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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 11, 2017 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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these years in the weinstein case it is intimidation woman should stand for. >> we're going to be there many your face so -- megyn mcdowell great to see you guys over to stuart and "varney & company" over to you. stuart: good morning everyone it is the trump rally it is it huge a record-breaker it is official, the trumply beat the bush 41 rally best many decades for an mechanicking president. watch that market today. the dow is only what,9 points away from 23,000. i'm going to give you a really big number again 5 trillion added to value of stocks since the lx. president trump is taking notice, by the way this is what he tweeted this morning it would be really nice if the fake news media qowld report the virtually unprecedented stock market growth since the election.
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need tax cuts. you know, i think he watches the show. are you invested? maybe you are thinking of getting out maybe thinking of jumping in your questions about the market will be answered on this program today. now, the fires in northern california not contained. the wine tourist industry shutdown it is another natural disaster that is unfolding here. and a personal tragedy 17 dead, 2,000 homes and businesses damaged more evacuations. it is a financial nightmare for the state and the wine business. most of those tasting rooms they're closed. so are many hotels and wineries have been destroyed. some of the best known vineyards in the world have been affected ominously more strong winds are forecast for today. we're going to take you napa in just a moment. weinstein flees to europe and nfl says stand for the anthem and president trump barn storms for tax cuts in pennsylvania today. yes, it is another jammed pack
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day. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ all right everyone let's get straight to the deadly wildfires in california wine country. born right there how many wineries destroyed or j damaged hillary? >> stewart exact amount we don't know because had had of the vineyards are behind managed story evacuation orders with police guarding road blocks prevents vineyard own percent from going had many to scope out the damage. the owner of br cone winery says he still doesn't know the status of his hundred acre farm and also one of the longest family-owned wineries in sonoma say they know their vineyard is still in danger. the fire is approaching. but all they can do is wait. we're here at the winery in napa you can see they're tasting room
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behind me completely destroyed this is just one winery that has been torched fires hit the ridge winery in fountain grove building buildings on 160 acres estate to the ground all of the product wine and restale destroyed that's a big loss for them because 90% of their sales are made directly to consumers. mainly tourist who is visit the area. one of napa oldest wineries white rock vein is yards lost its family owned operation in the fire, this winery has been owned by the same family since 1870 the fires are still dealt a devastating blow to napa's two big industry winery and tour usm last year alone curet, 3.5 million people visited napa generating over 80 million dollars in tax revenue and there's no telling when owners will be able to get back in to survey the damage, of course, remove all of this rubble an begin to rebuild. stuart. >> looks like it is shutdown
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hillary thanks for that good report we'll take it later now let's get to harvey weinstein here's what's new rape accusations have surfaced as reported by the new yorker magazine. angelina jolie gwyneth paltrow among others have come out and said he harassed them. his wife has left him. and weinstein is going to yiewrm for sex rehab. all rise judge andrew napolitano is here. do we have an extradition treaty with any european country that covers charge of rape and i'm serious about that question. j well extra tigs treaty with just about every krpght half a dozen the very small ones with which we don't. but that is not our obstacle look at the roman polanski case in switzerland allies of ours and country with which we have extradition treaties never extradited problem is in european countries they will
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relitigate in the polanski case or litigate initially for reason he's wanted over here extradition is not automatic. >> hangt come to that now we're talking about rape as suggested in these -- >> there can be no extradition this will there's a charge. there can be no charge until there's an indictment. police are generally reluctant to believe victims who come -- forward many years later. but it will depend upon a he said, she said so it is going to depend upon what evidence there is. sometimes victim has told other o people it be. that's substantiates the victim's claim. >> is this how you get out of it you're charged with this kind of thing you go to sex rehab and everything is okay? >> i don't know. i hope not look he's innocent until proven guilty but the allegations of inappropriate behavior in some cases criminal are so overwhelming it would be scandalous if he escaped all
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cons consequences. i know this is not really your subject area. but it is -- >> it sent me to reviewing the polanski case at 6:00 this morning. >> i can tell. all right judge thanks very much. see you shortly got it. all right hict hillary clinton barack obama they have finally issued statements condemning harvey weinstein remember he's a very big democrat donor. liz peek is with us. this is a chronic embarrassment for the clintons case closed. >> no question about it. i think at the end of the day it's all about money it's about hypocrisy that's sort of the dual limb here right? the hypocrisy of all of these hollywood liberals who have been so quick to charge president trump amongst others with offenses against women and not being in women corner et cetera, et cetera now we poipped out they've been covering up that -- that is the correct word here. for decades bad behavior by one of their own, and within of their biggest producers i think it is appalling and don't think
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this was not well known. there have been some instance where is powerful, wealthy people and you can add tiger woods to that list have been misbehaving for a long time but there are money interest that don't want it reveal ed and not revealed until one person comes forward people should be offended by this. >> i don't know at this point whether clintons have gwinn back any money they got from harvey weinstein no word. >> i don't know. judge told us yesterday that not a penny from the clinton foundation wept to the victims of harvey in texas. the victims of irma in florida, and maria in puerto rico. not a dime. >> not a political gain in that anymore. come on. the clinton foundation is a sham. and it has been -- you know, pretty thorrowly that must of the u money went for political aim of the clintons and supporting clinton. that is actually a fact. >> bitings comment there.
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>> it is true. anyone who says otherwise has to read up on what i say. [laughter] >> stick arranged on the market i want more biting comments please. we like that stuff here. liz stay is right there. stuart: let's get to the markets right now because the market is still in record territory. actually i'll go back to liz peek have you ever seen anything like this futures going to open pup 3 point, couple of points another record high. have you ever seen anything like this? >> it is remarkable considering we have had this string of unmitigated disasters, hurricane and fire and all of these things and political unsernght and gee political unsernght with korea, a lot of things that could be driving this market down but he's what's driving it up. it is economic growth here and around the world a king the and actually accelerating economic growth outside of the u.s. and in the u.s. we have 12% increase in earnings looking at the fourth quarter. that's remarkable hop and we're going to see more of that going forward particularly if question
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get tax reform. >> 24 and a half percent. the eighth who saw that come something i don't know anybody. >> mob. remember it was a tank the markets were going to tank. straight down. the government. >> started with intersection 98. exactly. getting tax reform. president trump barn storming on taxes in pennsylvania tad chair of the tax writing committee offered no frog what is being made and reportedly only 31 legislative days remaining this year. come in congressman scott perry a republican from pennsylvania. i think you'll be at the speech tonight if i'm not mistaken is that right congressman? >> great to be on the real news, stuart. [laughter] stuart: you can come back any time you like, sir. i would like toker what a barn storming speech from the president tonight. i don't to see no teleprompter but grip the crowds and get that crowd going for tax cuts. not tax reform but i think this
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time to do that tax cuts. you with me? >> absolutely. it is long been time to do tax cuts, the americans know intuitively instinctively that they've been paying too much that their government is wasting their money. president reason on one of the critical issues that he sold pennsylvania let's reare mind everybody that pennsylvania and particularly this part of the state where he's coming to is the part that put him over the top. when pennsylvania came in we knew everybody knew it was completely over and election night, and donald trump president trump saw this coming. the growth you were just talking about he envisioned this and part of that envisioning is tax cuts. and that's what he's going to sell tonight in pennsylvania. >> do you agree with me it has got to be tax cuts and schism straightforward go right at it tax cuts because we don't have the legislative time for a broad based rrm of the whole tax code. >> it is pretty exactly right stuart. simple, fair, tax cuts. that's what people are looking for we like it to be bigger the president would like it to be bigger let's face it some of my
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colleagues in this town can't get around fixing health care which there's a lot of money sunk into that, and refuse to do anything to cut thinking, and wasteful spend manager washington, d.c. if you can't cut that stuff there's only so far you can go. so i thinkth would like it to be bigger i certainly would like it to be big or but we have to take it as far as we can and can't be just moving cup arranged on table it has to tax cuts acrosse board so everybody can realize opportunity of america. >> stymied for 0 years. >> scott perry we'll be watch withing the president tonight fox business i believe will be covering it and i'm sure you'll be there. republican, pennsylvania, thanks for joining us sir, appreciate it. >> yes. >> going to talk soccer i'm afraid question of to. this is an embarrassing loss for the u.s. mens national soccer team losing to trinidad last night. final score 2-1. that means our men's team will not be in the world cup first time that's happened since 1986.
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that's your soccer coverage for the day ladies and gentlemen. that's plenty. >> that's enough. good news for cord cutters may be. apple and steven spielberg are working on a deal to develop original con tengt a ten episode remake of the 1980s show amazing stories apple going right to the top of the directors there. steele burg with apple, north korea another big show of force military force from our guys. the air force flying two b1b bombers and jets over the korean peninsula that a show of force. latest on the nfl roger goodell finally coming the against the national anthem protests. we'll tell you what he's saying now and how our president is responding. we'll be back in a moment. rence. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward.
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>> informal commissioner roger goodell sendingings information about part of the roves. like had many of our fans we
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believe rch would stand for the national anthem. prumple tweeted this, it is about time that roger goodell of the nfl is finally demanding all players stand for our great national anthem and respect our country there it is on the screens right now that's the presidential tweet joaning us right now formaller espn reporter ire and tore to the federalist. can you break this don for us. what on earth is going on at espn? as more opinion type personals come and especially with the president tweets about the nfl, there are commentary weighing in on the subject, and i can just speak from being conservative a lot of people who felt the same as i did were timid to express their opinions so when you see the suspension recently of jamal hill what is what's about the issue itself, and repeatedly
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violating a social media policy which is vague at best. she weigh withed in on anthem protest making a stand with with your wallet which i have to point out to you stuart if you go at advertisers like ford bank of america at&t they're on espn so not only violatings social media policy for the second time in a row, you're attacking company bottom line so biting hand that pedes you. you're biting hand that feeds you. don't have to do that. it is a terrible idea. [laughter] i wonder is there a connection you were a conservative. you worked at espn you left -- you felt some political pressure. did that pressure come from the top rank there, disney because they own espn? was that where some pressure came from? >> there's a lot of rumors and speakinglation out there about bob iger the ceo of disney about whether he'll run for president in 2020. so as a democratic nominee so when you you hear those things,
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you see the espy arkansas thy ash award going to caitlyn jenner that movement opposed to a veteran you start to raise some questions yourself. i was told to not even like conservative leaning tweets on twitter so -- it's a little bit of a difference. whoncht told you -- who told you not to like on conservative tweets? who said that to you? >> with respect, i will keep that behind the scenes. espn management? >> yes. but i think right now with this anthem protest issue stuart it is hitting the bottom line as you mentioned had in dallas america's team ratings on the dow fort worth area for this past sunday's game were down 17% compared to the same time frame last year jerry jones is seeing that. by the way, jerry jones donated one million dollars to president trump's campaign. the other owners are seeing this
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going on. and they're making a collective decision to do what's best for their business. >> yeah. they got to knock this off they have to stop is this protest and respect the flag if they want to get that business back. that will be my opinion. brit thanks i'm glad you agree with me on this one. you come back soon. i love to see you again soon. check this out, a nurse in utah cuffed and dragged out of a hospital because -- she refused a police detective order to draw blood from the suspect. a suspect. the cop who arrested the nurse is now out of a job. napolitano bringing him down to break that down after this. who knew that phones would start doing everything?
