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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 15, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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happening. right now, that is it for us. we are going to send it over to our colleague maria bartiromo, mornings with maria starting right now, maria, good morning to you. maria: hey, there, ladies, thank you so much. good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday september 15th, top story right now at 6:00 a.m., we have breaking news. this morning terrorism in london, british police responding to explosion at subway station. at least 20 people are reportedly injured this morning. services have been cut to the area and we will bring you the very latest coming up this morning. an act of aggression, north korea fires yet another missile over japan for the second time this month. the incidcoming following the latest rounds of u.s. sanctions against the country. secretary of defense jim mattis called the move reckless and market this is morning look like this, checking markets, we are looking at at lower opening. fractional move lower, nasdaq, s&p 500 also in the red. in europe stock this is mixed as you see here, decidedly negative the ftse down better than 1% in
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london, we will go to london shortly to report on that terrorism attack. the nikkei average overnight up a half of a percent but the others mostly lower. the push per tax reform is continuing. the commander in chief insisting his plan will not benefit the wealthiest americans once again. >> this is not the benefit the wealthy. this is to benefit the middle class and to benefit companies where they're going to be producing jobs. we want to produce jobs in this country. maria: more on the administration's tax reform plans coming up this morning and could the equifax breach keep you from getting an iphone. the new concerns surrounding your credit score, equifax once again down 2%. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about dagen mcdowell, jason chaffetz with us and fox news contributor, former economic adviser to president obama robert wolf is here. >> great to see you. >> good morning, thanks for
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having us. maria: we have breaking news right now. we are following breaking news out of london. a number of injuries being reported following the explosion aboard a subject train in london's train during rush hour this morning. the incident being declared a terrorist attack, passengers reported seeing a device on a train and hearing a bang at the parsons green station in west london. photos taken inside the train show a white plastic bucket inside a shopping bag flames and wires can be seen as well. british police pr now on the scene investigating this incident. your initial reaction congressman chaffetz? >> you never want to see something like this, i have been on those lines before and pretty recently actually they go to great measures to doing a lot of counterintelligence and surveillance there that most people don't realize. you get something like this, it's a little bit scary. maria: what will they be looking at in particular right now?
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>> they are scanning those faces against databases and trying to see where that network is and dive back into the communications to see who they might be talking with and who would they put up, is it lone wolf or something broader and hopefully you don't see a series of these doing on across the city. dagen: people return the tax in 2005 on the london underground, great britain has been hit time and again this year, we can't forget the westminster attack, the london bridge attack with a van and then the manchester bombing, so and you've seen this play out politically in that nation of how people do not feel safe in great britain because they can't -- as much as they try to do, they can't prevent lone wolf attacks in that country. >> and this mayor really calls it a terrorist attack incredibly. their response time seems to at
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the moment. >> fortunately it's not as big as it could have been. it looks like a smaller type of device. people actually got injured and heart goes out to them, but this is not a major, major explosive device. maria: meanwhile north korea is our other big story rach iting up geopolitical tensions. once again the country firing another ballistic missile over japan this morning. the missile flew over the country, laned in the pacific about 1200 miles east of ojoido. far enough to reach the u.s. pacific territory of guam. what do you think about this, congressman? secretary of state tillerson is calling for new measures against north carolina next, we talked about possibly increased sanctions against chinese banks.
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>> why did they put the number of sanctions the first time, i don't think sanctions have any effect because i don't think kim jong un gives a toot about the people of north korea. it is about china and russia, but i think donald trump has the a-team on this, but still you've got to do more now that they are demonstrating that they are able to hit the united states. >> you know, i would agree with the congressman, first, un didn't go as far as they wanted because they wanted a complete end of oil exports. that didn't happen, so china is really the -- all eyes are on china because it'll be interesting what japan and south korea and the u.s. do in their own way but when it comes to
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really calling it a halt, you know, to any type of diplomatic relations, this is going to be all eyes on china. i'm a little nervous when you start talking about a sanctioning a sovereign country like china. that being said, i have no issue with those who are doing trading and exporting whether it's banks funneling money, no problem with cutting them off cold. maria: but the hrb is if you are going to cut chinese banks, is that going to affect the u.s. economy, show the u.s. getting impacted from the sanctions? >> no, i think -- what china is worried about the influx of people moving from north korea into their country but they are also worried about increased military presence and i do think there's probably going to have to be something more than sanctions and they are signaling there may be military response to make them pay a price. dagen: so far it has not gone in
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china's favor in the sense that it has made japan and south korea take a more aggressive military stance. japan has called for an additional $1.6 billion for new missile defense technology in the budget and south korea bolsters capability. china wants us out of asia, frankly. they could cut off import and could go after kim jong un's finances as well, freeze assets and the like, like travel and other assets which new sanctions from the un did not do as well. >> the nikkei is up. maria: and the japanese yen. >> just to respond to your economic question about the impact of the u.s., one, although china is more or less one of the biggest foreign direct investors in the u.s. -- maria: hold debt. >> we have just turned them down
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on the latest semiconduct ordeal. with the dollar the way it's been this weak, weak as in w-e-a-k. we are back to number one, i think that china has recently discovered, as we limit treasury flow, if they have a reduction in the amount, i think that's okay as well. maria: you're not word about the impact to the u.s. should the sanctions go against chinese banks? >> no. maria: let's turn to politics. wasn't of the president's top legislative priorities is tax reform. the president insists tax plan will not benefit the wealthiest americans. listen. >> wealthy americans are not my priority. it's about the middle class and it's about jobs and it's about
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bringing jobs back to the country, bringing back the companies back, right now we are paying the highest tax rate in the world, we want to bring that to around 15%. maria: goldman sachs puts the odds that meaningful economic tax will be approved at 40%. >> that would fall short of anybody's expectations. the president has done a good job of not taking the bait, no breaks for anybody at the highest income levels, it drives me nuts when they try to pit, one class of people against another class of people. kevin brady of ways and means committee, he's very careful of making sure that we are talking about tax reform for everybody. maria: when you hear the president say we are not going to benefit the wealthiest americans, the next question is what's wealthy, what is the cutoff point in terms of cutting
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taxes? we were with mitch rochelle, yesterday, $131,000, the last dollar of income in terms of rich. dagen: top 10% in the united states that the income split point as a little more than 133,000 for the top 25% it's close to 78,000. >> i don't want to drive the congressman nuts this early being the democrat -- [laughter] >> i'm surprised it's taken this long. >> i do think quickly, i know we have to wrap, we shouldn't confuse individual tax reform and business tax reform and so the comment by the president, middle tax and getting business tax reform to 15%, i don't think we will get comprehensive tax reform both individual and business by year end. i think we should focus on business and we can get that done in a very bipartisan way. everyone wants that. maria: one congressman --
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>> he disagreed almost. maria: one congressman yesterday who said he won't support 15% corporate tax rate. some agreement but there's a lot of division. dagen: with nearly half this country paying no net federal income taxes as individuals, who is funding all of this spending? are you going to put the burden as wealthiest americans as if they don't spend money. maria: how about the fact that they pay all the tax. if you're going to not announce tax cuts on highest earners, the rich pay the taxes. >> how about conservatives aren't asking for revenue neutral, i just
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(baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ringing) (audience cheering) maria: welcome back, we are following breaking news from london, cheryl casone with the latest, cheryl. cheryl: we are getting new reports but there's conflicting report that is police are on the scene of a second bomb at the same tube station, the parsons green tube station. according to reports bomb squad experts are there. what you're seeing is the earlier was picture of first device, of course, that's been recovered. right now they are looking at reports of a second device, also
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we are getting as you mentioned moments ago, prime minister theresa may, she, of course, is tweeting out to residents, not just of london but, of course, british people in general making sure they understand that this is a fluid situation but to be safe. again, british prime minister theresa my on twitter people remain calm and intelligence officials scotland yard is investigating this as terrorist incident we should add. back here at home we are watching what's happening with our u.s. military, u.s. army special operations one soldier killed yesterday, 7 others were injured during a training exercise which involved demolitions at fort bragg in north carolina, this incident at fort bragg coming a day after a vehicle in california, 15 marines injured and another soldier died wednesday in fort hood training. we have new developments in the massive security breach at
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equifax, hackers exploiting a software flaw that was detected back in march, equifax says it could have been fixed before the breach occurred in may. that stock has clinched 31%. the stock dropping 21% just in the last week, we should say that the ftc is looking how hackers gained access to personal information of 143 million americans. the victims of the equifax hack who freeze their credit reports may face delays, this is the iphone 10, google parent alphabet reportedly -- there's alphabet. one more story, alphabet, google parent about possible investment report, discussion about a billion dollar deal, not known when talks take place and which unit will make investment but soft bank is nearing a deal to take stake in uber only if they
6:18 am
could persuade shareholders to sell stocks. a lot of breaking news to get you caught up on, maria. maria: robert wolf was talking about it. everyone wants the money from soft bank. >> 10 billion would be huge. there's rumors they want 30% discount, huge discount. if you are some original holders and you want liquidity before a year or two ipo, 0% is not too far off market. dagen: it was 15% markdown, that happened several weeks ago. maria: this is about 12 to 18 months, they are staying ahead of potential ipo. this will be a exit strategy of soft bank or others. we have breaking news this morning. the president offers hope and help to florida residents as he visits areas devastated by hurricane irma. in addition to homes and
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delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver. maria: welcome back, breaking news. markets across the world taking north korean missile launch in stride. major indices on track for third weekly gain in the last four weeks. joining us jeff, jeff, good to
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see you. the market is on fire. >> yeah, yeah. maria: it keeps going. >> yeah, we are a little cautious in the short term but we are looking for a good big year-end rally as markets transition from interest rate secular market to earnest driven secular market. maria: does it surprise that we have more provocations from north korea and markets seemed unfazed by it? >> yeah. you had inflation hotter than expected the other day. maria: cpi. >> you have the fat kid with the funny haircut shooting missiles over japan and the markets don't seem to care. >> jeff, i love listening to you during the break about facts, but the question i wanted to ask you is if tax reform did not get passed at year end, would your fundamentals continued to be viewed the same way or do you think legislative mishaps would overtake it? >> well, you don't know this
6:24 am
about me i ran capital markets in brokerage firm, i still have contacts on capitol hill and tax reform is coming. and for every one point reduction in corporate taxes, hypothetically adds a dollar 1.31 to s&p earnings, theoretically if tax reform goes through, you could have 150 plus dollars in earnings. >> if it doesn't -- >> it's going to come through. [laughter] maria: you're counting on it. >> i love your optimism. that's sweet that you have -- but what's the time frame in your mind. we had the treasury secretary say it was going to happen before august, i served in congress and i'm still pessimistic about it, i want to be internal optimistic about. >> 2018 event. maria: first quarter? >> yeah, probably. >> what about health care? >> who knows about health care. >> we didn't get anything done, people are going to start to have to sign up for new plans here coming into fourth quarter, how do you view that?
