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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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100th anniversary today of the miracle of the sun in fatima. an incredible thing that happened 100 years ago today. >> melissa: he's just a font of information. i had no idea there you go have a great weekend, risk & rewards starts now. >> international inspectors will have unprecedented access, if i ran cheats the world will know it. we see something suspicious we will inspect it. if i ran violates the deal, sanctions can be snapped back into place. >> two months ago in vietnam, the united states and five other nations reached agreement with iran on insurancing the peaceful nature of that country's program we've seen the results, under the nuclear deal that we are allies & partners reached with iran last year. iran will not get its hands-on a nuclear bomb. >> the fact is that the agreement we've reached fully
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implemented will bring insight and accountability to iran's nuclear program not not for small number of years but for the lifetime of that program. >> liz: president trump again systematically dismantling obama 's legacy president trump starting to unwind president obama's iran nuclear deal, slapping sanctions on iran's systemic revolutionary regard and now congress has 60 days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions. >> president trump: as i have said many times, the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered. since the signing of the nuclear agreement, the regimes dangerous aggression has only escalated. based on the factual record i have put forward, i am announcing today that we cannot
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and will not make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout. that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deals many serious flaws so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons. in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies, then the agreement will be terminated >> liz: welcome to risk & reward i'm elizabeth macdonald the dow ending up 30 points s & p also ending in the green as president trump today sends president obama's iran nuclear deal back to congress. democrats already criticizing his move. obama vice president joe biden saying unilaterally putting the
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iran deal at risk does not isolate iran it isolates us. democrat senator ben cardin says the president's actions on iran directly threaten our security. former obama deputy national security advisor saying it is hard to overstate how irresponsible it is for trump to risk blowing up the iran deal by demanding the rest of the world justifies campaign rhetoric. an update on what has happened since the iran deal. the national council of resistance iran claims iran is still creating an arsenal of nukes with the help of north korean scientists. iran has also kept a heavy stockpile and changed designs to a reactor that can produce plutonium and the obama state department listed iran at the top of its list of the worst state sponsors of terror. now since the deal iran increasingly threatened u.s. navy warships bias much as 60%. it shows footage on tv of humiliated u.s. troops that had temporarily seized for entering its waters and since the deal the u.s. found a $1.7 billion
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all cash payment to iran by the obama white house. the obama administration gave iran $100 billion back in oil profits that were frozen over the years due to sanctions on the nuclear program. iran continues to test intercontinental ballistic missiles too since president trump took office and iran regularly showcases its weapons in military parades. president rohanivowing to boost the country's missile capables and let's not forget the raw ten video of iran chanting while burning u.s. flags and there's more like revealing the obama administration dropping charges against 14 iranian terrorists and also denied or delayed requests from prosecutors and agents who are still trying to arrest them but do you know what the kicker is all of this what i just mentioned was allowed under obama's nuclear deal. none of what i mentioned violations absent the attacks on civilians. let's bring former air force assistant vice chief of staff retired lieutenant general thomas mcinerney.
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you say this all proves it was a bad deal? >> general: absolutely, liz. look, when i was listening to president trump today, i got a vision that president reagan is back. he is back, his advisors and his allies recommended not doing this and he did it. he decertified him, he threw it over to the congress, you wait and see what the congress does now. the fact is that democratic party enabled the iranian regime to come in in 1979 and obama enabled them to survive after our sanctions were working so effectively when he gave this $100 billion plus to them in his jcpo, this nuclear agreement. it was a reason, a rationale why the democratic party wants iran to be the hedgeman, i do not understand. >> liz: general, why was it about legacy? that's what some critics charge. >> general: well it could have been. i don't think anybody can understand what obama did the
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whole time he was there. why did he take libya down and destabilize it and try to take egypt down and destabilize it? look what he did in syria. the mess he created there, by pulling out and all the things went on in iran, in iraq once we left. i can't explain any of them, except it enabled our adversar ies to be in a stronger position, liz. >> liz: general, many have expressed support for president trump's action. let's take a listen. >> if the iran deal is left unchanged, one thing is absolutely certain. in a time, the world's foremost terrorists regime will have an arsenal of nuclear weapons. >> i think trump will take the out and he should. we need a strategy for taking it on. >> i am one who would not find that deal, i've said that before i don't think it was a particularly good deal. >> liz: okay, general, the president is putting this in congress' court. will they get the job done?