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>> well, the utah detective who was timed handcuffs doctoring a nurse this is back in july, that detective has been fired. i think we've got to bring the judge back to this one as we watch the scene unpoled many that video back in july. now, did the police officer exceed his legal hort when he arrested and cuffed a nrs. >> mt. he answered a sterile area of an emergency room and he himself would not be in sterile gear arrested her for a noncrime and he knows that law in utah and
9:24 am
everywhere in the law is yowpght blood from a patient you show up with a warrant. not only is that the law but express agreement between that hospital and the salt lake city police department a written agreement their officer when is they want evidence from a person in emergency room have to have a warrant with them. >> do you have any idea why he would do this? >> i think -- having ryed these cases, he probably was concerned that the body would ma metabolize alcohol and by the time he got the warrant reading would not be be a true reading. but you know what there are experts to extrapolate what it was at the time he wanted the blood even though he got the blood hours later even though it takes tile to get the qarnt so you can get true reading by doing some math. but we -- i don't think this would happen. had not one of the nurses colleagues done it it was not a body cam that filmed it. it was one of the nurses in the
9:25 am
er are so outraged at what was happening to her colleague will you can see it. there she's being arrested and prevented from attending to somebody who was bleeding because she won't do what cops say. with a cop handcuffs and dragged out. this is not the end of his problem he could still prosecuted by feds using color of hort to interfere with somebody's free movement. >> let's see how this works out but this man is out of a job as we speak. whanch took them so long? happen haded back to collective bargaining agreement between the police union and a lawsuit. a lawsuit in the making. >> it looks like it doesn't it all right judge you served your purpose. see you in the 11. i'm glad i've served my purpose. [laughter] get out of here. [laughter] let's have a look how market is going to ep up today. i don't know how many records we've hit on the dow since i think it is about 50. 500 -- maybe a loss and going to go up
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just a tad mored a opening bell today this is extraordinary stuff. say with us please, watch your money grow. it is fun. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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. stuart: you know, it is exciting. you've got 20 seconds to go before the stock market
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opens. and you're thinking will it go up again today? records for the dow this year. 5trillion added to the value of all stocks since the like a. 169 points away from dow 23,000. that's one good rally. here we go. we're off. we're running. it's 9:30 wednesday morning. now we're up half a point. up two points. up five points. okay. a very, very modest .01% gain in a very, very early going. ashley: modest. but that's okay. that's the upside. . stuart: fractional. ashley: i'll take that. stuart: same story on the s&p, a fractional loss. i think we can call it that. the nasdaq, where is that opening up? i think it is the tiniest fraction. i'm going to say dead flat with a tiny downside bias. will that satisfy everybody? pfizer, considering the sale of its consumer health unit over the counter stuff. that electrics chapstick,
9:31 am
preparation h, and a whole raft of other over the counter brands, they're trying to get rid of them. next case, walmart. listen to this: they expect 40% growth in online business in the next year. that's why the stock has taken off to $84 a share. more on that in a second. who's with me? ashley webster, liz macdonald. the dow getting real close to 23,000. it occurs to me that if any of our viewers or you or anybody right here, if we would have sold and listened to the is market has nowhere to go but up. it's still prone to some pull backs here and there. but generally speaking, there's nowhere else for the money to go. the stock market has proved itself the place to be. and investors are moving out of bonds. so we're going to get that push. there's nobody for the market to go but up. and i think we're going to see 23,000 maybe by the end of this week. stuart: so the market has
9:32 am
nowhere to go but up, liz. there's a bold statement. what say you? >> well, look, i think a lot of it is going to come down to tax reform. whether the president can really make his pitch not just tonight but going forward. if the betting now is about 50/50 that it gets done in the next 12 months. and that's up from earlier projections. i think it's incredibly important to this market that we see this administration follow through on some of the pro business things they ran on. ashley: where else is it going to go? the only option has been certainly not to just sit on cash, it's to jump in the market. and look what happened. there is that issue. liz: speaking of fed, if they hike rates, which they won't do, but if this comes long time, north korea break out of tensions geopolitical with a rate hike. that's the only thing that i see could rock the market. sorry to be a buzz kill.
9:33 am
stuart: no. no. look, we can get carried away with this. the market's got nowhere to go but up. 5trillion added. you lose sight of risk. there is risk. i don't want to dwell on it. but there is risk. and every day, we start out the show. oh, it's flat to is slightly higher. and by the end of the day, usually we have a new record. it goes on and on and on. liz: all of that money has somewhere to go. >> the risks i think as liz point out, they're fundamental. there's risks out there in terms of politics. risks if the fed might move higher than expected. so that's not going to impact the market. there's nothing else out there, really. in terms of the mechanics of the market and flowing into the market and market going up, dividends, et cetera, precising, stocks being invested into the market, more capital being created every day. nowhere to go but the market. there's a firm bid under the market and buying anything geopolitical or extraneous on
9:34 am
the market really is in an excellent position. stuart: are you a billionaire yet or just a couple hundred million you're playing with? >> i'm always working on that, stuart,. stuart: aren't we all? amazon. there's always an amazon story. every single day absolutely guaranteed and here it is. reportedly in advanced talks with a company called frame. okay. this is important. they make a license plate cover that you can store a key in. amazon wants to use it to ship packages directly to your car trunk. can you believe this. okay? directly to your trunk, and they'll put your stuff in the trunk. ashley: you know why? because the theft of delivered packages is a massive problem in this country. 11million u.s. homeowners have packages stolen by what they call porch pirates. there are people that go around neighborhoods looking for drop offs from amazon, the delivery, and stealing them. so they're trying to find technology to beat it. >> and, by the way, it's not just in your car trunk. they also want to be able to
9:35 am
engineer things inside your door. stuart: i knew you were going to say that. who wants strangers going into the trunk of my can a? who wants strangers opening the front door of my house? if people are willing to do that and get this deal, putting this inside the house, you know, that's a great deal. >> every day there is a new story because amazon continues to probe new ways to make it easier for people to buy via amazon. liz: i still like robotic shopping cart story better. park itself in the parkingn terd deliveries, they're approaching it professionally. they're looking at invaded solutions to it. i think it was a short packaging survey that said 31% of deliveries have had theft incidents. so that's a huge percentage. stuart: there's almost always a walmart story every day. here we've got another one. can you believe they expect
9:36 am
40% growth in their online business in the next year? 40%. this is the company, liz peak, that's really going up against amazon. and the stock reflects it. >> yes. and no. it is going up against amazon. it's obviously important that they take this huge plunge, which they have taken into online shopping. their revenue, i just want to point out online, are about $11 billion. do you know what amazon's are? about $140 billion. and i think unless you can make the case that walmart is going to have even more genius ideas than amazon, it is a long uphill battle for walmart. i think this stock went up yesterday because they announced a pretty hefty share buy back. that's what companies do when they don't know where to reinvest their money. and the other thing i would say which is interesting, investors gave apple enormous running room -- excuse me amazon on investing in all of the technology, investing in warehouses that didn't ever make a profit. walmart, are they going to give them the same, you know, kind of leeway to invest lots
9:37 am
of money and basically make no money on it for a while? good question. stuart: so put you down as a skeptical. >> i worry. i want warm to survive. i think amazon needs competition and walmart is the only one out there that can do it. stuart: hold on. this is another one that we cover every single day. and that is apple. they are finalizing a deal for new episodes for steven spielberg's 80 series amazing stories. liz macdonald. liz: over here. stuart: there you are. they're going for the top of the line director. liz: yeah,. stuart: right to the top. liz: they're going top shelf. going big and bold. i guess apple's first entries carpool karaoke and planet of the apps look like real room emptiers. so now they're going for the hit series from the '80s that won five emmys and attracted clinton eastwood, tim robbins, and kevin costner, worked on the sci-fi series that steven spielberg ran. this is a deal.
9:38 am
also breaking bad producers are on this as well. stuart: so top shelf as apple g, again, as liz just said, they go big on everything that they do. getting spielberg onboard is wonderful. they're going to start with the top producer, director in the nation in the history, probably of hollywood. so, again, hitting it out of the park for apple and hopefully they'll continue to produce good content. stuart: all right. now, one more time. the dow jones industrial average 8 minutes into the trading session is up. not a lot. we always -- very frequently we start like this. a very modest gain. pretty flat to slightly higher. why are you shaking your head? liz: we're coming into earnings season. we could be talking dow 23,000. that's all i'm saying. stuart: well, 169 points away. that's it. >> we should be talking dow 24,000 and 25,000. liz: like you said. stuart: i'm sure you will, given any excuse, i'm sure you will. quickly to the other markets.
9:39 am
look at the price of oil. fifty-one dollars per barrel today. by the way, price of gas keeps falling. we're down to national average 2.7. equifax, look at that. stock is holding way over $100 ashire. 114, despite this news. driver's license data for 10.9 million americans was compromised during that big breach and and in britain they were exposed in the breach. despite bad news, the stock is up nearly a buck. go figure. higher profits at delta. despite $120 million hit from hurricane irma back in september. the stock is slightly higher. listen to this one. the fashion company, democratic luxury, i always call them. coach. you know, luxury handbags at a decent price. they are the parent company of kate spade as well. now, they're changing the name. can you believe this? it's no longer going to be known as coach.
9:40 am
no. it's going to be -- liz: they're growing beyond into being a fashion house to take on louie and gucci. i'm not sure an old-fashioned carpet thrown on a wall is the name you want. they're talking in their statement about it, the name speaks to inclusivity, culture of our diversity and people and brand. luxury.take that o so i think they can do better than that. >> i agree. >> liz peak. >> i agree. and introducing political correctness into your brand, i think it's idiotic. and coach is a good, strong, powerful presence. everybody knows what it is. everyone respects their design capability. i think this is unbelievable mush.
