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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 13, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> you guys are rich. neil: there we go. i will play along. thank you, sir, very, very much. trish regan coming up right now. markets continue running up, fast and furious and technology companies that dom night behind me. trish: thank you, neil. las vegas police are set to announce new details about the october shooting any minute from now. we'll bring you that live as soon as it happens. you're looking at the podium there where the las vegas press will appear. still right now, we don't have a motive for the shooting. there has been a lot of questions regarding the timeline of this event. it created a whole lot more confusion. in other words did the gunman shoot the hotel security guard six minutes before he went on that rampage? if so, why did it take 18 minutes for the first officers to arrive on the scene? do not forget that mgm disputed that timeline. there are a lot of legal
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implications to all of this as well. we have it for you. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. as we await briefing from the las vegas police. we have another big story today, the president announcing a short time ago he will not certify the iran nuke deal. it is up to congress to decide whether sanctions should be imposed. we said it many times on this show. you know the iran nuke deal is a bad deal. it's a deal that doesn't work. we do not want to see iran become the next north korea. so what is it that congress needs to do to make sure we are all secure? we'll ask national security expert dr. walid phares. back to our top story, the las vegas shooting. here with me right now, former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force, steve rogers, along with criminal defense attorney david bruno. steve, starting with you. what do you think about, through all the confusion over this timeline, are they perhaps going to square away some of that
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today? >> i believe they are. what happened, trish, the police were so eager to get information out, to be transparent, to insure they would prevent these so-called conspiracy theories but what happened here the information came out so rapidly, it was, we know that now, it wasn't that accurate. trish: rapidly i, i don't know if it came out that rapidly? we're still sitting here daying what the heck happened? what was the motive? nobody has been able to piece that together. >> you're right. the motive has got everyone scratching their heads. that is something they interest to drill down to. when i say it happened, the sheriff was on the air many every day providing updates from the public. what happened, they probably didn't corroborate what they put out. now they find themselves boxed in. trish: i don't entirely get it because if you are a casino, and you have all those cameras everywhere, shouldn't you know a little bit about, you know, what
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the timing might be? how is it that it could be that the timing from the casino mandalay bay didn't add up to the timing the vegas police had? steve? >> sometimes, trish what happens is, there are some people involved in an investigation, i'm only surmising what could have happened here. the sheriff was in charge, who was in charge on the field? did the information get to him in timely manner? was all this information actually checked out before it was sent out? seems like right now that a lot of this wasn't checked out before the sheriff put it out. now that is not to say they didn't do a good job. they did. but when it came to disseminating information to the public, before they did that, all of this information, especially this timeline, should have been checked out, i tend to believe sometimes we go too fast, give too much out. they obviously did not want to compromise the investigation but look what happened here. trish: david, you're an attorney we've already seen some people
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are filing suits against mgm which owns mandalay bay. do they have a case here? should mgm have done more to protect them? >> this timing question is critical when it comes to that analysis what they should have done, whether or not they were neglectful protect the public. there is a huge difference between 40 second delay, that is what mgm is saying, they came out yesterday, saying no, the police timeline is wrong. it is not six minutes, at very most 40 seconds from the shooting of the security officer to the scooting out into the public. so when you're analyzing the delay, mgm, mandalay bay did, that is going to be critical. there are other questions what they knew, what they should have known. you have an individual bringing in large amounts of ammunition and firearms into that hotel. he had a do not disturb sign on the door for a significant period of time. and we know from hearing from other hotel owners, that is a
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red flag and potentially something that a hotel should look at. trish: all right. so from legal liability standpoint, by the way, i do want to point out, shares of mgm since this happened, if we can show you, they have tanked roughly 8%, eight and change. this is not good for shareholders. there are a lot of concerns what it means for future business to revenues at the hotel. also what it means to their liabilities they might in fact incur. david, you bring up something important. the fact that he was able to get these firearms into his hotel room without anybody noticing, using freight elevator up to his room, how can that be? >> those are questions that need to be answers. when lawsuits are filed there will be discovery process.
