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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 22, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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will eventually make their way to the convention center in phoenix. we'll cover it all night long on the fox business network. lou dobbs coming up next followed by a special edition of "the intelligence report" with trish regan. i'm connell mcshane, see you tomorrow night. >> good evening, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. he's on vacation right now. president trump is in arizona preparing to take his message to the people with a campaign-style rally in phoenix. thousands of supporters expected to pack the phoenix convention center for that event. it could be equally raucous outside with the leftist protesters and antifa pledging to come out. >> reporter: president trump's campaign style rally comes at a
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time when they are combative. the president will be tough on congress tonight as he lays out expectations for the weeks ahead. it is likely the last time the president will hold a political rally before congress comes back from recess, an opportunity for a robust fall. >> here's the agenda. we want to support our troops. we want to support law enforcement. we want to build a wall and have internal enforcement and border security. repealing and replacing obamacare. >> reporter: the president moved to increase pressure on congress to fund a border wall, visiting the border patrol headquarters in yuma where 65 miles of fencing dramatically reduced apprehensions of illegal immigrants. fox news has learned possibly offering permanent status for so-called dreamers if president gets what he wants on the wall. reductions in legal immigration and other items. using the dreamers as a bargain
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chip as a compromise among staff. one said, quote, it all comes down to what you can get for it because it is a big give. >> are you going to pardon joe arpaio? >> reporter: president trump ignored shouted questions whether he would pardon former maricopa sheriff joe arpaio. he was a regular figure on the campaign trail, and together with the much belied response to charlottesville, reason where the democratic mayor insists a political rally is the wrong thing to do. >> i did not feel it was the right time to do it, too chose to charlottesville. there was talk about presidential pardons, inappropriate to do so in a political rally. >> reporter: arpaio says he's not going to the rally, that he wasn't invited. two others not attending, senator john mccain and senator jeff flake. president trump accused him of
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letting the american people down. president trump has taken aim at senator flake's re-election ripping him as, quote, weak on borders, crime and nonfactor in the senate. he's toxic. the president is backing flake's opponent kelli ward. allies of senator mitch mcconnell moved to take her out with a blistering negative ad highlighting her belief toxic and effort to call for senator mccain to step down after mccain's brain tumor was discovered. >> not conservative, just crazy ideas. >> reporter: arizona republican governor doug ducey is also skipping tonight's event. and white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said there would be no discussion of potential discussion for pardon for joe arpaio today nor would anything be done about joe arpaio today, but note, gregg,
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she specifically used the word today. >> john roberts, thank you very much. president trump's top military brass selling the military war plan for afghanistan today. so far the strategic vision laid out by the president is drawing warm reviews from many republicans predictably the negative response from obstructionist democrats. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more on the pentagon's pitch and the political reaction. >> reporter: gregg, defense secretary jim mattis made a surprise visit to iraq to shore up allies and promote the president's plan for afghanistan. >> i prefer not to go into the numbers right now. >> directed the chairman to put the plan together now. >> reporter: this, as the top u.s. commander for the middle east says the first new u.s. forces will arrive in afghanistan within days or weeks. >> america's enemies must never know our plans or believe they can wait us out. >> reporter: the president
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opted to keep u.s. troops in afghanistan for as long as it takes. adding this is conditioned based and not a blank check and this time there are no timetables for withdrawal. >> i will not say when we are going attack, but attack we will. >> reporter: the plan will rely on the state department. >> have the taliban understand you will not win a battlefield victory. we may not win one but neither will you. so at some point we have to come to the negotiating table and find a way to bring this to an end. >> reporter: democrats pounced on the president's plan. >> why would we continue to put our men and women in harm's way, billions of dollars to the defense budgeted, the expense of domestic priorities. >> reporter: and republican senator rand paul thinks it's a terrible idea to send more troops into the war tweeting the mission has lost its purpose. the president's address to the nation was well received by most of his party. >> proud of the fact he listened to the generals. i'm relieved he did not take the advice to withdrawal which
