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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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did the best of humanity responds parents and spouses use their own body as shields to protect their own body. they dashed into a hail of bullets to rescue total strangers. .. to clear the fairground and save lives. officer gurlet was off-duty attending the concert.
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although she was unarmed, as soon as the shooting began, she threw on a yellow police vest and began evacuating victims. and aaron stalker, a veteran, rushed to the scene to search for his loved ones, but when he couldn't find them, he began helping every person he could. as he recounts, we used the plastic barriers as gurneys to carry the injured to transportation. i made splints out of whatever i could find and used anything to stop the horrible bleeding. among the wounded was the mother of aaron's girlfriend. she is still in the hospital and we are all pulling for her. to every hero we helped, every hero saved so many lives, believe and me, a grateful nation thanks you.
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the example of those whose final act was to sacrifice themselves for those they loved should inspire all of us to show more love every day for the people who grace our lives. in the months ahead, we will all have to wrestle with the horror of what has unfolded this week. but we will struggle through it together. we will endure the pain together, and we will overcome together as americans. may god bless and watch over those who protect us. may god bring healing to the families of the wounded. the injured and the fallen. and may god bless our great country, america. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, governor, thank you very much.
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>> president donald trump at the las vegas police department. let's just continue to listen here if we can hear comments that he's making now to the first responders. . david: all right, once again, we wanted to give that -- it's
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the solemn respect that it deserved, that moment with the first responders. the president was there in las vegas with melania, with the first lady, saying among other things, melissa francis, that when the worst of humanity strikes, the best of humanity responds. what a better setting for a statement like that. melissa: really telling some of the heart breaking and heart warming stories of what people did during that time to heal and save each other, to help others, a little bit about a few of the people who are struggling now in the hospital, and expressing his gratitude to those who responded, and talk about the fact that this is a moment when the nation can come together. so a solemn moment there. welcome everyone, i'm melissa francis, this is "after the bell." david: i'm david asman. a solemn moment, the president is way behind schedule. he was due to depart las vegas at 4:15 eastern time, that's only ten minutes from now. this event that you witnessed
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was supposed to have happened an hour and a half ago. presumably there's a lot happening involving president trump, again, who is behind schedule in las vegas. but he is giving the time that is deserved in a moment like this, comforting those that he can, reassuring members of law enforcement that the federal government is going to do all that it can to discover what was behind the motive, if it can be discovered of the shooter in this awful massacre. melissa: right to blake burman, he is at the white house with the latest on all of this. blake? reporter: and david and melissa, what we've seen from the president over the last 3 1/2 hours or so on the ground in las vegas, is a president clearly very somber what he has seen on the ground within the hospitals and police departments in las vegas but also a president who is very proud at what he has seen and heard from some of the stories there, the victims and the first responders. the president is saying america is clearly a nation in mourning
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but said that what he has seen today has made him, quote, very proud to be an american. the first stop came at a las vegas hospital treating so many of the wounded there. the president met with those folks who had been shot and are still recovering from the chaos of sunday night. the president noting the tremendous bravery of many of those people, but touting the hospital staff. the folks who are caring for these people around the clock as dedicated professionals. here is the president at his first stop. >> what i saw today is just an incredible tribute to professionalism. the only message i can see is we're with you 100%. reporter: the president's second stop was then over to the police department where he met with many of the local law enforcement officials. the first people to some cases rush into the gunfire there, and in other cases, those behind the scenes who were coordinating many of the efforts.
