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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 6, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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that's it for us. thanks for being with us. dr. sebastian gorka. as we take up the left and the deep state and their efforts at lauren: breaking news this morning, mass murderer stephen paddock may have been eyeing other cities to attack. new rules to bump stock, accessory that turns semiautomatic weapons into machine guns. cheryl: breaking, president trump meeting with top military leaders weighing the future of iranian nuclear deal. lauren: stocks ride ago long in winning streak in 20 years, today's job reports, will we see effect, dow up 13 points. cheryl: stocks opening up flat as they monitor tense situation in spain. will the country break apart. right now a mix bag for europe.
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lauren: japanese stock inching higher, of course, markets in china and south korea closed for holiday. cheryl: it is friday which means happy hour. we will tell you where to get a one-dollar margarita. fbn:am starts right now. lauren: yaw made it to friday, 5:01 a.m. in new york. thank you for joining us, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. it is friday. many americans would like a margarita at some point today. lauren: amazing. 5:00 a.m. but 5:00 p.m. somewhere. stephen paddock may have been eyeing other cities. cheryl: jeff flock is on the ground in las vegas, jeff, good morning. jeff: good morning to you, we already knew that stephen
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paddock had gone to tremendous links to plan and map out the tragedy that he inflicted from las vegas from the hotel behind me but now we are learning that went to even greater lengths having apparently cased out a festival in chicago, the lalapalusa music book festival, booking hotels there, hotel that is overlooked the festival as well as casing a location in boston overlooking fenway park. so chilling new information but no new information about motive in terms of what caused him to go to these lengths. it's worth mentioning also that we haven't had any of the funerals of any of the 58 victims as of yet, multiple memorials, though, last night also a vigil for the las vegas metro police officer who was killed in the rampage. he was off duty but snapped to
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duty and began to help people and lost his life in the midst of that, charleston hart cl field was his name, a vigil for him last night in las vegas as well as other memorials around. other details of note that, i think, are worthy this morning, we haven't heard much about marilou danley, there's reports this morning that she told authorities that mr. paddock would often in his sleep at night mown as scream and report that he was taking a drug that would have been prescribed for anxiety. so small details, again, no big smoking gun in terms of what set him off. continue to follow it, folks. lauren: we sure will, jeff flock, thank you. cheryl: national rifle association made first statement
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on las vegas shooting. the group has called federal review of bump stocks, suggesting new rules might be needed for device used by stephen paddock, ceo spoke with hannity last night. >> the other side has been trying to outright that we did feel the need to speak out today on the whole bump stock issue. i for years have tried to correct the media on semiautomatics when they said they were fully automatic arms and feinstein and schumer said they were machine guns, for years i set the record straight. cheryl: bump stocks allow semiautomatic rifles to be transformed to fully atmatic machine gun. we will have more with control debate with political panel coming up in just a few moments. lauren: president trump has decide today decertify the iran
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nuclear deal which was implemented by barack obama. the decision on the agreement is not, quote, fully baked, but president trump had a fore voting message speaking to reporters following briefing with senior military leaders. cheryl: during the briefing, trump said that iran had not lived up to the spirit of the deal and hea has up to next week. white house confirming. we will find out soon. >> the has as he said made a decision on this and he will make the announcement the appropriate time. the main focus was comprehensive strategy on how to deal with iran. i think you will see that announced in short order. cheryl: congress with impose
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economic sanctions on the country that withdrawn that agreement. another example that president trump changing something that president obama put into play. lauren: right, on geopolitical scale. gop one step closer to promised tax reform. cheryl: bring it on. adam shapiro with the latest. >> good morning, the focus on tax reform will now shift over to the senate here on capitol hill and the discussions that are going on in the senate budget committee, they've got a pass in the senate, their budget of the resolution and they'll be a conference committee and they'll have the pass bill of budget resolution. then we can move onto tax reform. he's not going to release the actual details of the legislation until after both houses pass the 2018 budget resolution. so we are still waiting on the
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actual details of tax reform, but chuck schumer, the majority leader in the senate, has come out attacking the plan to repeal the state and local tax deductions, here is what he said about it. >> we want to work with you on tax reform. on a rational bill that help it is middle class, doesn't give tax breaks for the wealthy and doesn't blow a hole in the deficit. get rid of the idea of eliminating state and local deductibility. you will never move a bill given how many taxpayers it affects throughout the nation. >> and one of the key points that democrats are now going to point out is that republicans stand to lose if they repeal the deductions for state and local taxes in places like georgia where a third of tax filers actually take the deduction for state and local taxes. back to you. lauren: they have 40 -- over 40 days left to pass tax reform. in the meantime, investors hopeful for tax reform and hopeful that record run on wall
