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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 25, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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others playing a role in this. lauren: sub for gold, thank you for having me. tragedy that is it for us. over two maria bartiromo for mornings at early. trade to get, september 5th. top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the health care battle on capitol hill on capitol hill on pitol hi asus rublica forward with another effort to repeal interface obamacare. president trump called out those fighting against this bill. >> i've been watching for seven years as the republicans they repeal and replace. then you have john mccain voted no for whatever reason. everything you talk about happens to be particularly good for us. i don't know what they are doing, but eventually we will win whether it now or later. train to the health care debate comes as the white house prepares to tackle another key agenda tax reform this week.
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republicans set to unveil plans on wednesday. what you can expect from the president and what he says will be the largest tax cut in the history of our country. the president will release that from the white house this week. investors eyeing developments out of d.c. but the selling pressure this morning. dell investor is down about 18-point or nasdaq s&p 500 fractionally lower. in europe, german chancellor angela merkel wins a fourth term. last night they won a big surprise as the alternative for germany went 13% of the vote margin the first in a far right wing party has gained entry into the german parliament in over 60 years. take a look at the markets in europe next. markets mostly lower as you see the nikkei average sweep out a fractional gain but the others down across the board. tragedy in tennessee. a gunman burst into a church killing one,oundg several
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others. her actions by one chuoer to in the rampage coming out. another travel ban in place. another executive order this weekend to restrict entry into the united states. details as north korea and venezuela are routed to the travel ban lasts. uber this morning fighting back. the latest is 1 million people signed a petition to get the ride sharing service back on the streets of london. the nfl in a war of words with the white house at players and owners taken me, locked arms after president trump sanda lake for allowing the protests. the fan reaction this morning. all the stories coming out pager to talk about it, and they can make towel. utah congressman oversight committee chairman of fox news contributor jason chaffetz is here at kings college business and economics professor brian brenberg. good morning. happy monday. dagen: good morning. maria: allowed to talk about already this morning. dagen: nfl protesters who did not come on the field was an
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anti-trump protests. it was nothing more than that. let's remind all of them that it was gold star mother's day yesterday. it was gold star families, how about standing for those who've lost loved ones serving this country, fighting for the right to take that name. >> we have to start the conversation novice technology never would have the right to protest in the right to their own free speech. having said that, it's an insult not to stand for the american flag because the american flag is representing more than what they may be protesting. maria: and find a very disrespectful. we are not hypocrites either. we acknowledge their right to do that. again it's also the right of the owners if they want to implement a rule that says you have to do this. they can do that as a private business. >> when they take up the uniform, they can protest. if they wear the uniform, they better do it the coach says. i can't believe they let this
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go. absolutely fundamentally wrong. maria: allowed on tap for this story. also looking at markets with rogers make an appearance once again. the subcommittee chairman and congressman peter roth skin is with us to talk about details of the plan this week unleashed. philadelphia 76ers in prudential ceo scott o'neill back with us this morning and assistant secretary of treasury from public affairs tony say it will join us. jack brewer has a couple of comments about that as well. do stay with us for the conversation. the republican agenda in congress. president trump insisting eventually republicans will win when it comes to repealing obamacare for right now tax reform as his chief priority. >> i don't know what they are doing but eventually we will win whether it's now or later. eventually we will win on that. my primary focus and has been from the beginning you can
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imagine his taxes. i believe we will be successful in the largest tax cut in our countries history. maria: those comments coming us republican senators are unlikely to support the latest republican bill to replace obamacare. >> it is hard for me to envision getting to yes on this bill because my concerns are so fundamental. >> right now they don't have my vote and i don't think they have likely either. i want to be a guess. i want to get there because obamacare is a disaster. maria: senator collins and present a proposed in the bill to fall short of the 50 votes needed to pass with senator john mccain and rand paul coming out against the legislation. this is the graham-cassidy bill hoping to defeat senate republicans adding billions of dollars to the bill in an effort to win support from republicans including susan maine. political congress reporter.
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what is your take with new developments? >> we can very well see about, but even the republican resources. rand paul conservative to take this bill further to the right than get rid of obamacare regulations. if they do that, and independent clear that leadership can actually buy folks off by giving states more money. i don't think it's possible. maria: sounds like déjà vu all over again. >> rachel, good to see you. i was on the receiving end for a long time. listen, mike lee is also going to drop off the list. is there anyone else that is really wavering here in the final hours before they make
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about? >> we will see a lot of members wavering. john mccain is for now. ted cruz thing is not going to do it. rand paul, susan collins let me know. if you do not have anywhere near the 51 you need to pass it, chances are you'll see a lot of people repealing. watch moderates. here these guys go because if they don't have the numbers you will see a lot of people criticize this. >> this is brian brenberg. you heard the presidency eventually we we will win on the thing. a lot of people saying this might be the last chance republicans have to do something about health care. you see it that way are republicans getting another bite at the apple mixture of this is the work. >> they campaigned on for so long. i don't see how they can get up and walk away. on the hill we hear republicans say we have one week to basically pass the bill that allows them to circumvent democrats and basically block
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the filibuster expired at the end of the month. the ritual that mixture into that again. right now tax reform where they will be more successful with health care and tax refund next year could just tell tax refund. definitely a debate about whether to retry next your move on. maria: the potential know from republican senators, are there chans that the leadership can make to the bill that would get them on board with it or at least most of them? or do you see differences in what they want out of this thing? >> they can make changes for more of the regulations, but if they do that, it is a no-win battle because if they try to get votes on one side of this but i'm kind the end of pushing away the other side. >> rachel, one more question for me. there is no chance they will pass a budget in their implications for this because if you don't pass a budget, you can't read of the reconciliation
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package and the opportunity moving forward then you have to get 60 votes as opposed to 50 that you have to pass a budget due to past april 15th. here we are at the end of september and there is no chance for passing a budget out of the senate. >> this is a sleeper issue that not a lot of people are talking about. they have to pass a budget, the house and senate and passed the same if they want tax reform under gop partisan basis which is their current plan without democrat. i do think leadership is going to try to pressure republicans. we are not even going to get to tax reform. it will be successful in the house. i've talked to conservatives who will not block tax reform by blocking a budget. ultimately if republicans are blocking a budget in the senate, i can tell you trehat fi and fury will come down because they want to tax reform. i don't think it's impossible they do it. it's the issue no one is talking
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about right now but they have to do it to get to tax reform and republicans talk about tax reform all the time right now. maria: what you think the implications are if they don't pass the budget had been married to the 60 votes? >> the tools they use to get to 50 votes as reconciliation. reconciliation only capable when you invoke the budget. here we are at the end of the fiscal year they don't even have it on the calendar let alone getting together between the house and senate in unifying the budget. >> i think that is why the white house are saying they are trying to court democrats in the senate because they are concerned they won't get the majority they need and if they did 60, they'll need a democrats. maria: we will leave it there. great to have your insight. rachel, thank you. we'll take a break. when we come back, taking a knee. owner showing solidarity this weekend for the right to protest the national anthem.
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maria: tear in the church near nashville. but the details. the hamas carrying two guns entered this church yesterday after fatally shooting a woman outside the parking lot. then he walked to the church, so shooting six were people inside. one of the church ushers was able to subdue him. another gun and a shotgun vehicle to the liquor from sudan was injured that is in police custody. he will be charged with murder. president trump has approved the travel restrictions of people coming to the u.s. from a country spirit under the new rules on october 18, most citizens of north korea at chad, iran, libya, somalia, venezuela and yemen will be banned from entering the united states. north korea and venezuela in the
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earlier ban we should note here at officials say valid visas would not be revoked under restrictions but the band i'm mostly muslim countries should remind everybody expired yesterday. but the timing of the new order from the white house. uber trying to negotiate with london days after the city refused to renew the license to operate there. uber repairing illegal repeal for them. they can operate in london during the appeal process. maria, you talked a lot about this story last week and it continues today. back to you. maria: meanwhile, more than 200 nfl players refuse to stand for the national anthem this weekend. jared max with the story. good football games actually, but this story at the moment is this national lampoon protest. reporter: yesterday, maybe the most exciting nfl sunday we've seen in a long time.
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the collection of is largely overshadowed by what took place at every nfl game yesterday. while the pittsburgh steelers chose to stay in the locker room yesterday, coach mike tomlin said he didn't want everybody to have to get involved or pick a side. one steelers player come at an army veteran stepped on the edge of the field. going away for was an army ranger in afghanistan and he did not give them what he hoped for which is one of% participation. tennessee titans receiver became expressive with his cleats yesterday. red white and blue in on the back they read we all bleed the same. while some nfl owners said lofton are with players and key personnel yesterday, nascar team owner said a of his empyees if they kneel for the national anthem they should respe the country we live in. some gave their lives for it. this is america. richard petty says anybody who doesn't stand up for that ought to be out of the country.
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interesting day in all of sports, maria. maria: it really is. we've got fire reactions all morning. first, your reaction. >> i was a placekicker in college at one point in time. there is a solution for those people who have trouble with the national anthem. they can go play in the canadian football league. i think it is disgusting. the one thing if the flag. you wear it on your uniform. they have been on the back of their helmet. maria: i really got out recently saw the eight euros last week take to their knee. i don't think these kids understand what they are doing and what they are protesting. that is why i am outraged, i padded sole. that is when i feel like you need to understand what the american flag represents. dagen: i absolutely agree.
