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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 4, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the nation. nick adams, thank you, sir. we appreciate it. thanks for being with us. pat buchahahahaha [gunfire] they are shooting right at us. everybody gave down. drain to stephen paddock ex-girlfriend on u.s. soil. lauren: president donald trump heads to las vegas to meet with families a day after he visited storm ravaged puerto rico. cheryl: markets, records all around. dow, nasdaq, s&p hitting all-time highs. slightly lower open. lauren: stocks opened mixed great investors eyeing the
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european union expecting to stopping this was a big deal for back taxes. drink his tax in china and south korea close for a weeklong holiday edging slightly higher. lauren: yahoo! says all 3 billion users tripled the number vulnerable to massive cyberattack. "fbn:am' starts right now. train 25:01 a.m. in new york. wednesday august -- october 4th. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. the yahoo! preach previewer effect it. cheryl: i'm one of the customers commit 3 billion equifax. maybe waking up feeling nothing is safe. lauren: the girlfriend of good shooter on u.s. soil.
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71. the 62-year-old officially a person entries. her boyfriend, stephen paddock wire transferred $100,000 to marilou just last week. trading today is just the to express our shock devastation in sorrow for the victims and families. unimaginable loss. jeff flock live in las vegas at the latest on the investigation. a lot happened overnight. good morning. >> absolutely, cheryl, lauren. from the las vegas strip which was reopened to traffic both north and south family behind me. perhaps you see traffic moving once again in front of the mandalay bay hotel. marilou danley i think it's fair to say she is the focus today. she's expected to come from los angeles to las vegas to talk to
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authorities. she was named a person of interest yesterday and we have not confirmed the $100,000 by the way went directly to her or was in her position. i was presumed. the question is did she know anything about this plot in advance or did mr. paddock why are her the money knowing he wasn't going to be around much longer. though it's unknown. the body cam video is another key one. a lot of officers have body can footage. a small portion released yesterday. the pick of the same. if the gun. get down. code that way. training the police direct teen people they are, trying to determine where the gunfire was coming from. chaotic scene. interesting to see the video.
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as for stephen paddock coming up in a learned coming up the enabler and thus, nothing they've learned thus far it still goes to motive. that is why they are hoping someone will have some light to shed on that. still kind of an unknown as to why he would have done what he did. as to the police response at the last point this morning that will make information yesterday coming about how rapid the response was. really incredible how quickly the shooting started and when police got to the room and when they were able to stop it a listen to what authorities had to say about that yesterday. >> at first documentary dispatch center at 10:08 p.m. about shots being fired at the suspect i can tell you we know now he fired off and on for somewhere between nine and 11 minutes. we know the suspect fired over a dozen or so volleys and firing
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by the suspects east at 10:19. reporter: so a lot of folks were thinking the shooting went on much longer. that's actually a fairly short period of time. you can imagine what they might think that. one last piece of information this morning. authorities found cameras in the room and outside the room that the mandalay bay. apparently she had placed cameras in the hallway to let them know if someone was coming after him. also apparently a camera in the room documenting what he had done. interesting whether or not we will see that. the president today will be there. cheryl: real quick before i let you go. reports of the casinos in particular hiring extra security card to scan bags, look at bags from the start to do security
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checks. keeping several casinos will begin the process as they begin to shore up security and make visitors feel more safe. >> they haven't yet. that's a common practice like mumbai in india. that is what happens and of course that's a different culture there. here is the place where they do crunches almost every weekend. people often comes time to go to the gun show and bring it to their hotel room for safekeeping. it's not uncommon to have guns in their hotel room in las vegas. we'll see if that changes. trento complicated story and big debate in the country. jeff flock. thank you, jeff. lauren: president trump heading to vegas today to meet with authorities in the dems following the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. the other tragedy of puerto rico where the president was joined devastation from hurricane maria, meeting with survivors. many of the residents don't have
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drinking water after the hurricane destroyed infrastructure and roads and not nonpower. here's the response to the storm in an interview with geraldo rivera. being that this is a very tough one. i say we got an a+ in texas, a+ in florida and when they have done their best work here but it hasn't been appreciated. you see over the last couple days people seeing what we've done. runways are up in governorships are pouring in and a lot of things are happening. lauren: trump adding that puerto rico is debt should be white tiled in the wake of hurricane maria. cheryl: well, remember that massive yahoo! data breach in 2013? no information now surfacing about how many customers were effect did. it's jaw-dropping. lauren: really is. tracee carrasco joining us up joining us with that and other headlines making news.
