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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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checking out historic solar eclipse from balcony of white house. president appears to look into the sun, there is shot of that. >> i don't think he was looking at a bird flying by, i don't know. there you go, "risk & reward" starts now. liz: we're just a few hours away from president trump's live address to nation about his new strategy for afghanistan, fox business is all over it. how many more troops, how much more money and why now? why a live address? as white house on a blitz against dc distractions, threatens to swamp president trump's progress agenda. tonight we have a all-star lineup for you. ed rollins, and mcnerney and later diamond and silk will join us. now first a warning watch your stock portfolio the pros on
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wall street warn, markets are jittery, earning season is over, we're in a a news vacuum, dow ending up mixed, 29 up, russell 2000, dow transportations have been taking hits, as we know august and september are historically the risk time for stock market, north korea on edge over the u.s. and south korea war drills. and now this labor unions have launched two weeks of rallies throughout midwest saying that president did not grow jobs, arguing those jobs are growing under same rate at obama. let's bring in trump great america pak co-chair, ed rollins, good to see you. >> nice to be with you. it is important to get people back to work. that is key. you said there is no news cycle, it has been 24 hours since there was no news cycle.
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liz: i min -- meant corporate earnings is over. >> i forget about that, the speech tonight, i find strange, in a sense this is a 16 year war. i don't think they will do anything any different, we have spent we have been there 16 years, there is no clarity, by highlights this, i don't know. liz: gary cohen is key, quarterback to tax cuts, this is first day of trump administration without bannon. was bannon distracting? >> i am a big fan of bannon, i don't think that president would have gotten elected if bannon had not come in to run his campaign, he was very important in early stages. in last few months everyone has been distracted. one person cannot change the way the white house functions.
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even sitting next to him he had an open door policy, it better managed the last couple of weeks, but at the end of the day trump is going to do what trump wants to do. liz: bannon was for all out economic war with china. we get it trade deals, argument is have hurt job growth. after his departure, bannon said, that president trump presidency we fought for and won is over, it will be something else. there will be all kinds of fights, there will be good days and bad days, this presidency is over, do you agree? >> i think that issues that he cared about meaning bannon and president 3r07 promised may not be front and center. who knows attacks restructuring and infrastructure are fee. hkey that he may get through, he is not getting healthcare
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clu through this year. liz: what is bannon's bu departure do to the base. >> they will be unhappy at beginning but at end of the day. it will be okay. he will continue to support president's positions. i think he was very -- you know you never had a properly structured white house. it just when you have a president who does not use the staff right it is chaotic. liz: what do you mean? >> no organization or structure, he is kind of a flat organization, anyone become see him, kelly has straightened that out somewhat, you know when daughter orson in la or the son-in-law can drop in, give advice there is no ortle are on the orderly process. liz: what will steve bannon's role back at breitbart mean for president and congress.
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>> he could have an ally there, if he stays on the agenda that steve feels is important, the one he promised the country. i think he will put some pressure on members of congress who are not supportive, he is more powerful than he was a year ago when he took over this campaign. liz: president laying on ut his strategy in afghanistan it is unclear how that will change the trajectory. 16 years long this is the longest war that united states. >> if you were in first grade when the war started, you just graduated from college, think about it in those terms, thousands of men in there trillions of dollars this there, we still have trillions of dollars in obligations to take care of people wounded and injured, the key, is what is end goal? to hold ground or win or to change the government. i don't think we can change the government. i think he will end up going in with a strategy let's not lose this battle but win.
