less volatility in the white house, if you will. now, i don't think any of us knows, what the cause or what bannon was doing, but i sense the market, looking at volatility, apof course the dow and s&p, i think, well maybe we have some stability by removing a major thorn from the white house? i sure hope that is the case. gerri: i'm confused. so, gary b. smith, how can there be less volatility in the white house yet another person is leaving, that revolving door is continuing to spin? >> well i guess it is like this. if you have a splinter in your finger and angering your finger, and you remove it, some of the swelling is still there, but eventually the pain goes away. i think everyone is kind of feeling the pain. that is my view. i think they removed a major thorn, i think that is the market's view. they removed a problem.
12:55 pm
i don't know if that is the case. that is how the markets perceived it. look at volatility. vix almost dropped right off the floor. it is going down. the market's up. gerri: bold is down, which is interesting right? -- gold. do you think as charlie gasparino just said this, has to do with china this, has to do with our international trade policy, with bannon fon now we're not economic nationalists now? >> my gosh, no. i love charlie. i don't think that is the issue at all. i think they were seeing, trump could be a little unhinged, let's put it that way. i think people are saying, why is he unhinged all the time? could bannon behind it? again i don't know. i think that is the mark's perception, this was a major problem for trump. maybe now with the with kelly running the ship, some other generals and senior advisors having perhaps more sway over
12:56 pm
trump, i think they're seeing it as a more stable, hopefully, professional white house. if we see that, then the markets should be on more solid ground. maybe we can actually focus on getting some of this legislation through. that's i think the perception out there. that is why the market is up. gerri: wow, big turn around today. amazing to watch it happen on names in the white house. gary b., thanks for that. appreciate your time. >> you bet. gerri: steve bannon now, as we've been reporting, a live report coming from the white house next. ♪ have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
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. gerri: welcome back to "coast-to-coast," i'm gerri willis for neil cavuto. breaking news -- steve bannon leaving the white house. right to blake burman. blake? >> reporter: hi there, gerri, this has a feel surrounding reince priebus, if a when not if with steve bannon. another friday with another high-profile departure leaving president trump's inner circle. on this day, it is steve bannon, a source telling fox indeed, the chief strategist for the president steve bannon will be leaving the white house. the mechanics of all of this, how this all played out trying to nail down as the "new york times" is reporting bannon submitted his resignation earlier this month but the events in charlottesville put that on hold. this is the second high-profile departure here at the white house in the very short tenure
1:01 pm
of the chief of staff john kelly, of course, there was the departure of anthony scaramucci, the communications director and now fast-forward two fridays after that, and here we are with steve bannon leaving the white house as well. this kicked up within the last week as bannon gave an interview whether on the record or off the record whorngss, a liberal outlet he undercut folks at the administration, specifically a member at the state department, and undercut the defense apparatus, saying there wasn't a military solution as he saw it with north korea. those comments caused a bit of consternation surrounding bannon and fast-forward 72 hours or so, bannon is out here at the white house. where the president goes forward with a chief strategist, we shall see. i leave with you this. it is august 18, 2017, steve
1:02 pm
bannon was brought in as the president's ceo for his campaign on august 17, 2016. bannon lasted some 366 days, if you add it up. he was with the president down the homestretch, though as bannon got a lot of attention for the turnaround in the last couple months of the campaign, the president it appeared was irked with the attention bannon had got in the recent weeks and months, saying hey, he was just kind of one of my advisers but no doubt about it, bannon was with the president down the homestretch of the campaign, in the first seven months of the trump white house but the chief strategist, steve bannon is on his way out here at the white house. gerri? gerri: blake, great reporting. thank you for that. reaction from the washington free beacon's liz harrington. congress of racial equality spokesman niger innis and jessica tarlov. jessica, start with you. what's so interesting about this? this fellow had a lot of influence on trump. >> yeah.