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street continues today. the focus is september job's report due out in 3 hour's time. here are the estimates, pretty low. nonfarm payrolls growing 90,000, down from 156,000 in august. unemployment rate expect today remain unchanged at 4.4% and of course, maria bartiromo will have complete coverage of job's report at 8:00 a.m. cheryl: curious to hear about the manufacturing jobs as well. we shall see. speaking of jobs because we know they have been hiring, amazon is testing a new service to rival delivery giants fedex and ups. lauren: amazon doing something else. tracee carrasco joins with more on that and the other headlines, hey, tracee. tracee: think yet another move by amazon to control more of itself logistics processes, the delivery services called cellar
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cellar-fex. amazon uses fedex and ups for those services, can help overcrowding, it could bring more two-day prime ship to go more of its products. cheryl: amazon is everywhere. youtube trying to limit the amount of views on vegas conspiracy videos. tracee: yeah, we saw issues earlier this week with facebook and google, but after the las vegas shooting videos promoting conspiracy theories and hateful messages started climbing the message. at one point five top videos pedaled misinformation. youtube has reportedly promote more authoritative videos, although it's not clear how it defines the authoritative sources. lauren: there's a lot of
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conspiracy theories. what are you doing tonight, you wanting to to applebees? tracee: i think. they are calling it dollarrita, you can get one margaretna -- margarita for a dollar. lauren: salt included. cheryl: i have great news for both of you. i happen to have a gift card for applebee's. tracee: let's go. [laughter] tracee: sounds good. lauren: willing to consider new rules for bump stocks that turn semiautomatic weapons into machine guns but is this the slippery-slope to repealing the second amendment. that's going to be debated by our panel. outrage after jerry brown defies the administration and makes
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california a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. you're watching fbn:am
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cheryl: welcome back, california has officially become a
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sanctuary state, governor jerry brown signing legislation barring police from asking people about immigration status. 2.3 million illegal immigrants. embarrassing day to breach national security agency, hackers backed by the russian government stole highly classified intelligence after the contractor put information onto home computer. the theft consider it is most serious and could help rush evade nsa surveillance and will easily infiltrate networks. a 12-foot area float surfaced on a beach in south florida after hurricane irma. authorities speculate that it may have originated from cuba. still unknown what it's used for and, lauren, how long has it been out in the water, but cuba and the russians still seem to be good friends.
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lauren: wow, top republicans and nra on the need to regulate bump stock. the nra believes ta devices design today allow semiautomatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations but the organization dismissing calls for more gun control saying banning guns from law abiding americans will do nothing to prevent future attacks. robin byro and patrice, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. lauren: robin, thoughts on what the nra had to say? >> you know, i'm really glad that they took an action on this there are five things that i want them to address not just this issue but in addition to this issue because it's not just bump stocks but trigger
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modification switches because you can still modify a trigger and takes some work to modify a trigger and make semiautomatic weapon and automatic weapon and you can buy frame and build your own weapon that's unregistered. that's a loophole that the nra can deal with and we need to regulate the way the private sales are done and i also don't think that body piercing armor should be legal for civilian use. i want to point out also, that we've had the loss since 1981 banning automatic weapons but there are four state that is still allow that. i think we still have some work to do but i'm glad that the nra is stepping up. lauren: robin, clearly this is a big issue and there is concern that democrats particularly are trying to make this a much bigger issue than it needs to be and that they're walking a slippery slope.
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patrice listen to what wayne lapierre had to say last night. now you have diane feinstein and they want to restrict law abiding people for the last 20 years, the circus on the back of this tragedy. lauren: what do you think, patrice? >> i think he makes an interesting point. we are talking in the cases of domestic violence and that's an important issue for women. i just wanting to back to do idea of gun, these modifications, in 2010 the obama administration allowed the sales of the guns because they didn't kind fall within the certain ramifications for becoming a semiautomatic but actually good that maybe republicans can clean up the mess that the obama administration failed to do.