9:41 am
liz: they hired outside branding consultants. stuart: do you know for a fact that they did? liz: it said in the statement. stuart: they hired outside branding consultants. i want to know the fee. i'm desperate to know the fee. what did they charge? you know, you have fun when you watch the market open on the show. and, unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to liz peak. great stuff again today. we're a fraction lower. now we're a fraction higher. ashley: we're flat. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. twitter backing down after censoring a pro-life ad from congressman marsha blackburne. twitter blocked the ad earlier this week. they said the content was inflammatory. well, now they say they've changed their policy, and they will allow the blackburne ad to run. marsha blackburne, well, she wants an apology, and she's with us 11:00 this morning. the military showing north korea that it's ready to
9:42 am
a flight flying two bombers and fighter jets over the korean peninsula. that's a big show of force. ambassador john bolton on that next you know who likes to be
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. . stuart: all right. it's a narrowly-based dow at the moment. down just four points. 22,827. that's where we are. time cutting the number of magazines that it's going to print. lori rothman at the new york stock exchange. give me more, please. >> hi, stuart. well, research experiment that we just don't have time to sit back. in fact, add revenue is down about 12% in the most recent quarter versus same quarter last year. shares, time magazine up 27%. so they say they're reducing the number of copies including time sports illustrated by one third.
9:45 am
so, for example, sports illustrated will drop to 27 issues down from 38 issues. also, fortune magazine, people magazine, some of the other titles under time's enterprise. back to you, stuart,. stuart: i find that when i read something online, i just read the headline and the first paragraph. the rest of the stuff i dump. i mean, i don't do it right. so i will miss the magazines and newspapers, i'm afraid. lori rothman, nice to see you. thank you for joining us. see you soon. liz: well, they need to get better at writing. i'm sorry. they need to be shorter and to the point. there's too much writing going on. stuart: we're showing pictures of north korea. they have to improve their writing, the north koreans? liz: no, forgive me. i'm sorry. stuart: the bombers over korean peninsula last night and a couple of fighter jets too. john bolton is here, former ambassador to the u.s. and fox news contributor. back up that we have the will and the means to knock them if we have to? >> well, i think it's part of that.
9:46 am
but let's be clear. if we were really serious about the use of force, a lot more would have to be done. both things would be visible like moving more assets to japan and guam and invisible like more under see devices and things like that. more missiles that could be fired by submarines. plus, i think we need to give our dependent personnel, civilian and military in south korea time to get out. so we're a long way away from anything to be sure. stuart: you're a hawk. i can tell. you are a definite hawk on this. but there is some suggestion that president trump will visit china and south korea in november. i don't think that's firm yet, but it would fit the pattern, wouldn't it? of trying to get a coalition against the north koreans. >> well, look, i think the north koreans are very close to achieving what they've been after for 25 years, which is a deliverable nuclear weapons capability. susan rice, barack obama's national security adviser
9:47 am
wrote an op-ed in the new york times a couple of months ago saying, well, gee. i guess we tried for 25 years and failed. no kidding. and now we just have to accept north korea with nuclear weapons, and we'll deter them as we did with the soviets in the cold war. i completely disagree with that. i think the analogy to the cold war doesn't work with the regime like north korea, and i might add iran. and the notion that we would leave this regime with deliverable nuclear weapons, i find unacceptable. and, by the way, that's what the president said at his un speech a couple of weeks ago when he said denuclearization is the only way forward. stuart: you think a clash is coming? a military clash? >> well, i think there's still diplomatic options. i think hopefully when the president meets with xi ping where he's considerably consolidated his power, they can talk turkey about reunifying the peninsula, essentially under south korea. but i think if you believe that we've got the luxury of time, we've got years and
9:48 am
years to worry about it, that's wrong. and if we guess incorrectly, if north korea crosses that finish line and gets deliverable nuclear weapons, then i think the possibility of military force is diminished. and, again, i say the same thing about iran. stuart: you know the u.s. men's team lost last night and that the u.s. men's team is out of the world cup. do you think this diminishes our standing on the international stage? that's a joke, mr. ambassador. >> i know but let me give you my answer. i don't really care. i think soccer is boring. i like high-scoring sports, you know? and so, look, i don't think it's -- it amounts to a row of beans. stuart: don't ever run for office, mr. ambassador. because a man who doesn't care about the u.s. men's team failing to get into the world cup, i mean, that's appalling. you ever want to come back on this show? mr. ambassador, i am shocked. >> i'm going to root for the
9:49 am
trinidad bobsled team in the winter olympics too. stuart: it wajamaica bobsled team. >> i was close. stuart: where are we on the dow? we're up six points, seven points. that's where we are. a lot more red than green. but we're up. 22,836. how about that? backlash against the tiny home trend. a community in north korea trying to block a deadly weapon from building a whole lot of these things. the residents say, locals say these tiny homes kill their property values. we're talking to the guy who wants to build those tiny homes after this. "volatile markets." something we all think about as we head into retirement. it's why brighthouse financial is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets.
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9:54 am
now, would you put walmart into your fund, bearing in mind that they're pretty big now in online selling. >> well, stuart, we wouldn't include them yet. so we have to see a company have 70% or more of their revenue come from online sales. believe it or not, walmart is still less than 5% of their revenue coming from online sales. they're investing heavily there. we heard some great news yesterday. but they still don't meet the criteria of being focused primarily on online retail. stuart: okay. black friday. the day after thanksgiving. that's huge for bricks and mortar retailers. now we hear from sale that the day after thanksgiving is going to be the biggest online selling day ever. are you with that? i'm sure you are because that's what you do. >> yeah. that's right. we think both days could be big. black friday, cyber monday, you know, all the hiring announcements that are happening at the brick and mortar side seem to be a leading indicator that shopping should be robust. and the competition has never
9:55 am
been greater between brick and mortar and online retailers. the great news is consumers are going to win. they're going to see better return policies. more aggressive pricing. should be a great holiday season. stuart: well, you've done well with your fund. it's called ibuy. can we put up a chart of the performance over the last year of ibuy? you've done extremely well just by investing -- look at that chart. just by investing in online retailers. that's all you do. you don't touch brick and mortar. it has to be online; is that right. >> that's right. it's not just consumer trend, it's online opportunity. and they have vastly outperformed brick and mortar. we're seeing brick and mortar being down this year and online up 30%. so it's 30% just this year, stuart,. stuart: i think you guys are taking over. i really do. christian, thank you for joining us. >> thanks. stuart: new revelation in the
9:56 am
harvey weinstein scandal, including this. nbc chose not to run with the story of his alleged sexual harassment and rape. why? howard kurtz on that in a moment. plus, says the president's immigration plan is part of a white supremacist agenda. you've heard that on the program several times this week. now the head of the border patrol offices union, which has a lot of minorities within its ranks, he is going to respond to what that gentleman said, and we'll be back. hour two shortly. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv.
9:57 am
you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. . . . .
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9:59 am
stuart: the nfl says, you will stand for the anthem. finally, football get as backbone. and president trump has won. the president understood almost instinctively how america feels about the flag and the anthem. if you don't stand, you're insulting the country. that is his position. so, at a rally in huntsville, alabama, he waded right in.
10:00 am
he called the football protesters sobs, and said fire them. right there he turned the debate from alleged police brutality to respect for the flag. he framed debate on his terms. he provoked liberal left and they took the bait. espn ports anchor jemele hill called him a white sue very much civil. she urged advertisers to boycott the cowboys whose owner insisted his players stand. talk about biting the hand that feeds you. same thing with players, millionaires and all, insulting country and that gave them so much. they lost and if they keep going their loss will be even worse. the president is criticized for his sometimes outrageous tweets, that is legitimate criticism. his off-the-cuff comments got in the way of his growth agenda on occasion, but on football and flag he knew where most of the country is coming from. don't mess with the sport. don't mess with the anthem. he won. the second hour of
10:01 am
"varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: i want more on the nfl. the president tweeted about this. ashley: he did. put out this. about time roger goodell of the nfl, finally, i like word finally, demanding all players stand for the great national anthem. respect our country. stuart: my aspect of editorial he won this round. ashley: you could. it was starting to fade away when he jumped in with both feet and all barrels blasting and blew it up. ultimately he won taking on players, look, whatever your beef is, respect the flag, respect the country. and roger goodell finally realizing the nfl is very reliant on people, watching, going to games, buying products
10:02 am
advertised during games. all that is being threatened on this. stuart: you want to take me on, lizzie? liz: ash is right. roger goodell used a interesting word, unity. they like to come together to stand before the flag it. makes them feel good. what is going on, taking away. yes, constitutional right to protest, everybody agrees with that. this is different. this is about the flag. stuart: hold on a second. we have market watcher, his name is jack hough. he is getting into this. >> this is baby games. the president won on this but growth agenda is stalled and not getting along with anyone. that is more important. me and my family we'll stand with our hand on our hearts at national anthem, we respect people's right to do whatever. i care more about the economy. he wasn't sent to office to reshape american football. stuart: he was sent to office to represent and stand up for america and our flag and our anthem and being american.
10:03 am
>> i'm not swelling with pride right now in some of the ways the president represented america. i guess we'll disagree about that. liz: that is your opinion. stuart: he is entitled to his opinion. >> i prefer a little more decorum. ashley: i understand. stuart: you want to talk about the stock market for a minute? [laughter]? stock alert. that is what is says on the air. we're up two points. 22,833. jack, this is your turf. you're a money guy, a stock market watcher. a lot of our viewers are saying is this a bubble? >> no. stuart: they remember the dot-com bubble, housing bubble and now this. this is a bubble? >> people are not going bonkers for stocks right now. valuations are a little bit above average. that doesn't mean they can't push higher. the best thing we say about the market, i believe if you look forward next 10 years your returns will below average because we're starting at above average point. if we get 4, 5, 6% average, show
10:04 am
me a decent quality bond. stocks are still the best bet. stuart: stocks are still the best bet. what about president trump. he is going to pennsylvania today. talking tax reform. it might be a barn burrer, might get the crowd going. but his dispute with senator bob corker you referred to here. >> among many. stuart: some outrageous tweets are getting in the way of the program. >> i don't care how short bob corker is. i care about republicans coming up short on the economy. promising reshaping tax code. that is what i care for. bob corker's height doesn't matter to me. this is a reoccurring the usual pattern from this president. it is, these ridiculous personal attacks. it works until it doesn't work. just doesn't feel funny anymore. stuart: we want to hear a barn-burner for tax cuts? that's what we want? >> sure.
