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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 12, 2017 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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london also. liz, ashley, you're the last ones. got ten stuart: a reversal direction. a long trend towards socialized medicine i believe was just halted. neil, it is yours. neil: i wonder though given what hospital stocks, hospitals are where sick people go. you're putting healthy patients or those who are healthy right now, and allowing them to look at options that are alternative to what they're forced into now, leaving sick people need hospital in their own pool, could be more expensive pool. who will foot that bill? stuart: that a good question, neil. a lot of unanswered questions. i think you agree with me, this is a reversal of direction. instead of down that socialized medicine road, we called a halt, we're inching down from that. do you agree? neil: no i don't agree. you now have a pool of people
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who have prior health issues, and, their, they're still going to be covered, i don't take that away here. but i'm wondering if the pinch some of these hospitals are feeling doing with the possibility they're going to bear a disproportionate share of those costs, maybe as they should. i'm not here to judge. stuart: fair point, neil. i'm sure if you ask a democrat you will figure out the answer on that one. neil: i like way you said that is a fair point. >> that is figure of speech. neil. all right. that could be an interesting wrinkle here. it is sort of like the healthy, versus unhealthy, those with prior conditions, versus those without them, and if we have sort of like a medical hatfields and mccoys who goes where, who foots the bill? blake burman at the white house crunching numbers. white house, to stuart's point,
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blake is saying we'll reverse what has been happening now, with a big question what happens to that sick pool of patients now, right? reporter: white house has made it clear, neil. that they want reversal, at least in political sense they tried to go down this road to repeal and replace obamacare. you know how that story ended. the president contended they could go for wad on graham-cassidy at some point. the president wanted some form of action on health care. today he is doing it in the form of an executive order. this is a start of very many months down the line process. you can break it down into three things here, neil, this executive order does. first, it considers expanding association health plans, allows for small businesses and possibly individuals to form plans. consider expanding short term plans. and third, expanding health reimbursement arrangements for employees to be rebursted out-of-pocket costs. you notice i said consider
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expanding. nothing is officially been done today, but now the fact agencies need to look into it. this is still many months on down the road. either way this was a president saying today that this allows for more competition, for more negotiations. >> this will create tremendous competition, and transformative, in some ways change, aimed at creating more and lower prices, for millions of americans. but the competition will be staggering. insurance companies will be fighting to get every single person signed up. and you will be hopefully negotiating, negotiating, negotiating, and you will get such low prices for such great care. reporter: neil, there was a fascinating political dynamic in the room there because senator rand paul one of the main people on capitol hill pushing this certain aspect. but as you know, as it comes to
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graham-cassidy and other certain health care measures, rand paul was a thorn in the side of the administration. he already signaled possibly he might not behind tax reform as well. there you have the senator from kentucky, standing behind the president. on this measure reminding rand paul, hey, we need you on a few things down the line as well. neil: quickly on rand paul, his view on tax things. if anyone's taxes are raised it is not good, he is against it. everyone has to have a cut. if it appears to him that is not the case would he really vote no? reporter: tax policy center analysis he is against, rather, the second decade, the middle class, about 30% of them, might have their taxes go up. rand paul, is he against it? you know, they still got to go through the process of all this he has been against some of health care, for some of health
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care. he is out on his own island. it is too early to answer that. it is clear watching this, the president didn't have eyes in the back of his head, but he was watching rand paul no doubt. neil: absolutely. there is lot more power and influence being on fence than not, right? thank you very much, blake burman. senator rand paul will come on this show in a little over an hour. so we'll talk to him about this. meantime speaker paul ryan was talking about tax reform, getting it done this year, listen when this year. >> we'll stay here through christmas if we have to. i don't care. we have to get this done. it is that important. we're actually on track timelinewise? neil: you might have missed first part of that which he was referring -- we'll get this even if we have to vote on christmas this year, which really got santa claus annoyed. we hope to talk to santa momentarily. that was a joke. there is no way you can, former
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new york republican congresswoman, nan hayward, michael star hopkins and "after the bell" co-host david asman. david, begin with you, a lot we don't know about health care, this is sort of the president's way saying clear the deck for tax cuts, get a vote going this year but if it is that late in the year, isn't it also ruling out a tax cut that would be retroactive? >> not necessarily, no. i think you can do retroactive. the point is, republicans lining up against significant tax cuts is very significant. lobbyists are all swarming over washington right now. nan and i were talking in the green room. she is knows lobby situation well, a former congresswoman. congressman meadows was on the air yesterday, just in the morning, he had four groups of lobbyists to come in to save their particular cut of the pie, their own deductions trump administration wants to get rid
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of. then you have people like senator corker, he is known getting in the way of lot of things trump wants to do but now it is taxes. he said to npr, unless the tax plan reduces deficits and doesn't add to deficits with reasonable and responsibility growth models, and, unless we can make it permanent, i don't have any interest. the arrogance. who cares what he has interest in? neil: adding dollars to the deficits. >> americans want tax cuts, even if it is not a whole comprehensive plan. they want to pay less in taxes. neil: you have to sort of gain where it is going, how does it look? >> neil, what senator corker says is code speak i want to raise taxes on someone in midst of all this sadly, that is the kind of language -- >> keep giving deductions to my buddy lobbyists. >> i don't want to malign senator corker bus i worry about that because -- neil: others like him say it has to be paid for fans of static accounting, right? >> that is it, exactly word i
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was going to use dynamic growth, cutting taxes on everyone, broad tax relief. we grow the economy, we put more people in revenue cycle, they are productive and pay taxes. neil: michael, where do you stand. >> some politicians ran on cutting taxes not adding to the deficit but now they are boxed in. neil: do you see democrats voting for this? three up for election in states that donald trump won appreciably, beyond the three, heidi heitkamp, manchin in west virginia, donnelly in indiana can you see any of them. >> tax reform no. there are small things democrats would get on board. we talked about this. repatriating tax and reducing business tax. neil: not individual rates.
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>> because the president -- neil: democrats lecturing anyone on taxes. >> the world is upside down. >> some things we can still count on. neil: have to be muscle as part of the success. >> i like budweiser. neil: let me ask you a little bit where this goes. they go back and forth on this. they might, republicans might come up with a fourth rate to satisfy democrats but should they? >> no. across the board tax cuts what worked every time, it has been tried, whether by democrat john f. kennedy or republican ronald reagan. the key, these people that focus on deficits and deficit hawks a lot of them are in bed with lobbyists inside the beltway. they don't want those deductions to end. that is one thing michael and i agree on. corporate welfare is just as bad as any kind of welfare. creates a sense of dependency. they are starting to get the
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heebie-jeebies they will lose their little -- >> gets hung up on politics. every congressional district has sets of concerns and -- neil: when you were in congress what kind of pressure did the real estate industry put on? >> oh -- >> good question. >> oh the real estate industry is very powerful. neil: just the fact we would double the general deduction so people would have less after reason to use mortgage -- they're out of joint. >> tell you why the real estate industry is so powerful because realtors are neighborhood people. and realtors, at least in the state of new york, you know, look, everybody's doing their bit. neil: will you lose business because they might opt for the double deduction rather than itemize? >> i don't even think it is that, neil, honestly. that the price of homes will fall. and that means -- neil: this might be stuck by realtors. >> commissions fall. >> think about it, labor, trade.