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the president didn't really comment very much about the shooter in this case. though when he was asked about it and talked about it, he described that person as demented and did receive assurance from a local sheriff there on the ground. >> he's a sick, demented man. have they been able to find out anything else? >> still a little bit soon. we have a couple good leads. we're working our way through that. we're going to get the answers. reporter: david and melissa, several different emotions, the commander in chief. president trump in a lighter moment in las vegas when he was at the hospital. joked about how he had invited some of the victims to come over to washington, d.c. at one point, when they get better, to come over here to the white house and meet him here. those people plan on taking him up out of the oval office visit. melissa: i bet. blake, thank you for that. david: here now react more is charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor and fox news
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contributor. charlie, one of the great things, melissa commented on this. this is a moment where we are divided. where the first response by a lot of politicians to anything bad that happens, whether natural or man made is to attack somebody rather than bring together. the president saying we endure and overcome together as americans. he's trying to bring this together, this message to this crisis, to las vegas, do you think he's succeeding? >> i do think he's succeeding, and i think you have pinpointed exactly the reason he is very good at this kind of thing, the same reason he drives everybody around here crazy in the first place. that is his response isn't a political response. whatever you think of the guy, he's not some political hack who decides to turn this into some debate about gun laws. that's not his first instinct. first instinct is to go through the and try to be unifying and be human about it, and i thought that those remarks that
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he made right there are -- i thought they were terrific. i thought they were the exact right tone. and i've been around a lot of politicians, i've never been around one as gift as he is on connecting with people with a personal, real level. media wants to jump on the misstatements or things that happen when he goes offscript. all the things mean to most people is he's being genuine, maybe he says something stupid every now and then, but they forgive him for it, and the words like when he's talking about during that police department, that they are truly comforting. david: it's been a hell of a week for america, not only in terms of the man made disaster in las vegas but the natural disaster in puerto rico. to your point, the president has been receiving a lot of criticism from some courts, particularly the mass media but
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jumping on the backs of democrats that want to take hits on the president. even though the president has the mayor of puerto rico on his side, very helpful to the people of puerto rico, the mayor of san juan who's very far to the left, in fact she was very supportive of the terrorist pardoned by the obama administration. there she is. they're praising her and using her as the main spokesperson, the voice, if you will, of puerto rico, when in fact it seems to me that the more logical choice would be the government. but, of course, he's more in favor of what president trump is doing, and she's anti-trump. >> that creates a little problem for them. but this is another way which donald trump is completely different from other politicians, and especially republicans. if somebody hits him, he's going to hit back. even if he misunderstands the hit, he's going to hit back and hit back as hard as he can. and people in our business saying this is the demise of him, well, man, a couple years
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in now and not been the demise of him. in fact, works to his advantage. he makes his case, defends himself and usually comes out on top. david: well, on a day like today, not who come out on top, it's just putting the american people together as suffering through this and conquering the grief that we now share with the folks of las vegas. charlie hurt, great to see you. appreciate it. melissa? melissa: authorities continue the search for answers, this as the gunman of sunday night's massacre -- the girlfriend, pardon me, the girlfriend of the gunman arrived in the united states questioned by the fbi, considered a person of interest. with the latest on the investigation from las vegas, here is hillary vaughn. hillary, what do we know? reporter: we do know that right now the fbi is talking to the girlfriend of the gunman, stephen paddock, marilou danley, about 270 miles from
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here at fbi field office in los angeles. now the fbi deputy director says they are trying to piece together the life and behavior of paddock and think his girlfriend is the best person who can do that. the big question that authorities want to know and struggling to answer for victims and those remaining in vegas, why did this happen? law enforcement sources tell fox news they want to know did she been the attack before it happened? did she know that paddock was stockpiling guns and explosive materials, and if she did, why did she not alert police? danley lived with paddock at their home in mesquite, nevada where paddock stored an arsenal of weapons. that home is a crime scene. fbi used law enforcement tools to track her down while overseas on a trip to japan and the philippines and while she was traveling, they were able to track her movements. danley's sister says marilou wasn't planning on going to the
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philippines at all, until her boyfriend, the vegas shooter said he bought her a cheap ticket and sent her away. this last minute trip didn't send red flags because she didn't alert the police at all before she left. >> he send her away. reporter: the fbi is still processing all of paddock's electronics. law enforcement source tells fox news that so far that review is still ongoing, but they haven't been able to find so far the typical type of thumbprint they say are often left behind in the mass casualty situations. they have no concept of affiliation or intent yet. so far danley remains a person of interest. not under arrest. law enforcement sources tell fox news that she has been cooperating, but where she stays while this investigation continues is unknown. both of their homes are crime scenes.
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melissa? melissa: hillary, obviously we had a problem with the sound bite. what her sisters said is she was probably sent away so she wouldn't interfere and hopefully she had answers and could help, but they didn't feel like she could be involved at all. i'm summarizing, but that was what that was supposed to say. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the cardinal rule, follow the money. reports that steve paddock wired $100,000 to the philippines. so where is it now and what clues will will money provide? former nypd detective and former head of the fbi financial crimes divisions giving us their take on this and the latest developments in the investigation. melissa: president trump says puerto rico will recover but says the island's massive public debt may have to disappear to make that happen. hmm. byron york on what this would mean to their ability to ever borrow again. we're going to have that next. >> 72 billion in debt before
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the hurricanes hit, and they had a power plant that didn't work before the hurricanes. so we're going to help them.
