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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. thank you both very very much now here is lou dobbs. >> lou: good evening a number of breaking news stories in northern california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in wine country, that's napa, sonoma counties as firefighters struggle to contain 15 major wildfires burning out of control. the fast moving fires have killed at least one person destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and forced 20,000 people to evacuate. we'll have the latest details for you here tonight. also, sunday night football ratings continued to decline as players in salt our anthem, our flag, and our nation. last night, some of the 49ers
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refused to stand for the flag and the anthem and colts players did stand but they stood with their arms interlocked during the anthem. vice president mike pence and his wife walked out, refusing to put up with the insults to the nation and its symbols. just when it looked as though the owners and players were coming to their senses, it's clear commissioner goodell has given the players the okay to protest during our national anthem. in other news tonight, president trump unveiling a 70 point list of immigration demands to event if congress is to push through immigration reforms, especially daca. the proposal calls for a crack down on unaccompanied minors who entered the u.s. , cutting funding to sanctuary cities, and hiring 10,000 more immigration enforcement agents. it also seeks to protect american workers by mandating e- verify and overhauling the
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green card system to end chain migration, but details on those parts of the plan are certainly not clear at this point. democrats is expected simply hating the proposal. senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi releasing a statement saying the plan strays from a deal they discussed with the president last month. their statement, their joint statement says in part, "we told the president that our meeting that we were open, we were open to reasonable border security measures alongside the dream act but this list goes so far beyond what is reasonable, this proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise." trump administration officials are going these provisions will cut down on illegal immigration and the administration is urging congress to include all of them in any bill addressing daca. joining us tonight, jessica vaughn, she's director of policy
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studies for the center for immigration studies and jessica, good to have you with us. this is a long list. it is an important list. your reaction to it and what do you think will be the reaction in the halls of congress? >> jessica: it is a long list but there are a lot of things wrong with our immigration system, both in border security and interior enforcement and our legal immigration system that many americans support but think it needs to be modernized and needs to be trimmed back a little bit. this is a to do list for congress. i think this is really the president saying like a parent says to a small child at dinner, you've got to eat your fresh healthy vegetables and fix the things that are wrong with our immigration system before you get that twinkie of an amnesty for dessert. >> lou: it's more than a twinkie it's a whole desert table and one that's unappetizing to millions and millions of
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americans. it is at the same time a proposal that opens up the discussion on daca. daca itself is illegal. it is unconstitutional. we know that, and yet here we are watching congress and the president start horse trading at least the early stages of it over its survival. >> jessica: well the president didn't include an amnesty for people with daca as a priority in this list of things, but clearly, this is the priority for the democrats in the house and the senate and that's distressing to see that that amnesty is more important to them than these very necessary common sense reforms that americans want to see happen, that are en america's best interest and that will give us immigration system with some integrity going forward that we can all be proud of and support. they don't seem to be willing to
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budge off of their position. because they hear so much. >> lou: -- >> about amnesty they should be willing to do these common sense reforms because we've done this before. if we don't make these necessary changes to our immigration system and these are things on this list that congress has to do. the president cannot do this by himself. he's started. >> lou: not lawfully. we saw president obama do so but not lawfully. let me say this. >> jessica. that's right. >> lou: we've been at this for some time now. actively on capitol hill, moving through the legislative process since 2006. the kennedy and mccain legislation was a disaster in large measure because of chain migration and changing the rules about who could come in and their basic tenant was anyone in the family extended as far as the imagination could carry it would be fine.