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would have been disastrous. >> reporter: leaders in afghanistan welcome the president's remarks and have their own message for the president. >> they will increase pressure on them. >> reporter: u.s. war commanders and those who served there agree there is no winning in afghanistan, but there is a way to lose, and the president chose not to lose, he took his military's advice to stay engaged and not withdraw. gregg? >> jennifer, thanks. the president's new plan for afghanistan is a potential game-changer for players in the region including pakistan and iran. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more on the global reaction. >> we have been paying pakistan billions and billions of dollars, at the same time they are housing the very terrorists that we're fighting. >> reporter: in his national address, president trump left no doubt the u.s. is taking a new tough love approach it pakistan, a strategy reinforced
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by the vice president on the morning shows. >> putting them on notice. they need to step up as a partner. >> reporter: pence pointed to al qaeda leader osama bin laden who lived in the compound before the 2011 raid by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s, a few short miles by pakistan's equivalent of west point. al qaeda operate in the afpack region. a nuclear nation with unique military capabilities that analysts warn could fall into the wrong hands. >> not just large nuclear weapons that can you put on missiles and airplanes but tactical nuclear weapons that are out there with their maneuver units, and that is a dangerous situation and that's what the president was referencing. >> reporter: iran, a nation with nuclear ambitions shares a border with afghanistan, and has a foot hold in the northwest region. analysts say iran's strategy includes pushing out the u.s. and extending tehran's influence through iraq, syria
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and lebanon home to hez bol a. the general responsible for special operations said the iranians have laid the groundwork for the shiite crescent. >> they join hands with leb an ease hezbollah in syria and transcends into lebanon. >> reporter: that would threaten the u.s. and regional allies. >> they will become a global menace, and that is a looming power that we're going to have to deal with. >> reporter: analysts say the president is taking a regional approach and wants to work through diplomatic channels on the safe haven's issue. if there is no progress in pakistan, the administration signalled it is willing to take the hard road. gregg? >> catherine herridge, thanks. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. president trump holding a rally in phoenix to push his america first agenda. >> the president tonight is going to call on the congress
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to step up and move an agenda forward that's going to make america great again. >> we take up congress' inability to get things done with the dean, ed rollins. and north korea threatening to strike the u.s. with absolute force for ignoring calls to stop war games with south korea. we'll tell you how the trump administration is responding to the bluster, here next. parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ will people know it means they'll get the lowest price guaranteed on our rooms by booking direct on hey! badda book. badda boom! mr. badda book. badda boom! book now at
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. gregg: house speaker paul ryan once again undermining president trump. listen to what he had to say at a town hall on cnn when asked about the president's response to charlottesville. >> i do believe he messed up in his comments on tuesday when it sounded like a moral equivocation or at the very least moral ambiguity. gregg: uncanny ability of being wrong all the time, doesn't he? well, the "new york times" reporting the relationship between president trump and majority leader mitch mcconnell has utterly disintegrated and the two haven't spoken in weeks. the "times" describing it this way --
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pretty good, huh? joining me to talk about it, the republican leadership to the president's rally later tonight, ed rollins, the dean, who served in three presidential administrations and the chief political adviser to the house republican leadership. good to see you. >> good to be here. gregg: mitch, mr. charming, mcconnell, i'm not sure he gets along with the president or anybody else, does he have the need to move over or nobody to replace him? >> certainly not going to be replaced and certainly with the midterms coming up quickly, there is no effort to move mcconnell out. critical thing and of a worked both ends of pennsylvania
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avenue, i've worked at both ends. the view from both ends is totally different and this president in particular thinks the congress should do his beck and call. he got elected on certain issues and implement the issues. many of the things he ran on the congress has run on. and as we saw on health care, we saw them do that. the congress sees themselves as independently elected, different branch of government and do what they want. in this particular case, both sides have to get something done, tax reform, infrastructure or i promise you republicans and the congress who are more unpopular than the president are massacred in the upcoming election. mcconnell needs to cooperate in some way, shape, or form, get a bill to the president's desk makers not be always whatever the president wants and needs the president to sell that bill and not veto it. gregg: what do you make of the effort of chameleon paul ryan on cnn last night?
