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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  October 1, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website -- hehehehee results. >> abby: on that note have a good day. >> dagen: the price was not right. new fallout this hour as health and human services secretary tom price resigns over his use of private jets on the taxpayer dime. why someone here fears what this means for those tax cuts. hi, everybody i'm dagen mcdowell this is bulls & bears. tom price the latest in a long list of casualties, and if scott is right, this could be very costly. also here, the bulls & bears, joan as max ferris, and gary b. smith along with stacey washington and adrian elrod. welcome to everybody. scott, why do you fear the fall out from this? >> scott: isn't this too bad dagen? on friday we get the outlines of
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this great tax plan that was going to help out the economy, help out the middle class, help out small businesses and create finally, some economic growth and now you have the at least chance for the left and the haters on the right to come out and say oh, my gosh look at all of the corruption in d.c. look at all of the backlash now that it has to come from this issue and now you'll take the official say focus away from what really ailes this economy which is tax reform and tax relief. >> dagen: and gary b., what about obamacare repeal and and replace? now you'll have to go through the confirmation process. will this resignation jeopardize trump's agenda? >> gary: it won't jeopardize the new agenda. i disagree with scott on this because unlike healthcare, trump is focused on the tax cuts and here is the reason. he understands it. i never got the impression nor do i think most of america that
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he even understood or was interested healthcare. i think that's done. let's move on from obamacare. it's sad they ran on it but the ship has sailed. this whole price thing is going to be yesterday's news by monday morning, because trump understands the power of the tax cuts, he understands the economy , he understands it from a business perspective. i think he wants to get this done and the fact that he's already reached out to democrats says he's going to be focused on it. you won't hear any more about this whole price thing in next week's news. >> dagen: but stacey do you worry about now every cabinet secretary gets looked at about how they might be using or abusing taxpayer's money? do you worry that that becomes a distraction for the white house? >> stacey: well, i mean it's a possibility but i don't see it being the main show right now. i disagree that obamacare is over. it's a dumpster fire. its got to go. they will have to make changes to either save it or to replace it. i think the republicans know
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they have to do something with it. they have the 2018 reconciliation process if they go that route in order to make something happen with healthcare the tax reform is the big show right now. i think the tom price resignation was done in order to get his name out of the news with these illegal flights or whatever that was about. i didn't think it was enough to let him go over but my backchannel tells me the reason they let him go or let him resign is because he couldn't get healthcare done and they need somebody else in that spot to help get the process started again. >> dagen: he did certainly didn't help with the process. adrian? this also sends the message as donald trump, president trump as the ceo that if you foul up on his watch you're out of here. >> adrian: yeah look i'll tell you there's nothing that taxpayers can't stand more than feeling like their taxpayer dollars are being wasted especially by government officials for private flights. when those flights were unnecessary, so i disagree with part of the panel. i actually think this is going to be an issue that continues to
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my the trump administration. i think more cabinet secretaries are seeing ryan zince being looked into for his private flight usage so i think this is an issue that will continue and i do think that democrats, people on the left and just citizens of america are going to continue to watch this issue because again, there's nothing these folks can't stand more feeling take liar hard earned taxpayer dollars are being accused abused by government officials. >> dagen: jonas, does this distraction jeopardize the agenda? >> no in helps because this guy is a distraction and how many times before we fire him i'm glad trump gave him the you're resigning speech because he needed to go when the obamacare fix, any ideas for that and frankly when he got involved in selling a worthless penny stock for hundreds of thousands of dollars and he says go through healthcare and be a doctor and it's ashame send shaly. he should have been gone on that so they have to get out of the way so things like taxes can go
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through because he's only going to draw more negative attention in the press. >> dagen: but scott does this open your door to the point for the left to start combing through everybody who works in the trump administration as if they weren't already, and does that then sideline, when quite frankly the trump administration might need to work with democrats to get this tax reform done. >> scott: i think it does dagen it gives democrats a chance to distance themselves and say you took care of tom price after finding out he was spending what 400 k on these private jets in a handful of months but why didn't you notice it earlier and not a better policy in place and that's the issue is the fact that going forward tax reform has to be bipartisan. we've seen that we don't have a full buy in from republicans anyway so to have this come up now in the midst of just getting some of the details on the tax plan really terrible timing. >> dagen: but gary b., we can show you a list of all of the people who have been shown the door oregon out of the trump
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administration and this is a man that if you, he will get rid of you and that sends a clear message. if you ran on drain the swamp then he's getting rid of one alligator at a time and getting rid of all of the snakes and getting rid of the algae that's mucking up washington. >> gary: well dagen almost 99% of our past presidents trump had no political experience. he never served in any office so his shakeout period is a little longer. the left wants to jump on that but the man was a businessman. he didn't know how to be a president or a senator or anything else when he took office, so i think that people are giving him a little slack as to this adrian was saying this tom price thing is going to holdover. i don't think so. i mean, he took care of it. it's upfront of course they're under scrutiny and he will say yes i have it under control. let's get back to an area i understand which is tax reform. he's reached out to the left. i think the left loves that.