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this does raise chain migration. it is an apparent opening bid to end it. your thoughts? >> jessica: well, i think cushing chain migration and getting rid of the unnecessary visa lottery program are the most important things that could happen in concert with any daca amnesty if that is to happen. every new immigrant to this country sponsors an average of more than three additional immigrants through chain migration. this is a recipe-- >> lou: you've been very conservative here jessica. the studies that i have seen show in legal immigration, the average is six and dependent these illegal immigrants come in they are so dependent upon the family that is here, friends and others one would think that number would be significantly
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higher. >> jessica: it is for some groups particularly certain parts of the world, latin america and china. immigrants from those places have in the past brought an average of more than six additional immigrants through migration. >> lou: we should point out for those who are not aware, the majority of people entering the country illegally in the most recent year were from china, from mexico, that makes up the majority of illegal immigration into this country. let me ask you this final question if i may. no discussion of a wall has been entertained in congress and we're talking about a congress that's led by the republican party. no discussion of a wall, border security, or the agents that the president has asked for. any change, any hope of immigration reform, is it not still utterly dependent upon
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first securing the border and assuring the sovereignty of the nation? >> jessica: yes, we have to secure the border because of illegal immigration and also the flow of illicit drugs into american communities and to keep those american communities along the border safe. >> lou: yes. >> jessica: that has to be a prerequisite. it shouldn't be negotiable for anything. it should be congress' job to provide the president with the resources he needs to get that done. >> lou: you and i veterans of the immigration and illegal immigration open borders and border security wars very well, it has not been for a very long time. jessica vaughn great to have you with us we appreciate it. >> jessica: thank you good to be with you. >> lou: growing outrage tonight over nfl players who continue to insult our flag. vice president mike pence leaving the colts 49ers game over player protest. more than 20 players for the san
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francisco 49ers showing their disrespect insulting and refusing to stand during the national anthem. with colts players locking their arms during the anthem, the vice president tweeted this. "i left today's colts game because the president and i will not dig any friday any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag, or our national anthe" jerry joins also fighting back instead of kneeling with his players he issued a warning to his players who insult the flag. >> there is no patience and if there is anything that is dis respect full to the flag then we will not play. >> lou: the miami dolphins also issued a rule requiring their players to stand for the national anthem or remain in the locker room. the philadelphia eagles may need a rule at least three of their players raising their fists as you'll see here and a black
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power salute last night. we are coming back with much more on that story all of the top news of the day stay with us >> president trump expected to announce his decision to decertify the disastrous iran nuclear deal this week. >> the iran deal is terrible should have never been made. the leads to nuclear weapons for iran in a short period of time. >> we'll take up the fallout on desert any indication of the deal, ed rollins joins us and california declares a state of emergency, raging wildfires consuming wine country, san francisco covered in smoke. the fast moving fires coursing more than 20,000 people to evacuate, we'll have the latest for you and much more straight ahead. stayayayayay
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>> california governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in napa, yuba, and son oma counties as several wildfires continue to rage through wine country including m endocino county. more than 1500 homes, businesses , destroyed that has prompted the evacuation as i said earlier of roughly 20,000 residents, fox news correspondent claudia cowen is in sonoma county and has the
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latest for us. claudia? >> reporter: thousands of firefighters from across the state are now battling this massive wildfire that just erupt ed overnight taking out dry hillsides and structures like this one. this used to be a dairy that's been here for many many decades more than 1500 homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed as fierce winds pushed the flames over mountain ridges and highways scorching more than 75,000-acres in napa and santa rosa and prompting massive evacuations. some 20,000 people are out of the their homes, many said they fled for their lives in the middle of the night. some did not make it. there's at least one confirmed death from a fire in mendacino county about a hundred miles away the sheriff saying there could be multiple fatalit ies and many residents are unacted for and listed as missing. while those fierce wind gusts have died down a red flag warning remains in effect at least through tuesday, because
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of the warm dry conditions, and the governor of california has declared a state of emergency. how? >> lou: cloudy a thank you very much. cloudy a cowen. southern california is also in crisis officials there are trying to contain a deadly outbreak of hepatitis a which has killed 17, sickened more than 500 in san diego. it is now spread to los angeles to san francisco. it is on the verge of being declared a statewide epidemic. well turning now to politics, retiring republican senator bob corker spent the weekend lobbying, well twitter insults at the president. the tennessee lawmaker said sunday the president is in his opinion running a reality show and could send the nation on the path to world war 3. a little hyperbole gripping the senator and for whatever reason, on saturday senator corker also