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>> he has a different philosophy and never basically in the trump camp, and the problem is the things he wants to sell are not sellable. the total reform of entitlements and what have you is not going to sell anywhere. my sense again, you have a few more house members than the bigger margin in the senate. when you have a two-vote margin and senator mccain being ill and back and forth the next six to eight months, you can't lose anybody. in the house, you can lose 10, 12 members, you need to gain members in the next coming up election. gregg: talk about the president's big rally in phoenix, arizona. i talked to the president a week ago and he said he was seriously considering pardong joe arpaio. he was going do it very soon which may have meant today, and probably intended to do it today, but you know, charlottesville, did that change the equation? >> i think sheriff joe is someone right on the trenches on the immigration battles and
7:17 pm
what have you. a big fan of the president's, he endorsed the president. my sense is the president wants to bid. i'm sure the time he told you want to do that and may pardon him. all i said is not going to pardon him tonight, if he pardoned him tonight, there would be nothing else to talk about. this is an important speech tonight and there is no rush to pardon him. he can pardon him before christmas, he's not going to jail next week, i think he can clean it up later. gregg: clearly the president is going to talk about immigration tonight. he was down at the border wall in lower arizona and yuma today. he'll talk about that. he's got to tout the economy. the markets are going great guns, reducing regulations, maybe promising tax reform. fighting terror. last night's theme, what do you expect? >> i think all of that. the border is critical. he's got to get funding for the
7:18 pm
border wall and have immigration reform. he doesn't get those things, obviously the other stuff he doesn't get, it will be very, very difficult to keep moving forward. he's got to get tax reform, take credit for the economy. the deregulation that he did very aggressively when he got in office was very, very important, gave confidence to the business community but the tax reform is critical. gregg: take a few slaps at sanctuary cities while he's at it? >> absolutely. gregg: there is red meat. >> no sympathy for sanctuary city among his base and most people who know about sanctuary cities. gregg: back slaps at john mccain and jeff flake? >> i would ignore flake tonight. flake is going to have a real primary. as a matter of fact, my super pac is endorsing his opponent not as part of this event, for kelli ward and i think others will do that, too. what i say to mccain is i need
7:19 pm
john mccain as a partner, chairman of the armed services committee, say something about the u.s.s. john mccain, the tragedies that occurred there and service of father and great grandfather and build the defenses quickly. gregg: when you and i were talking in anticipation of the president's speech on foreign policy in particular, afghanistan, you said he has got to do something about pakistan. you were right. he mentioned it heavily. >> it's critical, unfortunately we fought the wars in the past. vietnam, we're basically you fight them in the day and they run over the border. in this particular case, the taliban goes over the border, and what the president needs to do is say to pakistan, if you hide these guys, we're going to go after them, understand and if we're part of the world community and you want resources from us, you basically better abide by it. so the language was important. the action has to be more
7:20 pm
important. gregg: he cleverly threatened pakistan with india, that was a shrewd move. >> india is an important ally of ours. pakistan has been beneficiary of a lot of resources and they have been a bad guy. gregg: ed rollins, good to see you. >> my pleasure. gregg: be sure to vote in tonight's poll -- cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. just a reminder follow lou on twitter -- . on wall street, mentioned it a moment ago, the dow soaring 196 points, s&p up 24, the nasdaq up 84. volume 2.7 billion shares. chevron ceo john watson will step down after seven years at the helm of the oil giant. did you hear about this? iconic plaza hotel in new york is up for sale. some estimate it could go for over 500 million bucks.
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just a reminder to listen to lou's report three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. next, secretary of state rex tillerson today offering olive branch of sorts to north korea. >> i am pleased to see that the regime in pyongyang has certainly demonstrated some level of restraint we have not seen in the past. gregg: former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins me up next to talk about efforts to contain the north korean threat. stick around.