6:18 am
i find it repugnant these individuals can't stand for the national anthem. that being said, i do back people's right to a freedom of expression and freedom of speech. what i found so hypocritical and delusional, all the left wing liberals online over the weekend chanting over and over again about the right of these players to express their dislike of the president or express their upset with the way black men are treated by cops across this country, yet they are the very ones who want to shut down free speech on college campus, that at every turn to try to silence anybody who does not agree with them. >> americans like it was going on in the nfl field and they are looking for heroes are they see people who play the role that for millions of us looks very unheroic that will hurt the nfl. who wants t see that come to sit down with their kid and watch him explain the issue on a football field.
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maria: this is a money story because the reasons the advertisers pay up is because of audience members. >> a 10% rate instructed me to a $200 million operating income. those are very large bills to pay for the broadcast rights they'll pay for. a 1% to 8% drop in stock price among all the broadcast companies. we also see a dip in attendance as well in the nfl. don't think for a second this is only the nfl. now in nature that is all. we'll extend to hockey. president trump went to pittsburgh and said they will come here for the stanley cup celebration. mba, says curry and lebron james the two most popular basketball players may also cross party lines. the favorite player say they are somewhat conservative. south korea has incredible approval rating.
6:20 am
so we say what is going on here? the most popular player in the nba. color of skin or no color of skin. maria: i did watch a single game yesterday and i love football. maria: would not lose your protest. dagen: i just want to watch them play some football. that is it. >> can we keep politics out of sports? i thought it was a safe ground. the truth is i takin indian politics and sports and i thi lot of sports fans are. we are sick of it. there is a need for the toy store in life. when you go into the ice cream shop, don't serve me what a don't ask why because i'll go find another ice cream shop. maria: good point. thank you, jared max. fox news headlines 24/7 with sirius radio. sirius xm 115. the president is confident he will deliver on his election promise. >> i think it will be terrific yet i think it will go through
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and be the largest tax cut in the history of our country. maria: can the gop get it done and come through for the president? with a the compromise of a 40% tax rate and reports of attacks make up for the wealthiest americans, how would they react? all the details we know so far of the president's plan. talk in a moment next.
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maria: welcome back. markets underway. expected to be down nine points. nasdaq s&p 500 in the red. watching the president's tax reform plan which is going to be formally rolled out this week to congressional leaders. also going to be looking at this plan on when they have not been released officially but we have been reporting on this program
6:25 am
for the last two weeks. it's expected to go down to 20% were three three individuals rates are 12, 25 and 35%. with me now is robber holding chairman jim rogers and it's good to see you on skype in singapore this morning. do you think it is going to move markets? >> mr. trump promised us a lot before. it is not as much as he suggested is here. >> apostate rate of 20%, down from 40% for small business. what is the job creators in this country. small and medium-size businesses. >> we knew that was coming. talked about it a long time. he said it's going to be lower than that. i repeat any tax credits could.
6:26 am
the markets for whatever reason have anticipated this already. maria: what you want to see in terms of policy coming out of washington? what do they want to see in order to move the needle on economic growth? >> cut taxes even more, especially individual taxes throughout history. with them for a while. individual taxes and corporate taxes has always helped in the economy in the world. maria: let me ask you about currencies. the dollar has been recovering a bit from a tough year beating down both the euro has soared in terms of the currency story right now. >> figure at this point, did have a correction. a very, very strong couple of years. i own a lot of u.s. dollars and
6:27 am
expect them to go high. the euro will have more problems come in the yen will have our problems. they are going to have more problems. maria: why, jim? >> why, because the euro will continue to be hit with secession movements. you see what is happening in spain right now. you see what is happening in kurdistan. the yen has god problems. japanese central bank now has on 4040% of all japanese debt. they own huge numbers of japanese stock. there's a problem developing. >> japanese prime minister shinto ayub. on thursday he wants to do
6:28 am
polling suggests that liberal democratic party has the most support. what does that mean for the japanese global markets? >> nearly every snap election in the next year, but they cause problems for the establishment. this one will, too. mr. ames says he's going to raise taxes. the lady running against him was a very smart lady will make him look foolish in the end. maria: tommy how you would allocate capital. >> i'm worried about the currency markets. there'll be problems of the yen, problems with the euro will go higher as a result it whenever you have turmoil and currency markets, it usually leads to problems in equity markets. i am equity. i earn a lot of asian equities.
6:29 am
50% from its all-time high. japan is down 50%. maria: germany, merkel just won a fourth term. how do you allocate money today, look around the world and tell us where you put money in equities today if anywhere? >> china, japan, korea, go to a show. don't go to the west. maria: jim rogers, always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you, reappeared maria: jim rogers in singapore this morning. we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, everybody. thanks for being with us this monday morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday september 25th, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. german chancellor angela merkel secures victory in this weekend's election, a fourth term for merkel. the rise to have far right, however, may signal trouble ahead. we are taking a closer look from results from germany coming up. devastation in puerto rico, the island focusing on recovery after hurricane maria battered the island. jennifer lopez who has family there offered her support yesterday. >> my cousin and i and our family have been able to hear -- haven't been able to hear from our family over there given the loss and devastation, we need to pay attention and urgently support puerto rico and the caribbean with donations and contributions. and i will be donating
6:33 am
$1 million from the proceeds of my las vegas show. maria: we have the very latest as she donates a million dollars from revenue from her tour plus impact of business including the pharmaceutical industry. white house senior adviser jared kushner in the spotlight. new reports show that is he used private e-mail address to conduct government business. they would have given him more control, tell you what's behind that decision. a whole new way to pay, details on how one store will aloi you to pay up with your fingertips. global markets under pressure, futures indicating a lower opening, dow industrials set to open down 15 points today. markets all focused on what we will hear from the white house and tax pn going to be released by wednesday. in europe indices look like this. mixed market mostly to the sound side. cac quarante in paris down a third of a percent. the dax index in germany up in the fraction of that victory. in asia overnight, markets were
6:34 am
mostly lower as you see there. hang seng and hong kong low performer. the top story, the rise of the far right in germany, chancellor angela merkel won a fourth term but did not garner enough votes to govern without coalition. this is the first time a far-right wing party has gained entry into the german parliament in over 60 years, joining us right now the center for strategic and international strategies senior fellow and europe program deputy director jeffrey, jeff, good to see you, thank you for joining us. what do you make to have rise to have alternative for germany's -- what does this mean for the country? >> well, german politics has certainly become more complicated after yesterday's election result. but it also hasn't fundamentally changed. merkel will form new coalition government that will be different with different parties but, you know, while the afd got
6:35 am
13% of the vote, that means the other parties got 87%. so i think this will be a new headache for her but it's not going to prevent her from forming a government that's going to be able to do the job as she sees it. >> jeff, over the past decade, there's basically been zero difference between the two major parties in germany. a lot of people are saying, that's what's driving the popularity of far-right party, do you see that changing, do you see a shake-up in germany, some difference between the christian democrats and the social democrats? >> well, that was certainly one of the major message that is the social democratic leader gave yesterday when he acknowledged defeat in the election. he said they are not going to join anothernmen gover and go into opposition and they -- let's keep in mind, merkel had a disappointing result but even worse for the social democrats, they got the worst result ever since the founding of the federal republic of germany and so look for them to have a much
6:36 am
sharper profile, to be much more critical of merkel and the center right in parliament and i think that's going to really change the -- the atmosphere in the german parliament as we look ahead to this coming four years. >> hi, this is jason chaffetz. tell me a little bit about the platform, what were they really campaigning on? what was the driving issue for the far right to have have gains that they haven't been able to have in the past? >> well, i think the first thing i would mention is that the votes for the afd were mostly about protests and not about program. it was a vote of, no confidence, if you want to call it that by that 13% of the electorate, which was unhappy with germany's direction and it was less an endorsement of the specific elements of the program, but if you look at afd stands for, their chief focus is antiimmigration, they've -- that's what has driven them to
6:37 am
the numbers they have achieved. but really it's an antiimmigration message that has driven their relative success this time. dagen: jeff, by extension, would that apply to fear of terrorism or a lack of like intense fight against radical islamic terrorism in that country? germany has a very healthy economy, full employment, if you will, and angela merkel had 60% approval rating before going into this election and normally people vote on money, on their own financial livelihood but not in this instance. >> in this case, i think it's about two things. i think it's about the changes of the german economy. germany has been quite successful but at the same time there is, you know, a segment of the population tha has struggled and so you see that in this result, but i think it's
6:38 am
also -- it's also the case that the fundamentals of the german economy remain strong and i think that she's going to try to deliver on that for that broad segment to keep -- to keep herself in power. maria: let me move onto brexit talks, obviously the fourth rounds of talks for britain to exit the european union, get underway in brussels, next month european leaders expect today decide on issues like rights of citizens, the so-called divorce bill before moving onto trade relationships. what should we expect from today's talks at this point? >> well, i think there was a lot of attention that prime minister may got last friday when she delivered a speech on -- on the uk's position, but and while she said she would like a transition period of two years, she has still not layed out the precise details of their position. so i think what everybody is going to be looking for today is
6:39 am
whether the british government has a clear negotiating position that will allow them to make progress on these thorny issues, the free movement of people, how to deal with the divorce bill as you called it and the future relationships between northern ireland and ireland. all of that is necessary before talks can really start about the future trade relationship with -- with the european union and -- and until that happens, you really can't sort out anything else like the u.s. trade relationship with the uk and so forth. so all of that hasust bee pushed probably two years down to road by theresa may's speech where she said, they would accept a transition period where all the current rules apply. maria: all right, we will leave it there. jeffrey, thank you very much. >> thank you. maria: thousands living in shelters, weaken dam that threatens devastation.
