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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 2, 2017 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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are providing all the resources available of federal government to help us in this endeavor. then you have clark county commission chairman steve sislak instrumental getting resources to first responder as far as refreshments, food and support of the entire county commission. i have been on phone with mary carolyn goodman responded to check on the patients, and in process of visiting the other hospitals, and showing support. and, obviously, we have our congressman he is in town, to also show support, so any other questions of the members standing before you? >> yes, ma'am. >> i know -- >> -- or that -- the message center how do you -- >> well we have to establish what is motivation is first, there is motivating fabricates associated with terrorism
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other than just person intendeding to because mass casualties before we table there will be a matter of process. >> -- [inaudible question] . >> no we have not. no we have not we have not located any items within the room, or his house at this point. [inaudible question] . >> yes, ma'am it was a matter of normal practice. whenever we use dynamic entry. >> that -- the number of weapons that for a bhail -- >> we have information he has been there since 28th of september. >> so i have no idea whether if he -- the house keepers from entering the room or not, that is just a matter of continued investigation. >> all right. thank you very much we will provide you update probably in the next two hours, thank you. >> if i want more in a moment
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here is the story in las vegas a gunman opens fire. some injured trampled, police arrived in force shutting down the strip became a triage center with bodies on makeshift gurneys along the sidewalk, police located gunman used explosives to get into his room found him dead, he is identified as 64-year-old steven paddock, lived in las vegas. police found numerous firearms at his residence, his motivation belief system is
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under investigation he was known to local authorities. mar marilu danley no longer considered a person of interest police made contact do not believe in the last few hours, the news has turned even more shocking. more than 50 are dead and 400 taken to local hospitals. president trump tweeted this. my warmest condolences to the dems and families of the terrible las vegas shooting. god bless you. eyewitnesses report countless examples of people helping each other in the middle of the carnage. some took off their shirts to cover the faces of the dead. this outrage is unfolding as we speak. we went to find out exactly what happened. we also want to know what a 64-year-old man did the same as anyone else involved. we are waking up to the worst mass shooting in our history. the shocking outrage for all americans. "varney & company" is about to
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begin. ♪ [gunfire] [gunfire] >> there's nobody inside right now i live. everyone inside is perished. it was like a war scene inside. i've seen bad stuff from my days of the fire department. >> did you hear that automatic weapons fire?
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that was live-action fire right there. deadly night in las vegas. actually, what is the latest? when you heard that, people that i was fireworks. they carried on singing until we realized that these were raining down on people at this concert for the 302nd floor at the mandalay bay in the hotel casino the 64-year-old stephen patrick. what was the motivation. police say at this point they do not believe there was terrorism, but at this point he was known to police but we haven't found out in what capacity. he had a residence in mesquite, nevada north of nevada in las vegas. they are checking this place now. they have a bomb squad out there. the suspect was found dead in his hotel room. he at least 10 rifles, took his own life and he's been there
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since last thursday checked in at the hotel. stuart: by the way from willard president trump will make remarks on this. he is due to speak at 11:00 on another issue. perhaps he will address las vegas shooting at that time. come on in, please, longtime friend of the show, bob massi. when did you first hear about this? >> my youngest son called me about 10:00 last night and said dad turn on the tv. i turned it on and my oldest sons best friend, they were at this concert and basically that's when i learned of it and thank god an hour later i was able to contact them and they were home safe. the description of it he explained to me it was horrible. train to listen to the sound of a automatic weapon fire is chilling in the extreme. in my writings in saying las vegas at this point, many
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hours -- 11 hours after the shooting, is it still locked up? >> yeah, it will be locked up for quite a while. they have a huge investigation to do. the town is somber. after i was on earlier, and i sort of just drove around. i can't get too close to the script. even the early morning hours has activity here. people go to work. it gives a sense, this horrible somber feeling. don't forget, a lot of people are just getting up and don't even know about this. train to especially her viewers on the west coast, they have not yet learned the full horror of this story. i want to sum it up like this. i think the nation is in shock and outrage that this event. india? >> i've been here since 1974. mom and dad moved out here from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. i would never have dreamed, ever, that we would get
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something like this to this extent. surely to never be the largest massacre in the united states of america, but i will tell you that when you talk to young couples, whose you know in your son knows and they go out together, when i talk to when i talked to brent and when he got home, and he said all he thought about was their three children and what they ever see them again. and when you forget that close, stuart, it is just beyond belief in something's got to change and i don't know how we change it, but it's just terrible. stuart: bob massi continuing for joining us. our best wishes to all of your family. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: dr. marc siegel done because part of this is the response of the medical authorities, this ongoing disaster. it is an outrage that must define it properly. 400 people taken to the local
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hospital. describe the scene. what happens? >> first it is triage. there were three main trauma centers in las vegas. the number one is faulty medical center. center. they service 12,000 people. level one means a general surgeon on call 24/7. ready for a situation where people get hurt, they fall, new car accident. not usually gunshot wounds. so they are not all 400 go into this hospital. here is what the word triage meetings. people in a life-threatening situation have got to be tended to first. if you broke a bone or got shot in the foot comes something like that, they will tend to you later. something called the golden hour. the first hour you've been shot, that's when they got to stop the bleeding and get control of the situation. the surgeon that is in charge there comes a trauma surgeon in charge at umc is going to pull in all kinds of other positions. neurosurgeons, if he has to
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operate in the brain. pediatric up at the child. all of this goes in this goes and away the spring rehearsed. it's an amazing thing to see, but they've never seen anything like this. no hospital in las vegas has ever seen anything like this before or even close to this scale. people come in one or two or three, not 400. stuart: they were taking people out of the concert area so to speak i'm using makeshift police barricades, stretchers and journeys. we even saw an ice chest, which happen to have wheels that laid somebody on top of that, now covered in blood. that's how they got it now. still out on the street they performed is triage, decide who is going to survive, we need immediate treatment. that is what happened there. stuart: we talked about with steve scalise how important is to apply tourniquets. when you have a not a magic weapon, the bullet splinters. you get organs and fractures internally. you get problems in the pelvis. a lot of bleeding.
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you apply tourniquets to areas that have been shot and you improve the chance of survival. that's the kind of thing that's extremely important at the beginning. once you get to the hospital, the trauma team takes over and they are very skilled at this. in the field it's all about controlling bleeding. stuart: what a terrible decision you have to make. ua medical person seeing people coming out of the concert arena or whatever it is then you've got to make that decision. this person should be treated first. a very difficult decision to make. >> yes, but it isn't an moral or ethical decision. people are trained to say who will survive if i get to them right now and who isn't. it's a professional decision on life or death. this is that they are skilled at. not usually gunshot wounds, but they have that training. they are just getting new medical schools and trauma centers.
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we are hoping and praying they can handle it. they have skilled physicians there. stuart: dr. marc siegel, thank you. the story of the day of course at the las vegas shooting, but i have to refer to the stock market. you would think it would reflect the art rage we are witnessing. you are expecting a sellout, that is not what is happening. the dow will open higher. virtually any game today and any of those three indicators will need a new record high. so there you have it. we are about to open this market in 17 minutes time. it will go up a little, but we are looking at the worst shooting in american history. we will be back. >> one girl had shrapnel on the side of her face and she said it appears the bullets are coming from mandalay bay into the concert and they were just dropping. the people were just dropping. we're on to you, diabetes.
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stuart: at least 50 dead in las vegas shooting. 400 taken to local hospitals. commenting, please. strategic analyst ralph peters. i am intrigued. that is the wrong word to use and to use nsr yet you say. we've got a man in a hotel room will must have fired off three 300 or 400 rounds. >> obviously very carefully planned. i suspect he put well over a thousand rounds into that crowd and certainly several hundred. clearly planned. he's got an arsenal of the least 10 in the room according to the sheriff's department and he waited for days until he got just the right environment. he even had the plane to break open a window in mandalay bay. those are hard to break open. stuart, let's face it. this was an act of terror. just because it was not motivated by religion or didn't necessarily have political ends doesn't make of difference.
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it was an act of terror because it terrorized. it was intended to terrorize or punish a population. my concern at the macro level is that terrorism, this global terrorism is becoming the default position of self-affirmation, self-expression across the world, whether it's this guy in las vegas, we'll see how that turns out. we will learn more about him and his background. but the church shooter in charleston or who butchered two women with the knife yesterday. the copycat nature of it worries me. stuart: it's very hard to see how you stop it. and thinking first of all in terms of pedestrian rundowns we saw it in london and did nice. you can't stop back. how do you do it? now we have someone firing down into a crowd, hundreds of rounds. some people say if there were more guns on the ground you can talk to shooting just as it starts.
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i wouldn't have helped in this situation. the man was firing down into the ground. i suggest you can't stop this staff. that's what makes it extremely frustrated. >> if there is no back story, it needs to be hired to do anything about it. the idea that an armed crowd would have made any difference it would have been any better. i'm a gun owner. i will always be a gun owner. but they didn't want every juiced up sega have a machine-gun collection. the need to look at what weapons they have. they are clearly military grade weapons and where he got them. automatic rifles are legal for the average citizen to own. we need to look at that. what really killed me was the volume of fire he was putting out. even if you have an extended clip, that's 30 rounds max. there were more than 30 rounds. stuart: it is possible that he
9:19 am
had a drum. >> and even so, even with a drum he had multiple weapons. i mean, this should not have happened as you just notice. how could we have prevented? trying to hold on for a second. i want to read some tweets for world leaders sending their condolences. can the prime minister, justin trudeau steadiness. words fail this morning. the big guns in las vegas and the people of the u.s. then we have u.k. prime minister theresa may with this. the u.k. stopped by with the big guns in the emergency services responding to the appalling attack in las vegas. moments from now in about 30 seconds, we will take you to the new york stock exchange into the net back. they will hold a moment of silence and we will observe that moment of silence. i've got 20 seconds before then. quick thoughts, please.
9:20 am
>> well, to be honest, i'm surprised islamist terrorist didn't hit las vegas as such and obvious target. now we have a situation where an american today. it goes beyond words. drinks are not going to the new york stock exchange, the nasdaq. a moment of silence.
9:21 am
stuart: if you're just joining us, and i was a moment of silence observed at the nasdaq stock in the new york stock exchange. if you're just joining us, you may have expected some kind of reaction, a negative reaction the stock market. and it's not the case. we have the dow jones industrial average about eight minutes from now will go up about 30 points. and we will also see again on the s&p 500 and the nasdaq. this outrage in las vegas, not affect in the stock market as we speak. ralph peters, back to you. the role of the president here
9:22 am
come the third he treated his condolences to the family here and he will address the las vegas shooting a little later this morning. that is his tweet this morning. my warmest condolences and sympathies to the dems and families of las vegas shooting. god bless you. while the president now should surely be to call and reassure the nation. >> you're absolutely right. it is time to be calm and quietly strong. and by the way, the fact that the markets are going up tells us how much we have factored terrorism into our daily lives. at the level of acceptance 20 years ago we would've never expected. it is time to be the strong silent type. stuart: is this the new normal? i hate to put it like that. >> yes. stuart: because we can't do anything about it. we can't stop this kind of attack. we can't stop it.
9:23 am
>> the paradoxes it's much easier to stop the big complex attacks because you can hit it at one point or another. when you've got somebody who's a loner, whether it is a good muslim convert in a basement or this guy living in a retirement community north of las vegas with no religious ties. we don't know about his politics yet. they are almost impossible to stop. unless their neighbors or relatives turn them in, you don't get them. sometimes the closest relatives, father, daughter, wife has no idea what they're doing. you are right. it's impossible to stop them all, but we've got to keep trying. stuart: thank you this morning. for those of us who may be joining us, perhaps those not so aware of the situation that is emerging, i will summarize what happened last night. at approximately 10 of
9:24 am
6:00 local time, a shooter from the balcony of the mandalay bay hotel, stephen paddock, 64 years old started shooting with a series of automatic rifles. he must've shot off several hundred rounds, firing down into a crowd of concertgoers. they were there for the end of a three-day country music festival. he was firing down into the crowd. he killed 55 command may be more. we don't know the firm number yet. 400 people taken to the hospital. some being shot, some trampled in the mass exodus that took place as the shooting began. they found him already dead. 64-year-old stephen paddock.
