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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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okay. >> i sense a touch of mint. >> i hope it's not earth worm or play-doh. >> we remember the taste of play-doh because we did chew into it. >> i think it's orange cream sickle. >> we'll find out. "risk & reward" starts now. liz: hollywood and the nfl letting americans down, now their own bottom lines are at stake. this is a big business story. nfl's commissioner roger goodell sending a letter to nfl teams making it clear he does want nfl football players to stand during the national anthem. we've got the data shows nfl players arrested nearly 900 times including nearly 100 domestic violence cases since the year 2000. and the news coming in, nfl team owners considering a brand-new rule change that would require players to stand for the national anthem. and it took hillary clinton five days to criticize liberal hollywood mogul harvey
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weinstein, only after more actresses stepped up to say he harassed them, too. gwyneth paltrow, angelina jolie, mira sorvino and more. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm elizabeth macdonald. the so-called arbiters of american culture, the ugly underside of both tonight. fans expect movies and football to be an escape from all things political. now at risk of getting sacked by millions of fans across the country. both are at risk of fans leaving due to cord cutting and streaming. hitting the ratings across the board. the nfl polling on protests almost universally terrible. ticket sales and ratings slipping and sliding. hollywood just saw its worst summer box office in 25 years. when the u.s. is just getting out of recession. fans value the moment of unity when we can put aside all of our agendas and come together simply as americans, that's
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what the nfl and hollywood are ignoring. people like to stand before the flags in unity. sports fans want to cheer on teams and movie fans like the unity of enjoying a movie. anything that steals that moment from fans and both the nfl and hollywood like to applaud themselves for shining a spotlight on everything but themselves as the late-night hosts stay silent. david webb joins me now. good to see you. >> good to see you. liz: the real war on women is in hollywood and the nfl, what do you think? >> the numbers play out and the nfl got themselves in trouble by going contrary to the american people. you and i have talked about this before. it is a business story because the business of football was what was really taking the hits and not just about next week's game, they were looking at super bowl purchases. with playoff purchases.
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they were looking at the business of it. looking at the ticket sales, fan disenchantment, looking at product sales going down and projections didn't look good so they were losing the culture war, in effect, i guess you could say president trump made the nfl take a knee. when it came to taking a knee against the american flag. liz: you know, president trump, looks like he was totally right about this. he did praise nfl owners for requiring players to stand for the anthem saying, quote, a big salute to jerry jones, owner of the dallas cowboys who will bench players who disrespect the flag. stand for the anthem or sit for the game. espn analyst steven smith admitting the president is winning the debate. listen. >> he's the one that's winning because he's turned this into something the players didn't intend to. they're going to have to find a different level, a different mechanism to make their voices
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heard, trump has won this round. liz: what do you think? >> you know, except for the fact, and i know stephen, he's a good guy, straightforward. except for the part trump turned it. i don't think president trump turned it, he highlighted it, emac. when you look at the fact where colin kaepernick started was a protest against police shootings of blacks as he saw it, wrongful shootings, and there are some of those, to be fair. they never turned around and protested the policeman standing on the sidelines guarding them. they turned against the american flag, and no matter what side you come from. the fact is disrespect for the american flag is how most americans see it, and when you do, that you're going to lose the argument. on top of the fact, if you lose the locker room as kaepernick did and others, there's discord, and one man who turns it in pittsburgh, alejandro villareal, i'm going to stand
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for the flag. that turned the conversation on him. liz: joe namath was on "varney & co." earlier today, a football star. he said white people have not walked in african-americans' shoes. we get that. but what we're talking about is basically the hypocrisy of the moment and whether or not if you stand for the national anthem, does that mean you're for racism and oppression. the american people don't agree with that. what do you say, david? >> nations aren't perfect. we've had imperfections over the years but the hypocrisy is not understanding the history in full context. in 150 years, we as a nation have referred the course for the world oslavery, on colonial slavery, and people see the good that comes out of understanding where we came from, the time in its millieu and the founding fathers and the where we are today. we deal with racism, it still exist bus need to move forward as a country.