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depose individuals and get all the video and records from this investigation. these questions will be answered at some point. once a suit is filed, the litigants, the plaintiffs have very many ways to get all of this information that we are asking. trish: steve, we're still asking though what the motive was. are we going to find out ever? do you think they will be able to actually determine what motivated this guy to do such a horrific act, actually hang on, we do have the press conference starting right now. let's listen in to the las vegas police department. >> welcome, everybody, i'm obviously joe lombardo, sheriff of clark county, las vegas metropolitan police department. this press conference will be probably a little difference than you experienced earlier. this is more informational, than q&a. my intent to provide
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clarification on outstanding issues out there in the public forum reference a timeline, fuel tanks, a couple of other items. and then i will provide the opportunity for sac rouse of the fbi to address the audience. and then we'll have a closing of the conference. okay? in a couple of these items i will read from the narrative because i don't want my comments to be construed tore -- or changed. i so i want to insure the accuracy of that. but most of this conference will be done strictly through my narrative provided to you. okay? first and foremost i want to give you an update on the injuries. this has been a big deal on my mind as it has been the public, and i think its important for
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you to be given an accurate picture what is occurring associated with the injuries of the 1 october event. so as of 8:00 this morning i was updated with the most current numbers and, let me back up just a minute. you know in early throes of this tragedy i had advised each and everyone of you that items of information were going to change. the dynamics of this investigation is far-reaching, it is wide and it's huge and you can't expect exact answers in the early throes. my intent in the early throes were to give you the information to provide that calmness in the community to, insure that we didn't have a second player or third player out hiding in the community intending to cause us harm. so, there was no integrity question associated with that, as i have experienced through
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the cyberspace questioning my integrity. i provided you the information as i knew it and everybody in here knew it was going to change. so we will get through that. i'm not giving you 100% satisfaction associated with what i'm going to i give you today, because i think some of that is going to change and we will not know that until we're completed with this investigation. so back to where we were. i think it is important for the community of clark county to realize we used 17 separate medical facilities to accommodate the injuries associated with this event and that speaks volumes for the medical community here in las vegas and clark county. it seems to be lost in the narrative associated with this that it was strictly a public safety, fire and police event.
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no, it was including the medical community. and i think it is important for me to give them their due respect. so 17 separate medical facilities. today's numbers, 546 reported injuries. 501 of those have been discharged. in other words, they responded to a medical facility. they were treated for their wounds and subsequently left to seek healing process where wherever they chose to do so. 5 a 8 is still the the 58 is still number of individuals that have died. this is a the important piece. 45 individuals are still hospitalized. some of those are in critical condition. so 58 may raise. by the grace of god it doesn't, and we shall continue to move
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forward. the medical profession will provide all the medical care necessary but sometimes it is, people meet their demise out of our control. i'm hoping that number does not raise but today's number is 58. the fuel tanks, i will read this narrative, so i my words do not get changed but i want to provide you information reference the fuel tanks. it is believed that fuel tanks were fired upon with intent. mckaren's leaders have saved protocols in place which they reexamine following any safety related incident. the leaders have already contacted experts in fuel storage out of the abundance of caution. i am more than confident they will immediately implement any changes or security augmentations if they are so
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advised. i have been advised there is a very low probability that aviation fuel could be ignited by gunfire, and that the tanks are outfitted for continue all release of vapors. so that is the situation of the fuel tanks. any future information that needs to be provided reference that will be provided by the public information office out of mcmckaren airport. dates of the 25th versus the 28th. this was not breaking news, no matter who believed it to be so in this forum. we were aware of discrepancy versus the 28th versus the 25th in the early parts of this investigation. what we weren't aware of, why the date of the 28th was utilized in the early portion of this. as i was provided this information as part of the person registered in the
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suspect's room. we have come to learn the suspect did occupy the room on the 25th. and, the situation on how the room was compensated or paid for had changed. and the name as part of the registration had changed. on the 28th to include marilou danley. of the so that was the confusion associated with that. no matter what perception is whether we were being non-transparent or attempting to be subversive is false. i was acting on information at the time i was provided it. the autopsy. yes, there has been an autopsy performed on mr. paddock, or the suspect. in the early evaluation there was no abnormalities observed
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visually. as a matter of practice in the forensic science his brain has been shipped to a appropriate evaluation facility in order to take a microscopic evaluation of the brain. so the initial report that there was no abnormalities was a visual inspection of his brain. so it is yet to be known whether there is any abnormalities to be presented at a later date. now the timeline. unfortunately a great deal of my investigators time has been preoccupied on this timeline. in the public space the word incompetence has been brought forward and i am absolutely offended with that
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characterization. this is a very dynamic event, very big event. thousands of people involved. humans involved in documentation. and every venue of information involved in this information, in this investigation. so, the information was attained via security logs. officer campos himself, body-worn cameras, hotel cameras, locked interrogation. my dispatch, lvmpd dispatch, hotel and private cameras and interviews. so imagine bringing all together to insure that we were drawing an accurate picture. so i will provide awe a little more information on that.