1:03 pm
gerri: he was the economic nationalism advocate, everyone else was a goldman sachs protege. >> he was a goldman sachs guy too. gerri: he viewed how we should conduct trade policy very, very differently. >> 100%. gerri: absolutely. so ultimately is this good news for the white house getting agenda forward or not? >> i think it is absolutely for the white house getting its agenda forward. i think everyone had shifted to the anti-steve bannon team looking at how he discusses gary cohn, globalist gary as he calls him. increasing risks between jared and ivanka. mainstream republicans are much happier to work with gary cohn and steve mnuchin and general kelly than a steve bannon when is an isolated person. gerri: some of the reporting and fox has confirmed this news ourselves, we know this to be true, but some of it fascinating, liz, to you, we're hearing that really he had no
1:04 pm
projects, no responsibilities right now. his leaving the white house would be seamless. liz, what do you make of this move? >> i think he had an important role in the white house. i think that's just trying to gift impression that this is not chaotic, and i think it can be seamless but the idea that he didn't have a role whatsoever, he was a driving force behind lots of elements of trump's agenda. the interesting thing here too is he might be more effective on the outside because of his connections to breitbart, and pushing the trump administration's agenda than he was really in the end as effective in the white house. gerri: and niger, what do you think? >> well, i hope she's right. i hope this is a friendly fire, if you will, and that bannon is going to pivot to the outside but is still going to be helpful to the president because he's a critical part of that coalition that got the president elected. and this is a president that is under siege by most in the
1:05 pm
establishment liberal media, and by a variety of forces including some very hard left alt-right forces that will not stop going after this president until he is out of office. and so he's going to need warriors in the white house around him. i think that general kelly, in general, is doing an outstanding job but going to need real warriors like a bannon that are willing to fight and fight back hard. gerri: niger, you make a good point. this is a president who at this point, many of his bases of support are no longer there. i mean, you look at the senators he's having arguments with right now. the house he's had arguments with, members of his cabinet, that he has thrown to the wind here. jessica, what's the effective strategy for getting back, for coming back? is there a strategy after charlottesville? after everything that's happened, for him to get his message across, to get the things he's promised. tax reform.
1:06 pm
changing health care in this country? >> i don't think it's having a rally on tuesday night in phoenix. i think that is actually antithetical to what needs to go on in the white house and something that steve bannon would have liked. he likes things campaign style, likes things large and rowdy. i think that donald trump needs to finally succumb to the fact that elected representatives in the house and in the senate have a role to play and have deliverables to get across, and that he -- gerri: they haven't either. >> they haven't, but a lot of it has to do with the fact they have kowtowed to the president. and they want to have a deliverable for 2018, they have to go it alone without him. the comments about charlottesville -- gerri: you make an interesting point. >> or to make it clear republicans do not back white supremacists and kkk members and shouldn't have to spend time doing that. gerri: this really isn't a conversation about charlottesville.
1:07 pm
>> but that's a steve bannon item? gerri: that's a steve bannon item? he was about charlottesville. >> what steve bannon was thinking when donald trump reacted in that way, whether he wrote his statement or not was definitely a positive one. steve bannon loves divisiveness, he loves to revel in it. >> i'm really surprised -- i'm really surprised with jessica. jessica is usually a liberal with fairness and sanity. i'm surprised at you jessica. >> really? you don't think steve bannon likes the chaos? >> to label steve bannon with charlottesville is nonsense. terry mcauliffe is the governor in charlottesville, failed miserably to provide leadership and protect the decent citizens of that community, and you had a group of extremists on the outside from all sides coming and trying to precipitate violence, and there was a failure of leadership to provide law and order for decent people in that community. >> niger, you think that donald trump -- and i appreciate the
1:08 pm
compliment that came before the less complimentary words towards me, but do you think that the president's response to the charlottesville attack was in any way adequate? you can talk whatever you want about law enforcement. >> i think it's outstanding! first statement was accurate, it was measured. he wanted to get the facts on the ground, find out where the culpability was, it was measured. >> really? who drove the car into the crowd that killed heather heyer. who drove the car that killed heather heyer? who did it. we know. there is no confusion. no black lives matter protester did it. >> a skinhead or murderer is what he was. that wasn't the only violence there. gerri: let's move on if we could. liz, turn to you, the new book devil's bargain suggesting steve bannon got donald trump elected there. are reports president trump didn't like bannon was getting the credit. do you think it was a factor in his ouster there? >> i don't think so.