6:25 am
>> put money into the exchange because new health care is not coming. >> i agree with that. maria: wow. >> there's not a new vote that's going to pass by the expiration date, the end of the month. >> you have so many people that don't have exchange. maria: what about those exchange, what about the insurance companies that have left the exchange? how do you deal with that? >> new insurance companies are starting to come in but not an easy -- >> i'm over my skis on this one. >> i spent a week on capitol hill, four or five weeks ago before going to africa. we were in africa for weeks, it's a mess. health care is a mess. maria: you don't think any of this impacts your bullish stance on the stock market? >> i do not. secular bull markets, you hear people say this is the second secular bull markets, 1949 to 1966, 1982 to 2000, 17 years and
6:26 am
there's not many of us left around, ron barron said that to me, there's not that many of us left around that have seen a secular market. longer than '82 to 2000,. maria: to be fair a lot of people are looking tax cuts as gravy. that's what we are talking about every day. dagen: to your point and the headline there is congress does not get this done this year. there's an article in the wall street journal saying that the tax rate committee and house and senate want to make their own mark on tax reform, tax cut bill, whatever you want to call it which basically says that they're going to be struggling get it done. this -- again, if it happens in 2018 that's bad news for the markets, the only thing going to stock at this point, treasuries are so unattractive under 2.2% on the ten-year yield. >> i do think the president surprised people because he put a marker and date and surprised
6:27 am
a lot of people on capitol hill. maria: september 25th. >> we will see what happens on that day. dagen: you have to get everybody on the house and senate. maria: that's the thing. that was a sheet of principles. how is that going to be different -- >> that was one page. maria: exactly. >> would you agree if they did business tax reform first and maybe split it audiotape you'll be more bullish on the timetable? >> i can't be much more bullish than i am. [laughter] maria: all right, good. >> there you go. maria: jeff, thank you, jeff from raymond james. we will have more news after explosion at train station, officials are calling this a terrorist attack. google hit with massive lawsuit again, former employees accusing of gender bias in pay and promotion. you have to see this. okay, find out why this price of
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maria: welcome back, it is friday, september 15th. top stories is 6:30, breaking news out of london. a terrorist incident on the tube. police are investigating the explosion and fire ripped through a train car. several injuries have been reported. 18 patients have been taken to hospitals, teresa may tweeted in my thoughts are with those internet persons green and emergency services responding braley to this terrorist incident. new york on high alert, nypd commissioner tweeting moment ago monitoring incidents on london subway moment ago, no direct threat to new york city but always remain vigilant and aware of surroundings was the
6:32 am
aftermath of hurricane irma, donald trump visiting florida applauding the efforts of first responders. >> just got back from florida. it has been a rough time for for florida but the first responders and the coast guard and all the people, fema, all the people who worked so hard have done -- maria: the latest on the investigation into the death at a nursing home in the wake of this storm. new details from hospital workers and the fallout from hurricane harvey on the auto market, what you need to know if you are looking to buy a new car, you don't want one that was flood damaged. google it with the gender pay lawsuit, the technology giant put women in lower-level and lower paying jobs. netflix taking a stake in bluebottle for half $1 billion, big-name celebrities including bonow celebrating. check markets, looking at some
6:33 am
selling underway, the dow, s&p and nasdaq in negative territory by a fraction. stocks are lower, look at the s&p on the heels of the terrorism down one and a quarter%. asia, markets closed mixed with the japanese yen and the nikkei average up 1/2%. now our top story, donald trump raising response efforts in the wake of irma during a trip to florida yesterday. >> we love these people and we will be back and help, the job of first responders, has been incredible. we are there files for you 100%. >> this after eight people died wednesday at a florida nursing home. when the facility lost its air-conditioning. 150 patients were taken to local hospitals, personal from memorial regional hospital say it was clear nursing home residents were in need of help.
6:34 am
>> as soon as we were notified patients arrived at the emergency room with high temperatures we made the decisions to take a walk over to find out what was going on. >> there were patients that were critically ill, that were not living any longer, on the second floor when we entered the building. there were a number of sick patients and patients that appeared dehydrated, in respiratory distress. maria: what do you make of the president's response? >> the response, an amazing job, fema did a wonderful job. going from texas to florida, the job they did has been amazing. >> what i have seen is fema and the federal government do a good job in the first week or so, they get the medicine, the water, the surge of horror has
6:35 am
subsided, then tough difficult things happen. this horrific story about the nursing home, this happened a year ago in baton rouge, louisiana. they had high temperatures, elderly people can't move. they -- temperatures were 140 °. the hardest part for the federal government is ahead of them because they have tens of thousands, and the shut ins they don't have the ability to move, contact people or have a family network, the toughest times are still ahead. maria: really good analysis because of the scary moments, the drone company we talked about many times helping with relief efforts and tell us the capabilities of drones. >> it was our busiest week,
6:36 am
measure where drone is a service so everyone investing in hardware and software, most of our pilots are former military. all the pilots on hand between texas and florida we were doing media work for others making sure broadcast news could be dispersed, doing work on infrastructure, cell tower inspection and poll inspection for utility and verizon, infrastructure inspection so we are looking at schools and roads and things like that for local government, it has been nonstop and drones can get to places helicopters may not get to, it is more efficient and the way we inspect things in the future not just for hurricanes. maria: there are cameras on the drones. dagen: is this an inflection
6:37 am
point for the use of drones commercially and by government? >> it is and for all the wrong reasons you need this type of catastrophe to realize drones for industrial america are the most efficient ways for inspection data collection. this was in the papers every day, thank you. >> as the waters recede, the risk of buying a flood damaged car has risen. hurricane harvey and irma left 500,000 vehicles totals, they will come on to the market. how do you avoid a damaged vehicle that was flood damaged. >> we had 650,000 cars after
6:38 am
hurricane katrina and rita, probably destroyed them. they are in the markets all over the world. what i tell consumers, it is buyer beware as it always is but you want to get certified technician to have someone look underneath the fuse box and everything because if you don't there is no warranty. and salt water is very damaging. dagen: if you buy from a certified used car dealer from one of the major manufacturers do you avoid this risk? >> that is a good question. getting a certified vehicle usually comes within the same brand. but typically when you are buying another brand, looking at a honda or nissan dealer, they only give you a 90 day warranty. you may not have a problem until 91 days which may not happen right away, it may happen down the road. vehicles are supposed to be
6:39 am
destroyed but many times going to auction, and title washing, they go from state to state. each state has different regulations so you take it to pennsylvania or colorado. >> are there laws against selling flood damaged vehicle? >> i am a huge advocate. >> the question is the insurance companies, what role will they play? they don't have to ensure these cars but are they the ones that want to get the most value? what is their role? >> that is a good question. 70% have comprehensive insurance which gives flood damage coverage. the rest when they take your vehicle and you go on to buy something else. they are supposed to be reported to companies like carfax, 60% to 70% are actually listed and it costs money.