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i still stand by the time of 21:5 a 9, 9:59. it is important that you continue to listen to me. 9:59. it was not inaccurate when i provided it to you. the circumstances associated with it is inaccurate. i many very well aware of the mgm statement provided yesterday. i agree with their statement. i am not in conflict with their statement. i i will tell you were provided of 9:59 through entry log. that mr. campos encountered the barricaded door adjacent to the suspects door at approximately 20 one:59 his attempt to gain
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entry into get to the 32nd floor, required him to as send to another level and eventually make access to the 32nd floor. he went to the doorway he was originally addressed to address the open doorway. he mitigated that situation and subsequently received fire from the suspect. when you culminate that timeline associated from the initial 21: 59 to 22:05 timeline as we still stand by as the initial volley of fire, mr. campos received his wounds in close proximity to 22:05. he attempted to relay that information via his radio, and it was confirmed because he also relayed that information via his cell phone. so the timeline associated to both of those sources have been
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verified. it 2:05, the number that was provided earlier, referenced the majority of fire upon our community. we still stand by the time. that was done by combination of different sources i listed for you earlier. 22:17, 12 minutes, that is when our officers first arrived on the 32nd floor. 12 minutes. you're very well aware the suspect fired at approximately ten minutes. upon our arrival on the 32nd floor, the firing had ceased. we do not believe we continually had an active shooter. at that point we conducted evacuations adjacent to the suspect's room and you know the
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rest. and so there is no conspiracy between the fbi, between lvmpd and the mgm. nobody is attempting to hide anything reference this investigation. the dynamics and size of this investigation requires us to go through voluminous amounts of information in order to draw an accurate picture. my attempt, like i saidstated earlier, is to give you information as i know it, unverified, to calm the public, not to establish a legal case. everybody understand that? no questions, sir. now we're going to get into future of the investigation. i don't want to put a percentage of responsibility associated
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with this investigation because it would not make sense but i'm here to tell you we are standing hand in hand with the fbi and the continuance of this investigation. in the beginning throes of it and in the continuance of it. our portion at lvmpd has become contracted. my concern was initial safety of the community. whether we had any other bad actors out there that we had to address and i feel confident there are no other individuals intending to cause harm to our community associated with the 1 october event. now it has become protracted, and that is where the fbi has their expertise. we are establishing the timeline of the suspect's life, his motivation, and everybody else associated with him throughout time. it requires us to rely on the
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february by's resources -- fbi's resources for that success. nobody is act we eesing in my department to this. i am not acquiescing, and nor is the fbi coming in with a hammer in attempting to take over. this will continually be a joint operation. with that being said, i want to stiff the opportunity for aaron rouse to provide some statements. >> thank thank you, sheriff. i am aaron rouse, the special agent in charge for the fbi in las vegas. as our partner from the beginning we have established a 24 hour, seven-day a week command post with agents, analysts, task force officers and many support personnel. we have deployed over 200 employees from across the fbi to las vegas including many with specialized positions.
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globally we have hundreds of agents covering every facet of this investigation. nothing will be overlooked. we have made significant progress. to date, we have found no signs of ideology or affiliation to any groups. hundreds of interviews have been conducted so far. close to 2000 leads have been covered so far. extensive review of digital media on a multitude of devices is ongoing. over 1000 pieces of evidence have been collected and are being reviewed by the fbi laboratory. hours and hours of video footage from hotels continues to be reviewed. fbi victim specialists from across the country are here assisting victims and families of the victims. more than 1800 victim questionnaires have been completed.