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>> sure. realtors also they talk with voterses because they are folks out in the neighborhoods. when their commissions fall they tend to be unhappy. they can make an argument -- neil: they hate people like dave cash. >> politically powerful argument for the mortgage interest tax deduction, sadly, realistically raises costs of homes and advantages wealthier who can afford the deduction. >> one thing nobody can defend. i think michael and i would join forces on this, nfl, a little-known tweak to the irs back in 2004. >> i know exactly -- >> allow nfl owners who are all billionaires, they're all literally billionaires, get a deduction, deduct 5% of overall cost every year. that leads to saving of $50 million a year, but every year, and why do they have this? why do billionaires need incentive to buy an nfl team.
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>> major league baseball has tax exemption. the president has gone after nfl. >> you're not against getting rid of that are you. >> no i'm not. >> you're trumpian and get rid of reductions. >> absolutely. >> that is where populism comes in, because owners are very wealthy people, as you said, david, and spread around their political largess. oh, it is good for the economy. >> get this voted on, michael ask you this, christmas eve, whatever the vote is done, i can't see that being retroactive. i could be wrong. but, how do you think this will all go down with tax cut that takes place next year, not this year? >> there are a lot of republicans getting coal in their stockings. republican voters expected tax cuts, republicans voters will not see it that way -- neil: what do you think, david? >> i think anybody that gets
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money back, and the way the president is setting this up, particularly the stop with the trucks last night was brilliant. these are, there are a lot of small businesses where truckers or anybody else, claims 30 million. that number may be a little wrong, but there are millions of people will get -- >> truckers are not getting estate tax. they will not feel benefits of estate tax. >> pass-through. instead of paying 40% tax rate for individual, they will be paying 25%. that is a huge who% tax cut. neil: but are you of the opinion, you're mr. markets, right? the markets have been banking on this. i don't think it is exclusively, if it is something happening next year it beats not happening any year? >> key, how soon does it kick into the economy? how soon does it show effects on growth? if it doesn't show -- neil: the months lag -- >> the political component will the economy show growth from tax cuts before the next election. if not, republicans might lose.
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neil: spending money their way. do you think they will here? >> i think they very well could. it is -- neil: might need michael's free spending, right. >> you bought a tie, right? >> -- because you get tax relief. markets have risen people's perception of prosperity, risen precisely because they expect president trump will lift -- neil: do you know where he got the $4,000 figure? >> i think it was from calculations came from his economic council. neil: really? >> i believe it was. >> twitter. neil: really. >> i think it was from his economic council. neil: exactly. i love you all, thank you very, very much. we'll watch it. markets are betwixt and between. most are confident this will all come to pass. there are a lot of wrinkles here. a long way from being sealed and done. we'll have more after this.
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comcast business outmaneuver. neil: all right. equifax taking web page off-line after reports of yet a new cyberattack. we don't know much more than that. we'll keep you posted if this is reoccurrence of an old problem. updates you on the california wildfires. the death toll is up to at least
12:19 pm
23. 300 people are missing. doesn't mean they are -- they have not been accounted for. maybe they got out of the area, haven't notified loved ones. 3500 homes or businesses have already been destroyed. look at some nasa images that show how widespread the fires and smoke are. i believe all of this started, what, sunday? that is a lot of damage in very little time. back to las vegas, story and timeline obviously keeps changes here. new questions over the timeline there. a hotel borker at mandalay bay saying he alerted officials that someone was shooting. take a listen. >> call the police. someone is firing a gun up here. someone is firing a rifle on on on 32nd floor down the hallway. >> do you know a room? >> its at the end of the hallway. i can't tell you what room. he looked like he fired down the hallway when i closed the door.
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neil: keep in mind that is not jesus campos who was shot in the leg after it appeared stephen paddock thrown more than 200 spray of bullets, one of those hit campos in the leg. he was treated. he is okay. the timeline reversed what we thought earlier. former las vegas metro police officer, randy sutton. randy, these developments change. i don't think anyone is hiding anything, but more revelations of advanced warning here. what do you make of that? >> i'm actually troubled by it, neil, to tell you the truth. the fact of the matter is if there were police officers on the property when this shooting took place, they were actually down in the security office while dealing with a couple of trespassers. so that, there is a critical six minutes that could have, that could have been, could have changed the outcome perhaps. when the maintenance worker was
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fired upon, that was the clip that you just heard? neil: right. >> that was about six minutes before the actual bloodbath started. so if, if those officers had been told by security during that, you know, when the report first came out, there may have been a different outcome. of course, it is all, it is all conjecture at this point but still it's a little troubling. neil: here is where you can help me, my friend. indulge me on some basic questions. what would procedure be, then, if someone at the hotel, hotel worker, you know, phones in, i hear shots? would they alert security first, the police second, or is it, when you hear shots, you know las vegas well, you immediately go to police first? if you're staying at hotel, work at the hotel, i understand the knee-jerk reaction tell front desk or tell the security office but what is the procedure there?
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>> well, you know, every place has its own procedure. i don't know what mandalay bay procedure is but common sense would, common sense would tell you -- neil: unique to that casino right? >> what is unique? neil: in other words each casino has its own standards? >> yes. correct. mandalay is part of mgm properties. they own a whole bunch of hotels here. so their procedures would be the same for all but common sense would dictate, you have a employee who is credible, hey, i'm have been shot or being shot at, you don't waste time sending unarmed security guards. remember they don't have any guns. the mgm security force does not have any weapons. neil: so if you're hearing someone talking about shots, they would know, the security, couldn't respond in like fashion, only police could, right? >> of course. i mean, who was -- jose campos
12:23 pm
happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and he got shot. he was there checking on an alarm for on a door alarm. and then the suspect of course, saw that he was there, sprayed the, actually hit mr. campos. so, there is another person who then reported, i have been shot. you don't waste time. you get the police there. now if the police were already on property, i think what we have here is, forgive me, for saying this, a failure to communicate. i think that is probably what the issue is here, that in the confusion, they're going to have to really look at, that is the mandalay bay and mgm, they have to look at their procedures, listen if this actually happened, how do we, how do we correct this in the future? neil: all right. >> if the police weren't called for sinutes, offers tha were there actually r out of th hotel because t initial
12:24 pm
repo that they got over their police radios was that the shooter was on, was at the concert. >> that's right. that's right. >> they went to run out of the hotel. by the time they got the reality check that this guy is up on the 32nd floor, precious time was lost, neil. neil: thank you very, very much. randy sutton. on to the timeline who knew what about harvey weinstein and all the allegations. the company is saying it was unaware but it was aware of payoffs that date back to 2015 when hollywood is suddenly in a real vice. after this. ♪ is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets.