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>> yes, good morning. this is considered the largest hacking incident by number of user accounts. the massive data breach in 2013 is much more than we previously thought than was previously disclosed. it affected all of the 3 billion user accounts. that is every single one of them. guy who initially said 1 billion of the accounts were effect did back in december of 2016. the new updated number comes four months after verizon yahoo!'s companies completed its acquisition and receive new information from outside the company. compromise customer information from the usernames, passwords and telephone numbers and dates of birth. a lot of information out there. lauren: another big attack is the equifax hack. i had to read the headline several times. the irs is awarding equifax in multimillion dollars contract?
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tracee: this'll make you go home? the irs is going to pay equifax $7.5 million to verify taxpayer identities and how protect fraud under a contract issued last week come even after the massive security breach exposed personal information as many as half of the u.s. population. the contract was issued in identity checks but lawmakers on both sides blasted the decision. senate finance chairman orrin hatch politics are responsible. richard smith will be back on capitol hill to testify before the senate banking committee. cheryl: that story just keeps going. what about disney disclosing they really did consider buying twitter. >> yes, there was some talk about them here and comments from bob aker. the first public confirmation that of the data and acquisition.
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they decided to buy video streaming firms, ben teck instead. the new establishment conference with jack dorsey. cheryl: people talk. nothing wrong with having coffee. lauren: tracee carrasco, nice to see you. train you. cheryl: c. with a little bit. lauren: why defense secretary james mattis has a different view of the iran treaty and what questions should be asked the questions back in the united states. coming up at their point of view. you are watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: welcome back to the pitcher caught up in what's happening now. defense secretary james mattis on the iran nuclear deal. he supports the deal even though the president has called it one of the worst agreements ever made by the u.s. as the ground turkey recall that value above. approximately 40,000 pounds of meat sold a publix supermarket say that workers at the plant words may discover metal
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shavings in the package. the las vegas massacre causing lots of concerts to be canceled. said she was on stage and jennifer lopez have canceled shows out of respect for the dead ends. the music festival in texas offering refunds to anyone who's may be uncomfortable attending. meanwhile, legion air offering free flights to family members of people who were killed or injured in this tragedy. many people taking out the airlines on their offer. cheryl: with more than 500 injured, that's a lot of flies. thank you to the airlines to respond to the national tragedy. breaking overnight, the girlfriend of the shooter stephen paddock back on u.s. soil. marilou danley was stated by the feds on the tarmac last night. you can see here she is now officially been considered as a person of interest. could she be the key to unlocking what everybody wants
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to know? her mother for that deadly shooting in u.s. history. criminal defense attorney and democratic strategist michael hawkins and criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. good morning. why did marilou danley believe the u.s. and go to the philippines? >> attempting federal authorities will want to know especially with the $100,000 being transferred to a bank of the philippines. there's a lot of questions federal authorities will want to know. one thing that may be good, maybe interesting to look at is the fact she came back to the united states. had she broken the law, had she done something that we put her in a position where sheikh go to prison, it's unlikely she would've come back. she would've negotiated some kind of agreement to come back. i think there's a lot of questions that will get answered in the next day, maybe two days.
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lauren: we certainly hope so. one of the questions we have is how did she not know something was going to happen. this is a guy that had 47 times. would not make her feel a little bit uncomfortable living with him for all these years? she had was seeing something. >> yeah, these are the questions one for so long to post. first to determine whether she or anyone else had any involvement or participation. a number two, to answer the question why. we need to learn more about this relationship and what type of relationship they had and how often she was there. one would think if you are living with an individual that is planning a crime like this you would know something. lauren: michael, she worked at mandalay bay. it boggles my mind that mandalay bay employees were in the hotel room before the shooting. multiple employees.