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you know, it is important that americans can feel safe and part of that for a lot of people, black americans, ensuring that you can protect yourself with firearms. lauren: there's an op-ed in the new york times, he's calling for the repeal of the second amendment, your thoughts on that? >> oh, it's ridiculous. let me tell you, i'm not -- i am a former army ranger, i'm a veteran of army ranger so there's no way that -- i am a concealed carry holder myself. i routinely get death threats. like this is a serious issue and it's never going to work. lauren: you brought in the death threats, oh, gosh, robin, what do you think of that op-ed by repealing second amendment. >> i have been he's giving voice to what a lot of democrats really want which is to see the full repeal of second amendment, he actually has the gull to come
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out and say it but is it going to get passed, absolutely for very good reasons. i live in washington, d.c., being here i haven't been able to have a gun but i know what it's like to be followed by cars in the streets and expect to a police officer to response to 911 call in the moment. i want to know that i can protect myself. there's a lot of people who feel that way. lauren: bret stevens is a conservative columnist. this is going to play out in the election particularly there's a gubernatorial race in virginia. most of the state favor it is second amendment, how do you see it playing out in politics, particularly the coming elections, robin? >> big, i swear if anybody -- i worked with across the aisle, i spoke to gun brokers and some of my very -- as a veteran ranger i spoke to again enthusiast
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friends, they support ban ghost guns, they don't have a cereal numbers. you can buy the frames and buy all the parts and effectively have a gun that you don't need any background check for it and has no cereal number. there are loopholes that they support and we are good. lauren: there's always a loophole, patice, i will give you the last word, you can make a semiautomatic weapon by using a belt buckle. >> that's the challenge trying to legislate what is in someone's heart. in cases like this with this tragedy, we are dealing with an evil person. we may never understand the full motivation but a law can't change that. lauren: you can't legislate away
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evil. well said, robin, patrice, thank you so much for your time. cheryl: debate continue for days after what we have seen in las vegas this week, coming up, get ready for tropical storm nate, oil companies evacuating the rigs, the gulf, new orleans has declared a state of emergency, nate could become a hurricane before it makes landfall, janice dean with the latest track of the storm. you're watching fbn:am at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value.
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lauren: mayor of new orleans declaring state of emergency. cheryl: oil producers including bp and shell shutting production and withdrawing workers from offshore platforms. senior meteorologist janice dean in the weather center. janice: we don't have a lot of time people in southeast louisiana, panhandle, need to be completing preparations. if we could go to weather 8, guys, okay, i want to show you the satellite imagery, we got the latest advisory at 5:00 a.m., still a tropical storm but starting to get better organized and if it doesn't interact with land, it has very warm water ahead of it so the chance for intensification is greater if it moves a little bit towards the east but we are looking at perhaps a direct impact on cancún and then become a hurricane before landfall, we
5:26 am
think, somewhere louisiana coastline, alabama, very vulnerable to storm surge. storm of hurricane will be concern for a lot of folks. was affect bid katrina and hurricane watches are in effect in areas in yellow including new orleans area as well as mobile, alabama into the gulf coast. we will watch computer models but, again, a bit of a widespread here, folks from louisiana to florida panhandle to complete preparations because not only storm surge, wind will be threat and heavy rainfall and the impact is going to be this weekend. so we need people to be on alert and make your preparations and complete them today. back to you, ladies. cheryl: janice dean, a lot to work. janice: you've got it. lauren: coming up, get ready to pay for more house of cards. >> when the money is coming your way, you don't ask any
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cheryl: breaking this morning, paddock may have been eyeing other attack sites. new rule on bump stock that turn semiat make weapons into machine guns. lauren: president trump weighing the future with the deal with iran. cheryl: the longest winning streak in 20 years, september job's report, hurricanes affect
5:31 am
the market. for now our markets are looking toward a mixed open. lauren: in europe opening relatively flat. tense situation in spain, will it remain one country. mixed performance in europe. cheryl: markets remain close in china and south korea. lauren: how much are you willing to pay to watch house of cards, netflix thinks a lot more. fbn:am starts right now. ♪ cheryl: it is 5:31 a.m. in new york, friday october 6th. good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, i'm lauren simonetti, tgif. cheryl: tgif, it's been a tough week. lauren: it has been once again. cheryl: details overnight from las vegas, gunman may have been
5:32 am
