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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 22, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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lawrence jones, tammy bruce, we are out of time. got to have you for being with us. thanks for being with us. ed rollins and gordon chang are our guests tomorrow night. [♪] kennedy: we have breaking news on a special live edition of "kennedy." president trump at a rally in phoenix, arizona. the president is expected to discuss border issues, immigration, national security and whatever else comes to his mind. the mayor went so far as to urge the white house to delay the speech after the recent events in charlottesville and the controversy surrounding the president's response. the fear violent groups have
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come to phoenix to pick fights and settle scores. but will the president bring up charlottesville? we shall see. one thing is for certain. he will look to change the narrative and reinvigorate his base. of course, fox business brings you the best team coverage tonight. hillary vaughn is live inside the convention center with a preview of the president's speech. jeff flock is on the streets documenting the madness. reporter: i want to show an extraordinary scene. i'm in the group of anti-trump protesters chanting at the trump supporters heading into the rally. these are the people filing past into the phoenix convention center. and they have been trading barbs back and forth.
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they were in close proximity to each other. now they are separated by these fair kids. kennedy: it sounds like they are saying "let's go rangers." they are chanting about the president they believe to be racist. are the groups out-of-state and 8ors? reporter: no, i don't see evidence of that. the people who are here are mostly peaceful protesters. this is a pretty divided state just as the country is divided. maybe you see caricatures up there. but the state went 44% for trump. he had a smaller margin and mitt romney or john mccain when he ran for president.
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this is a reasonable state with people on both sides of the issue. kennedy: in charlottesville the protests and counter protesters were in close proximity to each other. reporter: absolutely. they have done a completely different strategy than in charlottesville. you see earlier on there were plain clothed officers. they were break them up and now they put up the barricades that you see. they are keeping people as they said they would, with a large buffer between them. free speech is being exercise on both sides of the barricades. the police have been here in force. they had time to prepare for this. they had time to go to school on what happened in charlottesville.
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no one wanted to see a repeat of that. theoretically when all the trump supporters inside the rally, it was less likely there would be any confrontation. then there is the end of the rally. you remember the rally in chicago, it was after the rally broke up that we had a lot of problems in the streets. there is much more to come here. kennedy: of course we know this is a family show, and there are some people with political passion in this country with spotty mouth. and i'm sure jeff flock will be rinsing those spotty mouths with soap in no time. kennedy: what's the mood? is it celebratory? reporter: there is anger and both sides of this. it's unfortunate. on this side of the line it
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seems everybody thinks the trump folks are all racist. on that side of the line the trump folks think everybody on this side of the line are either socialists or k07 tonights -- or communists. the reality is neither one is true. both side in some way love their country and want it to be great, but they disagree vehemently on how to get there. that's the problem when we start dividing that we don't see each other with the commonalities that divide us. kennedy: we'll see if things heat up, calm down or clean up out there. the president and counter-protesters descending on phoenix. mr. trump seek redemption in the desert after last week's
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disaster. wall building, stopping illegal immigration. the fireworks the president intend the set off for supporters inside the venue. phoenix p.d. is fully staffed, making it a security challenge it's expected pull off. after the president's mature, reasoned afghanistan speech, we'll wait to see if they becomes uncorked. he could come out squarely against senator jeff flake and endorsing his primary opponent. he will cherry pick and south successes so people can focus on his positives and get past an exhaustive and negative week.
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glad you are here, let's do it live. i'm kennedy. the president has had a tough few days. love hip or hate him, there is no disputing that. according to a brand-new report thing could get tougher. the "new york times" is reporting the president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell have not spoken in week and the senator doubts the president canal advantage his administration. how big a problem is that and what does the president need to say tonight to begin to turn the page? co-host of the five and former white house press secretary, dana perino.