6:40 am
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maria: welcome back, futures are indicating a lower open. dow industrials to be down 15 points. a couple of names on the move. the company acquiring skin care business for $2.7 billion to help strengthen position in that market. unilever shares up 2% this year. the restructuring would have
6:44 am
given ceo mark zuckerberg more control of facebook. shareholders have blamed conflicts of interest to approve a new class of shares but the case is expected to be dismissed. facebook shares are 170 and change in premarket. down a fraction. officials in puerto rico are starting to get a sense of destruction of hurricane maria and tough going there. cheryl casone b all the details, cheryl. cheryl: there no power, no gasoline, atm machines aren't working. you have one official in puerto rico saying she thinks the damage has set them back 20 to 30 years as country. worst storm to hit puerto rico since 1928, ten people have died. death toll this morning. the island is in almost total darkness on top of infrastructure which has been mostly destroyed. government engineers continue to monitor right now a damn that was in danger of failing and there could be drug shortages, 50 pharmaceutical plants are not
6:45 am
working as well. medication is something else that they may have a lack of along with food. well, the attorney for president son-in-law jared kushner said that he used personal account to communicate with colleagues in the white house. kushner said and responded fewer than 100 emails from white house officials from private account. whies -- white castle targeting china. now beef consumption continues to rise, maria, in china and what's better than a white castle burger? maria: there you go. jared kushner and e-mail. it's interesting that we are talking about a private e-mail on cnn i was watching how they were reporting it and they were coming back and there was all of the criticism about hillary clinton having private e-mail. no, that was a private server. so i want to make the distinction of private server
6:46 am
versus private e-mail. >> there is a difference but i can tell you having been the chairman of the oversight committee this is a problem. dagen: oh, yeah you were. [laughter] >> this is a problem, you can't use this and opens up investigators to wanting to look at all of your emails and it's a problem. maria: it's hard to explain it. why do you need a private e-mail. you obviously don't want your e-mail to be tracked by government. what's the reason? >> it doesn look right. if everybody did that and a lot of people do, then they don't have a good complete record of what is a government record. >> communications with the white house are supposed to become part of public record, right, things that have to be disclosed and you think everybody's sensitivity would be so high and surprises me that he would do
6:47 am
that. >> that picture is a funny picture, the one that was just up because he's looking at me before we shook hands. [laughter] maria: that's funny. >> he's a great guy, jared, you can't do this. i don't think what level of government it is. you can't do it. maria: you use government e-mail when you're doing government business, is that how you do it? >> you have to go back and make that part of public record. >> if you're ordering shoes from zappos you give them with current e-mail but everyone in government -- kushner's attorney says it's more than 100 emails. now you open to them wanting to look at all of your emails. maria: right. exactly. we are checking markets and also looking at the very latest details on the new travel ban, stay with us
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maria: welcome back, forget the cash or plastic, now payment option is right at fingertips, literally. super market in university first in the world to pay for groceries with finger-vein scanners. joining us right now the ceo. explain how the technology works? >> hi, good morning. yeah, the technology works quite simply. we use infrared light which scans your finger, we have very clear vein structure so much so that we can get 1 and a half
6:52 am
thousand point mark. a very strong -- >> why is it better than retinol scan. they take a scan of my eyeballs and i don't have to touch anything, why do you think this is better than doing a retinol scan? >> so we are dealing with points of sale and gates to get to, football stadiums and festivals and comes down to cost versus speed versus usability. the devices are relatively inexpensive compare today -- compared to retinal scan, it's much more cheaper. but i think because we are cheap, we can can do a cloud match -- we are matching in the
6:53 am
cloud. maria: are there any health risks to this, whether retinal scans or finger, what are the health risks? >> this is a medical piece of technology. i don't think there's any health risks. infrared is present in sunlight. the device was use today spot the early signs of heart disease and can spot the early signs of diabetes. it's been in the industry for years but it's medical, not -- not in anyway to link point of sale. >> nick, how do you get customers comfortable with this? i have to admit when i read this and thinking about doing this, it seemed si-fi, is there a break-in period for customers or are people very willing to go through this? >> well, it's a good question. we have been testing this since
6:54 am
2012 in music festivals so we would introduce cashless system. people are weary about biometrics. i don't know if it's the same in america but in europe it's always been synonymous with crime. we have to get over that. that's completely -- a lot of education has t goh the technology so that people understand how safe it is, how accurate it is now, quicker to identify you because all you need is you, you don't need to carry anything, lots of other biometrics are linked so if we lose them we lose the ability to identify ourselves. education -- we need to talk to the people.
6:55 am
dagen: any businesses here in the u.s. using the technology? >> please come see us there, finger pay, there's a lot of u.s. businesses talking to us and we are starting conversations next month. >> jason chaffetz again, explain the finger vein versus fingerprint. you go with apple phone and you unlock it with fingerprint, why is this better and is it more secure? >> so with fingerprint, jason, we tend to find it did you -- dt work, if your hands are dirty or sweaty that will not work and we can't take that chance. fingerprint also is on glass, it's probably one of the easiest to acquire biometrics known to
6:56 am
man. it's been around for 30 years. this internal, it's a 3dbiometric and you will never get it off of me without my knowledge. maria: that's true. nick, thank you very much, we will be watching the developments there. the high-ch way to turn your badge from basic to red carpet worthy. wait till you hear this. next hour mornings with maria. stay with us.
6:57 am
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get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. maria: good monday morning, welcome back, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday september 25,our s 7:00 n the east coast. the health care battle is on as republicans push forward with yet another effort to repeal and replace obamacare. opposition, though, is rising and continues to rise within the party. things are expected to get heated in senate finance hearing later today. the debate comes as the white house prepares to tackle yet another key agenda item, tax reform, republicans will unveil plan on wednesday. the president will unveil his plan on wednesday. the president is going to give a preview of what to expect. he did so this weekend. >> we think we are going bring the individual rates to 10% or
7:00 am
12%. much lower than it is right now. this is a plan for the middle class and for companies so they can bring back jobs. maria: more on battle for tax reform coming up this morning. investors are eyeing, that's off of the lows, nasdaq, s&p 500, right around break-even. in europe angela merkel won a fourth term. not the success that everybody expected as a result the euro is down today. take a look, ftse right around flat. the dax index is up a quarter of a percent. 31 points higher. in asia overnight markets were mostly lower. hang seng and kospi all down this morning. tragedy in tennessee, more on motive and heroic actions to end the rampage. another travel ban is in plan. president trump signed to restrict, details as north korea
7:01 am
and venezuela are added to the list. stock sup a quarter of a percent and the nfl and a war of words with the white house. players and owners taking knee, the fan reaction coming up this morning. all the stories coming up and joining me to talk about all about it dagen mcdowell, oversight committee chairman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz and brian brendberg is here. great to see you. >> good morning. maria: lots to talk about this morning. >> oh, my gosh. i really do believe that tax reform is where we should be going. the unsung story is the budget. the house and the senate have not passed a unified budget. if they don't so by the end of the month, they lose opportunity to get to 50 vote threshold as oppose to 60 which is much more difficult.
7:02 am
maria: then forget about reconciliation. the president will release his details of his tax plan this week, probably on wednesday, but the republicans are taking a retreat to what, look at the tax plan? >> last night ways and means committee met, they are meeting again today but ranking file house republicans have no idea what's in this plan so they are not going to be voting in the house on wednesday, they are actually going to go to the navy yard, get together as a group and talk about what they want to see in tax cuts and tax reform. maria: hallelujah. >> about ten monthsat about ten months late that's what's hpening wednesday. to say they have a tax reform plan in place, not true. dagen: can they work? where were they in august when this was urgent? how many days were off, 10 days? >> they haven't been in session the last 10 days. they have only been in session 7 days so far in -- dagen: it's called
7:03 am
teleconference. no soup for you. [laughter] maria: right. ceo of philadelphia 76ers is with us and new jersey devils, scott o'neil will weigh in on controversy with the nfl. tony will walk us through details of the tax plan and former nfl star jack brewer is here also weighing in on controversy and politicization of everything as the journal is writing. we kick it off this hour with top story, the push for tax reform. the white house set to unveil long awaited plan on wednesday. one that president trump says he's confident will pass. >> we have a tax plan that's totally finalized. i think it'll be terrific. i think it will go through and the largest tax cut in the history of our country. maria: now, official details have not been released but this is what we know to be in that plan, the corporate tax rate
7:04 am
will be cut from 35% to 20%, the individual tax brackets will collapse from 7 to 3, the top rate will be 35%, followed by 25%, followed by 12%. the pass-through rate, that's the small business owner's rate will be 28%. again, this is the president's plan, it's going to come out this week, it's also going to eliminate most deductions except 3 sack red cows. we will talk about that with the chairman of house ways means subcommittee illinois republican congressman peter, and congressman good to see you this morning, thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. maria: we have having conversation about the lead-up to tax reform and, of course, that's the budget. jason chaffetz made the point, this budget was supposed to be in months ago, now we are facing the deadline, do you think you will be able to get a budget passed? >> i think we will. most members of congress recognize that's a prelude to
7:05 am
tax reform. there's been le -- reluctance on tax reform until i know more about tax reform. this week they will know more about tax reform. the notion of people talking past one another where we have seen in the past several weeks in particular, they will be talking to one another and i think this is a process story at that point and i think it gets reconciled. maria: this wednesday the house republicans will have a retreat talking about what's most important that needs to be in tax plan, what's most important to be in tax cut plan from your standpoint. >> from my point of view we have to move where rates are reasonable and low and the process is simplified. you have covered time and time again the mind-numbing complexity of tax code. we have to marry these two things. number one gets rate low and make it so it's simple and i think it's an enterprise that can bring people together. think about how fundamentally different that notion is than
7:06 am
the entire drama about the health care debate. there's nobody who is defending the status quo of our tax code and i mean, nobody likes the internal revenue code in entirety. clearly people like some element of it. think about how different that is than health care where you have feel that feel strongly about defending the status quo. i think you have an oortunity that's frankly once in a generaon and we have this incredible opportunity and we just need to drive towards consensus. i'm not here telling you that's an enterprise, but i think there's a pathway to get this done. maria: let me ask you about deductions, right now what we understand that they'll only be three deductions that this plan wants to leave in, the charitable deduction, retirement deduction and the mortgage deduction, how hard is it going to be to eliminate the state and local income deduction? >> so i think anyone of these has to be evaluated in a totality of the whole plan, so i'm from illinois, for example, which is a high-tax state and
7:07 am
there's a lot of interest all the way around on this discussion point. my interest is making sure that the total tax liability of my constituents is going down. so any deduction or any suggestion of a deduction has to be evaluated within the context, what are your rates, what are the other elements of this, what happens when you get rid of this element and that element and so clearly we've got to make sure that the net, net effect is something that people say that's what i can relate to and i think most people are willing to step back and say, look, the tax code is complicated to the point of distraction and instead of sort of nickel and diming all of these things, show me the whole package. show me the entire proposition and if the entire proposition is something that's a benefit for not only me and my family and my business but particularly from a competitiveness point of view to make the u.s. is most attractive place to do business in the world, then i think they can arhe next elements of it.