scouted other sites for possible attacks. lauren: latest from fox business correspondent jeff flock in las vegas. jeff: we were talking monday morning and expressing surprised having covered a number of mass shootings that we didn't have or at that point we didn't have any clear sense of motive, it strikes me now that we are at the end of the week and we are still saying the very same thing, is it possible that we will never know clearly what caused all of this beyond perhaps undisclosed and unrecognized mental illness, i think it's possible and the latest details on this maybe go to that. the planning that went into this, stephen paddock apparently having cased other locations around the country as well as chicago, booked a room at the blackstone hotel in chicago overlooking the lalapalooza music festival which had more
5:33 am
attending, my daughters have gone to that festival. the mayor went last year. also report out of boston that he was overlooking fenway park as another potential target. interesting stuff there. as to the mental illness piece of it, marilou danley who interviewed with police the day before yesterday, police have not said a whole lot about what she told him other than she had no idea he was planning what he carried out. there's a report now that she said to police that he would often in his sleep mown and scream indicating he was nightmares, he was prescribed a medication which was essentially was valium for anxiety. all of this as we begin to get in the face where funerals take place for the 58 victims, included among them a man by the name of charleston hartfield, he
5:34 am
was a metro la -- las vegas, i should say, police officer off duty and jumped and saved a number of people but in so doing lost his own life. a lot of stories like that out there that we've heard in our push to try to figure out what caused all of this. i think maybe we've overlooked the stories of people that are victims, 58 of them in addition to all the people injured and wounded. quite a story that goes on as we search for some way to make sense of it. cheryl: i think a lot of americans are finding comfort that there were so many heros that night in las vegas that came to the aid of fellow concert goers to save lives and so many lives luckily saved as
5:35 am
well. thank you very much so much for your coverage, we appreciate it. jeff: thank you, cheryl. lauren: rifle national association traditionally oppose today gun regulations but now calling for a federal review of bump stocks and suggested new rules might be needed for the device apparently used, there were 12 in his hotel room by the gunman stephen paddock, ceo wayne lapierre was on hannity last night. >> the other side has been so outright trying to politicize this tragedy that we did feel the need to speak out today on the whole bump-stock issue. you know, i for years have tried to create the media on semiautomatics when they said they were fully automatic firearms, when they feinstein and schumer said they were machine guns. for years i set the record straight.
5:36 am
lauren: modification that allows a semiatmatic rifle to simulate rapid fire from automatic weapon, basically turning a gun to a machine gun. cheryl: wayne lapierre rarely does interviews, okay, this is something that we want to discuss that was good. the white house right now is pushing back on a report that the president has decide today decertify the iran nuclear deal next week. an administration source telling fox news the decision on the agreement is not, quote, fully baked but time message last night as he spoke to reporters following a photo-op following senior military leaders at the white house. [inaudible conversations] >> you will find out, mr. president? >> you'll find out. lauren: the white house confirming, we will find out soon. >> the president has as he said
5:37 am
made a decision on this and he will make the announcement at the appropriate time, the main focus that he had had comprehensive strategy on how to deal with iran, that is what he wanted his team to put in police and i think you will see that announced in short order. lauren: if trump does decertify the iran deal congress can impose sanctions that were withdrawn with the obama administration. cheryl: another ungoing of the obama era. toys are are you sure issuing major recall. lauren: tracee carrasco joining us. tracee: recalling 30,000 of these toys for potential choking hazard. the infant wiggle billion and the knobs can break off and no
5:38 am
reports of children actually choking. cheryl: that's good, at least they caught it in time. we have been talking about this already. netflix, they're raising their prices. tracee: netflix and bill is what we are calling it. if you want to watch the new season of stranger things, you will have to pay more. raising prices in two years, increasing the cost of most popular plan by 1 dollar to 10.99 a month, subscribers of 11.99 premium will see increase $2 to is 3.99. if you have the basic 7.99 plan, the monthly fee stays the same. lauren: up has gone up to 14 bucks. tracee: this is creepy actually, this was an idea to move on from this idea. device named aritotole all in one baby monitor that grows with
5:39 am
your child from birth to adolescence, like a google home or am done echo-type of voice listening for cue sounds and responding, it was supposed to have a light and a camera, sales of the monitor were first delayed and dropped altogether because of privacy concerns from lawmakers, consumer advocates and parents. lauren: well, yeah, smart devices are always privacy concern. tracee: baby monitors are easily hacked because a lot of parents don't do patches and we have seen a lot of reports of that happening. cheryl: i'm glad that they are not going forward. tracee: exactly. cheryl: tracee, thank you very much. coming up despite what has happened this week, the markets have had a record run, it's been incredible. the focus today how the hurricane has affected the nation's labor markets, september job's report coming out in just a few hours. three hours actually and then this, tesla ceo elon musk, has
5:40 am
solution to puerto rico's devastating power grid and guess what it's one of his companies that can help out. you're watching fbn:am.