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liz: what could be a game changer loosening up obama era rules of engagement, that says that u.s. troops cannot assist afghan troops if those afghan troop are being attacked by taliban, maybe president the lighten this up. >> i would assume with number of generals and superb people he has, in white house and secretary mattis, they understand those that war, they have been there they will do all they can to help the troops which is important. liz: thank you ed rollins come back soon. >> great thank you. liz: back to how president trump can pull out of dc swamp, zoom in hard on tax cuts to reconnect with g.o.p. and business leaders who ditched coin count -- his council. they spoke about tax reform today. >> we're marching forward on a person thing for our country to make it more competitive,
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eliminate job exporting a, you all know what this is, that is comprehensive tax reform for first time in 30 years. >> fox news kris contributor, former rep -- representative from utah jason chaffetz. >> good to be here. i think we passed a quick portion offing that would be a success, i am encouraged that mitch mcconnell is still speaking about comprehensive tax reform, i worry they will segue to tax cuts. that would be a disappointment for us who fought so hard to have republicans in house and presidency, this is a unique time in history to have com
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have -- comprehensive tax reform. liz: you wonder if republicans will work with white house to get that done. when george w, did tax rebates, that put money back in people's pockets, for first time in years g.o.p. won popular vote in presidential election. i think republican won popular vote once in 2004. >> a tax reform is a easier sell than health care reform, in august, i don't see president barnstorming country stalking about it. we'll be talking about afghanistan, a very important topic. i don't see a concerted effort in house and senate to layout the land -- plan to layout ground work so they have more am imperative to get it done, there are only 12 legislative
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days in calendar on the house, 6 of those are fly in, fly out days, you add that to debt ceiling issue, it is a big schedule going into september. liz: you know, i think that trump voters are saying. you congress, you said you were not going to recess. i am baffled why i isn't energy there right now, you say there is nothing going on. for tax cut or reform you don't see anything, why? >> i see kevin brady talking about it, i see paul ryan mention it every once in a while. but, by and large i have not seen a barnstorming you know effort over the last 5 weeks to lay the foundation. you don't want to wake up and surprise people, you want to layout your plan. margaret thatcher said, win
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the argument then you will go out and get the vote. liz: i'm not sure people remember what the democrat new brands logo is, call a better deal. quite forgettable. chuck schumer has a statement on tax reform in response, watch he di defies years and decades, saying that democrat tax reform is clear, we believe not 1 pen ge to top 1%, when republican figure out what they want to do we would be happy to work with them, if they can agree on these supported brings pehls, w -- princ principles. what happen snd. happened?
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>> that is why democrats are not thriving, they are antibusiness, a don't believe in the small businessman, they immediately turn it to class warfare, that just smells like politics, it should be helping average family, workers, business owners organizations make america more whic competitive, which is one of driving reasons why we have a president trump. american public believes hig he knows business. and he will be able to sell it, but i don't see him going across country laying out the foundation for tax reform, he is going to arizona talk about the border, and talking about afghanistan, we talked about charlottesville, we need the president to go district by district, state by state and twist the arms of senators so we could actually get tax reform done. >> you are right, obama did it for obamacare.
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he went barnstorming. we have mr. steven mnuchin defending himself and president trump, 350 former yale classmate call on mnuchin resign, sending him a letter saying. -- this is his response, saying i'm not resigning, he says, i feel compelled to let you know that president in no way shape or form believes that neo-nazi or thor hate groups are equivleapt to those who demonstrate and peaceful and lawful ways, saying that president misspoke when he said fine people are marching with nazis, what do you make of that? >> well, mr. mnuchin i believe of jewish heritage, being called by 300 people to step down is not going to step down. president's son-in-law is jewish, his daughter converted to judism.