6:40 am
they are spending a lot of money, when it comes down to dollars and cents, mark them as title wash and damaged cars, flood damaged cars. they seldom reduction for perks and tons of different auction houses out there but when they get to someone else's used car lot, get the title washing and many end up going overseas, fighting them all over the world. >> risk reward. is it worth it to take a shot and buy these cars or are you saying no way? >> no way. excellent question. don't go near a flood damaged car no matter what you read on the internet unless you want to do a complete restoration that would cost tons of money. you are looking arrested brake lines, fuel lines, computers, ever drop a coke on your laptop, imagine having saltwater and mold in all the 200 processors
6:41 am
in your car plus the computer. there needs -- some of these vehicles are worth more apart than they are together. maria: thanks for your analysis. the car coach. breaking news, donald trump tweeted with the ridiculous filibuster rule in the senate republicans need 60 votes to pass legislation rather than 51. can't get votes, end now. what do you think of that? this is one of the issues dealing with the filibuster rule. >> i am with the president, if someone didn't go to mount sinai and etched into stone that you shall do this, these are senate they are dealing with that impede the ability of congress to get things done. the house of representatives has more than 200 bills sitting in the senate that haven't had any action. >> the senate keeping legislation --
6:42 am
>> find the legislation. their rules won't allow them. they don't have the discussion on healthcare where john mccain voted no. it was a motion to proceed. should we have a debate? dagen: it is called checks and balances. they want the senate to be like the house. >> if they vote -- when you don't vote -- getting yelled at to wrap. they have 51 votes for reconciliation but can't get that passed. dagen: that is what i want to ask about. >> otherwise he wouldn't be saying that. maria: when we come back betting on a high end brew, nestlé takes a majority stake in a high end coffee company. american assassin hit theaters, will a top the box office? your weekend movie preview on tap in a moment.
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maria: futures indicate a lower open, dow, nasdaq and s&p fractionally lower. a couple names, oracle the one to watch, reporting fiscal earnings last night. after the bell above expectations. shares turned negative after oracle lowered its guidance, stock down 4% setting the tone for markets. we are watching snap, the parent company of snapchat taking a dive into augmented reality. users can include an animated emoji, shares are up a fraction. breaking news donald trump tweeting a moment ago another attack in london by a loser terrorist. these are sick and demented
6:47 am
people in the sight of scotland yard, must be proactive. that from the president this morning. authorities say 18 people hospitalized in a terrorist attack on a train during rush hour. cheryl casone he with more details on the terrorism we are reporting. cheryl: we are getting updates out of london, scotland yard is investigating this as a terrorist attack. it happened at 8:00 local time. the height of the morning commute as the train was arriving in southwest london. the city's ambulance service says none of the injuries are life-threatening but people are being treated for burns. others report a second bomb is being deactivated by a bomb squad. we are looking for confirmation of that monitoring those reports. teresa may tweeted my thoughts are with those injured at parsons green and emergency services are responding bravely
6:48 am
to this terrorist incident. she is going to chair a meeting of the emergency cobra committee later today in london. back here at home, three former female google employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, claiming google discriminated against women for pay and promotion and the company placed him at lower-level jobs than men with similar qualification. a legal spokesperson issued a statement saying, quote, we disagree with the central allocations, to determine through rigorous hiring and promotion committees, must pass multiple levels of review including checks to make sure there is no gender bias. we should say google is under investigation over gender pay discrepancies and shares of the parent alphabet up 20% so far this year. finally this, jpmorgan helped turn things around in chicago's troubled neighborhoods planning
6:49 am
to spend $40 million over three years on community development project in areas like this outside. their model in chicago will replicate their investment strategy in detroit, they put $150 million into job training, youth employment, small business developers efforts in detroit. nestlé is spending $500 million for a majority stake in the new coffee brand bluebottle which has 50 locations, some celebrity investors get to cash in on the deal. the celebrities get cashed in, bonow, jared leno, tony hawk, and linkin park's lead singer passed away in july. one more story for you. calvin klein is selling a sweater with a twist and a large price tag. there it is, i report, you decide. looks like it has two sleeves
6:50 am
but they are held together with sheer material. looks like just sleeves and that is it. up to you if you like it but here is the price tag, $2100 and it is sold out. back to you. >> you might get your breakfast out of the way because i will help model these in the next hour. it will be a wonderful segment. >> do you like it, the sleeves and chest out? >> it is tough from october to may. it is not the most ideal but i sell mine for 1800. $2100 apiece. they are really big. >> we look forward to the fashion show. we are looking at it. will it scare the competition? we have weekend movie preview coming up. it is the big story in movies, stay with us. think your large cap equity fund
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>> you will jump from cell to cell taking a terrorists. >> everything he did i taught him how to do. the rescue team. maria: that was a clip from american assassin. it hit theaters this weekend featuring michael keaton and ellen o'brien, budget of $33 million, will it be enough to kill the competition at the box office? joining me a senior vice president of marketing, michael tom arrow. >> good to see you, it has been ages. maria: american assassin looks
6:55 am
good. >> vince flynn, they did a terrible job marketing this movie. more people come up to me, i have not heard about this movie. a screening to see if we would be open to this movie, it will come and do modest business at the box office in third place. it will be a monster, scaring up another $50 million. it has been a huge success. maria: it is the marketing that gets these movies. it is all about the marketing. >> that is a big part of it which is why they have 600 million plus dollars marketing budgets, got to build awareness. maria: the latest out of a galaxy far far away, lucas announced jj abrams will take
6:56 am
over the directors chair. the company says it is delaying the film's release and production start date. fans have to wait until december 2, 2019, to watch the ninth installment. our panelists, new star wars toys. the last jedi comes out in december. >> comes down to boys and light sabers. >> i have the sword and jason has the fermi. dagen: people on twitter will give me hate about holding a weapon. >> don't shoot me, i have my helmet on. jo ling: what is the scoop? >> great news for star wars fans. when you hear about directors the headline is chaos on the set. that is not the case with this story. disney paid $4 billion for lucasfilm. they are taking a great deal of
6:57 am
care with this franchise under the direction of kathleen haslam. they are out to get this right. they won't hand this franchise over to the women's of any director. they changed directors on the han solo movie, phil lloyd and chris miller, doing the same with third and final installment of this trilogy. jj abrams kicked off the trilogy to start. maria: you see this is good news even though you won't see it until next year. >> getting it right and keeping it perfect for the fans. maria: thank you for letting us show off these toys. the panel having the best time, when we come back the virginia boy who had one wish, to mow the white house lawn, he got that wish, back in a minute. today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes.
6:58 am
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with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ dagen: thanks for joining us. maria: it is friday, september 15th, your top stories at 7:00 on the east coast following breaking news out of london. terrorism hit london again, british police responding to an explosion at a subway station. 18 people have been injured, none are considered life-threatening. prime minister teresa may will hold a government meeting in the next hour, we will take you there as it happens, donald trump tweeted another attack by a loser terrorist. these are sick and demented people who are in the sight of scotland yard, must be
7:01 am
proactive. loser terrorists this be dealt with in a much tougher manner, the internet is their main recruitment tool which we must cut off and use better. an act of aggression, north korea fired another missile over japan, the second time this month. this incident following the latest round of sanctions against north korea. secretary of defense jim matus called the move reckless. let's check markets, fractional moves, dow industrials, s&p 500 and nasdaq down by a fraction. in europe, stocks mostly lower. look at the s&p at the lows of the morning with 95 point decline. the cac quarante and dax index are flat. in asian markets closed mixed with the nikkei average up 1/2 present. the other majors mixed, shanghai down 1/2 present. the push for tax reform continues the president insisting his plan is for the middle class and will not benefit the wealthiest
7:02 am
americans, the latest is goldman sachs putting chances of meaningful reform approved to below 50%. chaos on campus the university of california berkeley ramping up security for conservative commentator ben shapiro. he spoke on campus last night, the cost of freedom of speech, $600,000. nasa's cassini spacecraft making its descent into saturn later this hour. we are following the end this mission. forget the pig, angry birds lining investors, details on the gamemaker's ipo plan. history continues in cleveland. >> rip to right, down the line, fair ball around third. the walkoff for number 22. >> the cleveland indians push their winning streak to 22 games, big stuff. joining me to talk about it,
7:03 am
dagan mcdowell, utah congressman jason j fitz and 32 advisers hundred economic advisor to president obama robert wolf with us this morning. thank you for being here. a great first hour, we are covering breaking news. 18 people were injured in an explosion aboard a subway train a london's tube, the incident being declared a terrorist attack. passengers reported seeing a device on the train and heard a bank in west london. photographs have been taken inside a train which we are showing you and they show a white plastic bucket in a shopping bag, flames and wires can be seen. here is what scotland yard said about the incident moments ago. >> we now insist this was a detonation of improvised explosive device.
7:04 am
seeing the reports of 18 injuries, most of those flash burns. remain current off and the investigation continues. maria: the incident is the fifth terrorist attacks is here in the uk. prime minister teresa may said my thoughts are with those injured at parsons green and emergency services responding to this terrorist incident, donald trump wrote this. another attack by a loser terrorist, these are sick and demented people in the fight for scotland yard. must be proactive. loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner. the main recruitment tool is the internet which we must cut off and use better. is that the issue, jason chaffetz? the internet and how they lure other people? >> clearly globally they are in the recruitment business and do a masterful job getting their word out in a big way.