1:09 pm
i think there's rumors like that all the time. but clearly bannon is someone trump could work well together and got the campaign on track along with kellyanne conway and successful in doing so. the major thing that led to his ousting not only john kelly coming in and trying to rein in the white house and have a tighter ship there, it was also comments on north korea. you cannot make comments that undermine the president's and defense apparatus stand on north korea and bring fire and fewery and say there is no military solution, that undermind the foreign policy and led to the decision and him leaving. gerri: niger, is that the team, the team that exists right now, john kelly, etal, can they bring tax reform across the finish line, change health care and put it on firmer footingly, that can get a budget. at the end of the day we have important deadlines in front of
1:10 pm
us? >> this is some of the movement general kelly executed is healthy. because obviously at this point in time, this is not election season, it's leading season and getting legislation passed and getting victories on the board. so i think in that sense the moves are very, very helpful. i hope our republican friends in the house and the senate are going to be a little bit more cooperative now than they have been chomping at the president on charlottesville, which i think quite frankly has been nonsensical. gerri: stay with the theme for a second to you, jessica. you brought up congress before and how they need to take the ball now and move it across the finish line. are they up to the task? seems to me, i don't know if they were kowtowing to trump or not but haven't been able to bring themselves together to get anything done at all. can we trust them with the basic missions? raise the debt ceiling, get a budget together, the things that have to be done for the country to move forward?
1:11 pm
>> i'm not sure, i think the republicans have been a disappointment not only to those of us on the left but their own parties and the approval ratings and criticisms of mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. my point about the kowtowing to president trump is they believe they advanced certain pieces of legislation, health care for instance, something he threw his weight behind when there were massive concerns from people on the ground, there and i understand john mccain was a shock vote against it. but there were people throughout the process saying hey, there wait a minute, let's talk about what's going on with medicaid. talk about preexisting conditions. if they listen to members as opposed to the president, they have a much higher likelihood of getting something that can pass. they have the numbers but need the -- gerri: barely. >> but they have them if they can -- nothing is going to make rand paul and susan collins happy. gerri: let's get liz in for a last word on this. i look at this, and one of the previous guests said the markets are higher because they think everything is calming down. to me it looks like everything
1:12 pm
is erupting which. is correct? >> i think there is still hope in the markets that when congress comes back from august recess, that they can get their act together and follow through on tax reform because they think the much easier goal to get accomplished than health care, and i agree, the republicans especially in the senate have been a complete disappointment in not following through on promises to voters. take trump out of it. it has nothing to do with trump but everything to do with what they promised for the last seven or eight years to repeal obamacare and weren't able to do it. the markets are still optimistic in that tax reform hasn't failed yet. >> give it a few more minutes. >> yeah, i'm not so optimistic either. i think there is optimism there for the markets. >> a long way to go, as jessica says. there is time yet to continue to debate this, and i think we're waiting for breaking news here. we have a statement from the press secretary, listen to
1:13 pm
this, white house chief of staff john kelly and steve bannon have mutually agreed today this would be steve's last day. we're grateful for his service and wish him the best. that sounds like a resignation to me, we were debating whether it would be a resignation or he would be pushed. niger, what do you make of the statement? >> sounds positive, and again, i'll say what i said before, i hope this is a lateral move, that mr. bannon is going to still be on the team because again, practically speaking, when you have a president that is under siege from some very hard left-wing elements, and i do not include jessica in that, we obviously disagree on charlottesville. >> i'm glad i haven't gone alt-left to you. >> no, you haven't gone alt-left just yet. have you folk out there that are after the president and not going to be finished with him. they can fire bannon, gorka, whoever he wants, they will continue to go after him. when you have the atmosphere,
1:14 pm
you got to have folk in the white house that have the will to fight and have the political will. i would love, alan west to get into the white house and some way, shape, or form but you need warriors out there that are willing to fight the battle and, of course, folk that can be reasonable and work with congress and get legislation passed and then signed on the president's desk to sign it and get victories. gerri: liz, no easy thing, there we're showing the statement yet again. look. bannon, the fire brand, no doubt about it, a fella that published the "clinton cash" book, and really well known with the base, do you think the base won't like this? a reaction among people who love trump and want to support him any way they can? >> i think that's going to be a really interesting thing to watch, and i think a lot of trump's base will initially not like this move, and it will all