10:05 am
a little more detail on the tax cuts but sure. stuart: watch it on fox business tonight. jack, more in a second. new developments on the harvey weinstein scandal. we just learned that the british academy of film and television arts suspended weinstein's membership. nbc news is being questioned for reportedly killing an expose' it had on weinstein months ago. last night, on msnbc, rachel maddow asked the reporter, ronan farrow why nbc didn't go with the story. roll tape. >> you said one of the women spoke on camera. why did you report for new yorker instead of nbc news? >> you have to ask executives on the detail. i will not comment on any story they did or didn't run. i will say over many years, many news organizations circled this story and faced a great deal of pressure in doing so. stuart: joining us howard kurtz,
10:06 am
host of "mediabuzz." your reaction to all of this developing story, howard? >> this is major embarassment for nbc. ronan farrow is major correspondent. he had on-camera interview by his own telling. nbc said it doesn't meet our standards. he publishes it in "the new yorker." well-documented story with allegations against harvey weinstein. i can't help but observe there are interrelationships between nbc universal's pictures, nbc bravo and harvey weinstein's companies. stuart: is there a political association. i tend to think of nbc left of center. harvey weinstein was a iconic liberal supporter, gave money to liberal causes. is there suggestion that the nbc newsroom played and shied away from the story because it would upset their liberal base? >> well, certainly, no secret
10:07 am
msnbc is a liberal channel. you know harvey weinstein big democratic donor. held fund-raisers for hillary clinton, for barack obama. you have to wonder if this had been a conservative, a big republican fund-raiser whether nbc would have the hesitation? by the way in. bc source, not going on the record, telling "the daily beast," what ronan had wasn't enough because he didn't have anybody on the record. here is what he also had by the way published by new yorker, audiotape of an italian model who said she was globed by harvey weinstein. she was wired by the new york police. chilling audiotape as he tries to get her to go into a room. you groped me yesterday. he doesn't deny. something i'm used to. nbc could have aired that. hard to understand the editorial decision. stuart: donald trump just tweeted on this subject. here is what he says. with all the fake news coming out of nbc and the networks, at
10:08 am
what point is it appropriate to challenge their license? bad for country. your response to that, howard? >> well that is kind of a chilling message from the president. there not talking about harvey weinstein, talking about nbc story today unnamed sources the president tried in meeting or raised possibility of increasing our nuclear weapons stock tenfold. rex tillerson story, alleged moron comment has president commenting. he points to fcc using power of government, license renewal, you don't like what is being reported by administration. that is kind of troubling. stuart: i agree with you. howard kurtz, always a pleasure. >> good to see you. stuart: amazon, story of the day, always is, making it it for teens under age of 18 to buy their products. that is interesting,.
10:09 am
liz: liz: internet spending allowance. preapproved spending limits set by parents. the parents have to sign off on it, up to four teens can use parents account. teens bet their own log-ins to do this. remember parents let you shop by the maul. amazon is saying you know what? come to us. taking on aeropostale and wet seal, retailers feeling it. stuart: limit on spend on teens at mall. you can spend all you like. liz: parents need to stay aware of it. they can cancel order as long as they pay attention to notifications. stuart: jack hough we have every single day a amazon story. we have a story about a system where they deliver the amazon stuff to the trunk of your car for heaven's sake. >> walmart, you were talking about walmart a little earlier, playing with that very well with groceries. order groceries on line. you have a lot of growth.
10:10 am
amazon doesn't want that to get away from them. i'm a little alarmed we have to give amazon allowance pretty soon. i give my 7-year-old daughter a dollar once a year to cut my hair. true story. stuart: she cuts your hair? >> she cuts my hair. stuart: for a buck? >> for a buck. i don't think i'm violating child-labor laws. as a parent do i need to give minimum wage? don't get into fight for $15. stuart: would you buy amazon at $990? >> amazon, the price run up a lot. the valuation doesn't look crazy if you look at free cash flow which amazon generated a lot of, look a few years out. the growth is tremendous. we have never seen companies this large grow this fast. this is new to the american economy, new to the stock market. i think it is not so crazy to buy amazon. stuart: they're taking over the world. ashley: amazon land, you will
10:11 am
need a passport to get in. we're halfway there. stuart: serious subject. california wildfires raging. more than 115,000-acres burned since sunday. high wind threaten to make it worse. we'll have a report from on the ground right there. and this, the tiny home trend. it is big in some parts of the country. one community says don't put the teen hopes in my neighborhood. they're bad for property values. we have the tiny homes developer with us on this program. our capitol hill insider, fox news star producer chad pergram says, it is unlikely we get tax reform before the end of the year. he has details. you're watching "varney & company." ♪ listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits.
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stuart: ha minutes into the trading session, we're up five points. seaworld on the downside. merlin entertainment, owns leg low land, denies any takeover talks with seaworld. the stock is up. i don't get it. stock up to 13 bucks a share. ge, two-year low. jpmorgan said it will go down to, wait for it, $20 a share on general electric. fox news confirms hackers related to north korea targeted power companies in america. what is that about? liz: spearfishing, fake emails. of the sent to power companies. when you open up the email, malware would come into the system. this is from cybersecurity firm
10:16 am
fireeye. they are saying no downside, the power grid was not affected. the walls are strong. north korea is looking for weakness into the system to break in, and attack the u.s. power grid. stuart: they're having a go at us. that is for sure. liz: yeah. stuart: totally different subject. the tiny home trend is catching on in various parts of the country. however in charlotte, north carolina residents are trying to block a developer building a lot of homes in their neighborhood. these tiny homes start about 89,000 bucks. median price for all of charlotte is 190,000. kelvin young is with us, founder of keough time any house. welcome to the program. the community has a point, when they look at your development, look, you will bring down my property values with all these property houses. what do you say to them?
10:17 am
>> pleasantly disagree with that. stuart: it won't bring down their property values? >> no. if you look at it, the facts are, numbers that you gave were for the city of charlotte. it wasn't for that zip code. that is one thing. i mean, in addition, we're averaging $180 a square foot, which no house in that neighborhood, ever, ever sold at $180 a square foot. for example, there is house across the street from my property, my development, is for sale $188,000. that is roughly 115 a square foot. if my values actually do anything to, any values in the neighborhood it, would do nothing but increase it. stuart: what is average size of tiny homes you're building, square foot? >> first one we built is 493. people designing them right now from that to 1000 square foot. which turns into a small house. we have one right now, 1000
10:18 am
square foot, 170,000. a house half a mile from this house, the house we're doing, is 1600 square feet. it is selling for 249, which is less per square foot what we're getting per square foot. i'm just stating you facts. stuart: no, i understand. i'm not having a go at you. i can understand the attraction of tiny homes. i want to grip with details here. you're building some at under 500 square feet. and some at around 1000, square feet, small homes, tiny homes. what do you charge for 493-square foot small tiny home? how much? >> the house is 69,000 and the land is 20. it is $89,000 for the total package. stuart: how many homes are you building in the development you're talking about? how many? >> we're proposing 56 right now. that is our proposal right now, is 56.
10:19 am
much each person has they're designing their homes custom. most will probably be between 6 to 700 square foot range, to 1000 square foot range. that would definitely increase value of new construction. you have to keep in mind, that comps are comparisons. you can't compare a house built in 1959, that is 1500 square foot to a house that is 700 square foot, new construction. we all know comps in real state, comparisons, that is what a comp is a comparison. my home would not be a comparison for a house that is 3,000 square foot in the neighborhood. stuart: got it. how many of you have you built so far? is this just proposal at this stage? >> right. we have one we built so far. we have two more that we'll be closing on which are 894 and 1000 square foot. they're trading between 148 and 170. stuart: i'm sure you built the homes for. is demand strong? >> we have 1800 people show up
10:20 am
at the open house. so i would like to you know, i know, when you opened up, you stated that charlotte, not charlotte, just a few residents. we had 1800 people show up for open house. that i think shows there is a lot of positivity. that should be a record anywhere for open house. stuart: what do i get for 493 square feet? obviously, one bedroom i fest. guess. is there any wall between the bedroom or kitchen or living room? how does it work? >> yes. you have a 16, by 16 open area, huge kitchen with full size appliances. one wall is kitchen. stain less steel appliances. granite, jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. tankless water heater. we have systems 100% energy efficient. very nice home. 16-foot ceilings in the home.
10:21 am
it feels much bigger than 493 square feet. stuart: kelvin this, is fascinating. come back and see the progress of your development because a lot of people are fascinated by this trend to tiny homes. kelvin young, everyone. keyo tiny house founder. thanks for joining us. we appreciate night thanks for having me. stuart: that is interesting. coming up, oh the embarassment. oh, please. ashley: not again. stuart: yes. i'm sorry. the u.s. men's soccer team failed to qualify for 2018 world cup. we're going to discuss this. i'm sorry, but we are. ♪ is this a phone?
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
or a little internet machine? it makes you wonder: shouldn't we get our phones and internet from the same company? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you get up to 5 lines of talk and text at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to
10:25 am
>> reality setting in like a sledgehammer on the u.s. bench. stuart: well, there you have it, after the announcer said the u.s. men's team lost, lost to trinidad and tobago last night. it means the u.s. will not be in the world cup next year. this is embarassment, ash. ashley: it is. it is such a shame. there will have to be a maybe wiping clean of the slate here, looking how this whole operation is run, the soccer federation in this country. focus on young talent. there is a lot of talent. this is country of 300 million people, losing to trinidad and tobago, no excuse, bad tactics, bad moves. i'm tired of the potential time now to realize the potential. they will have to really i believe wipe the slate clean, start again. stuart: they have time to do that. ashley: unfortunately. absolute travesty.
10:26 am
stuart: immediate outcome is not good news for major league soccer, the american major league soccer. ashley: no, mls. stuart: if we performed well in the world cup, that draws interest to major league soccer. without that, more tune into european soccer, especially english premier league soccer. that is shame. ashley: can we not run the video anymore? stuart: i'm afraid another hour to go. ashley: awful. awful. stuart: next case, california wine country, overtaken by wildfires. not under control yet. we'll get the view from the ground right there. only 33 legislative days left on the calendar to get tax reform left. 30 days? more on that in a second.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ stuart: justin timberlake, thank you very much. we start out like this most days on the stock market. a modest gain, often turns into significant gain by the end of the day. i'm not making that forecast. i'm simply saying we're up 12 right now, 22,842. in a moment, seconds from now, we'll get latest how much oil we have got in storage and how much we have used in the latest reporting period. haven't got number for you yet. i'm seeing oil virtually unchanged right now at $50.94 per barrel. i will get you the storage numbers in just a moment. look at big tech numbers, please. they have been on a tear for a couple of years actually. big tech has been making new highs for some of the biggest named companies. as of this morning we have facebook up at 172. amazon getting close again to
10:31 am
1000 bucks a share. the only leadser microsoft, the rest are up. retailer coach, they are going to change their name. they are going to call themselves tapestry at end of this month. coach says their brand include stuart weitzman and kate spade. they want their name to reflect that. shares of coach are up 15% so far this year, but this morning the name change comes along and they're down 2%. all right, let's get the latest on california wildfires. the latest is, at least 17 dead, 2,000 homes and businesses destroyed. hillary vaughn in napa county. hillary, this is clearly hurting wine tourism industry there. hotels shut down, wineries shut down. give us an update, please. reporter: stuart, some hotels burned down as well. a hilton property in sonoma county completely burned to the ground. that sits on a 13-acre.