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. gregg: secretary of state rex tillerson today saying he is pleased with north korea's recent restraint with nuclear weapons. tillerson's comments follow trump administration's sanctions imposed on chinese and russian entities linked to north korea's nuclear program,
7:26 pm
ten organizations and six individuals targeted for providing financial services and delivery of material for use in building nuclear and ballistic missiles. here now to discuss whether there's any possible path to dialogue with north korea as well as president trump's war plan in afghanistan with new u.s. forces maybe arriving within days, joining me now former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor john bolton. ambassador, good to see you. >> glad to to be with you. gregg: in respect to afghanistan, is this an important dramatic departure from president obama, who one can argue mangled the war in afghanistan? >> certainly in policy terms, i think it is, with respect to the kind of combat and the kind of arrangements we're going to have in country there. although, i should note that secretary tillerson also said today that maybe this will open a path to negotiate with taliban. i think that's just as wrong as
7:27 pm
a statement about negotiating with north korea. i'd be prepared to negotiate with taliban when we have a boot on their neck and not there yet. the question that remains unanswered from the president's speech is whether he really does have his advisers have given him a south asia policy as secretary of defense mattis promised and rightly it should be a south asia policy. president referred correctly to the need to put more pressure on pakistan because if it's giving aid and comfort to afghan terrorists but didn't address the 800-pound gorilla in the room, china is the aid to the weapons program and how we put pressure on pakistan without flipping it into the terrorist camp and giving the terrorists access to scores of nuclear weapons. gregg: can they convince pakistan to stop supporting the taliban? >> people have talked how to
7:28 pm
put pressure on china in different capacities. i would put pressure on china over pakistan's behavior. pakistan would not have nuclear weapons without china's assistance, period, closed quote. gregg: neither would north korea? >> funny how the problems occur on china's border and skated free of blame for a long time. we say to china, trying to incorporate pakistan into fear of influence through the one belt-one road initiative of building massive infrastructure to tie pakistan into china's economy, our relation with china will depend on china's performance in persuading the pakistani government giving up support for the terrorists. >> what about russia? there is evidence of supporting the taliban. >> putin is determined to stick the thumb in the eye everywhere they can, after 9/11, i
7:29 pm
remember accompanying secretary rumsfeld to meet with putin, the first time i met him. he talked about how they fought the taliban, supported the northern alliance athey wanted to work together with us, and now as you say, these reports indicate that putin is arming the very people who killed russians as well as killing americans so, there's no end to the duplicity coming out of moscow. gregg: we played a moment ago the comments about rex tillerson, secretary of state, about north korea, is there a way forward with north korea short of military force? >> i think the only diplomatic play left is convincing china it's in the national interest to reunite the two interests. a hard argument to make. i should comment on secretary tillerson's remarks, i was stunned to hear him say north korea was showing restraint and maybe we could talk to them. history over the last 25 years is filled with example after example of the north koreans
7:30 pm
making temporary concessions to get touts negotiating table, making big concessions, promising solemnly to entirely give up nuclear weapons program. gregg: and snookered us every single time. >> life did not begin on january 20th, 2017, we've got history and no history whatever in current circumstances we can trust the north koreans any more today than the last 25 years. gregg: would it be time to use our missile defense systems, the thaad , the aegis system if they launch over guam? >> not only heading towards guam, not only united states, japan would activate offensive. we don't have to wait for the missile to hit to decide it was aimed at us. >> you don't have to be shot and killed before you pick up a gun and defend yourself. >> right. gregg: ambassador john bolton, many thanks, sir?
7:31 pm
>> all right, gregg. gregg: we're coming right back with more, stay with us. president trump vowing victory against america's enemies. >> from now on, victory will have a clear definition. attacking our enemies, obliterating isis, crushing al qaeda. preventing the taliban from taking over afghanistan and stopping mass terror attacks against america before they emerge. gregg: we'll discuss the president's fight to make america safe again with congressman ron desantis, next. and this daredevil using a glider to explore the beautiful skies over dubai, but she's about to take her flight to the next level. you don't want to miss her awe-inspiring stunt. all coming up right after the break. andchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs who is on vacation. the president except the afternoon along the u.s.-mexican border, and he's expected to discuss border security at length tonight. there are many supporters and protesters outside, including antifa. joining me to talk about the president's politics,
7:36 pm
representative ron desantis. he's a member of the freedom caucus. given the event of charlottesville and the protesters and counter-protesters, would you expect the president to reiterate some of the sentiments he outlined last night in the afghanistan speech. he said there is no room for prejudice, or tolerance or hate. >> his critic don't want to give hip credit for saying that. >> he said that saturday. he opened the palm beach clubs, letting everybody in. the thought that he had sippathy for neo-nazis is absurd. protest is the american way.
