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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thanks for being with us. pastor robert jeffress and morgan wright among our guests tomorrow. >> it was an act of pure evil. [gunfire] lauren: breaking news this morning. the hunt for emotive pic for emotive pic but drove a deranged gunman opened fire in a country music concert in las vegas. we still do not know the answer 24 hours later. a live report coming up. cheryl: despite the worst massacre in u.s. history, record-setting record high. a slightly higher open for the major indices. lauren: investors from spain you can see the ftse barely higher in london in the cac at the 10th of 1% in paris.
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train to the nikkei up over 1% overnight. lauren: big day on capitol hill on capitol hill to the ex-ceo of equifax will get rolled over the massive eye contact. and the ceo to say i'm sorry for the big scandal. train to the music world mourning the death of rock legend tom petty. we'll take a look back at his incredible career. "fbn:am" starts right now. 23:51 a.m. in new york. good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. so much revenues and then tom petty dying on top of everything 66. lauren: you just performed, too. trying to mourn his life and amazing career coming out.
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portrait of a "mad men." we are learning the worst mass shooting massacre in u.s. history. stephen paddock at 23 fire and sent mandalay bay hotel room in vegas the 19 less than his home in mesquite, nevada. [gunfire] the 64-year-old multimillionaire killed at least nine people and injured more than 520 before killing himself. the question is not answered his wife. lauren: that's what everybody wants no at this hour. jeff flock live with the very latest. good morning, jeff. jeff morning. cheryl: lauren, cheryl, good morning to you. mandalay bay behind me. you can't see it now, but i can tell you those curtains in the wind still flopping out the windows at the 734 were stephen paddock carried it out.
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talk about portrait of a "mad men." he didn't look like much of a "mad men" as well as the 302nd floor of the hotel. 64 years old, a retiree from someone who's quite successful at the real estate investor from a wealthy by most accounts. spent a lot of time gambling, described himself as a professional gambler. even a country music fan. why did he open fire in 24 hours plus so we still have no idea. we are starting to get a much better atf output he was like hearing accounts and tragic accounts of people who died and loved ones arms. so many stories. 59 deaths and hundreds of people injured and wounded. incredible.
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as i said come the steps from the strip and if you go down not far from where we stand, it almost looks like nothing was changed, nothing could happen. we talked to a number of people on the strip about them in las vegas in the midst of all of this. >> we have a trip planned in 17 days, 17 days long trip planned. we are five days and do it. it was scary. it was a tough day. it was a tough night. but we're not going to let it affect today. reporter: this city does have an extraordinary resilience that perhaps is not present in other cities across america. it is amazing in some ways, cheryl, lauren, then we don't have any answers so far into this. cheryl: could be a long
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investigation. jeff flock, thank you very much. neither las vegas. president trump a visit by the way the city of las vegas tomorrow. lauren: from on the motive, mike baker joins us now from the ca covert operations officer and global intelligence security firm. hey, good to see you. i'll start with that question. what could the motive be here? >> well, that is obviously what everyone is so frustrated about. when this happens, people want to know immediately why. oftentimes an obvious connection to terrorism and that makes the connection known and we are satisfied with that answer. in this case, you have to stick to the investigation. speculating about a motive i don't think it's helpful. they will figure this out and they are doing everything you need to do.
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the investigators chose stepping through this process. they are interviewing and doing forensic reviews come in catherine if everything possible. we'll understand the motive, will get promoted. right now it's not clear. lauren: he didn't fit the profile. yet no criminal background except for a traffic ticket. he had money. a family. he just didn't fit the profile except for the fact that he had 42 weapons between his home and hotel room. >> we have to be a little bit careful. it's really not a profile when you start talking about a lone wolf or an attack of this sort. there might be some red flags that surfaced and we want to say that's a profile. it's not really so we shouldn't necessarily that can be surprised by that. the number of orphans have shot a lot of people. i haven't dealt with playrooms in the past.