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[laughter] neil: you know, it has been out there a long, long time. whether joking about it, referring to it, over many, many years, harvey weinstein jokes were all the rage in hollywood. of the pretty clear many in hollywood did know what was going on. thought it was pretty funny when it was going on. to try to give them their due, maybe they didn't know the degree all of this was going on hard to say, this is not, the faux surprise seems a little odd. lauren simonetti with more on that. reporter: the jokes are not funny anymore. joe biden speaking last night at antiviolence fund-raiser. he is said long past time for powerful men in hollywood to speak up, be strong enough to say something, silence is complicity. the new york police department is ordering detectives to search for evidence. the department says they're conducting a review to determine if there are any additional complaints related to the harvey weinstein matter.
12:30 pm
and the justice department has reportedly ordered the fbi to open an investigation. this is just expanding. the a academy of motion pictures arts and sciences said they find the conduct described in the allegations against harvey weinstein to be repugnant, abhorrent, antithetical to the high standards of the a academy and creative community it represents. it is holding a emergency meeting on saturday to address how to handle the scandal. at this point it has not dismissed weinstein as a member. he has been a member for 20 years. but the weinstein company certainly fired him. they are reconsidering how to do business going forward. reportedly thinking about the delaying the release, "the current war." if they push that back to 2018, maybe they can quell some of the drama here. it would potentially be disqualified from the awards season. this could affect the box office near term as well. the studio, which bears harvey
12:31 pm
weinstein's name, also reportedly, neil, considering a new name. neil: wow. lauren. great reporting. weinstein company what it is no enfor now, to lauren's point, allegations of sexual harrassment and degree of complicity was a total surprise. this company had payouts going back a couple years. questions for big celebrities like matt damon and ben affleck who risked their reputations by not distancing themselves from all of this. "in the foxlight" host, michael tamera on all of this. what is the fallout on those stars that spoke on his behalf, what are you hearing? >> they have to really get ahead of this, neil and very quickly. this whole scandal could not happen at worst time in ben affleck's career. five weeks time, warner brothers is due to release justice league, which is $300 million bet. part of their big superhero franchise that has struggled to
12:32 pm
date over last couple movies. he has caused, ben affleck has caught flak, especially on social media for his initial statement about harvey weinstein and for some of his recent behavior. neil: do you think it does have residual impact at the box office? all of sudden he might get raised eyebrows from those in hollywood, wonder what he said and what he did, but average folks who go to shows, might not make the connection will what? >> absolutely. hollywood is coming off the worst box office, summer box office in 25 years. attendance is down. less tickets are being sold. i think part of that, i can't quantify it. i think part of that has been sort of their political stances over the last year, two years, since the election process started. also, you know, with this whole scandal, they, their credibility is at stake in a way it hasn't been in a very long time. this is a watershed moment we're
12:33 pm
seeing happen right now in hollywood, and it is their chance to right this ship. neil: michael, in the case of weinstein company, whatever it renames itself, whoever is ultimately in complete charge, is it going to be able to resume its business or resume making movies at a same time when weinstein's name itself is being taken off almost every production he was working on or frankly had worked on, what do you think? >> absolutely. as far as the weinstein company goes, production companies come and go all the time in hollywood. whatever they decide to choose their name they will be fine of the larger question, harvey weinstein hopes for a comeback. i think that is impossible. i can't any agent associated their client with harvey weinstein down the road, no matter how much therapy he gets. neil: thank you very much. michael tamera, "in the foxlight" host. "thursday night football" game will be put to the test tonight as we see the bears
12:34 pm
fighting the eagles. who kneels, who stand, who looks like they're inclined to support their owners and others who are not. a lot of advertising money could be at stake. we're on it after this.
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neil: i want to correct something i said earlier that my producer -- carolina panthers and philadelphia eagles tonight. actually that was on me. i wasn't really up on it. it is football. while the president calling out nfl for getting these tax breaks, that has got to stop, among other things, fox business's tracee carrasco. hey, tracee. reporter: seems like football season it is trump versus nfl. we'll give this one to the sports team owners. the tax code works in their favor.
12:39 pm
an irs rule in 2004 during the bush administration, allows owners to write off purchase price of their teams for over 15 years. towarding to "forbes," the tax break increased team values by 5%, or $122 million. now yesterday, two days ago the president tweeted, why is the nfl getting massive tax while at the same time disrespecting our anthem, flag and country? change the law. the president may have been referring to tax breaks associated with the construction of nfl stadiums, which the nfl later came out and said it gave up its tax-exempt status in 2015 because it was a quote, distraction. team owners preparing to address the saga surrounding the national anthem at the fall meeting next week here in new york city. we'll see if these tax breaks come up too. neil: thank you very, very much. to "thursday night football" and it could be another test, can the nfl repair the damaged image?
12:40 pm
no matter which side you're on someone will be ticked off, right? strategic communications consultant is joining us out of texas. i believe he is in texas, dallas. lee, good to see you. >> i am. neil: the thing the box the nfl is in, commentator on espn who has been sidelined for a couple of weeks had urged a boycott against advertiser of the dallas cowboys as a way for the owners to, those sympathetic to the players about being forced to play by the owners, and to stand for example, during the national anthem. yet various fan groups are urging a boycott of their own against advertisers because they're tired of this crap. what do you think? >> well, it's, just exemplifies a very sad state of after face where the nfl, had been, for most of its history, a unifying force for our country, and for all of races and all ethnicities
12:41 pm
and religions and you know, for a lot of people that played football, it created a opportunity for white people and african-americans to interact to have a common purpose, to get to know each other. it has been historically a source of racial healing. now one more example of division in our country. and the nfl has to take the lead on changing that. we saw the morning poll this morning that showed the nfl perceptions are, there is a huge partisan divide. hillary clinton voters have a net positive view of the nfl. donald trump voters, there has been a major shift and they have a big negative view of the nfl. neil: how do they bridge that? it isn't skewing exactly to political lines. rush limbaugh, i think a pretty conservative fellow is uncomfortable with the president inserting himself in what nfl owners should be doing or saying. i think i got the gist of that right but this is going too far.
12:42 pm
what is the happy medium here? i know commissioner goodell is meeting with all the owners i believe next week. they have to iron out a policy that sounds like you can do whatever you want before the national anthem but stand during the national anthem, stick to that. but not every player will. so then what? >> yeah, finally goodell, as usual behind the curve as he was on concussions, on domestic violence, "deflategate." he has one heck of a record. i wish i could earn $35 million a year with that litany of mistakes but that said, the nfl should adhere with advertising max minimum, if you don't like what people are saying, change the conversation and i think the nfl, what is its product? the product are the players. they are employed bit owners. they should do what the owners ask. the nfl handbook, the manuel requires players to be on the field, on the sidelines and to stand at attention when the
12:43 pm
anthem is played. that is in the rule book now. neil: it is? because i have not seen the rule book, but someone said only thing required they be on the field. if you are saying they have to stand for it. >> stand with their helmet, holding their helmet. neil: i believe you. the boss says you have to stand, then you stand, right? >> well, you do, but on other hand, but the boss has to create a more progressive working variety. these players are talking about real issues. we have massive issues in this country of mistrust. neil: are they protesting national issues, not so much what the boss is doing with the team or treating players differently? isn't there issue more about a national case against the treatment of minorities, or what have you? how can a team owner be addressing that? all the team owner wants to do is win games, right? >> well you, you know, goodell's communications maven, none other than joe lockhart, press secretary to bill clinton when
12:44 pm
he was impeached. he is a communications genius. i think the nfl should take the lead helping owners devise programs that will, that will deal with this issue. i have two quick ideas. one is, provide a platform for the players. one reason players are kneeling during the anthem is, they don't think they really have a platform to bring attention to the issue they're very concerned about. so the owners can help do that. number two, facilitate racial healing and reconciliation in each of these markets. every nfl market has a significant african-american population. this is issue in each of those markets. neil: why don't the players do it? let the players do it too? why is the own us on -- >> the players can but you know what? owners, keeping in mind that foot ball and especially the nnfl is crucible for racial reconciliation. the owners should take the lead and lay the tracks for that.