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liz: we got to get to hall of famer and legendary bears coach mike ditka sounding off. let's take a listen to what he is saying. >> think you have to be color blind in this country. look at a person what he stands for and what he produces. all of a sudden it's a big deal about oppression. there's been no oppression in the last 100 years, i don't care how much money you make, if you don't respect this country, go to another country and play football. if you can't respect the flag in this country, you can't respect what this is all about. audios. liz: here's joe namath's counterpoint. let's listen. >> it's a national dialogue now more on the flag, on patriotism, but the oppression, or the unjust treatment of others has fallen in the background here. we haven't heard that part. >> so you disagree with mike ditka, he says there hasn't been oppression in the last 100
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years. >> look up the meaning of oppression. look up the definition of oppression and you understand it's obviously taken place. liz: it's taken place, but mr. webb, david webb, are nfl players, have you seen any of them take a knee for speaking out against domestic violence or drunk driving? >> well, to be fair, i've seen some players, i know a lot of the players are taking a stance. liz: are they taking a knee? >> no, not taking a knee but taking a stance. they haven't taken a stand on the issues and gone out into the communities as much as they could if they are that united every sunday before the game or thursday before a game, be united during the week. go out into the communities, use your millions of dollars, pool it, you don't have to use millions, use some of it. go out and build organizations, help the community. liz: 100, nearly 100 domestic violence cases since the year 2000, that's what nfl players have been charged with.
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nearly 100. >> and higher arrest rate than they should have as organization or as such a broad organization. they need to focus on key issues in america if they're going to do that, otherwise, like you said earlier, we want football, fun, barbecue, we want beer and wings. liz: you know what, david, take a knee after a touchdown do, it then, leave the flag and the anthem alone. >> absolutely. liz: david, we got to leave it there. thank you so much. democrats have had a love affair, this story, harvey weinstein, liberal hollywood mogul harvey weinstein in the pachlt take a listen. >> he is a wonderful human being. a good friend, and just a powerhouse. >> he and i have been friends for a very, very long time. he's amazingly talented but amazingly charitable. liz: we have this, top democrats bill and hillary clinton, the obamas, nancy pelosi, joe biden have stayed
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silent on harvey weinstein's growing sexual harassment scandal. the "new york times" says weinstein harassed 8 women, the new yorker says 13, and now the list of names keep growing. angelina jolie, gwyneth paltrow, mira sorvino roxanna arquette. releasing this statement -- her statement made no mention of returning contributions from the clinton foundation, back to harvey weinstein. since the year 2000 weinstein raised or donated combined $2.5 million to the democrats. ask yourself this is it brave for hillary and others to speak truth to the fact after the person is shown the door in the late night hosts of "saturday night live" didn't take on harvey weinstein because he is a hollywood power broker. atm to progressive democrats and causes.
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even though it wasn't open secret in hollywood for years he was an industrial strength sexist misogynist. democrats and late night hosts finding their voices and breaking silence until he was getting shown the door. these are the moral arbiters for america, or will americans remember this point in time that this is when these power brokers exposed for miserably failing to take on a serial abuser of women. take it to the political power panel. ford o'connell and democrat strategist danielle mclaughlin. will hillary and the clinton foundation return the weinstein donations? >> that's a great question, i don't know what she's going to do. i'm glad she said she was shocked and horrified by what happened. liz: those are just words, right? actions matter. >> what did president trump say, he said i figured -- i'm not surprised by any of this. where is the leadership from the in the. liz: where is the leadership -- >> wait a minute, danielle, time-out.