10:32 am
they say seven other hilton properties are in affected areas, and at risk of being burned down completely or suffering extensive fire damage. a popular resort a few miles east of here also had to be evacuated. they just hosted a pga golf tournament over the weekend. they suffered some fire damage but not completely a total loss for the property. but you're right, tourism is a big draw, not just to the picturesque scenery, a place to stay but the wine tasting this is signorelli estates. this is typically a wine-tasting room. it is now all rubble. not only are tourists evacuated, driven out of their hotels, the places they would go to taste wine are in rubble. nine wineries suffered major damage. some a total loss, completely burned to the ground. stuart, there are 800 wineries in napa, sonoma counties at risk
10:33 am
by these fires. we expect that to grow as wine owners are able to get back to their properties and survey the damage. right now because the fires are not contained, they're not being allowed back in. stuart: hillary vaughn, i want more information on this thank you very much, hillary. i want to bring in the president of the sonoma county wine growers association. can you tell us in your area the impact of these fires right on to wineries themselves? how many totally destroyed or damaged? >> yeah. we are still right in the middle of active fire zones so it is really hard to figure out the total damage. we do know unfortunately one of our favorite family winierries, paradise ridge, right in the heart of santa rosa, has been destroyed. fortunately the vineyards are still in good shape with that winery. but we're still learning about issues around the county. stuart: the fire is still
10:34 am
burning. there is smoke in the air. >> yes. stuart: could that affect grapes? i know many gripes are still on the vine? could they be affected, their taste in the future when they're harvested? >> fortunately in sonoma county, the heat spike we got overlabor day weekend, pushed our harvest a little earlier than normal. so we're about 90% harvested in sonoma county. we have only 10% of grapes left on the vine could even potentially be affected. we really believe, our vineyards are really spread around our mill acres of land in sonoma county. we have 60,000-acres of grapes. really depends where the vineyards are if the remaining 10% of grapes will be affected. stuart: forgive me pressing the point, could the taste wine be affected by smoke and heat? >> they're in barrels around the
10:35 am
county. we're actually confident the smoke taint will not affect those. 10% of the grapes on vine, the biggest issue logistics of harvesting them, even getting them to vineries because so many of our community, some of our members of the wine community are without homes and without ability to navigate our county right now. stuart: it is a terrible thing, carissa, our viewers at this moment, we're looking at dreadful video of burned-out wineries and homes. have you been personally affected by this. >> i actually lost my home. i live in santa rosa. i'm waitinglearn if my vineyardd guest house has been affected. stuart: we feel for you. >> thank you. stuart: we're told that the fire encroached right into santa rosa the town itself. a lot of our viewers are very familiar with santa rosa. paint the picture. >> for me, i was evacuated with
10:36 am
a knock on my door 2:30 monday morning by a neighbor. we were already in mandatory evacuation. i had ten minutes to get together a few items, get on the road out of santa rosa. our main thorough way, the 101 was already closed in certain areas. you could see just the glow of the fire rolling down the hill. and so, you know, i think for folks, the hardest part, we have so many active fires, it is hard to know where to go and hard to navigate the county. it is a really scary and devastating situation. so many folks have lost their homes. we're very resilient community. we're a family, family-driven, highly spirited survival-based community. so i have no doubt we're, if we get all through all of this, rebuild and renew. stuart: look, thank you very much for joining us in very difficult day, we appreciate you being with us.
10:37 am
carissa kruse, sonoma county wine growers association. >> thank you. stuart: president trump make as speech on tax reform in pennsylvania tonight. comes after a group led by newt gingrich, taking out ad in "the hill" newspaper, pushing for tax cuts. listen to what newt gingrich said on this show about it yesterday. roll tape. keep it simple? >> as much tax reform as they can pass, as long as they get tax cuts. i don't want them to let tax reform as idea, lock them from getting tax cuts. stuart: tax cuts. tax cuts. cut, cuts. steve hayes, chair, president for americans for fair taxation. are you going along with that, we don't have time to rescale the tax code but we need tax cuts. are you for that? >> stuart, would be disingenuous
10:38 am
to say, you don't want the american people to -- this is phony reform, lobbiest early christmas present. members of congress will get all sort of benefits, everybody will try to protect their niche and their group. i realize a lot of people think this is the way it should be. this is broken system that will not get fixed by tax cuts. what i believe we need to go to the fair tax which gets rid of this system, goes to 33% national -- stuart: we'll not go to fair tax or any other kind of the reform. it will not happen this year. you don't want to cut the rate of tax on corporations and or individuals? because i think that stimulates the economy. you don't want that? >> of course we want to cut the rate. we want to make it fair for everybody. this is just a sham, basically.
10:39 am
it's a cut-rate. it is going to be not revenue neutral. you will increase the deficit. there are no estimates that show -- stuart: you don't think, you don't think it can be paid for itself, growth will pay for the cut? >> no, i don't. stuart: you don't think that? >> i don't think it will. i don't think it will. not that it can. of course it can. i don't believe it will. we have got people in congress who are addicted to the idea they can give you something and not pay for it. i don't believe it is going to be paid for. i think that this system is constantly will be subjecting to tinkering. we need to face up to reality we need to go to a different system. i believe the fair tax is better not trying to be argumentive. i think it is time to face reality. stuart: look, i understand, i'm not trying to be argumentive myself. i'm thinking looking at reality. if you don't have the votes in the senate or the house for straightforward tax cuts, i'm sure you don't have the votes in
10:40 am
the house or the senate for the fair tax that you're talking about. i mean this is dreaming, way into the future. we're concerned with now. we want to get this economy going. we want prosperity. we're not going to get it by pie-in-the-sky dreaming affair tax system 10 years down the road? >> it is not 10 years down the road. the present civil, the wheels are falling off. evasion will be nine trillion dollars over the next 10 years. you have got a system that is failing. they will have to change it. what i think we need to do, face reality today and start looking at what really is the right system for raising revenue for the government. and it isn't the broken system we have. it isn't the one that is leaking like a sieve. it isn't the one that is creating disadvantages, not advantages. we have got to look past this, stuart. tax cuts are like putting a a bandaid on a broken arm. you may feel better for a short
10:41 am
time but they will not get us where we need to be. stuart: if you were in congress, whether the senate or house, would you vote no on reducing corporate tax rate to 20%? >> absolutely not. i would vote yes. stuart: okay. would you vote no on reducing individual tax rates to just three tax brackets? >> absolutely not. i would vote yes. stuart: i don't think there is any disagreement between us. i just like -- >> i don't think there is on that part. stuart: 218 in the house for tax cuts. that's what i want. >> we want tax cuts and we want reform. i don't think we can say pie-in-the-sky if it is isn't a system that is working. we need pressure on congress, which is not motivated frankly to change the system. right now it's a very profitable system for the swamp. we need to put in a system for the american people. stuart: i'm with you all the way. i just don't think we'll get it soon. steven, we'll have to disagree on this one. it was a fun debate. stephen hayes.
10:42 am
thanks for joining us. thank you. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: then we have congressman luis gutierrez as you know if you've watching this program, he says trump's immigration process is white supremacist agenda. the head of the border control disagrees vigorously. he says his agency is more diverse than any branch of government. he will make his case next. ♪
10:43 am
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don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested ♪ ashley: president trump barnstorming on taxes in pennsylvania today. congressman scott perry says there should be no holding back getting tax cuts done. roll tape. >> simple, fair, tax cuts. that is what people are looking for. we would like it to be bigger. the president would like it to be bigger. face it, some of my colleagues in it town can't get around fixings health care, there is a lot of money sunk into that we can't get out and refuse to do anything, cut anything, or any wasteful spending in washington, d.c. if you can't cut that stuff, only so far you could go. president would like it to be bigger. i would like it toking bigger. we have it take it as far as we can. it can't be moving cups on a table t has to be tax reform so
10:45 am
everybody realizes the opportunity of america. ♪
10:46 am
stuart: earlier this morning i was discussing the harvey weinstein scandal on the morningses with maria program, at one point how many in hollywood and left avoided this terrible story, i said it was a bombshell, thrown into the middle of the liberal media and hollywood, and i'm loving every second of it. i want to make something very
10:47 am
clear. in every segment since this disgusting story broke i have been crystal clear that i am appalled and outraged by what harvey weinstein allegedly did. my comment there was strictly about the liberal hypocrisy in the media and in hollywood, and no one should construe it in any other way. thank you. back to business. four dow stocks hit all-time highs at opening bell, caterpillar, boeing, visa, mcdonald's, they're all moving higher still. dick's sporting goods, retail ice age, here we go, going the other way. a seven-year low, down 5%. kroger is exploring all the convenience stores it owns. it has 784 quick shop, tom thumb and quick stop convenient stores over 18 states. they generate revenue of 1.4 billion and sold 1.2 billion doll lance of fuel. up for sale.
10:48 am
democratic congressman luis gutierrez of illinois says president trump's immigration proposals are extension of the white supremacist agenda. the acting i.c.e. director, tomas homan disagreed with that. here is what he had to say on our show yesterday. roll tape. >> that is irresponsible for him to make that statement. i.c.e. officers are enforcing laws when they were enacted. is congress white supremacist when they enacted laws? i have 20,000 patriots, strap a gun to hair hip, leave their homes and families to protect this nation. shame on him. stuart: he said it. joining us brandon judd, border patrol union president. brandon, what is your reaction to congressman gutierrez? >> thank goodness, mr. gutierrez is so radical you can't take him seriously but the problem he is painting this picture too many liberals want to paint. he is painting this picture that
10:49 am
president trump is xenophobic and racist. i can tell you from first-hand experience that is not true. i have met with him since he was sworn into office. i met with him on three separate occasions. i can tell you he embraces my agents, the only agency that i know of that has more minorities than it does whites. he embraces my agents. he likes my agents. he appreciates my agents. i can tell you my agents appreciate him back. stuart: now you have got, got a lot of different ethnic backgrounds in your union. the officers that you represent. in fact, did you just tell me the so-called minorities are actually in a majority within your union, is that accurate? >> it is not just within my union. it is within the, within agency, the united states border patrol. we have more non-whites than what we have whites. stuart: and yet, you have this congressman saying it is the white supremacist agenda. how do hispanics, for example, within your union, how do they
10:50 am
respond to that kind of, well, it's a taunt from congressman gutierrez? >> completely upsets them. it marginalizes them. that is what is upsetting to them. i can tell you again, if you look at who i have met with the president with, it has been with paul pettis, and hector garza, they are extremely good agents want to do their job and they are minorities and president trump embraces them. stuart: bring us up to speed please, on these illegal border crossings. we're told they are way down. can you put a number on it? >> yeah. you're looking at, from, the my 20 years in the border patrol, i have never seen, less numbers of people crossing border illegally than what we do today. and if you go back to mr. gutierrez's comment, if he was going to paint the right picture, he would have to praise the president for what he has done because no president has done on the border better than what president trump has done.