7:05 am
one of the most interesting things about the president's suite, in the fight of scotland yard which would lead you to believe they knew who this was. were they following before? did they know who this was? is it part of a bigger network? i am sure that is what they are scrambling on. maria: let's bring in dan emmett. what is your reaction, what can you tell us about this incident this morning? >> it is not a surprise. mass transit is one of the greatest targets for terrorism around the world. london has had this before and in the united states we are very concerned, in new york, washington and other places. even though no one was killed it certainly cost great concern. maria: what should be done at this point? >> this reemphasized the president's travel ban, one reason he wants to try to keep
7:06 am
certain people out, great britain open their doors, the country is flooded with people from all over the world. so vetting is very important. the individuals going on these trains, situational awareness is crucial. if you see something you have to say something. >> this is jason chaffetz. this may have been a shopping bag which is difficult to survey. are they doing enough with dogs? canines can sniff things humans can't see but are they doing enough in london and other places where mass transit is part of how people move? >> absolutely right. the dog is the number one tool in the war on explosives, terrorism when it comes to bonds. there just aren't enough dogs. it takes a long long time, one
7:07 am
full year to train a dog up to the standard you need to detect these explosives. every department and agency would love to have a lot of bomb sniffing dogs the numbers are just not there. >> we spend billions on machines that are just theater but the dog is the best way to find an improvised explosive device. >> absolutely. maria: thanks for weighing in, dan emmett, secret service, north korea acting out again, can firing another ballistic missile over japan, japanese officials say the missile flew over the country and landed in the pacific ocean 1200 miles east of hokkaido. >> reporter: good morning, we are tracking another provocation from the north, the most
7:08 am
successful test yet of a brand-new dangerous intermediate range ballistic missile from the regime of kim jong un. we saw that in pyongyang in april, rolled out in a military parade. it flew 2300 miles launched from a site near pyongyang, the longest flight yet of a north korean ballistic missile, long enough to hit the island territory of guam where the us has a military base. it was not headed in that direction. south korea monitoring the movement of the vehicle closely, 6 minutes after this launch they shot off a few missiles not at the north korean missile, just into the sea of japan. basically a show of force but they are getting more and more nervous. this is while us authorities say american interests were not challenged. dismissal went over the island
7:09 am
of hokkaido in northern japan. there were warnings for folks to stay indoors, get to shelters, a lot of nervousness, second time that happened in three weeks, getting to be a little bit normal. and unsettling new normal. maria: thank you. install, it is night. we want to turn to tax reform. donald trump continues his push to overhaul the tax-cut and signaled his willingness to work with democrats and republicans are unable to come together, he also vowed to fight for the middle class. >> wealthy americans are not my priority. my priority are people in the middle class and that is what we are giving the tax reduction to. it is about the middle-class and it is about jobs and it is about bringing jobs back to the country, bringing the company's back so companies can get a reduction. we are getting the highest tax rate in the world. we want to bring that to 15%.
7:10 am
maria: bike pens will travel to his home state of indiana to drum up support on tax reform. susan brooks, thanks for joining us. if you could take us behind the curtain in terms of the meeting you met with the president wednesday to talk tax reform. what was your take away? >> there were 15 members of congress who did participate. everyone spoke to the president about tax reform. he let the democrats in the room know we are moving ahead on tax reform. he would like their cooperation on tax reform because it is so important, the top priority besides keeping the american people safe but he asked for their cooperation on tax reform. he listened to everybody, what their concerns might be and he wants this to be a bipartisan effort but did indicate if we can't get bipartisan support we are going to move ahead and it is that important, focused on
7:11 am
the middle class, lowering the corporate tax rate, bringing trillions of dollars back into this country to invest in american jobs. maria: it sounds like those items will move the needle on economic growth. the problem is not the democrats but the republicans. will you get your party on the same page to get this done? >> we are working on that. the big six hashing these things out are continuing to work through any disagreements at the end of september. we will get the framework of how we will go forward but chairman brady has had so many hearings and meetings and discussions. tax reform has been in the works for a number of years. this isn't something new. it is something the republican majority has been working on for a long time and i hope everyone can come together and help the middle class which is what the president's top priority is. maria: we know the highest
7:12 am
earners pay the most tax. isn't that true? you have one portion of the country paying 90%, 70% of the tax and not going to cut taxes, how about a tax-cut? >> those are the details being worked out. as to whether or not if we could lower taxes for every one that would be better. if more people can take home more of their hard earned dollars that would be best to. lowering rates at all levels would be terrific. maria: do you need this to be revenue neutral? we had ted cruz on the program who said it doesn't need to be revenue neutral, why look at a 10 year period when we can look at 15 years, 20 years, what is your take on having this revenue neutral which we know you have to come up with revenue if that is the case? >> it is all about growth and that is the hope, by lowering these rates, ensuring we can bring more revenue back into
7:13 am
this. i would say it is very important over a long time that we grow this economy. i am not on the ways and means committee, in the middle of those discussions, i am keeping an open mind but it is important we grow this economy and bring as much revenue back as we can. maria: regardless how that happens you will be on board whether it is revenue neutral or not. switching gears, on monday ten democratic senators wrote a letter to the president asking why his administration has not declared the opioid crisis a national emergency. here is what the president said in august about this issue. >> the opioid crisis is an emergency and i'm saying officially right now it is an emergency, a national emergency, we are going to spend a lot of time and effort and money on the
7:14 am
opioid crisis. maria: you participated in an opioid crisis listening session led by chris christie at the white house. what is your take on this? >> there is no question the opioid crisis is a national emergency, the president said that it is and the fact that it hasn't been formally declared isn't as important as knowing all these sources are being focused on this. secretary price, hhs, the administration, every agency is focused on the opioid emergency. i am visiting secretary devos, the charter school focused on young people with addiction. all agencies are focused on this. we have to put more resources on this, provide more treatment opportunities, treat this as a disease that it is and save
7:15 am
lives. cdc, 142 people dying a day. it is a national emergency, the government is focused on it. maria: thank you. stay with us, we will be right back.
7:16 am
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(baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ringing) (audience cheering) maria: breaking news out of
7:18 am
london. police in london say the fire on a subway train was caused by the detonation of improvised explosive device. cheryl: we are getting an update on the injured, 18 people were injured when the terrorist attack happens at southwest london subway station, the parsons green station. most of the injured are suffering flash burns was the mayor of london issued a statement saying the city will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism. investigators are trying to identify a suspect or suspects. teresa may will hold an emergency meeting later today. in paris, police arresting a man who attacked a soldier on patrol in a busy train station at the start of rush hour this morning, this man was holding a knife and shouted allah. he said something about isis during the assault.
7:19 am
that soldier was not injured. back here at home today marks the end of an era as nasa says goodbye to one of its most beloved spacecraft, the cassini space probe has been in orbit for 20 years collecting photographs and data from saturn and the planet's moons. right now cassini will be taking a death plunge into saturn's atmosphere. scientists hope to get new images of the planet before the probe breaks apart on impact. the company binding replevines set a price range for its initial public offering, $1 billion, that is below investors expectations. they have been recovering after the past couple years, the growth took off after reports the original angry birds game in 2009 but waning a little bit. there is going to be a new color in crayola crayons boxes.
7:20 am
the company announced a new -- added to the 24 count crayon box very soon. national crayon day. they went to social media to get fans ideas for all of this. maria: the indians set the modern mlb record with their win, more video the spectacular video coming up next at hbo not taking chances, their plans to shoot multiple endings for the game of thrones finale. ♪ treat a woman right ♪ ♪ everybody dancing in the moonlight ♪ you can do endless move 201online research.t,
7:21 am
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maria: the record streak continues in ohio. >> reporter: i have a beef with the baseball record books. they say the 1960 new york giants owned the longest winning streak ever but this honor belongs to the cleveland indians of today. one day after they broke the undisputed record of 20 straight wins the indian streak was about to end, the final strike of the night with the game-tying double so they went to the 10 thinning, batting j bruce. >> ripped to write down the line, fair ball, ramirez will score, the walkoff to for number 22. >> 22 straight wins for the indians. i will explain why this is the greatest win streak in major league history. mister watson, come here. what a message he received from bill o'brien on his 22nd
7:25 am
birthday yesterday, would make the first nfl start. in the first half texans and bangles tied 3-3 to shawn watson showing off his running skills, 49 yards he goes for this touchdown running 67 yards through no intersections, bangles down to the final chapter with 13, and a j green, lookout for the staffer band on the field. eventually no other than jj watson deliver the final hit and the bangles since 1935 not scoring a signal touchdown in the first of two games. keeping it in houston university of houston cougars play the first home game against rice university. we won't see the name davis on the back of cougars safety and team cocaptain garrett davis's jersey. we won't see any surnames. the name patch will read
7:26 am
houston. the houston chronicle will keep the motto of playing for the city, won't be a game about us, we will fight for the city, the people whose houses were damaged and aren't able to do the things we are able to do. 12 years since alvarez earned 80 pesos for his first boxing match as a 15-year-old, alvarez could be looking at a $35 million payday for tomorrow night's out, just had a big bout in boxing, no another one coming up against the man they call triple g. perez will earn $15 million to start and could be $35 million base on the paper. maria: that is safe money. >> good morning. >> finish the trivia. dagen: bob aaron called usc the enemy of box after the mcgregor mayweather fight. why do you think this payday is
7:27 am
that big? >> 1916 new york giants credited with the longest win streak ever at 26 games, not true. they won 12 in a row and had a tied score and won 14 more. they have a 27 game unbeaten streak with the cleveland indians 22 game win streak is the longest winning streak in the history of major league baseball. record book needs to get rewritten and that winning streak is disastrous. maria: that is true, mixed it up. >> why do they have a tied game? >> that was before yogi berra's first one. maria: catch jared's reports on fox news headlines, serious xm 115. liberal lunacy at uc berkeley, nine people were arrested following protests by breitbart editor ben schapiro. harvard withdraws its invitation to chelsea manning after a senior fellow resigns in
7:28 am
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welcome back a good friday morning everybody. thank you so much for joining us everybody. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. a device exploded in the
7:31 am
cities subway system. this is the fifth terrace incident in the uk this year. campus chaos. as conservative commentator spoke there last night. the idea that america as a whole owns your failure. when you can't go to specific problems it's you shifting. the reason you have failed is because america has been historically bad. the fallout as at least nine people were arrested at that protest. and in the cost for the free speech not so free. security cost topped $600,000.