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i think you know, that is probably behind us. president can continue to clarify there is absolutely no daylight, no room for neonazis, and others who spew hate, this is in contradiction to where united states constitution, the core believe of our country. he will need to reinforce that time and again, but treasury secretary is right, and he is not going to step down that seems absurd. liz: good to see you, come back soon. >> thank you. liz: to your money, u.s. market closing mixed today had, dow and s&p ending in the green. trading intraday flip-flopping about. but now they are in the grind. nasdaq in the red, on a 3 day losing streak. tech stocks fell again. this as oil basically dove more than 2%. now down at about 47 dollars a barrel. we have average nation algas
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prices check out pump there. 2 dollars and 33 centss, still hovering record lows, president trump will address the nation tonight outlining his strategy for afghanistan. fox business will bring it to you live, beginning with a special edition of coast-to-coast, with neil cavuto 8 p.m. >> next up north korea kim jong-un warning that the u.s. and south korea, they will face a merciless strikef given the joint drills they are doing. but is this an empty threat again? we have retired general tom mcnerney, he will join with us his take. >> and trump supporters diamond and silk are back, weighing in on an a antiy fa ♪
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>> i was not willing to make significant, until we knew what was the strategy, the commitment going in. in that regard, president has made a decision, as he said. he wants to be the one to announce it to the american people, i'll stand silent until then. until that point. liz: president trump said he will unveil a new strategy for afghanistan, in a nationaly televised address tonight. we bring in lieutenant general thomas mcnerney. why would more troops and more money in afghanistan work? we've been at this for 16 years. what do you say that person parents whose sons or daughters are going back. >> a very good question. i think that secretary mattis
5:19 pm
probably general kelly, probably general mcmasters, advised president that they thought for stability reasons, they needed to reinforce. i suspect that they will put in about 4,000 more troops. i was in agreement with president when he was pushing back on this. but if we do this, liz. then we flat must admit that pakistan iso only reason that taliban has survived, we need to tell pakistani we'll start striking targets in pakistan that are supporting the taliban. and that is very important they know that because, they cannot do anything without support from pakistan. anything cross border, i would destroy it with air power. i would change the rules of engagement, i would be very aggressive on it there is no point in american troops, dying over there. if we dean have a two-win strategy. liz: you answer makes sense, because to your point
5:20 pm
president trump's thinking has evolved, citizen trump said we should get out in 2013, then said we should stak stay there to monitor nuclear armed pakistan. do you think that what president will say what you say. >> i don't think so, i may have been a tbli a little bit strong, i hope he does. if they think they are supporting the taliban that is unacceptable. if he dues not -- does not we have a flawed strategy. liz: osama bin laden was killed near a military base in pakistan. do you think that president trump will loosen up obama's strict rules of engagement, i think that u.s. military can act if taliban threatens our soldiers but they cannot if
5:21 pm
afghan forces are attacked, tell me if i am wrong. do you think that u.s. will -- excuse me do you think that president the left or loosen obama's rules of engagement rules? >> he lard has, i don't know the specifics. i know he has already loosening them up, he must loosen them up more and be more aggressive, if he wants his strategy to succeed, i know he does. liz: switching gears, 10 sailors missing and 5 injuries after the uss john mccain collided with a oil and chemical merchant ship, 3 times its size. this is the fourth time this year, what is going on. >> we have a problem in the navy, i'm sorry to say that, i am an airman, but you know not to run into airplanes in the air and sea, you know not to run into ships, i don't know the details, i think it will be like the fitzgerald, we're not going to like the answer,
5:22 pm
the navy has to look very hard at their particularly challenges in high density airs of shipping this should never have happened. liz: north korea still an issue, increasingly angry over annual joint u.s.-south korea military drills now underway, and north korea warning of a merciless strike, you said this, they see the drills for preparation for a u.s.-led invasion, should we be concerned with what north korea is saying now. >> yes. that means we should not let them deploy a nuclear icbm that can strike the united states or guam. they are still in the development and testing areas we must not let that happen. we should start building up our forces to counter that. i -- we can't walk away from this, liz. >> general tom mcnerney good to see you. >> thank you. liz: thank you for your service, next up, president trump addressing nation tonight to announce his new afghanistan policy, fox
5:23 pm
business will begin coverage with a special edition of coast on coast, with neil cavuto beginning 8 p.m. eastern time. next up a look at defense stokes, raytheon closes day in red, lockheed-martin with a more than 400 million dollar u.s. defense contract, according to pentagon. l3 technology ending in the green. it president trump announces he is send morgue troops to afghanistan -- sending more troops to afghanistan, will it make his basa angry? they are back, diamond and silk. two women trump supporters weighing in on antifa protesters, saying they should be listed as terror groups, don't go away. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually-
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gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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liz: welcome back president trump announcing his new strategy for afghanistan in an drea address to nation tonight, 9 p.m. eastern time.