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>> i love being in red with you. kennedy: let's talk about this. supposedly mitch mcconnell according to sources said that he thick the administration is damaged perhaps beyond repair. steve bannon said something similar on his way out of the white house last friday. he said this presidency is over. >> the president might call it fake news, i would say it's old news. this phone call between the two, mcconnell and trump happened a couple weeks ago. the "new york times" has more granular detail. some soap was need, there was some profanity. but tonight the white house and background is saying not phased. no big deal. the call was two weeks ago. we have a lot to move on to work on together. that to me is general kelly
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saying we are not going to waiver on this. we are going to let that go and not bite. it will be interesting if the critics of mcconnell and ryan use a "new york times" story to criticize mcconnell and ryan. i think the with it house handled that very well. kennedy: you said you appreciated last night's afghanistan speech. you appreciated the focus on maturity of what the president had to say. tonight is the night to break some news. how does the president do that? >> local news coverage is important in a presidency. for national news coverage. when you have the bully pulpit and can drive the message. these rallies don't use the first five to seven minutes to set up the news stories for the next day or two. the crowd loves it.
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i like watching the crowd because they get so into it and they have fun. but they are not utilizing the tool. the press will cover the rally. but unless you give them something new to cover, that could be a problem. i think there has been confusion. whether it was true or not, there was a tease that he was going to pardon sheriff arpaio who has been convicted. sarah huckabee-sanders said that's not true. kennedy: you experts and perhaps some protesters file in to hear what the president has to say. maybe some news will be what he says on bored wall funding. the house has done it duty in terms of responding to the
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president's request. now it goes over to the senate. there is rumors he's thinking about what to do with the dreamers? you have people on both side of the immigration debate who are very, very passionate about where they stand, heels dug in and we know where the president stand on this issue. so we'll see what he gives his base and if he tries to expand the base. >> he has the opportunity to do both. so he's at a fork in the road. the most of important audience last night was our military to say he has their back and he will let them do what they need to do. and he put pakistan on notice. kennedy: earlier today vice president pence gave us a preview of what's to come tonight.
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>> the message i think the president will deliver tonight is we need to get on with the business of the american people. this president was elected to rebuild our military, restore our economy, make america safe again. kennedy: but will the president stick to his script. let me go to my party panel, kirsten haglund is here, dave smith, and right turn strategies strategist and lgbt for trump chris barron in the house. exciting night, tensions running high off charlottesville. many on the left telling the president, actually telling him to postpone the phoenix rally. he is hear tonight. is there a chains touched on this with dana that he could and should expand the base tonight? >> i think it is all about the
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base tonight. these rallies are always about the base. but it can also be about expanding the base if he hits on those messages that helped him win in november. securing our border, draining the swamp. i feel strongly he should go out tonight and hold jeff flake's feet to the fire. the fact is, every one of the establishment republicans crap all over the president. every time there is bad news they dump on the president. kennedy: i don't know that jeff flake is an establishment republican. >> the dump on trump wing of the party. kennedy: they might just disagree with the president. the trump supporters can't use the term snowflake any more
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because if you criticize the president they attack you. >> i think he forgot who was the nominee of this party and we need to remind him who that was. >> i'm no fan of the establishment and i also love criticizing the president. for all the talk about undermining democracy. it's interesting how people try to undermine the guy who was elected. an element of unpredictability as you are seeing on your screen. the protesters gathering outside. how many of them will make their way inside? he has a lot to overcome from last week. he has a lot of his agenda to pave. he can send a message to
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congress with a room full of cheering supporters. they have work to do and they have an obligation. >> i think it's an interesting parallel to last week when you had a sane and mature and necessary response about charlottesville and the next day it got wiped from the press conference. i'm sure all the mainstream media is panting for him to white by the speech tonight. he needs to unite the republican party if he's going to get any of these things done legislatively. that's where the wall founding is coming up. if he does hold flake's feet to the fire, he needs flake to unite with mitch mcconnell to get his legislation passed. he has to unite his legislative base. kennedy: much more in the
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forecast with this giant rally. first up, we'll have more on the rally right there in phoenix, arizona it's less than two hours away. what will the president say to get that base riled up? all that and another check on the protest coming up in moments.
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kennedy: we are lack live awaiting the president's rally in fiend texas, arizona. reporter: perhaps you heart chanting. it has picked up in intensity. the supporters continue to make their way in. i want to give you information about the crowd as we walk through here. it goes on and on. the phoenix convention center is more than a city block in size and we have protesters i won't say ringing it, but we have thousands of folks here. maybe if we can hook our way
8:21 pm
through, the supporters continue to file through. this is the path of the way into the convention center. as they file in, they continue to be harangued by the crowd. kennedy: obviously there are a lot of signs and chants. are any of the trump supporters engage the trump supporters? reporter: they did initially when they were parked and waiting in line. but there is a lady over there, occasionally somebody will come and wave their arms and take a picture saying hey, smile at them and laugh at them, that sort of thing. sit just strikes me how divide we are here. you have got folks on one side quite happy with their attitude and opinion, and on the other side just as intense and happy with their opinion.