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the fact he was able to carry these things into a hotel. unless we wanted change protocols for security and turn the hotels into many tsa airport security check points, there is no we can do. we can incorporate some technology perhaps, but we have to understand people down the road and not very far down the road don't have the patience to stand in a long whine about their backs be checked before they walk into a hotel. cheryl: they are starting to do that at some hotels in vegas. maybe temporarily in the aftermath of this. it begs the question, how do you protect soft target and are soft targets ever really safe at this point? >> that is right. event security around the country and other advanced nations tend to be pretty buttoned up. not a lot new under the sun when it comes to methodologies for
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how you layer on the security at a large public event. are there things that we are going to have to learn from this? sure. we always do a hot wash to see if there's something we can incorporate into future events to try and make us safer. part of this is the public needs to understand and be vigilant. they need to know when they go into a public event, that's when you raise your level of alertness and awareness. have a plan. but for the exits. that sort of thing. lauren: mike baker, thank you good >> thank you tiered cheryl: president trump traveling to puerto rico to see the devastation of hurricane maria firsthand. >> we are going to be seeing all the first responders can the military, fema and most important to the people of puerto rico. it's been amazing what's been done in a very short period of time in puerto rico.
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cheryl: the president's visit comes two weeks after maria with her puerto rico leaving people in the u.s. territory scrambling for power, water, medicine and food. the administration under fire for not moving quickly enough to help puerto rico recover from the worst hurricane to hit them in 90 years. the poor leadership in a series of traits after she criticized the response. a closer look at the optics of the visit in just a few moments from now. lauren: inadvertently spreading fake information in the wake of the las vegas massacre. cheryl: tracee carrasco joins us look bad in more headlines. good morning. tracee: facebook and google in trouble for spreading fake news at a time when people needed it most. facebook seven links from websites spread across their site and the system automatically promoted stories that falsely identified the shooter claiming he was an anti-trump democrat and
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displayed pictures of the man who was not identified as the suspect. and it's top stories section, the breaking news stories on search queries, google first recommended link was to blame at the wrong person was blamed for the massacre. cheryl: america once more the social media can be dangerous. former ceo heading to capitol hill today. that'll be fun. cheryl: it's depending on your definition of fun. he will be facing tough questions today. richard smith, former ceo of equifax will testify before the house committee on energy and commerce. he's expected to outline everything that went wrong leading up to the hack. he's also expected wednesday before the senate banking committee and on thursday before the house financial services committee. equifax at the hack has now been completed. it increased the number of affected customers by
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2.5 billion to 145 put 5 billion people. lauren: and the grilling begins. not the only ceo in capitol hill today. tracee: it will be a big day in capitol hill. wells fargo chief executive is expected to apologize for the bank's phony account candle until lawmakers they've rehired about 1800 employees with its practice. last year they find wells fargo $185 million for widespread illegal sales practices that include opening as include opening up many a throughput of 5 million deposit and credit card accounts with the customer's knowledge. cheryl: a lot happening in washington. thank you so much, tracee carrasco appeared breaking news overnight. mourning the death of rock legend tom petty. ♪ and i'm free ♪
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freefalling ♪ trachea petty died in los angeles after suffering cardiac arrest at his home in malibu. the rock 'n roll hall of famer had a string selling records worldwide. alongside bob dylan, ray orbison, george harrison. tom petty and the heartbreakers recently completed a 40th anniversary tour. tom petty, dead at the age of 66. lauren: bad news continues. to see where investigators are in their search for a motive behind the deadliest mass shooting in american history. plus just announced, months ahead of schedule, the reason why. coming up. you're watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: welcome back of the schedule got up what's happening now. the trial for the alleged mastermind on the u.s. embassy in benghazi now underway. facing 18 federal charges including murder. for americans could not attack
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including including ambassador chris stevens. prosecutors telling jurors the compound was a quote from a u.s. spy operation. a longtime leader of general lack track months ahead of schedule print "wall street journal" given up his role as chairman in living his successor tom plainly more time to make some tough calls. they will pursue other opportunities. in this. cbs executives fired for the heartless comment she made about the dems in las vegas massacre. she has no sympathy for the dems because they were quote, country music fan and therefore likely republicans. she posted those comments on social media and a conversation of her gun control on facebook. cbs has fired her. that is what is happening now. lauren: thank you very much, cheryl. a day after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history, the biggest question of all remains
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unanswered. why did he do it? trillion daily life in mesquite, nevada bred outside, the gun man, stephen paddock. what are you learning this morning? reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. the garage portion of stephen paddock's home is boarded up because yesterday's authorities had to enter the house with a garage. i know it's darker as you can see a stark as the panacea but there's a lot of twisted metal left out in the driveway. there was a garage door at one point. one is able to enter the home. they recovered 19 guns, a lot of ammunition and explosives. they will look into a computer at this point. we don't know too much about a digital footprint. they looked like he lead a normal quiet life. a lot of people say he was just a guy, including his brother. take a listen. >> we are shocked, horrified, completely dumbfounded. there's nothing.