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they want to get something done too. they don't want to look like idiots and this is a win-win. yeah, scott said maybe it's a glitch but as i said before, it's going to be over in 24 hours. >> dagen: the people love president trump and pelosi and schumer too adrian i'll point that out we said it before but 71% of people in one poll like that short-term spending debt ceiling deal that trump did and basically pushed paul ryan aside >> yeah look the majority of american people want to see democrats and republicans come together and work together but again i'll go back to my original point when you have something so easily avoided as in a cabinet secretary abusing taxpayer dollars by taking private jets to his home in georgia or wherever he was going , i mean this is something that i don't think is going to go away. you have chuck grassley and oversight committee-- >> but made the russian stuff go away adrian. >> [laughter] >> adrian: people want to see government work and see us working together but this is
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going to be a continuous issue with the trump administration especially when you have people like chuck grassley who are looking into this a republican pretty loyal to trump even the oversight committee was starting to look into price's travel so i think you'll see this with continuous administration officials. >> dagen: stacey trump says do you know what republicans are supposed to be cheap. this is the taxpayer's money. it's not my money. >> stacey: you know what? this is the way i look at it. one of my favorite slogans on my show is scratch a scandal find a democrat. they better be careful what they wish for, if you think this lasts they might find democrats spending money improperly because that's a hallmark of their party. one of the best things about this whole story is that it shows president trump doesn't put up with a lot of stuff. if you messed up and he can't find a good justification for it like any businessman you're out the door and monday we're talking about tax reform and if the president can explain why a family like mine shouldn't trigger the alternative minimum tax why we should keep more of
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our money, should be able to save more of it put more of it into an hsa, why we could do better things with our money than the government can i guarantee you price is in the rear view mirror. >> dagen: jonas? >> jonas: about earning your right on to a corporate jet not conning your way on to it like half of a government can. >> dagen: thank you guys and gals cavuto on business about 20 minutes from now neil what have you got? >> neil: dagen well democrats worry the republicans tax plan will increase the deficit. they didn't seem too concerned about that under president obama and with puerto rico realing from maria, some are already trying to make this president trump's katrina but not the governor of puerto rico. weird. find out what he told me we'll see you at the bottom of the hour. >> dagen: thanks, neil we can't wait but up here first, what are players going to be doing during the anthem tomorrow? someone here says the answer lie s in t my dell small business advisor has gotten to know our business
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>> dagen: they were standing on thursday but what about tomorrow someone here says nfl players taking a knee better hear the message from the free market. ticket sales dropping at least one business pulling advertising and directv reportedly offering refunds to customers offended by the protest. stacey, at the end of the day the nfl is a business so will it come down to dollars and cents more than common sense? >> stacey: absolutely. look, dagen we have a couple of choices here and when i say we, i mean the american people. if you love football and you are used to watching it and you don't want politics in it then the nfl is making a decision for you that you might not want to participate in and my opinion as someone who i love the flag, i love this country, i'm not going to accuse anybody else of not loving it but i will say when you put your politics into something like the national anthem or the folding of the flag or the viewing of the flag, that kind of puts a little bit of a nasty taste in my mouth.
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i'm not a huge football fan but i can tell you i would never attend a game where i had to put up with protests during the opening. the game is about football and these guys have the ability to change lives in ways that other americans can only dream of. they have their wealth total for the total nfl is like something like a small country or two. these men could instead of taking a knee hit the streets, start making some real news by making changes in inner cities in america, start giving back. i know they already do but give back more. they want to see change they should be that change. >> dagen: stacey i'll point out you're an air force veteran so you have been-- >> stacey: absolutely. >> dagen: you've been at people 's funerals you were in the honor guard so you think they ought to take their time and present a flag to the family of a fallen airman or soldier. >> stacey: i can't tell you dagen what it's like when you're a palbearer and folding the flag and your gloves are gliding over that flag and you fold it up and it's in a triangle and you put it up to your breast and take it
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over and hand it over to a 5-year-old kid whose dad was killed overseas or an elderly woman whose husband served his country and retired and then now he's passed away. when you look into their eyes there is no political statement there. these are americans, they're grieving and they're celebrating their american family members who have given their lives for the ultimate cause which is this country. >> dagen: gary b. will the free market ultimately decide if these protests are within the nfl? >> gary: dagen it reminds me of mike tyson's great line. he says everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. the mouth for the nfl is their pocket book. you mentioned ticket sales they're down 18%. even ratings normally up at this time are mixed to down. i'll tell you what all the owner s need to see is people not coming to the stadium, advertisers on tv pulling out and i guess, i bet there will be a regime change and you'll see every player with hand over heart at the anthem.