8:22 pm
this is real division. i don't think there is any other way to look at it. you see someone with a president trump flag and a banner, and the banners are on both sides. this is america, 2017. kennedy: the signs of the time. thank you. as you may recall, build that wall was one of the signature chants at president trump's campaign rallies. earlier today the president visited a marine corps base where the border patrol launches some of its operations. but building the wall and securing the border won't be easy. the plan is bogged down in washington. and mexico has refused to pitch in and peso much as a perks so.
8:23 pm
can the president meet the expectations? and what can he say tonight to keep the supporters happy. you have a president that obviously stirs so much passion on both sides. the people who hate him are so loud, and if you claim to support the president they say you are racist and defenders of the president, they don't want to hear any criticism of the commander-in-chief. is it possible to find harmony somewhere in the middle? >> there are people who are passionate on both sides. i recognize this traveling the country. there is a group of people in the middle that want the media to give the president a fair chance. a guy in nevada said they need to give him a chance. even though i didn't vote for him, i want to give him a chance. kennedy: what about the people who want the economy to improve
8:24 pm
and want tax reform. what advice would you give to the president with some of the feuds he has had about senators. we have one person who has won a national election. that's president trump. people need to stand in line behind him. we need tax reform. obamacare we stumbled on. the president is there ready to sign. senators need to step up. kennedy: it doesn't look like you have the budget, you have the debt ceiling, you have tax reforms, all those things have to happen in concert. they have to be finally choreographed. it probably won't happen next year because it's such a politically divisive issue. >> he should talk about some of the things he has already done. he appropriated funding to start working on the wall. so he has done some.
8:25 pm
but he needs to use his national platform it's a powerful image when you see a crowd screaming behind the president. you say the house has passed border turning. kennedy: is it possible for him to heal some of the wounds from last week? >> yes, it is. the afghanistan peach was so beautiful. he said when our soldiers come home let's make sure we are united and where w where where e one another. kennedy: we are awaiting the president's rally in phoenix. it starts at 10:00 p.m. eastern and 7:00 in the west. last night the president outlined a plan to break a 17-zwreer stalemate in afghanistan. ♪
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kennedy: we are back with a live special edition of "kennedy." you are looking at tensions bubbling over in the hot desert. protesters on the left. president's supporters on the right, filing in to hear his rally. and all sides all around. many sides trying to get their opinions in.
8:30 pm
last night the president announced his much-anticipated military plan for afghanistan that involves sending more troops base says the alternative is even worse. >> as we know, in 2011, america hastily and mistakenly withdrew from iraq. the vacuum gave safe high tn for isis to spread and grow, recruit and launch attacks. we cannot repeat in afghanistan the mistake our leaders made in iraq. kennedy: the war in afghanistan has been going on for 16 years. it has cost the united states $714 billion. and victory remains nowhere in
8:31 pm
sight. but should the president be making a bigger troop commitment in what many experts are calling a stop gap measure? joining me, buck sexton. what does winning in afghanistan look like? >> i think the administration is figuring that out. i'm taken aback how people seem to think there haven't been efforts going on for a long time that mirror exactly what president trump said yesterday would be the strategy for afghanistan. we have been training security forces and pressuring allies. there are no new ideas. what trump was promising is he's not obama so he will take a different approach as commander-in-chief and there will be different implementation changes. they will leave it to the improvization and the generals
8:32 pm
in the various sectors. all of these things he mentioned, the main points are similar with the exception of the timeline which trump made a big deal talking about, and the idea there would be a massive surge. kennedy: the president called out pakistan. >> the president calls out pakistan which is worthwhile because pakistan is playing an unhealthful role in afghanistan. but what's happening in afghanistan ties into issues that are existential for pakistan. pakistan views afghanistan as a place where it's an existential fight with india. the client state, the proxy state, the taliban will eventually be in control, and
8:33 pm
that will give us greater strategic depth in dealing with india. this is was they care about. and that's a conflict of nuclear weapons. when we say we are going to pressure pakistan there will be is only so much we can do. kennedy: why are we giving them billions of dollars? >> usama bin laden was hiding in a compound there. so there are clearly huge issues in trying to get pakistan to be helpful here. the taliban is in control of more territory than any time since 2001. i now it's bad news, but it's the truth.