10:51 am
stuart: brandon judd, we wanted to set the record straight. you did it. we appreciate that. thank you very much indeed, sir. >> yes, sir. stuart: thank thank you, capitol insider, fox news star producer is chad per grall. he says tax reform has become a pipe-dream -- pergram. he says there is not enough time for it. he is next. ♪ think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives,
10:52 am
risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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10:55 am
ashley: let's get back it tax reform. the gop is pushing to get through their tax plan through congress before the end of the year, but make no mistake, it's a tight timeline. there are just 31 legislative days remaining this year. not much time at all. joining us now, chad pergram, fox news senior producer on capitol hill extraordinaire, i should add. chad, the big question everyone is asking, can they get this done before the end of the year, yes or no? >> it will be very challenging as you say. the real signpost to look for when the ways and means committee, the tax-writing committee in the house schedules a mark-up session where they to
10:56 am
through the bill line by line to pull it together. kevin brady says they will not do until the senate moves a budget. house of representatives moves a budget. the senate is out this week. puts it back to the third or fourth week of october. why is that so important? you have to have the budget in place to use special process of budget reconciliation. it lowerses the bar from 60 to 51 votes. they can't do tax reform if they don't get it done. here we are october, and we don't have any details. kevin brady talked to members of the press. he was asked, how things are going. he said we are making progress but wouldn't give any specifics. ashley: chad, we're almost out of time. biggest stumbling block, state and local tax issue, is that the main stumbling block? >> that is one thing. he talked about that i don't have anticipates on that. he talked about permanence. that is not -- men's soccer team
10:57 am
lost against trinidad tobago, it will be a big a loss of men's soccer team. ashley: don't use that analogy. we're still in morning over that, chad. thank you so much. more "varney" at top of the hour. don't go away. if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. there's nothing more important than your health.
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. stuart: tonight, another barn-storming tax cut presidential speech. addresses a rally in pennsylvania. lots of truckers in the crowd tonight. let's hope it is a barn stormer. last time, he stuck to his teleprompter. he stayed on script, and it came across as flat and lacking fire. now is the time to tell the crowd what tax cuts mean for them. sell the growth agenda and sell it campaign style because it is a campaign. with the president running against democrats and some senate republicans. he's got to go over the heads of the status quo brigade and preach. yes, preach the value for everyone of tax cuts and
11:01 am
growth. time's running out. by our calculations, there are what? 30, 31 legislative days left this year to get the tax cuts done, and it does come down to that. straight forward tax cuts. there's no time to reform the whole tax system. and the votes aren't there either. tax cuts need 50 votes in the senate. to get them, the president has to sell the virtues of growth aggressively. i think he will. watch him tonight on the fox business network. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ ♪ . stuart: kanye west. look at me. we're up six points on the dow
11:02 am
industrials, and we've only got about a third of the dow 30 on the upside. look at pfizer. they are considering the sale of their consumer health unit, which is huge. you know the names. chapstick, preparation h and a whole lot more up for sale by pfizer, so we hear. at least they're looking at it. there's the brand names on your south korean. i'm not going to go through the whole list all over again, but that's a very big deal. $10billion worth of over the county medications may be put on the chopping block or the auction block, i should say. now, this. top gop donors not happy with the agenda. they're not blaming the president. they're blaming the republican party. one of them joins us now. dan parmer. you think the gop is just not getting it done? >> you know, the house is getting it done. they're passing the tough bills and sending them over to the senate.
11:03 am
but the senate is becoming a graveyard. we have a nominal majority of 52. but when three or four wonder off, no matter which way you bring it up, we don't have a functional majority. chuck schumer has a functional majority. stuart: has the president gone to his twitter account and said such outrageous things that he's lost so many senate republicans, and that, in fact, it is his fault and not the republicans fault? >> look, i think a lot of the senior guys on the senate have lost the american voter. these guys had their last chance, you know, coming up with tax reform. they need to actually produce on this agenda. it's not going to be good enough to tell us "oh, you've got to get used to the pace of washington or gee, we just couldn't get everyone on the boat. that's not good enough. two strikes with health care. i think this leadership teams need to produce on taxes or it's going to be over. stuart: you hosted a
11:04 am
fund-raiser i believe with vice president pence and some other republicans, mr. mccarthy. did you tell them flat out a lot of the donors just aren't ponying up for the republican party. is that what you said to them? >> well, actually, i sat with the folks who are leaving th the president's political team and the vice president's political team and a lot of other donors in the room, and asked them how they were approaching the 2018 cycle. and the feedback i got from the different parties is that we lack coordination, and i think my recommendation to all of my was we need to get the major players in a room, figure out who's going to do what. stop stepping on each other's toes. that whole thing in alabama was a huge waste of money and a food fight. there'san no other way to go about it. stuart: so you're critical to the president to some degree here? >> no. i think the president is on message. i think that the culture in
11:05 am
washington, d.c. you know, they're timid. they are risk averse, so they're staying with the familiar. but these are unusual times. and they require extraordinary measures. in the short run, i think the leadership needs to run the senate 24/7, 365. force the democrats to stand in the well and filibuster pursuant to senate rules if they really want to block nominations or block the senate -- excuse me the president's agenda. and don't let them out early to go home to the district and fundraise and make a lot of noise, you know? the top 12 fundraisers in the united states senate today are all democrats. the top republican fundraiser is ted cruz. i think we've had four consecutive change elections. the obama and we've had, you know, the house take over by the tea party, and then we have the senate. now we've had trump. i think the guys need to get the message the country is in urgent need of change. stuart: all right. dan
11:06 am
parmer, thanks for joining us, sir. i think the republican party and the president will get the message that you are delivering. thanks very much. we've got kroger on the screen. that stock has been halted. halted with the stock up two and a half percent. word is that some of their quick stop and other operations will be up for sale. they're considering hiving them off. they stop that stock from trading at the moment with a two and a half percent off. we are indeed in record territory. the dow is getting pretty close to 23,000. very close, actually. keith is with us. money chief investment strategist. you think that we are going to hit 23,000 on the dow real fast. you also think if i'm not mistaken, we've got to get another 10, 11, 12% gain for the s&p 500 by the end of the year. that's what you're saying; right? >> well, that's right. will there are some caveats to
11:07 am
that, stuart. number one, we have to get actual tax reform in place. we have a show me market now. second thing is earnings are going to be stronger than a lot of people are expecting, particularly when it comes to big technology defense and energy. that's going to detract a lot of money and right now there's a huge amount of money still looking to go to work. and finally, we've got ceos who are capable of introducing new products and technology that can change the world. all three of those things if we get them, i think brings us to 3,000 by year end. the great part about this is not a lot of people are expecting it, which means in a contrary fashion, you aren't prepared for it. stuart: that would be a whopping great, big rally. 3,000 on the s&p in the next several weeks. that's huge. >> oh, yeah. yeah. and the fact that most people don't believe it will happen -- you know, a lot of people didn't believe trump would get elected. a lot of people didn't believe it would create $5 trillion since last november. a lot of people didn't believe a lot of things would happen. but that is the magic.
11:08 am
hope springs internal in the stock market and particularly when it comes to earnings and looking forward. if the economy is in truly better shape than everybody think so, then we've got the makings for a magic recipe. stuart: you say there's a lot of money on the sidelines. give me 20 seconds and tell me who's got this money. where is this money? >> absolutely. that's a great question. start with $1.84 trillion, according to moody's. that's the overseas cash reserve for companies. apple has roughly 47% all by itself. if we get tax reform, every company that has cash stashed outside the united states potentially invest it, potentially brings it home. so that's one, big stack of it. you've got a lot of it in pension funds that bet wrongly. they bet against this rally. they're left behind. they have to play catch up because that's what the investors are going to want to see. and finally, you have mom and pop out there who still -- this is the biggest rally in history. they are finally going to come into mix if earnings are real, and they're going to get the
11:09 am
tax reform to back it up. stuart: there you have it. keith fits laying out the ground work for a whopping great, big rally before the end of the year if things go the right way. keith, thanks for joining us. we'll see you again real soon. thank you. wildfires in county wine country, 2,000 homes and businesses destroyed or certainly very much damaged. 125,000 acres burned. hillary vaughan on the ground in napa with the latest. hillary, what have you got? >> stuart, i want to walk you through the path of the fire that ripped through this cinderella winery. if you look over here, my cameraman's panning. you can see where the fields have been blackened from the ash where the fire burned through part of the sign. letters burned, missing, burnt to a crisp. but then as the fire moves in this direction, you can get a larger view of the destruction. the tasting room behind me completely destroyed, and then also over here, you can see where a lot of the crops had
11:10 am
been untouched by the fire. one of the largest fires threatening california wine country, the atlas fire is only 3% contained. the fire tearing through napa valley has grown to 28,000 acres, stuart,. stuart: all right, hillary, thank you very much indeed on the ground there in napa county. thank you very much for being here. thanks, hillary. we're going to be joined by a top wine maker in sonoma county. he's right in the thick of it. we'll get a report from him. and now this. harvey weinstein fleeing to europe to enter a sex rehab clinic just as rape accusations have surfaced. we still don't know which country he's fled to. that will decide if extradition is a possibility. we're also seeing more people to come out to denounce him, including the obama's. we have this for you as well. congressman kevin brady, sharing the house, not sharing any specifics on the progress being made on tax reform. but there are only 31
11:11 am
legislative days left in this year. can they get it done in 31 days? outnumbered star sandra smith is next
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
. stuart: harvey weinstein. gwyneth paltrow are among the latest to accuse him of sexual harassment. and condemn him, listen to what michelle obama said about him. this is back in 2013. roll tape. >> thanking harvey weinstein for organizing this amazing day. [applause] harvey. [applause] this is possible because of harvey. he is a wonderful human being. good friend and just a powerhouse.