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president mike pins will travel caribbean to get an update on hurricane recovery efforts. he will get an aerial tour of st. cory and u.s. virgin islands and heading to san juan to distribute goods at church. tesla can get the light back in puerto rico, can restore the power grid with solar electricity, musk said tesla has done it before for smaller islands and all puerto rico has to do is ask. electric company says some households may be without power for 4 to 6 months and movie executive firing back at new york times, the paper was reckless and reporting sexual harassment allegations against them although he did not deny them. accusing the times of holding a vendetta against him. spokesperson for the times says it stands by its report, cheryl. cheryl: all right, a lot going
5:44 am
on. he made good movies. maybe needs some help. let's get the september job's report this morning shall we? one key thing that we will see less than three hours from now, the impact of hurricanes irma and harvey which kept many workers in texas and florida at home, senior economic analyst, mark, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: 8% of the workforce live in the counties that were affected by harvey and irma? >> horrific effect on the people, people hunkered down and businesses did not operate, economic activity was suspended or delayed or destroyed so this will be present in the employment numbers for a few hours from now. i think the underlying message that we should all remember is what the hurricanes the flooding, the storms took away in terms of national economic activity is being restored as
5:45 am
recovery and rebuilding occurs, that's not to let's say dismiss the real impacts on peal people that this had, in many ways, will be disregarding the payroll numbers this morning because we know that this is sort of a short-term impact. cheryl: estimate of 90,000 jobs added, that does not link up with the rest of the month that we have seen up until now. unemployment at 4.4%. let's talk about the rate because really when you are down to 4.4%, that indicate that is you're at full employment for the nation but we have not wages keep up. what do you expect to see with regards to wage data today because that seems to be where we are not really, you know, clicking, if you will. >> yeah, first of all, i think full employment is something we know after the fact rather than during that time and as we know, the impacts of the financial crisis in great recession were profound and in some ways we are still coming to terms with those impacts and maybe that if this
5:46 am
economic recovery can continue that we can go lower on the unemployment rate from here. that's what i think, anyway. in terms of -- yeah, in terms of wages, i wouldn't look for any huge spike in the near term because we know that companies have the ability to either substitute for labor with technology or offshore and there are still workers available. in many cases, we know there are plenty of sectors where workers are tight, construction is one of them and that's been impacted by the hurricane. cheryl: there's been interesting reports about market melt in general. it's been a record week for the market. it's been incredible to see the markets. september and october normally don't perform this way so it's been a nice surprise, you know, if we see melt up, what that means is that there's so much bull you shall optimism that people start to buy and buy because they don't want to miss the run up. do you think that the markets can continue what they are doing and would you -- do you think the economy can keep up as well? >> well, for markets and
5:47 am
individuals, demises are hard to predict. i think that first of all, in terms of overvaluation or undervaluation, markets can be in those stages for prolonged periods of time and the fact that they are in one than the other, this rally could go on for a while yet, certainly if the fed makes a misstep, that's going to be a problem but the economy is in pretty good shape. cheryl: a lot of the analysts said basically, we've got the timid fed coupled with everything else we are seeing that watch out in a good way. mark, thank you for being here this morning, we appreciate it. >> thank you. cheryl: we will get the job's report, mornings with maria, she got an entire panel of experts. it's going to be a great show today. lauren: we try to figure out the interpretation by the job's data by what investors are saying. in baseball playoffs, win over
5:48 am
yankees. comments are costing him a lot of money. one of his sponsors dropping him. you're watching fbn:am.
