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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 18, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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thethe news of steve bannon addg to more questions about the agenda going forward. neil back monday to take you through all the fallout from this. you better watch "cavuto: coast to coast" on monday. neil is back to witness the solar eclipse. happening during this show, believe it or not. trish regan through the next hour. trish: thanks, gerri. market is off 30 points. they are trying to address what it means for the agenda. steve bannon leaving the white house. whites who issuing a statement, i quote, white house chief of staff john kelly and steve bannon mutually agreed it would be steve's last day. welcome to "the intelligence report." bannon has been somewhat controversial figure in the white house. he often clashed with other white house advisors as well as members of president trump's cabinet, including the new chief of staff, john kelly. while this sort of hard-nosed conservative, very nationalistic
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economic agenda, earned him a lot of support from trump supporters it caused friction with more moderate aides think gary cohn for example. maybe steve mnuchin. family members like jared kushner and donald trump. i want to go to blake burman, standing by at the white house with the breaking news. as i said the market doesn't quite to know what to make of it. we're off a little bit because there is some concern they're still going through a lot of speed bumps here blake. reporter: this shows, trish, i think you could says influence of new chief of staff general john kelly. anthony scaramucci first to to go in opening days of and few days into it, president's chief of staff, steve bannon out at white house -- chief strategist.
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this one sort of festered in the similar way of final days of reince priebus's tenure, it was when, not if, when you hear from folks around washington. yet another friday here at white house where there is a high-profile departure. you went through some of the resume' or at least some of the criticisms of bannon. this is a move, his ouster at the white house, that already is receiving some blowback from conservative groups. while democrats are cheering it. this sort of picked up in the last week, trish, last, three, four, five, days after bannon gave an interview to liberal-leaning outfit seemed to undercut north korean policy, at least white house thinking. also took aim at member of state department, who got a public show of support by secretary of state rex tillerson. steve bannon, one of the longest tenured people who had been by the president's side a fuel year
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is out at white house, chief strategist role open. it remains to be seen if the president will bring somebody in, along the lines of steve bannon. but for now, this lightning rod, a very controversial figure, out at the white house as the president and his team, his top advisors are at camp david, trying to plot a strategy forward on afghanistan. trish, back to you. trish: blake burman, thank you very much. joining me with reaction, american majority ceo, ned ryun, our own charlie gasparino, and democratic strategist, is also beside me. you known steve bannon a long time. what is your reaction throughout this. >> talked to him this morning. hear reports there was friction, because steve bannon campaign agenda on his whiteboard in his office. he was one saying day after day constantly saying we have campaign agenda.
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it was winning agenda, america first, populist agenda that got us here, we should adhere to it that is the only agenda we should pushing. trish: other people were not on board with that agenda? >> of course there was friction with the neocons, establishment, dare i say liberal elites in the west wing. when we talk friction -- trish: can you name some names? is it, i think charlie will as well of the there was a lot of friction, charlie reported on, ned, between gary cohn and steve bannon. >> not only gary cohn, we're talking, we've seen obviously with general mcmaster. there was friction with other establishment figures. let's face it, jared and ivanka are not aligned necessarily with the campaign agenda. coming in with a different mind-set, a different world view. so you know friction that was caused is merely bannon saying let's stick to the campaign agenda. trish: okay. all right. there are biggies out there. charlie, i go to you.
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tax reform. >> right. trish: repeal and replace gone by the wayside, but tax reform, perhaps infrastructure as well, aren't those things pretty much everyone can get hine or are you still seeing this real difference, this finite difference between the likes of gary cone and steve bannon, for that reason they needed to go? >> let's just be real clear about steve bannon. immensely smart guy. clearly the guy that got donald trump elected. there is no doubt in anyone's mind he got donald trump elected. donald trump, the president of the united states was jealous that steve bannon received, the sort of act -- accolades in the recent book. trish: green, the devil's bargain. >> i know knowing donald trump he was immensely jell about that that put gary cohn on the crap list so to speak. let me -- trish: on the cover of "time," wasn't he?