9:25 am
10 rifles. we lost some ammunition -- lots of ammunition. it was planned. it had been planned. they then set up cameras to alert can of the first responders here at where were they? where are they coming from. >> a cloud of 22,000, so he is worrying these people as they were enjoying the music, the last act on stage, jason aldean. it has to be in the hundreds. stuart: throughout the program today, we will update you on how many people did lose their lives last night in las vegas and why it may have been the motivation for stephen paddock who was the shooter. he is now dead. we'll take you to wall street for the opening of the stock market shortly. and of course we'll bring you up-to-date with anything that develops in las vegas. we will be back.
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stuart: the market will open different. 20, 25 points on the left side. the left-hand side of your screen is las vegas. that is very shooting incident
9:30 am
occurred last night. described in the incident is just not right. it was an outrage. more than 50 people are known to have died. 400 people were taken to the hospital. the gunmen shooting from the 32nd for the mandalay bay hotel down into a crowd of partygoers. if you're just joining us, that's what happened at 10:06 local time in las vegas. the market has indeed open higher. not much. kind of on hold if you like. 15-point higher. that is indeed a record high. we are consolidating 22,400. the case of the dallas open higher. show me the s&p 500 back to us at a record high, all three of them, the s&p, not that, all of them on to the upside this morning that record, record highs. okay, we've got with us this morning ashley webster, elizabeth nick donald of course along with keith that gerald and
9:31 am
art laffer joining us on this extraordinary morning. first of all to you, art, and this is a personal thing. this is an outrage performed on the country. why is the stock market on the upside? >> would have been in las vegas and the impact it has had on our country as a matter of the heart and soul of our nation and the pocket book probably isn't affected very much by this event and everything else is devastatingly impacted. i'm not sure what i was expect in on the market. i was not expecting this outrage from last night. a little surprised that we should be going higher in the very early going as this news breaks upon us. >> you know, that's a logical reaction. i feel it too and i'm looking around and i've got to look up 35 years of experience and have good data around the world
9:32 am
economically speaking and what it points to its excessive capitalism as a global market. you've got lots of traders from around the world whose hearts and wallets are involved in the spirit bear are what is sustaining the race on extraneous numbers. stuart: is nothing to with this kind of mass shooting. they are completely separate are they not? >> i don't know if they are completely separate, but they are separate in the response. when you ask yourself how does it affect the economy, you don't come up with a definitive answer. what you do is you feel that this takes, from my standpoint, inordinate sadness and depression that comes from the body fabric of this country is really ripped apart in all sorts of ways that don't affect the economy, but really affect us in many other aspects. stuart: keith, that to you for a
9:33 am
second. developments on north korea over the weekend. the shooting last night in las vegas. is there anything that will stop this rally in its tracks? >> unfortunately president trump is disagreeing openly with tillerson. if you've got dissension, one thing traders have kept alive is the hope and trust the politicians find a way around this mess in north korea. if you've got a bifurcated white house with his own senior staff bickering and fighting as is apparently the case, that will cause traders to pause. the other thing would be the bio weapon or pandemic. stuart: alright. i want to talk to you about the role of social media here. as soon as this occurred, news organizations were getting videos taken at the scene. it was almost lifetime
9:34 am
reporting. i am not suggesting that the stock price of a facebook or twitter would be affect did, but it is a cultural phenomenon, isn't it? a mass shooting almost covered live. >> it's amazing. it is a social phenomenon. the information spread is instantaneous now in all aspects, videos, everything is quite astounding that technology developed over the last 100 years. train for it becomes a concern for law enforcement. at 2:41 a.m., police tweeted out please do not live stream or share technical positions of our officers on the scene. it may put emergency responders in danger. stuart: we can all view these things as they happen. that's an extraordinary thing. ashley: the police in paris for saying don't live stream. we put our officers in jeopardy. stuart: art, come back in again. we seem to get over it quickly because we see them lifetime and
9:35 am
we have the full stories within 24 hours, we seem to move on after that is if it's no longer part of the news cycle. we've got a shock to the system and recover quickly. >> it's amazing people's emotions are limited and you can only be in despair for a short period of time, even though the long-term lasting impact on your body. it is still the reaction time is short lived. people can have it for that long. stuart: i want to look at some individual stocks and also the overall market. and look inside your screen, s&p, nasdaq had record highs. that is happening this monday morning. i would like to show you the gun stocks as well. may seem a little crass. at this point in time, the left will be coming not just the last, a lot of people will be calling for some kind of gun control.
9:36 am
the result, gun stocks are going up this morning. the left coming out blaming a lack of gun control this morning for the shooting. liz: senator richard blumenthal said this, barely a year since what was previously the last mass shooting at pulse nightclub in in the interim, thousands more have been lost to the ruthless toll of gun violence. still congress is more than frustrating. i am furious. the post-shooting happened for two months ago in orlando. 49 killed, 50 wounded. the las vegas shooting is now the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. also u.s. senator chris murphy from connecticut said last night the massacre is the deadliest in the nation, but this year have more than a year. stuart: it is inevitable that the call for gun control.
9:37 am
>> there's no way around it and it will happen every time. the problem is the gun control are over 300 million guns out there. the people want to use them for turbo things will be allowed to do that. >> it's become to shoot people at church or places of worship in movie theaters from the schools. you have to decide do we want to be as a country, as a nation and doing nothing is also a decision as well. what you do? stuart: keith, forgive me for asking a personal question like this, but would you buy a gunstock? >> you know, i would not buy a gunstock today. i have owned them in the past. they are clearly unfortunately part of a growth industry that i called work terrorism ugliness. i have to look at this as a short-term event, just as they would look at any other event, very clinically, very coldly. emotionally against it. stuart: art laffer, would you buy a gun? >> it's a tough decision to make whether you buy any other stock
9:38 am
in the whole situation. that is the financial decision. but blumenthal said is completely correct. it is furious. how can you not be. the question is what is the answer? i don't see the answer is obvious as he does. answers are much more complex, much more difficult in this type of pandering in the public arena is just really unbecoming. stuart: may also show our viewers casino stocks. mandalay bay hotel is part of the mgm group in casino stocks this morning are down to .7%. again, i don't want to get into a shooting and look at the casino stocks in gun stocks. we have to do that because they are reacting to what we saw last night. the dow industrial of 27 points. 22,434 despite what happened last night in las vegas.
9:39 am
can you show the big-name technology stocks? a lot of our viewers tune in. where are they? that is throughout the money has been flowing the past 18 months. they have a little bit of a force recently. all of them except for apple on the upside. facebook or 171, amazon 956. microsoft is 74, nearly 75. alphabet 975. ashley: one last on the markets, wasting rotations. for why they broke out and people were taking their profits, but there's also another sector where money is pouring in whether it's defense sacked, money coming back to the big sack. if it's coming out of one area it's always coming into another. stuart: well said. the dow industrial of 30 points and went back, this monday morning i had to thank you, keith and art. a difficult day, but nonetheless you were here and we appreciate that. next case, what have we got for
9:40 am
you? the dow industrial i keep saying this if you're just tuning in expecting some kind of market negative reaction to the shooting in las vegas last night, that is not what's happening. the dow was up 34 points. s&p and nasdaq up also in the upside. we will be back. the nah. not gonna happen.
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9:43 am
i'm bringing in jason cheffetz. this is becoming almost the new normal. it seems like we are getting used to it. >> i hope not. i hope not. this is terrific. i can't even imagine the horror that was going for the families they get up this morning the families and loved ones and stories we will hear and i hope we hear them all about the people affect you. stuart: what is most troubling and most frustrating to me at least as we can't stop this. as they said on the program, they use it to run over pedestrians in france and britain. this is a gun and shooting from the balcony of a large hotel down onto a crowd. how do you stop that? some people say if there's more guns in the crowd it could've been stopped. that's not true of this particular situation. >> no, no, i think what you're going to see as much like you seen in europe.
9:44 am
i know you've traveled there extensively obviously. a lot of hotels you go into a marital screen your luggage just like going into the airport. just take a quick cursory look. i know when you go to disneyland another big venues they look in your purse or handbag. went to the university of virginia football game and they looked in every bad. they will probably start to do that type of thing because it sounds like they had quite a cachet weapons and ammunition well above and beyond the norm and you may have to run those suitcases through that type of thing. it is extraordinary and i hope it never happens. stuart: but that's almost impossible the idea of checking all the bad of everybody who checks into a hotel high-rise balcony. i simply can't imagine that actually going through. i can't. >> well, they do it in some
9:45 am
places in europe. again, i'm not saying that is the prescription. you have a very terrains person who is a mass murderer. you have to hear his story and figure out what led to this, but i don't think anybody can comprehend how disturbed this person has to do something so random. i mean, it is just so random. shooting people you can't even see. stuart: our audience at the moment of seeing the video of the minute when the shooting started and you can hear the automatic weapons fire. you can hear it in three separate bursts of fire. in this situation, what do you think is the correct pose in the correct role of the president? he is going to speak at 10:30. should he offer calm and reassurance to america? >> yeah, i do. the president has to offer heartfelt condolences and real
9:46 am
sympathy to the people who are going through a horror they never expected enjoying their weekend in las vegas and probably from all over the world they are enjoying the top brand names in country music. i know the country music people, they are as peach ergodic and warm of people as there is. i think the president just needs to be reassuring and calm in making sure that the understand long for us that will do everything to make sure that people are protected. a lot of people will be scared. it is a sad, sad situation. stuart: there were no bright spots in the story, although we do have to say that there are countless report of people at the concert helping others were injured or trampled, getting them outside. we had earlier a young man who had taken his shirt off, giving it or put it over the face of someone who had died.
9:47 am
if there's any bright spot, i would suggest that is it. >> i think that is right. it is ordinary americans who do extraordinary things in a time that they never thought they'd be called upon. whether it is just a car accident or something minor or one of the biggest tragedies in the history of our nation. there are people who step up and answer the call in those will be the silver lining in this door is. stuart: i think it is an outrage. >> yeah, i agree. there are words to describe how horrific this is. it really is devastating. i really am at a loss for words to try to share the sympathy, but also the outrage and anger that you feel that somebody would do this and destroy so many lives. stuart: all of the above. >> i can even comprehend it. stuart: jason cheffetz, thank you for joining us. the market has joined us 17
9:48 am
minutes ago, 48, 49 points. all of the averages you can see right there are at all-time record highs. we are covering the shooting for you. an evolving story. we'll bring you fresh details the moment they occur in you will see from social media, for tweets exactly what happened last night. judge napolitano next. >> everyone that passed on has an article of my clothing covering their eyes are part of their body. everyone i saw breathing i helped. that, and i am better looking. i heard that. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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stuart: judge andrew napolitano is with us this morning with his comments on the las vegas shooting. my position, my point is this. how do institute some form of gun control which will keep automatic weapons out of the hands of people like stephen paddock to use them like this? >> is just not going to work. he could've bought this at a federal license, difficult license to get without a criminal background you can almost always have. stuart: he was known to local authorities. >> that is a mystery this far. i don't blame the police. they don't want to tell us everything they know at this point. what he was known for, we don't
9:53 am
know. the license is a federal license are not trumps all state laws. to live in a state like new jersey where it's a handgun, a handgun, you could build this thing, this monstrosity if you have the federal license. this is not a magic weapon, meaning you hold the trigger down between 401,000 rounds per minute. stuart: judge, hold on for a second. i've got adam housley with us now. adam is one of the first on the scene because he was staying in las vegas. you went to the scene. what did you see? utter chaos? reporter: yeah, we were here for a different story and are story story -- the hotel wasn't too far. we stay off the street because we are working. our desk manager telling us one of our interns was holed up in the bottom of a hotel and there had been a shooting. this is probably 10:30, maybe more after that.