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the fact that he had those kinds of weapons is just -- where the did he get automatic weapons? he has no military background or anything like that. no religious affiliation. he just hung out. reporter: just a regular guys have you heard his brother described in. a lot of people who knew him at some point described in. he lived in his family for the last couple years. neighbors don't really know him. as a sign on one of the neighbors door saying we do not know him. but we do know i want to tell you we can show your picture is stephen's father. this information came out yesterday. he was on the fbi's most wanted list in the 60s and 70s. he was a bank robbers are definitely an interesting bit of information that authorities to look into his entire background, his computer, talking a gun shop owners, trying to figure out how
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he got all these weapons in who this man was because at this point he is still a bit of a mystery. back to you. lauren: we will continue to await the investigators as you look at the forensics of everything. thank you. cheryl: two weeks after hurricane maria devastated puerto rico, president trump traveled there to meet with officials. wednesday the president traveled to las vegas. we look at the optics of handling this crisis to test about the missing production goals. nearly 2%. we've got that story. you're watching "fbn:am." i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up?
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cheryl: president trump going to the hurricane ravaged puerto rico today before heading to las vegas tomorrow following horrific massacre at the harvest music festival pier here to weigh in on what we can expect from the visits, played mathieson, good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: we first want to start with las vegas. his critics have accused him in the past of not being empathetic enough. i want you to listen to sarah huckabee sanders yesterday in her initial reaction to what happened in las vegas. >> those who displayed the ultimate expression of love will never fade. cheryl: a lot of emotion in the briefing room yesterday. if the president the type of guy that can channel the same emotion and comfort people? >> this is an important thing for the president. he's accused of being transactional or part of the deal. this is a chance for him to not only be commander-in-chief, but
5:24 am
consoler in chief. what they're huckabee shared yesterday was i think indicative of what is going on in the white house and across the nation for that matter. people are feeling and sensing that you go the president's remarks were somber, they were also very confident in terms that evil exists in the world, but it will not prevail because we are americans and we watched those heroic actions. people rise up and help complete strangers because they want the government's brothers and sisters. they were their brothers and sisters. that is that the president has to capture as he goes to las vegas tomorrow. i think he'll do that. cheryl: he's already doing with the gun debate front and center yesterday just hours after the attack hillary clinton got a new twitter and made it clear how she feels about guns in america. she said a match in the death that the shooter had a sensor which the nra wants to make it easier to get at.
5:25 am
we can and must put politics aside. stand up to the nra and what together to stop this from happening again. we should add that gabby giffords, former arizona congresswoman who is shot several years ago, straight to washington yesterday, straight to those microphones. is it too soon? >> it absolutely is. it's ironic secretary clinton went to we need to take politics aside. in these kinds of events is always that immediate reaction to control behavior. whether that's regulating guns or whatever it may be. that is not the issue. the issue is principles and values. we actually change behavior better by talking about the principles and values than any kind of government control. it's not how it works and never has in the country and never will. cheryl: the president had in the puerto rico today. to today. two weeks since maria. got into a twitter fight over the weekend.
5:26 am
he said the issue is complementary a few days ago has been told by the democrat he must be nasty to try. poor leadership to the mayor of san juan who were not able to get their workers to help. they went on and on. does he need to fix this? >> yeah, he needs to get focused on the people. as long as he's doing that, he will be just fine. part of the transactional nature he has, he may be with you on one day in while you up on twitter the next. we have to get back to the compassion component because that's what's going on in the country as it relates to puerto rico. people are opening up their pocketbooks and their hearts. a guy in my neighborhood who saw this immediately did a light of puerto rico, and so that is where the president has to focus. the government has a role, but it's people that solve these problems whether las vegas or puerto rico. cheryl: boyden mathieson, thanks for getting up early.
5:27 am
good to see you. >> thanks, cheryl. cheryl: the latest time the motive for the hunt in the deadly shooting in american history. good deeds by generous americans donating blood and donated almost $3 million on the go find me page for the victims and their families. cooper's board meets today to decided to limit the power of its former ceo. we will be right back. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa,
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get your insurance quote today.
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man: i am a veteran; my victory was finding the strength to be a champion. man: my victory is having a job i can be proud of. narrator: at dav we help veterans get the benefits they've earned. woman: my victory was finishing my education. man: my victory was getting help to put our lives back together. narrator: dav provides veterans with a lifetime of support. man: my victory is being there for my family. narrator: help us support more victories for veterans. go to >> it was an act of pure evil. cheryl: breaking news this morning. the hunt for a motive. what drove a drainage gun gun man to open fire at a country music concert in las vegas. we still don't know 24 hours later. laboratory straight ahead.