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hillary clinton basically said the respect and dignity of women was on the ballot in 2016, and here she sits quiet for five face and says nothing, the hypocrisy is glaering. had hillary clinton become president, i promise you two things, one, this story wouldn't have come out, not from the "new york times," and harvey weinstein all over the white house. liz: why do you they? >> because the "new york times" buried this story ten years ago. ask the co-founder of the rap, she talked about this on tucker carlson. she was told not to do the story and ten years later. liz: no matter who is in the white house. >> you want a bet they wouldn't have? you want a bet they wouldn't have? that would have been a tie to hillary clinton. liz: we want to get to this story. news week said malia obama interned for harvey weinstein's company months before the scandal broke. is that why the obamas are so silent on this? >> the fact that you would impugn the dignity --
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liz: no one is impung, we're asking a question, why the obamas silent? that's a fact. we're not impugning anything, we're asking the question. why are they silent about this? we are now seeing so many women who have been sexually assaulted by this guy. >> as a woman, a mother and sister, i'm not defending this in any way, shape, or form, so many gop operatives say hillary clinton don't talk about anything. president obama don't be a shutup president, don't stay in d.c. when. it's ugly for democrats -- liz: wait. where is the leadership here? >> there is no leadership because harvey weinstein had his tentacles in everyone. he donated 2 billion under his own name since 2000. why is joe biden quiet? why is -- >> why is the president of the united states quiet too? >> how much money did he receive from harvey weinstein?
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honestly. >> i knew -- i'm not surprised. liz: you are upset about the weinstein scandal, right? >> of course. of course. liz: you have been speaking out about it, right? >> i'm here tonight. i am speaking as an individual, as somebody who shares many of the political views. liz: can you imagine if your daughter who was in that situation with harvey weinstein? >> i would be livid. >> it goes further than this, guys, guys, here's the point, everyone stayed silent for ten years or longer, the statute of limitation over the victims who may have a claim is now run. the real crime is on the people who stayed quiet because the people who got abused, allegedly, cannot reap justice. liz: have you heard, the women's march, are they going to march on hollywood now? >> of course not. it was always about trump, not women's rights. liz: this is where the women's war is, it's in hollywood. the rest of the country how to
5:14 pm
act and think and behave and they're doing this? really? >> they aren't. he's doing it. liz: this is rampant throughout the industry if you talk to people in the industry. >> rampant across the professional world. you have to deal with this. >> how old we know it's a lot worse? because powerful men control the studios and impressionable young women want to become actresses and they take advantage of the position. we know how it. >> got passionate there. that was fun. this store these, is a really serious terrible story happening. deadly wildfires continue to rage across northern california. at least 15 people have died. basically 100,000 acres of land, so many homes destroyed. 20,000 residents forced to evacuate. our own hillary vaughn on the ground in this area all day long. hillary, how bad is it now? reporter: liz, there is smoke and ash in the air, but we are
5:15 pm
several miles away from where the fires are burning. president trump has approved a major disaster declaration for northern california, which means fema is on its way with tools and resources to help with not only search and rescue but help remove rubble and get california wine country and home owners back on their feet after fires swallowed up homes, businesses, ripping up vineyards, leaving them bur need ash and rubble. here is the president addressing the fires today. >> napa has been hit so hard, and sonoma, as they deal with the tragic loss of life and property to devastating wildfires. i spoke with governor brown last night to let him know that the federal government will stand with the people of california and we will be there for you in this time of terrible tragedy and need.
5:16 pm
reporter: 2000 buildings damaged and 20,000 evacuated. the california highway patrol used helicopters to airlift at least 40 people to safety. some vineyard workers that were trapped. cal-fire chief says they have access to almost every firefighting aviation asset and pumped a record amount fire retardant from the air. 266,000 gallons have been released so far. as firefighters battle the flames from the ground and the above. we talked to several owners in the napa area, neighborhoods have been decimated. houses burned to the ground and nothing left but the chimneys. take a listen. >> it's like a bomb had gone off. it's like -- it's worse than the fire. there's nothing left in my entire neighborhood. my house survived. my barn burned but my
5:17 pm
neighbors. yes, their house are gone. reporter: damage is assessed but the blaze is dealing a heavy blow to the regions two. major industries, wine and tourism. the fire toiled have an effect on the wine industry for years. california produces about 85% of the wine in the country and with several major vineyards burned in the middle of harvest, consumers could be facing long shortages of wine grapes. we're here at the napa fairgrounds which is serving as a makeshift nexus for all firefighter departments across the state and outside the state, they have deployed here to battle the flames, liz, but setting up tends because the job is going to last well through the night into tomorrow. liz: be safe out there. thank you so much. next up, al sharpton jumping on the jemele hill suspension, protesting in front of espn headquarters blasting espn over her suspension. we've got that for you.