1:15 pm
depend how bannon reacts if this truly was an amicable split, and if he goes out to war like we've heard reports it's going to be barbarian bannon coming out and supporting. i think his base will easily forgive trump for dismissing him and say hey, he's more effective on the outside. we'll have to see what he does after leaving the white house. gerri: jessica, one group is going to be super happy, at&t and time warner because bannon did not like that merger and talked about it a lot there. are a lot of ancillary things that will impact this, too. what else? >> the national conscience, which might not be an ancillary item. that might be positively affected. gerri: people might disagree. >> i think 32% disagree with me. the rest of uniform here. certainly business, it will be interesting to see what the markets do over the next few days with the news, and the more civility that a gary cohn will bring to that seemingly.
1:16 pm
i know people were talking about when there were rumors that gary cohn might leave, that's why the markets are fluctuating. investors are calmer about him, might be less boring, more fire brand. gerri: fire brand, you got that right. >> i wonder because president trump doesn't have an issue with calling people outside the white house to get advice. so i wonder how much he's going to continue talking to steve banon, how much he'll be informing him. gerri: he talks to a lot of people on the telephone. >> he loves that phone! >> we have to leave it there, guys. absolutely great job, great panel. thank you so much. the white house confirms steve bannon's last day is today. we'll have more after this. where to get in... where to get out. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade.
1:17 pm
fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. . gerri: as we've been talking about, one of president trump's strongest border and national security adviser steve bannon leaving the white house. this amid renewed concerns following the spain attacks. to former trump foreign policy adviser walid phares, welcome to the show, always good to see you. >> thank you. gerri: what impact does this have on the building of a wall, that idea? or on maintaining and controlling terrorism? where do we go from here
1:21 pm
without bannon who was such a strong voice in this area? >> let's look at much bigger picture including the two elements. mr. bannon during the campaign had two important influences. number one was the base, and everybody had the consensus on that. he mobilized a large coalition that voted for mr. trump to become president. second, he was perceived as the individual who can ensure that strategic change of the agenda when mr. trump comes to the white house, that's the initial idea of including national security, border vetting and all of the other elements. so most likely, i don't have the information, this is just an assessment, the agenda for change now is difficult to move forward because of the opposition. not impossible. very difficult to move forward with it. on the iran deal, on the brotherhood and all that stuff, it is kind of slow. so maybe the choice is mr. bannon will be much more efficient for the administration if he's taking
1:22 pm
care of the base. gerri: if he's outside? >> outside taking care of the base. gerri: a lot of people making that point, he's a more effective spokesman outside, we don't know to what degree donald trump might be picking up the telephone and talking to him. at the end of the day, the president has promised over and over and over again to build a wall. is that off now? is that not going to happen? because bannon was the inhouse supporter of that, and what of keeping this country and this nation safe. very pro america, america first, and now he's no longer with the administration. >> that's right, but these are not just mr. bannon's ideas or goals. this is the president's ideas and goals as well. backed by mr. bannon. probably the next equation we're going to see is mr. bannon outside in touch with the base will mobilize further. the administration needs pressure from the base and organize and be political so the demonstration will tell congress and the opposition,
1:23 pm
look, i have a base that wants me to go in this direction. maybe this is the equation. gerri: maybe this is the equation, you've got to wonder how effective bannon was being in the white house in the last two, three, four months. do you think he had lost effectiveness? >> well, let's be very honest here. his strength was he can talk right to the public. he was a kind of a leader of a segment of this coalition. in the white house basically, this got a little shrinking. because of his function as an official in the white house. maybe again, the better equation at this point in time is he will deal with the public and remember that there's a large street opposition to the white house, and there is no counter. there is no mainstream group that will be opposing the other ideas and backing the president's ideas. probably could this be the spot mr. bannon is going to be. gerri: so interesting, and we've seen a revolving door.