9:54 am
not long after the first shots were fired, groggy, got up, made a phone call and write then opened up the curtains to my room. you could see and hear sirens coming from all directions. i've never heard that kind of noise of that magnitude. it was not just one or two. it seemed like they were coming from everywhere. grab your crew, came down here and saw people coming out covered in blood. it wasn't their blood, other people's blood. we passed by bodies we didn't realize were dead because we were getting here to our spot. at this hour, obviously we are still kind of assessing everything. one person has been really good about giving us updates about what they are dealing with. talking to federal authorities as well and they are here to assist in the investigation. stuart: i was watching you all night long. great job if i may say that. thank you for joining us on the program. adam housley in las vegas where
9:55 am
the strip is still pretty much closed down and so too are some of the casinos there. that is when usually themselves. >> 1986, congress banned the ownership by anyone in the united states including the police seven not a magic weapon manufactured after teen 86. if you order before 1986, you could keep it and you could also sell it. sales are supposed to be pursuant to federal regulations. he chose a half dozen of these things for sale. the other thing he could've done is he could've taken a semi automatic weapon like the one you you see police using it with a simple cake he could buy have turned it on its own. those had to take it apart from no set apart from minnesota put it back together and take it apart just to clean it. he could've turned a semi automatic into a not a manic without the license. >> the definition of automatic as you pull the trigger and keep your finger on the trigger and
9:56 am
he keeps on fire you. how many rounds? >> 401,000 per minute. if it's less than 400 not considered automatic. stuart:.number of bullets is not. at times you got to have a big drum magazine or some kind of belt driven. that is illegal in the united states. >> it is. it doesn't mean he couldn't get it. so again, we'll find out from police exactly what he had in perhaps where he got it and perhaps what they know about it and whether he had communicated with the companion using e-mail. stuart: they're looking at that right now. thank you, judge. we appreciate it. all of the major averages on the stock market are at record levels despite what happened in vegas last night. dallas had 22,465. you are looking at what happened last night. you see this brought the show. pay close attention please do
9:57 am
the audio track where you can hear the shots being fired. we will be back.
9:58 am
. . . .
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: it is 10:00 here on the east coast, 7:00 in the west. here is the latest from las vegas. at least 50 dead. more than 400 taken to the hospital, hurt and injured. a gunman opened fire at a outdoor country music concert. he checked into a room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel, that was four days ago, september 2th. i opened fire 10:06 local time down on a crowd of over 20,000 people at the concert. he killed himself his name is stephen craig paddock. he is 64 years old. he was from mesquite, nevada. police found him dead after they blew open the door to his hotel room. they found 10 rifles inside. the las vegas strip essentially became a triage center.
10:01 am
eyewitnesses report countless examples of people helping each other. we expect to hear from president trump 10:30 eastern time this morning. he will speak about our nation's worse mass shooting in modern history. we're waking up to an outrage for all-americans. hour two "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ ♪ [gunfire] stuart: now, that is extraordinary. not videotape as much as audio there you can hear rat at that f gunfire at the end of a a music
10:02 am
festival. we have more than 50 people dead. don't have exact number. 400 people taken to the hospital. look at this, dow jones industrial average, at a record high. same story for the s&p 500 and also for the nasdaq. look at that, up 75, 76 points. 22,481. 22,500 is very close. herb london with me, president of the london center of policy research. can you explain this? the dow at a near record high after las vegas. >> incomprehensible to think of this kind of tragedy. i don't think the market fully absorbed what happened. the market will start to exist about the rancor in america, which this is very much an american phenomenon. if you look at bell shaped curve, look at tales on the curve, all left, all right, twisted mind that exist, we're starting to see in the united states a very, very significant phenomenon i think has to be addressed. should be addressed by the
10:03 am
president. should be addressed by americans who represent the center of the bell-shaped curve. it is enough. we can not tolerate a situation of this kind. this is not top down response. should be bottom up response. americans assert themselves to recognize stability in america. stuart: sense of frustration, it appears we reached a new normal, liz. liz: now the brother of the shooter being quoted by the "orlando sentinel," the brother lives east of orlando, florida, his name is eric paddock. likened revelation what his brother did being struck by an asteroid. we have no idea why or how this happened. we are completely dumbstruck by this as far as we know stephen was perfectly fine. the last time he spoke to his brother was before hurricane irma. stephen paddock had property outside of melbourne, florida. even family members don't understand why he did it. stuart: that is interesting.
10:04 am
if family members who presumably knew the man very, very well, intimate family member, if they thought there was nothing wrong with the man, how would authority the keep weapons like that out of a man appeared to be totally normal. ashley: they can't. that is the bottom line. stuart: that is the sense of frustration. how do you stop events like this occurring when you can not keep weapons out of the hands that do this kind of thing? just like you can't keep a truck out of the hands of a terrorist and mows people down on london bridge or the nice promenade in japan. ashley: society we live in. liz: family member for eric paddock, when you guys find out why this happened, let us know. we have no idea why it happened. stuart: herb? >> reason i argue that the center in america holds. center understands need for stability. assertion of those in the united states saying it is time for to us do everything in our power to prevent this kind of twisted mind from having this kind of
10:05 am
manifest effect on society. this is responsibility of all americans. this is not merely the government. americans need to say our educational systems, associations organizations in the united states have to once again assert themselves say it is time to stop this kind of madness. stuart: i want to take the other side of the coin for a second. we discussed there is no relationship between what happened in vegas last night what is happening on market this morning. we're still up 60 odd points. ashley: yeah. stuart: why, herb london. ashley: latest ism manufacturing number for september, jumped to a high we haven't seen in, since 2004. 13-year high. construction spending way up. that again is giving a tailwind if you like. stuart: market is paying attention to what it should be paying attention, probability, economic growth. liz: ashley is right. corporate earnings had the first back-to-back double-digit gains in profit earnings growth in six
10:06 am
or seven years. >> i think it is all true, but it is also true the market hasn't fully absorbed what happened. when you start to get stories come out, and there will be many stories next 24 hours i think it will affect the markets. the markets will not go up tomorrow. stuart: really. >> i think markets will show a downturn, people are responsive to the anger, rancor. what is happening in america, why is it we've seen a tragedy of this kind? what is there in the united states, in the fact that the dna of this country that accounts for an event of this kind? stuart: if you watch that videotape, you can hear the gunfire in the video. you hear rat a tat-tat. audio portion. way at tick scene on the vegas strip last night which is closed down. we have randy sutton, former
10:07 am
metropolitan police officer. thanks for joining us on a difficult day. will you tell us what you want to hear about president trump, who will speak about las vegas about 10:30 this morning? what do you want to hear? >> well i think what i want to hear is an empathetic tone, compassionate tone for victims of this horrendous, horrendous tragedy. people of this country are so divided now. perhaps an event like this can help unspy us. i pray something positive can come out of it. the entire nation will be, will be shocked at what took place here today. the suffering of the families of the who are injured. i would like to see the president come out to las vegas. this is, this is as destructive to the these families as was
10:08 am
hurricanes that devastated houston and florida. [inaudible]. stuart: let me jump in here for a second, the man, the shooter, stephen paddock, he had taken a room at the mandalay hotel four-days ago, sent 28th. he moved into his room 10 rifles what the police found. presumably a great quantity of ammunition. can you see day coming it is all possible, big hotels, high-rise hotels, with balcony, commanding view of surrounding areas, where hotels check baggage with metal detector of everybody staying at that hotel? we heard that suggestion this morning. i can't see it happening. can you? >> logistically it would be almost impossible, stuart. the vast amount of people, i mean vegas gets somewhere
10:09 am
43 million visitors go through the airport alone. for these hotels to have to search or scan the luggage of every individual entering that hotel would be a logistical nightmare. remember, that these people are paying, you know, very significant money for the service that they get at these hotels. and, to delay them i think would be a very, very difficult. stuart: randy, i want to correct a mistake which i just made. there is no balcony on the 32nd floor in the room where this man, stephen paddock had his room. there is no balcony. he became prepared to shoot out or break the window which he had a clear line of fire which eventually he did have. >> yes, correct. stuart: what i'm going at here, randy, i don't see how you stop this thing. >> and unfortunately i am in complete agreement with you.
10:10 am
the, you can plan for eventualities. law enforcement trains for all kinds of eventualities but there is absolutely no way to protect a soft target. las vegas is made up of soft targets. we know that, but this is the worst nightmare, realize, this is really what has taken place here. you know, we have, we have discussed, these type of active shooter situations. we trained for it. stuart: randy let me jump in on that. i have to jump in here, you certainly have to change the plan for las vegas, if this can happen, it did happen, you have to plan for something like this again in the future with the las vegas police department. i'm not sure, again, i'm not sure how you do that. >> well, you have to remember this is -- in an instance like
10:11 am
this they are reactive. it is not proactive. react to a situation. and then you, you use your resources, your skills, your manpower, to thwart the threat and to neutralize it. but by the time that takes place, stuart, that damage is already done. this individual planned and plotted this, this tragedy, and very effectively carried out what is in truth the worst attack, worse mass shooting in american history. stuart: randy sutton, you are correct in that. again we thank you very much for joining us today. a terrible day. thank you for being here. randy sutton. got it. with us now, with us shortly, i have to take a quick break. danny tarkanian. a member of the most well-known families in vegas.
10:12 am
he is running for a senate seat there. he is with us in a moment. we'll have also with us, former nypd chief bernie kerik later this hour, what vegas can do about this going forward. stay right there please. "varney & company" will be right back.
10:13 am
10:14 am
stuart: las vegas, navy, releasing this statement, this tragic, vicious attack on
10:15 am
innocent people claimed lives of our fellow americans and devastated hundreds of others who were simply enjoying our country music festival. i will be in las vegas to meet with law enforcement, first-responders, console the victims, families and friends. all-time highs for the dow jones industrial average, for the s&p 500. for the nasdaq composite and the russell 2000, all of them never been higher than this, the morning after what happened, terrible events in las vegas last night. on the phone with us now, is singer kaya jones, she was on the stage when the shooting began. it must be very difficult for you, please tell our audience, take us through it. what happened? >> actually i wasn't on stage when the shooting happened. i was about 15, he was 15 minutes in, jason, we just left the venue. but we were on stage beforehand. i was honorary guest helping
10:16 am
out. i do events for veterans. john rich is a and big kenny, would you help us support our veterans, give them years and be our honorary guest. that is how i was part of their moment in their show. you know, we left. got on to the bus. arrived at the next stop, which was their bar, that is local for a quick, after performance as we got there, the guys jumped on stage. we started to get information that there was an active shooter. that people were hit on the stage. i think jason was three songs in when it began. we were moments away from that. he could have picked any moment. i'm sure he had his scope on us at this point. stuart: there was atmosphere of stunned horror and outrage. is that how you describe the atmosphere around you when you heard this news? >> oh, 100%. we went down to the bus. then we knew we weren't safe on
10:17 am
the bus. we came back up, barricaded inside of the bar. there was one person with a gun, with seven round. in that moment, luckily we had a fbi agent on a honeymoon, showed his information. i'm not carrying. does anyone have a gun? he handed it over to him. he stood guard at the door. we felt, how many people in in this room and only one gun with seven round. it is a helpless feeling. especially we were told there was more than one shooter. they were on the vegas strip. you had swat everywhere sweeping the vegas strip. it is like i am legend. there was nobody on that street. they had removed everybody. everything was on lockdown. stuart: kaya, i don't know your politics, you were there, you felt this, you were barricaded inside of a bar with a threat coming at you. the president, president trump
10:18 am
will speak about 12, 13 minutes from now, 10:30 eastern time. bearing in mind your experience, what do you want to hear from our president in about ten minutes? >> i want him to encourage the american people to not allow foreign or domestic terrorism to inflict us with fear. that is the whole point of what this is, keep us not wanting to share moments of unity. every color, creed, religion, you name it was in that audience. it was an incredible moment. it ended in such a horrific way. i think him uniting the country, reminding that we don't cower to terrorism. keeping us strong in this time in prayers. because now there is over 500 wounded. over 50 people are confirmed dead. you know, it is so scary to know this could happen any place, anytime. i mean something for everyone to understand, these hotel rooms are booked weeks and months in advance. this was sold out weeks in
10:19 am
advance. this guy plotted and planned this. the moment you drive on to any casino, you know, the eye in the sky has you in frame. so i think in the colling weeks we'll know a lot more. there is nowhere else in the united states has more camera than the united states. stuart: kaya jones, thank you for sharing your experience. >> god bless you. stuart: god bless you. thank you very much. our next guest, senate candidate, danny tarkanian. very famous family in las vegas. danany, thank you very much for being with us. i, give us the mood there right now. it is shut down basically? >> it is shocked. everybody is concerned about people on the strip. i had 20, 20 five texts this morning. i was sleeping when the event occurred. is your family okay? this was the worst fear for people in las vegas. we knew this was a possibility because of the type of
10:20 am
entertainment and activities we have in this community. you about for it to finally happen, happen with a domestic terrorist as opposed to international terrorist really shocks me. stuart: what do you want to hear from the president in about ten minutes time? well i'm sure the president is going to have a lot of sympathy and condolences to the people either injured or family members that were injured or lost loved ones. it is not a lot he can say except just to express his sympathy for what happened and, try to get, lead us in a strong direction moving forward, as your previous guest said. not let this type of terrorist activities change the way we live and way our community acts. stuart: would you agree, sir, it should be a tightly controlled presidential statement here? he should not go off-the-cuff. >> absolutely. there is not a lot he should
10:21 am
expand upon. this is tremendous terrorist act, i say terrorist act, mass shooting in the united states history. certainly the worst thing that happened to this city here. for the people that this happened to, we're talking 10 hours ago, we're still trying to grapple with how devastating this is. that is where his focus should be on. stuart: we're still trying to grapple with the fact that the man must have planned this well in advance. he took the hotel room on the september the 28th. that is last thursday. the shooting occurred last night. that would be sunday night. he got into the hotel some 10 rifles, maybe more. a load of ammunition, which he used. he set up cameras to alert when first-responders would come anywhere near him. clearly it was planned. what on earth gross through the mind of a man whose brother said he was perfectly normal guy, everybody shocked at this? the planning is extraordinary
10:22 am
here. >> you can imagine the pain he caused to some people's lives and did it intentionally and had a plan. listen, he was not getting 10 rifles in the hotel unless several days to do so. that is probably why he booked the room on the 28th, committed the act last night. stuart: yes, sir. danny tarkanian thanks for joining from us a shocked city of las vegas. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: what you see on your screens is the hotel. and you can see two windows there, which have been broken. am i right? ashley: we don't know whether they're connected to the same room but certainly two windows were blown out. one of those, maybe both, we don't know was used to fire down on those below. stuart: he was not shooting from a balcony. he was shooting from his hotel room. ashley: distance is astonishing. 1700 feet from the ground below. stuart: moments from now, president trump addresses outrage in las vegas. we'll bring it to you live.