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the return of personal property continues. we continue, we continue to ask you, if you have factual information in furtherance of this investigation, please call us. if you know something say something. the number is 1-800-call fbi. the fbi, nor our partner, we don't rush to conclusions. we ask for your patience and will not comment on specifics of this investigation while it is in process. this is in keeping with the longstanding fbi tradition. as i said from the beginning, this is our city. it is your city. las vegas is a resilient city, a microcosm of a resilient nation. while we grieve as a community, we will use that energy to learn as much as we can about this horrible crime. so that we may prevent another one from happening.
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i thank thank you. >> thank you, aaron. so before we close out today i want to provide you another written narrative i want to read verbatim in support, in other words, bring a better light to what's occurred in the carnage associated with our community. there are bright spots. i don't want anybody to take offense when i complete my comments, there is a thousand heroes out there and i bring it home to my department and i think it is important for you to hear it. so the first narrative, in immediate aftermath of the shooting sergeant garrett he have very arrived at reno in haven saw the need for medical triage area. for hours sergeant everett and other officers off-duty
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paramedicses and firefighters triaged at least 50 gunshot victims. they ran out of tourniquets and began using anything they could find to stop bleeding, to include their own hovel devices they use during the normal course of their duties. these officers calmly took care of the wounded and dying as they waited for medical transport. at times placing the critical victims on the backs of trucks so to get them to the hospital quickly. not all the victims made it out as the night wore on. those same officers were assigned to guard the deceased victims, not allowing any of them to be left alone. so the undersheriff and myself, kevin mayhill took time out to visit some of my officers yesterday to discuss their mental state, to thank them, and check on their overall condition. these particular officers
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sustained some substantial wounds and some of them you have heard in the public forum already, and some you haven't. but there is a couple key individuals i want you to write about. one of them is brady cook. brady sustained four separate gunshot wounds. when i say separate, that is entries and exits. it is not actually four separate bullets. an important piece on brady is, the suspect was firing upon the crowd. as our officers started to arrive via vehicles which brady was occupying one, it is readily apparent to me that he adjusted his fire and directed it toward the police vehicles. so the response of those individuals i believe saved lives.
2:27 pm
no matter what his personal vendetta against the police or not, maybe he was preventing the wolf from getting to his door sooner than later, but he chose to fire upon the police vehicles. brady sustained a substantial wound to his shoulder, through his bicep, into his chest, and out his back. the reason why i bring this one up, he asked me if he could go back to work today? samuel whitworth, excuse me for my emotion. samuel was laying on his couch with a very intensive wound to his leg. during the melee, in his attempt
2:28 pm
to evacuate symptoms, he sustained a broken leg but he remained on scene and provided security for the medical personnel. so at this point i'm going to thank the community. i'm going to thank you for letting me be your sheriff and vegas strong. thanks. [shouting questions] trish: you just heard from sheriff lombardo there, joe lombardo, talking about that horrible event in las vegas, updating that there are 546 injuries, 501 have been released from the hospital. you saw him break down there at the end as he talked about some of the heroism from among some of those officers. i'm here with david bruno and steve rogers.