1:24 pm
do you think now at this point, this administration, this white house is going to settle down, buckle up and get the stuff done that has to be done? get a budget. raise the debt ceiling. do you think we're going to get tax reform? >> look, those items are going to be decided once the white house will settle, and i think that the white house now, the demonstration is moving to the center. somewhat in the center. there is a pressure by the public in general, has nothing to do with the politics. there are issues that need to be resolved. they think will go forward. the major strategic national security choice are still at play, and a lot of political confrontation before those are resolved. gerri: a lot to watch for, that's for sure. thank you very much for coming on the show. >> thank you. gerri: meanwhile, stocks up on news that bannon is out at the white house. to market watcher jonas max ferris. we had a hundred point turnaround on the headline. i'm shocked to tell you the truth. why did that happen?
1:25 pm
>> it was probably looking to people like trump was losing what little -- what political power he needed to get congress to get tax reform through, health care reform and doing something, especially if it's related on some level to the heat he's getting to the groups that are protesting. could help. i personally think august is a volatile month right now. we're trying to read a lot of it into the news stories, but it fell with korea and trump's microphone and possibly turn that around so you get trump things that are acting in a way that make the market go down. it's because stocks expensive right now. there's a lot of overenthusiasm in tech stocks. the companies that may not exist like tesla borrowing in the bond market like they're johnson & johnson, fortunes of money, billions of dollars, and starting to rattle investors. the only thing that keeps popping back the market is interest rates keep coming back
1:26 pm
down making it look like stocks are a good dividend they're paying on average. gerri: you say companies are having trouble, earnings have been on fire. what's interesting to me is that the fundamentals to me have looked so very positive, and the negative headlines have come out of washington. it's been the white house. it's been congress, we can't come to agreement when to eat lunch, much less getting health care through or tax reform or anything else for that matter. these folks cannot find their you know what with both hands, and i think a lot of people are just sick of it. i should say, we're moving back and forth across the breakeven line. we're in the green now. we were in the red. we keep seeing a flip-flop here, but the things this week for example that's moving markets, the north korea headlines, that was a very big impact, and yesterday, of course, we saw the horrible barcelona attack. what do you tell investors what
1:27 pm
to make of these big macro events you can't expect? what do they do? >> to your point, i think focused on the companies are doing very well. there might be overexuberance in that. these news stories are not -- stocks are going up in spite of congress not being able to do any, put it that way. the companies are on streaks of -- this isn't like the 90s where it's like maybe they're going to make money. we're talking about unbelievable success stories in the companies. unfortunately there is a lot of capital and drives prices up and bond yields down, and that in itself is a volatile situation that can get pricked at any point. that said, you don't need tax reform to keep stocks going up if the companies are doing this well. you don't need any of these things to happen. gerri: well, a lot of people would argue with you on that, my friend. >> yeah, i think -- gerri: a lot of people would like to see tax reform. people think that's what could
1:28 pm
break us out of 2%, 2.5% growth, get us fired up for a bigger economy, an economy that employees even more people, provides more wealth to the american people. last word on the outlook for the market. we've gotta go here. >> i would still be in some bonds, though yields are low, the market is volatile. when stocks go down, bonds do well, they did well during korea, during the stuff the last couple of days, and it flips around. you want that in the portfolio and foreign stocks as well. gerri: jonas, great job. thank you so much. all right, as we've been telling you steve bannon is out. what impact it could have on trump's base? we're going to address it, coming up. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies and data without insights. and fragmented care-
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. >> i like mr. bannon, he's a friend of mine, but mr. bannon came on very late, you know that.