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cheryl: despite the worst massacre in american history, market levels had never seen. in europe, investors still weighing two separate from spain. the ftse in the cac in the green. lauren: taking over in japan, the nikkei 1%. investors still on holiday in china. cheryl: cooper's board meeting to ask ceos kalanick grip on the company. transfer the world is mourning the death of tom petty dead at the age of 66. "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york. tuesday, october 3rd. cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. 25 hours ago we came on the air
5:32 am
as we were trying to piece all this together and we still are this morning. what this "mad men," what made him do what he did, just take 59 and a set live. what we are learning about the gun man who carried out the were shooting massacre in modern history right now, stephen paddock had 23 guns in his home and make team at his home in mesquite, nevada. [gunfire] who was it? 64 old multimillionaire kiddo is 59 people and injured more than 520 others before he killed himself. but still, no clear answer as to why he did this. cheryl: the investigation underway this morning in las vegas. joining us now live with the latest details in one of the questions we had yesterday was
5:33 am
the size of the investigation because of the size of the area this all happened along the strip. it is pretty massive. reporter: it is massive. 20 plus thousand people in the venue behind me. the venue is essentially a vacant city block is overlooked by the mandalay bay which is back there as well. some stories of people hurt and injured as well as killed. you know, all of the guns that you mentioned obtained by stephen paddock appears they were all obtained legally. no one knew he had that kind of cash or guns. at least no one interviewed thus far including people like his brother, kind of its subway said normal retiree, 64 years old, spent time gambling, time coming to las vegas to see the shows come and join himself a fairly successful in business, had some money. all of that just didn't seem to out up to somebody who would do something like this.
5:34 am
and of course, the volume of deaths in some ways carried out by what appears to be in the authorities have not said they expect to get it today specifically what guns were used in perhaps how they were modified to shoot so rapidly. semi automatic or fully automatic guns. incredible the carnage that took place behind me. just up the street on the strip, i'll tell you, it looks like normal las vegas. that's the way it looked last night and that's the way it seemed for a lot of people. >> today is very good actually. people are circling the street. everything seems good actually. cheryl: everything seems good on that hand of the script. i don't know that everything seems good here in las vegas.
5:35 am
lauren: thank you so much for the president with flags lowered to half staff. he will visit las vegas tomorrow. cheryl: certainly for more on this, ryan morrow a fellow national security analyst, also professor of counterterrorism at liberty university. the motive is unclear. this person didn't have much of a social media foot print. i suspend responsibility initially, but the fbi says that is just not the case. where do investigators go from here? >> this is a truly bizarre case. if you study people like this that i like serial killers or try to carry it emasculate, this is really bizarre because this was clearly designed to cause a scene at some videotape, on the news and almost always someone like that leaves behind some type of manifesto with a message or they are out broadcasting message before they carry out
5:36 am
the attack and that is the overall purpose aside from getting attention on themselves. there is no evidence of that here. no evidence of political or religious outburst. it'd be behind a note as far as we know saying this is the point i'm trying to make. period reports of thousands of dollars being transferred to someone in the philippines in preparation to build an arsenal including explosives in his car. the thin ice amateur mistakes made in the process in a show so many things that doesn't add up, reading about how we had two private planes. he doesn't fit the profile. cheryl: he doesn't, ryan. what about the girlfriend? you mentioned wire transfers to the philippines, but what about the girlfriend? police say initially she's not a person of interest, but certainly they want to talk to her when she comes back. issue the key to finding out where she was in his life?