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. >> i would like to thank harvey weinstein and everybody at miramax films for undying support of me. liz: that was actress gwyneth paltrow thanking harvey weinstein when she won the oscar for best actress in 1999.
5:22 pm
paltrow, angelina jolie, roxanna arquette say he sexually harassed them for three decades for a number of people. that's how long the sexual harassment claims stretch over. it's now being called the worst kept secret in hollywood. let's bring in ally. >> good to see you. >> what do you make of the fact that more actresses are saying harvey weinstein sexually harassed them. >> my heart goes out to anyone affected by sexual harassment. every woman affected should be met with compassion, however, i don't have quite as much sympathy for those who deliberately protected him and remain silent. you listed actresses and politicians earlier including the obamas. donna karan came out and blatantly said this is the victims' fault, then have you allegedly the "new york times" with the help of matt damon and
5:23 pm
russell crowe pushing down the story of the history of harvey weinstein's sexual harassment, back in 2004. so i think what we're seeing here is the height of liberal hypocrisy, which unfortunately, we have seen several times in the past. i mean, they preach to us about saving the environment while flying their private jets. preach us to about open borders while living in gated communities. preach to us about gun control while walking with armed security guards and preaching to us about political correctness while defending someone who is as politically correct as the episode of madmen. i think it's time for liberal hollywood elites to step off high horse, stop telling average americans how to live and take time for intraspection. liz: to your point, fashion mogul donna karan defended harvey weinstein at an event last night suggesting women were asking for it. here's the quote --
5:24 pm
now, ally, she is walking back saying her remarks are taken out of context. don't represent her feelings. why make those statements in the first place, though? >> right, this is not the time to do it. now i think there's a time to talk about the oversexuality of women or hypersexualization of our culture. liz: that comes from a fashion designer who sells a lot of diaphanous clothes too, right? >> people have brought up the point. anthony bouredain on twitter, he asked how many 17-year-olds she had sexualized through her design? that's a very good point. however, i don't think this is the time for that. i think that this is not the
5:25 pm
time to talk about modesty and what women could have done to not be sexually harassed? we've seen enough of this to know it's not the victim's fault when they become victims of this predatory behavior? liz: it's men in power or people in power. it's all over hollywood, but your point is taken that they are basically the arbiters of american culture and what is right in american culture when that's going on, right, ally? final point. >> exactly. they set themselves up as the self-righteous vigilantes telling us how we should vote, think politically and ideologically. they purport themselves as these advocates of female empower. all the while being complicit in someone who is consistently preying upon young women in vulnerable situations. >> come back soon, we love having you on. >> thank you. liz: tech giant apple striking a deal with steven spielberg's television and comcast to make new episodes of the hit series
5:26 pm
amazing stories. science fiction and horror anthology series that ran in the 1980s. let's take a check of apple stock, closing flat. a couple dollars off all-time high. next up, a new recording allegedly depicting harvey weinstein asking a model to watch him naked in the shower during a new york city police department sting operation. going play that sound for you. first, al sharpton jumping on the jemele hill suspension, blasting espn for giving her two weeks' suspension. we'll play that for you as well, don't go away. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult?
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it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock. . >> i think it's outrageous, to silence her will not silence any of us. we are from the country where the first amendment gives i freedom of speech. he's saying if want to prey on my team, you suspend your right
5:30 pm
to free speech. if jemiel says well the advertisers ought to know your feeling, then she's going to be silenced or suspended. liz: sort of twisted the words there. she do not say not know the feeling. called for a boycott. protests in front of espn studios demanding a meeting to reinstate jemele hill. after espn suspended her for two weeks for urging her social media followers to boycott advertisers of the dallas cowboys. they happened to be advertisers on espn. president trump blasting hill and espn in a new tweet saying -- espn's "monday night football" ratings basically the lowest of the season down 17% versus last year, but up 8% compared to the same time last year.