7:08 am
maria: please continue your thought. >> no, that was it. maria: congressman, let me ask you, why is it that this wednesday the house republicans are going to have this retreat to talk about what's important in the tax bill and most republicans haven't really seen this -- this plan by the big six, why is it that september 25th and most republicans still haven't seen this plan? i don't understand why it's taking so long to get on the same page on such an important piece of legislation? >> here is the back story, a year ago in the summer, last summer, the house layed out a blueprint on tax reform, a list plan and laying out decisions is that were significant. over the course of the year, that has been discussed and litigated publicly and people have weighed in and so forth, what you're seeing now is the natural process of reducing that from core principles to other decisions and now taxed and so forth. here is what we want to avoid.
7:09 am
we want to avoid the mistakes of health care where you had multiple plans, multiple approaches and there was not a conservative consensus on health care. what we are trying to do is get on the same page in terms of larger themes and what you articulated a moment ago in terms of the larger themes is largely the house republican blueprint that now the senate and the white house in principle are signing off on. okay, we have that touch point, let's move forward and i think there's plenty of time, there's an urgency but there's plenty of time to get this done. maria: plenty of time is a couple of days because you have to get budget done first. >> y're assuming you can't do things simultaneously. let's get that done this week, now you know what the parameters are, are you comfortable, let's move forward with budget and meanwhile the tax writing committees, once they get a sign-off in terms of general
7:10 am
themes let's move forward. maria: are you expecting the plan to be revenue neutral or not? >> yeah, i think there's -- this is one of the themes that will be discussed on and it will be a negotiation that's been ongoing between the house and the senate. we believe in dynamic scoring in the house, is that is we presume there's economic growth and revenue that comes as a result of tax reform. we have to make sure that our senate counterparts are willing to score it in that same way and this is the part of the approach that these negotiators at top level have been dealing with. largely on framework basis. maria: real quick, do you think that 35% top rate for individuals is going to fly in the face of the democrats saying we will not cut any taxes for the rich. right now is 39.6 to go to 35%. is that -- >> look, here is what we have to decide. do we want to pursue growth, if we want to pursue growth, let's pursue it.
7:11 am
we can be sensitive on the distributional tables because what that argument is, look, this is all about distribution, if tax reform simply becomes a matter of redistribution, it really leaves so much on the table. we can be sensiti to distribution but we need to pursue growth and the total impact of this reform that we will be proposing drive towards growth which i think is good for everybody. >> congressman, good to have you on the program. we will see you soon and look forward, peter roskam joining us there. coming up acquiring general electric solutions business, 2 and a half billion dollar deal. a restaurant dishes out pumpkin spice pizza. where you can buy it back in a minute.
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7:15 am
a copy of that. the gunman has admitted to shooting. let's bring you a picture of you have -- usher, being held a hero. his name 22-year-old robert ingel, here is what we told happen, robert, got into altercation with gunman and during the altercation the gunman was shot. at that point robert ingel, usher ran out to his car where he had a gun and brought the gun back inside and held the gunman at gunpoint until police arrived. take a listen to what his father had to say. >> i think, what if, what if he had pulled the trigger because he had the gun pointed at him but, yeah, i'm proud of him. >> frightening scene, melanie
7:16 am
smith killed in the attack, she was killed outside the church as she was leaving sunday services around 11:00 o'clock yesterday morning. six others injured inside the church. by the way, the gunman, emanuel samson. legal resident of the u.s. but we were told he came in 1996 about sudan. maria: let me ask you about the motive. do we know what the motive is? >> we don't know what the motive is. there are a few of them, he actually posted three messages yesterday morning before this happened, so police certainly are going to be looking into all of that, as of right now we were not told of a specific motive. maria: julian, we will get back to you as news develops. julian mele in tennessee. two candidates bring in the big guns, cheryl casone with the details there. big day is tomorrow, cheryl. cheryl: senator luther strange sounding optimistic of chances
7:17 am
in a conversation that he had with you on sunday morning futures. >> this is about getting thicks done and i think we will turn out voters on tuesday and be successful. the vice president will be in alabama on monday night. i like the momentum on the ground here. cheryl: and former white house adviser steve bannon going to campaign for roy moore, we should add who is a former alabama supreme court justice. president trump backing strange but the white house suggests it's not going to be a defeat if strange loses in the runoff. strange was appointed earlier this year to take the place of senator jeff sessions. general electric agreed to sell industrial solutions abb for 2.6 billion, makes electrical qoiment, 13,000 employees, abb makes power grid. this seems to make sense.
7:18 am
i want to take a look at the premarket. ge fractionally higher. stock the watch, though. plus there was this. >> if you get blood on the carpet, you have to take the carpets up. >> i can't stand the sight of blood. >> $39 million in the u.s. and canada, the comedy has become a rare sequel because it outgrows predecessor. slipped to number two, highest growth in horror film, thank you stephen king. american assassin rounding up to top 5. you know i love food story. new jersey-base pizza chain has introduced pumpkin-spice pizza. i just heard a lot of ew's.
7:19 am
[laughter] dagen: that's so gross. which i-- cheryl: there's a lot of reaction on twitter. it's gotten out of control. pumpkin spice pizza, that's just wrong. somebody else tweeted pumpkin spice pizza, what is wrong with people. maria: pumpkin does not go on pizza. >> i'm in. forget the pizza, i will eat it. it's a pizza. what's not to like? maria: it has pumpkin on it. >> i'm going to eat it. maria: all right, coming up football gets political after nfl players protest during national anthem. we will speak with ceo of philadelphia 76ers, he's up to weigh in. amazon could soon deliver chipotle straight to your doorsteps, details on technology giant's expansion plans.
7:20 am
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maria: professional athletes try to tackle president trump, coaches and athletes across the nfl protested during national anthem in philadelphia, the eagles owner jeffrey stood in solidarity with his players. joining us scott o'neil, ceo of new jersey devils and philadelphia 76ers. good to see you, scott. wow, what a debate. where do you stand? >> where do i stand? sports is the platform to create dialogue in the country. right now more than any time in history we need more dialogue and coming from philadelphia, the home of independence, the
7:24 am
home of the declaration of independence, what a great document to guide us in terms of free speech, in terms of protest and creating an opportunity for us to get better and heal as a country. maria: we have been all saying that we really are disappointed that the players will not just respect the american flag but we also want free speech in this country and we also recognize that these players are able to do whatever they want but give us the money side of the business here. sports is such a rich heart of television, of the business, so what does this do in terms -- how does this impact the money side of things? >> there's n short-term implication on the money side. i'm more connected to the nba and nhl than the nfl. maria: is it not happening in the nba? >> no, it's not. the nba has a rule that you have to stand for the anthem. i don't think other leagues have that rule.
7:25 am
but i think -- the nba players are those -- they are very socially active and socially minded and i'm not sure we should make this as about the flag as much as dialogue and social activism and opportunity to drive change. i think that's something that athletes were criticized for ten years ago and 20 years ago and players are saying, i have a platform, i have 5 million followers on twitter, i can actually make this world a little bit better and i'm going to do do it and i respect the athletes and their platform and how they do it. dagen: that's a problem that i have and certainly a lot of fans have, players who sit or kneel during anthem are disrespecting those who sacrificed their lives and even the gold star families who have lost loved ones defending these freedoms. that's the issue and it is, again, it's up to the owners if they don't want their players doing it because the nfl doesn't have a rule, if they don't want players doing it they could tell them not to and you are not seeing that happening.