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>> that almost led to his ouster a while back. what caused this thing to happen specifically is, kelly, general kelly came in and, cut a deal with the president. the president made him real chief of staff. he is looking for loosened to cut out. and i, there is a report out there that steve resigned a couple weeks ago and that -- trish: "new york times" reporting that. >> i don't necessarily think, i don't buy that. i think really his position inside of the white house became sort of untenable this week with that interview where he basically publicly constructed the generals. trish: by the way, what viewers know what charlie reviewing to -- >> the "american prospect." trish: he specifically said we don't have military options in north korea. >> publicly said. trish: opposite what we heard throughout the administration. >> one more thing. i reported on sunday on, tweeted out and reported monday on fox business that i was hearing this
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from people close to bannon, barring a miracle, that he was going to be out by the end of the week. now how did i know that? because he was already on kelly's crap list. that interview i believe pushed him over the edge. trish: so, pablo, if you're donald trump though, steve bannon has been instrumental from communications standpoint, has he not? he has been very instrumental keeping the base excited. do you run the risk now outside your white house, over at "breitbart," will be able to inflict more damage when he doesn't see the the agenda he wants getting through? >> i think yes, steve bannon es ousting will cause a war of words within the white house. from a democratic perspective, if you think democrats celebrating this ousting or we're losing our focus, it is completely incorrect i have
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never seen democrats so focused. trish: of course they're celebrating. >> celebrating steve bannon's out offing? it was president of the united states -- trish: called him a white supremacist in their statement. this is playing right into, they loved this, pablo. >> no, no. democrats are focused on what the president is doing. no firing after miniature advisor like steve bannon. trish: here we go. i will share it with you. >> that will take democrats off the ball. trish: this is statement from the democrats. they say and i quote, there is one less white supremacist in the white house. one less white supremacist in the white house. that doesn't change the man sitting behind the resolute desk. >> that statement is to rise and organize. >> all right. trish: all right. let ned take a stab at this. >> pablo, let me make something very clear. steve bannon never has been, is not, and never will be a white
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supremacist or a racist at all. it is unfair charge. knowing who he is as a person. but trish, the thing that i think is important moving forward on this, is that president trump, who i believe, his instings tend towards the america first pop youism needs to come out and reassure the base, despite bannon's departure he is committed to that agenda. here is the thing that concerns me, really quick, charlie, there are again a lot of voice inside the west wing committed to that agenda. >> let's be real clear, there are a lost voices inside trump's head not committed to that agenda. i've known donald trump for a long time. steve bannon gave him the playbook, the playbook to win. say what you want. you want to call him a racist. i believe he is not. he misspoke about the alt-right. >> there is lost apologizing going on here. >> he kicked your ass. steve bannon kicked -- >> and donald trump.
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>> steve bannon created the playbook that -- trish: pablo. hang on. let charlie finish. >> steve bannon created a playbook that destroyed the clinton political machine. donald trump is without that playbook. it is a very difficult re-election for him. trish: donald trump doesn't necessarily feel that way. have we got sound from tuesday? here he is is talking about steve bannon. get your reaction. >> like, mr. bannon. he is a friend of mine but mr. bannon came on very late. you know that. i went through 17 senators, governors, i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came on very much later than that. i like him. he is a good man. he is not a racist. i i can tell you that he is good person. he gets very unfair press. we'll see what happens to mr. bannon. trish: that was a little premonition of mr. bannon weighs going to be gone.