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. melissa: so the governor of puerto rico says hurricane maria caused at least $90 billion worth of damage on the island. i mean this was to an island already drowning in debt. speaking to fox news' geraldo rivera, president trump stunned bond holders suggesting that puerto rico's debt would just be wiped out. >> we're going to work something out. we have look at their whole debt structure. they owe a lot of money to friends on wall street and we're going to have to wipe that out. it's going to be, you can say good-bye to that, i don't know if it's goldman sachs, but whoever it is. wave good-bye to that. melissa: i had no idea geraldo
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was such good friends with goldman sachs. puerto rico is over $117 million in debt. broken down, 17 billion in general obligations bonds, the same in urgent interest bonds. 9 billion owed from power company defunct and overwhelming 52 billion in pensions on, and on and on. 20 billion in other expenses. joining me byron york, washington examiner chief political correspondent and fox news contributor. that sounds nice, byron, we're just going to wipe out the debt, which means they'll never be able to borrow another cent again ever. what would be the impact of that? >> never, ever. first of all we should say that mick mulvaney. melissa: we will. we'll get to it? said ain't going to happen. we're not going to bail them out. not going to forgive this debt. not wiped out. don't take what the president said literally. remember in the campaign people said that trump supporters take him seriously but not literally
4:20 pm
and his critics take him literally but not seriously? this is a time to not take him literally. there are huge issues with puerto rico's debt. congress appointed oversight board not too long ago. they're already in a semi sort of bankruptcy anyway. melissa: right. >> the hurricane problems are enormous, and are going to require a lot of aid. in the billions of dollars. but the idea of wiping away the debt, you are absolutely right. if all that debt is wiped out. everybody loses money, puerto rico doesn't change, why would anybody ever buy another bond again. melissa: there were a bunch of points packed in there. the first one is the idea so the power company, they owe a ton of money. how are they going to get anyone down there to provide equipment, to do the infrastructure, to do the work unless somebody gives the company a check before they show up? that's going to be us.
4:21 pm
the federal taxpayer is going to have to pay for whatever is going down there or no one is going to help, right? >> yeah, i don't think we've had a disaster of this magnitude in a place that was dead broke to begin with. i think that we may just be entering new territory. remember, there was a lot of talk about how expensive the damage in houston. melissa: i hate new territory. >> because it was -- the damage in houston was terrible. but this is apparently even worse in parts of puerto rico. so my guess is you're just going to see rather massive federal aid, but it's got to be in the context of some sort of financial restructuring or you're right, the key problem is they'll never be able to raise money again. melissa: geraldo making the point that a lot of the infrastructure was broken down. power was dupe because of the corruption, because there's been no investment, because of the debt. if you wipe that all away nothing changes, no lessons
4:22 pm
learned, there is no less corruption on the island if it's just wiped away. isn't that the other side of tucker the tough lesson? >> absolutely correct. there has not been a lot of inclination to make those hard choices to get itself on a more sound financial footing. right now, they're borrowing money to buy the groceries. all the wrong borrowing. and the whole idea of creating an oversight board which congress did well before there was thought of the hurricane that would be this terrible. the idea of the oversight board was to impose reforms on puerto rico which a lot of people were actually resisting. so now it seems like obviously, the government has the money, puerto rico doesn't have the money. what happens in these occasion says usually some sort of accountability is imposed along with the billions in aid. >> and to everybody watching, that's your money we're talking about. byron, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: david? >> the governor of puerto rico
4:23 pm
is going to be joining us tomorrow in the 4:00 hour. the dow, s&p and nasdaq closing at brand-new record highs. straight to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange for more on what's fueling the markets. clearly the markets are not spooked by the man made and natural disasters? reporter: so much going on. one headline after another, but any gain today meant record closes. we did see all five of the averages we follow so closely into record territory. the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p 500 and the russell. consumer stocks, health care stocks offsetting the weakness in technology and financials. big picture here, a lot of talk on wall street, they have tax reform front and center. they like fundamentals and earnings overall. there's been talk about higher interest rates and inflation moving higher and global economy that moves higher. and last thing i'll talk back to you is tillerson.