7:26 am
>> what we saw this weekend was owners standing side by side with the players and i think that you have -- it's very rare that you'll see the nfl owners, nfl players and nfl commissioner all aligned literally standing side by side for something and the way i take it and everybody has their own take, my take is they're not disrespecting the servicemen, i have several servicemen in my family and history and i don't feel them as disrespectingrespecting the flat making a statement, that things have to change and get better. >> they're kneeling during the national anthem, they are not kneeling during anything else but the national anthem. do you really believe that the dialogue has to happen while they have the uniform on because you know what, i look to sports as an escape, i don't care where you are in the political spectrum, do you really want players having the dialogue while they are dribbling a basketball? >> you know, i would say -- again, different perspective in
7:27 am
the nba, i see our kid, justin anderson working with little kids who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to lift up and he gives them message. i see robert with kids in philadelphia making a difference. i see our players out in the community making a difference. we are much more about action than talk, although the talk and the symbolism -- >> that's different than game time? >> it sure is. maria: we don't want to dominate this conversation with this debate -- >> i don't feel like i'm under attack here. [laughter] maria: we appreciate you. we love you. let me ask you because you have an exciting new announcement. tell us about what you're trying to do here. >> sure, i worked for josh harris, they are wonderful guys who have taken new age ownership into sports. i started four years ago, we had the philadelphia 76ers, devils, the top 5 building in america, we've had cristal palace of
7:28 am
english premier league, museum, 6ers innovation lab. maria: and technology, you can really use it and scale it throughout those businesses. >> that's the idea. the idea is to get real synergy. maria: topic of the day that everybody was talking about. dagen: philadelphia the city that -- [laughter] dagen: tough town. >> you have to bring it every day in philly. maria: president trump tweeting this, so proud of nascar and supporters and fans, they won't put up with disrespecting our country and flag, they said it loud and clear. i want to point out while most americans do agree that people need to respect the american flag, i'm not sure they want to see the president getting involved in this issue.
7:29 am
he's tweeting, doubling down and tripling down about it. dagen: yes, he is. dagen: richard childers, this isn't a problem in nascar. you have a prayer before every race, they broadcast that player and then you have the national anthem and flyover. there's no sport more patriotic at least. maria: no room for error in that set-up. dagen: people will throw stuff at you. maria: when we come back, president trump signs off on a new travel ban as the original order heads to supreme court. judge andrew napolitano will weigh in on legal implications there. you want a cool crowd in your party, pay for it. straight ahead, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ you won't see these folks at the post office
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maria: good monday morning everyone. thank you so much for joining us. it is monday september 25. your top stories right now. he is set to unveil his tax plan . the travel ban expanded. at the white house adding three new countries to the list including venezuela and north korea. we are taking a look at the legal fallout. devastation in puerto rico. after hurricane maria battered the territory. showing the first sign of trying to return to noble -- normal.
7:33 am
being a tourist -based economy we need the visitors to come to town. they come here and see way -- are beautiful resources. the servers in the bartenders everybody depends on them. speemac with the latest development's coming up. toymakers cutting ties with toys arrest. and fast food favorites could be coming right to your doorstep thinks to him is on. with some details on the new plan. the dow industrial is about 15 points. in europe this morning it is down. asn't there.
7:34 am
as the euro is trading down. many people booted the players who kneeled yesterday. if they demand respect for our flag. the president is not backing down here. he continues to double down on his criticism with those people who kneel in the face of the american flag. i never liked it when president obama would attack industries or individuals. or even weight in a not to head nothing to do with the rules and regulations of operating. i know why the president did it in a speech on friday night. i don't stand by that. in terms of standing everybody needs to stand up when the national anthem is played.
7:35 am
i find it very disrespectful. our courageous men and women go to fight all over the world for our freedoms and we need to respect that. they have have their right not to by the way. that's why they are fighting for our freedom. they absolutely can protest. when you have the americans going to london to play a game they kneel during the national anthem and when they play god slave -- god save the queen they stand up. the same people who are making what 100 million-dollar contracts. you are being paid by the greatest country in the world and you're able to have this incredible life. how about some respect for our people who are defending us.
7:36 am
i know you say. they expanded the travel ban. the bid. the more targeted version of the order was revealed last night. they have no set and date and do include outright travel bands. judge, good to see you. do you expect this to be implemented. >> he signed it yesterday. the department of homeland security will begin implementing it as soon as the other one expires. either tomorrow or thursday but the other order well definitely be expired by october 10. that is a day is going to be
7:37 am
argued before the supreme court. will they even hear an oriole agreement on executive order that's not moot. did the president actually fall -- pull a fast one on the supreme court. it's rather dense. the present order. with respect to bona fide relationships. they took that hook on which john roberts hung his hat to get a majority of six justices to go along with that. and he put a country that is predominantly roman catholic.
7:38 am
that this is an anti- muslim band. does this and basically undermine the challenge. that doesn't mean that more challenges will come. what is interesting about the challenges is that coming from government the challenges are the attorney general of various states taxpayers are paying for the challenge and their pain to resist the challenge. the supreme court is sitting there trying to decide should we rule on an issue that skin to to come to us one way or another or should we apply the technical rules and that we follow and not rule on something that doesn't exist at the time of oral argument. does the court look at that differently and say look, you take a place like libya.
7:39 am
the january b and was an outright ban. until the supreme court carved the exception into it. ambiguous term that is defined differently. it has a bill into it. the longer answer to the question is people will challenge it but it will be more difficult to challenge. by the campaign statements before he was elected. you are you're biting your tongue during that. they can tell them what they can and can't do in the workplace. they are the most prolabor collective bargaining
7:40 am
agreement of any of the major collective bargaining agreements. it gives the nfl players a lot more leeway than that collective bargaining agreement. i don't think any of them could be fodder to for bending there knee because of the collective bargaining agreement. if they were fired they would be reinstated immediately. i'm dissing broadly speaking legally. first amendment protections they don't apply to private businesses. they can get away with it. unless they have a contract that gave them leeway.
7:41 am
if you can burn the flag if it stands for the right to burn it doesn't stand for the right to bend your knee. not my words. >> president trumpet just tweeted this. nfl must respect this. i think the flag itself stands for the right to dissent from those who say we should all see it. that's over satan also. we are defending the right to speak out but we think it's wrong. i find it problematic. it's their right to do that. that was a scully a decision.
7:42 am
it's a form of expression. these people who kneel actually it may be showing more respect for the flag. i don't know what they're thinking. i think i'm in a go resist present drum. yesterday, it was anti- trump it was anti- trump not been on the field. in my humble opinion. he should have more important things to do than this. i do think that most people don't want him dealing with the smaller issues.
7:43 am
he was the army rancher -- ranger who served two chewers. and the coach was like it wasn't a hundred percent. the president of the united states should be defending the american flag. no murray i want my president to do this. they have freedom of speech like the rest of us. after the devastation. and then toy makers toymakers cutting ties with toys "r" us. the company's battle to compete with amazon gets worse. it's all straight ahead.
7:44 am
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maria: we've with another tweet from the president. the white house never looked more beautiful than it did returning last night. import meetings taking important meetings taking place today. the big tax cuts in reform. i like that tweet for the first time this morning were talking about things that affect every single american in fundamental ways. that's what we will be talking about all week. key west is open for cruise ship tours once again. >> good news maria. two weeks after hurricane irma devastated the keys. the arrival of the empress of the seas at about 880 passengers on board key west mayor said the entire region
7:48 am
is can benefit by tourists coming back. this is something you shouldn't do. a 23-year-old man in australia hanging on to the back of a moving train that was traveling about 70 miles per hour. and it happened over the weekend. he is clinging to a winchell wiper on the back of the trade. he was taken in for a mental health evaluation. bracing for the impact of the bankruptcy filing. they have already delivered a hundred thousand specially ordered comics which are really popular. before they filed for chapter 11. now they do not expect to get paid for the spinner orders. the company said they are no longer selling to toys "r" us. they approve a $300 million a special special financing package to pay their suppliers. basically said they could actually get paid at the end of the day.
7:49 am
they have announced a partnership with an online ordering company this represents about 200 brands. all that can be at your door. shares of amazon under pressure. five guys with my pumpkin pizza and my shake shack delivered. amazing what amazon is doing. coming up we will check out the app that pays you to attend cool events. today, smart planning is pushing the finger lakes forward.
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7:53 am
maria: generate a quote crowd cool crowd with one click. the app circus helps with product launches and events. twin is right now as ceo of the circus. stephen george. great to see both. i think you so much for joining us. tell us about the company, how does it work? >> we were building it for our brand and our customers. we do that through allowing them to engage at events. so events or really anything from a sporting event where the sports team is trying to target their customers and that's really what it is.
7:54 am
they are trying to target customers they are using all of these indirect ways of marketing to them whether it's influencers, ads with our platform it's really that direct connection and the ability to get people to show up at an event. my experience with. i originally signed up to get access to exclusive events and meet new people in new york city. and now two years later i'm still using the app because you can't normally get access towards these types of events. before i would not had known how to attend something like this. it's something i love. what is different than posting upon instagram imposing upon instagram or facebook or something like that. it's really allowing the data that the brands are looking for. and then matching them with
7:55 am
people and with our platform our members heavily built an affinity affinity to experience events. all through their lives. it's anything that we can actually get people there instead of just marketing to everyone. it's really the targeted marketing and the ability for us to surface with all of these occupations. there's some experiences out there. they don't always know how to target the right people. you can see things across the country doing this. it's not just a big brand that spending millions of dollars in activation. on activation. small businesses that are trying to introduce it their new yoga studio or something like that. right now it's a live in los angeles new york in san francisco. and we are just getting ready
7:56 am
to launch in hong kong as well. >> can anybody sign up for circus? you would want your database to be young, up-and-coming professional and rising how much are you paying them. it averages around $40. and that's the payout. a lot of our events are access to ticketed events. it's interesting story because it's really an advertising story. great to have you both on the show. i think you so much. coming up the fight to keep operations up and going. the new strategy next hour. it wants back in on london. morning's with maria continues.