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charlie, he is taking credit, he is saying this was me. >> donald trump takes credit for economy of jobs that obama created. that is real clear. >> that is true. trish: you think bannon was big part of his success. without bannon there, what happens? >> bannon gave him road block, playbook, it was a guy sam nunnberg, political advisor roger stone. in all ways those guys gave president trump the playbook to be, candidate trump, the playbook to be president trump. and without, without bannon, you're losing, you're losing one of your star outfielders. i am just telling you, i, if he goes rogue on -- >> star outfielder of alt-right team? >> no, no. >> i'm sorry. of the damage has been done. the damage is done. trish: pablo -- wait a second, pablo. these are big accusations to
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make against someone, okay? he is on record. he came out with an interview, basically saying that he had no use for those hooligans in the alt-right. so to make those kind of accusations about anybody, that is all you folks do right now, that is what you just keep doing over and over and over again. to inper that is awfully big thing to say. i will give the last word to ned, who knows steve bannon very well. >> i do. trish: you know, what is he do now? does he two back to "breitbart"? can donald trump look through the "breitbart" lens and via other vehicles to perhaps find his way? because charlie making the point it will be really challenging without bannon by his side? >> it is. two questions, trish. who will replace steve bannon as white house strategist. because he is very unique, brilliant thinker, thinking two or three steps ahead. that is a huge question mark. is this person, whoever comes up, if he replaced will they
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have the same instincts and same brilliance as steve bannon. with him going back, i assume he goes back to "breitbart" and doing things previously. i guarranty what he will be doing. using that powerful platform to push that america first agenda, reminding people again, these ideas were winning ideas. they are positive agenda for america. let's not lose sight of that. again he will be competing with very powerful voices inside the west wing. you know what? bannon has resources and allies beyond "breitbart" pushing this message. >> going to be hard though. it is going to be hard. trish: thank you so much. and one final note on that. pablo, and pablo's gone now, the left keeps trying to level these charges of white supremacy, and i'm getting pretty sick and tired of that. so that is what they're doing here, the dnc is calling him white supremacist, saying one less one in the white house. that is uncalled for. once again identity politics that is not helping anyone.
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so the left needs to quit doing that. editor-in-chief of "breitbart" sending out this tweet, quote, war. steve bannon, of course used to run the conservative news outlet "breitbart news" which has been a huge booster of the president's. will he return there? is the conservative media gearing up for a war against the white house? that's next. when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom.
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caps. does the president risk alienating the conservative media, which his supporters really flocked to? if he loses the conservative news media, what's that going to mean? how does steve bannon's ouster factor into all of this? our own gregg jarrett, and gaynor from the media research institute. dan, talk about the conservative media and role of shaping everything that happened in the last six plus months since the president has been there? >> donald trump obviously has a media problem. the entire traditional media are out to get him in bulk. so he needed conservative media outlets a lot to get his word out. trish: is he running risk he loses the conservative media? "breitbart," for the editor to be sending out a tweet, saying war, it may actually be very
2:19 pm
problematic because if he doesn't have the left, and he doesn't have the right, what are you left with? >> well, donald trump is a smart guy. he can never go left enough to satisfy the media and the left. he can literally do anything and not satisfy them. so he will not alienate the conservative media. he will make nice in some way. i think steve bannon because he is out at the white house, doesn't mean he wouldn't help potentially a 2020 run. i think these are people that like each other. i'm not surprised to see bannon out of the white house. trish: i will ask about that point. these two gentlemen, clearly see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. he wouldn't have been there that long if they hadn't. so would he really go back to "breitbart" and start railing on the president and his policies? >> i may go back to "breitbart" but he will not turn on the president. human nature tells us that you know, that would be admission
2:20 pm
that bannon was wrong in back the president. so he is not going to do that. he will continue to support the president i think. i think the two of them had fairly good personal working relationship. trish: what does it mean for everyone else in the administration? people charlie gasparino was referring to earlier as well as ned ryun, gary cohn, ivanka trump, jared kushner, mcmaster, all these people really seen being at odds with steve bannon? >> he was a caustic, divisive figure while he was there. i think there is probably some relief in the halls of the white house now. bannon however did enormous damage this week to the president of the united states. he committed what is, i always look at everything as a lawyer, he committed what is tantamount to treason, all right. we're not at war with north korea. so technically legally it is not treason but what he essentially did was, he told our sworn enemy, kim jong-un, that the president was simply bluffing