1:33 pm
i went through 17 senators, governors, and i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came on very much later than that, and i like him, he's a good man. he is not a racist, i can tell you. that he's a good person. he actually gets a very unfair press in that regard. we'll see what happens with mr. bannon. gerri: that is daming with faint praise. that statement was a kiss of death for steve bannon, officially he's a goner. we are hearing fewer than 19 conservative groups protesting the removal of steve bannon and potentially kellyanne conway. to the daily caller news foundations chris bedford. chris, bannon a big asset to president trump's base. how did that impact the base? >> you're ride, a huge asset. before bannon was in the white house, he had a lot of disagreements, he headed breitbart news, they didn't get along with conservatives around town.
1:34 pm
people like to get into the conservative firing squad. conservatives realized when he was on the white house, in the paris climate accord, on the wall, on the border, holding china in check on trade, probably something bannon's last outgoing interview was explicit on. he was the biggest voice for conservatives, much more to the right than donald trump's children who he relies on and to the right of the generals who come from a military background who are outward thinking and globalist leaning. gerri: fascinating what's happening here. i want to read from this letter, steve bannon and kellyanne conway are working for you to assist you in weathering unfair attacks to donald trump and keeping agenda front and center. while others come and go in the white house. we feel that you will always hear the voices of us who have supported you. i got to tell you, that does not come as good news to the president. that to me seems like a warning flag. what do you say?
1:35 pm
>> i agree and i don't think that the president has -- he certainly hasn't made new enemies on the on left or the center in the last week. he's picked battles that he's found a lot of cheering and allies in people that look at steve bannon in conservative groups and the base. he can't afford to alienate them. steve bannon may have a new role. people left the inner circle to take on roles for donald trump and have his ear and influence. however, i think the last week, especially the article that steve bannon may or may not have known was on the record or off the record that printed him attacking colleagues and attacks folks who have come into power in donald trump's administration may have been the final straw. i was getting text messages from people, what do you think, friday? gerri: we were hearing rumors as well. the letter mentions kellyanne conway. is she also at risk? >> i have not heard any bad
1:36 pm
things about kellyanne conway. of course, the rumor mill is going. if you read washington, d.c. news reporting, the newsletters in the morning. 95% of it is he said/she said soap opera stuff and kellyanne conway's name hasn't come up in a few weeks, it's her time to shine again, we can see the rumors mill around tomorrow and the spotlights moved on. gerri: wow, chris bedford, thanks for coming on, on a very hot news today. appreciate your time. >> thank you. gerri: well, steve bannon opposed the at&t merger with time warner. now that he's out, is the deal in? ashley webster joins us with more. >> reporter: that's a good question, gerri. he was not a fan of the deal. you could argue there's another hurtle or potential hurtle taken out of the way. let us not forget, the president himself or then candidate donald trump when the merger was put out there said no, i'm not really happy with this because it puts too much power into the hands of too few.
1:37 pm
steve bannon didn't like the deal. he's out now, and a general report saying this particular merger that would change the media landscape is a huge deal. $85 billion deal, is in the advanced stages, the department of justice is looking at what possible conditions have to be put down on the deal, maybe by the end of next month, we'll know what the conditions are. one theory? spinning off cnn. you say cnn, we all know what the president thinks about cnn. the home of fake news, according to our president. you can imagine donald trump not a fan of cnn does, that mean that the 24-hour news channel gets spun off in order for at&t to acquire time warner? that's the big question, gerri. gerri: i tell you, ash, so many things up in the air now that bannon is out. what are investors going to be watching, before you go here, quickly. to figure out whether this is going to go forward and how the deal might change?