8:34 pm
ken very, very good analysis. secretary of state rex tillerson suggested our goal is not actually victory. >> this entire effort is intended to put pressure on the taliban to have the taliban understand you will not win a battle thefield victory. we may not win one, but neither will you. at some point we have to come to the negotiating table and find a way to bring this to an end. kennedy: we have to break their back then talk to them? chris, i want you to address some of the criticism leveled at the president, including he flip flopped on afghanistan. i shared his right would be wonderful to get out of this pro tacted war. >> he admitted he changed his position on this. absolutely.
8:35 pm
and look, i'm with him. my instinct is let's get the hell out of there. if it had just been we are going to put more troops in i would be disappointed with the speech last night. but that's not what this speech is. one thing we are not interested in nation building. this isn't about trying to make afghanistan into a little united states. we are not going to micromanage the war from d.c., we'll empower our generals and military leaders to make those decisions. we shouldn't be sending them billions of dollars. kennedy: why are we? that temperatures one of the revelations. maybe some people knew it. it seems like they should be scratched off the list. did we create some of these problems? >> the big myth that trump is holding on to the problem is iraq is we pulled out.
8:36 pm
google the west funded isis and see what pops out. it's not just that we weren't present in syria. donald trump is breaking a campaign promise. committing to the throngest war in american history with no victory and no strategy actually matters. we couldn't do anything with 100,000 troops there. kennedy: that's one of the things, i think the president tried to address that last night when he was talking to veterans, when he was talking to people who have worn the uniform and have come back. he wants to bring the country together. but to dave's point. it's really expensive. we are not getting anywhere. and it seems like the president is fighting his better instincts which for years have been to get us out of afghanistan and it
8:37 pm
costs a lot of money and life. >> we have general mattis as defense secretary an has long been a fabulous strategist and also not want to go stay in a region or country forever and waste billions of dollars and many, many lives. but what will be interesting to watch and i don't know how this will end up. the taliban is strong than ever. they are gaining more and more territory. they won't want to negotiate with afghan security forces on the ground. if trump doesn't want to loose, that would be the worst disgraves his presidency. how do you commit more troops sow the taliban doesn't regain control and keep that campaign promise? kennedy: i don't know. but the course rear on is still a collision course. much to look forward to in in
8:38 pm
the rally in phoenix. it will be the president's first since his controversial comments about both sides going to blame. will the president take the chance to soothe tensions and how long will the debate over confederate statue oz go on? i'll discuss that next. add a h, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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>> a wound inflicted upon a single member of our community is a wound inflicted upon us
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all. when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. and when one citizen suffers an injustice, we all suffer together. loyalty to our nation demands loyally to one another. love for america requires love for all of its people. kennedy: that was the president addressing the violence and aftermath from charlottesville. with all this infighting enveloping the country, what can the president say tonight that will lower the temperature on our national thermostat? let me bring in bre peyton and richard fowler. fox news contributor and host of the richard fowler show. there has been a lot of
8:43 pm
conversation about monuments and tearing them down. you say we are at a critical tipping point. is the best way to deal with the hot, hot heat in this country to tear down some of those sighs cold statues? >> what the president has got to do here and understand, he has to understand the mother's pain in mississippi who lost a child 0 opioid abuse is the same pain as the mother in chicago who lost a child to gun violence. whether they are african-american or caucasian. that's what's missing. is this ideal in the linking of humanity. what these statues represent for african-americans is this ideal of fear. many of these statues were elected in the late 40s and 50s to create fear for african-americans. they were high schools that forced african-americans to go
8:44 pm
to places named after american traitors during the civil war that fought against the. >> i deals of america after the 1860s. we are a nation that says slavely is no longer the lands of the law. there is equal protection under the law, so the statues that represent the old ideology should no longer be here. kennedy: he brings up an interesting point. we are all equal under the law. but there is a sense of lawlessness and imposition of people's opinions when they tear statues down. if this is something we agree on, that we are going to cleanse part of our history in order to feel better about where we are in the present, then don't we have to do it in a lawful way? >> yes, and i think it is
8:45 pm
important to keep the conversation at a local level. i used to live off jefferson davis highway. so for citizens of alexandria, they have to wrestle with the history of the city they live in. a lot of people who have spoken in favor of tearing count monuments like al sharpton talking about the jefferson monument. a man trying to blow up a confederate statue in texas. donald trump's concern about where does this end. a lot of people laughed at that when he brought that up. but i have yet to hear a convincing argument where it ends. this week it's confederate statues. next week it's joan of arc or
8:46 pm
christopher columbus or mount rushmore. >> i think the first president to be elected on a platt form abolition was 1860. that was abraham lincoln. >> everyone before abraham lincoln needs to be rooted out? >> no, in 1860 we made a decision that slavery was no longer the land of the law. i'm not saying to white wash the history. this history shouldn't be honored. it shouldn't be something that our kid go to high schools under. you won't walk in berlin and see kids going to adolph hitler high school. >> a lot of the people who set up these monuments were not doing it to be racist.