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they didn't see anything suspicious, no cameras set up, no weapons or extra of my suitcases? >> that's an interesting point. the shooter brought 10 suitcases in the hotel when he checked in. he put a camera inside one of the service tray so he could watch line for sin as they came in and get ready to come into the hotel room. there is so many questions about what the staff saw, what they heard, would his demeanor was like. it'll be interesting to find out what they have to say and what mandalay bay has to say about his repeated go into the hotel. evidently he'd been at the hotel a week before, did a lot of key and lived there. they there. there'll be some really interesting questions as to why. what was he thinking? lauren: the country wants to know why because quite honestly it makes you feel better trying to understand the mentality of a
5:18 am
psychopath. what is the next step in this investigation? they talk to someone. then what? >> they are trying to follow all the money in the bank statements and are doing all of that. you've got to go through all of the surveillance video. it's been taught about a lot. tons of video with essentially they could probably put together piece by piece's entire weekend as to what he did. it will be important to tie up loose ends, but this today is critical to get a lot of information as to what was happening in the individual's minds of the last couple certainly. cheryl: when you think we'll have an honest discussion on gun control? >> honestly i don't think we will. small things can be done to a background checks, that is such a political hot button issue. i don't think democrats or republicans will have the conversation without it being
5:19 am
diverted into other political avenues. that's a loss for the country. all americans agree he should be able to have a handgun, shotgun for hunting. the idea people of access to air 15, automatic weapons is something 90% that is beyond the norm and something we need to have. >> vehicle modification, a bum stock which basically turns a semi automatic rifle into a fully automatic rifle. the >> this is what we will see first. senator feinstein had a bill voted on but it was reintroduced this week and asked, 12 the firearms in the hotel room would allow it to act as a full automatic weapon.
5:20 am
under the law it's illegal because it didn't permanently change so it's one i see coming pretty quickly. cheryl: on trade lauren: david, michael, thank you so much. >> the gun debate is going to be fascinating in its ramped up in the rhetoric of the country. could president trump's victory inspire other billionaires to run for public office? coming up, which reality show might want to do it. warming up to the northeast while still attending the west. fox meteorologist janice dean has the wednesday forecast. features funding for slightly lower open. you are watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: it almost felt like fall for a minute on the east coast, but not for long. lauren: janice dean if you were there wednesday forecast. >> for a brief moment at the next couple days across the east, but over the west we are talking about blizzard conditions in montana. we were pretty good cold front with warmer than average tend to have a cold front. potential for every rain, flash flooding and snow over the rockies. also watching the tropics. look at the snow across the northern and central rockies. blizzard conditions across montana yesterday. still into tropical season and we two areas. one east of florida in the bahamas and this one east of
5:25 am
nicaragua we think has potential to move into the gulf of mexico over the next couple days and 80% chance of development over the next five days and here's our forecast. do we think it's going to be a hurricane? we don't think so, but the water is warm and we could see a depression as they get into the weekend. tropical models i know we are still talking about tropical season so we have to pay close attention as we get into the weekend. we have to watch these obviously because we are potentially looking at some kind of them are done sunday across the gulf coast. watching very carefully. the cold temperatures across the northern rockies in the western u.s. while the warm temperatures are certainly settling in across the southeast and the e.u. says this frontal boundary continues to hover and eventually we'll start to see it move eastward yet again, cooler than average temperatures across the west, warmer across the family watch the tropics.
5:26 am
we will keep you up-to-date. back to you. cheryl: i didn't want to see because of uncertainty again, but thank you. >> will keep you up-to-date. cheryl: thank you very much. janice dean in the weather center. lauren: coming up, jeff bezos that account is spending his but the major tax bill. since i'm jumping into the high-end virtual-reality business. will we ever find another audience? a day after all three major averages broke into lifetime highs we have slightly open this morning. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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>> they are coming right at us. get down. lauren: police released incredible body cam footage you just saw schilling a frantic search for the shooter. and now the shooter's girlfriend is on u.s. soil. cheryl: president trump heading to las vegas today to meet with victims and families a day after visiting storm ravaged puerto rico. >> the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 gained lifetime highs on optimism about the u.s. economy. future slightly lower. cheryl: investors eye in the e.u. expecting to slap amazon with a big bill for taxes. lauren: in a shaker of stocks in china and south korea closed for holiday up a little bit. >> talked about. in amazon with a bill that could be hundreds of millions of dollars for back taxes as it starts right now.