7:37 pm
but some of these left-wing groups have been violent. gregg: there is no constitutional right to assault and battery. >> the border wall is important. we had a spending bill in april and there was no funding for the border wall in that funding bill. that's why me and my colleagues weren't supportive of that. the american people want the wall. he has got to say, congress has to provide the fund and when he said we have to make mexico pay for it, do something like the he will chap. > el chapo act and apply that. if we do spending bills in december. congress will not have been standing by the president.
7:38 pm
so republicans have to stopped by him on this. gregg: the president is getting high marks on his speech on afghanistan. you have special knowledge of this. you are not only on the foreign affairs committee. you served in iraq. you are still in the reserves. what did you think, a viable, smart strategy? >> i thought it was a great speech. he laid out huge improvements over our afghan policy. obama campaigned on this in '08. his heart was never in it for years. and here we are. the president outlined our good choices. it was great to hear him say i wish we weren't there. but as commander-in-chief i'm sitting in the oval office and i have to look at the consequences of withdrawal. president obama's decision to
7:39 pm
precipitously pull our troops from iraq is behind this and he doesn't want to repeat obama's mistake. gregg: where was nancy pelosi when president obama was presiding over that. >> before i went to iraq she was criticizing bush and harry reid. saying this war is lost. we were just getting ready to deploy saying the war is lost. but she was quiet about confederate statues. she had a chance to deal with that and she didn't do it. gregg: she just saw them last week. you have special knowledge of the debbie wasserman-schultz. her i.t. guy she kept on the
7:40 pm
payroll at tack pair sentence for months after he was band from the capitol hill computer systems. she has a lot to answer for. >> she only fired hip when he was apprehended at the airport trying to flee to pakistan. his wife was indicted with hip and she did flee to pakistan with $14,000 in cash. prior to that they wired hundreds of thousands of dollars from the u.s. to pakistan. there is more to this story than their financial crimes. is thoo members of congress who employed them for so long, how do you justify that? gregg: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. mitch mcconnell's silence
7:41 pm
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gregg: republican lawmakers are expanding their probe of the post office violating federal. >> i recollection law by letting u.s. employees campaign while on leave. now other departments are being
7:46 pm
asked to explain their respective policies. you need a flow chart to follow all the information. and blockbuster information about the phoenix, arizona, policies. phoenix pretends it is no longer a sanctuary city. in truth is it true that the chief of police struck a secret deal that now says police officers cannot get in contact with the feds about somebody who is here illegally? >> you are correct. and we have the documentation to prove it. jeri williams who was a long-term phoenix p.d. officer who left and went to california and circled back to become chief. i have knowledge and experience
7:47 pm
with the chief going back decades now, a full decade. she met with the aclu members and then the aclu spun off another group that calls themselves people power. their logo is a clenched red 50s. --clinched red fist. i don't know why they don't call themselves a soviet. they removed discretion from phoenix officers. they can talk to any other law enforcement agency, but not i.c.e. it's the one and only -- gregg: they are doing it secretly and under the table so nobody knows about it. is it also true the new maricopa county sheriff essentially
7:48 pm
opened the jailhouse doors and allowed hundreds of illegal immigrants including violent offenders to walk out the door? >> yes. this was bad enough when i.c.e. was doing it at the rate of 60,000 a year back in the days of jeh johnson when he was head of dhs. but this local sheriff is releasing violent criminal offenders with zero consequence. gregg: it's against the law and has been for 21 years. the 1996 illegal immigration reform act. we'll put it up on the screen. here it is. so it's again the law to do what they are doing, isn't it?