5:37 am
>> she might be. that seems at this point the other direction to go unless they find them to do one of these devices, phone, computer. they've been going through that. they would've found that by now unless there is something they are able to discover. based on public information, it seems the story pops up 10 minutes debunked it hard to keep track of. based on what is out there, the only trail would be the alleged girlfriend. cheryl: real quick, ryan, were surprised he didn't have a military background considering the weapons and firing he did yesterday. were you surprised by that? >> not necessarily because there is enough paramilitary instruction out there that if you want to do something like this you can acquire the material and associate with people that can teach you how to do it. it's just a matter of preparation and being crazy and evil enough to do it. cheryl: you can go into youtube
5:38 am
and figure out how to convert a gun to a weapon of mass destruction. thank you. we appreciate it. >> sure. lauren: an outpouring of support for the victims of the shooting. tracee carrasco joins us more with headlines on that. tracee: people around the world donated more than $2 million to help with relief efforts in las vegas after local officials said that they go fundy page for the victims. even celebrities donated to the cause like mike tyson, kid rock and georgia line. the oakland raiders scheduled to move to las vegas in 2020 donated the highest amount of $50,000. cheryl: that's amazing. you'll see more support for those people in las vegas. let's talk about uber trying to limit the former ceos power. was he trying to do? >> this is beyond struggle with uber. the goober board including the surprise appointed by ceo travis kalanick last week i reported
5:39 am
that meeting today to consider proposals to decrease the influence. super voting power to secure a multibillion dollars investment peer proposals the latest in a drama between kalanick and uber investors headed up by silicon valley benchmark which led the revolt in june. directors are divided about what role travis kalanick should play whether he should have control over a large part of the board. lauren: hard to let go of your baby. bad news for tesla. they really messed projections for their model three. tracee: they missed the mark big-time. the first time we see the production ramp up isn't going as smoothly as planned. tesla built 260 model threes between july and august. this is significantly building 1500 in the third quarter. in august, tesla said it would crank up production to 5000 a week by the end of the fourth quarter.
5:40 am
tessa blamed production bottlenecks for the weaker production and emphasize there is no fundamental issues with the model for production or supply chain. tesla trading a one-point 3% lower in premarket today. cheryl: tracee carrasco blood of headlines this morning. thank you very much. into the markets yesterday amid all of this happening in las vegas, investors shrugged off a lot of turmoil around the world. stock market averages hit records. we'll take a look. art hogan of wunderlich security will be joining us. goldman sachs considering treating a big coin. we will tell you what that means for the world. you are watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: welcome back at the sketches caught up in what's
5:44 am
happening out biggest setback in relations between cuba and the u.s. officials at the trump administration will be asked to withdraw 60% of diplomats from here in washington. request comes as the u.s. has its own embassy staff thank you both. several unexplained attacks in severely 21 americans denying any involvement in the seemingly biochemical attacks. florida attorney general putting the squeeze on o.j. simpson. pam bondi wrote a letter to the florida department of corrections in florida doesn't want them send living there on parole and his attorney, malcolm levine says tampa bay pam bondi is not stopping since then he will move florida whenever he wants. "the wall street journal" reporting that goldman sachs is thinking about a new treaty department that dedicated to big coin. that would make the first blue-chip wall street firm directly in the market. pretty controversial.
5:45 am
by the way, last week jpmorgan and jamie dimon called him a fraud. this'll be interesting. cheryl: of will. meanwhile we are seeing stocks pushing deeper and deeper into record territory. art hogan, chief strategist of wunderlich securities. good to see you, art. >> good to see you. thanks for having me. cheryl: the dow was up 22,500. the nasdaq up 6500. it breaks 1500. these are lofty record levels. are they still compelling reason to buy stock here? >> i really think there are. when you mention last is most important of the month of september was important for several reasons. did bti recaptured $50 to the $5 range, move the index about 9%. probably the most important is here. if we get any hint of tax reform in the right direction that will be much bigger benefit in some
5:46 am
of the small and mid-cap companies. they have a spectacular september breaking out of long ranges and they broke out of a 10 month range to the outside. what we see as a rotation. these are companies that don't have all those tax breaks so they are much smaller taxpayers for the s&p 500 is more of a no-show 27% taxpayer. so we get any help in corporate taxes that will help, too. lauren: most people with the two same tax reform happening this year is not the rally we see for the stock market. are you suggesting it's starting to be with the recent moves particularly in 2000? >> i think the intention to get tax reform is certainly starting to get pricing and is reflected in the moves we've seen so i think that is probably intuitive. this is something republicans desperately like to do before they run for reelection in 2018.