10:23 am
we'll be right back. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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10:26 am
stuart: in the political world there are some blaming lack of gun control for the outrage in las vegas last night. what do we have, ashley? ashley: hillary clinton tweeting this out, getting right on it. our grief isn't enough. we can and must put politics aside, stand up to the nra. and work together to try to stop this from happening again. she goes on, the crowd fled at sound of gunshots. imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer which the nra wants to make easier to get. she finishes las vegas. we are grieving with you. those who loved loved ones, responders, all affected by the cold-blooded massacre. stuart: i expect democrats, some on the left in favor of more gun control after incident like this.
10:27 am
who else. liz: senator richard blumenthal, senator chris murphy, both from connecticut. senator blumenthal said it has been barely a year since the largest mass shooting at pulse nightclub in orlando. congress refuses to act. i am furious. chris murphy echoing the same. he is furious as well. here is his quote. this is infuriating that my colleagues in congress are so afraid of gun industry, that they pretend there are not public policy responses to this epidemic. it is time for congress to get off its ass and do something. stuart: important to point out the event in orlando was terror attack. liz: omar mateen. stuart: that is clearly a terror attack. that is the not suggestion from the las vegas outrage. that is not what is going on right there. we have the dow industrials, forgive me for doing this -- there is not a rip between the stock market's performance this
10:28 am
morning and the events in las vegas last night. there is no relationship between the two. we have record highs for all of the major market indicators. you may be surprised at that but essentially the world of money is amoral -- relationship. it does not look at outrage. it simply does not. i have more on the shooting in las vegas. the gunman's roommate and companion, marilou danley, is no longer south out as person of interest. detectives made contact with her. they do not believe she is involved in the attack. on the phone, bernie kerik, former new york city police commissioner. bernie, what are the police doing at this precise moment in time? >> first and foremost, trying to deal with the families and deal with the injuries and people that were killed, getting families together, on the investigative part, they're looking for motives. what would drive this guy to do this? evidently this guy was in the
10:29 am
hotel from the 28th of september until last night. i guess that is the way he was able to stockpile these weapons. supposedly he had up to 10 long guns that he got into the hotel, which i find kind of, i find it kind of strange, stuart. stuart: he had four days to do it. he checked in on thursday. >> yeah. stuart: he was shooting last night. he has four days to do it. why do you find it day that a man should be able to get 10 guns in four days. >> nobody in the hotel noticed? you're in las vegas. very high security risk. tight location. security is up. stuart: bernie, you could put them in a golf club bag, couldn't you if big suitcase. >> maybe. i don't know, stuart. stuart: could you ever see the day where all baggage going into a high-rise hotel, must go through a metal detector? i simply can't see that? >> i don't think you could see it either. who knows at this point. who knows.
10:30 am
i mean it is, when things like this happen, keep in mind, this is the way that policies and programs and laws are instituted based on things that come out of events like this. so who knows what will happen down the road. stuart: now, bernie, we're waiting momentarily for the president who will make a statement on las vegas shooting last night. the podium up on the screen on right-hand side. he will be speaking from the podium momentarily. until then, bierneany, i have to put it to you, i can't see how you stop events like this taking place, period? >> honestly stuart, you can't. people will slip through the cracks. if there was something, that is stuck out to somebody, you know identified this guy as a possible kook or a nut or a terrorist or whatever the case may be, evidently there is nothing in his background or record we've seen so far that would let somebody believe that he would pull a stunt like this, but at the end of the day, you
10:31 am
know guys like this get through and things like this happen which is tragic. stuart: bernie he was shooting hundreds of round from his hotel room. anywhere, four, even 500 rounds were shot off in three distinct bursts. you think police officers, police forces around the country should have more firepower at their disposal? >> yeah. this goes back to the whole thing of militarizing the police department. i don't think any, any police department should be fully militarized but at the end of the day we're living in a environment today, stuart, where these special operations teams, s.w.a.t. teams, emergency service teams, they have to be able to respond immediately, quickly, and with the appropriate firepower. i give these guys in las vegas a lot of credit.
10:32 am
you see photos, see pictures, running towards the gunfire. this guy was slaughtering people from that window. they were able to get up into the hotel. blow open the door, whether they killed him or he killed himself, they were able to stop it this. imagine if they didn't have the firepower they do. imagine if they couldn't use demolition to open the door, whatever the case may be. we live in very different society 20 or 30 years ago. these are the types of things we have to prepare for. stuart: are we beginning to accept this? almost once a month, once every few weeks, you get a mass slaughter, whether in europe with pedestrians being run over or america with this mass shooting, are we getting used to it? is it a new normal? that is dangerous situation to be in. >> it's a dangerous situation, but unless you have the head in the sand or completely naive, you have to live in world of
10:33 am
reality. people call me, i was up immediately after this thing started last night. there were a bunch of new jersey cops that were, actually in the hotel in the surrounding area when this thing went off, and you know, people, are you stunned by this? no, i'm not stunned. i'm not surprised. these things are going to happen. we hear about them. we see them more. unfortunately you got to deal with them. and people, they don't get it. they don't understand it, but you know, don't live with your head in the sand. this is the world we live in. stuart: bernie kerik, would you stay with us for a moment. we're expecting the president to make a statement momentarily. our viewers will see that when it happens. howie kurtzs with us now, "mediabuzz" guy on the fox news channel. thanks for joining us today. i'm sure you've been watching the media coverage all day, all night i guess. what is your judgment on the coverage that you've seen so far, this channel, fox news, and
10:34 am
elsewhere? >> well you know, stuart as in all of these tragic situations there is a great scramble to get the facts, find out about the shooter, find out how many people are injured, how many dead, how many taken to the hospitals and unfortunately we're all too accustomed in the news business having to do this. you were talking to bernie kerik on this very point. at certain point i fear a certain fatigue sets in, if only few people are killed not as bad as death toll of 50 people killed. i worry about the effect on society. are we going to accept this will happen every few months or few weeks, whatever? is there any way to protect us from this sort of situation? it's a depressing picture. stuart: i have to say i was impressed with the restraint, i was watching fox news channel of course, the restraint with which our reporters treated this subject. i think we knew something terrible had happened but in the absence of hard, firm,
10:35 am
information, you couldn't get out there and say, something absolutely terrible has happened. instead adam housley described the situation, the chaos, the triage on the las vegas strip. i thought he did a terrific job. i don't think any network overdid it, jumped to conclusion, speculated wildly. i think coverage, especially fox news was particularly good. >> restraint is the order of the day. there have been incidents in the past. boston mayor shown shootings come to mind, networks i shouldn't jumped gun, gone out with information about suspects turned out to be true. i heard you talking about hillary clinton and other democrats making a pitch for gun control i say this on both sides, you know, this just happened. we don't know how many people are going to be killed. can we take one day before we turn if into a political issue, whether immigration on the right or gun control on the left? seems there is too much of an effort by politicians to seize
10:36 am
any tragedy, to use it to score political points. before the shock has even worn off, people waking up now in the west to find out more about this. stuart: almost immediate reaction almost within hours of waking up this morning some on the left were calling for greater gun control, that is true. stay with us please, howard. we're waiting for the president. we'll bring the president to our viewers when he comes before the podium there. bernard kerik, do you feel there is rush to judgments on the part of the left, you have to blame the nra and you have to stop these guns? >> i could not agree with you more. you know what? this is a tragic event. there are people dead. there are families that have to deal with this. there are cops out there working on investigating, to try to find out what happened and why. if there is any other accomplices. leave politics alone, put it off
10:37 am
for a day or two, for god's sakes. stuart: yeah. i don't want to be crass, i have to point out gun stocks are up this morning, one or two of them in particular are up significantly. that is because the left is calling for gun control. whenever you get calls for gun control, people go out to buy more guns to get in under the deadline. that is the most unfortunate result calling for more gun control. you encourage the purchase of more guns, don't you? >> yeah. a lot of people in the country who want to protect themselves and their families. they are fearful of regulation. i don't think there is any prospect of that passing a republican congress. you make a good point. president trump here is the first time has had to deal as president with this kind of tragedy. he had to balance roles of consoler in chief and the on the job with the past hurricanes.
10:38 am
the president, one of his signature issues was terrorism, was the dangers caused by unfettered illegal immigration is going to have to strike the right tone. people will look to him for both reassurance and a feeling that the government is doing what it can to protect this country. stuart: he has to stay on script, doesn't he. he can't go off the script the way he has in the past, bringing in extraneous thoughts. he has to stay on the script, right, howie. >> absolutely. i'm confident he will do this in this appearance. perhaps later in the day or responding to new information, other provocations he would take to twitter. sometimes when he says things people find him to be distraction, i will not prejudge what he will do, but given history, and enormity of the loss of life and death toll will rise, president will need to
10:39 am
strike the right tone because all ice will be on him. stuart: general kelly laid down the law and on the twitter account. i have seen one tweet from the president giving condolences to the family and victims here. do you think this is influence of general kelly, clamming down here? >> i think general kelly had a strong influence creating a disciplined white house. one thing he has not got ahold of, or trying to do, interfere with the president's practice of using twitter to suppress his thoughts. we saw that with the puerto rican hurricane, once he was attacked by the mayor of san juan, he hit back. some people thought she shouldn't attack her in midst of continuing tragedy in puerto rico will be briefly overshadowed. i don't think president kelly can take the phone away from president of the united states. bernard kerik, howie kurtz, bear with us. we would like your comments after the president speaks.