5:27 pm
let's take it on the political power panel, bree peyton and daniel mclauglaughlin. how do you think it will go over? >> he is in a tough position. many people voted for him, because of the fact he said he did not want to intervene and nation build like previous administrations. but i think now we're faced with the reality, if we withdraw, afghani government will collapse and that vacuum extremists will thrive, right. so i think you know he -- the president's goal should be to redefine what winning look like in that region, not nation building. like in previous administrations, it look like is keeping isis and other extreme forces at bay. liz: we had general mcnerney say this is about a message to pakistan as well, to stop funding taliban.
5:28 pm
>> and stop harboring terrorists. we're not in a ground war with pakistan. i agree with bree, i think that campaign promises begun. -- be gone. we need to be training afghan. liz: hundreds of billion. >> i think a trillion. >> thrown a lot of money in there. >> we have kicked troops around the world for decade. i don't know that afghanistan is any different. liz: a good point, bigger base there for our troops, in afghanistan, justs we have in syria and iraq. but the president, i mean, here is the thing, it, he, he comes out with this afghanistan address, said more money, more troops, bree you
5:29 pm
have studied base and how trump voter will react? >> i think we'll see some frustrations. of factions of his supporters. but i think a lot of times, his supporters do come about to supporting what he says. if that makes sense. i think he is in a position to flip on a lot of things. i think his supporters will evolve with his evolving positions. liz: danielle? >> this one thing that was so frustrating to many of us who looked at him and promises said this never going to happen, idea we would come out of afghanistan or build a wall. this is a frustration to people. >> what do you think? >> you know, at-this-point, it is clear that withdrawing out of iraq, and afghanistan and that region is not something that he will be able to do. while he did campaign on ending you know endless wars
5:30 pm
and ending nation building and fruitless causes like that, he said, he is not about setting strict timelines for withdrawing, he was critical of president obama for doing that. and announcing all of his plans to our enemies, basically. he did promise on reducing our involve. in other countries and in fruitless missions and exercises, i think that his decision to do this does not betray a campaign promise. liz: we had ed rollins on, questioning, why does he need a nationally televised address. and then congressman chaffetz said that president some be barnstorming for tax cuts, remember obama barnstormed for obamacare. >> he sure did. i think this is about repositioning him, he had a terrible week with charlottesville. this is one thing, he is seen as strong on. i think he wants to be presidential, and address a tough topic this say real, actually, i am hopeful, tonight we'll see him make
5:31 pm
good decisions and come out can be leader we hope. liz: bree, can he turn it in afghanistan. >> that remains to be seen. what we have going on in strategy that we have now, is not working. so, you know, i think any change at-this-point is good change. and i think that you know this is more trump's decision to do this, televised address. over weekend and last week there were a number of terrorist attacks, in barcelona, i think that it a lot more about you know, securing our country, and mak sure we're safe from this ever growing threat this is becoming scarier by the minute. liz: you will be back in a bit. >> google in a bigger fight with facebook that involves billions of dollars in ad revenue. google helping media get more customer on internet.
5:32 pm
a move that could help fight off facebook growing ad sales. google testing changes to first click free policy. giving access via google search result to articles that require a paid subscription. u.s. digital ad market grew 12 million bucks last year, two tech giants accounting for more than 70% of that growth and five-day manhunt is over for i islamic terrorist who killed 13 people, wounded more than 1whe20 when he ran them over in barcelona last week, he was shot dead today. >> and should far left antifa groups be labeled as terrorist organizations? a petition to the white house, asking just that, and two trump supporter sisters, agree.