4:24 pm
when he came out and reassured the country he's stay on at the white house. that brought optimism. nobody wants changes in the wow at this time. we'll wait to see what the jobs report is friday. a win here, records across the board. david: good news, nicole, thank you very much. melissa: congress is pushing full speed ahead with tax reform. what's going to be included and what are they leaving out? republican congressman french hill is here to break it all down. >> the las vegas shooting launched a vicious debate over gun laws. what does michael goodwin have to say about it all? he'll be with us right after the break. liberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe. is it? you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can
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the latest research and conducting clinical trials-to help each patient get the personalized cancer care they deserve. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. . >> how many more dead bodies will it take to wake up this congress? >> is this the model that we want to put forward for the future? >> we have to stop this dangerous gun agenda being
4:28 pm
brought forward by the majority party in the house. >> if you don't like what we're bringing forward, you bring something forward. david: what are they bringing forward? slew of democrat leaders wasting no time pushing for more gun control after the vegas massacre and michael goodwin says, quote, liberals' gun control blame game is out of control. so he wrote in today's new york post. the "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor joins me now. that's the question, they're always saying what the republicans want, what did they want? >> right. and david, i think the problem for the democrats and those who are thumping the table for more gun control is that the facts don't fit their narrative. i mean, the idea that you could stop all of the mass shootings in america is one item they talk about, but they don't have proposals that would do that, that do not end up with confiscation. david: so let me just focus on
4:29 pm
that. is that the end game are? they really thinking of going into people's houses and taking guns? >> there are many different voices on the left about this, but clearly some of them, that's what they're talking about, they won't specify where do you stop? >> what is the limiting principle in this control regime. david: our senator, chuck schumer of new york, says we need laws to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. we have laws and there was no law in the nation that would have prevented this man from getting the guns that he had. he had no record that would prevent him from getting guns. so that logic doesn't work. >> and according to reports he passed 30 background checks. so how do you -- this case is so different from almost every other case in terms of if you were profiling people. he would probably never show up on any list of someone who is considered dangerous. so each of these case present ace new challenge and to thunder and perform as though
4:30 pm
it's just the past. it's the same old thing, like barack obama used to come out after every shooting saying it is about gun control, whether it was terrorism or something else. david: the city that has the most stringent gun control laws in the nation, chicago, is in the midst of its daily massacre of innocent civilians. >> chicago now has about 525 murders this year. new york, by comparison is a much larger city. 2 1/2 times larger. we'll have roughly 300 murders at the end of the year. so chicago is one of the murder capitals of the country. so is baltimore, detroit. these are all liberal cities with democratic mayors. where is the media? where are those congressman thundering about the deaths in those cities? david: the facts don't support the argument. here's another fact. the claim is that fewer guns will mean fewer gun deaths. in fact it's exactly the opposite. this is a chart. line going up or the number of guns americans have.
4:31 pm
the line going down are the number of gun-related deaths. so the more guns we have, the fewer gun-related deaths there are. now that doesn't mean necessarily you need more guns to have fewer deaths but doesn't mean the opposite either. fewer guns don't necessarily mean fewer deaths. >> two-thirds of the gun deaths are suicides. what do you do about that? i think this demand for gun control is really a political argument. it's very much a wedge issue. and one of the ironies is under barack obama who is always talking about more gun control. people bought more guns. under donald trump. people feel the 2nd amendment is safe, people are buying fewer guns. sometimes these actions have the opposite reaction of what the politicians recommend. again, they don't understand the public. they don't understand what's going on. david: nor do they understand the facts as we explained them and ignore the facts. got to leave it at that. great column in the "new york
4:32 pm
post." >> thank you very much. david: appreciate you coming in today. >> go that way! get out of here! gunshots coming from over here. go that way! go that way! >> that is body camera footage from the scene of the shooting as the fbi is desperately seeking a motive. authorities are sift throughing all of this. footage from more than 60 videos from body cameras worn by officers during the attack. david: calling out fake news, rex tillerson, secretary of state dismissing a new report he is leaving. why president trump says the issue is totally out of control. howie kurtz fox news media analyst sounding off coming next.