12:45 pm
they should be pushing, working with players, to facilitate dialogue in each community, so white people and african-americans are talking to each other, not past each other. football, star value of players can be catalytic than that. neil: why can't they just play football? why can't they just play into the ball? >> because it never is just football. neil: used to be. >> as you know, used to be, there are a lot of things, a lot of things have changed. now things are much more politically-charged. nfl is big part of american life. nfl had a lot to do with civil rights and with people gypping to understand the importance of african-americans and white people working together, being seen together. you know that was, that was very important in the 1960s. neil: i remember a guy named muhammad ali put a lot on the line personally himself. >> he was a free agent. he didn't have a employer when
12:46 pm
he took a stand. but i really think the nfl teams, in each community ought to be taking the lead, working with their players to facilitate dialogue with leaders, with average voters and we ought to be having a lot more listening, a lot more talking. whether you have tim scott, a conservative republican african-american senator from one of the reddest states in the country, south carolina, getting on the senate floor saying that he he has been stopped repeatedly because he is african-american, that tells you something is wrong. he is not exactly a lefty or race baiter. i have a lot of african-american friends, successful people, they constantly bring up issues that occur with them, their children. this is not made up. these people have no -- neil: i guess where you and i will differ, whether professional football is the venue to do it. we'll see. >> great platform. they have got the promotions. they have got the marketing. neil: thank you very, very much. we'll have much more including the president's push to crack down on media licenses.
12:47 pm
when the media goes too far, maybe remove the licenses? can he do that? after this. ♪ this woman is laughing because she's listening to audible. and this woman is pretending her boss's terrible story is funny. experience the comedy, not your commute. dial star-star-audible on your smartphone to start listening today.
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neil: we're getting more interesting reports on harvey weinstein coming via british
12:51 pm
media. london police are looking into sexual assault claims on weinstein over there. we don't know who the claims might be coming from. again this is part of a problem that seems to be spreading worldwide, tracing a lot of harrassment behavior and worse, to the former media mogul and now in london. they're investigating it. meantime facebook, the chief operating officer, sheryl sandberg, meeting with house investigators over russian influence. gerri willis with that. hi, gerri. >> a new threat, but not a new challenge, how sheryl sandberg operating officer of facebook described russian intern ferns with the presidential election by buying facebook ads. it came within a wide-ranging interview with the website axios. listen. >> we want to give them the material. we want the full picture to be understood. we don't want this foreign interference. none of us should want to
12:52 pm
foreign interference. in order to prevent it we'll have to fully cooperate with each other, with the government, across the board. >> sandburg says the company is hering 4,000 people to track fake accounts and work on transparency. it comes a day after sandberg met with top lawmakers talking about russian efforts to affect the 2016 presidential election. sandberg is meeting with lawmakers ahead after public hearing on november 1st. they will question executives from facebook and twitter about the russian. committee officials agreed to reless them. neil back to you. neil: that should be pretty interesting. thank you very much, gerri. the president is doubling down on the media license threat, tweeting, i and i quote, network news is partisan, distorted and fake, licenses must be challenged and if appropriate revoked. not fair to the public. "washington examiner"'s emily
12:53 pm
lashinsky on all of that. emily, first of all, can the president do that? local stations broad was rights, and a market, not necessarily from the president, but what do you make of this. >> no the president can't really do this it is more bluster than a serious threat because the fcc is set up to be independent from the white house. there are no single licenses for networks from nbc. local stations are subject for renewal after certain periods of time. the president can't go in there to revoke their licenses. this is important to note this is bluster rather than a serious credible threat. but at the same time it doesn't set a good precedent from a republican president. i'm a conservative. i don't want see big government sticking the government on people's and i don't think it is serious. neil: he doesn't think they cover him fairly or proportionally or with negative stories he calls fake news. presidents before him had problems with the media, those generally with good relations, i
12:54 pm
was surprised after the fact, john kennedy, of all people with 80% approval rating the week he died, you know, enjoyed unprecedented support in the media, yet railed against coverage of him. i know that is not new or different but this president seems to be out for, for revenge here. in what way, besides you know, calling reporters out, news organizations out, short of license changes or denials or threats, what else can he do? >> i think what he is doing, and i think this is very strategic and some ways understandable, because he is behaving differently than a lot of presidents but getting coverage that i think is grossly unfair and completely ridiculous. so i think what he is trying to do undermined the credibility of nbc news and undermined credibility of other networks when they publish what he often calls fake news, which is news that might not be out right a hoax but more something biased or disagreed with. what he is trying to do is
12:55 pm
undermined their credibility and make people think they are not to be trusted. in a lot of cases they aren't. but it is important to have a media to rely upon to give us truth. in some ways it is understandable and some ways canning really damaging. it's a tricky it is good way to pressure reporters to be honest. neil: i wonder if he is clever like a fox, if disturbing stories whether true or not, slanted too negative or not, he can preposition, it is fake, not real? >> you see this when you're a journalist in your own coverage. if you write something positive about the president, immediately accepted by a lot of supporters, if you write something negative and even fair objective true immediately dismissed as fake news. that is dangerous, reflexive dismissal of stories are negative. even when he deserves criticism, they are not able to accept that he deserves criticism because they don't trust the media anymore. neil: you're right. thank you very much, emily. jazz
12:56 pm
shin ski. now we're talking about tax cuts on christmas day if it takes it. rand paul on this. after this. was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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1:00 pm
folks that they cannot probably lower premiums because they could seek out the coverage they desired. for those who might have preexisting conditions and it looked around, the opposite could be the case. way too early to start judging that. the president has taken us measure because of repeated dilettantes certainly and congress to the exasperation is picking on this. what that could trigger in the pressure could trigger on tax cuts and the like to adam schiff here in washington with the details. hey, adam. >> hey, neil. i split run pointed out an executive order right behind them, rand paul that is the message because it was rand paul who was one of the problems for congress when they wanted to repeal and replace obama karen rand paul was holding them to the line of a full outright repeal and replace. where are we? in six months they ordered different agencies to, and allow as you said small businesses to form associations and buy
1:01 pm
insurance to their employees and buy insurance across state lines. at the end of the day, the president says it will make health care much more affordable for more american. here he is in his own words. >> we are going to also pressure congress very strongly to finish the repeal and replace of obamacare once and for all. we will have great health care in our country. reporter: the immediate issue congress is dealing with obviously tax reform. paul ran this morning delivered a speech at the heritage foundation in which he not only made the promise to deliver tax reform for the middle class, but he said he's going to keep the house in session if necessary through christmas to get this done. listen to this speaker. >> we are going to be here until christmas if we have to. i mean, i don't care. we have to get it done. it's just that important.