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cheryl: carolina panthers cam newton issuing an apology for telling a female reporter it was funny to hear her talk about football players' routes. >> i understand that my word choice was extremely degrading and disrespectful to women and to be honest, that was not my
5:52 am
intention and if you are a person who took offense to what i said, i sincerely apologize to you. cheryl: but the apology coming too late from one sponsor, yogurt maker cutting ties. lauren: half of the viewers for the nfl are women. you have to defend your audience. cheryl: you might want to be nice to female reporters in locker room, by the way. lauren: let's do baseball. we had a couple of amazing performances yesterday. cheryl: jared max is here. playoffs are here. jared: the tone short of it. after baseball shortest players stood tallest. aaron judge got a taste, judge struck-out four times, first at bat, gary sánchez goes down,
5:53 am
frazier. all the indians needed was bruce. accounted for all four runs, 3 rbi's, cleveland wins it. 5'5 josé produced a giant game against red sox. takes chris sailing deep. fifth inning let's say let's play the christopher song again, sailing. third time to make baseball history? >> look out now, look out here, look out now. you want to join babe ruth on the list. he just did. jared: 3 home runs altuve. today we have a quadruple header with four games in all beginning at 2:00 o'clock eastern time with the red sox and the astros and cubs, nationals, dodgers get underway. first games of the nfl season.
5:54 am
patriots had defense going. tom brady as well. hogan, 5-yard touchdown. late in the game, james had chance to win it for tampa bay but incomplete on the final play at the pass holding up buckers in -- buccaneers. last night it was a victory for louisville against nc state -- nc state defeated louisville. the florida gator are going to honor tom petty. one of tom petty's anthem fights , 91,000 strong, the gators sang. we got to experience this. you want to get a sense of what
5:55 am
this is. do we have the video on this? yes? cheryl: oh. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ jared: that's 15,000 people in newark, new jersey. i'm one of many americans that really felt this loss painfully. lauren: unfortunately it's happening -- happened on the same day of vegas shooting. the loss of the legend gets lost with the bad stuff going on. cheryl: jared max, you can catch jared fox sports 24/7, siriusxm 115. lauren: tense weekend in spain as cataloina tries to break away from the government there. another dramatic development in
5:56 am
their bid for independence coming up [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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cheryl: is spain on the verge of breaking up? lauren: let's ask reva from the wall street journal. happy friday to you, reva. >> happy friday. lauren: are they going to declare independence from spain? >> it's not clear what exactly would be the outcome of a parliamentary session on monday. on the one hand, you could get a
5:59 am
straight up declaration of independence and on the other hand a starting point for negotiated solution or more at on my for the catalan region. a lot up in the air. the constitutional court has said, ordered this to be descended while they figure out it's legal, a decision which is considered politicized by many in favor of succession. quite uncertain, quite a lot up in the air. cheryl: we will watch it over the weekend. speaking of break-ups, it's been a rough quarter for the british pound, it's because of brexit, what's going on? >> yeah, the british pound had its best, best month in a long time in september and is really been on a downward trend. people are getting quite nervous about the stability of the government here and ability prime minister theresa may's leadership as well as down-beat economic data, very bad week for the pound. lauren: spain, british pound, job's report, so much going on, reva gold, thank you.
6:00 am
>> thanks for having me. cheryl: it is friday and it is job's report friday, that means it's jobs in america time with maria bartiromo, you have a great panel, good morning. maria: we do. we are talking about jabs and identifying where the jobs are. thank you so much, ladies, thank you so much for joining us, happy friday to you, it is friday october 6th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast right now. getting america back to work, we are awaiting the september job's report out this morning due out in two and a half hours, the economists are expecting 90,000 jobs added to the economy last night with unemployment rate holding steady at 4.4%. recent hurricanes expected to take a major toll on this report. this coming amid record run on wall street. another all-time high yesterday, the market is on fire. almost $5 trillion in market value gained since election day. in europe major averages look like this, take a look at the indices, the cac quarante is do


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