1:38 pm
>> the deal may change. the problem is that competitors will argue to the department of justice that having at&t have a sway over all of this content, hbo, for instance, are they going to favor inhouse programming over others? that's the big thing. at&t is going to have to promise not to do that. also, at&t and time warner will argue, wait a minute, the whole landscape is changing. this will make us stronger to compete against those big tech companies that are getting into the video arena. the apples, the netflix and so on, facebook, they're all spending a lot of money to generate original content. at&t says the merger with time warner will allow them to compete. so in the meantime, we wait and see what the department of justice will do. one little point on all of this, the antitrust division of the justice department doesn't have a head right now. has yet to be appointed. so that doesn't help either. but i think we'll know towards the end of the next month
1:39 pm
whether the deal is approved or not. gerri: ashley webster, thank you for that report. >> reporter: my pleasure. gerri: bannon is out of the white house, could the legislative win lead to more records? why that would happen sooner than you think. after this. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. cameras. introducing the newly redesigned gla suv.
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. gerri: president trump meeting with national security team at camp david. with steve bannon out. what does that mean for the agenda ahead? marry kissel, good to see you. >> good to be with you. gerri: bannon out, this is a fella who crystalized the trump vision, why is he gone? >> trump had no other choice. steve bannon called up a left-wing magazine and not only trashed the president's agenda in north korea, he said he was going to make staffing decisions, go the left on racial politicking and some of things.
1:44 pm
it's a long list, but if the president didn't fire steve bannon, i think he risked losing important people on his domestic team, gary cohn, and on his foreign policy team, h.r. mcmaster. gerri: i want to ask about gary cohn in just a second. what does it mean for the base? 19 conservative groups jumping up and down writing a letter to the president saying we can't fire him, we need him. he articulates our vision for the country. is the president in danger of losing his hard core supporters? >> i don't think any president is in danger of losing hard core supporters. that's why they're called hard core supporters. i would ask do they want gestures or get things done? steve bannon, let's recall was behind the rushed immigration bill that the courts beat back because it was so poorly written. steve bannon didn't convince republicans in congress to get behind health care reform. do the 19 conservative groups want to get anything done or just rage against the machine
1:45 pm
of washington? personally, i would prefer to get things done. gerri: i'm going to count you as somebody who doesn't like steve bannon. >> no, no, no, it's not personal, it's about policy. gerri: and getting things done and getting back on the agenda, and frankly, i think you've got to look the congress here. they seem to be a group that is completely out of touch and incapable of coming together. i want to ask about gary cohn because you brought him up. this seemed one of them was going to stay, one was going to go and the president even spoke about gary cohn this week. he had comments on gary cohn saying something positive. was that the scenario? one had to believe? >> gary cohn was uncomfortable with the president's comments after charlottesville. he's jewish. gerri: can you see it on his face during the press conference. >> absolutely. and gary cohn assembled a group of free market thinkers to work on tax reform.
1:46 pm
so could the president achieve tax reform and the conversations that have to go on between the white house and congress without gary cohn in the group? in the conservative groups that you mentioned? i don't think so. gerri: well, you know, kellyanne conway is also being defended in this letter in the 19 conservatives. you wonder, there's a revolving door going on at this white house. do you think anybody else is going to go? >> is there going to be another x on the cover of the "new york post" survivor edition? i don't really care, as long as the white house gets discipline and scoring legislative points. the president was elected to do health care reform, which they didn't do, and tax reform, which hasn't happened to date. they haven't had a lot of time. if they don't get it done next year, the attention is going to turn to the elections next year.
1:47 pm
it's all off the table. gerri: you have to give credit for doing regulatory reform. that has happened. you've seen the economy firm up, numbers in terms of jobs. there have been wins. when it comes to legislative successes? nada. >> i would take issue, 2% growth, lousy, and the stock market is not reflective of the real economy. gerri: great to see you. steve bannon is out as the chief strategist. could this strategy be the reset the white house needs? stay with us. where to get out. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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1:51 pm
on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. mary kissel. >> as we've been saying for most of this hour, steve bannon, the president's accomplice, the president's ear in the white house, he is out. former new york republican lieutenant governor betsy mccaughey says america's priorities better still be in there. you were economic adviser for trump, and bannon waved the flag on a lot of america first policies that deal with the economy. >> that's right, and bannon may have been disruptive within the white house in recent weeks, but the fact is he was a major force for america first, putting workers first, just two days ago, he said we're in an economic war with china. that is certainly true, and so
1:52 pm
i want to make sure that when bannon leaves, the white house is still focused on doing justice for workers in this country. gerri: well, you raise a good question, we have gary cohn, goldman sachs alumni who are running the show, they are globalists and think the priority is not dramatically changing trade pacts as steve bannon talked about. >> there are many conservative groups in the country, not just culturally conservative, gerri, but people who have grassroots commitment to workers in the country. a major reason so many democrats voted for donald trump. first on trade, and secondly on immigration. bannon is one of the people who truly believe that america's immigration policies should be welcoming to immigrants but particularly immigrants who bring skills and economic self-sufficiency rather than family ties.