1:02 pm
we are actually on track timeline wise. powerpoint is get it done this year. we want to wake up on new year's day with a new tax system. reporter: so the question is will the house actually get something done by chris at and if it does, will the senate be on board. i don't know if you watch south park on comedy central but the mother on that show always says what, what, what, when are going to stay here until christmas predicted your lot of lawmakers say not. neil peered neil: i heard other choice words as well. adam shapiro. throughout all of this, and notwithstanding the markets have been up, up and away. some largely on not to miss them that these cut whether on christmas eve or not. max ferris, what you thi that he
1:03 pm
lowest tax cuts that are doing the best since the election even into this year. it is actually, when you look at the four sectors with the lowest tax rate and we are talking 20%, low 20s, basically the federal tax rate of what they are paying anyhow. these are the company's information technology, materials. these are the companies leading the market since the election whereas the companies at the highest tax rates, consumer discretionary, energy, and they have been the biggest laggards. three out of the four sectors at the highest tax rates have been the worst performer since the election. really it is clear that investors are not counting on corporate tax cuts. it is clearly not been the reason why tax stocks have moved since the election. i think it's just not something people are counting on just yet. >> i know not, i really wouldn't have had the lead that we did.
1:04 pm
no, i'm kidding. that's actually very interesting. on the flip that same argument in reverse. if they don't materialize, would there be disappointment from investors that didn't happen? >> first of all, the argument we just heard in by the same logic you can hear it's not anticipating and therefore all the companies that don't do intellectual property for higher rates like exxon or gap or something, and they somehow would then be taxed like a google or apple and could see their stocks be leaders to forget it to corporate tax rate that's unexpected to be be significant. i also say i don't read too much income you are talking about an economy that values intellectual property more than retailing today and those companies have to more easily gain to get the tax rate other companies don't
1:05 pm
have the benefit of introduced the corporate tax rate more than google, apple, pfizer, whatever. that'll set on corporate tax rate. the income tax rate market is expecting an eight-year period is expecting the super biggest tax cut of all time? not at this time. zero reform to simplify the tax code could be a negative for stocks. i also say we've been very countercyclical. obama raise taxes unemployment rate was double what it is now announced that the economy is how we are going to cut taxes but the deficits. we didn't raise that much money before because it's not hot enough to benefit from it. you unerase them during the strong economy to fix the deficit. we are doing the opposite. this is the underlying problem. drink you could argue whatever we did and we did have the president upon the situation switching away here. the recovery itself, you would both agree with todd and short of interest rates going lower,
1:06 pm
that the opposite is. and you can boost the economy, right? >> you can make the case that a length and a slow economy recovery. it would be nice to have a tax cut them into a higher taxes. neil: i see what you're saying. that said, we will probably not get a huge net tax cut at this point. i don't see the political power they are. it could make rates go higher than they should go because the fed has to do the opposite of what they did during the upon mere switches allow the stimulus to counter the weak economy. now they go to four, 5% raise all the sudden housing has weaknesses and other issues. neil: aaron, let me ask you real quick on that same theme, if we don't get these cut and a lot of people a lot of people have been saying the cuts whether warranted or not would make this market but more affordable when you crunch the numbers. but if we don't get them, and the market doesn't look as affordable. do you buy that?
1:07 pm
>> right now the market is at the top of this valuation range. one thing is when it comes to analyst estimates, we haven't seen what incorporates the tax rate change. looking at estimates, we are expecting 1125% for 2018. that is solid. anytime you got got a year with double-digit earnings growth, that is a good year. fundamentally we have strong in the mantels. the economy is recovering although it's a slow and steady economy. we don't need them. it doing well on own and it's clear the investors are thinking the same thing. neil: speak for yourselves, you too. thank you very much. appreciate it. to read right now from south carolina republican congressman ralph norman who won the seat that was vacated by mick mulvaney went on to beat the white house budget are. good to have you. welcome. >> good to be here.
1:08 pm
thanks. >> we know the markets as much as they run up how thereby not based on what you guys do a tax cuts whether they materialize or not. that could take some of the pressure off of you i guess. others argue the opposite. if we don't get these tax cuts in its christmas eve vote and you still don't get them, would you be worried? >> would rather have them. this is not an option. we don't know what happened with health care, but with tax cuts to do something that conservatives who control the house, senate and executive branch, now we've got to deliver. i can tell you from what the president has said that he is supporting, this is a $4000 cut for average families. i'm a small business owner, real estate developer. i can tell you with one thing alone with the writeups over five years, that farmer is it going to be able to buy that tractor. the mechanic will be look to add a base. in south carolina, for not
1:09 pm
having meaningful tax reform, 31 years that's unacceptable. we have politicians need to realize that and i think we will. the speaker ryan said, we will make this happen and really we need to stay in past christmas to get this done. >> would you want it retroactive, congressman? >> i don't know whether it passed the senate but yes i would love it to be retroactive. it is time now to deliver, which i think we will. neil: you know can imagine the difference between the house and senate. the prospect of getting cut through the house seem a lot more promising than in the senate where it just takes a couple to put the kibosh on it. are you worried that is exactly what's going to happen? >> if you look at the past, that is what's happening. it's a new day now. who is to argue with these basic
1:10 pm
cuts and the basic things we are going to deliver on, i don't know how a senator can go back to his state and argue this is not good. it is not bad, terrible for tax collectors. 31 years of not having any reform. but to what happened with the rate. i heard before i got on that the numbers don't show that. but for the last eight years, we've been at 1.5% growth or gdp. mick mulvaney has 3%, has had 3% and greater what we have to have to have a meaningful economy and to unleash this country which has never been done. >> we talk about the senate if you don't mind indulging me. one of the big fixations of some moderate senators, whatever you want to call them, corporatism that the president on other matters, they have to be paid
1:11 pm
for another time to the deficit or the debt, combination of all the deficits. are you in that camp were you willing to accept at least short-term higher deficits is more revenue comes in in the later years? >> i think we've got to accept higher deficits. not that i like them. the president is committed to after we pass this to dealing with the fed is a lot of core conservatives are willing. they will strictly deal with how we do that. we got a spending problem, not an income problem. that is where we will work on next. it's nice to have these tax cuts now to be a will to fill out your taxes on a postcard which is what we are committed to is meaningful. it helps everyday americans. for the liberals to keep saying rich versus poor, that is just not the case. i've heard that violin now -- neil: it's not getting a tax cut are getting entered into a higher tax rate to solve this as
1:12 pm
fair or whatever you want to call it and get democratic votes. would you be okay with that? >> i don't mind. we've got to hit the middle class. i don't mind if some of the things are whittled down. repatriation we've got to have. we've got to get the money back in this country. the corporate tax rate has got to be cut 20% with ireland being 12%. we need to be competitive. and the other is, cutting the brackets from seven to three is meaningful and it helps everybody. again, i hate this rich poor, you know, that's a divisive term that doesn't need to be in the vocabulary. this helps everybody. neil: congressman commit thank you very much. we will watch it closely. neil: new questions on the whole timeline. what could've been prevented after this.