5:31 pm
we're going to get to the bottom of those numbers. espn losing a lot of subscribers, around 887 million. jemele hill calling for the boycott of the cowboys and many of the same companies who advertise on espn like at&t. that could threaten an already embattled espn losing money and threatening the jobs of hill's on own co-workers. let's bring back in ford and danielle. clear up the numbers for the ratings for monday night at espn, down 17% versus last year. should espn have suspended jemele hill? >> absolutely. espn has a $15 billion contract with the nfl to broadcast football. when she says boycott jerry jones she is hurting her employer, espn's business because they are in a partnership with the nfl. i'm not quite sure that she or al sharpton understands either business or how espn operates.
5:32 pm
liz: by calling for a boycott is she hurting fellow workers? the same advertisers advertise on espn as well as the cow sfwhois. >> potentially yes. i'm with ford and don't agree with the reverend at all. she has a limited speech right. her employer can stop her from saying certain things. outside of the tv studio, say whatever she wants. same thing with nfl players. the league can suspend or bench them if the league doesn't want them to kneel for the national anthem. liz: interesting what danielle is saying. saying nfl owners have the right to limit protests at the workplace, what do you say, ford? >> absolutely do have that right. it's in the nfl owner's manual whether or not they have to be on the sideline during the anthem with hand over their heart and helmet in the left hand. there are a lot of rules. the reason they allowed it to persist is they were afraid of the players, now afraid of the fans and the fans pay the bottom line.
5:33 pm
liz: read mostly like should meaning it's a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. it's in the code of conduct. the owners are talking about a new rule, saying yeah, you got to stand. final point? >> yes, they have to stand and smart for them to legislate that through a collective bargaining. liz: you think so too, right, danielle? >> they have the right, whether or not the players like it is a whole other story. liz: come back after the break. a new recording allegedly depicting harvey weinstein asking a model to watch him naked in the shower. first steve bannon saying goal is to dethrone the republican establishment clogging up president trump tax reform agenda. steve bannon wants them out in the midterms next year. we'll have that for you when we come back after this. approach r wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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. >> that's why i left the white house. remember, i said, i'm going after the republican establishment. we're going to go after them. >> a coalition coming together that's going to challenge every republican incumbent except for ted cruz. >> donald trump ran on, why you want to talk about why there's no repeal and replace? why there's no tax reform? why there's no infrastructure bill? you saw it right there. corker, mcconnell and the entire clique of establishment globalist clique on capitol hill have to go. >> the fight is now on. you heard steve bannon. saying you know what? the republicans are failing
5:38 pm
president trump. the tax cuts need to get done and not happening. former white house adviser of bannon telling fox it's time to challenge every republican incumbent come november in the midterms. bring in the political power panel back. is steve bannon right or wrong, ford? >> well, i share bannon's frustration and he's absolutely right. republicans particularly in the united states senate need to get behind the president and pass his agenda. if he challenges every single incumbent republican and done improperly, could this be the worst idea ever. imagine two democratic senators from arizona. i can see the democrats licking their chops because you have to have cadence, and there's a reason why that is very hard. liz: danielle, how come republicans can't get what's done, what's in the wheel house, tax cuts? they can't get tax cuts done? >> he could not sell, it not only to the american people but his own party. liz: is it the party as well? >> he has a conservative wing,
5:39 pm
he has a moderate wing, he needs to thread the needle and he's not going to do it. maybe he will be able do it with taxes, as it is, it's a huge gift to wealthy americans and he ran on being the working class -- liz: cut for small businesses who want to -- the president wants to get jobs to the middle-class americans via the cuts where the upper class sits. is it the republican party's fault that the tax cuts are stalled? >> the republican party's fault because they're not seeing the larger game here. president trump came in as someone who's going to put people back to work, and we don't all need republican votes, we need to pull over eight democratic senators as well, because the democrats have been sliming us, but the idea is to get people back to work and get money in the hands of hard working americans and they look like a monkey with a football. liz: why are the democrats the loudest voices in the room, they crushed economic growth,