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called the white house an adult daycare center. the president summed up the situation this way tweeting bob corker gave us the iran deal and that's about it. we need healthcare, we need tax cuts and reform. we need people who can get the job done. joining us now ed rollins chairman of the great america pack who served at the top level of two white house administrations as the assistant to the president. great to have you here. >> ed: thank you very much. >> lou: bob corker what in the world is he doing? >> the unfortunate thing is bob corker is there for two more years determined not to run for re-election, certainly his perogative but if he becomes the in-house critic at chairman of foreign relations committee it's a big platform for him to basically dump on the president. >> lou: you got to be clear the ron he's there is because of mitch mcconnell. >> absolutely. >> lou: mcconnell could end this nonsense. >> the conference needs to basically bring him in. you know you can argue, you can disagree on votes but you can't
10:18 pm
have a major chairman of your own party criticizing the president on his foreign policy and anything else. >> lou: he looks so small, so insulting and petty and i mean, a crack about a daycare center world world war 3 i mean he looks moronic. >> no one tweets quite like the president so the rest of us shouldn't try. >> lou: i think that's well said so let's turn to 70 points for immigration reform. the president laying this out for daca. now daca as i said earlier, we know that it's illegal. it's unconstitutional and yet here it is. the president has an opportunity for the left to save daca. >> ed: daca shouldn't be the only negotiating point here. the interesting thing is last time was one of those white houses 1986 was the last immigration bill that's been passed in this country. both obama and george w. bush with majorities of their own party try to do comprehensive immigration couldn't get it
10:19 pm
through. i think at this point you have to understand there's a give and take in this and if schumer and those guys want something obviously the president gets what the he wants at least 70 points or beginning points from his perspective obviously it's not him sitting down in the corner office writing this out. these are things people in the field feel very very important to do this. this needs one more big comprehensive program we should do it well and it's going to take time to put it together and that means-- >> lou: i think the idea of a comprehensive program every time the left has and of course the business interest on the extreme right have cried out for comprehensive immigration. it becomes a catch all for every kind of nonsense except getting to the point which is we need to secure our borders, we need to control immigration, we need to end and the list goes on and those 70 points in addition but to have any discussion about immigration reform without the ability to control immigration
10:20 pm
is mad. >> ed: your point is valid because every kid under daca or a young adult came in after the 86 bill. there's nobody here before. you had 2.5 million people out of a possibility of five who could come in and took advantage of it but they didn't do the security side and to a certain extent, they just missed it. >> lou: this is such a compelling issue, but the fact is those 800,000 daca enrollees most of them, the vast majority of them over 70% are on welfare of one form or another and people have to be honest about what's going on here. we've got to take control of that immigration system as the president campaigned on and reward talent and skills that are needed in this country. >> ed: well he tapped into the mood of the country which was
10:21 pm
basically an anti-illegal immigration sentiment and i think that it wasn't something he just made up out of the top of his head so a certain extent if you put this through it's not what chuck schumer or nancy pelosi wants. >> lou: that's a shame. >> ed: it's basically what the country wants. >> lou: imagine that what the country needs as the president outlined it what not schumer and pelosi want or it's ridiculous how much this discussion already resembles 2006. >> ed: absolutely no question about that. >> lou: ed rollins my pleasure to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> lou: be sure to vote in our poll and the question is do you believe nfl football fans should follow vice president pence's lead and walk walk out demanding a refund when nfl players insult the national anthem and the country itself. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs and like me on facebook and instagram lou dobbs tonight there and on wall street
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stocks moving lower the dow off 13 points s & p down five, nasdac lost 10. volume on the big board light trading, 2.4 billion shares, ge shares hitting a two year low and giving activists investor try on a seat on the board after jeffrey's departure, ge stock down more than 40% and tesla plunging nearly 4% today as the electric car maker fails to deliver on its latest model 3 and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network, up next, we finally know what it takes for espn to suspend an employee, we're coming right back with that and much more so commentary is coming up here next, stay with us.
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>> lou: dallas cowboys owner jerry jones taking a stand against the player protest against our national anthem, our flag and our country, but espn j amael hill who seems intent on insulting the president and the espn audience chose to encourage a boycott tweeting this. this play always work, that's her word, change happens when advertisers are impacted. if you feel strongly about jerry jones statement, boycott his advertiser. hill even claims an unfair burden has been placed on nfl players in dallas and miami because players risk being bench ed if they don't stand
10:28 pm
respect fully for the national anthem. apparently she thinks it's unfair to be respectful to the flag and the nation. the result espn announced it will be suspending hill for two weeks citing a second violation of the company's social media guidelines. of course, the leader in sports only taking action when it affects their bottom line, perspectively at least. the sports network pays nearly $2 billion a year to the nfl for broadcast rights, but when she insulted president trump last month, espn did absolutely nothing warning the host about her conduct. it's no wonder the espn is struggling losing subscribers facing higher costs and a decline in ad revenue, and that's where we are in this nfl player-led protest. these protesting nfl players are such ingrates that they and some of the sportscasters who cover them believe standing for the
10:29 pm
national anthem hand over heart constitutes some form of are you ready? oppression. good grief. our quotation of the evening this from george bernard shaw. he said this. "power does not corrupt men. fools, however, if they get into a position of power corrupt power." we're coming right back, stay with us. president trump criticizing the inepitude of the obama administrations north korea policy. we take up the president's tough talk and tougher policy against the rogue regime, gordon chang joins us next, and this daredevil motorcyclist pulling off a spectacular stunt over the tems river we'll show you the gravity defying and stomach churning video here next, we'll churning video here next, we'll be right back.