7:57 am
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searching one topic. that will generate over 600 million results. and if you've been diagnosed with cancer, searching for answers like where to treat, can feel even more overwhelming. so start your search with a specialist at cancer treatment centers of america.
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8:00 am
set to vote no on this graham-cassidy plan to get heated at a hearing today on this issue, tax reform white house set to unveil plan on wednesday i spoke with chairman of the house aways means tax policy subcommittee earlier congressman, said the prospect of getting things done looks good. >> you've got an opportunity here that is frankly once in a generation, and we've got this incredible opportunity, and we just need to drive towards consensus i am not here telling you that is easy enterprise i am telling you i think a pathway to get this done. maria: very latest on the tax reform battle coming up investors watching developments out of d.c. a fractionally lower opening for the broader averages very much a flat situation, as the details have yet to merge, initially, in europe, german chancellor angela merkel won a fourth term last night not as strolling showing as expected as a result markets mixed in
8:01 am
europe euro is trading down, up a fraction 22 points higher in germany as she does win a fourth term ft 100 cac quarante down fractionally in asia overnight market mostly lower you he see here with exception of japan off one half of one percent tragedy in ten dee so report a a gunman burst into a church killing one person wounding several others more on the motive the heroic actions by one churchgoer to end rampage as well another travel ban in place travel about an the details from president trump restricts entry into withdrew states from several countries including north korea and venezuela. >> uber fighting back latest as nearly one million sign a petition to get ride hailing service on streets of london nfl taking a knee players owners across league protested this weekend during the national anthem, at every game yesterday. president trump treatedh
8:02 am
tweeted said many medium booed players kneeled a small apparently of the total fans demand respect for our flag the impact on fans and ratings coming up, first this we turn to the republican agenda in congress, president trump, insifts republicans will win when it comes to repealing obamacare says tax reform is a chief priority. >> i don't know what they are doing, but you know what eventual we will win there now or later. >> eventual we will win on this my primary focus i must tell you has been from the beginning as you can imagine is taxes about i believe we will be successful in the largest tax cut in our country's history. maria: republican lawmakers expected to unveil framework for tax reform this wednesday, joining us to weigh in from white house is assistant secretary of the treasury tony, pleasure thanks for joining us. >> good morning thanks for
8:03 am
having me. >> let's talk about what we're expecting on wednesday, how house republicans going to take a retreat can't bring all votes could actually talk about what is important what is important to the white house in terms of tax reform package we are expecting what are we going to learn we don't know. >> as you know the priority has also a been create jobs grow economy that benefits all americans, unfortunately, we've had a situation, for the last 8 years where we have had suboptimal growth 2% you know well what is happening, is wealth people get wealthier the rest of the country does not advance created idea because we haven't head tax reform 30 years system rigged against average hardworking american family what we are focused on making sure we kraefs the administration has been working very closely from the beginning with congress senate and house side you are going to have as discussing a framework relief that shows the agreement between the administration, and the two tax running committees on hill
8:04 am
aways and means house, senate finish wednesday going to lower rates simplify code make this country more competitive by making sure of businesses have competitive factors smail and large corporations because these are job creators, 50% of our jobs are created by america small businesses pay now largely 39% we need to address that dramatically, our corporation, has no incentive, to reinvest profits into this country because we have among highest corporate taxes in developed world dressing these we help workers create jobs help grow economy. >> i want to ask about that there is a story in the journal today about the tax plan could be the high wage earners little to gain when you are look aththe high earners rate versus pass-through rate i want to get back to that we have been having a conversation this morning, tony on the panel about the fact that budget is not done yet, so we were expecting a budget months ago, now, we are facing a real deadline here, don't you need
8:05 am
to see a budget agreement before you actually come up with this 1 1/2 trillion-dollar tax cut plan? >> you are right on timing the budget has to pass before we get to tax reform but that looks to be on track, again, we have been working closely with congress, on this issue, and we feel that we will have, a very good resolution to the budget will allow us come next month to have tax legislation, that moves forward and moves far as with the input of a lot of members going through regular order ultimately, house, the reason this is important to mote, we want to get tax reform done this year, it is not just kind of put a check next to the box it is because the economy needs this benefit, immediately. you know that we have been beginning to get good growth numbers, the markets are anticipating a lot of trump policies taking effect we are deregulatinging particularly on a lot of financial regulations that have crushed businesses crushed growth there is a lot of anticipation for this policy, and we need to ensure that the american people and those who want to
8:06 am
invest, in job a creation in this country understand that we are going to give them an economic policy that benefits them benefits growing this economy creating jobs raising wages. these are all things that are center point what we are trying to do with tax reform why we need it done very soon. maria: in order to get a situation where you just need a 50 votes you have to go through conciliation you think you are going through reconciliation only need 50 votes you don't think budget pre will go too long in october in a situation where you need the dems to actually participate here. >> we have been reaching out to democrats as you know president took senator heidi high ca. >> heidi camp we understand what we are trying to down rooigdz tax code hurts hardworking families we are trying to address raising, a lot of support for middle income families lowering their taxes, doubling the standard deduction makes first 4,000
8:07 am
dollars, of an average -- 24,000 dollars zero percent tax rate these are all things we know democrats have supported in the past, so we think there is opportunity. obviously, we need to go through reconciliation need tax reform done, done this year. >> let me ask you about the story in journal lowering tax rate requires lowering 39.6 tax rate if you have got a 28% rate for pass-through, and a 35% rate for the highest earners do you agree with this story, basically is saying the gop tax plan leaves high wage earners with little to gain. >> if you are a small business owner creating jobs investing in your company you are increasing your worker rs paycheck you deserve to have a pass-through rate, that is lower than the top individual rate. and that is what we're trying to address on pass through and corporate side trying to make sure we have the most competitive rate to make up, a
8:08 am
country that sports growing business, and supports growing jobs in this country, on the individual side, these have never been maria as you well know given wealth a tax break we want a pro-growth tax plan we want to lower rates obviously for as many americans as we can, but the focus has always been middle income family and small businesses. maria: let me ask you this, tony, what is going to be the big debate? do you think the debate is going to be around the deductions that you want to get rid of like, elimination the state and local income deduction number one or is debate around that 35% highest earner rate you are still cutting taxes on highest earners from 39.6 to 35% but you are eliminating -- if we are reading this right, that state and local income deductions so maybe ends up flat is that where sort of big fights are going to be the battles are going to be? people want progress here. but if you can't agree on this
8:09 am
stuff obviously nothing gets done. >> look, we automobile understand there is a reason tax reform has not happened in over 30 years, it is because lobbyists get involved, and people argue around a small parochial interest versus greater good of running economy creating jobs helping americans increase paychecks there will will be fights around deduction elimination no doubt about it trying to scalp almost every decrees except mortgage interest charitable protects savings everything he also you mentioned state and local tax look we automobile understand, that we need to simplify this code and we also have to make it fair so when you talk about state and local you are talking essentially about american taxpayers subsidizing mostly wealth taxpayers and high tax states, almost 80% of those who pay that deduction maria rather than benefit from that deduction earn 6 figures in america we don't need a country subsidizing bad state tax policy, and we need to make sure that we make a fairer code that benefits everybody not just a few.
8:10 am
maria: right so if you eliminate that, that sort of offsets the idea i am talking about the state and local income deduction if you eliminate that, that offsets the idea that you are cutting taxes, from 39.6 to 35, so the question is, is that going to stay? a 35% high rate there, or do you keep it 39.6% then would it be an increase in taxes for the rich wouldn't it? >> well maria as as we mentioned many times the president is not thinking about make have gone it easier for the wealth and well connected they are the ones benefiting from existing system. >> but they pay all the tax tony pay most of the tax don't they. >> and as you see, on the pass-through rate you ultimately show that we are making sure, that those people who create jobs invest in this economy and give their workers pay raises are going to have a significantly more competitive benefit, as far as their tax rate is concerned by us lowering pass-through rate we want to make sure economy grows we create jobs raise wages really basic idea behind
8:11 am
tax reform you can call it a lot of things tax are reform tax relief this is a jobs bill about workers getting more money keeping more hard ended money as you very well know growing american economy everybody beside not a few. >> getting notes from wrote a wall street firms what a corporate tax rate means for s&p 500 earnings what they might do with savings in terms can have investing in business talking about that this morning the other issue of the morning the nfl, the players across the country, locking arms kneeling during national anthem yesterday in protest against the president,at he scolded the league and the players over weekend, here -- your boss colleague treasury second steven mnuchin had to say about all of this lessen. >> nfl has all different types of rules you can't have stickers on your helmet you have to have your jerseys tucked in i think the president is saying, is that at the owners should have a
8:12 am
rule, that players should have to stand and respect for national anthem the this isn't about democrats not about republicans not about race it is not about free speech, they can do free speech on their own time. this is about respect for the military, and the first responders in the country this is a job employers have the right when the players are working to have rules. maria: tony my question really is is this a distraction look we all agree we have been talking about this all morning that, everybody needs to respect the american flag. and the great freedoms this country affords everybody but at the same time, people have the right to do what they want people have the right they have that freedom to protest, and why is the president talking about this? you've got north korea coming at him health care, tax reform, he is having argument with players. >> maria we are talking about tax reform north korea a lot of other important issues i think media has harped on
8:13 am
this, in my opinion yesterday you had second mnuchin two sunday shows we have tax reform coming this week we've got one tax reform question, between both shows, look we are unafraid to stand up for the american flag, national anthem all it represents that is people sacrificed so others can live their lives people scandalized as first responders about those members of the military many ways we need to continue to honor you and i both know there is not a person working for a corporation that doesn't have a contract, that doesn't have to live by rules, that doesn't have to do what that company culture tells them they have to do this is exactly what the steak was discussing, the nfl makes rules for everything, for you thinkityou hadn't cking jersey what stickers on your helmet this says the owner could get together perhaps make a rule that says when national anthem plays you stand up honor the country if you have something to protest do it off the field and out of your uniform.