5:40 pm
small business growth and misleading the american people saying this is tax cuts for the rich. same old -- the american people know what's wrong. no other guy in congress have run a business. i think they should run a business and the tax hikes and the regulation they pass? >> not clear whether donald trump is a business person. liz: talking about tax policy and jobs. >> what donald trump is looking to do is rolling back the estate tax, mostly for very, very wealthy people. liz: farms and businesses. >> that's a very, very small percentage of farms that are involved in it. liz: because why? is that moral to hit the farm to be taxed twice? >> why is the lowest rate increased, why are we not helping the least wealthy americans? number one. >> you know why? two-thirds of the american households get more in the way of government benefits than they pay into the system of tax. ford, final point? >> exactly it. this is a game of messaging and
5:41 pm
the republicans are terrible at it. got to get over the democratic hump this only benefits the rich, if you do, you get it. liz: ford and danielle. thank you so much. walmart shares rocketing higher. announcing $20 billion stock buyback and redesign of website. walmart planning to double online grocery pickup locations across the u.s. by the end of the year. this move, walmart is saying amazon, we're coming for you, we're going to basically get the shopper's dollarsed head our way. that's a heck of a fight. now this, a letter from liberal hollywood filmmaker harvey weinstein published, shows him begging with hollywood elite friends to keep his job. we're bringing in dr. keith ablow whether this is a good thing. he's going to break it down for us. twitter blocking republican congressman marcia blackburn senate campaign announcement on twitter. my next guest says silicon valley, would they have done this to a democrat?
5:42 pm
that's next. the u.s. needs to develop more renewable and clean energy resources because there are limits to the amount of fossil fuels that we can burn. since 1925, we have depended on diesel generators, burning approximately a million gallons of diesel fuel a year. our mission is to make off-shore wind one of the principle new sources of energy. not every bank is willing to get involved in a "first of its kind" project. citi saw the promise of clean energy and they worked really closely with us, the wind farm will lower power prices. we're polluting the air less. businesses and homes can rely on a steady source of power. block island wind farm is a catalyst- - this will be the first of may off-shore wind farms in the u.s.
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get your first prescription free at . >> i'm marcia blackburn, i'm a hardcore, caring tennessee conservative. i'm politically correct and proud of it. i'm 100% pro-life. i fought planned parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts. thank god. liz: twitter blocking republican congressman marcia blackburn senate campaign announcement video. that's the video they blocked. a twitter representative said they blocked it because it included that inflammatory statement about planned parenthood and likely to evoke a strong negative reaction. let's take a check of twitter stock, ticking to the downside,
5:46 pm
off fractionally. the author of indian country conservative commentator kurt schlichter joins me now, we want to focus on twitter. there's all sorts of inflammatory stuff, even talk of terror, what do you think of this? >> i'm a big twitter user, you should follow me, i'm a twitter shareholder so i'm not real happy about. this twitter is a great technology, it allows people to connect and share ideas at its best and what twitter is doing is really, it is the goose that's killing itself when it's laying the golden egg. they go after a potential senator one of the leading intellectual property legislators on capitol hill, and they block her because she says the words baby parts? baby parts is pretty light stuff for twitter. it's crazy. twitter shouldn't be doing
5:47 pm
this, twitter this leave it open, leave it a marketplace of ideas, with only the lightest of touch to keep out biggest abusers. this is crazy, i can't believe they did it. liz: twitter telling the congressman she can run the video if the statement is omitted because there are questions about planned parenthood's role in what she's bringing up. separate from that, i want to focus on twitter here. twitter's actions here, why are they picking and choosing marcia blackburn when all sorts of inflammatory statements are made across the twitter universe? >> well, you know, i grew up near where twitter is in the bay area environment. it's a very left-wing environment. they are in their own bubble, if you would. and they don't understand that there are other people out there who disagree with them. you have a lot of young people who haven't experienced much in the way of disagreement in college or in the early life, and they're stunned when somebody disagrees. so i think it's okay to shut them down, and that's crazy