5:31 am
lauren: good morning in new york. good morning, everybody. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody. i'm lauren simonetti. open for details from the e.u. to hit amazon with their massive fine. >> after hitting apple is one also. >> we do want to start with the breaking news. the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter is on u.s. soil. marilou danley arrived last night for the philippines paid the 62-year-old is considered a person of interest. stephen paddock who killed 58 people, wire transferred money to her in the philippines. there are those philippines. there are those victims than he did about wire just last week. lauren: meanwhile, his family issued a statement saying there is no way to express our shock,
5:32 am
devastation and sorrow for all but the dems and families unimaginable loss. jeff flock live in las vegas following this story in the very latest on this investigation. where do we stand now? >> well, the focus today might be marilou danley. 62 years old and a companion of mr. paddock for some time, lived not too far here in las vegas. traveling overseas during this attack. the question is what did she know? did she have any indication this was planned? trying to confirm the $100,000 went to her in the philippines. she has been cooperative with authorities, which suggests perhaps she didn't know what was going on, but that certainly what they want to know and they believe she will come here to las vegas today and at least say some about what she knows about the whole thing.
5:33 am
the body cam video is worth looking at. again, dramatic stuff in the moments just after the attack. take a listen. >> you guys, get down. go that way. gunshots coming from over there. go that way. reporter: and clarifying the death toll, by the way, we may have heard the number -- conflicting numbers before. the death toll, 58 people killed plus the shooter. so that makes the total 59. originally authorities had said 59. from the shooter -- separate from the shooter. 58 plus the one, stephen paddock. no indication specifically by what the motivation for all of this was. still they learned much about
5:34 am
mr. paddock, not bad. we have learned a lot about the 50 victims. one of them is actually a las vegas police officer attending the concert heard fielder herzfeld. he come although he was not on duty immediately began acting as a police officer helping people and that's the way he lost his life. >> even though officer hartfield was that the entrée at the pavilion, he take action to save lives. and that moment he was acting as a police officer. he ultimately gave his life protecting others. officer hartfield was an 11 year member of the pd families behind a wife and two children. reporter: so many people left behind. you hear people walking up and
5:35 am
down the strip, you hear stories of people who know someone come over there. 2,020,000 plus people at the concert. some days not so much. cheryl, lauren. lauren: jeff flock, thank you. cheryl: meanwhile, house majority whip steve scalise is speaking out about gun control. he recently returned to congress after he was shot and severely injured during the congressional baseball game practice back in june. >> first of all, look at some of those bills. the gun then actually cleared background checks. so to promote gun control and when there was a shooter with capitol police with their own gun. cheryl: congressman scalise said people should not first be thinking about promoting their political agenda when there is a tragedy like this.
5:36 am
more of the interview today. >> european commission demanding amazon pay 250 million euros in illegal tax advantage back to luxembourg. cheryl: has got the headlines. tracee carrasco on the breaking story another headlines. good morning. >> of money, yes. the update is 250 million euros. amazon must they not collected taxes. this all comes after a reduced crackdown by the e.u., which has promised to scrutinize tax arrangements between its various member states and big corporations operate in europe. the e.u. is also looking at the donald. their tax treatment and luxembourg as well and ordered apple to pay $15 million to ireland in uncollected taxes. they are going after amazon and other big corporations. >> that is $294 million in back
5:37 am
taxes and luxembourg in addition to the other countries that had to pay out two. we will move on. wells fargo ceo appeared on capitol hill. looks like it was a real good appearance for him. >> a lot of tough questions for wells fargo ceo tim paula asked to testify before the senate banking committee. more recent consumer problems he told lawmakers about all the changes wells fargo has made, but apparently that wasn't enough. senator elizabeth moran told slow and you should be and called him incompetent for not investigating the problems sooner. about a year ago amid the scandal. lauren: one year later we're still talking about this affecting so many of us. sam's son in a letter now coming out a new product. i'm just not sure they have an audience. >> the virtual augmented reality, all of these headsets. i'm not sure either. samsung has unveiled a plan
5:38 am
virtual reality headset which has a built-in microphone, position centers and headphones. samsung claims it is that his revolution in thanks to fill displays commonly found in smartphones. it is available to pre-order right now and is shipping in november. it goes for $499. lauren: wow, lot of money. cheryl: that's not cheap at all. lauren: did that on the market quite some time. i thought the price tags would come down. >> is more entertaining to watch someone with a headset that you actually use one. cheryl: the people that are into it -- the same sun does make a pretty good phone. we will see. coming up, tracey just brought you that breaking news. one of the $294 million tax bill for amazon out of the e.u. and equifax ex-ceo back on capitol hill today getting grilled on the cyberbreach.