7:49 pm
>> it is. important parts of sb1070 which is a controversial arizona law. but the important portions of it upheld by the supreme court address exactly these issues. this is a public safety issue, and it's also a police officer safety issue. gregg: why aren't chiefs of police and mayors being prosecuted? it's a felony to harbor or shield somebody here illegally. any person knowing an alien has come to the united states in violation of law harbor ors shield is punishable by five years in jail. is it time we punish these civic leaders breaking the law? >> you had holder lowering the boom on every public official he
7:50 pm
could find that would not go along with the open borders approach the obama administration took. it's if right for jeff sessions to enforce the law. you may have certain sentiments, that's wonderful. but it has nothing to do with reality, public safety or police officer safety. you need to pen force the law. gregg: if somebody dies as a consequence of that shielding statute. guess what the punishment is it's not five years. it's five years behind bar as in the kate steinle case. that sheriff should be behind bars. >> phoenix police officers have been killed assassination style in the streets. gregg: come back.
7:51 pm
we need to talk about this more. fans of the show are loving "putin's gambit," the spy thriller written by lou dobbs and james born. just so you know, every viewer whose comment is read on the show will receive an autographed copy. president trump visiting a border patrol facility in arizona. we'll take up president trump's crackdown and illegal immigration. is the phoenix rally about to get under way? liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
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gregg: in our online poll last night we asked should republicans remove senator majority leader mitch mcconnell if he can't get tax reform done? 96% of you say yes. the democratic national committee is having a fundraising crisis it's raising concerns about the new chairman tom perez. the dnc's july numbers were its lowest in a decade. joining me to talk about that and other things going on.
7:56 pm
blaze tv and radio host lawns jones and tammy bruce. why is the dnc having such trouble raising a couple bucks? is it perez is not up for the job? lawrence: it's not perez, it's a party with no strategy and can't connect with the voters or the issues. they have no message. they are not connecting with the issues facing americans which is their pocketbooks, education and immigration reform. gregg: because they engage in identity politics which is the title of your col number washington times. "the deadly impact of identity politics." can i put up a quote i plucked
7:57 pm
from the column? suddenly mr. trump was responsible for the carnage, even worse the nazis were his base, we are told, ergo all mr. trump's supporters are nazis, too. the intent was from the start to conflate the president and all concerned with the obscenity in charlottesville. tammy: trump's approval numbers were the low 40s. but as that payment new narrative that all trump supporters were all nazis, 41, 42, today it's 43%. it's one thing to have a conversation about race but it's another thing to accuse average middle americans of being the scourge of so site sight.
7:58 pm
gregg: the phoenix mayor said on camera trump is to blame for dousing racial tensions with gasoline. i could have sworn that the neo-nazis did all that along with antifa. lawrence: it's one thing to criticize the president over he could have been more forceful from the statue debate. what really happened cities democrats overplayed their harden. they thought they could make this political, saying this all conservatives and all republicans. that's where they went wrong. tammy: this fundraising issue, they should be focusing on reaching out to anile america who they clearly lost. instead it devolved into
7:59 pm
documents arguments that all republicans are racist and the statue issue. as lawrence knows, the left doesn't know when to stop. gregg: another point i want to make, lawrence i want you to weigh in. antifa, what are they really? what they really are violent anarchists. lawrence:are :and they should be condemned. the measures they are taking to remove the statues is wrong. we should condemn that as well. to have a civil conversation about what we should do with the statues. but you can't be vandalizing public property and destroying it yourself. gregg: burn buildings and cars and they are awful people.
8:00 pm
lawrence jones, tammy bruce, we are out of time. got to have you for being with us. thanks for being with us. ed rollins and gordon chang are our guests tomorrow night. [♪] kennedy: we have breaking news on a special live edition of "kennedy." president trump at a rally in phoenix, arizona. the president is expected to discuss border issues, immigration, national security and whatever else comes to his mind. the mayor went so far as to urge the white house to delay the speech after the recent events in charlottesville and the controversy surrounding the president's response.


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