8:47 pm
franklin roosevelt -- kennedy: this conversation is part of history because we are up against a hard break. thank you both so much. speaking of protests. we'll check in with jeff flock outside the phoenix convention center. is it still heating up? >> believe it or not, it is. it's the same theme as we approach this rally. on one side of the street, we see the trump supporters going into the rally. on the other side they are saying walk of shame. regardless of your opinions about either side of the street. on that side of the street the trump supporters almost exclusively, not exclusively. white faces walking up. occasionally you will see an african-american. there are african-americans for trump. occasionally you will see hispanics.
8:48 pm
but this side of the spree a tremendously diverse crowd, men, women, young, old, and a lot of different races represented. arizona is a state that demographically is change from what had been primarily white to a diverse population. kennedy: democracy and demographics at work in arizona. coming up, we'll head back to the desert for a live report inside the convention center. president trump has bent target of criticism from arizona senator jeff flake. will the president fire back at jeff flake in his own backyard? potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right?
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8:53 pm
it's the same playlist we heard rally after rally. a lot of red make america great again hats. you have thousands of protesters outside as well. something we saw on the campaign trail. but we talked to supporters and asked what they want to hear from president trump. and she they said they wanted to heart same make america great again message they voted for. and they want to hear about bearder security. kennedy: very good, hillary. the president's tendency to shoot from the hip when firing back at those who criticize him has some of the gop concerned he will go after senator jeff flake on the senator many home turf tonight.
8:54 pm
nan hayworth is on the independent women's forum board of directors it's a big bill for the president. he has a lot to handle. a lot on his plate. what do you think he will react to tonight? >> i think he will love the energy of the crowd. he likes having that aprobation. i think he has an opportunity to build on what he did last night, which is to prove he can be the bigger man and create a unifying message, understanding there were watters that need to be calmed. i don't want senator flake to attack him. i don't think that is useful. kennedy: is it possible to issue a critique of the president without it being interpreted as a slight that has to be a squashed. >> yes.
8:55 pm
stick to the area of policy. advocate for the policies you believe in. if you take issue with something about healthcare policy. make the point without questioning the capabilities or the character of the president. that's not helpful to any of us. kennedy: defenders of the president say when he talk about policies, no one listens. and he knows that if he presses buttons, if he makes bold statements and pushes people out of the way, that makes a lot more news. >> he definitely makes news. he could be forceful. there is a lot we can be passionate about without being negative. being positive. and he need to build a coalition. he experienced the challenges. he's a great ceo. but he's no longer a ceo, he's potus.
8:56 pm
kennedy: well said. thank you see much. we'll be back in moments. more from phoenix right here on the fox business network. the president is a little over an hour from speaking. ws about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease and lower your a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy,
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kennedy: what is going to happen in that convention center in phoenix, arizona. people are pile in addition to
9:00 pm
see president, we'll keep an eye on protests outside. bridge you everything froms desert, thank you for watching, stay tuned fox business network special coverage of president trump's rally in phoenix, hosted by trish regan. good night. ♪ trish: breaking news protestor taking to street. in phoenix, arizona, where president trump will speak in about an hour, i am trish regan. welcome to a very special intelligence report. president there to talk immigration, border security, the economy, possibly unity. he will be joined by the vice president. that stage we have set for us. a lot of concern because you


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