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that's going to change very quickly you watch. >> dagen: adrian ratings were down 8% last season from the year before. >> adrian: yeah look first of all i'm a huge nfl fan so i'll just make that point but secondly, let's remember why players are kneeling in the first place and i think this is an important message that is unfortunately getting a little bit lost in this debate that's elevating is because they are kneeling to protest police brutality and racism so i do think we're getting to the point where that initial mission is getting a little and purpose is getting a little lost in this debate but let's also keep in mind that donald trump is the one who elevated this debate by calling football players a name that probably i should not repeat on television right now and saying they should be fired so you have less than a dozen players kneeling before he made that statement at the rally in alabama. i think it was last friday, right? or the friday before that and then you saw over 150 players after he made that, so you know let's also remember donald trump is the one who frankly elevated
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this debate. >> dagen: but scott in some minds that makes it worse because it really does turn into a political statement about a politician about the leader of the country and 55% of people still think this is a fox news poll that kneeling during the national anthem is protest is inappropriate that was down from 61% but again, inappropriate. >> scott: yeah, i agree with the poll, dagen and you're right adding the political fire to the gasoline or adding the gasoline to the political fire was not good. it was not good timing as adrian pointed out but let's go back to gary b.'s lighterages which is that the nfl was wobbling and this was the knockout punch with things to the protest and there's other ways for these players guys leaders on the field and possibly leaders off the field to go out in the community and go out and reach out to people affected by the social and economic issues that are out there. the racial issues everybody is talking about instead of do the protest that can be taken in so many different ways mainly badly
6:19 am
with respect to disrespecting the anthem and disrespecting the american flag. >> dagen: jonas, will the free market decide this? >> it will but the lost people in my opinion i stopped watching the nfl because they couldn't dance in the end zone for a while. they turned that around this year and i was excited to start watching it and i think mohammed ali had a political opinion and there was going to be gains also with people interesting with sports to watch people like me who don't care about the sports that much. >> dagen: political football thumbs down thanks guys and gals cashing in just over an hour from now, liz what do you guys have coming up? >> liz: hi dagen. speeding up the economy by drinking down taxes? republicans say their tax reform plan will do it. and someone here says jfk and reagan with prove it plus private companies coming to the rescue of puerto rico didn't hear about that? well you will at 11:30 eastern we'll see you then. >> dagen: thanks liz we'll be watching but up here first
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fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver. >> don't touch me. >> keep walking. >> then walk. >> dagen: southwest airlines apologizing after video of a woman being dragged off a plane goes viral. she apparently told the flight crew that she had a life threatening pet allergy after
6:24 am
seeing two dogs on board the flight. when she couldn't show medical proof let's just say things didn't go so well. the woman was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. jonas, you fly all the time i'm guessing you're on this side of the dogs? >> i think i have an undiagnosed allergy to see people's babies on the plane but i don't complain or make a scene because at the end of the day babies are allowed even when they scream the whole flight unlike dogs and dogs don't try to jump up and get on when their group is not called before the plane is board ed but airlines make a lot of money on many airlines each leg so that's where they are if you don't like it take a train or a bus. >> dagen: leg of the flight not leg of the dog. stacey? >> stacey: [laughter] i'm just wondering when it became in vogue to refuse to obey the direct orders of flight personnel? you sign a ticket that says you agree to follow their ordersnd if she makes this announcement it's not safe for them to keep her on the plane. it's like she's looking for a payout. i hope southwest sticks to their
6:25 am
guns. >> dagen: yes gary yes what do you say? >> gary: first of all this whole emotional rescue dog thing i think is a little bit of a scam to be honest with you. that said, i'm sure jonas's dogs and your dogs are not emotional rescue dogs. that said the airline has rules she don't want to obey the rules she had to be dragged off. >> dagen: adrian? >> add are an it looks really bad for southwest airlines to have local law enforcement pulling somebody off a plane it's bad for the airline but i agree. if they're allergic to dogs and it's that bad don't fly. >> dagen: or let them know in advance, scott do you know what? no dog has ever hit me in the head with their carrieon. >> scott: well that's good to know dagen and jonas took an indirect shot at my kids earlier so have you ever seen these videos, have you noticed though
6:26 am
these videos are escalated by the passenger the cops come on because it's a lot resort to get them off the plane if they calm down this is all taken care of everybody is peaceful on the flight. >> dagen: dog is god spelled backwards. thank you, everybody. thank you to stacey and adrian especially for joining us. >> thank you. >> dagen: 3-2-1 blastoff. billionaire elan musk proposing rocket travel to get you anywhere on the planet in under one hour. how that could bring you out of this world profits, next. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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>> dagen: predictions gary b. go >> dagen coffee consumption and coffee prices are both going up by semiconductorrers sjm who owns a lot of coffee companies. >> dagen: scott. >> good things are a foot in the trump tax plan that benefits corporations that have all that cash overseas by the etf that has exposure to the tech
6:30 am
companies of 20% in a year. >> crazy g, got the press hyped up about his rocket chips to china for less than 30 minute rides, get the fastest jet up 15 %. >> dagen: neil now. >> tax reform should go through regular order, it should help the middle class not the top 1% and should not increase our deficit. >> we on the democrat side are pay as you go. you want a tax cut, pay for it. we're not there to be accomplice s to increasing the deficit with a bill that does not create jobs. neil wait a minute i'm not taking sides here but now you're worried about spending about deficits forgive me but when i hear democrats lecturing anyone about deficits and things like pay as you go, isn't that a lot like me telling you, you know, all you can eat but a go slow. welcome everybody glad to have you i'm neilav


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