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cheryl: good morning. welcome back. what happened on the relationship between cuba and the u.s. will continue to deteriorate to the state department with half of cuban diplomats from washington. the move as they investigate what happens for more than 20 americans who suffered unexplained health problems while serving in nevada. ford is shipping three new strategy as new ceo tim hackett says they will focus on developing more trucks and more suvs and steer away from passenger cars. also wants to position forward for a future of both electric as well as driverless vehicles. that's where everyone is storing their money these days. are you ready for it is the question. mark cuban says he doesn't like president trump but he is considering following and transfers does. cuban is considering running for president of the united states. there is a 90% chance he will
5:43 am
not run, but his wife may be able to convince him to go for it. that is what is happening now. cheryl: i'll take another in the white house. lauren: another billionaire? cheryl: i'm fine with that. amazon has just been hit with a $294 million fine by the european union for back taxes. amazon just started trading in the premarket so thoroughly going but it is opening slightly to the downside, .66% down. this is just starting. david nelson, chief strategist at belle plaine as it does. your reaction on amazon. >> it's just the beginning of trouble for amazon. i think you will see increased scrutiny in this. not just in the e.u., but here in the united states they will have to start dealing with sales taxes. that is likely to strengthen the advantage they have here.
5:44 am
for europe, this is just one of many companies they are after. i think they are going to see this kind of news quite often. >> payday. we will talk to our guests in the next couple moments about the situation with ireland as well. i want to move on to what's going on in this country with equifax that the stock down 20% in the last three months. the ceo on capitol hill scared by lawmakers which is that really a surprise. you've got some people that would say maybe look at the stock now. maybe it's a bargain. what bargain. what would you say to that? >> it is not for me. there's a lot of hair on this. unable to quantify. look, we don't know what to find they're going to be. we don't know what sort of regulations increase cost they'll have a mayor and peered on top of that, some analysts predicting as much as 50% of retail revenue.
5:45 am
i've been a customer of theirs for three years. maybe at some point there is a pricier, but there's just too many better stocks in the marketplace. why do i have to look in the toilet. cheryl: another company under fire also on capitol hill. wells fargo. kemp allowed, the ceo as well again on capitol hill getting hit with a lot of questions. in their argument is interesting because they are saying look, here's was part of the leadership team when the phony account scandal is happening. just as to blame as his former boss who stepped aside. warren buffett is now seen he's got some questions about leadership of wells fargo. >> float. i don't find myself on the same page by senator warren. as far as warren buffett goes, he talks the talk but he doesn't walk the walk. more actually voted for the direct is on the board here and
5:46 am
his history is a problem. back to 2014 with executive pay coca-cola, he abstained from the vote. that is kind of like complaining about your government. his actions here gives me pause. cheryl: that is interesting you would say that. so many investors follow so many books that warren buffett tix. he is not gone. records on the market yesterday. >> look, there's two reasons i like it. one is certainly overseas market doing well. that likely means customers are doing well. the big top multinational. the other is the administration. i don't care which side of the aisle you are on. left, right, like trump, he tried. the bottom line is the consumer sentiment in business sentiment is high. people open their wallets. >> david, well said. we will leave it there.