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until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. lou: russia and china are urges president trump to stay in the iran nuclear deal. russia, in fact, warning of what they are calling negative consequences if the united states were to pull out of that deal, china claims the deal plays an important role in keeping global peace. president trump is expected to decertify that deal later this week. the president today reiterated his position that diplomacy doesn't work with north korea. he tweeted this quote our
10:34 pm
country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea for 25 years, giving billions of dollars and getting nothing. policy didn't work. kim jong-un over the weekend defended the country's nuclear program saying it's a powerful deterrent that guarantees its sovereignty. joining me now, asia expert gordon chang, contributor and great american. great to have you here. >> thank you so much, lou. lou: i think it's interesting that the national left-wing media is not giving president trump credit that seems that they are positive results and certainly they're not determinate but early positive results from his reaching out to president xi on north korea. >> certainly. the chinese have said that they ordered the banks to stop some -- not all, but some of the financial relations and
10:35 pm
economic relations with north korea. that was certainly a positive. and i think that was the result with president trump on june 29th from the global financial system. that was an important step forward. also, we have president trump on his september 21 executive order, which is a major step forward. it's, i think, one of the most important things that any american leader has done on north korea. so this is significant, and i think that president trump has got a lot of work to do. but nonetheless, he's moving in the right direction on that. lou: and he is the only president to ever move as decisively and as straight forwardly with the chinese president on the issue of their clients' state, which is, if not outright, north korea. he also admonished his military leaders, as you know, saying at a dinner at the white house, he needs options faster, he needs the military leaders, including general mattis, the secretary of
10:36 pm
defense to make things happen. to push against the bureaucracy. your reaction. >> yeah. we saw evidence of mattis actually moving in response to what president trump said last week because as mattis was talking to the army that they've got to be ready immediately. and that's important. because, you know, u.s. forces korea. their motto is fight tonight. and when i was in korea at the end of june, i heard general vincent brooks who is the commander, as actually a stayed of being. it's a way of life for american forces, and it's important for mattis to instill that sense of urgency across the u.s. armed forces. >> you have the instinct here, at least the sense that general mattis was talking to forces outside of korea because those forces would come into play, it appears, in quick order. it is troubling to hear mattis to say to develop options, rather than have them ready right now.
10:37 pm
that seemed to me to be a peculiar expression. i don't know what he meant. do you? >> no, i don't. and i picked that up as well. right now, we have the ronald reagan, which is a class carrier moving off north korea's east coast. this is important because that's 4.2 acres of sovereign american territory very close to north korea. lou: and three other carrier strike forces in the region and prepared to participate, should the president order a military intervention. >> yes. and this is consequential, of course. you know, i think what mattis is trying to do as you mention instill that sense of urgency across the pentagon because i'm not so sure that it's there. people in korea, they understand what's going on. i'm not so sure that everybody else does because they have the sense of oh, you know, this isn't such a big deal. but i think, of course, it
10:38 pm
is. lou: i would hope that there isn't that dissidents between the pentagon and the white house because if all of the departments that should be ready to act on the president's order instantly, it should be them. >> yeah. well, you know, north korea can always take us by surprise. they've done this so many times. they shot down that navy reconnaissance plane over international water, they hacked to death those two colonels in the dmz. they took us by surprise on all three of those. and they've been better since then. but in 2010, they sunk that frigate, they sunk the island. this took washington by surprise. so we have to be very careful with them. lou: i think that they have to be very careful with us as well. >> of course. lou: thanks to president trump. i'm not so sure they want to. >> well, you know, clearly, the chinese, i think, have reacted very carefully to the president because they don't know what he's going to do. and that's a good thing.
10:39 pm
lou: well, he did describe a calm before a storm. which i'm sure was noted in iran as well as pyongyang. lou: do you think nfl fans should follow the vice president's lead and walk out? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. please roll the video. there's a reason travis pastrana is a superstar in extreme sports. this is the reason. he nails the 75-foot motorcycle back flip between two barges in london's river. he stops his bike on a dime, despite having less than 40 feet of room. i mean, that's amazing. again, i ask why. why? but i say thank you at the
10:40 pm
same time. up next, drawing backlash against the gop establishment and his leaders if you can use the term that loosely over their failure to accomplish anything for this president. kelly ward challenging rhino senator jeff blake. she joins us here next. stay with us. we'll be right back. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? armless bowling. you got this, jimmy!