5:47 am
they clearly have a framework with a lot of details worked out. the house ways and means committee getting the bill marked up in something presented to the floor. out of the house for thanksgiving, the senate by the end of the year and next year when they get something in terms of the constructive change in the u.s. tax code, which would certainly be a tailwind for stocks that in the near term very little of that is priced in, but we are getting an inkling in the stocks underperformed the s&p, dow, nasdaq. a significant transition. very important the last couple weeks of september. indicative of the fact people are starting to take tax reform seriously. lauren: a tailwind for stock in consumer. and our final 20 seconds, the hurricane didn't have much of an impact in the manufacturing area. the 13 year high for the key index. >> the isn came out with the bath poster number. more in terms of hurricane is when hurricane is when they get
5:48 am
the oddest get the artist is anywhere between 500,000 to be replaced in the houston area happening right now. we will learn more this afternoon. lauren: thank you so much. good to see you. >> good to see you. cheryl: a lot more coming up in the game of football at the moment of silence for monday night football. jared maxwell had the story. u.s. stock market hitting record highs yesterday. are investors bullish in europe as well. live in london. you are watching trends seven. the
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cheryl: welcome back. the sports world that all of us feeling the pain of what happened sunday night in las vegas.
5:52 am
jared max is here with a lot more. sometimes sports can bring us together. >> already pledging $1 million toward the ultimate fighting championships. they will have players around to support first responders as well as families and dems in the las vegas golden knights are going to make a significant donation towards these efforts. the oakland raiders will be the las vegas trader's pledging $50,000 for the go find the page. people coming together for this. all players in the nfl last night feeling what we all were. in kansas city before kansas city before the chiefs took on the redskins. >> ladies and gentlemen, the experience in a horrific tragedy when issued in las vegas resulted in the death of innocent people. at this time, join us in a moment of silent reflection and
5:53 am
the heroic efforts of first responders. players less than the washington red instead for the national anthem. there were to choose players who nailed for the anthem. kansas city trying to remain the only team in the nfl without a loss. the chiefs fight back. 16-yard pass to up the middle, help set up the go-ahead for 100 yards. chiefs of 23-20. a few seconds to go in here come the laterals. it backfires on the redskins. the cheese scoop it up and there he goes as kansas city's chiefs only team in the nfl when it 29-20. bad news for minnesota vikings fans. then for the season with a torn
5:54 am
acl. derrick car for at least a couple weeks. could this be a shot for colin kaepernick to spend his career in the bay area and also connor cook. baseball playoffs began today. the minnesota twins will be at 8:00 eastern time. look at the odds to win the world series, cleveland indians. the odds-on favorite three to one to win it all by the dodgers, astros and also the cubs. the fountain of youth strikes in the nhl. 45 years old, he's still registered 46 points they signed up for another year at the calgary flames. this guy will play maybe until his 50. it's unbelievable. i think gordy house may have been the oldest.
5:55 am
great to see that. cheryl: by the way, it was nice to see last night those players actually honor our officers, our heroes. one of them was killed yesterday morning. very heartening to see. not sure what to say about that to choose players, but we'll let that go. >> hopefully less and less and more moments where we can come together and unify. cheryl: garrett, thank you. lauren: pankaj headlines on sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: the markets yesterday, quite a story. records here in europe to follow all about. we will go to london to talk about what is happening across the pond. straight ahead on "fbn:am."
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cheryl: despite the tragedy in las vegas, wall street stocks at record highs yesterday certainly help in europe this morning. let's bring in weaver gold from "the wall street journal." nice kids were you were. >> yes. >> yes, a lot of the big games this morning came in asia in hong kong and japan. you saw some of the biggest moves in months that comes on the heels of wall street and some pretty out the economic data. in europe, investors a little bit more on edge. stocks kind of hovering around the flat line.
5:59 am
that is the longest since july. investors are focusing in cheryl: we the upbeat sentiment against the big political questions european investors have been wrestling with the last week. cheryl: you've got this vote today to separate from spain. what does that mean if that happens? >> well, most investors at this point think it is pretty unlikely. what it does mean is they are demanding a little bit more for premium. catalonia is the very wealthy region and a huge share of the economy. while it doesn't pose an existential threat to the eurozone come it does create a lot of worries for shares of performers this year in a lot of broader questions about what it means for the stability of central government. cheryl: the vote indeed turned
6:00 am
violent. if people don't know, barcelona as part of the region. it is a big region. thank you for your perspective. >> thanks for having me. cheryl: that is it for us. thank you for watching "fbn:am." maria bartiromo with one of the rear right now. >> thanks for joining us. i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, uber third at 6:00 p.m. on the east coast. deadly issued in a u.s. history. more than 500 wounded following the attack at a country music festival in las vegas sunday night. police found 23 guns inside the room a 64-year-old shooter, stephen paddock at the mandalay bay hotel and several more at his home as well. president trump will travel to las vegas tomorrow. >> we call upon the bonds of citizenship, the type of community in the comfort of


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