2:29 pm
steve, what is your reaction to what you heard? what perhaps surprised you the most in all of that? >> well, i'll tell you the integrity and credibility of this department stands strong and they did a great job but here is something i noted the sheriff said very, very important and probably answers the questions regarding the integrity of the investigation and the timeline. he said he was giving information out to the public as soon as he received it, unverified. he did say that, unverified to calm nerves of the public. that was fine. this is why there may have been some questions regarding the timeline. the sheriff was doing the best he could. his motive at that point, calm the public based on information that he had. trish: in other words, dave, this timeline is still in questions right now. it is not, we don't really have the answers that people want and need at this point. >> yeah, but it has changed multiple times. let's set this right. first, lombardo said, that the
2:30 pm
security guard was shot at during the course of the shooting, of the volley into the concert. then they took a step back and said, no, it wasn't during the course. it was six minutes prior. so that certainly brought up all of these questions and specifically what we talked about before, about what mgm and mandalay bay did for those six minutes. then yesterday we got a statement from mgm saying that they do not agree with the sheriff's timeline, and that it was no more than 40 seconds. what we learned in this press conference is that the sheriff agrees with the mgm statement, that they in fact do. so what he explained was the security officer went up to the 32nd floor, there was a report of an open door. and that six-minute mark does have some significance to the sheriff because what he said was, it was at that time he first noticed the barricaded door. in previous press conferences
2:31 pm
the sheriff described a drilling sound that the security officer noticed. but that is where he got the six minutes. that is not when the shooting took place. so the security officer, went, checked on the open door and it was six minutes later that the sheriff's, the security officer was shot at, and that was shortly before the volley. so, i think it was kind of clarified here. sheriff lombardo is in agreement with the mgm statement. another point that i would like to make, this is a very different sheriff lombardo that we previously seen in press conferences. in the past he has been very confident, he has been outspoken. in the past he has given theories about what he believed specifically which has been getting a lot of press coverage, is the fact that he believed this individual was attempting to escape and he was really unleashed so to speak in these press conferences to give
2:32 pm
opinions, answer questions, and tell the public what he thought about the investigation. today was a very different sheriff lombardo. he started his comments off paper. he said he was going to stick to his narrative, so that things couldn't be changed were his words. and he was very emotional throughout this. and yes, he ended with these heroic stories of these three las vegas police department officers, which certainly are emotional and we saw that from him, but even before we got to those stories i saw a very different sheriff. his demeanor, the way he communicated information today. trish: wow. well, this has effect on everyone for sure, certainly him, leading the investigation. i'm sure it is very humbling as you get different parts of information in at different times. you realize you were not write initially on some of these things.
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anyway to rye cap, the timeline has been revised in terms of that shoot ir. we still have no clue what motivated this guy. steve, david, thank you very much. we'll be right back. a lot more after this. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease and lower your a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing.
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trish: president trump issuing a stern warning to iran, you better stop the missile tests and better stop supporting terrorist groups. there is a new sheriff in town and your reckless behavior will not be tolerated that is the message. let's go to adam shapiro at the white house with very latest. hi, adam. reporter: hi, trish. the president did not require assertfied in every 90 days. did not certify that the iran is in compliance with the 2015 accord over its nuclear weapons. he wants congress to address this issue. by not certifying today he is kicking this to congress to come up with ways to force iran to
2:38 pm
come back into what he would consider certification compliance, reworking the deal so that they do not have the ability to quickly start up their nuclear weapons program. also cracking down on their ballistic missile program as well as stopping being a terror supporter in the middle east. now, the president threatened not only iran but he said to congress, if you don't act on this, he will decertify the deal and pull the u.s. out. here he is in his own words. >> in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies. then the agreement will be terminated. it is under continuous review, and our participation can be canceled by me as president at anytime. reporter: you heard the president refer to allies. wellheads of state of france, united kingdom and germany issued a statement. they have said in conclusion, our governments are committed to
2:39 pm
insuring the agreement is maintained independent of the agreement we need to make sure, that our collective wider concerns are being addressed. we have asked our foreign ministers to consider with the u.s. how to take these issues forward. trish, one last thing. the president did bring up the need to confront, iran, comparing it to north korea, as we have seen in north korea, the longer we ignore a threat, the worse that threat becomes. back to you. trish: thank you so much, adam shapiro. joining me for analysis, fox news national security and foreign affairs analyst walid phares. good to have you here, sir. what is your reaction to the news today? >> well this was expected and projected that the president is going to do something about iran. and, it is really about iran's behavior. not just about the agreement. the bottom line of the issue, trish is that the obama administration entered into an agreement whereby iran would be given a lot of money, cash. in return, iran will behave.