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. melissa: secretary of state rex tillerson today blasting a report by nbc stating that tillerson called president trump a moron, and was on the verge of resigning from the cabinet post this summer. here's what tillerson had to say about it. >> my commitment to the success of our president and our country is as strong as it was the day i accepted his offer to serve as secretary of state. the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post. melissa: president weighing in tweeting, quote, the nbc news story has been totally refuted by secretary tillerson and vice
4:37 pm
president pence, it is fake news. they should issue an apology to america. here now to react is howard kurtz, "mediabuzz" host and fox news media analyst. the chatter after that is he did not directly denotice the fact, nbc says is the fact he didn't deny the notion that he called president trump a moron, heather maher said to be clear, we deny he said that. this minutia and nuance and nonsense on a day when there's so much real going on, howard, what do you think? >> yeah, but rex tillerson chose to go before the cameras to knock down the nbc report. i thought his denials were carefully worded. other reports by other news organizations in the past he's been frustrated in his job. just this past weekend he, returning from china, said there might be diplomatic opening in north korea. the president said save your energy, rex, we're not doing
4:38 pm
that. i'm not sure it's completely fake news. melissa: he could be -- there's a long distance between being frustrated with your boss and leaving the post. i mean he said he's never thought about quitting. he is somebody who is at a responsible post for years and years and years, his statement was i've not thought about leaving, i'm not going to leave, i'm going to do my job. what do you make of that? >> may be his intention certainly now that he declared pretty much for the audience of one, the president of the united states, i think rex tillerson will be staying on the job for a while. ironically, by holding the news conference, he took a story that was going to get some attention and turned it into a much bigger story, and we have to point out for context, melissa, that the president has been at odds with other cabinet members, jeff sessions attacking on twitter. they patched things up for the
4:39 pm
moment. melissa: right. and speaking of fake news, paul crowdman was tweeting cholera among the 21st citizens, heck of a job, trumpy. he had to take that back, there is no alcohcholera not confirme. conjuncviteis, yes. i've had it in one of my eyes, it's not in the same ballpark as cholera. >> good, glad to hear that. it seems indefensible to make that serious charge given the situation in puerto rico. fair to debit how the president handled puerto rico, that's very different from a "new york times," nobel prize winning columnist making that charge and having to back off it. melissa: wild times, howie, and you're there to watch all of it and try and keep track and sort it for us. >> never a shortage. melissa: howard kurtz, thank you. david: how did he ever get the
4:40 pm
nobel prize, i don't understand. there are good folks who got it like milton friedman. anyway. how the gop is planning on moving forward on tax reform. coming next, republican congressman french hill on what's in the plan and whether there is any truth to a report that you could lose your mortgage interest deduction. we'll ask him coming next.
4:41 pm
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. david: president trump's tax
4:44 pm
reform plan has been met with approval on wall street, but concern on main street that favorites of the tax code like mortgage interest deduction may go away. for the latest details what's in the plan and what's not. congressman french hill, republican on the financial services majority whip. it concerns millions of millions of americans who rely on it every year. there is a story today that perhaps as a part of this plan, taxpayers will be forced to choose between property tax deduction or home mortgage interest deduction. you can elaborate or know anything about this? >> well, david, thanks for having me, that's jumbled information. in the framework that the big six announced last week, the issue of charitable contributions and interest for the home owner's mortgage interest are still included in the plan. so i don't think that's headed
4:45 pm
down the right trail. david: is there any provision about whether you can take deductions on multiple properties? a lot of folks have a summer home, some questions about whether they'd be able to take the deduction on both homes? >> yeah, i think that's under discussion as the details of the framework are put in place in terms of personal residence versus investment property on mortgage interest deduction, and i think the committee is still listening to those representatives from high-tax states about the deductibility of state and local taxes or in that instance, a state property taxes which as you know is a state and local. david: i'm old enough to remember the debate in 1986 over second home deduction, and the people who advocated lost for considerable reasons. probably the same reasons it will lose this time. ask about another question, the fourth, whether there's a
4:46 pm
fourth bracket. we know president trump's plan has three brackets. question about there would be a fourth bracket on the wealthiest americans. do you know anything about that? >> the idea of fourth bracket is under discussion in the ways and means committee and the senate finance committee. president trump's goal and the goal of the big six working on the project is all americans get a tax benefit. we want people to get a tax break on their personal taxes no matter where they live, and so that's the main objection about the plan, but it's still under discussion whether we have the three consolidated brackets or add a fourth. david: isn't the main goal growth? if you want a growing economy, you don't take more and give it to government bureaucrats. you allow people to keep money and invest it in the real economy, not the government economy? >> right, that's my point. the plan is everybody across the income distribution curve would get a tax break, we not only want consumers to have
4:47 pm