5:33 pm
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liz: new development in barcelona terror attack that killed 13, injury over 120 last week, after a massive manhunt, spanish police confirm they shot and killed suspected terrorist who drove the van. authorities they 22-year-old was wearing a bomb belt that appeared to be fake, he was the caring knives when they caught him today in a town 35
5:37 pm
miles west of barcelona. none of the terrorists had prior known link to terror, with me now. host of the blaze, dr. zhudi jasser. good to see you. >> thank you. liz: he is now dead. the vehicle terror attacks are -- there have been 10 of them over past year. aaron cohen, a terror expert said we should kick out family of terrorists once and for all, once a family member kills or maims. what do you say? >> well, i think certainly family network of support needs to be apprehended and held to justice, but just to kick them out if they did not know anything about it would be unconstitutional not the way you fight ideology. remember the reason they are doing these acts of terror,
5:38 pm
icisis wants to make west and lure of freedom no longer attractive to muslims. i think that law enforcement has a problem when you have an imam in prison for 4 years for hashish smuggling, he becomes a imam, he was killed in bomb explosion, he was not being monitored, when law enforcement is not monitoring a guy who was in prison, come out spewing ideas, i am sure are antiwestern, then has a cell of 12 people that were following him that is a problem in law enforcement, they are focusing on behavior, vehicular gee e jihad and knives and et cetera rather than ideology. liz: 120 canisters of a form of gas, this was going to be a major attack. that basically those bombs
5:39 pm
went off, it could have been worse. isis has openly called for vehicles to be used in terror attacks. it keeps going, how do you shut down imams? >> we shift from focusing on behavior, that is countering violent extremism to focus on countering violent eslambism, these ideas. they preaching antiwesternism against our foreign policy. saying that muslims are victims, trying to suppress speech, all these groups and imams that radicalized, separating our community, need to be under monitored, right now spanish will tell you they are monitorin 18, 002 18,000, who travel that is too big.
5:40 pm
liz: highway d how do you shut down an imam. >> you don't shut it down, you monitor it. if they are starting to have certain conversations that speak to committing an act and forming as a cell ethen you are able to shut it down, if they are not monitoring precursor ideas, then we're never going to get to them, and in enough time. not about shutting down the speech, you push them underground,. everyone middle eastern country has prove ern saudi arabia, egypt and qatar it increasese the threat of terror. bottom line is that hate speech needs to be spoken against, these guys don't care about national security, antifa folks just want to use
5:41 pm
partisan politics be they. anti-american eimams that speak out, they are not about fascism they are about political one upsmanship. >> thank you, dr. jud jude zhudi jasser. >> thank you. she is refusing t. we're asking trump supporters diamond and silk what they think about that, next. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart?
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. liz: new push to label antifa as a perriv terrorist organization. since president trump inauguration day, antifa
5:45 pm
protesters have rioted in cities and towns across country, smashed windows, set cars on fire, and assaulted those opposing them as well. joining me to discuss it media sensecasion september sense sig, diamond -- sensation diamond and silk. >> thank you. liz: the family, said that racism getting worse unless you stop is now. you condemn the kkk and nazi, rights? >> absolutely. ing all oall of them they spew hate. liz: get to antifa, should they be labeled as a terror group. >> i do. >> most definitely. >> th the tactics they use are out of isis playbook as far as i'm concerned. we have police that police us and protect and serve, we don't need antifa acting like isis in or country. >> that is right.