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lou: former white house chief strategist steve bannon targeting incumbent senator jeff flake of arizona trying to unseat the antitrump republican next year. both bannon and the mega donor are early backers of the opponent. polls last month showed ward with a 14-point lead. we're joined by former arizona state senator dr. ward. and it's great to have you with us. let's start, doctor, with how you think this is going to unfold. flake has got a lot of money behind him. the gop establishment, as you know, you've seen this movie before. >> lou, i'm so glad to be here tonight with you, and you're exactly right. we have seen the movie. and i think that's what led to
10:45 pm
the frustration across this country that gave us a president donald trump. people are really, really tired of the swamp. they're tired of the status quo, and they're looking for, you know, revolutionary transformational leaders to go to washington, d.c. and put this america first agenda into play to bring the policy forward and jeff cannot do it. will not do it does. lou: he's a never trumper, i think would be fair to call him. and what is it that you're -- what is in your judgment, your greatest appeal to replace blake in the senate? >> you know, i think the place where we varied the most -- besides our -- he does not support president trump, and i do, is on immigration and on the border. i want a secure border. i want to build the wall. i want to stop illegal immigration. you know, i consider myself an americanist. i -- from what we've seen from
10:46 pm
senator flake, he's very weak on the border. president trump has said so himself. he is weak on the border. he's for open borders and amnesty, and that's just unacceptable. not just in arizona but across our whole country. lou: the gop establishment itself. how do you think it's going to sort out -- i want to get a sense of, if you will, your sense of the midterm elections, the role of the establishment, how tough it's going to be for the challengers to the orthodox and the establishment, the elites for just about -- for the -- for all of the country? >> you know, i think that people have woken up. and the forgotten man and woman are no longer forgotten. the rates in alabama with judge roy moore winning a harbinger for what's going to happen across this entire nation. i love to hear that there are people out there who are looking to replace every establishment, ineffective republican in the senate. and i'm glad senator ted cruz
10:47 pm
is out of those crosshairs. but i think a lot of the other people aren't getting the job done, and people are simply sick and tired of it. i look forward to getting to washington and doing the job that we all want done. lou: and do you see this as being a wave midterm election? >> i do. i certainly do. and i -- you know, i hope tha that -- lou: that is the antiestablishment wave. >> yes. and i think the establishment would have us believe that democrats are going to swoop in and take those seats. that simply is not the case. i think we are going to see a huge wave of conservative republicans thinkers who are thinking along the nationalist, populist lines that put america first. people that want to secure the border. that want to stop illegal immigration. that want to repeal obamacare. that want the tax code fixed, and they want it fixed now. who want to make sure that our border patrol has everything that they need to be able to be successful and make sure that america is safe.
10:48 pm
people that want those things are going to go to washington, and we're going to get the work done. lou: all right. well, thank you very much for being with us. look forward to talking with you throughout the campaign, dr. kelly ward. thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. lou: well, it has been nearly three weeks since hurricane maria made landfall in puerto rico. and roughly, 35% of that island is without power. 40% of residents don't have drinking water, a quarter of all grocery stores remain closed. now, the island's outdated electrical grid, long any deflected by island politicians, we're told now will take months and an estimated $5 billion to fix. san juan mayor carmen cruz is continuing her politically-motivated criticisms of relief efforts. but fema director brock long says he tuned her out long
10:49 pm
ago. >> we filtered out the mayor a long time ago. we don't have time for the political noise. the bottom line is that we are making progress every day in conjunction with the governor. lou: up next, the left-wing media still covering for the obama administration. we will show you the real travel scandal coming up here next. stay with us. niger and rachel join me next. we'll be right back
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lou: in our online poll last week, we asked should the special council pivot from president trump to mark zuckerberg in his quest for russian collusion? 95% of you say that would be a very good idea. finding out how much advertising was on facebook bought by the russians. the u.s. inspector general has launched at least five investigations and travel by trump cabinet members. energy secretary rick perry, epa scott pruitt, treasury mnuchin, under scrutiny. the investigators may also want to put obama's cabinet under scrutiny as well because as you see there, they had quite an advantage. the administration took 94 military flights in its first eight months compared with 77 for the trump team.