2:21 pm
when president trump said that he would use military force. that's an egregious act by bannon, that you should never do, and kim jong-un sitting in his palace at pongyang, he may be rethinking this, reading what bannon said that the president was just bluffing. maybe next week kim jong-un will launch missiles over guam. bannon may have done enormous harm. trish: you make a good point. if you're an administration saying look, we have military options, we're ready to fight tonight if need be, then one of your top people goes out to refute that, dan, what do you think happened? was this a slip of the tongue? was this anthony scaramucci type thing where he forgot to say, hey, i'm off record? >> i think he was probably frustrated. there is definitely a tug-of-war going on at the white house. i'm sure that was part of the
2:22 pm
reason for the interview. i don't understand why conservatives consistently feel they can out themselves to any sort of liberal outlet. you know you will never get good treatment. you know results will always be bad. they keep doing it. that i can't help. remember, in the final analysis, this also emboldens conservative outlets to be more of a check and a balance on the people who are seen as more liberal in the white house. i think they're the ones who have to worry about it, not donald trump. i think they're the ones that have to worry about they're not caught doing anything bad. trish: let me take this a step further, gregg, when we think about sort of fraction that we're seeing right now in the party, where you have traditional type conservatives, mitch mcconnells, paul ryan, et cetera, who may be more on board with gary cohn, steve mnuchin, mcmaster, et cetera. then you have donald trump and
2:23 pm
you have news organizations like "breitbart" and you have steve bannon, are we going to actually see a will we see a splintering of republican party. >> we already seen it. repeal and replace you see splits three ways between liberals, moderates and conservatives and didn't get necessary votes. i would lay most of the blame on ryan and mcconnell in that regard. i used to think democrats were self-destructive. it was inate quality of their party but republicans seem to have, you know, obtained contagion hanging out with democrats. now they're being self-destructive here. that is a real problem for the president. trish: dan, gregg, thank you very much. a manhunt underway for driver of a van slammed into a group of people killing 13, injuring more
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trish: everyone, a massive manhunt is underway right now for the driver who plowed through pedestrians, just a horrific story, yet again in las ramblas, district of bartz loan that, this happened yesterday -- barcelona, late afternoon barcelona time. this morning police killed out five men as they carried out a second attack in spain. driving through a crowd of people in a town just south of barcelona. the terror wave leaving 14 people dead, more than 100 people wounded. one of those killed was an american citizen. two people are dead and several others are injured in a separate attack that took place today in finland. this is a knife attack where a guy wept out yelling, "allahu akbar!," god is great and went after all of these people, with
2:28 pm
a knife, before he was shot by authorities. they're not confirming whether this is islamic terror but, well, you know we're seeing a pattern here. joining me right now fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. >> hi, trish. trish: good to see you. you've been warning about this for some time. you've been warning over and over again how it doesn't work to bring all these people in from a very different culture, from a very different faith, that many of whom have extremist views, and assume they will assimilate into western european society yet the europeans made this choice. what can we learn from their mistake? >> we can learn a lot but most important thing is, you hit it when you said it is west european societies having the problems. in the united states, whatever your background, if you're a legal immigrant here you can become an american. you can live the american dream if you're honest and work hard but in europe there is no french
2:29 pm
dream, german dream, spanish dream for immigrants. for generations now, i lived there, you lived there, trish, you saw it, there was no attempt by either side to integrate. as a result you've got these vast ghettos of primarily muslim, not exclusively that are just apart. they're apart from the societies. and they're obviously breeding grounds for disaffected, unemployment young men and they're perfect target pools for the most radical voices within the islamic community. trish: i'm going to try to fix this, political leaders saying okay, what is the way for to us deal with this from a policy perspective? they go out, say, let's open the gates to bring many, many more in, without any infrastructure or way to assimilate people? >> and the assimilation is the key. the model is not there. in the states we have better
2:30 pm
educated immigrant pool for the most part from the middle east. apart that europe doesn't know what to do. italy is bearing the brunt of it. they have been overwhelmed with immigrants, not refugees, economic my grants from sub-saharan africa. nobody will help italy. the as youtryians put military forces at brenner pass to prevent immigrants from crossing. french won't help. spanish are getting hit. european union talk as good fight. trish: we could talk this to death, they are the united states or europe and or you're not. i don't think they can be. one europe is a bit of fiction, you can not be a united and economic power as much as they have tried. it is not working. you have very distinct cultures not willing to integrate with each other let alone with middle-eastern or north african migrants coming in. colonel peters, there is a word to the wise here for us too.