7:32 am
with the details there. and facebook is moving north the company open and outposts in montréal. the white house making dreams come true. a young boy wanted to write -- mow the lawn he is getting to do just that. will speak with him coming up. the markets of this morning or under selling pressure. stocks are lower across the board. particularly in london on terrorism. the dax index in germany has turned up positive. it is up a fraction right now. the ek average up one half of 1%. and we begin this half an hour with this top story. present trumpet just weeding out this. espn is paying a really big price for its politics in bad programming.
7:33 am
apologize for untruth. he is referring to espn host. join us right now is a staff writer. so lauren let me pick it up with you. what he make with the presidents tweet this morning. >> he's exactly right. the problem is when you take out political agenda on the sports network expect to pay a price. discover what you cover which is sports. and as what espn is doing is taking some type of political agenda. it's can hurt good to hurt the ratings at the end of the day. people want to see sports. not politics.
7:34 am
students protesting less as conservative commentator ben shapiro spoke on campus. they sealed off the campus. officers were authorized to use pepper spray. he came to berkeley to promote free speech how ironic. listen. send me -- >> there are students who do want to hear differing views who don't want to be told that they can only hear one view who don't believe that the first amendment should die under the birkenstocks of a bunch of aunt archivist communist pieces of garbage.
7:35 am
political commentators. when you make of all of this violence. i think it's really shameful that the university had to spend $600,000 in order to keep everyone safe. and then nine people so that arrested because things got at hand. it was a haven of free speech it was now overrun by a bunch of social justice warriors. the university was university was also offering counseling by people that felt triggered by the presence on campus. i'm sorry if you need counseling i think you shouldn't graduate. it also represents the low bar to which someone is considered a white supremacist. ben shapiro was called a white supremacist leading up to this event and he himself is jewish and was the target. i think this term just gets thrown around a lot.
7:36 am
the espn support calling donald trump a white supremacist also. i do think this should spur a national conversation about who is and who isn't a white supremacist. do they not understand the first amendment and when when the last time that words a set fire to things and threw bottles and attacked other people. >> and there is no a diversity. your women's colleges in this country that are more concerned about teaching at which pronouns to use as to not offend anybody than actually educating young women in science and mathematics. i know that firsthand. at least berkeley did heaven speak. they could have turned their back on any conservative speakers we can't handle the violence.
7:37 am
>> the fact that ben shapiro had a come out with the young american foundation is ridiculous. i think this is a time for people on the left. this is not about political ideology. this is about being american what are you doing. the most protected speech should be the speech that you don't like. in all of the shaming that goes on when the other side does not agree it's constant robots on twitter on text. trying to shame you into it. what is amazing as they didn't let belmar there either. they don't like what belmar bill marr has to say about muslims.
7:38 am
it has spun way too far on the campus. those who preach the most tolerant are the least tolerant. that is berkeley. the first amendment is about putting up with and allowing for even the most appalling speech. again when you try to crack crackdown on what you think or what lawrence might think that is gonna come full circle and it will come back to haunt you. full circle and it will come back to haunt you. i don't like the kkk but i can't just go around wanting to set them on fire every chance i get. there will come a point in time when people are gonna come after people like me saying my speech doesn't matter. and i'm just giving my opinion.
7:39 am
>> lets switch gears here. he was arrested in 2010 for leaking classified documents to wikileaks from the cia director and resigned from his post as a senior fellow at harvard in protest of many invitation unfortunately i cannot be part of an organization that honors a convicted felon and liquor of leaker of classified information. just hours later citing him as well. here this. it will not permit me to betray their trust by appearing to support harvard's decision. let me bring jason in here. >> i decided last week as a resident fellow. i give harvard a lot of credit for a inviting me they wanted to have the full political spectrum there.
7:40 am
it's an opportunity to get in front of a very liberal audience in folks. and i do think that harvard really listened on this. i was second how problematic that is an overnight they made the right decision and rescinded this. it should not have happened in the first place but i think they heard concerns from pompeo and others they rescinded and pulled it back. they made the right call. i think the fact that harvard did not think that this would be a problem to give convicted trader a fellowship. i think it shows how insulated academia has become. and how flawed that ideology is. if you have more victims than your opinions matter more than others.
7:41 am
the fact that chelsea manning is somehow this hero or this person you are going to give a fellowship to advocates clear that they are overlooking all of this. all of the lies that they endangered. in this way of thinking it promotes is kind of behavior. and does it matter what you do. but on how many victimhood points that you have. i gave her more points and so. >> they initially did it just to be politically correct. they are so ingrained in the psyche of academia. universities that are more
7:42 am
interested in the gender categories and the pronoun to use than exit teaching young men and women math and science and things that but all the world. when this person but trade our country. i don't get it. it's all about what race you are it's all about who you decide to fleet with. it's all about if you are an immigrant. it's nothing about doing the right thing. nothing about you be being an actual american citizen. everything that is wrong about this country they promote on these universities. thank you so much for your insight this morning. the new corruption claims coming up. and then facebook cracks down on advertisers.
7:43 am
a lot on the docket. stay with us. [music] somebody to love.
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welcome back authorities in london said the subway explosion appears to be an iso send -- isolated incident. investigators are now playing down fears of a cord and needed terror attack across the london transport neck work. leaving at least 18 people injured. we heard a big bang. i turned my head. and i saw the fireball.
7:47 am
i realized white people were screaming and crying. reports said that the time it was was found on the explosive device. no arrest has been made as of yet. i conservative watchdog group said there is more evidence of pay to play at the clinton state department. judicial watch says the newly disclosed e-mail come from the account of clinton aid and they showed clinton's foundation friends requesting and receiving favors from the state department. the e-mails also show that they violated laws about the handling of classified information. the group of e-mails as a part of the information act lawsuit. advertisers are no longer going to be allowed to change headlines and descriptions of news items that appear on that site.
7:48 am
facebook said in june that users would not be able to modify the content but the change really did not apply to pain advertisers. that's different now. it is planning to announce the opening of a new artificial intelligence center and hbo is doing everything i can to keep that finale of the game of thrones a big secret. the network is shooting multiple endings. reduction on the eighth and final season begins next month. can we go back to the hillary clinton story for a moment. the state department under fire once again. they still had tens of thousands of documents that have not been turned over to congress. this is not the end of the story. she can go out on the book to her and talk about how this is unfair and everything.
7:49 am
they can't seem to get the documents and congress and now they are trickling out still wise it taking so much time now. and speaking in this administration. the irs is getting a pass as well. we are trying to get documents from fast and furious. i believe the deep state they hold the step. hillary clinton could have disposed of the benghazi situation. and they are still holding it. she's not even there and they are still holding it. we will talk about the kid was dream has come true. he's up next.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> dear mister president it would be my honor to melt the white house lawn for you. even though i am only ten i like to show the nation that i am responsible. the president said you're doing a great job and keep working hard and he would love to give you the opportunity to cut the grass in the rose garden. reading a letter from a boy who offered to mow the white house lawn. today he gets his chance. he is now 11 years old frank, good to see you. congratulation. how exciting this is for you. and i saw slow fancy car coming in.
7:54 am
this should be the car i told my dad that the car was here. and we went. good for showing some initiative. my question is how much are you going to charge president trump for mowing his lawn. >> sarah said that it was free in the letter. my advice to you you're doing the work you should get paid. i'm jealous of you today because when i was about your age i did landscaping and mowed lawns and it looks like you're gonna mow the coolest lawn may be in the world today. so far it's pretty much the best day of my life.