10:54 pm
the obama administration also spent nearly a million dollars on nonmilitary charter flights during his two terms. well, joining me now, fox news contributor, rachel compost, national spokesperson for the racial equality conservative commentator niger and rachel, good to have you both with us. let me start, rachel, with you. the president has put forward an initial bargaining position on comprehensive immigration reform. what are the odds of its passage? >> well, it depends on if the democrats care more about hitting trump and their political shenanigans than they care about the daca people that they claim they've been fighting for for eight years. i mean, this is a negotiation. i think he put forward in trump style some things he probably doesn't expect to
10:55 pm
get. but the american people have made it clear. they are willing to help the daca dreamers, if you will, if there's going to be border security and interior security with it. lou: what do you think, niger? >> well, unlike a lot of folk on the left who talk about dreamers and hypotheticals and use dreamers, quite frankly, as a political weapon, i've actually talked to dreamers and communicated with dreamers. and they're very, very concerned about their future and, you know, president trump has done an outstanding thing by saying, look, congress, you're going to do your job. you have to pass legislation. this is not going to be done through some executive action that is unconstitutionally-shaky, and i think rachel is exactly right. democrats have got to make the determination. do they want to actually help these dreamers that qualify to
10:56 pm
legitimately become -- have legal status? that doesn't mean citizenship. but legal status so that they can work, and they can go to school, and they can have some peace of mind at the end of the day. because i can tell you point-blank from folk that i've talked to, they're very, very concerned. so democrats, the ball is in your court. lou: and frankly, i think, rachel, that the president has made it very clear what he wants, and we know what schumer wants, which is everything. the left has grown accustom over this debate battle over illegal immigration and open borders since 2006, in particular, they insist that they get citizenship, a path to citizenship, wide open borders, forgiveness of just about everything or some in the way of some kind of fine. this is an attitude of
10:57 pm
entitlement on the part of the left in this country on the issue of illegal immigration that the president, if he accepts it, he would get rolled on the wall, on enforcement, on the 10,000 ice agents that he's asking for. e-verify. this is not a problem that has to be perpetuated. if -- but don't you think that you have to insist on border security and the wall and e-verify, all of it being in place before you begin immigration reform? >> well, what's interesting is the american people have said very clearly in the election, they said we want immigration reform, but we want border security first. and they have also said in very large numbers over 80%, we also want to do something with daca, and i think that the president is actually reflecting what the american people want, and i think when you say the democrats want everything, you know what i think the democrats really
10:58 pm
want? they want nothing to happen. i tell you this as a hispanic woman. they love this. they want this immigration reform to never get off the table because i told you before, lou, when you take immigration off the table, hispanics look like conservatives. they look like republicans. so they don't want to deal for the daca dreamers. they want this issue to continue to fester and don't want to blame republicans for it. lou: i understand. but my question was should the president be insisting on all border security be in place before -- >> he has to. he has to. >> of course. that's what the american people want. >> the president got elected on a america-first immigration party. platform, rather. and that means stopping illegal immigration, bringing about border security, but it also means having abimmigration policy that is good not just for the immigrants that want to come into the country, but good for the american people.
10:59 pm
good for our economy, good for the american worker so that it doesn't -- so that immigration even legal immigration doesn't depress wages of the american people that are here, and, yes, lou, you're absolutely right. i know for a fact that the base of the loyalist who president trump would not tolerate any kind of comprehensive program without border security and without guaranteeing that we're not visiting this question yet again some ten years from now. >> well, leadership of the republican party. forget the democratic party, rachel. will they accept border security, a wall, and enforcement of that security as a condition precedent to immigration reform? >> of course. i mean, this is why immigration reform never happened under obama either. because, you know. >> we have about ten seconds. >> the sweet spot has always been border security and immigration reform.
11:00 pm
>> rachel, thank you for doing that. niger, thank you. we appreciate it. good to have you with us. thank you for joining us. good night fro thank you both vy very much now here is lou dobbs. >> lou: good evening a number of breaking news stories in northern california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in wine country, that's napa, sonoma counties as firefighters struggle to contain 15 major wildfires burning out of control. the fast moving fires have killed at least one person destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and forced 20,000 people to evacuate. we'll have the latest details for you here tonight. also, sunday night football ratings continued to decline as players in salt our anthem, our flag, and our nation. last


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