2:31 pm
we have to be careful right now about who is coming into this country. we have to recognize our own ability to deal with the flux of migration. we have to, you know, recognize who we want here and if you're an islamic extremist, you're not welcome! >> we have every right to decide who comes to our country, to control our borders. that is a fundamental right of nationhood. anybody who disputes that is -- trish: they will call you a racist. you know exactly what they're going to say. the democratic party out today saying, well at least one less white supremacist in the white house, when referring to steve bannon and his resignation. this is their m.o., colonel. >> i'm comfortable with it myself. i know what i believe. i have no problem with muslim immigration as long as everyone, muslim, otherwise is properly vetted and can contribute to our society.
2:32 pm
who wants to share our ideals. who wants to be part of america. that's the whole point here. to go back to terrorism, we're going to see it too, but our problem will not be as severe as europe's. but europe, these attacks on tourist centers, there is, there are reasons why they attack tourist centers. you always hear of soft targets and so that's true but when you hit the tourist centers you hit local economies. in the barcelona area, one out of five locals is employed in the tourist industry even though barcelona complains about too many tourists. beyond that even, where else be where else can you hit so many nationalities at the same time? there were 35 nationalities killed or injured in barcelona. everybody from ireland to romania to australia, to sweden, to denmark and terrorists know what they're doing. hit them all, hit all those people. headlines everywhere. you hurt all the countries.
2:33 pm
europe has a problem now that it can not, it can not weed out from this vast sea of, this vast sea of immigrants, can't weed out terrorists. >> let's not make the same mistakes and i hope, i pray europe is able to deal with this i try not to be as mess as pessc on this as you, colonel. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> nancy pelosi, highest ranking democrat in the house, in a statement, the trump administration must not only purge remaining white supremacists on staff -- you see what she is doing? you see that? abandon bigoted ideology that clearly governs its decisions. this is their playbook, everyone who supports trump or works in the donald trump administration a white supremacist? that's next.
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trish: vandals scrawling the word nazi inside after guy ant heart on the side of the new hampshire republican party headquarters, as well as smashing several windows. you see there, the graffiti. it is latest in a string of attacks on republicans. even dr. ben carson's home was targeted with hateful trump
2:38 pm
rhetoric. katie forest joins me from new hampshire. genie, this is, it seemed like what the left is trying to do. they're trying to taint everyone in your party as somehow nazi sympathizer, or a white supremacist. do you feel you are under attack as a republican? >> yeah, absolutely. i think that democrats really know how to bully, and we're seeing that here. we saw that two days ago when they vandalized our state party headquarters by, as you described, spray painting the word nazis with, encircled by a heart on the wall of our building. by throwing a rock through the glass of the window and breaking pains. -- panes. this kind of behavior is simply not acceptable type of behavior.
2:39 pm
trish: isn't this identity who picks? isn't it out of the playbook? this is how they trying to excite their base? >> yes. i think that is probably what they're trying to do. i, i think the republicans, republican governor and leadership responding appropriately and by condemning the acts, by refusing to be bullied by these types of activities. it is disappointing. its discouraging. we have reached this level of kind of discourse in the country that we can't agree if we don't agree, then it needs to be violence that we need to practice. that is really unfortunate. we just can't accept that. trish: look, i was very vocal. i thought donald trump should have walked away from those reporters, because when he gave that press conference the other day, it basically helped to fuel
2:40 pm
this fire, so to speak. there is an agenda on left. it is to paint anyone in the republican party as somehow being sympathetic to neo-nazis or to the kkk, and you need to do everything you can to distance yourself, but now, i got to say, genie, they're going a step too far because to make these kind of accusations, against a lot of really good people, i mean, that, that is sending us back decades? >> it is sending us back decades. you know, i can't get into the mind of the person or persons who did this. i think maybe they really have to look inside of themselves, what motivated them to do this. but, again, you know, as republicans here in new hampshire. we will not be bullied. this will not set us back. we will continue to move forward in a positive way.