1:53 pm
he was a major mover to rewrite the immigration laws to build our economy. gerri: would have you called steve bannont populist in chief in the white house. many of the things you're talking about, broad-based, middle of the country, red meat, appealing to people who over the last 8 to 10 years have seen an economy that has not provided the job opportunities they wanted. people who struggled with the trade policies which really limited prospects for a lot of americans. >> yes, but let me point out that they weren't just steve bannon's ideas. these ideas really belong to donald trump. he articulated them from the first day on the campaign, and steve bannon was rather a late comer to the campaign. so these are donald trump's policies and i'm hoping that they will remain very central to the movement of the white house. gerri: so betsy, where do we go from here, though? a lot of the issues, the wall, maybe it doesn't get built now. maybe it was never going to get
1:54 pm
built. >> that has receded as emphasis out of white house. white house is pushing in nationalist terms, fairer trade deals and much more sensible policies. let's hope the white house sticks with the major two initiatives. gerri: we've been talking about it for the hour, the interesting thing is the market improved. we're down 11 points now on the dow. we had 100 point turnaround as the headlines started to hit the wires about bannon, and bannon leaving, and i think that's because professional investors are globalists, and they want to see these trade pacs, you know, they like that, they want to see an economic world they can predict and understand and a bannon, with his world view, maybe that's not a good match? >> well, i am concerned that the world view is departing along with steve bannon, because it plays a very important role in ensuring that
1:55 pm
we have fair economic growth in this country in the future. economic growth that benefits workers. gerri: yeah, economic growth that benefits workers and lifts everybody. getting everybody on the same page is going to be very difficult. so -- >> i don't want to be distracted from the major, major initiative, tax reform. it must get through, and bannon was playing only a marginal role in tax reform, so the good news is, that should move ahead. gerri: so is gary cohn the man now? is he the fella everybody looks to? is he in trump's ear? we've got 40 seconds here? >> yes, and when congress comes back, the number one, number two and number three priority must be to get a tax reform bill on the president's desk, if they can't do all the controversial aspects of it. cut corporate taxes. the best thing to do for workers. >> i think everybody heard that and a lot of agreement. thank you so much for that. all right. tease --
1:56 pm
and that's what i'm doing. if bannon's out, who's in? more coming after this. . . . .
1:57 pm
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gerri: we've been talking about another staff shake-up at the white house. steve bannon is out. conservative groups are protesting the move but stocks turning around on the news. president trump, camp david we've been showing you talking to his team on military strategies. there he is is right now.
2:00 pm
thethe news of steve bannon addg to more questions about the agenda going forward. neil back monday to take you through all the fallout from this. you better watch "cavuto: coast to coast" on monday. neil is back to witness the solar eclipse. happening during this show, believe it or not. trish regan through the next hour. trish: thanks, gerri. market is off 30 points. they are trying to address what it means for the agenda. steve bannon leaving the white house. whites who issuing a statement, i quote, white house chief of staff john kelly and steve bannon mutually agreed it would be steve's last day. welcome to "the intelligence report." bannon has been somewhat controversial figure in the white house. he often clashed with other white house advisors as well as members of president trump's cabinet, including the new chief of staff, john kelly. while this sort of hard-nosed conservative, very


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