8:14 am
>> treasury secretary mnuchin made good point about stickers tony good to see you thanks so much. >> very good to see you -- >> thank you. >> we will be right back, stay with us. has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at i can do more to lower my a1c. and i can do it with what's already within me. because my body can still make its own insulin. and once-weekly trulicity activates my body to release it. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. it works 24/7, and you don't have to see or handle a needle.
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if you need help lowering your a1c and blood sugar, activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> sunday church services into a horror at church near nashville yesterday cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: maria, a masked gunman carrying two guns entered the church from the back after he fatally shot a
8:17 am
woman outside in parking lot 25-year-old imanuel sampson walked through the church in silence shooting six more people before subdued by uber at church the immigrant from sudan injured is in police custody hours before shooting made cryptic postings to facebook account flexing his muscles the next post you are more than what they told us. also, become creator instead of what is creatored whenever you say goes everything you doubted made to believe false is really he is charged with murder. >> anthony weiner to be sentenced in sexting sustainabled pled guilty to sending obscene material to 15-year-old girl some say case cost hillary clinton the presidential election, weiner
8:18 am
-- also, campaign for mayor and marriage to abedin former clinton aide. >> officials in puerto rico starting to get a sense of destruction, from hurricane maria one says this damage set the country back 20 to 30 years hurricane worst storm to hit puerto rico since 1928 at least ten people died there is widespread power outages one hundred percent island in total darkness on top of destroyed infrastructure bridges roads taken out by this storm engineers continuing to monitor right now a dam, that was in danger of failing could be drug shortages pharmaceutical shortages is for many puerto rico nearly 50 pharmaceutical plants they are not operating. >> well -- hellman and friedman planning to buy danish payment country 5.3 billion, first approached them in june for this deal payments
8:19 am
companies keeps tracking private equity groups grog number of consumers switching card and mobile payments all about e's. >> it is all about e's thank you, cheryl. >> fake news not your friend former president obama dire message to facebook founder mark zuckerberg, london about the rates on uber how the giant is fighting back after logs its lines in london,back in a minute. ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent.
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8:23 am
former president obama warned facebook and zuk he berg about threat of take news during 2016 election according to "washington post" two months before president trump's inauguration asked zuk besh to do something about possibility of russian meddling or risk bigger problems in election interesting to get this report now, congressman what do you think about that. >> interesting the president would have this relationship and weigh in with mark zuckerberg i think a k disclosure element truth in networks and radio you have to say hows paying platforms don't have that i think congress is going to have stories of hearings move to regulate it particularly if they don't self-correct. >> somebody is footing the bill. >> you should be able to know who is paying you have a right to express your opinion put stuff out whoerl another thing
8:24 am
in a political election to know who is paying for it all this is still based on suppositioning do you buy that. >> president obama, would still have a president trump as new incoming pet he won 30 of 50 states, at the end of the day wasn't a close race. >> i saw a lot of confiscafake they are fake stories very often somebody got fired. and it is just a completely made-up story and the fact that facebook, facebook will now get aggressive about policing this and, again, it was uncovered that they were putting more liberal news sources higher above more conservative witness deciding when would -- >> google -- >> rolled out fbiiacebook lied o
8:25 am
lies on a handle broadcast live over sf stand back go oh it is going to be self policing now they are worried about it your former colleague will be breathing down his neck regulating how business ought to be. >> i think conservatives very concerned you are right are liberal opinion news sights get preference over more conservativesuit there is deep concern about that, and that is going to have to be part of their consideration, here and, again, you still have the first amendment, right, to to be able to express yourself there has got to be new balance. >> i do agree reports feels like just another opportunity, to delegitimizes what took place. >> president obama was clear saying this is not the cause you couldn't affect the elections if you wanted to there is bogus information out there. >> i want to get he -- >> fake news definition fake news problematic we are going
8:26 am
to deal with that even if congress is trying to regulate these matters aren't we? >> still be internet going to be a lot of garbage out there source your material closer than facebook. >> we want to tell you about, an arrest outside white house this happened yesterday after what secret service officers called encounter with person near the ground, officials say person was arrested for possession of several fire auditoriums investigati arms investigation continuing took place yesterday your reaction? >> i think what general kelly came over secretary of homeland second elevated secret service i conducted years of investigations, there were real problems there, but they do a lot of good surveillance if able to take somebody down had firearms in close proximity when they are supposed to be doing looks like happened in this case they deal with incidents white
8:27 am
house and surrounding grounds every single day, and glad they got him. >> when we come back whole other league of protests nfl players coaches taking a knee getting blasted by president trump impact on fans and ratings coming next, apple reportedly is telling parts manufacturers component makers for iphone 10 to slow down the shipments, component shipments. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ son of a preacher man the only boy who could ever teach me, was the son of a preacher man, he was, he was ♪
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i'm maria bartiromo monday, september 25 top stories right now, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump, pushing forward with agenda, he is set to unveil his tax plan on wednesday, senate tries to move on a vote to repeal and replace obamacare, investors keeping eye on the action out of washington, futures indicating markets will open fractionally lower this morning, nasdaq down a quarter of a percent the others flat big win for angela merkel not as big as some expected markets mixed euro down ft 100 cac lower dax in german up a quarter of a percent, yairnts market lower exception of japan up 1 half of 1%. >> apple reportedly telling suppliers for iphone 10 slow down on the delivers of
8:31 am
components, the fallout the device will hit shelves expected to hit shelves soon. >> uber fights back trying to reach compromise with london after service lot of operating license in london, players owners taking a to me this weekend locking arms after president trump slammed league for allowing protests reaction currency contentious. >> -- you know, taking a knee or sitting during a national anthem has never been about disrespecting this country about disrespects the flag has been about bringing unity to america as a whole. >> i am frustrated nfl owners don't have courage to say to players look you are paid well you are at work, we stand for the national anthem if you want to protest and march in the streets on your time, do whatever you want to do. >> we will hear from a former nfl star jack brewer get his s insights coming up trump administration pushing agenda senate will hear a proposed
8:32 am
bill to overhaul obamacare as gop lays out tax reform this week on wednesday we are expecting more details, blake burman at the white house right now very, very latest good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well crucial for republicans in washington on one hand, they are unveiling their tax reform push and on a the other, in the senate, they are did he say pro rataly trying to engage in reform wednesday expecting details from tax reform framework as described to us already this morning the president is very active twitter says following the white house never looked more beautiful than it did returning last night, important meetings taking place today, big tax cuts, and reform, earlier this hour on this show tony of white house communications shop said there would be many deductions would be killed, including potentially the state and local income taxes. >> there will be fights around deduction elimination no doubt
8:33 am
we are trying to scrap almost every duction except moirnl interest charitable protect retirement civilization everything else state local are taxed we understand we need to simplify this code. >> then issue of health care in senate, senate republicans have to the end of the week to try to pass graham-cassidy bill 50 plus one measure expires the end of the month there was a tweet to the bill over the weekend with more money going toward alaska toward maine that is trying to get votes of lisa murkowski and susan collins appears senate republicans still remain short of that 50 vote threshold, in the middle of all of this comes this talk over president and his comments as relates to the national football league agencies that players took over the weekend, on friday the president said, the players should be fired, if they until he for the national anthem yesterday a league wide
8:34 am
previous to to the president's comments this morning he sent out several tweets on front debate continues as follows, quoting from the president here he said so proud of nascar sports and fans would be the put up with disrespecting our country or flag said it allowed and clear speak of football he said many people booed players who kneeled yesterday small percentage of total these are fans demand respect for our flag, he goes on to say the issue of kneeling, has nothing to do with race. it is about respect for our country,ing in a, and national anthem he ends by saying nfl must respect this, however maria many owners ended up calling the president's comments and statements throughout in the greatest of all time tom brady on radio station in boston echoed comments saying he felt the president his friend said is the victim. >> blake burman, latest at the white house joining us to weigh in jack brewer ceo of
8:35 am
brewer group former nfl star, good to see you. >> good to be on. >> where are you on this issue jeff? >> this issue right here is one that has really bothered me really has me boiling. the problem with this is we are trained in a conversation the issue is here is the fact that the president of united states of america got on national tv at rally in alabama of all places, and called the men fathers sons community leaders, suns of bs on national twv six player took a knee sunday entire league supported the players took a knee didn't take a knee against flag did not take a knee against national an then took a knee against the president divisive language does not make sense. maria: what about the fact that they don't want to respect the american flag?