7:55 am
give a special way that you mow the lawn. what is your technique. usually the front yard in my neighborhood is flat so i just across until it's done. and sometimes there's another patch on this drive across into the door and do their and then i go to the back. >> frank you look really sharp today. did you pick that shirt out. i was actually picking a shirt so i was like fine.
7:56 am
frank, have a great day to be. we will be pretty new on from new york. have fun at the white house. still have after a 20 year voyage the spacecraft is finally coming to an end. next hour on mornings with maria right here. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
7:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good friday morning thanks so much for involuntarying us it is friday, september 15 your top stories rite now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, covering breaking news terrorism in london 22 people injured after device exploding in the subway system during morning commute hours this morning, the bomb was reportedly on a timer it did not o fully detonate prime minister teresa may will hold energy government meeting next hour. >> we know this is a detonation of an improvised explosive device, the reports 18 injuries, and most of those to be flash burns. the remains cordoned off the investigation continues. >> president trump said in part loser terrorists must be dealt with in much tougher
8:00 am
mean the internet main recruitment tool must crust off use better. >> north korea fired another missile over japan for the second time this month the incident following latest round of u.n. sanctions against north korea secretary of defense mattis called the move reckless, markets this morning under selling pressure dow industrials exactly unchanged in terms of where it closed yesterday sebastian gorka 500 nasdaq down fractionally. >>. >> europe moves ft 100 down better than 1% following terrorist attack dax index in positive territory, within last hour, off a fraction, in asia overnight, markets closed mixed with nikkei average closing up 1 half of 1% in japan the shanghai composite in china down one half of 1%, could the equifax breach keep you from getting iphone concerns surrounding your credit score, google sued details after the giant is hit with causations over gender
8:01 am
pay, plus final frontier nasa spacecraft into saturn's atmosphere latest as historic mission has come to an end one company a blast from the past will kick-start success, when you will see jolt return to store shelves joining me to talk all about it fox business network dagen mcdowell former yu.a congressman fox use contribute jason chaffetz, and 32 advisories founder former economic advisory to president obama robert wolf is here. >> good morning. >> amazing two hours. >> "fast and furious." >> it is "fast and furious" we've got breaking news out of london, that is what we are following 22 people injured, this morning, in an explosion aboard a subway train on londonon's tube rush-hour traffic this morning being declared a terrorist attack in london passengers reported a device on train hearing a bang at parsons green station in west london photos show a white plastic bucket, inside of a shopping bag, you can see
8:02 am
flames wires also apparent employer investigating this incident the fifth terrorist attack in uk this year scotland yard described the investigation this morning. >> the investigation, is being led by the -- command and the eric in, and there are many inquiries health insurance of inspectors involved looking at -- >> the president tweeted about the incident this morning, in london blake burman at the white house with more. reporter: good morning to you president trump indeed clearly aware of the terrorist incident in london, as he tweeted out this morning, that who whoever my be behind this could be on radar of authorities over there the president tweeted the following, saying quote another attack in london by a loser terrorist, these are sick demented people in the sights of scotland yard. must be proactive, the
8:03 am
president then turned attention to the travel ban here at home, saying it should be quote far larger tougher more specific but stupidly he says that would not be politically correct, in international incident to the forefront of the world stage is nor north korea launched another missile over japanese airspace three days after united nations security council approved new sanctions against the rogue nation in a statement, the secretary of state rex tillerson said united nations security council roflths including most recent unanimous swans resolution represent the floor not the ceiling of the actions we should take, call on all nations to take measures against the kim regime emergency meeting called at u.n. for later today, everything, president trump will be heading to the u.n. next week as part of the larger general assembly there back to you. maria: blake thank you blake burman at the white house this morning joining us right now with more is north korea
8:04 am
expert the director of defense studies at center for the national interests harry, good to see you. thank you for joining us, did i mess up your name? >> okay everybody does don't worry about it i am used to it. >> tell me how to pro announce it. >> thank you, what do you make of latest launch out of north korea. >> troubling we are going to see in the men and womemonths a come why north korea geographically is a bad place to test missiles you think united states russia have large land masses to test missiles, the north koreans can't keep shooting up and down into the air they are going to need to test medium and long-range missiles in what are battle field conditions, the only way to do that is to fire them over japan and into the. >> scary the japanese do not have an effective way to shoot down this type of missile
8:05 am
intercontinental ballistic missile over their territory more scary. >> you wrote op-ed a war with north korea would be war like no other tell us more. >> the challenge here is that the american people are vigilant people we have not really since world war two, north koreans we think they have probably 5,000 tons of chemical weapons vx, probably have biological weapons, some most nasty weapons you can think of plus over 11,000 artillery that tr pointed at seoul capital, 25 million people imagine in a war with north korea if they fired just a few hundred artillery shells into downtown seoul being noing off skyscrapers imagine the skaggs that 10 or 50 9/11.
8:06 am
>> i can't believe they haven't had maxed those sanctions out do you think sanctions will do anything what point woes united states with japan take down proactive measures to demonstrate we have ability to knock it out if they shoot one, by the way, keep shooting over japan don't need to shoot ease they can shoot -- but never going to do that. >> you are right jason i this i the thing most important that the president needs to do, is the president needs to go on twitter right now or at earliest possible time direct message to china say look, you signed on to nine different united nations security council resolution where are you going to enforce them they are key to this, the chinese control 90% of north korea exports if they shut down
8:07 am
amount of money keeping in from north koreans we would be able to cut that economy off cold, keep in mind the north korean economy is weakeningness it is only worth 14 billion dollars if we were able to cut them off from economic system, they would be in a tremendous -- challenge -- >> but harry the china knows that we can't do that, unilaterally with second secretary mnuchin referencing potential for cutting off trade with china not naming china in name but would it take every trading partner of china, china understands they have great sway over the united states, and great economic power because we are so reliant on that nation to buy our debt, and ship us cheap goods. >> you are absolutely right, you walk into any wal-mart basically china inc the point here is that we have that leverage, keep in mind the
8:08 am
u.s.-china trade relationship is worth almost 700 billion dollars but very dependent on beijing selling us all sorts of goods so i think it if we catapult pressure on them president trump went on twitter said look if your banks are going to continue to help north korea you lander money help fund their nuclear program we are going to put sanctions on your bank could start slowly ratchet up pressure it is something we have to do if they don't stop. >> i think they have -- >> just so i understand, you are recommending tougher sanctions meaning u.n. you would have gone full stop on oil period. so no oil, porting,s as opposed to what they got a today fractional i would say secondly, are you saying a trade embargo with all china or just saying situatioanctions banks sanctions on banks not going to move neiled as far as
8:09 am
everyone this beings. >> i would start with president making warnings to chinese giving them may be 30 days' grace to stop these illegal activities when it comes to oil embargo something a lot of people don't know north koreans have been preparing for that for a listening time they stepped -- a year's worth of oil stockpiled something keep in mind, what i would do if i was secretary tillerson, nikki haley i would say north koreans need to stop exploiting citizens using themming as slave later would have tremendous impact about able to modernizedize the practice many. >> have you seen south korean move a dove-like approach more serious you see president moon moving south koreans to understand seriousness. >> i have he was talking about
8:10 am
removing about ballistic missile defense similar they've moved a little bit absolutely. maria: thanks for being here we appreciate it we will see you soon. coming up we've got very latest out of london breaking news this morning, we will bring live to that scene terrorist attack nasa space cast into saturn details of the probe's last trip after 20 year voyage. >> a comeback details where you can buy nostalgic drinks, stay with us. anything worth pursuing requires knowledge, hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan.