more in the pocket but business investing more. the real lack in productivity growth in this country and faster economic growth is because we don't have a growth in investment, and that's the driver behind this tax reform. david: congressman, just ten seconds. state and local deductions, being able to deduct that from the federal tax form. do you know anything about that? >> in high-tax states, that is discussed with the committee, that is being looked at and i think we'll reach a conclusion and we want all americans to benefit from the tax plan. david: reach a conclusion when? quickly? >> in the next couple, three weeks. david: congressman french hill, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. melissa: a person of interest, the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter is back on american soil. family is speaking out on the desperate search for a motive. the latest on the investigation is next. if you're on medicare, remember,
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. melissa: a new piece to the puzzle. marilou danley, the girlfriend of the vegas gunman in the united states being questioned by the fbi as they continue their search for a motive to sunday night's horrific attack. although a person of interest, danley's sister say she's innocent of anything. >> i know she doesn't know anything as well, like us. she was sent away. she was sent away so that he will be not there to interfer interfere.. melissa: here now is joseph, a retired nypd detective and an financial crimes chief. dennis, start with you. $100,000 to the girlfriend,
4:52 pm
she's out of the country. what do you think about that? what does that mean to you? >> just the one wire by itself, i really can't -- i don't know what that would mean. melissa: seems like a lot of money, doesn't it? >> absolutely a lot of money. the question is, is that a one-off transaction or something he's done in the past? so with the money specifically wired to her, obviously, she's being interviewed now, and one of the things i'd be asking is what was the nature of that wire? what did she been it? whatf the intent for the money. melissa: joseph, i have a lot of questions about why the gunman himself had so much money. he was listed as a mailman at one point. accountant, now he's a multimillionaire. he had this much money to throw around. other people accepting of the idea he was winning all that money in the casinos. anybody who's been to vegas knows there is an algorithm, a method to the madness, the house wins. you don't end up a millionaire. that story does not add up to me.
4:53 pm
does it raise red flags for you? >> certainly. the old investigators follow the money, they're doing that, they don't have a motive, they don't have anything right in front of them. he was involved in a little real estate. an article that said his mother was involved in the stock market, too. he might have gotten some of this legitimately. i think investigators on the trail of the money and going to figure out exactly what he's up to. melissa: dennis, his dad was a bank robber. if he inherited money from his dad, that's not -- he wasn't in the stock market, investor, to me the money side of this smells fishy, what's your take? >> yeah, that would be one of the things i'd be looking at. investigators trying to determine the source of his funds, the legitimacy of the funds and pattern of activity. one of the things i'd be looking at also is building a timeline back from the point he was killed back as far as i can because obviously this was well
4:54 pm
planned, and i would be following the money and building financial leads to help me establish his planning and how often did he go to the mandalay bay? how often did he go to other casinos. how did he pick the mandalay bay and the floor? the pattern of activity of his stays will help answer the questions. melissa: some of the reports that came out today. some of the new details that are out there, is the idea that he had ammonium nitrate in the back of his car and there are details to indicate he'd been planning this for more than a month. you know, joseph, what does that mean to you? how do you interpret those things? what's significant there? >> yeah, this is timothy mcveigh in oklahoma city, they found bullet resistant vests and the like. they found other types of explosives or detonators for a device.
4:55 pm
we haven't gotten the full search warrant list yet. we might be more surprised. i think there was a bigger plan. remember he was there for a couple of days and watched the concert go over a couple of days and realized it was an easier target for what he was planning doing. melissa: dennis, what is so baffling is no indication of motive. >> right. right, and one of the things from a financial perspective i'd be doing is going back, and again, putting our chronology together as far back as i can. i would have to think this was in the planning process for well over a month and probably a lot longer than that. and i would want to see if i can determine from a financial investigative standpoint were there changes in his patterns of activity, and can that help us identify at a point in time when he was changing and were there warning signs about the change in his attitude or in the fact that he was planning such a horrendous event.
4:56 pm
melissa: all right, gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you for having me. david: according to his brother, he stayed at one of these fancy hotels for four months of gambling. where did he get the money? not as a mail carrier, real estate hasn't been doing well since 2008 where. did the money come from? a nation united to console and support. those who lost so much. how can you help the victims of the massacre in las vegas? next. .. ..
4:57 pm
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>> vegas strong companies and celebrities are doing their part. mister las vegas himself generating a hundred thousand dollars to the victims. giving a $3 million to the police efforts. raising nearly $90 million in just two days.
5:00 pm
make sure it is the clark county account that you are looking at. there are a lot of golf on me accounts. there is one that is legit. it could use more. a lot of generosity out there. risk and reward starts right now. the example of those whose final act was a sacrifice for those they love should inspire all of us to show more love every day for the people who grace our lives. in the months ahead we will all had to wrestle with the horror of what has unfolded this week. but we will struggle through it together. we will endure the pain together and we will overcome together as americans. the survivors and first responders in las vegas paying his respects


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