8:36 am
>> maria anyone that doesn't respect the national -- the -- the flag, u.s. flag you know how i feel about that, this i don't think this entire thing yesterday was just about that you had a lot of guys would never neil never disrespect our flag these guys fight for this country 99.9% of them pay more taxes than anyone else in their age group taxpayers and patriots i know a lot of young men, but these the reason why the owners lashed out the reason the plaishdz lashed out the reason why, a lot of community lashed out is because of the way the president spoke against him, to call men out of name like that representing a lot of neighborhoods the towns the people, that they come from. that is what they do. it would be different the president was acting like these guys are out rioting causing havoc nonwere doing that this is a peaceful previous to united states of america i don't believe in
8:37 am
kneeling i wouldn't neil but yesterday i may not even have come out of the locker room for anthem because of this entire situation. maria: you just didn't like the term he used the sob comment. >> you don't call a guy that. how, i mean he doesn't talk that way just -- vladimir putin and others, world leaders dictators that hurt people he doesn't lash out against them like that, why attack those men in that way. >> good point here is brian. >> hey jeff a lot of players are saying this isn't about the flag isn't about country it is about something else wouldn't you say there are millions of americans out here who are not hearing that what they are hearing is this is about the flag, this is about the country, how do they players speak in a way where people believe they do have good -- because right now doesn't look like good will to a lot of people. >> no. brian you make a good point, and i agree with you. this is how i a problem we have in our country.
8:38 am
the problem we have right now that is the national anthem the flag, does not represent the same thing for all american citizens, you got deep -- deep-rooted history with our national anthem, starting with man who wrote it starting with the actual lyrics of the anthem a lot of people are divided because of that and that is an unfortunately thing because you start taking in account military all the brave sr., men and women police officers fighters all great machines are come together and unite in times of crisis i am in houston, texas right now continuing to deliver aide around a bunch of americans that have each other's backs trying to bring each other out of a terrible situation what this country is about i don't want to take the conversation too far away from the fact the facts are that this sunday the national football league and players stood up against president of the united states not against the flag, and not against the anthem. dagen: but did it during the anthem jack that is the issue,
8:39 am
if they wanted to protest -- here, as a fan of that support and devoted one except for yesterday, when you have a -- an actor an actress they are very vocal politically, i can still watch their television show or go to one of their movies and not be subrejected to their political opinions the two are completely removed in terms of their work their craft, their product, and how they feel about the president or some other political issue. but with football, it is an up front politicization of this issue, and you can't get away from it, that is what is going to hurt that support potentially. . >> so dagen you may be right let's keep in mind the national anthem players didn't always even come out for that that is. dagen: a recent thing. >> exactly, the players didn't come out from that most guys are preparing for football
8:40 am
game they are they are there to play football they are are not to watch the national anthem only reason people are politicking it folks are talking about it the players when you are getting ready for a football game you got to do a lot of -- speaking and preparing and getting your body ready to go out there and play violent game. >> why are they kneeling then. >> maria, i wouldn't say most of them stand but that is not the point a lot more took a knee because the man called them sons of a bitches. >> jayson chaffetz here what is going to happen next sunday where does this end where is the conclusion of this at what point does this actually concluded the national anthem is no place we need to start
8:41 am
politicking things we can talk about social issues fight social issues in my opinion i hope players stay in the locker room prepare for game they can hang the flag anywhere you can pollute the flag anywhere don't have to do that in public i hope they go back to that so we get away from this focus on playing football more importantly, come together as a country, you got a lot of people, who see eye-to-eye with same players just don't realize it, because you see a guy on the sideline supporting his teammate some of these men that is the way at the know and understand how to stand up for rights that they believe in, and as americans, so long as doing it peacefully, you know we've got to have some understanding about that i think we have taken this too far hopefully this thing can bring it together not defy is first and foremost we need our leader we need the leader of the country to stand up bring us together not talk about guys like that all you are
8:42 am
doing when you throw first punch guys are going to punch back i am the same way, going to punch back that is what happens. dagen: i will point this out al leandrovilleville -- al leeando stood with hand overheat west point grad three tours of duty in afghanistan if you look up on thematics steeler's seller top seller the villueva engineers. >> i applaud that. >> we appreciate you joining us thank you still ahead is health care battle -- tax reform fight, stuart varney has a thing or two to say up next. >> could tesla deliver a i don't like the to fortune's ought industry new rules could get the electric carmaker up and running. >> ♪
8:43 am
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maria: you might have to wait longer for iphone x , reports say apple suppliers to slow down delivery nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. the stock to downside over a dollar, spoke with analyst trying to get a better grasp how 8 plus, what is the anticipation, for the iphone 10, stocks down 1.1% the checks show iphone 8, 8 plus are lower than iphone 7, 7+ but not major issue because everybody is waiting for the iphone 10 will they get into premium phone presales october 27, they will be on sale in stores november 3, supply chain shipping about now about 40% of the original quantities expected but, again, analysts are not surprised by this, at all, just waiting to get more
8:47 am
data, and how many people want the luxury part of apple, tesla last week, had its worst week since summer down 7 1/2% last week this week seeing it up half of 1% this morning news off the china they may have eased regulations going forward would help testl other guys talking about general motors volkswagen ford working on electric vehicles working in china with that about partnership in china, and these regulations that could be eased could help tesla do business there, now they did have one deal they made, about a two-billion-dollar investment that is up, also donald trump investigation into china's trade deals that may have moved things along, for tesla as well back to you. >> thank you so much nicole petallides, we weren't surprised to hear about apple components dagen called it two weeks ago you said is a week
8:48 am
and a half ago. dagen: one executives has trouble the launch delayed start applying late october don't deliver until about november it is a sign there is a production issue, and even when they start coming out, in terms of supply i just think demand is going to far outstrip the initial supply so i am counting on getting one sometime, in may. [laughter] good call on tha we -- >> one thousand price tag. >> managers unveiling plan for tax reform president trump said largest tax cut in history of our country joining me toaway in host of "varney & company" stuart varney good morning. >> surely we will get it this time, as if epic fail on obamacare looks like another
8:49 am
epic fail surely gop the get act together to pass most republican of all issues tax cuts, i am hearing from axios tax rate will come to 20% you i'm seeing, know 20 trz top personal rate 35% the rate for small businesses, soul pro pry forships 25% when republican could not support that if accurate top rate for small business individuals tell me what kind of republican cannot support that. >> you can't support it. >> going to fight about is almost of deduction on state and middle income might fight back taking highest rate from 39.6 to 35% you know democratic pushback on that -- that means we get nothing? they don't do anything? i simply can't see that. maria: yeah good point. >> can't see it.
8:50 am
>> apoplectic. >> corporate rate has to come down corporate rate has to come down we will see about that, we've got to see this. >> we are going to see more next three hours. maria: see you at 9:00 "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. right after "mornings with maria" joen stuart, uber swerving to avoid a ban in london ride-sharing giant fighting back the after losing a license to operate in the city, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ where to get in... where to get out.
8:51 am
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maria: welcome back, uber
8:54 am
fighting back this morning after decision to ban the company from operating in london, tracee carrasco with the latest tracee good morning. >> google stepping up their efforts to do everything to remain in the market in london, first of all preparing a appeal trying to meet with the regulators license of expire september 30 after that 21 days to appeal, is there appeal if overturned, that is it for them in london, now this could be, a huge setback for them, you know they've got 3.5 million users in london their largest european market reportedly blindsided by decision friday said they were unfit to operate in this city. the agency in charge said that they lacked corporate responsibility because of their reporting of serious crimes, and driver background checks here is what uber ceo tweeted, he said dear london
8:55 am
we are far from perfect we have 40,000 licensed drivers -- depending on us please work with us to make things right, so a this is going to be a tough battle for uber. maria: one of the largest cities. >> i set up in london in uber severely i am sorry to get anywhere i think uber suffers for major management issues, this should not catch a major company by surprise they should have boots on the ground people have insight as to what is going on be caught flat-footed a little over a week to solve it a huge problem. >> there were indications at least in press reports leading up to decision license would get the rejected if media reporting it then not a big hello to the company. >> what can they do to tellers. >> i think main thing the regulators want a company fit and proper we know that is not uber from their past we
8:56 am
haven't seen that so they have to play by their rules follow all what they want changed, if the regulatory give them a chance to make changes they really have to follow that. >> do lyft others play in this market ride hailing services if uber is denied not affected by this. >> no. >> i don't know if lyft is in london. >> i don't know that but got black taxes, service in london ebb they've been obviously in new york city trying to get uber out. >> be watching that thanks so much, we take a break final thoughts from all-star panel stay with us back in a moment. ♪ i'm a concrete mason. i had severe fatigue, went to a doctor. became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. i had to put my trust in somebody. we recommended chemotherapy, and then a stem cell transplant.
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8:59 am
maria: final thoughts from this all-star panel. >> were supposed to get tax reform detailed this week. i hope we get the one day, but if we don't come as stuart will be very disappointed in the slamdunk tax they might get done. >> a law they are supposed to pass by april 15th. if you don't have a budget, you don't have reconciliation, you have to get the 60 votes and no democrats in >> scratching my head why they don't have a budget. >> they don't get a budget out the door.
9:00 am
>> in toxic transport regulators about moving into that country. at times in the past 12 months. >> they will if they decide to move into london. >> great show, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. "varney & company" begins next. stuart: thank you indeed. what about us? what about all the people who want to watch sports, not politics? what about the people who voted to and obamacare and it still with us. what about middle america? good morning, everyone. gee, great to be back. trump versus the nfl. cause players to stick to the anthem suvs and owners to fire them. a variety of responses. the seahawks, steelers and titans played in the locker room. on the field, some to the knee, others locked arms. my personal favorite, the


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