2:40 pm
in a direction that would stop the aggression? the region, including building nuclear weapons. what has happened, is that iran froze the one element, i'm not building nuclear weapons now but i'm buying all the goodies, long-range missiles, tanks, anti-aircraft, deploying in the region this. concerns the national security of united states. trish: understandably. if you sign on to the agreement, right, and you say we're not going to do these things, yet you go out and do them, then why should we participate in the agreement? >> it was a mistake. it was previous administration, made a mistake. we've seen it in history, previous governments do the mistake, becomes more difficult for the current administration to change it but once -- trish: one mistake, walid. north korea. >> yes. another mistake from the '90s. the president or united states have a larger alliance that didn't exist in the 90s or last eight years. he met with 50 muslim, arab
2:41 pm
leaders in riyadh. that is pressure coming from them and traditional ally israel. not all europeans are against this position. if you ask some in eastern europe they're with the american position. trish: walid, the fact that they chant death to israel, he brought that up in his speech today. >> that's right. trish: that in of itself, if israel is our ally, how do we stand by and allow ourselves to have this deal with a country that wants to see them wiped out? >> i mean you're absolutely right, trish. because the agreement says iran will have to cease build-up of nuclear weapons. leaders of that nation, government, or regime, are buying long-range missiles, stating publicly this is to destroy israel. not just israel. they are threaten the u.a.e., and saudi, of course occupying iraq and syria, working with hezbollah and lebanon, all the way to yemen. this behavior, i would think the
2:42 pm
europeans should be first ones to complain about it. trish: you would think. >> to the security council of course. trish: they're closer in proximity. so they have a little more to lose but there is kind of this attitude, we've seen it, we've seen it with previous administration in the u.s., you kind of let live, right? there is isolationist, we wilbury ourselves in our own issues back here at home and forget about it. if we're just nice to everybody, if we're just friend to everybody, stay out of their business, world would be a better place. we learned, walid, that does not work. >> remember world war ii, world war ii, began with the trust. remember munich? what is important beyond the political psychology you mentioned. you have alsocompanies, many financial interests, linking up with the iranian market and don't care about national security. trish: that is a, walid, glad
2:43 pm
you brought that up. whether social media companies, facebook or twitter, allowing terrorists to meet on social media platforms. you're an american company. who is your allegiance to? show respect for our national security issues as opposed to carrying about the bottom line. >> absolutely. i'm glad now the president, the administration will send the package to congress. i've been attending so many hearings and briefings in the older days, a few years ago. they were all saying, no, administration should conclude such an agreement. now time for them to vote again. trish: walid, thank you. it is good to see you. >> thank you, trish. trish: brand new fallout in the harvey weinstein scandal. shocking documents from "tmz," show a clause in the contract with the company that bears his name, that may have given him a total pass to harass whoever he wanted. we are going to share that clause with you. this is just despicable,
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trish: breaking news. the weinstein company is exploring a sale or possible
2:48 pm
shutdown as part of a fallout over harvey weinstein's sexual assault algations. we are also learning he may have been a given a pass, a free pass to harass people while heading the company. shocking new documents from "tmz." "tmz" shows the disgraced media mogul 2015 contract actually had monetary penalties built in for any misconduct that resulted in a settlement. take a look at this. it states he pay, quote $250,000 for the first such instance, $500,000 for the second such instance, $750,000 for the third and one million dollars for each additional instance. who the heck would put that into an employment contract? joining me right now to discuss, fox news contributor deroy murder -- murdoch. what lawyer would put that in?