11:15 am
stuart: here is the obama's statement harvey weinstein. quote michelle and i have been disgusted about recent reports about harvey weinstein. any man who degrades women needs to be held accountable, regardless of status. hillary clinton also releasing a statement saying i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey weinstein. the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. their courage is critical to stop this kind of behavior. here with us now sandra smith, cohost of america's newsroom and outnumbered on the fox news channel. response to what's going on with the scandal. >> to quote kellyanne conway who was on our show america's newsroom just a few minutes ago. she said, you know, it took hillary clinton about five minutes to come out and blame the nra for the massacre. it took her about five days against her friend harvey weinstein. so a lot of people being held accountable for what they knew and how well they knew him.
11:16 am
and the deeper you dig, the ugly things get. . stuart: yes. >> it's not a good situation. stuart: i feel very strongly that the women who came out before this was exposed in public, they're the people who are truly brave. they deserve our praise because they stood up when nobody else was standing up. >> and those who are coming out later either. i mean, they pave the way. it takes a certain person. stuart: it's easier to come out later than it is to come out first. >> i can't tell you that. but, look, it's a telling moment for hollywood. those who are willing to come out and speak against him. and look at those who are standing by his side and supporting him in the wake of this as well. there are a few. stuart: if we get to the oscars next year, and i get another moral lecture from hollywood, my head will explode. i don't think they're going to do that. >> you bring up a good question. does this moment, this man and the revelation, does this change things? does this change hollywood? do we see a different hollywood? . stuart: it will not change its politics. they're liberals now. they're liberals ten years in
11:17 am
the future. but that's just my opinion. i want to talk about tax reform because i know you're plugged in closely to that. >> my little emergency purse is on your set. i'm sorry. stuart: what's that got to do with tax cuts? >> i bring that up to set, you know? it has a little bit of toothpaste and -- stuart: okay. okay. can we talk about tax cuts or what? >> let's talk tax cuts. and i will tell you -- oh, please. stuart: we've got 31 legislative days left this year to get a tax package that you. i don't think you can get tax reform through. >> here's my point. stuart: here's my point. even if it does go through. does it change things enough? is this as big of a tax plan as the president is touting it to be? i hear from a lot of people who are concerned that they will lose out -- the middle class will lose out on this again. part of the problem -- and there is such an optimistic environment because president trump is even willing to go here tax reform, tax cuts, talking about business incentives, bringing down the unemployment rate, raising
11:18 am
wages. thank him for that. that's great; right? and that's why you're looking at the stock market that continues to thrive. but he hasn't given us a whole lot of details of this plan. we can't sit down and do the calculations and put out estimates of where we're going to be a year from now, two years from now, or what the savings actually are to the average american house. stuart: but wait a second. if you put out the details, the senate republicans that oppose donald trump will jump all over -- >> saves $4,000 in this tax plan; right? they get a $4,000 raise, liz. i know you look at these numbers so closely. so answer me this. over what period of time? because even his closest economic advisers are saying that's over an eight-year period. it's about $500 in savings a year. liz: well, you have the numbers. so i hear what you're saying. if you want 4% growth, you have to have jobs and wages going up. how do you do that? it's tax cuts to get small businesses to hire corporations. you know, the office of tax analysis treasure sitting on a report that shows that workers pay
11:19 am
18%. 18% in loss wages from the corporate tax is going up. that's the story line. they are boxed in, guys, by the senate fiscal debt rules that say you cannot add to the deficit after ten years if they want to do that 51 -- you know, vote level in the senate. they're boxed in. so that's hamstringing them. stuart: you see what you did? the graph is a foot high. >> i love that we're having this conversation and creating a more business-friendly environment because you know by so many times, i sat down during the election, stuart, that the candidate that showed that they would be the most business friendly, he did, he's there now. this is a big speech. stuart: wait a minute. you're giving an anchoring job on the fox news channel, they come on the fox business channel and take over my show. >> you invited me here. stuart: i did. it's the last time. [laughter] sandra, thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: i'm being screamed at here for time. 3:30 this afternoon, tune in. house ways and means committee chair kevin brady will be on closing bell. that's important. he writes the tax code for the
11:20 am
country. 3:30. now this. amazon reportedly in advanced talks with frame. that's a smart license plate maker. they're going to deliver packages to your car's trunk. the stock is at 990. walmart predicting a 40% online growth rate next year. it has also raised its dividend. walmart now at $85 a share. i have to show you this. an embarrassing loss for the u.s. men's national soccer champion -- ashley: every hour. stuart: losing to trinidad and means our men are not in the world cup first time since 1986. that's the last time i'll show you this. and porsche launching a car subscription service. customers have access to their sports cars and saves. we'll tell you where and for how much. and a ranch bigger than new york city just hit the market. can you guess how much it is going for? not just the house. the land as well. back in a second
11:21 am
♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. . stuart: before the break, we showed you a ranch in colorado that just hit the market.
11:25 am
it's bigger than all of new york city. 224,000 acres. the property includes multiple homes, barns, shops, livestock facilities. the price? $100million. porsche launching new subscription service gives customers access to a number of cars and saves. you start at 2,000 bucks a month. for that, it covers vehicle, tax registration, insurance, maintenance, detailing. the service is called porsche passport. starts next month in atlanta. jaguar, land rover unveiling a new plugin hybrid. it's the 2019 range rover sport p400e. you got that? once the electric charge runs out, the vehicle switches over to the engine. the price is $81,000. it rolls out next summer. and this: a gun control group suing bump stock makers on behalf of the las vegas shooting victims. judge andrew napolitano on that lawsuit coming up next. and twitter backing down after
11:26 am
censoring a pro-life ad from congressman marsha blackburne. twitter blocked the ad earlier this week. they said the content was inflammatory. congressman blackburne wants an apology, and she's with us nt there are 130 million girls around the world who are not in school today. girls are not in school because of economic issues and they have to work. there's early child marriage, there's war and conflict. at the malala fund we help girls stay in school. there are some really amazing people around the world doing incredible work. the malala fund invests in education champions who work in the community
11:27 am
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♪ ♪ . stuart: who is it? all right. check the big board. it slows you down. you've got to have a little rock 'n' roll. read this. up eight points on the dow industrials. two-thirds in red. one third in green. about dead flat, i would call it. twitter reversing its decision to block a ad from blackburne. about the inflammatory language she used about planned parenthood. what exactly was in your video
11:31 am
that twitter objected to? what was the language they didn't like? >> yeah. hi, stu. i'm having a tough time hearing you, but what happened with us on the planned parenthood on our post, our senate committee post was we were -- we put up a video announcing my campaign. we had pro-life language. we talked about what we were -- it had done in the select panel, and all of a sudden we get a notice from - stuart: congressman, can you hear me now? >> yes. i can hear you now. stuart: okay. what language do you use in that ad that's now on the screen? what language did they object to? what words did they object to? >> they objected to the selling of baby body parts. . stuart: okay. >> which is a practice that we stopped through the work of our investigative committee. . stuart: and you think there's more involved here than just that language.
11:32 am
>> oh, yes, i do. stuart: they're censoring conservative opinion i think. >> yes. i do think it is censoring conservative opinion. the liberal media has had a habit of doing this. in 2013, representative scalise and i sent a letter concerned about the trials and how the mainstream media was blocking coverage of those. they were murders. and it was just not in the mainstream media. so, you know, what you have, some of these platforms doing, twitter specifically, is deciding what can be promoted or pushed forward and what cannot. and that is an infringement of free speech. we were pleased that twitter reversed their decision after about 36 hours because political free speech and being able to push forward an idea. and bear in mind, the select committee was stashed by a vote of the u.s. house.
11:33 am
it was a joint resolution, and we completed our task, issued 15 criminal referrals, and stopped this practice of selling these fetal body parts that were pulled from the aborted fetuses. stuart: okay. so you're back on twitter, and that's a good thing. i think they should apologize to you as well. we'll save that for later. congressman newt gingrich -- i'm sorry. newt gingrich was here yesterday. he's pushing tax cuts. basically saying we don't have time for the whole tax reform package. you agree with that? is it time to focus in on tax cuts, just get it done? >> yes. tax relief is what the american people want. and in my district, some of my constituents this weekend, they said flatter, fairer, simpler, which is what i talk about. those three components. they want their rates lowered, they want their business taxes lowered, they want the forms simplified, and they want to
11:34 am
be able to see this. they want it retroactive to january 1, 2017. stuart: have we got time for it? there's only 31 legislative days in the year. have we got time for this? >> if we all focus, put our total focus on tax reform, getting started on this infrastructure package, you bet. we've got time to get that done. and absolutely we should. promises were made the president has set an aggressive agenda. the american people put him in office to execute on that agenda, and we should stand with the president and get this done. stuart: you know, there's a lot of skeptics that said whether or not you can get all of that done in 31 days. but you're hopeful. marsha blackburne, thank you very much indeed. >> indeed. stuart: our next guest is pushing tax cuts rather than the whole tax reform deal. common sense policy roundtable
11:35 am
chair. you agree with this that we don't have time for tax reform. it's just too big of a deal. we've got to focus on tax cuts and get on with it. >> i think there's a significant benefit to get the tax cuts in place as quickly as possible. when you think about the opportunity in small businesses of which there's 29 million small businesses of 500 employees or less, of which we employ over 56 million people, and those profits go right back into the companies to a large extent in the form of either improvements in the business or purchases of goods and services or technology through productivity gains. it's a big deal. stuart: so you are comfortable with a narrowly-focused tax cut package as opposed to reforming the whole tax code. you will go for this? >> of course i would. have an immediate impact upon the economy right away. and for a sustained period of
11:36 am
time. particularly with the things that they're talking about that would impact small business. i can tell you that if we wait for reform, which i think can have a significant benefit, it's unfortunate that would be delayed, and i believe that we would lose the benefit of having a chance to have a 3% growth in our economy sooner versus later. . stuart: okay. now, real fast. i've only got 30 seconds left. you think they can get 50 votes in the senate for a simplified, straight forward tax cut. 50 votes in the senate. are they there? >> there will be negotiations. there would be horse trading. i think it can be done. there are two or three people that will be holding everybody hostage. . stuart: okay. thanks for joining us. i'm sorry to cut this short. two or three people who will be holding us hostage. famous last words. good stuff there. thanks, earl. we'll see you a little bit
11:37 am
later. i want to bring you suing bump stock makers on behalf of the las vegas victims. what chance is suing the bump stock people? >> slim to none. stuart: why? >> because the plaintiffs can't show they were harmed. if somebody who was actually harmed by the bump stock to bring a lawsuit, that would be a different story. but this is just a gun control group saying we don't like these things in society. . stuart: well, they could go out and find a victim who was shot, not killed, but shot, who was a direct victim if the bump stock was used on the rifle shot back. >> let me tell you. the courts do not like to be used to make public policy. if bump stocks, the device that turns a semi automatic into an automatic are going to be invalidated, they should be done with the legislative branch, not judicial. so either way, the courts are not going to like this. that isn't to say someone who was killed can't sue the mandalay or the estate of the killer. of course. but to sue a manufacturer of a
11:38 am
perfectly-lawful product because some madman misused it, courts don't like that. stuart: of course, it opens the door to suing gun manufacturers. >> well, there's a federal statute that immunizes them for that. stuart: a lot of that stays in place. a judge in california. california court, i should say, says that gun store locations can be restricted by county authorities. this ruling upholds gun stores within 500 feet of schools, day care centers, residential areas, liquor stores of the gun stocks. pretty much putting gun stores out of bounds. stuart: well, if it makes it very, very difficult to get to a gun store. so, in other words, if in los angeles or san francisco, cities where a lot of people live. there is no place where you are more than 500 feet from all of those then it would be invalidated. so it's going to be up to a store owner to find a place or show he can't find one.