1:13 pm
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see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to neil: at equifax shares continue dropping after the company following reports of getting a cyberattack. we really don't know much more than that, just as there is an additional one, maybe nothing
1:17 pm
approaching the magnitude of the prior one. of course that was multiple pinnacles nearly 145 million americans and their credit records. what this one is about, no way of knowing, just that it's weighing on the stock it again. new details raising questions over the timeline. this could be very important to investigators to say nothing of all yours. connell mcshane has the latest. >> its interest in because it's still basically the same timeline. it might be a little shaky. kind of confusing. recap where we started and get to where we are now. first they came out in las vegas and told us the security guard interrupted the shooter, stephen paddock, after he began firing from his hotel room and then we were given the timeline, the one we are currently on the campus of right before the shooting 9:59 p.m. the shooting starts 10:15.
1:18 pm
to add to this, mgm, which owns mandalay bay the hotel put a statement out last night that in part we cannot be certain about the most recent timeline that it's been communicated publicly. we believe what is currently being expressed may not be accurate. so that is what is raising the questions. on top of that, also learning about the second person in the hallway. hotel worker named stephen shoko arrived at some point that evening to check on an open fire exit door heard shots and then called in and over the radio. >> call the police. someone is fired a gun at here, right on the 302nd floor near the hallway. >> up at the end of the hallway. i can't tell you what room. he looks like it was down the hallway when i got close to the door. >> what is not clear about it is when the call came in exactly and who was the other person, who took the call if they don't know they haven't told us yet.
1:19 pm
one final point, a college student from california was injured, has filed a lawsuit which specifically accuses mgm of not responding in a timely matter to the shooting of the security guard jesus campos and that raises more questions about the timeline and especially the six minutes 9:59 to 10 of 5:00. still a lot we don't know. >> the latest caller, was he referring to the shooting of the security guard? is that what they think the timeline was referring? >> that's not 100% clear. he heard shots being fired and as he tells the story, he says the security guard kind of deep as had up around the corner and told him to take cover. the hotel worker credits the security guard was saving his life and the two of them eventually radio in. you know, it is unclear. they say it could've been shot
1:20 pm
already in the sky shows up for could've been on the same time. that's what they haven't told us or they don't know yet. >> we need a legal read of this. very good at this stuff. if i'm a loved one and i lost a lot more than us in this tragedy, now revisiting this timeline and i'm surely going to be thinking, wait a minute, certainly they have time to do something, time to warn people. so help me with that and how this changes the legal dynamics. >> well, there'll be scores of lawsuits. while one has been filed by a victim, but there will be wrongful death lawsuits filed by the loved ones of the deceased. first of all, negligence on the part of the hotel. second of all, it is foreseeable that this sort of thing would happen with inadequate security. now how is that foreseeable?
1:21 pm
remember there's other mass shootings in public venues, the aurora colorado theater shooting, the nightclub shooting in orlando, several others. big resorts like this could be well aware that these sorts of things can happen. i read the lawsuit that was filed yesterday already and it makes two claims against the hotel. one, they should've caught him the day before because this guy is bringing in 10 suitcases full with firearms and they never entered his room even though he had a do not disturb sign for a long, long period of time. steve wynn said on "fox news sunday," my hotel does things entirely differently. we have better security. we will go into a room if there is a do not disturb. we will investigate if it's on the knob more than 12 hours a book, he's the driving force in las vegas, so he would be
1:22 pm
critical. >> i wouldn't doubt it. it is easy to your point to kind of reconstruct the events of why things didn't happen. we do know they did call down to demand us to complain about someone below him for playing music too loudly. we knew they were concerned about the do not disturb sign on a store for too long. he was calling for room service, so if you have any concerns that someone might not be in that room i might've died in that room, but that can be the casino hotel where mandalay bay is managing. he also could've made multiple terms of all this luggage on its own. what is one thing that should've been spotted? >> based on this now questionable timeline there should have been a better response time. it may not have stopped the shooting, but it could've minimize the casualties if
1:23 pm
security had responded more quickly. also this lawsuit is suing libation, which is a plan to minimize it. they are also suing but the accessory. this bumper stock saying that this is a negligent product and a faulty product because you are allowing people to elevate a legal weapon into an illegal weapon. so the big deep pocket here, the one with the most financial resources, that is mgm resort. they are a wealthy company. >> that kind of stuff always becomes a target. thank you very much. appreciate it. there's a football game on and every time there is what will the players do. derek jeter just weighed in on this. and you might be surprised whose side he's taking.
1:24 pm
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>> welcome back to cavuto coast to coast. taking a look at financials reported this morning. jpmorgan is to be both with earnings and profits, stocks have moved higher and lower. taking a look right now at jpmorgan which is down half of 1%. they did really well in the asset and wealth management area. it was the bond trading revenue which came under significant pressure. extend from revenue dropping 21%. also at the pair, they pair, big pair, big picture they did cut costs and not help them along. the stock to move to a 5252 week high and is factored into the red down to .3% right now. watch for some of the names reporting tomorrow. in the morning before the opening bell. bank of america, tmc financial
1:29 pm
and wells fargo. you can see all three are lower. bank of america down 1%. dnc did hit a high earlier today. look at the major market averages which the dow was down three points but had been in record territory. dow, nasdaq and s&p all hit all-time highs and we were about 115 points away from dow 23,000. neil: incredible. thank you, nicole appeared in the meantime it is thursday. thursday night football, carolina panthers in philadelphia eagles and everyone watching to see if the players kneel and if they do whether they have retribution for them yelling. derek jeter said he would be okay if players were to kneel during the national anthem. whatever they want. meanwhile, nfl owners, union reps meeting next week always trying to find a way to iron this out to satisfy both sides. a lot easier said than done. sports ceo john tatum, former george w. bush ron christie.