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maria: welcome back. breaking news out of london a massive have anhunt under way after a bomb exploded on a subway car, during rush hour in london authorities say 22 people injured, fox news senior correspondent live in london good morning. reporter: most injuries are flash burns according to police nonexpected life-threatening, there are hundreds of detectives now deployed in this investigation, and they are being backed up by the security services and i-5, police no doubt going through reams of footage because london is completely covered
8:14 am
with cameras often first call, this neighborhood parsons green i am standing in the station behind me about a block this has been partially evacuated because when terrorist attack happens, as one councilmember told me this gold standard protocol kicks in whereby every single lead thoroughly investigated in aftermath of panic there are a lot of people coming up with things they saw or heard, and lots of false aalarms, focus on bucket, ended up having flames shooting out of it the detonation was not successful. in other words, wasn't a massive explosion but obviously dangerous enough to harm very many people. wires coming out of it, it was in sort of insulated bag that is the line of investigation right now. maria back to you. maria: amy thank you think a
8:15 am
to you amy kellogg in london equifax facing new formally out over massive data breach this morning cheryl casone own that. cheryl: story continues on equifax stuck plunged 1% since cane disclosed that hack, in premarket again, today, down almost 2%. the federal trade commission now looking into how hackers gained access to the personal information of 143 million americans. and victims of the equifax hack could freeze credit reports may face delays on for instance buying apple new iphone iphone 10 a lot of tentacles of the story playing out today, as well. also, headlined watching major investment for uber, nearing a detail to take a substantial take in that company but only if they persuade shareholders to -- sell on steep discount "wall street journal" says potential vechl could total 10 billion dollars at reports that apple is in talks to invest a billion dollars in
8:16 am
uber's rival lyft, after two years in is a space cassini a deth plunge in saturn atmosphere collecting photographs data from saturn and moons to touch saturn's dense atmosphere nasa says cassini sent last signal d district attorney i want to know integrated into sky a billion miles away, a dreefrng responsible for calfnating a generation joe america's first energy drink that says all the sugar caffeine going to be stocked with dollar general stores came on scene in 1985, 160 milligrams caffeine for every 16 ounce bottle nearly four times coca-cola 45
8:17 am
milligrams thought it was cool for more can't wait for more. maria: that is funny anybody remember joe? >>. >> on steroids. >> two business stories cheryl mentioned uber, lyft j.p. morgan with update on taxes, tax reform impact on the markets, they say if as long as headlines indicate political traction investors likely to price at higher probability of tax reform, they say that if corporate rate goes from 35% to 25% s&p earnings go up 10 dollars takes s&p 500 up another 150 points basically laying out strategy should tax reform happen. dagen: i wanted to point out, what robert was talking about about separating the two corporate tax reforms versus tinkering with individual income tax brackets probably what is going to happen steve moore robert mueller the beginning of the year even i think before the inauguration or right around the
8:18 am
inauguration said please, tackle corporate tax reform you can get bipartisanship above and beyond. >> adviser steve moore, as you know just on s&p 500, i would predict a disproimportant shun ate companies not paying -- >> this is about smaller midsized companies. >> i am saying would be interesting of how many of those companies think about stock market the revenue how many are impacted. >> the net effective tax rate for corporations in united states is 29% below 30% that is still one of the highest in the developed world, but it is when you factor in deductions the like it is so they have to do it at 25 or 15, for it to have impact. >> surprising members of congress president laid down september 25 revealing details i don't think they are there but that is a key date to
8:19 am
watch, details talking principles for a couple years got to produce them. >> i want to get that out j.p. morgan this morning with a tax report telling clients if in fact we see corporate rate from 35 to 25, 150 points s&p 500 see about it weigh to be the to talk uber lyft you mentioned top of the s show top story softbank wants to invest but want to discount -- >> just quickly, you know all hype with uber 70 billion, in private side softbank roughly 75, 100 billion to go to work want 10 billion into uber take it -- 20% share 30% discount not that off market for illiquid sales that said with ipo possibly 18 men and womens aw 17 months away. >> uber has major management problems until they convince
8:20 am
they solved that a question mark. >> start with new ceo, a beginning, a middle and potentially end in terms of private company. >> feel they have got the person who they recently hired coming up google under fire as well, claims of gender pay discrimination details on class action lawsuit google is facing then wishing could you take back that message you sent? we have been there what is that the answer to your problem straight ahead, stay with us ♪ i wanna dance with somebody, i wanna feel the heat with somebody, yeah i wanna dance with somebody ♪ kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin
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maria: welcome back alphabet investors staking off concerns over gender discrimination
8:24 am
lawsuit filed against google yesterday. according to court documents, three female staffers say the technology giant puts women at lower level lower paying jobs seeking class action status lawyers say more than 90 concurrent former google employees have keep forward a statement was released to fox business reading in part this. we disagree with the a central allegations job levels projects are discernibled through hiring and promising committees must pass multiple levels of review to make sure there is no gender bias in decisions, want to bring in attorney author good to see you thanks for joining us reaction. >> really interesting i don't think there is anybody in silicon valley, more than google to try to work out problems 2 5 million dollars since 2014, to try and make sure that their highing processes and developmental career developmental processes are in place. and supportive of women three women a manager there is a
8:25 am
sales executive -- o most important one an engineer says she was hired into lower level than situated if qualified working levels level 3, level 4, paying -- very much on she is sayingis qualified i had same persons hired lower level opportunities for advancement very much determined by lower level i wasn't treated the same california law state law mo particular of gender gap i think typical i thought interesting this came out during -- on the heels of memos google employees -- back in -- right, i mean the plaintiff's -- asked if they experienced gender discrimination in every store.
8:26 am
>> irony technology companies in that industry as a whole is hyper liberal very much to the left but in terms of pap for example apple brags about equal pay but less than one-third of its employees are women 8% men if you look at technology jobs less than one quarter of jobs held by women so before you start bragging about your diversity, and your liberal leanings and ideology, why not try to walk that talk, and you hear that anecdotically, from women who work in these major companies that they are talked down to by men, who are in the comparable jobs that it is a mind-set that permeates a lot of companies if you are a woman you are not good enough and it is appalling. >> i didn't realize that bad. >> pretty bad even facebook if you talk to people in meetings with men automatically assume
8:27 am
you are in sales marketing might be have a very senior type job or -- or engineer. >> it is a problem that they can't they can't seem to fix. >> yikes. maria: yikes. >> i just had one question, what type of data can they collect after the trump decision to maybe not allow the department of justice same in no longer retrievable. >> a greet great question -- the executive orders requiring employers to give gender pay data to the government, google has been under some scrutiny by department of labor because they gave data over pretrump, and the department of labor said there are big problems as data show there is a case now how much google data to go to
8:28 am
federal government google says too hard to get data out costs too much money one of the reasons trump administration unrolled obama era rule the core is about the engineers case so she was put into a job that was a front end job whereas most male colleagues put into back end jobs, there is a fight going on i spoke to google agent this morning whether in fact do you need to have different qualifications and have more -- that is one of the things will come up. >> we will watch that thank you coming up terrorism in london at least 22 injured after device exploded in city subway system the details strailt -- straight ahead. >> president trump weighs in. >> -- people in middle class -- and this is where we are giving the big tax deduction to -- >> more straight ahead back in a moment. um... who are you?
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8:32 am
rate, while in florida yesterday. >> we are paying highest tax rate in the world, we want to bring that to around 15% that would make us competitive with china, and other countries my priority bringing companies back, bringing money back into the country, there's trillions of dollars outside of your country we could bring back taxes don't allow to it happen. >> how business world is reacting ahead jetblue struggling to find pilots now, it is recruiting people without any flying experiencing! really true call for raising minimum wage restaurants dirt your in a new report. >> markets like this selling pressure dow industrials down 9 points nasdaq s&p 500 also fractionally weaker this morning, retail sale hitting tape weaker than expected down 2/10 of a percent in aig below expectation called for a 1/10%
8:33 am
increase in europe, take a look at detection ft 100 down 1 and water percent has been about this week, throughout the morning, so we are he pretty much near please of the morning right here 92 points lower in asia overnight, mixed performances as you see there nikkei average up half a pers overnight. >> uber softbank reportedly nearing a detail to take a substantial stake in the ride hailing company only if it persuades shareholders to sell enough stock at a steep discount they want 30% discount "the wall street journal" says the potential vote. could be 10 billion dollars, plus alphabet reportedly considering a billion-dollar investment in uber rival lyft perhaps latest sign of strength in private market kingpin president chief operating officer glen with us good to see you. >> how with are you are you -- >> thank you for joining us carlyle one of the most
8:34 am
successful outfits your take on this story in terms of softbank with huge 100-billion-dollar technology vision fund wandering to put money in uber. >> represents the strength of the private capital markets we have ecosystem developed over last 10 to 15 years a private market where a company like upper can actually prevail achieve and get garner capital for whole lifetime different than what it used to be maria maria used to a company would have to go public, they go public early in life cycle that growth would actually be realized in a public setting. today is not like that at all one of the great realities is the wilshire 5,000 only has 3700 companies in it. maria: you are right that is funny. >> a lot fewer companies public today. maria: is that because bureaucracies around going public it is not the experience that companies want.