10:40 am
for the benefit of viewers who are just joining us may not know what happened last nighter, here is the outline of the sequence of events. imagine this, it is 10:06 local time in las vegas. they're just wrapping up a three-day country music concert at the south end of the las vegas strip. as that man is walking off the stage, they hear gunshots. if you listen carefully to the audio, you will hear them. rata-tat-tat of automatic fire. hundreds of rounds in three distinct burst. the crowd panics, rushes towards the exit. some people were trampled as they got out. the gunman was essentially shooting into a packed crowd. he could not miss. that is the chilling fact about all of this. people were killed. more than 50. that is our current count. that will be updated shortly. people rushed out. many people stayed to help those
10:41 am
injured, hope those who were shot. they made rough and ready gurneys out of police barricades to get people out on to the sidewalk. a fleet of ambulances, triage was performed there on the las vegas strip. very quickly police officers identified the room from which the shots were being fired. it was on the 32nd floor. it was a room occupied by stephen paddock, 64 years old. he had taken the room on september the 28th. that was last thursday. they blew open the door and found him dead in the room, apparent suicide. they found 10 more rifles and quantity of ammunition. fortunately they got inside of the room in time. he was only able to loosen off several hundred round as opposed to several thousand. latest count, more than 50 people are known to have died or
10:42 am
50 plus. 400 people were taken to the hospital, hurt, shot, injured in some way. liz. liz: to recap the brother of the shooter, eric paddock, who lives outside of orlando speaking to the press saying that the family is completely dumbstruck why their brother stephen paddock did what he did. they're likening the revelation being struck by an asteroid. he have no idea why this happened. he liked to go to shows in vegas. lived north of las vegas in mesquite, nevada. we spoke to him before hurricane irma struck. they are completely baffled, saying to the police, if you know why he did it, tell the family. stuart: in the immediate aftermath of the shooting there were some former police officers, off-duty police officers, in the crowd and some me personnel, off-duty in the crowd. it was a country music festival.
10:43 am
22,000 people gathered for it. ashley: yes. stuart: those people effectively set up triage outside of the las vegas strip. ashley: yeah. stuart: from there, the, there was a lot of rumor and speculation at the time of the shooting. people were, there was rumor there was more than one shooter. not true. ashley: right. stuart: there was a rumor other hotels had been affected by this. not true. ashley: typical what happens in situations like this. complete confusion and chaos. people were running for their lives. the fear in your brain, starts to wonder what the heck is going on, with regard to other hotels, more than one shooter. how does anyone know for sure in a situation like that? stuart: indeed. what we do know, las vegas, the strip was immediately shut down. there was a lockdown of hotels. you couldn't get in. you couldn't get out. ashley: right. stuart: they cleared the strip completely and of course it has still not returned to normal. how could it? liz: the scene of this horrific
10:44 am
outrage, ash, and i are tracking reports, the wounded were carried out with luggage carts. some were carried out with wheelbarrows. people made do what was at hand to help the wounded during this mass shooting. stuart: i am left, the morning after so to speak, i'm left with a feeling of frustration and outrage. outrage it could happen in america. outrage more than 50 people killed like this. frustration it is very hard to see on earth we can stop this kind of event going forward. howie kurtz, come back in to offer your personal thoughts, please. i see frustration an outrage. what about you? >> it is impossible not to be outraged by this loss of life, whether one man, whether he is deranged, we don't know much about his motivation, could cause, wreak havoc on city of las vegas, by extension all of america. but we have been through this, you know, you can tick them off,
10:45 am
going way back to columbine and virginia tech, orlando, sandy hook. each time i think you know, the wound get as little deeper for all of us as americans. yet, as the political debate unfolds, we talk about immigration, we talk about gun control, it has been hard, it is impossible really to do more than try to minimize the instances of these tragedies, stuart. stuart: bernard kerik, come back in again please. you were new york city police commissioner on the day of 9/11. my reaction to las vegas shootings last night is frustration and outrain. as a professional law enforcement man what's your reaction? >> i think it is outrage. the frustration part from a police perspective, this is what they do. this is what the cops do, and i got to go back to the giving some credit to the las vegas pd. the off-duty cops, the off-duty
10:46 am
ems people that were at the concert, did a tremendous job. there is nothing more important than those first few minutes, ten minutes, 15 minutes, getting wounds bound up, stop bleeding, get prioritys who is going to the hospital first. i got to give these guys enormous amount of credit. there could have been a lot more tragedy than there is. it is bad enough already. i think they saved a lot of lives. stuart: i will ask our producers to cue up some videotape where you can hear the rata-tat-tat of the shooting going on in the background. as you're setting that up, i just want to tell our audience that the president will address this momentarily from the podium you see on the right-hand side. just listen to this for a second, please. [screaming]
10:47 am
[shouting] stuart: brit hume with us now. brit, i know you can hear this. i know you heard it before, that is chilling audio if ever i heard it. what do you want to hear from the president moments from now? >> well i think it's a challenge, stuart, for any leader in the face of a hideous atrocity of magnitude to be reassuring. but i think the president will try to do that, and to challenge. and i think he needs for him to be calm. good for him to be factual. i suspect he will. this is tough job, because this is one of those situations where it crosses all kinds of lines in terms of law enforcement authority, political issues that are involved in it. everybody will go to battle stations over gun control, if it hasn't happened already. the hard thing here is to take, in the face of an event this
10:48 am
terrible and bring some kind of unity out of it. sometimes tragedies can be unifying. this is beyond a tragedy. this is a massacre. it's a tough challenge. stuart: it's a tough challenge. i wonder if we're not almost treating this as the new normal? outrages like this have occurred with some frequency, both in europe and in the united states. and they keep on happening. we seem to be absorbing them, reacting quickly and then moving on as if it is become the new normal. i don't see a way around it, brit. >> the alternative is to be paralyzed or semiparalyzed about it. they take these things on board. they deeply regret them, victims, a record number. you know the death count is going higher. they try to get on with their lives and move on with the necessary business of the nation. that is probably a good thing. solutions to these kinds of things are not readily apparent.
10:49 am
we have gone a long way hardening our nation as target for terrorists. this is of a different order. we don't know much of anything about the shooter's motives. it does not believe to be related to foreign terrorism at this stage. what do you do? how do you stop this? how do you keep a guy who snapped, at least appears at this stage what happened from snuggling an arsenal of weapons into a hotel room and murdering people about it dozens or hundreds by a hotel room? we have not seen this before. i think it is kind of a bewildering challenge. stuart: almost beyond belief. the man arrived in his hotel room four days ago, and got inside with 10 rifles and countless rounds of ammunition. so clearly it was very, very well-planned. not just the last four days but way before that. it, it is astonishing when you consider the planning that went
10:50 am
into such a horrendous act. >> yeah. stuart: i'm just like howie kurtz and bernard kerik, we're left with a feeling, a, of frustration and b, outrage. how about you? i'm sorry the president of the united states taking the podium. let's listen please. >> thank you. my fellow americans, we are joined together today in sadness, shock, and grief. last night a gunman opened fire on a large crowd at a country music concert in las vegas, nevada. he brutally murdered more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil. the fbi and the department of homeland security are working
10:51 am
closely with local authorities to assist with the investigation and they will provide updates as to the investigation and how it develops. i want to thank the las vegas metropolitan police department and all of the first-responders for their courageous efforts and for helping to save the lives of so many. the speed with which they acted is miraculous, and prevented further loss of life. to have found the shooter so quickly after the first shots were fired is something for which we will always be thankful and grateful. it show what is true professional system all b all about. hundreds of our fellow citizens are mourning the loss of a loved
10:52 am
one, a parent a child, a brother, a sister. we can not fathom their pain. we can not imagine their loss. to the families of the victims, we are praying for you and we are here for you. and we ask god to help see you through this very dark period. scripture teaches us the lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. we seek comfort in those words for we know that god lives in the hearts of those who grieve. to the wounded who are now recovering in hospitals, we are praying for your full and speedy recovery, and pledge to you our support from this day forward. in memory of the fallen i have directed that our great flag be flown at half-staff. i will be visiting las vegas on
10:53 am
wednesday to meet with law enforcement, first-responders, and the families of the victims. in moments of tragedy and horror america comes together as one and it always has. we call upon the bonds that unite us, our faith, our family, and our shared values. we call upon the bonds of citizenship, the ties of community and the comfort of our common humanity. our unity can not be shattered by evil. our bonds can not be broken by violence and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today, and always will forever. in times such as these, i know we are searching for some kind
10:54 am
of meaning in the chaos, some kind of light in the darkness. the answers do not come easy. but we can take solace knowing that even the darkest space can be brightened by a single light and even the most terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope. melania and i are praying for every american who has been hurt, wounded are or lost ones they loved so dearly in this terrible, terrible, attack. we pray for the entire nation to find unity and peace, and we pray for the day when evil is banished, and the innocent are safe from hatred and from fear. may god bless the souls of the lives that are lost. may god give us the grace of
10:55 am
healing and may god provide the grieving families with strength to carry on. thank you, god bless america. thank you. stuart: some of the quotes which were, i think are valid to take from the president's statement there, he called the las vegas shooting last night, an act of pure evil. he said that god lives in the hearts of those who grieve. he will visit las vegas on wednesday. he says we feel great anger but it is love that defines us today, and always will. we pray for unity and peace. brit hume, that the kind of statement you wanted to hear? >> it seems to me, stuart, that it would be very hard for anyone to find fault with that statement. some people will be rubbed the wrong way by the religious references but overwhelming of majority of people hearing that statement would think the president has hit the tone that reflects their feelings, as
10:56 am
well, their hopes, their fears, aspirations what might come out of this horrible episode. president seems to me. this was a hard challenge. seems to me most people will feel that he met it very well. stuart: okay. bear with me, brit, i have got howie kurtz with us as well. i want your reaction to what the president just said, howie kurtz? >> i thought it was not pitch perfect, but actually eloquent talking about how even the darkest space can be illuminated by light. this president very much lines to go off message. this was on message. not a scintilla of politics. he was showing great empathy of loss of life. he appeared in control and reassuring. i criticized the president about before when he wandered i have, at this particular moment, i thought he delivered a tone to what the country needed to hear. stuart: bernard kerik, former nypd police chief, your response to what the president said?