1:30 pm
welcome to both of you guys. obviously, you know, john, one side or the other is going to be annoyed. without for a while the cowboys had found a happy middle position by letting people neil, owners included, before the national anthem all racing for the nationally and in. that isn't going to cut it. if they were to enforce just that, how do you think would go down? >> i think the key here is to have a clear message coming out of the owners meetings next week. so what is the policy, what is the clear policy? what are the rules and implications for players that choose to exercise their individual right and may be used as stage is form of protest. i think that is what everybody needs coming out of these meetings. i know the nfl is going to work hard next week. they've got a lot of players coming in tuesday which is the
1:31 pm
off day and they will be talking to them about, you know, how do we come together? there is a $15 billion a year business called the nfl and the brand of pro football that everybody has to collect it interesting. >> would you think of that middle ground that obvious president bush -- i'm sorry, president trump has pushed in this idea that maybe if players did that and didn't try to pull anything during the national anthem, everything will be just hunky. at the players don't go along with that, jerry jones has said you're benched for the game. i don't know with or without pay, but we think about and how that would go down? can i take him a meal. i don't think there should be any middle ground. we are talking about a flag, country and the taking 60 seconds to show respect to both. if you look the national hockey
1:32 pm
league, they all stand at attention when the national anthem is played. nationals do the same thing. so it shouldn't be that difficult in my view to stand for a minute and honor our country and the sacrifice of those who allow less to watch the sporting events and who have given the ultimate sacrifice. no, there should be no middle ground. stand, show respect, keep your mouth shut and key political views to yourself. >> app might not go down. as you know, obviously they will argue that point because of the flag and anthem gives them that right to do just that. where do you see this going? >> well, neil, i understand ron's point of view, but there's two issues here. there is the and the product and the sport in them is, you know, free speech and social issues. it's ironic that you talk about deter jeter because the origin of the star-spangled banner being played is coming up on 100 year anniversary.
1:33 pm
the world series as 1918, the cubs played the red sox and we were at a time of war. the plane of the national anthem was a very unifying theme. i think about moments in history like the 25th super bowl in 1991 in tampa when we were in the goal for an president 41, h. debbie bush was in not facing the greatest moment was whitney houston singing the national anthem in front of all the players. i think about ron's former boss, the greatest athletic endeavor by a sitting president was getting three of the world series and i was there at yankee stadium when he threw that laser strike in those moments come me think about the two biggest brands in sports. the dallas cowboys and the new york yankees and you think about those two owners. george steinbrenner and jerry jones. they are very respectful of the players and players issues, but
1:34 pm
they know their brand and they know where the sport is in another customer and ideas. neil: real quick, if you're still going to follow that and you're still going how players opting to kneel during the national anthem, which you benched bed for support them? >> i would. i'm not allowed when i teach at georgetown university to lock in my costume and take a social protest. that's a private institution. it was owned by private team owners and i believe they should oppose the right right to make them stand. it's sad we have to have this conversation that they would want to do this out of respect of our country. neil: we will see what happens. in the meantime we do have some breaking news on this california wildfires. robert gray in napa, california with the latest on that. >> a coming meal. that's right. this developing moments ago. police demanding we leave this location. it is now being classified as a crime scene. no further details yet, but they
1:35 pm
are investigating this neighborhood just outside the city of napa in napa county. in fact, just across the street from the silverado resort where they hosted a pga golf tournament last weekend. this home behind me was the me was a multimillion dollars home, totally burned out. pretty much the whole street. oddly enough not being touched or the fires, that the other houses on this tree. 10 million-dollar homes and told by the department officials was down marking the sewers before the pg&e folks come by checking the electricity and also downed power lines. unclear why it is a crime scene, whether they are investigating arson or some faulty power lines or what it may be. we will continue to investigate this. it is now being classified as a crime scene as we continue to get to the bottom of this. we'll bring you any further details. back to you. neil: thank you very much. robert gray in napa valley. the latest on the president's
1:36 pm
executive order to make right what he said congress so far has not been able to do on its own. will that be enough? the man to make this all possible. hands folded, rand paul. why he's going to be very, very crucial not only in this effort today, that may be on tax cut not too long from today. rand paul, not.
1:37 pm
this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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neil: developing $36 billion disaster relief bill for these wildfires right now. he noticed they are doing is in tranches right now. the president is a big fan to provide aid rather than one big lump sum he fears could be wasted if they are not stored as of today with needs. puerto rico for carteret see how saying we've got some serious financial issues in front of us.
1:41 pm
do you worry that if you were for various legitimate reasons, governor to make any payments on that date you will get more than dean in the future? hurricanes or other events notwithstanding. >> this is a game changer. we've got the devastation. all of the components we had a fiscal plan in place. i/$1.4 billion over budget. this certainly now we need to recover and not only put things back together as they were, then that changes the onset. neil: what the governor was referring to there of course was because of, you know, the hurricane and all the financial hit, nothing of a financial hit in satisfying u.s. creditors at a time when the president of the united states maybe shouldn't be
1:42 pm
satisfied that all is not due a ball. wasn't backing away from paying that back, but he was saying the timeline obviously has changed now given developments. faxes saying that took its webpage i find pollen reports of a new cyberattack. is emphasized here we've been trying to find out what happened doesn't seem to be anything approaching the magnitude of the earlier attack and compromise better than 145 million americans credit records. we do know it was enough to knock someone down. we just don't know how many. this is coming to us from british media. looking to harvey weinstein and although the sexual assault claims that there are quite a few across the pond. we don't know how many. we do know that police are looking into it as a criminal matter. this comes at a time when a party then forced out of the company he founded and looking at changing the name of the company. of course we've been playing some soundbites with comments
1:43 pm
over the years from actresses and actors is maybe not appreciate the magnitude of the charges coming to light now, but all at a time when people are beginning to wonder who knew what an win and his covering up for them. much more than that. also awaiting a white house briefing. the president granted an executive order today that goes a long way to undo in some key parts of obamacare. the affordable care act or the guy who shepherded this executive order with these ideas that would make finding coverage much more flexible and affordable for a lot of americans will be joining us. his name is rand paul and is instrumental not only in this battle, but a tax-cut battle as well. doesn't the president know what? then again, he would have had him at the white house today. more after this. what started as a passion...
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...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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>> president trump is doing what i believe is the biggest free-market reform of health care in a generation. this reform, if it works and goes as planned, will allow millions of people to get insurance across state lines for an inexpensive price. neil: all right. what the senator left out as he is the one who came up with this idea in executive order signing today the kentucky republican
1:48 pm
rand paul with us right now. senator, thank you for taking the time. >> a coming meal. neil: let's talk about how this changes the authority out there. you have some legal types the president can do this anymore than than the president before him was pushing executive orders to do what he wanted. would you say? >> the difference is we are talking about a law or restriction unconstitutional behavior. first amendment you have the right to peaceably assemble. that has been taken as the right to associate naacp versus alabama in the 60s reaffirmed the decision. yes coming of the right to associate. the people are allowed inherently. they have the natural freedom to join associations. the government was saying they couldn't. over half the people in our country who have private insurance already associate across state lines or corporations. have the insurance in our country as large group plans that is largely free of a lot of the regulatory morass that
1:49 pm
brings prices. interestingly, the people have this large group insurance already have the slowest increase in it actually works. he worked for general motors or ford or toyota. most people like that insurance. now we will let the plumber into baker in the test control guy, all those people join associations and get the same purchasing power, but also the thing that insurance big corporations get. neil: you're talking about the security act that would allow some of the flexibility extending each year. it would be curious, we notice, senator, a lot of related stocks were down in largely on fears i think that those who are not in a pool of healthy americans who are able to get a little more flexible coverage elsewhere would be in a pool of their own. that could be decidedly costlier.