5:48 pm
because if they're going to start exercising their political power to silence conservatives, what do you think conservatives who control most of our legislatures, who control capitol hill, what do you think conservatives are going to do back? liz: bob schieffer said with facebook, if you don't want the real news, go on facebook because, what the point being, kurt, they command so much attention, both twitter and facebook, when it comes to news, right? >> well, they certainly do, and i think bob schieffer of cbs, which had dan rather, shouldn't be talking too much about fake news, but the fact is there is a lot of fake news out there. and we as citizens need to look at everything we see with a skeptical line, and balance it. does it seem reliable? coherent? does it make sense? do the facts work together to come to the conclusion. facebook is no different, twitter is no different. we're always going to be bombarded with information that
5:49 pm
may or may not be accurate. that's for us as adults to figure out on our own. liz: good point, kurt schlichter. a last-ditch letter written by hollywood liberal movie mogul harvey weinstein. he's begging to keep his job, he's going to get counseling. he's saying what they did is wrong but not only illegal. we're going to have dr. keith ablow here next on breaking down the letter and the psychology behind that and all the hollywood stars that didn't say anything that was going on as well as the democrats. more on that after this. >> i'm feeling very uncomfortable right now. >> one minute, when the guy comes -- >> you touch my -- >> please, i'm used to that. >> you're used to that? >> yeah.
5:50 pm
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. liz: liberal hollywood mogul harvey weinstein sending a desperate letter to hollywood elite friends before getting fired for sexual harassment. begging for his job back, promising he would get counseling as he asks for letters of support sent to the board of the company. weinstein also said that what the board is doing in firing him was not only wrong but might be illegal. this as a new recording is released, allegedly depicting harvey weinstein asking a model to watch him naked in the shower during an nypd sting operation. listen.
5:54 pm
dr. keith ablow joins me now. what is your reaction to the audio recording, doctor? >> well, you know, disgust is my reaction as a human being, as a dad, you know, i feel revulsed by it. but as a healer, can i say that even these very dark behaviors and drives have some basis psychologically, and is anybody beyond potential healing? no. could this guy get down to the bottom of why he needs to use power in this fashion? maybe he feels small in particular ways, psychologically? he could, and he's right to say
5:55 pm
he should get to it. liz: weinstein is saying in his letter that his being fired is wrong, it might be illegal. what was your reaction when you heard that? >> it's a creative thought on his part. i suppose what he's saying is look, if you open the psychiatric manual of diagnoses in there is impulse control disorder, and various sexual disorders and i have one, and now that there's data that it affected me on the job and i'm asking to go get help and for, quote, reasonable accommodations? it's a creative approach. i suppose some creative lawyer might make something of it. liz: your heart goes out to women who have been sexually harassed, it is a hideous, awful situation. what are your thoughts about democrats basically staying silent about weinstein even as he's being shown the door? >> total hypocrisy, and it just
5:56 pm
shows that exploiting something for political gain, and you know, these -- if you want to call them disorders, the disorders are qualopportunity employers. they affect conservatives and liberals. idea that his brethren, the liberals say we're not going to talk about this. why not? you don't want to protect women regardless of who is the person who is putting nem harm's way? that to me strikes me as the utter and sheer hypocrisy, horrible. liz: dr. ablow, love having you on. come back soon. did you make money today? you're going to find out after this. stay tuned. don't touch that dial. has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game.
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liz: proctor and gamble declaring victory over nelson phelps. initial voting figures show this is the largeest won fight for
6:00 pm
corporate control in history. thank you for having us in your home. charles payne is here now with "making money." charles *. >> another day on -- record day on wall street. wildfires raging a across northern california leaving 15 dead and thousands of homes and structures have been destroyed. as "the national anthem" protest left this country divided. the national football league speaking up in order to brit fans back it's saying it may require the players to stand up starting next season. the nfl, the


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