10:57 am
>> unity. unity, no politics. you know, i don't think anyone could be, you know, not pleased with what he said or have any objection. maybe, you know, on the political front somebody may but this is definitely not the time for politics. and i think it was the right message at the right time. stuart: brit hume, come back in again please. we did have hillary clinton this morning jumping on the gun control issue, saying with senate democrat blumenthal from connecticut. do you think that was an appropriate bringing in politics so soon after the shooting? >> well, it's a legitimate political issue at a time like this for sure but the question is, whether, when is the time to start addressing these things? struck me as the president and his team saw very clearly, that now, and today, these are not, this is not the moment for that. that, this is a moment to be calm and reassuring and somber
10:58 am
and soothing as possible. this president is not known to be a soothing figure. he came pretty close to soothing in those comments. i agree with howard they were indeed eloquent. he rose above the politics for the moment. i'm not sure the comments of secretary clinton and senator blumenthal reflect particularly well on them at this hour. stuart: gentlemen, hold on a minute. i want to go to elizabeth. you have information what his brother -- stephen paddock is the shooter. he is dead. he has a brother speaking to the media. what is he saying. liz: he is saying he is not a avid gun guy at all. he says where the hell did he get military weapons. he has no military background. he lived in a house in mesquite, ashley reported is near vegas and gambled and went down to vegas. this is eric paddock speaking
10:59 am
about his brother, the shooter. ashley: they're trying to delve into the background. they said he was known to police. what was that? he may have had a driving ticket. they're trying to get into thiss guy's bock ground. stuart: astonishing his he had 10 in the hotel room and his brother saying we didn't know he was a gun kind of guy. that is extraordinary thing. ashley: yes. stuart: brit, close this out for me, please, i'm astonished that the brother is saying the shooter, we didn't know anything about him having guns? >> indeed, but the brother has indicateed he and alleged killer here were not close. they spoke once or twice a year. so, we don't know how up-to-date the brother was on, on the man's habits but, you know, it shows
11:00 am
you even an inexperienced gunman with an automatic weapon and advantage of like that, a field of without being a particularly good shot. you think about that, that's shooting fish in a barrel, stuart, that's easy. and i think as we look ahead here, it won't be long before we're going to be looking at magnetometers in hotel lobbies. this is what happened in airports, this is the world we live in. stuart: indeed. brit hume, howard kurtz, bernard, gentlemen, i appreciate you being with us. thank you very much. it is 3 1:00 here -- 11:00 here in new york, 8 on the west coast. here is the latest on the massacre in las vegas. we woke up this morning to outrage. at least 50 dead in las vegas, more than 400 injured. last night just around 10:06 local time a gunman opened fire on a crowd of people at a music
11:01 am
festival right there on the las vegas strip. it is the worst mass shooting in american history. police have identified the gunman as 64-year-old stephen craig paddock from mesquite, nevada. he checked into his hotel room, it's on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. he checked in four days ago. he opened fire on a crowd of over 20,000 people. he later killed himself. police found ten guns inside his hotel room. earlier this morning detectives made contact with paddock's roommate, marilou danley. she is no longer a person of interest. investors do not believe -- investigators do not believe she was involved in the attack. moments ago president trump called this an act of pure evil and a senseless murder of our fellow citizens. he ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of the victims. okay. now 30 minutes from now the las vegas police department is going
11:02 am
to hold a press conference. we take you there when -- we will take you there when it begins. we may have some kind of update on how many people were killed last night and how many injured. of course, we'll bring you that police update when it happens, roughly 30 minutes from now. but first, let's go to hillary vaughn on the ground in las vegas. all right, hillary, what's going on there right now? >> reporter: stuart, well, right now a lot of those who were wounded in the attack are being treated at hospitals, and the police are asking for people the donate blood to help out those victims. as you said, at least 50 people have been killed, but we are expecting that number to rise as we're awaiting another update from police. witnesses say that were at this country festival where jason aldean was playing that when they first heard the pops fire off, they thought that it was part of the show, they thought that it could be fireworks, and as they continued to hear the pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, they realized it wasn't fireworks and that they were in danger. so people started to run, and
11:03 am
people started to fall down as the bullets began to hit them. i want to play some sound from some of the eyewitnesses explain what they experienced. >> terrible. >> everyone who i thought, you know, has passed on, they have an article of my clothing covering their eyes, covering part of their body. everyone who i saw breathing i helped. >> using the rails between the part, the portion toes in between with. we were carrying bodies out with that as well. >> reporter: a lot of chaos on the ground here as the situation unfolded. people said that they ran to nearby casinos, bars and restaurants, and because the firing rounds were so loud, a lot of times they went to a casino, they thought that the shooter may be there. then they were running to a different restaurant, they thought the shooter may be there. a lot of scrambling around, trying to find safety and a safe place to be. one witness said she ended up running seven miles at the end of it from where she was located at the concert all the way down
11:04 am
the strip just trying to get to a safe place and to a safe location. again, a lot of people helping people on the ground here, strapping them to whatever they can use as gurneys. a lot of people walking out with no clothes on because they were using that to cover people's faces, help people that were wounded as well. so this is a situation that is quickly developing, stuart. but again, we're expecting that update, and we'll bring more to you once we have it. stuart: hillary vaughn on the ground in las vegas, thank you very much, appreciate it. on the phone now, an eyewitness, mike cronk. you saved your friend who was shot three times. tell us exactly what happened, please, mike. >> we were at the concert there, and we heard the pop, pop, pop, and pretty much the second volley of pop, pop, pop, my buddy was like, i'm hit, i'm shot. that's when we realized -- i knew it was coming from the hotel. i hunt a lot, and i know that it was, the guns were not close, and so that's why we started
11:05 am
yelling at everybody to get down on the ground, you know, and stay on the ground. but, you know, as soon as, you know, people started running, it turned into utter chaos. it was pretty much staying with my buddy there. he got shot three times, had his finger in one of the holes, and we had shirts and whatever we could do to keep it compressed. stuart: is he doing well? is your friend well now, mike? >> yeah, thank god, he just got out of surgery, and he is, he's doing good. he called his family, so, yes. stuart: did you go with your friend to the hospital? >> no. it was a long ordeal. we actually -- once we got him out, which took a while, we actually loaded four wounded people up into the back of a private pickup truck to get to the hospital, but we couldn't get down the road because there was an active shooter, so we actually ended up stopping an ambulance, and we got them in that ambulance, and they were transferring one of the other young men, he actually died in
11:06 am
our arms there as we were carrying him. so three of the people, wounded people got in the ambulance and went to the hospital. i could not go with them. stuart: that is an extraordinary situation that you're describing there. i take it it was utter chaos right there on the strip. they were using the strip as a triage site, is that correct, sir? >> there was -- when we got, you know, it was chaos, but when we got around to the, i guess the back side of the event, they had a triage center set up. so that's where everybody, they were trying to get everybody there. but it was, i mean, there was a bunch of amazing, amazing, just selfless people helping, you know, total strangers. and it's, it was very chaotic. but, you know, everybody involved, police, you know, ambulance people, medics, emts that were just in the crowd were actually amazing. stuart: mike cronk, you were
11:07 am
there, and we appreciate you coming on the show this morning to tell us exactly what happened. it was a traumatic experience for you and certainly for your friend. thank you for joining us, sir, much obliged. >> you're very welcome. stuart: yes, sir. president trump addressed the shooting at a press -- it was a statement that he made in the last hour. actually with, it was about 20 minutes ago. come on in, please, chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor. chris, i picked up from the president a couple of quotes, and is i'm sure you did. he said the shooting was an act of pure evil. he said that god lives in the hearts of those who grieve. he said we feel great anger, but it is love that defines us today and always will. pray for unity and peace. what do you make of the president's statement? did he hit the right note, the right tone? >> that was really about the best i've ever seen donald trump. that was really beyond pitch perfect, and i think also probably a reflection of this new team that they're putting together at the white house that not only is ready to respond in
11:08 am
swift form to incidents like these, but also can do so in the way that america needs. the president fills a lot of roles under our constitution, but there's not one that's not written in there which is at moments of grief, moments of trauma to be there to be a reassuring voice and force to say even though a hideous thing like this can occur, we will be okay. stuart: now, on the other side of the aisle, so to speak, we have hillary clinton and also senator blumenthal, democrat connecticut, both of them jumping on -- i'm being pejorative here, but they're jumping on the gun control bandwagon. within hours of the shooting, before we know exactly what happened. i'm not so sure that that is a political winner. what would you say? >> i hate to talk about politics at a moment like this, but hillary clinton continues to be such a blight on her party. she continues to inflict all of this damage to democrats.
11:09 am
and seemingly, there is nothing that will stop her. seemingly, there is nothing the democrats can do to keep her from doing stuff like this such as trying to politically capitalize on something like this before anyone knows anything, before there is any context for any motive for anything else or how the weapons were acquired or anything else. her tin ear, her inability to sense a political moment and sense what the country needs tells you that the remarks she would have made this morning as president probably would have been very different than those donald trump delivered. stuart: yes. president trump delivered a message of unity and peace. again, we go back to this, we feel great anger, but it is love that defines us today and always will. what a sharp contrast between what the president said 20 minutes ago and what hillary clinton said just a few hours after after the shooting. >> yeah. a perfect -- trump delivered basically a perfect expression of what the judeo coe christian ethic says about a moment like
11:10 am
this and, indeed, taking hatred, taking evil and turning it towards love, turning it towards not vengeance, but turning it towards love for the afflicted and for the hope for things to come. that's what the central ethic of western civilization, when you get down to it, is about. it is not about trying to score points, it is not about trying to take political advantage of a situation. and i would submit further, proponents of gun control -- when they do things like this, and i have watched it throughout my career -- the immediate effort to capitalize on things like this damages their cause. it sets back what they want to do. americans overwhelmingly support the idea of certain restriction on firearms and certain restrictions on who can purchase them and when. that's not a controversial issue. when you have this almost macabre intent about using the deaths of all of these people to do this so quickly, you get a sense of why that movement has failed. stuart: chris stirewalt, thank you very much for joining us, sir. thank you. >> you bet. stuart: by the way, ladies and
11:11 am
gentlemen, we now have a photo of the las vegas shooter. las vegas police confirming that this is a picture of stephen paddock. he's the man who shot from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel down into a crowd of concertgoers killing at least 50, injuring, hurting, wounding more than 400. that is the man, 64 years old. now again, i want to repeat what his brother had said about him. i think it was eric paddock, is that correct? >> yeah, that's correct. stuart: okay. bear in mind that the two have not been close, but the brother said he didn't know anything about guns. >> yeah, he didn't think that -- the family feels that they did not regard him as an avid gun supporter, that he was not in the military, it appears, according to them, that they were dumbstruck by this. they felt that this is equivalent to the family of being hit by a meteor. stuart: wait a second -- >> we have no idea how or why
11:12 am
this happened. stuart: forgive me for interrupting, if he had no idea about guns and he'd not been in the military, how on earth does a man fire off hundreds of -- >> that's what they're investigating right now. stuart: absolutely. >> they've got to get into this guy's background. stuart: you've got to be very familiar with weaponry to fire off 400, 500, 600 shots. >> right. and it's interesting the brother is saying this, if you find out how he got those guns and where he got them, tell us, the family. stuart: what a story. we're awaiting a press conference in las vegas from the police, the sheriff there. he'll update us on what has been happening. rick harrison from "pawn stars" is next. his business is in las vegas, not far from where the shooting took place. we will be back. >> we saw a lot of injuries. people were helping other people, they were carrying people out that looked like they were pretty bloody. and, you know, the ambulances hadn't arrived yet, so they were
11:13 am
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11:15 am
>> we saw people getting thrown inside a pickup truck that were hurt and people that were thrown inside of suvs that were hurt.
11:16 am
but i don't know any more than that. stuart: eyewitness right there. you may know our next guest from the show "pawn stars," his name is rick harrison. he owns gold and silver pawnshop in las vegas not far from where the shooting took place. rick, welcome, good to have you on the phone with us this morning. i'm told that the security people at the hotel where the shooter was lodging, the bay, mandalay bay, okay, they've let people go back into their rooms, but i understand that the strip itself is still half closed all the way from tropicana up to the mandalay bay. so my question to you, rick, is what's the mood in vegas as of right now? >> i think everyone's in absolute shock. it's, you know, i mean, unfortunately there are, there is evil in the world, and this goes to show it. i mean, thankfully, we have an amazing police department here.