2:41 pm
trish: good for you. thanks for joining me, jeanie. from my home state, nonetheless. nancy pelosi, highest ranking democrat in the house. she had a response to steve bannon's departure. here is what she had to say. i will share with you. the trump administration should purge itself of remaining white supremacists on the staff but abandon the bigotry ideology that clearly governor ends its decisions. another person said much. our political panel joins us next yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes
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trish: the left taking its anti-trump rhetoric to another level. this is a new low, really for them. here is a facebook post. one democratic state senator says, she hopes president trump is assassinated. can you believe that? then you get nancy pelosi, you
2:45 pm
know her, responding to the departure of steve bannon saying, i showed you this earlier, quote, the trump administration must not only purge itself of the remaining white sue very much its on staff but abandon the bigoted ideology that clearly governs its decisions. the dnc said at least the white house rid itself of one white supremacist. they have a playbook. this is the gender today they advance. pablo is back with me along with american majority ceo ned ryun. pablo, you guys are taking it too far here. just simply too far. we as a nation come so far, you're bringing us right back into the dark ages with this kind of rhetoric. you know that. >> my biggest fear, right now, trish, honestly is that the trump's already doing things like president trump is already doing things calling for rally next week in phoenix. this is spiraling out of control. i agree --
2:46 pm
trish: what is spiraling out of control? >> i agree what senator said from my home state of missouri was absolutely wrong. condemn it wholeheartedly. trish: calling for assassination of the president. you should condemn it. >> she should resign immediately. doesn't change the fact republicans have hard time condemning white supremacy in the oval office. >> that is not true. >> that it is true. >> trish, this is the festering poison of identity politics coming to the surface. >> that is not, ned. >> yes it is. there is no virtuous racism. there is inviter just political violence or hate is hate, violence is violent. no place on the right or the left. pablo, really quick, i disavow the alt-right earlier this year, said they had no place and should never be involved in the conservative movement. the left needs to disavow anti- fa, who by the way they might wear black, but they sure remind of people who used to wear brown. >> you guys are ridiculous. >> the thing i'm concerned about
2:47 pm
right now. trish, identity is a really big problem in america. it allows people to identify by race or gender. it further separates and balkanized people. at the end of the day. we are americans come from many rich traditions races creed. at the end of the day we're americans. what i am concerned about be trish, there is no good ending to identity politics. we have to leave it behind and understand things unite us. trish, economic policy that, the rising tide lifts all ships this, is something that can unite us because economic prosperity is blind on what color somebody is or what gender they are. trish: absolutely. yet, pablo, you see what your party doing, dnc, saying one less white supremacist in the white house. you're telling me you have a bunch of white supremacists in the white house? that is what the dnc is saying. >> saying, everyone has distanced themselves because of this point. on this point, everyone has been
2:48 pm
consistent. he is completely isolated. like if you think about it, after last weekend, we can't even -- trish: we're going back to that. i already said my peace on that. viewers know that very well. i think he could have done more to avoid the whole line of conversation. i don't think he did any of that deliberately. however, and -- >> tuesday. trish: because he should have shut it down. but instead the media egged him on and egged him on. he kept going back i get. we've already that discussion. we're talking about what your party is doing. >> my party is going to rise and organize to defeat this president by, you know -- trish: calling him a white sue very much -- supremacist. >> by rising and organizing against white supremacy. think what happened, this weekend will be a mess, guys. it will be a mess in our country. trish: because you are contributing to this, pablo. this kind of rhetoric from your party, ned ryun, doesn't it just feed that beast? >> it feeds the beast because,
2:49 pm
pablo, the concerned about, listen -- >> my party is not in the white house. your party is in the white house. >> confederate monuments i could agree be in museums or historical battlefield. now we're going after george washington? these guys will not stop until they looking i'm not speaking at hyperbole, looking at constitution, how can we view something legitimate slave owners were involved. i'm telling you this will not end well. trish: democratic party, they have not been on the side of african-americans from historical perspective. i'm leaving it there. ned, pablo, i hate the identity politics. thank you very much. >> me too. thanks trish. trish: democrats need to stop as well. government review of at&t, time warner deal reaches advanced stages. president is critical of the merger. both stocks trading down as well? to much worse.