5:47 am
whether or not you he president trump, that could be a market mover the jobs report. yankee slugger aaron judge. jared max stopping by with your sports coming on. i will tell you about the latest cyberhack the nfl and agents. you are watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: another data breach to tell you about, this time affecting nfl players. a database by the player association linked information online at us and players from the guess who is included. 49ers quarterback. jared, hold on. we would get to you. colin kaepernick home address and cell phone make a big issue. of course he's been a target of death threats and to stimulate for the national anthem. nobody has paid it.
5:52 am
but even better side of the story as we bring in jared max is they asked for $427. lauren: if you are targeting the nfl and the agents have asked for millions of dollars. cheryl: yeah, exactly. at least a thousand dollars for throwing that out there. from football to baseball, one game or, one gamer command payoff to get to the next round. cheryl: jury max is already here. it's got all the highlights. >> i haven't seen yankee stadiums i live in a long time. whoever won would face the indians of the divisional series. jason treves from las vegas throughout the ceremonial first pitch. at a friend at the concert sunday. flags flown at half staff for a moment of silence observed statistic comes. first daughter and they want nothing to inflate.
5:53 am
makes it three nothing. one retired at the bottom of the first inning. the shot from pdu gregorius. the yankees were up 5-4 in the fourth inning and here comes the judge. aaron judge at the 52 home run for the regular season first in the playoffs. >> started off and got on base. here we go. here's her opportunity to keep their rolling and hits a three-run homer that was so special. that was just the start of it. >> yankees beat the twins eight to four. yankees will face the indians thursday and 13 strikeouts from the bullpen tying a major league playoff record.
5:54 am
the diamondbacks in the colorado rockies will be played in arizona. the winner will face the dodgers. nba during the first first preseason games last night. first look at carmelo anthony in oklahoma city. and chris paul with the love and points. big changes to the nba all-star game. instead fans at each conference become team captains. making the cleveland cavaliers whom i find ourselves against each other in the all-star game. maybe lebron james and south korea will be the captain. trying to switch things up a little bit and keep it more interesting. >> you've got playoffs, baseball coming. >> nfl attendance. doing well, like 90% of seats
5:55 am
are filled except in los angeles bringing the numbers down. >> we saw that. jared max, thank you on the server. you can catch sports reports on fox's headlines 20 for seven on xm channel 115. lauren: when we come back, more the breaking news. just moments ago $294 million fine by the e.u. heading to london. the e.u. cracking down. we will be right back. ♪
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5:58 am
lauren: breaking his moments ago. the european union topping amazon with a massive $294 million tax bill. it is down about $6 right now. that spring and revoke old with more on this. good morning. if you could explain to us the exact issue here. >> good morning. it's affect to leave the claim is that amazon was doing in luxembourg effectively amounted to a form of illegal state aid or they weren't really paying taxes in luxembourg. it kind of echoes a lot of similar cases you have seen with regulators ramp in the not scrutiny with the major u.s.
5:59 am
tech giants as well as non-tech comes to me as to starbucks operated in the e.u. cheryl: they are also taking ireland to the european court of justice art laffer covering 15.3 billion taxes from apple. where does that stand? >> yeah, that is being put on since august of last year. we still don't have complete resolution there. but it's interesting what the numbers and apple are much bigger from an investor's standpoint, what it means is a surer of earnings could be much bigger and that's what you see a bit more reaction on the amazon share price this morning. lauren: jeff bezos is counting his pennies now. thank you for putting it into perspective for us. it for us. thank you for watching "fbn:am" this morning. i would like to send it out on trip over right now to memory apart a robot.
6:00 am
maria: thank you for joining us this morning. maria bartiromo wednesday, october 4th. top stories right now six and went east coast for the search for answers continues. the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter stephen paddock has returned to the united states. she is set to face a grilling from authorities as they look for a motive behind the deadliest mass shooting in our countries history. his coming as police release body camera footage. [gunfire] >> get out of here. the gunshots are over there. go .wav. maria: the massacre have a major impact on hotel security in vegas for the sweeping overhaul and president trump straight to the city just ahead. despite the attack, stocks continued to record run. future is pulling back from another record high reached yesterday. dow industrials down four points. nasdaq down six. again, all-time highs reached


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