5:46 pm
liz: why do you say they alike isis. >> they wear black masks like isis. they go around bloodying up people, and intimidating and manipulating to dominate that is not right, that is wrong, that is an isis-like ideology to us, they are wearing black and wearing a plaqu a black flag, they needed to be deemed a terror group like the kkk and neo-nazis. >> some antifa be allowed to protest tomorrow night in arizona. >> absolutely not. you cannot go in and disrupt and interrupt his freedom of speech, you be wrong, it should be a crime and against the law. >> if they want to be out in street marching go join a marching band. liz: well taken. if they show up wearing masks
5:47 pm
and baseball bats they are up to something. in certain stating it is against law to wear a mask in a protest. >> any time you hide your face, that means you not up to something good. you probably top make the law. >> it makes you a coward. >> they need to be stopped. liz: why don't rioters take their concerns to board meetings instead of putting us and everyone in danger with rioting. >> maybe they just want to rec havoc to the cun -- reek havoc on country or some lawmakers are not concerned about president's agenda. people receive tax cuts or replacing obamacare, happ maybe the lawmakers don't care. >> they want media to make them famous. liz: here is other point. the -- the way they are
5:48 pm
treated, as if they, antifa holds a moral high ground, that does not obsolve anyone of their -- absolve anyone of their responsibility to up hold law and order, violence becomes violence. >> right, only thing i think about antifa is them bloodying up somebody, beating up on somebody, they don't like the way you speak or what you speak about, they think they have a right to come and polices way you speak that is not right. liz: martin luther king -- >> it gone, no one is speaking about, that they want to hate, you can't stop hate with hate, hate begot more hate, you have to stop hate with love, they need to understand that. >> you just yeted marti quote the martin luther king, we
5:49 pm
love having you to, you are so terrific. so much fun, we love having you on. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. liz: next up first solar eclipse in 99 years, it traveled 2500 miles across the united states it crossed 14 states, a lot of woops and cheers and whistles. fear is that it would shut down enough solar power energy to equal 15 powerplants. that is what forbes magazine said, storying that california gets up to 40% of its energy from solar. but energy companies, they have been preparing for the irk clip fothe ecrypts for clips for years. -- next up we have a missouri democrat now apologizing after she wished on facebook that president trump would be assassinated. but is that enough? our political power panel said take that story on next, don't go away. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way."
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>> president trump i apologize to you and your family, i made a mistake. i am owning up to it. i have learn made lesson. -- learn my lesson,ny judg my judge and my jury is my lord jesus christ. liz: democrat senator marie shappa chappelle nadal apologizing after saying on her facebook page that she hopes that president trump would be assassinated but she is not stipping down, do you pg she shoulthink she it step down. >> there is no such thing as a do-over when you talk about president of united states assassination. we should be clear on both sides, there is something you cannot be in public life and
5:54 pm
call for this. liz: daniel said, i think you said she poison well for her supporters to support anything she does. calling for the assassination of president is a federal crime, there is now a secret service investigation into this. >> you are right, among extreme factions of left and right we have seen escalation of violence, that kind of rhetoric and that escalation that behavior is going to be tempting for mainstream republicans and democrats. i think they must employee every of forth to resist, last week i talked about, i believe here, that you know democrat were -- i should say leftists were upset that a republican congressman in minnesota was not having a town hall, they decided to protest outside of his house, and inti intimidate the neighbor who called cops, they have been ramping up on both sides this
5:55 pm
is an important moment to say, we disavow you know this sort of behavior this sort of rhetoric this is not when we're bwe're about representing the people and helping them out, we're not about violence. right. liz: unacceptable. this is unacceptable. i can't believe that this is happening in our point in history, so many people on edge, and people so many copycat things going on. this is such a toxic poisonous thing to make a statement like that and still stay in office. >> i agree, and senator senator from missouri said she should resign. there is no place in politics for this kind of language, these people do not need to be our leaders, we want our children to look up this to them, and understand this is how you become successful, and you inspire people. you may not like the president, but this is a bridge too far.
5:56 pm
liz: maybe voters will vote her out. >> i think we also have to keep in mind that you know a lot of extreme violence and rhetoric we're seeing, is not about republicans or democrats not about civil war, not about anything like that, it is about two could treatment factions -- extreme factions that are fighting against one another in a we're power battle, trying to pit most importance against one another, we have keep this in mind and keep that in perspective, denounce both of those fashions on either side. liz: silence majority is middle america they don't like that. >> they don't, they just want you know tax reform, and they want people in politics to be held to same standard we're held to. and they want government to function, they want these people to say good things do good things or begun. good things or begun. >> liz: we'll be right back, don't go away. when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse.
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president trump will address the nation night outlining his new plan for afghanistan. thanks so much for having us in your homes. reporter: it's a busy night ahead of you. this is "making money" on the fox business network. we have three hours to go until the president unveils his afghanistan strategy. at stake, to cut troop levels or keep them the same. it's the longest-running war in u.s. history. are we learning anything about what the president has to say tonight?


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