2:49 pm
it suggests that the whole board knew what he was capable of and they were trying to protect themselves but this may actually endiet them more. >> this is amazing. might have seen in a contract in the 1960s or the "mad men" era, when executives chased skirts around typing pool. this is extraordinary. after all the discussion about sexual harrassment, al bill clinton impeachment and be concerned about powerful men and less powerful women. sense of limiting liability so they wouldn't get into this kind of legal trouble and financial trouble additional lawsuits from all the women coming forward. this is breathtaking. never heard of such a thing, sexual harrassment clause in somebody's labor contract. trish: it is wild. but what it does tell you perhaps they knew, they knew he was capable of some pretty horrendous stuff. they wanted to make sure he had penalties if he did any of this stuff. so they had these self-imposed
2:50 pm
penalties. if you go on to read other parts of the contract that "tmz" obtained, it sounds like as long as he paid these penalties, he thereby made the company whole, they wouldn't take any further action. deroy, they knew, they had to have known. >> this is like a sexual harrassment version of carbon offsets. do what you want but send in the check. it is cool. this is man that has moral problems. this guy is a total pig. he is being enabled by his contract, counsel, lawyers on his company. all sorts of stars stepped forward to defend him. early stories buried by nbc news. paper of record came out finally with the story but they had it years. from high on laurel canyon, morality spilling on the great unwashed how much more enlightened they are than us, turns out not only did the guy enable awful behavior, they covered it up and concealed it in massive conspiracy of
2:51 pm
silence. i find it shocking disgusting shame on those people. trish: what a creep he was. you know, you hear things from time to time. they featured him in the show, remember on hbo, "entourage," always surrounded by women. you got the impression he was a ladies man, liked the ladies. no one would have thought it was anything like that. these allegations are horrific. >> horrible. trish: poor women, i said this before, i hope hollywood gets blown open and there is a much different standard going forward. >> these are the same people who lecture us how respect for women and stand for women. so on. this kind of thing is going on and having it covered up for years, put into contract law. that is mind-boggling. trish: deroy, thank you very much. >> have a good weekend. trish: stocks continue on record highs, dow, s&p, nasdaq reaching new all-time highs. just unstoppable, right? the dow creeping towards 23,000. we're about 120 points off. is this economic optimism spurring this on? u.s. consumer sentiment surging
2:52 pm
to a 13-year high today. we'll go to nicole petallides standing by at new york stock exchange. hey, nicole. >> check this out, trish. absolutely right, records again. in fact looks like the fifth week in a row of gains for the dow, nasdaq, s&p. i'm watching level oh, so carefully, to see whether or not we will not only have intraday record highs, but how about record closes as well. for the dow, watch level of 22,872. we're five points higher than that. look at some dow winners, they have up arrows, but we chose the three, they are among names that hit all-time record highs today. caterpillar, mcdonald's, visa, 3m, boeing, microsoft. look at some tech titans. those are also key. these are names that hit records today. that would be alphabet, netflix, and microsoft as we noted, trish. so the idea here is that the fundamentals have been improving. people love idea of a tax plan but seem to be stepping away any idea that it will happen sooner
2:53 pm
than later. they're digesting that. and fundamentals and economic growth around the world. back to you. trish: we'll take it. i love these records especially on a friday. thanks, nicole. turning to a more serious story here we're learning 31 are dead, hundreds are missing as firefighters face wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. they're battling 20 fires in deadliest week of firefighters in the state's history. robert gray joins us in napa valley with the very latest. i will see you right back here after this.
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>> the death toll keeps rising in northern california. wildfires had killed at least 31 people. hundreds more are missing. they are continuing to battle the nearly two dozen wildfires spinning more than 300 scare square miles. this has been the deadliest week of wildfires in california history. that is right. we are at the staging ground. they are telling me here on the ground they are feeling more confident. there is a greatest contentment we will see a big jump in the containment numbers tomorrow. there is a cautious optimism.
2:58 pm
i caught up with the have of the sonoma county wine growers. it's actually been a surreal week here. i know napa valley as well. people are rallying together and making sure everyone is safe. and basic supplies. we are going to be rebuilding as soon as we can get everyone safe and out of the fire zone. in the rubble of the former home there. urging people to stay with us and keep supporting sonoma. 100,000 jobs. again, she's telling people that they want to support them then they should come in by the wind.
2:59 pm
the best thing people can do to help us continue. we are open for business. we should clarify some of the wineries did burn down or were damaged. they are not expecting any long-term damage. they are hurting. they could hit some of the warehouses. that is just devastating to see it. thank you very much. so tomorrow i hope you will tune in. fox news as part of the business of block on saturday morning. i said sadly hope to see you there. as we look at the market and may close out yet again.
3:00 pm
people are feeling better. and all of that feeling continues to better economic environment. liz is taking you through it. >> a little optimism. no fear investors are all in. at the close you got to stay with us. kill the deal or i well. he threw down the gauntlet. if congress won't help. but while the move will the move he announced today really mean for the stocks somewhere in your portfolio that has poured billions of dollars into iran since the previous sanctions were lifted a year and a half ago.


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