11:39 am
they can't use zoning to prevent you from getting access to an instrument that's a fundamental liberty of self-defense. but they can use zoning for rational purposes like we don't want you to be able to walk out of a bar and into a gun store. we don't want you to be able to walk out of a gun store and in the midst of children crossing the streets from a school. those are rational decisions on the part of government. stuart: fair point. >> i know it kills me to say that, but it is true. stuart: it's a rational reason. all right. judge, thank you very much, indeed. the fires in northern california not contained. the tourist industry, i should say the wine tourist industry virtually shut down. thousands of homes and businesses damaged. more evacuations are now underway. a live report from napa valley is coming up next. and we'll also be joined by a wine maker who is in the thick of it all. now this. eerie, pennsylvania has not had a republican mayor since 1961 when jfk was president.
11:40 am
john is the gop candidate there now. and he thinks he's got a shot at the job. he's with us on this program shortly. the equifax breach getting even worse. there are new reports that driver's license data for around 11 million americans was compromised during the hack. details on that, 90 seconds away [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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11:42 am
>> hi, everybody, from the floor of the new york stock exchange. i'm lori rothman with this fox business brief. well, the equifax saga continues and the news continues to be very disturbing. we are learning here that nearly 11 million americans' driver's licenses were compromised during the breach. that, of course, in addition to the more than 140 million americans who had their personal information also compromised during that breach back on september 7th. checking shares of equifax here since the announcement of the breach down 21%. also today, separately regarding equifax, we're learning that another file with over 15,000 uk consumer records was also compromised. we'll leave it at that. for now, though, let's get you back to "varney & company" "
11:43 am
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11:44 am
. stuart: we've got to get back to this developing story. the california wildfires. 17 dead. more than 100 missing. 2,000 homes and businesses destroyed. adam housely in napa with us now. would it be accurate to say that the wine tourism industry in northern california has basically been shut down?
11:45 am
>> absolutely, stuart. there's no other way of saying it. i mean, not just napa but sonoma county as well. you're talking about hundreds of wineries, hundreds of hotels and restaurants all shut down. obviously, life and home is the most important thing. but for many people here, it's a blue-collar area. i know there's a lot of high end locations here. people think of napa and sonoma and all the expensive wineries. but basically to feed that, you have thousands of people that work in these industries, and you have the end of the harvest season still going on. i mean, a quarter of the crop is still sitting on the vines. so this is -- they would normally be crushing the last few days and all of this is shut down. pretty much everything is closed. south part of napa, smaller hotels and stuff that basically serve locals are still open and restaurants, obviously, in town. but anything to do with tourism is pretty much shut down here, stuart. and, you know, the video that we continue to shoot every day when the wind kicks up, i shot some last night myself up on the hillside here as the fire moved over the ridge into this area.
11:46 am
this area is just over the hill from napa. it's just dramatic. and the winds are supposed to come back here. and as long as they keep coming back, they keep stirring up the fires, and that gets people out of their homes. what's crazy about all of this. a couple of days ago, i'll give you an example of my family. they live on the silverado trailside of the valley. they evacuated to the east side, maybe a three or four mile evacuation zone. they went over, stayed at their friends house for a couple of days. now they're back in their homes since the fire's moved through and their friends are being evacuated to theirs. so east went to west and west went to east. stuart: that's an extraordinary story. i'm glad they're all okay, though. adam right there in napa. thank you, adam. now take a look at this video on the left. wineries before the wildfires. on the right, the aftermath. look at that. before and after. quite something. we're joined now by john jordan. jordan winery ceo.
11:47 am
mr. jordan, you are running one of the most famous and greatest wineries in the world, am i right? >> well, we're fortunate the customers have enjoyed our product for many years, stuart,. stuart: okay. can you give me an update on the situation of your winery. how are you doing? >> well, our weiner, we had numerous employees lose their homes, and we did a department by department review yesterday to see who needed to stay home and who was evacuated and who wasn't and adjust work schedules accordingly. in times like this, there are no canned protocol. so business leaders have to be flexible and put their employees first. and fortunately, our grapes are all in, so we've completed our harvest, so we're in a pregnant position to be able to focus on what's really important. stuart: is it possible for the grapes that are not in, that have not yet been harvested. could their future flavor be affected by all the smoke that's in the air? >> absolutely it can be. smoke taint is very real.
11:48 am
and there's another way that flavor can be affected too. see, there's two styles of cabernet, to red wines, really. there's our style, which is light, lower alcohol. and then there's those types, those brands that want higher sugar, higher alcohol, just a bigger wine. and for the ladder group, they have their grapes hang on the vine longer. but if it continues too long, you can end up having it turn into raisins because it's going to be hot over the next few days. there's no rain in the forecast. so if they're not able to bring that fruit in, they may lose it all together. stuart: now, my son is a wine maker in australia. vineyards near adelaide and when it's harvest time there, it's all hands on deck. it's a 24/7 operation. you've got to get the grapes picked. you've got to get them in the right place at the right time. bearing in mind what's happened in northern california, i presume that you're going to have some real trouble at your and other vineyards actually getting the harvest in and making the
11:49 am
wine. >> well, once the harvest is in, then we can control the process a little better. and it's a lot easier once the grapes are in. as adam pointed out in the previous segment, 75% of the harvest is already in throughout sonoma and napa. so to that extent, we're fortunate that it didn't happen earlier in the harvest. but it's still going to be significant. stuart: when do you think you might get back to normal, if such a thing is possible? >> i don't know. i mean, right now, these fires aren't even really contained. we have people that are moving from house to house. i mean, adam covered that really, really well. it's -- you have to just stay nimble because it's a very fluid situation right now, stuart,. stuart: all right. john jordan. jordan winery. a great one. thanks for joining us, sir. much obliged to you. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. stuart: moving on to your money. look at apple stock. the company is finalizing a deal for new episodes of steven spielberg's '80s series called amazing stories. apple's gone right to the
11:50 am
top. the best director around. they've got him for their streaming business. and this: if john wins the race in eerie, pennsylvania next month, he would be the first republican mayor since 1961 in that city. he's with us. next who knew that phones would start doing everything?
11:51 am
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11:54 am
. stuart: eerie, pennsylvania has not elected a republican there since 1961. our next guest think so change that. why do you think you can win? >> well, thank you, first, for having me on the show today. the reason why we can win is because we presented a plan, tackle the issues in the city. and it has refunded across matter lines, across socioeconomic demographics. people are hungry for change in the city, and they know we can't keep doing more of the same old, same old. stuart: so you've got a good plan but what indication downing win? i mean, what -- why should erie go and take part in this big swing? >> well, we did something interesting that had never been done before in the city. we purchased 32-foot recreational vehicle.
11:55 am
a motor home and converted it into our mobile headquarters. every candidate always had an office downtown that sits empty where no one visits. but we got this motor home, we converted it into an office and took it everywhere. every day we're out in the neighborhoods showing up on people's doorsteps, going to their church events. and when people see us, they see the energy that we're bringing. and they hear the ideas that we're talking about. it's been resonating. stuart: okay. now, look. president trump barn storms pennsylvania today for tax reform. you're the mayor candidate in erie. what do you want to hear him say? >> well, on a local level, we hear it every day. when i ask people why they don't live in the city, they give me two reasons. schools and taxes. so taxes are a big impact here in the city and across the board. and what we would like to see across the board is to help put more money back in people's pockets so that they can spend that on their homes, on their children, on their future.
11:56 am
stuart: would you cut taxes in erie, pennsylvania if you were elected mayor? >> you know, we have to cut taxes here in the city. as i mentioned, it's one of the two reasons that people don't live in the city. there is the neighborhoods township better surrounding us has tax rates that are nearly half of what we have in the city. and that's why people live outside the city. it takes no longer on their commute to get into downtown to work, but they recognize that if they live across that border, they're going to pay less in taxes, and that's what we've lost out on. stuart: all right. john, republican candidate for erie, pennsylvania. we wish you luck and come back on the show and tell us how you did. >> after the election, i would love to do that, and i hope to get you back to erie. if you're not careful, i will be there. i do remember my last visit. you can watch the president's speech live on fox business tonight. we'll be back with more varney after this copd makes it hard to breathe.
11:57 am
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because the time to think about today. go long. stuart: couple stocks in the news. we're looking higher profits at delta, despite the fact they took $120 million hit from hurricane irma. the stock is up. ge at a two-year low. one investment bank says it is going down to $20 a share. coach, okay, nope for their luxury handbags, and a lot of other things, they're changing the name to tapestry. the market doesn't like it. down 2%. liz: tapestry. tpr october 31st. social media are not liking it. people weighing in on social media, a former executive at hudson bay which owns sachs and lord & taylor says this is a
12:00 pm
business standards change. >> popular carole king album name but terrible name for a bag maker. stuart: sharp and to the point like this program. our time is up. neil cavuto, sir, it is yours. neil: you know there is a coach guy here at the street corner, sells coach bags for like $10. stuart: yes. okay. neil: they're not real, are they? stuart: you're asking me? neil: if you could get away with giving knock off coach bags for 10 bucks, you would? stuart: no. neil: i bought two. thanks, guys, very, very much. we're following the president of the united states, making the tax pitch as division within the republican party is growing. a lot has to do with treatment of senator bob corker and back and forth those two are having. regardless how you feel about senator corker or the president, here is business of the


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