11:17 am
joe lombardo, thank god we have him. at least they were able to -- to me, it was amazing they were able to stop him that quickly. stuart: what was your first reaction, rick, when you heard this had taken place, i guess you found out late at night last night. what was your first reaction? >> i was in shock. i, you know, i put my cell phone on the charger in the kitchen last night, and i woke up at, like, 4:30 this morning because my son has football early, and i had over 100 text message, and i turned on the news and saw this happening. i'm just still in shock over it, and i'm just really curious how it's going to come out. with a guy like automatic weapons like that, he had to have been practicing out in the desert somewhere, and i'm just shocked no one has turned him in. stuart: it's almost personal, isn't it? we had one of our people, bob massi, was within our program much -- was on our program earlier this morning, and he experienced this not firsthand,
11:18 am
but through his children, and he was virtually in tears on our air. it is a perm thing, isn't it, for you guys? >> yeah, it is. the film crew for "pawn stars," they were doing some freelance there last night, and two of the -- and they wrapped at 9:00. and so we don't know if they were still watching the concert or not. two of the people from the film crew we still haven't been able to get ahold of, so we're -- everyone is really worried this morning. stuart: now, the president about a half hour ago addressed the nation from a podium right there in d.c. he said this was an act of pure evil, but he did say, yes, we feel great anger, but it's love that defines us today and always will. pray for unity and peace. what do you make of the president's statement in. in -- statement? >> i mean, i think it's -- this
11:19 am
truly is a great country. occasionally, out of 320 million people in this country, you're going to have some evil people, but i -- this is a loving country. ing this is, this is the greatest place in the world to live, and it really disgusts me when politicians suddenly with a tragedy like this want to somehow or other make points out of it. it's not the time. stuart: my personal reaction, me myself, was frustration because i don't see how you can stop this kind of thing from happening in the future. and outrage that it happened at all. how about you? >> you know, you have those interim feelings, and and you even -- internal feelings, and you even get madder because the guy killed himself and no justice can be brought to him. but there is evil in the world, i mean, it's -- stuart: yeah. >> you talk to your kids, you talk to your family with it and tell everybody we still live in a post-9/11 world. bad people, you're going to have to, you know, yet ahold of --
11:20 am
get ahold of someone and yell to the mountaintops that this person was bad and someone has to investigate him. that's about all we can do and, you know -- stuart: we shall soldier on. that's exactly what we shall do. >> yeah, i mean, we don't want to -- we don't want these people destroying our lives and our lifestyle. stuart: well said. >> we have to move on. stuart: rick, we appreciate this is a very difficult day for you and for all americans, and we thank you very much for appearing on our program today. >> thanks for having me. stuart: the flag is now at half staff at the white house. the president has called for the flag to be at half staff throughout the land, certainly on official government buildings. the president called for that about a half hour ago when he addressed the nation. and, again, i want to repeat, he said, my fellow americans, he addressed america in a way that other presidents have, my fellow americans, this was an act of pure evil. fine performance from the president. the dow jones industrial
11:21 am
average, as you can see on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen -- this is not a financial day, but it's up. we're waiting for a press conference to be given by the sheriff. i believe it's the sheriff of las vegas, and we'll bring that to you in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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stuart: president trump very much on toe situation in las vegas, that's adam houseley who's been there from the beginning. adam, bear with me. i just want to tell our viewers that the president addressed the nation on what he called this act of pure evil. he's also spoken p to the governor of nevada, spoken to the mayor of las vegas, spoken to the sheriff of las vegas all by phone today, and he will be going to las vegas on wednesday of this week. right, adam, come back in again, please. we're waiting for a press conference to be delivered by the las vegas police department. i'm expecting a casualty update and maybe some word on motivation of the shooter, what say you? >> reporter: i do expect a casualty update, they've been very open about telling us the numbers each time they come out. i don't know about motive
11:26 am
update, i know they -- what's interesting, they said they hadn't found anything in the last one, but they also said he was known to law enforcement. so there's a couple different paths you can go down by taking that into account. you can hear the helicopters above us, they're still surveying the crime scene which is massive. it's not just the concert venue behind me which is basically a vacant lot, it's the surrounding area for you can make the argument probably a mile or two because you had people that went in all directions. there's blood that was found over in the building to my right. there's a gas storage facility over here, the shed was, had blood on the actual door. they had broken into there looking for cover, they knocked down the cyclone fence with barbed wire on top, everybody trying to escape. in fact, i'll show you, stuart, i'm going to step away, there's the mandalay bay. you can see the actual two windows blown open. law enforcement that i have spoken to believes that both windows were used by the shooter and that the, obviously, both windows had very clear,
11:27 am
unobstructed views of the concert venue which is directly below. if we come down, you can see the stage, the main stage, which is within clear view. and then, of course, the area in front of the stage which is where everybody was shoulder to shoulder, 22,000 people were in there, and you can see that there's nothing obstructing it whatsoever. the stage is surrounded by, basically, cloth, dark cloth, which helps for lighting, but it's not meant to stop anything. jason aldean and the people that were on the stage, people that were around the stage, security and others hightailed it as quickly as they could when they realized it wasn't fireworks and either took cover under the stage or in their trailers. everybody took cover wherever they could. bodies were being dragged out in all directions. people were being taken down the street on tables that were part of the vendors' sales at one point being used as a makeshift gurney, if you will, being carried down the street. three of them at the end of the street i'm standing on did not make it, and they were left
11:28 am
there for several hours covered up until the coroner could come or the ambulance could come and take them away. those are the scenes that were going on for some time. stuart: horrific, there's no way around it. it was an horrific scene that you witnessed firsthand fairly soon after the shooting. now, it seems, adam, that it must have been well planned. the man went into his hotel room -- >> reporter: absolutely. stuart: -- last thursday, the 28th, and he took with him at least ten rifles and a whole load of ammunition. this was, clearly, very well planned. >> reporter: absolutely. i mean, you know, even before law enforcement said it was well planned, it was very clear because guy came here before, you know, when you have a concert like that across the street, there's going to be a lot of people that are going to stay at mapped lay, so -- mandalay, so you've got to believe he reserved that room sometime in advance. don't know that for sure, but he had the room since the thursday prior. you know, the timing of it, the last performer, the end of the
11:29 am
evening, was that taken into account? most likely. i mean, that time of night you've got the, you know, a lot of people thought they were fireworks at first and did not flee. and even a couple of seconds could mean the difference between life and death. so law enforcement even before they acknowledged that this was well planned, it was pretty clear for those of us here that this was a very well-planned event, unfortunately. stuart: you were there because you were staying in las vegas, you were in a hotel this will have, and you -- in las vegas, and you heard about this, you went outside, you saw what was going on. there was a massive police response, i believe. people from -- i mean, police officers from all over the state were coming in. >> reporter: yeah. we were here for o.j., the o.j. simpson released, and we worked overnight on saturday night. i had just gone to bed probably 45 minutes prior to do o.j. coverage, and one of our interns was in there and had called our desk assistant in los angeles and said, basically, you know, there's been a shooting, i'm
11:30 am
hiding in a hotel, what should i do. and the desk assistant remembered that i was in vegas. she called me, woke me up, and at first i was kind of groggy because we worked a lot of hours that night before and day of, and she said, you know, she's hiding in the basement, can you -- of a hotel nearby, can you find out any information? so i got up, and no sooner did i open up my curtains -- and my hotel was off the strip, but you can see mandalay clear as can be. and all i heard was a hum of sirens from every direction. it wasn't just two or three going to an accident site. i looked out the window, i could see them literally coming down the veins of all the streets, blinking lights as far as i could see, and i went, holy smokes. our crew was downstairs within ten minutes, i called them, and we all hightailed it over here. and you could see ambulances, law enforcement coming in in and going. the street we're on now and behind the street were all law enforcement in tactical gear, helmets, long rifles.
11:31 am
at that point we believe now we know he'd been taken down at that point, it was probably 30, 40 minutes later, but there were reports there were shooters all over this place. stuart: adam houseley, first class. on the scene reporting, no speculation whatsoever, just fact-based reporting from the scene. thank you, adam houseley. we're waiting for the los angeles -- i'm sorry, the las vegas police department. they will hold a press conference on the shooting, the massacre as i'm going to call it. we'll take you there when it begins. i want to bring in about a half hour ago we did hear from president trump. let's roll tape on that, please. >> our unity cannot be shattered by evil, our bonds cannot be broken by violence, and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today and always will forever. stuart: the president went on to say pray for unity and peace.
11:32 am
he said god lives in the hearts of those who grieve. he will visit las vegas on wednesday. he called the shooting an act of pure evil. the president of the united states about 40 minutes ago. our next guest is a former member of the army's elite delta force. he's hunted down some of america's most dangerous enemies with the help of drones. brett is joining us this morning. first question, this is an attack on a soft target, i think you have to call it that. is this the new normal? >> you know, unfortunately, stuart, i think it is, you know? and i just personally cannot stand to see america bleed like this. you know, i spent a lot of time at war, i've been to iraq and afghanistan, and now we're seeing that we are at war with ourselves back home. and, unfortunately, i think what we're seeing is really a change in how america is going to have to look at these future concert events and other big areas like this where the opportunity exists for folks to get hurt.
11:33 am
and the president really said it best in his speech when he called for unity. i think that how can we be the united states if we're no longer unified. and the problem is right now we've got so much hate out there and so much is violence that it's really destroying our country internally. and when i see this and i woke up this morning to see these attacks on our homefront, i just -- it was very difficult to deal with because it reminded me of a war zone, and i worry about us getting desensitized to it. stuart: well, indeed. if it becomes the new normal we are, indeed, desensitized to these frequent outrages. but i want to ask you about gun control. hillary clinton and democrat senator blumenthal from connecticut have both issued statements this morning calling for gun control. now, in my opinion, that politicizes this outrage. i don't think you should do that within hours of the outrage to occurring. what say you? >> no, you're exactly right. this whole broken record of the
11:34 am
gun control debate, i mean, what action is actually going to be taken from that? i haven't seen anything that's happened. look at sandy hook, no action was taken. look at orlando, no action was taken. there's been over a hundred laws that have been put to legislatures over the last six years, none of which have resulted in further gun control. and so i just don't believe that our focus should be on that right now especially when americans are hurting. but at the same time, you know, i don't think it's gun, guns in the end at all. it's the people behind them, and it's the hate that they have in their heart, hate that they've developed over the last few years just based on things that we're seeing in the media. stuart: how do you keep guns out of the hands of people like this man who did this, steven stephen paddock? how do you do that? if you don't know in advance that there's something wrong with the man's brain -- >> you can't, institute. stuart: you can't, can you? >> no, and if it's not guns, it's a knife. if it's not knives, it's
11:35 am
vehicles. people that want to conduct attacks are going to figure out how to do it regardless whether or not they have access to guns. stuart: that is the outrage here. that's the frustration and the outrage. you're frustrated because you really can't stop this kind of thing from happening again, you are outraged that this is happening in our america. >> you're absolutely right. i just -- i worry so much that we are going to become desensitized to further attacks like this, you know? it was over 50 killed this time, and, you know, the next time it could be less, and people aren't going to keep talking about it, you know? the way the news cycle goes nowadays, two weeks from now people start to forget about this, and i worry so much about that as our country is trying to heal and understand what we can actually do about this. and i really just hope that our leaders take action and they try and use this as a mechanism to unite the country and not divide it. and when i looked at a lot of the videos, i saw a lot of first responders helping out, i saw a ton of people that were actually coming together to do everything they could to save lives, and it was just a wonderful thing to be
11:36 am
a part of. that's what we need as a country. we need to be united. stuart: brett, we appreciate you being with us, sir. much obliged. >> thank you. stuart: i want to bring in judge andrew napolitano, and i want to talk the issue of gun control. hillary clinton and senator blumenthal included, they've already started to talk about gun control as being necessary. >> they really should have waited until we know more about the gun. stuart: yes. >> well -- >> whether it was legally owned or whether it was stolennen or, you know, but they'll never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity for one of their favorite authoritarian causes which is confiscation of guns. stuart: okay. real fast, you cannot stop this kind of thing happening if you cannot find a way of keeping guns out of the hands of people like this man. you can't do that, can you? >> what -- yes. what brett just said is, and i agree, you can't do it. if it's not a gun, it's a knife. if it's not a knife, it's a car. if it's not a car --
11:37 am
stuart: well, refer to guns. you can't keep guns out of the hands of -- >> right. the only thing you can do is make it easier, in this case it would have been impossible because of the distance, for law-abiding people to carry guns to shoot back, trained law-abiding -- stuart: but he was shooting down into a crowd. >> that would not have worked in this instance. you run the risk of hitting the wrong hotel room, it was pitch dark, it would have required incredible skill and equipment to fight back. stuart you made a comment that was, look, the only way you're going to stop this is mass confiscation. i'm not suggesting that for one moment, absolutely not, but that is the only way because you've got 300 million guns out there. >> right, right. this is a very, very unique gun. i don't know if it was lawful or not. it is likely it was not -- stuart: hold on a second, i'm sorry to interrupt you, i believe we're going to las vegas now. the las vegas police department beginning a press conference, and we're going to listen in.