1:50 pm
>> group coverage can't deny anybody. they can discriminate not to accept people with great skin conditions. the other things in economic principles. a year or three people in your business and one gets leukemia, your pool of three is devastated economically because the insurance company would gouge you for that. he joined the national restaurant association, 15 million people in one person gets leukemia come you are hidden in the large group. i promise you, none of the statewide groups are able to discriminate. one of the beauties of this if we can get them to a large and substantial size, nobody is too worried about the preexisting conditions because it gets swallowed up in the enormity of the group size. insurance companies do not like this and they are worried it will cut into their profits. insurance company profits doubled her almost tripled under obamacare and they still want individuals. they want more money for individuals to get insurance. this will empower the consumer and they will be king in the equation again.
1:51 pm
>> we are monitoring very closely stephen kelly on what is going to be saying, but is also talk, the administration has talked about sticking to an aggressive timetable not only to repeal it ultimately replace obamacare whether this is an effort in that direction or not. also on taxes and speaker paul writes that today even if that means voting on christmas eve to get this thing done, we will get it done. is that the sentiment in the senate as well? >> i'm all in for cutting taxes. the one thing i've been vocal on a semi to make sure we look at the details of the plan to make sure the middle class is getting a tax-cut and not a tax increase. neil: does that mean by the way because i heard that as well that you would be a possible no vote en masse if there's someone who gets their taxes raised? >> i would call it a helpful suggestion and i will tell you the president listening. the president has told me
1:52 pm
several times now i will not raise taxes on the middle income folks and he's pointed out his people and said come and it doesn't happen. i will tell you why we are concerned so we can be on the same wavelength. middle income people from 75,000 to 300,000 face a 25% rate. if you take two big deductions from them and keep the rate the same, there's a good chance people's taxes are going up in a tax bracket. neil: you have to deductions removed. you would want them removed them because all of a sudden they would be higher. >> we are moderating -- by the way, he is not intending to leave. >> there are ways to accommodate. keep the rate the same. to keep the rate the same, my worry is taxes will go up. you have to do something. >> in a group is raised. any taxes raised, i just can't vote for it.
1:53 pm
>> i think the better way of looking at it is the preponderance of people. most everybody has to get a tax cut. is there a rare exception? there might be. while virtually of one in the middle class to get a tax cut. one of the low rent to be held harmless or get a tax cut. i'm fine with cutting taxes for the rich as well. i tell people when they need to listen to this carefully. if you cut taxes on the rich and you raise taxes on the middle-class coming or going to meet a dead wall. you have to make sure everybody in the middle class for the vast majority get a tax cut. that's all i'm advocating for. the president agrees with me completely. i think it's going to happen but the details are very important and that's a lot to make sure before it gets cranked up on the floor that they have addressed a very real concern that there are some parts of the bill right now that allowed the middle class to have a tax increase. they'd have said they don't want this and i will continue to work with them. i want to make sure the middle class gets a tax cut.
1:54 pm
neil: john kelly is addressing this right now saying he has no intention of leaving it has taken reporters questions. it comes after this dustup a senator corcoran for nastiness we are told general kelly was not fond of. what you think of this and the personnel issues? are they a concern to you? you think the president has a personal problem? >> the interesting thing i was just in the white house with the president, budget or, vice president, general kelly and i saw it working, functioning, cohesive team. i'm not there all the time. and there on the occasion, but i've never seen anything less than professionalism and i hear nothing but compliments that there is professionalism they are. neil: does that apply to the way the president addressed and talked about your colleague, senator corker? >> yeah, i don't know exactly what you mean by that. >> my interactions have always
1:55 pm
been good with the president. the president doing a great job in what he needs is best for the country to reduce taxes on everyone. i think he truly wants to see economic growth in our country. we have such pessimism. president obama couldn't get out of the 1% growth rate. we were less than 2% but historically 100 years before that we were 3%. president trump wants us to grow again and you can see when you go and see blue collar workers have rallies, they do believe he cares about getting them jobs and making jobs in america and that will come with tax cuts. now with more big government. neil: rand paul, thank you for you much. addressing reporters on this and other issues. >> the prime minister came out and release -- the prime minister welcomes the withdraw ni is met with the prime minister of israel in may. he's very concerned. he made a statement not too long ago in denouncing --
1:56 pm
>> i'd have to get more familiar. sorry. >> thank you very much for coming out. you focus on what on process and establishing process at the white house. i'm wondering if you can explain -- >> is that the iron hand you brought to the cause? [inaudible] >> puts a smile on my face. the cameras always catch me when i'm thinking hard and it looks like i'm frustrated and mad. >> yeah, what is your frustrated face? playing with the process was with the focused on the president's involvement, how you sort of -- how you really pleased american. [inaudible] the level of the president's involvement and awareness. >> i think we have roughly 20.
1:57 pm
in fact, with four of them come in the u.s.a. send them the mother, we've now reduced and i'm not making a joke here, but we reduce the number of hostages by almost a third aired that is not to take away from the unfortunate people still being held hostage. you know, i will use the term partners in pakistan. we've been watching for the family. what can i say? not making a polite here. i'm just staying within the classification. the images say the pakistanis are great partners in this regard and i don't think -- i think there's been a change, hopefully there will be a change in the relationship between the united states and pakistan. the good news is the officials got custody of the american citizens, three children, one
1:58 pm
adult female and of course the husband is a canadian citizen. took them into custody, held them for us. we had arrangements to transport them back to the united states or to canada. medical treatment along the way. a lot of the psychological treatment. they've been essentially living in a hole for five years and that's the kind of people we are dealing with. luckily and thank god the pakistani officials took them into custody so to speak and what is this now as we speak? [inaudible] >> certainly you what events keep you concerned, awake at night, in terms of global affairs?
1:59 pm
>> i mean they are the big ones. we get a nuclear threat from north korea. a possible nuclear threat in time by the iranians. you know, probably the biggest threat, the biggest concern, it is not immediate concern, if this continues in north korea, if eventually other country i will let it go at that become nuclear powers, obviously we already have some out there, there is a real, there will be a real impetus for a lot of countrs to to -- countries to develop or buy nuclear weapons. tell you this, despite what someone reported the other day, about the president, i don't think he would mind me sharing this many, many times, to the group, often times, i hear him most say about nuclear weapons that wouldn't it be great if we
2:00 pm
could get rid of them all as opposed that we need 10 times more. even more when he references the maintenance of nuclear weapons, modernization, that doesn't mean increase in numbers. i hear him say more, talk more about, wouldn't it be great, how could we get rid of nuclear weapons? so, not a lot keeps you up at night. we have great state department doing diplomacy thing. night and day, jim mattis and i many, many times said, when we're in uniform if we don't fund the state department properly, buy us bullets. you have the state department doing this and great americans working those kind of issues, the u.s. military, greatest military on the planet. we don't like things turning military but that is option. great thing about our military, there is a real deterrent factor around the world, whether nuclear deterrent or conventional


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