8:35 am
>> just this morning, uber is has a chance to actually being a access 10 billion dollars speaking with one investor. they don't have to file with setchc process report every quarter as a result, the ability to grow a business aggressive not be held a quarter by quarter standards, is really interesting for companies in a private setting. >> especially -- how do you capitalize on that tell me how you are allocating capital. >> the most interest interesting the investor base raised this allocations to state pension plans through any network individuals have been shifting towards private equity, returns have been really good a long time one year three year five year 10 year basis returns in private equity better than public alternatives the reality is they know that they can hold companies for a lot longer today, and actually compound
8:36 am
returns so just makes this environment interesting for private capital. >> tell me where you see private capital going where are the opportunities can you name sectors, about energy very important to carlyle over years give us that -- >> first and foremost given the reasonably slow growth but consistent growth in economic environment, and expectations even despite the -- uk central banks saying going to raise interest rates, interest rates expected to say low a long time as a result we think asset values are high today going to stay high day are not big macrofees other than there are a few high growth areas health care technology enabled of businesses some areas beaten down like energy, we think is really interesting, but the key is in fact in private cal you get to apply a business develop a business plan and really execute against it and drive performance one of the interesting statistics first six months of the year we've seen in our portfolio 10%
8:37 am
revenue growth 10% earnings growth that is an extraordinary annualized number relative to what is happening in two to three percent growing gdp environment. >> nice backdrop does that change, and is it dependent on policy out of washington? so we've got republican party leadership upcoming a detailed reform in a matter of days, september 25 expecting the house tax reform, plan to come out the president obviously has a meeting with democrats trying to lure them to get something done do you think something happens. >> first and foremost the course of the last year incredible had we been here a year ago would have talked about expectation a pending recession coming, the economy was kind of stagnant we expected things to really move into a recession over the
8:38 am
period of time, the expectation is going to be bad policy going to hurt business is abated materially if we get business favorable policies regulatory decisions out of washington will help we don't need regulatory policy or legislation, to in fact make things better because it is actually quite good right now, we are seeing good steady growth in the united states around the world we are hopeful that the president and congress are able to come up particularly with some tax reform it would be great for business. maria: this morning j.p. morgan with a note basically saying look as the headlines keep showing traction on this, investors are going to expect it the expectations will come out if corporate rate goes from 35% to 25% that will move the s&p 500 earnings, by 10 dollars that is 150 point rally on s&p what i am asking sounds like gravyy to get tax credits policy you are looking
8:39 am
at backdrop quite strong so that we are i wouldn't say just gravy we hope it will happen it needs to happen do i think competitiveness u.s. industry would be materially approved c the favorable tax policy, and that is important as we compete around the world, for people, and technology, and to grow our businesses here in the united states, so we are hopeful that will happen washington is -- in pretty contentious right now, in fact, the one area maria where we think there is bipartisan shopper is infrastructure today, and tax policy has headlines, and people on both sides of the aisle want changes in the tax policy and we sure hope it happens, one place they agree they need changes not that much between them the infrastructure, infrastructure effort the president has called for. maria: i think that you really need to see tax reform in order to see people's expectations come to fruition, let me ask you before you go in terms of regionsan the
8:40 am
world, do you like europe right now? what is your take in terms of of the u.s. versus international? >> yes, so right now, we see a synchro synchronized growth from an economying standpoint grew 1 1/2% last year we think growing 2, to 2 1/2% europe growing as as fast fast if not faster than united states we see actually 6% growth in china. >> do you put money in china given everything going on trying to get tough with china. >> i don't think there is anything particularly to china what is happening in north korea i think north koreans aggression impacts all of us i am hopeful that we will be able to bring some sort of sanity to that circumstance but china we just bought mcdonald's china in hong kong for mcdonald's in partnership with a large chinese investment company, and it just represents the fact that we still see huge growth in
8:41 am
china opportunity to take a business that is good, make it great. maria: great to have you on the program thank you so much tune in tonight glen about my special interview on wall street week, all weekend about see you on wall street week thank you so much no flying experiencing no problem apparently new way jetblue is reportedly recruiting potential pilots stay with us on that story. back in a moment. ♪ so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. the toothpaste that helps
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8:44 am
maria: jetblue to expand pilot or except this time don't need flying experiencing apparently nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. >> good morning.
8:45 am
>> good morning, maria. seems absolutely wild you need no flight experience the only thing you need is a high school diploma or ged, 23 years old by the time you complete program apparently a pilot deficit, and they have a program at jetblue the pilot get a way select program, 125 thousand dollars over four years but you know what your potential forward could be huge, you will be in the classroom then work with flight simulators then get 1500 hours of real flight experience, so the salary investing 125 grand the salary is around 52,000 but you can make upwards of 100,000 dollars. so if you are intosdz this could be for you folks, back to you. maria: michael thanks so much north korea has launched another missile over japan, markets slugging off aggression joining us now host of "varney & company" stuart varney with more stu good
8:46 am
morning. >> good morning, maria. i am thinking about this seals to me stock market does not respond to tragedy it doesn't respond to human have you ever gone doubt respond to outrage or provocation world of money seems to me does not take moral position money unify takes immoral position doesn't care about morality what market cares about i think profits fewest growth where why this market remarkably resilient in face of terror out rainl missiles got it all in face of all of that this market is dancing to the profitability drummer and future growth drama record profitability rising growth rate for economy prospect better growth next year this market is resilient this morning down 4 points on
8:47 am
futures that is it despite terror attack in london, lunching missile,ets,ets, either setareh resilient. >> 14 administrators move in revenue. dagen: you can quantify that can't quantify what might happen with north korea impossible to invest based on on it if looking for protection people are not willing to buy u.s. treasurys yielded under 2.2% that is a big risk. >> i think however if a shooting war, in asia there is not but if there was that market goes down, i think if tax cuts the whole tax package sunk out of sight i think market goes down, that is what i think, that -- we are resilient because of profits and growth, that is where we are. maria: i am with you stu 10 minutes more on that "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" 9:00 a.m. join stewart 10 minutes
8:48 am
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8:51 am
maria: welcome back intense manhunt under wlai in the london, after explosion on subway train, cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that is right maria investigators say the device had a timer on it indicates the suspect was not on the train at the time. officials also saying number of people injured in that attack now rising to 22 many of those people were burned but none are life-threatening injuries police at parson green station morning rush hour caused by improvised explosive device on timer.
8:52 am
>> seattle position to increase minimum wage may lead to less hygienic restaurants. >> minute from 8 dollars in 2010 to 15 dollars an hour, this year. okay, you probably want to try a message or e-mail you database want to send now there is a way out for you, a new tleet for everyone feature lets you he unsend that message 5 minutes from when that message is sent to delete only if other person has not read it if they read it you are out of luck, check this out hundreds of drones over the skies of los angeles to celebrate wonderer woman 300 drones heavy-duty lighting into the formation to celebrate power wisdom wonder, back to you. maria: we had a by these week
8:53 am
on "mornings with maria" here is a look at some top moments from the program. >> -- tell us from your standpoint how is it possible. >> issues began to occur within our retail banking business we didn't move as quickly as we should. when they skeletaled to the senior management team again we didn't move as quickly as we should clearly we made a mistake we had to take responsibility we're not fixing anything that is broken. >> a single flat tax that would that be. >> me prifrns a single flat tax fair uniform for everyone, everyone pays same simple rate i think power in bold simplicity. >> i agree with instruction in rates simplicity are key. >> this could have been a whole lot worse a lot more places that it come in at cat four, cat five strength in miami omd. >> presidential declaration of emergency with public health emergency we declared for
8:54 am
virgin islands florida and georgia and south carolina able to predeploy get folks on the grounds in the other respond as rapidly as possible. >> excellent job wasn't experience become two of the best emergency responses i have seen. >> do you see long term impact on housing market. >> i think too early to tell how long that is going to impact places like the keys or south florida but clearly going to create major disruption in our industry but frankly in the economy, in those markets for several months. >> devastation unlying anything i have ever seen in this country and this was eye-opening just to see so many families americans, who are living with no clean with a either are that thoughts on latest provocation from north korea. >> it is part of a -- a growing pattern that is disturbing, of course, across the full spectrum of north korean behavior.
8:55 am
>> not tough enough on north korea key country here is china china is the only country that cab really influence north korea's behavior, because at the depend on china for everything. >> under trump these are linked if you don't help us on north korea we are prepared to hit you on chinese trade and on chinese investment the markets don't care but so far, this has been a win for trump. >> -- addiction is real it is a disease it is illness that we needs to tackle we need to talk about so many young people are dying i tell parents it's up to you to educate your kids when you go to a doctor and they have a tooth pulled or injury, do not allow them to get any prescription pills. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> these -- i love it, when you are a billionaire you age in reverse. >> talk about when billionaire
8:56 am
age in reverse jeff bezos like -- >> jeff bezos -- >> a body. >> yes. >> buff and tan, used to look like a withering nerd -- before founded amazon now looks like -- a billion dollars. >> sun valley, idaho making deals with those -- >> largest -- all time. >> 50 years of my life in music 150 never before released tracks. >> good luck with those. there you go. [laughter], everybody. # he middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad.
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>> welcome become joining me on sungtd on fox news hownl how kevin brady and tax reform president kevin and timeline on tax reform and 10 a.m. eastern on fox news i want to thank everybody for being here final thoughts robert. >> i would highly recommend we split taxes into business and personal. i think we could get business done before year end otherwise i think it will be difficult. >> jason. >> doesn't have its act together on drones a great part of the my to grow and expand but they can't figure out how to do air space. >> i owe you big. he's got measure. 10 a.m. sunday on fox news channel a.m. and class of freedom. >> you're working seven day.
9:00 am
business news never sleeps on saturday and sunday. >> we know it and we're the evidence of that. have a great weekend everybody. that will to it for us. "varney & company" is next. stuart varney take it away. stuart: a terror attack in london north korea launches another missile and stock market oh, resilient as of it stays at record highs. good friday morning everyone a bomb on london underground at rush hour fail to explode as intended but there was a fire, injuries massive disruption police call it terror. the north koreans launch another missile japanese people were alerted as it flew overhead and traveled further than any previous launch. the united states did not try to shoot it down. a storm of tweets from the president this morning, deal more harshly with terrorists he says and expand the travel been another tweet in it he urges an end to filibuster in senate so a


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