11:38 am
>>'s -- [inaudible] are we ready? [inaudible conversations] >> kevin, can you come up? well, good morning, everyone. for those of you that don't know, i am sheriff lombardo for clark county. i don't have very much more to update you with from our previous briefings. one thing in particular that has changed in the negative is our body count. you know what? that's the wrong way to say it. the number of people that have died associated with this event has increased. right now we're using the number of 589. i just -- 58. i just was informed that it may be 59 of an individual that may have expired at sunrise hospital. so in normal fashion, i do not want to give you bad information, so please do not press me on that number until we get further into this
11:39 am
investigation. the number of injured, we are using the number of 515. and as you can tell as the hours go by, that number continues to increase. we have not received any additional intelligence associated with the suspect. we are -- we have completed the search warrant in mesquite. i am not aware of any derogatory information that we can utilize to further this investigation at this point, but we have just recovered items, and it will take a little while to evaluate that information. we have learned information of additional property in northern nevada, and the fbi has responded to the location and will be serving a search warrant here shortly. we have completed the investigation at the room. we have collected all the items associated with the suspect, and we are in the recovery phase of that. the mandalay bay itself has gone back to service minus the 32nd
11:40 am
floor, and they would like everybody advised that if they are separated from their hotel room, they have the ability to return to the hotel. now, the location in question, the concert hall, we will be in a long process of body recovery out there and evidence recovery. and evidence documentation. so you're going to have to ask the public's patience as we bring information forward. it's a long, laborious process to identify the victims and reunite them with the family members to advise them of their situation. so we till have the families -- we still have the families responding to the las vegas metropolitan police department headquarters in order to conduct a reunification of their family or friends. eventually in the next few hours -- actually, i don't want to give you a skewed timeline,
11:41 am
but approximately 1 p.m. we will request the family members to respond to the convention area, convention center area to utilize a larger space, and we could bring in victim advocates to assist with the family members in the long term. right now it's just a temporary phase associated with the reunification. additionally, we're asking the solely utilize united blood service for blood donation and umc as the only places to donate blood. we had some resource issues associated with the laborers' medical clinic. i applaud their effort to help us in that effort, but we have some resource issues associated with that. so better utilize to insure that you know where those united blood service locations are so we can get the needed life-saving blood for the victims associated with this. at this point, as you can tell,
11:42 am
i have several individuals to my rear that would like to make comment. reference the isis statement, i want to bring that up now so i give the opportunity to special agent rouse to respond to that from the fbi, and he will explain what we know now reference the isis claiming this individual. thank you. >> good morning. as this event unfolds, we have determined no connection with an international terrorist group. as this investigation continues, we will continue to work with our partners to insure that this is factually, thoroughly and absolutely investigated to be able to bring comfort and peace back to this community. thank you. >> good morning. my name is ruben, i'm the congressman for the 4th congressional district here in
11:43 am
nevada. i just want to say thank you to law enforcement and to all the first responders who are now fighting tirelessly to protect and save lives. i had the opportunity to stop by sunrise hospital earlier this morning, saw firsthand a lot of the victims, a lot of the family members, but i also saw a lot of nurses and doctors that were working tirelessly to save liveds. and today is a very -- lives. and today is a very sad day for nevada, it's a very sad day for las vegas, but if anything good came out of this is that i saw humanity. i saw our community come together. i saw strangers helping strangers and saving lives. and so i do want to say thank you to the sheriff and to metro police, to firefighters, to the doctors, the nurses and everybody who is working tirelessly to save lives at this precise moment. i know we're going to get through this, and our city will be stronger. thank you so much. [inaudible conversations] >> i'm clark county district
11:44 am
attorney steve wolfson, and on behalf of the clark county d.a.'s office, our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody associated with this event. two of my prosecutors, two of my young female prosecutors were actually at this concert close to the stage, and i've spoken to both of them this morning, and they're pretty rattled, they're pretty shaken up. this was a horrific event, to say the least. this is a classic wmd, this is a weapon and a man of mass destruction. what i'm pleased so much about is how this doesn't involve politics in the sense of republican or democrat. we are here, all of us are nevadans, and i'm very proud to be present with the other leaders here, because we're working together to get through this. i want to thank sheriff lombardo for your leadership in leading us through this terrible,
11:45 am
terrible day. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner? >> thank you, sheriff. i want to, first off, begin by thank the sheriff. i got down here eight or nine hours ago, and there weren't many of us here, there was just a handful immediately after this incident. but i can tell you that our first responders, both the men and women of the fire department and metro were on their way in when this all happened. we've got first responders that are literally covered in blood as a result of this. there's a lot of victims that have not been identified as of this point, but they have stepped up. it was a sole shooter. there is no further threat that we're aware of, no immediate threat. i want to assure everyone that's listening that hears our words that las vegas is safe. the men and women at mandalay bay and mgm resorts have been incredible in terms of communicating and working with the sheriff's office in order to assure us that everybody can be taken care of, get back into the rooms and that they all understand that we are safe and we are doing everything humanly
11:46 am
possible to protect all our tourists and our citizens in clark county. that being said, the sheriff and i have set up a gofundme account that some of you might have seen. we have been inundated with phone calls and e-mails and text messages of people asking what they can do. there's a lot of family members going through an awful lot at this particular time, as the sheriff said, we have over 500 in our hospitals being treated, and we need to provide them with some sort of support. so we have done that, and i just can't say enough about the fine men and women that are our first responders here in clark county and all of the cities and jurisdictions have pulled together. i thank them all for that. we've pledged the full resources of clark county to assist the sheriff and the fbi in any way humanly possible, and we'll be at his service, and we ask for your prayers. god bless you. [inaudible conversations] >> i want to thank you all. i'm mayor carolyn goodman of this great city and absolutely mirror what the commissioner had
11:47 am
spoken to about the great response, rapid, thorough of our first responders and law enforcement. i spent part of last night and was late this morning with you all because i was over at umc and the trauma unit, and it's been a very, very difficult time for us. and as we look forward to continuing what our great city does, we offer a safe place. this is a crazed lunatic full of hate. we don't know much about his background, but it certainly is not an ebbs tense of -- extension of what we believe in, what everybody who lives here and works here and those who visit here want to see. this is something that was simply outrageous, uncalled for, and so many innocent people, young people, children, parents who have lost loved ones and so many still suffering in the hospitals, gone through major surgery. we have some that were hit quite
11:48 am
lightly with shrapnel as they were near the exits. it's been a hugely traumatic time for all of us and for our visitors who love country music, many of whom have come from the northern part of our states here and just really came here for a wonderful, safe time. we pride ourselves in our law enforcement. they are unequaled, they are so rapid to respond, so thorough in what they do, and our first responders have been simply phenomenal. it is a city and a community that has pulled together, everybody is working so hard to make sure that we are taking care of the needs of the families and those who have lost loved ones, and it's just been a very, very traumatic time for everybody. the president gave a beautiful message, and he will be visiting us either sometime later today, tomorrow or wednesday. great concern.
11:49 am
and we just know that the entire community, i have so many mayors that have called, governors who have called me personally to express their support, help, and what we ask for is blood. that's the main thing right now, is that if our people wanted to do something and they are healthy, then please donate blood. we'll have plenty of banks available, always call a hospital if you're unsure where to go. so thank you very much. and, madam congresswoman, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to step in front of you. [inaudible conversations] >> before me, mayor. it's a pleasure to follow you. thank you very much, i'm dean that titus, i represent nevada's district 1 that includes the fabulous las vegas strip including the mandalay bay where this horrendous act took place. you know, so many times i welcome people to las vegas and all the excitement and entertainment and fun it has to offer. never thought i'd be standing here trying to offer solace and
11:50 am
my office's assistance to victims of something like this that would happen. all through the night we were briefed by law enforcement. i thank you, sheriff, and your team for all that you did and the first responders. mainly, we were trying to stay out of the way because you don't want to turn a personal tragedy into a political event. today my office will be giving blood as the mayor said. they appreciate your thoughts and prayers, but what they need is blood. we'll be open to do anything we can to assist. but, you know, i've just been hearing all these stories of heroism that to -- that occurred in the midst of this tragedy. you had off-duty police officers who were there just for the concert, for an evening of fun, who were able to help people get shelter and who were able to identify the location of the shooter. and just random strangers, a friend of some of my staff members who lives in the district said they were running, being trampled, somebody just
11:51 am
opened a van door and pulled them inside for sheller and safety. that's -- shelter and safety. that's the kind of people we have here in las vegas, who are willing to reach out and help one another. so i thank all of our law enforcement, i thank the first responders, those in the hospitals where people are just in the halls, in the parking lot trying to take care of so many, and please call on our office if there is any way we can be of assistance. >> thank you. >> i'm adam -- nevada's attorney general, and i want to echo what a lot of people have said today. i've been here since about two in the morning, and the job that metro and our law enforcement and first responders have done is absolutely remarkable. we've never been hit with such a tough situation in this city, and to see the poise and the pressure that they're able to perform under was truly astounding. i believe that they're always
11:52 am
going to be able to get us out of these situations, our law enforcement will be able to step up to the plate when we need them most. and, of course, the city and our state will bounce back. thank you very much. >> thank you. i just want to add one more thing before we can the governor to come up. we ask the governor to come up. when you see one of these men and women wearing a badge or members of our fire department, tell 'em thank you. their selfless actions saved the lives of hundreds of people. not a dozen people, hundreds of people. this death count would have been many hundred more were it not for the brave work of every single one of these men and women that you see wearing a badge, members of our fire department, our police department, first responders. so, please, i encourage all of you watching next time you see one, just say thank you. appreciate that. >> good morning, ladies and
11:53 am
gentlemen, i'm governor brian sandoval. you know, i don't know if i have words to describe what we're going through and what these poor, unfortunate victims are going through. we're angry, we're grieving, we're confused, people are hurting. now, i want to thank the sheriff and all the first responders. i just had an opportunity to visit some of the patients in the hospital. and it's unimaginable what people are going through right now. you know, you've got family members who are here and don't have anyone to reach out to, but the first responders and what they've done, it's their finest hour. their finest hour. and the way that the sheriff and the metropolitan police department have handled this event is unprecedented. the paramedics who came on the scene and basically what was a war zone and treated all those
11:54 am
men, women and kids. the health care professionals at the hospitals, the doctors who came from all over the valley to do whatever they could. and now, you know, we don't understand what's happened, and i'm sure we'll find out a little more from when metro continues to do its investigation. i do know for everybody watching and, you know, i want to thank the president of the united states, the other governors that have reached out to me to offer their help and assistance. we need blood. so if anybody can contribute blood, anybody in the las vegas area or locally who can do that. but as we move on, we'll learn more. we're going to need this help. you know, this is, obviously, an unprecedented event in our nation's history, and we're going to have to learn from this. we're going to have to fight through this. we have to stop and pray for the
11:55 am
families and for the victims. we have to rely on our faith at a time like this to get us through all of it. you know, i'm, i couldn't be prouder of the way that nevadans have responded to this in what they've done, doctors and nurses and everyone else who's worked through the night to save lives, and they've told me they've saved lives, that if not for their organization and their professionalism and their training. so again, sheriff, thank you for the courage that you've shown. to the people that were at the concert, you see courage and compassion there. people helping total strangers, risking their own lives to help people. that really speaks highly to the character of america.
11:56 am
so again, there's a lot to learn from all this. it was a cowardly, despicable act that i'm very angry about. there's not much we can do, but we can learn. so, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for everybody's care and concern. as i said, you know, i'm really proud to be with everybody who's here, the mayor, the congressmen, the attorney general, the sheriff, our law enforcement. this is the nevada family at its best. so god bless all of you, and god bless, most importantly, the families, the victims, the mothers, the fathers, the sons, the daughters, the aunts, the uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, friends and neighbors. and for everybody who's watching, please stop for a moment and pause and say a prayer for them. thank you. >> sheriff lombardo? >> hold on a second. i'll take questions here just
11:57 am
shortly. as you can see, we had the opportunity to have some of nevada's delegation here today, and some are missing. but i don't want them slighted, because they all reached out to me. senator heller, senator -- [inaudible] and congresswoman rosen, they all reached out to me throughout this tragedy and offered their assistance. so i don't want them slighted just because they're not standing behind me. additionally, i have a chief of police next to me, and that's chief troy tanner of the mesquite pd. he has been instrumental in the assistance of his folks towards us to help us complete this investigation. so i think it's appropriate that he gets recognized for their effort. and then greg castle, he's just very humble. he's obviously the clark county fire chief, and he likes to stand in the back. where we are different in our jurisdiction as through my travels in comparison to other jurisdictions, we work very well
11:58 am
with the fire department, and they did not hesitate to pair up with an officer and enter the fray. so i want to thank him for that. thank you, greg. so i'm happy to answer some questions. as you know, the investigation is continuing, so please do not get too detailed on your questions, because i probably will not be able to answer it at this time. >> sheriff lombardo? >> yes, sir. >> you know, the -- [inaudible] computer information or -- [inaudible] in the man might have as you mentioned a second location in northern nevada. >> no, the second location is just based off assessor's records of ownership. we discovered that he owned another piece of property in northern nevada. as far as the electronic evaluation, we haven't had the opportunity to do that yet. the only thing we are immediately aware in our position is additional firearms and ammunition. >> people were hit with shrapnel
11:59 am
at the exit, that's what -- [inaudible] would you follow up on that? and also, how did you -- [inaudible] mandalay bay? >> well, like i said, we're doing an investigation. i don't want to give you any inaccurate information, but we do know that he brought the weapons in on his own. in an original briefing, we believed that he was in partnership or companionship of a female, and is we have determined the female is out of the country, so he brought these weapons in on his own. as far as method, i don't have the ability to give >> was the shooter known to local county here in las vegas? >> no. not at all. we checked all the federal databases and local databases and state databases, and we had no knowledge of this individual. >> no, it's still -- we still
12:00 pm
consider her a person of interest, and we have been in contact with her, and we plan to engage her upon return to the country. >> do you have any idea how he was able to break through the windows? did he open the windows or smash through the windows? >> we believe he had a device similar to a hammer to smash the windows. [question off mic] >> well, obviously, we will do that. we will run it down to the very end. but right now at face value, we haven't been able to identify that. i believe that's accurate.


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