2:50 pm
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trish: steve bannon is out at the white house. that leaves a lot of questions in the business community about things like well, at&t's pending 85 billion-dollar merger with the time warner company, which is expected to be finalized soon. "wall street journal" reporting that the government's review of the deal is in advanced stage. this is despite president trump's previous objections which steve bannon echoed as well. ashley webster is here. >> does this remove a major roadblock? maybe. steve bannon was not a fan of this deal, at&t and time warner but neither was candidate donald trump. he says you're putting too much power and influence in the hands of one entity. but it appears that this deal is moving through. we may know by the end of next month when the department of justice puts out list of conditions for this to go through.
2:54 pm
$85 billion. competitors hate it, at&t through its directv platform could favor in house programing and all the rest of it. however, at&t and time warner says this is whole different media landscape. you have to allow this because, we have strong competition from the likes of netflix, amazon, facebook, who are spending billions on content. trish: the interesting thing here though is, ajit pai, head of fcc, doesn't have jurisdiction over this. >> no. trish: he certainly indicated, i wonder if symptomatic how others feel in the administration, that the bigger media companies are okay? >> i think they are because of a changing landscape. the last major deal, was what, comcast buying nbc universal in 2011. i think they could make a good argument, at&t, look, this is a different world now. we have competing with tech giants who have gazillions of dollars. apple, could buy whatever it
2:55 pm
wants. combining our platform is going to work. the question is, will they have to spin off cnn? we all know what mr. trump thinks about cnn. trish: that's true. he is, by the way, not a fan. >> not a fan. of fake news as he tells us. the other little fly in the ointment is, the antitrust division doesn't have a boss. hasn't been nominated. does that slow it down? maybe. one of the deals may be, or one of the conditions may be spin off cnn it goes through which raises a lot of other questions who would buy cnn? i raise that sarcastically? trish: we're teasing. we're teasing. cbs has been rumored for that. >> i know. i know. trish: buying cnn. ashley, good to see you. thank you very much. continue breaking news coverage of the shake-up at the white house. see you right back here after this.
2:56 pm
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. trish: all right, i'm going to be filling in for my friend neil, neil cavuto on your world on fox news. hope you join me there. and tomorrow morning, i'll be back again on fnc, fox news channel, hosting a special cost of freedom there from 10:00 a.m. until noon eastern. i'll see you today at 4:00 and 10:00 a.m. eastern on saturday. just because i must really like working -- [laughter] >> i'll be in on sunday co-hosting fox and friends in for my friend abbey starting at 6:00 a.m. i hope you join me this afternoon and all weekend long. you know this is a very trying time, a very difficult time, and we need more responsibility certainly from members of the left as you saw nancy pelosi's comments, as you saw the comments from the dnc saying, well, we have one less white
3:00 pm
supremacist in the white house, effectively trying to label steve bannon a white supremacist and anyone who works in the trump administration a white supremacist. we're going to talk about it at 4:00 and through the weekend. this is just plain wrong, it is identity politics and needs tend to. liz claman over to you. liz: look, in the final hour, the markets have all but fumbled. the relief rally that had traders cheering an hour and a half ago, minutes after word hit the tape president trump was banishing bannon, chief strategist and white house lightning rod. the markets slashed earlier. the dow had been down triple digits when suddenly all of that was erased. dow sprinted to the upside and the blue chips are back down about 30 points. we have the s&p clinging to half a point gain. the move punctuating a wild week for the president and the markets. his controversial response to the charlottesville attacks had america's big business leaders


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