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>> general: that's a good question. liz, i think that with an election coming up, and if anybody looks like they are supporting iran, they're going to have a hard time getting elected like senator corker found out. the fact is i think they're going to change and i think they will support the president with the increased sanctions. if not, we're better off because then we'll cancel the deal and that's the important thing that we need to go to work on other things. >> liz: general, do you believe the claim that iran is developing an arsenal of nukes in four secret sites? at least that are known of with the help of north korean scientists do you believe that? >> general: absolutely. all those five nuclear explosion s that went on in north korea that data, the iranians are paying for and it's coming back to iran so they are developing in secret nuclear capability and this president is not kicking the can down the road. he's going to stop it and once he terminates this, there are things that we can do that will
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change that regime and we ought to have regime change on our mind. >> liz: general the treasury slapped sanctions on iran's elite revolutionary guards as the u.s. is raising pressure, is that a good idea? >> general: absolutely. all these things when we couple them together look our european allies like this, liz because it was a cash cow. iran was a cash cow with that hundred billion plus for european trade. that's the only reason they're doing that. they do not have the nuclear deterrent responsibilities that the united states has. >> liz: okay general thank you so much and for your service to our country. >> general: thanks, liz. >> liz: now, on our program, they did say that president obama did not enforce his red line in syria in order to get a deal with iran. now iran does back the regime in syria. watch. >> you said you told the obama administration about the massacre, the slaughter of children, men and women. the rape of women, the whole
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slaughter. it is absolutely an international disgrace, but you say you figured it out why obama did not actin syria. why? >> because he was so much for the iranians. he wanted to do anything to make the iran deal possible. he was too worried about his legacy rather obama wanted to become the president who didn't use force and got the deals done well, sir you can not make the deals with dictators. you should punish dictators and hold them accountable. he made a deal with the iran dictator ship and made a deal with the russians. he made deals with all dictators with cuba, with a lot of dictators. this should raise a lot of questions. >> liz: is the syrian chemical weapons attack victim and refugee joins us now from germany. good to see you kassem. >> thank you so much for having me. >> liz: how far did president obama go to make the iran deal
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happen? >> i come from a country that was directly affected by iran terrorists acts. i come from syria where the iranians helped asad to crush and kill more than 500,000 people to help a dictator who gassed thousands of innocent civilians with chemical weapons including myself with the chemical weapons survivor. iran did a lot of terrorists acts in syria and iraq and lebanon and yemen and many other countries and when i left i was forced to leave syria in 2014 and i came to the united states, all what i did for practically two years i was just to talk to the u.s. government and anybody who wants to listen and tell them how bad the situation is, but i never got into any kind of help because every time i had
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the chance to like get some answers out of the u.s. official rather than the state department or congress or other places, the only answer i used to hear was that the president doesn't want to upset the iranians. he let asad and the iranians slaughter hundreds of thousands of people, just so president obama can come out and say look, i made a deal. i didn't use force. iran is not going to make a nuclear bomb but this is false. the iranians can make a nuclear bomb within a couple of years because the iran deal that president obama did was so so bad, and all what obama wanted was just to score political points and come out as the president who made a deal without using force, but that deal caused hundreds of thousands of civilians their lives and i just want to make
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something very very clear, that what president trump right now is doing is the only smart move to counter the iranian terrorists actin the region and the only thing that he can do to stop another north korean scenario from happening. i watched iranian troops in syria, how they were killing civilians. i watched iranians helping asad slaughter and murder hundreds of thousands of people inside syria, and what obama did was just giving them a green light after that nuclear deal. we watched in syria how the iranians doubled or maybe tripled their military assistance to asad because they got the funds and the money to do so, so i really want people to understand that what president trump did today was amazing and was a very important
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step forward to just get peace to the middle east because as long as iran can do and kill whatever they want without any accountability, things will only get worse. we will see more refugees and we will see a lot more civilians getting killed. >> liz: thank you so much for speaking out. we really appreciate you coming on the show. >> thank you. >> liz: okay, because we're a business program we got to check the markets closing in the green today. oil was at around $51 a barrel gas national average is $2.48, gold is sticking back around 1300 an ounce let's get to nicole on the floor with the latest. nicole? >> nicole: unbelievable day on wall street again eeking out some gains hitting record highs today for each of the major averages, the dow, nasdac and s & p each hit all-time highs during the day and the nasdac managed to close at a record and
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the s & p 500 up five weeks in a row and we have not seen that since early march. taking a look some of the winner s on the dow jones industrial average american express, intel, proctor and gamble but many of the names actually six to be precise hit all-time highs. the banks was bank of america which is the star beat on the bottom and toplines, that was good news there and watch next week for goldman sachs and morgan stanley on tuesday. last but not least the health insurers which came under pressure. this as reports of president trump wants to cutoff subsidies to the insurers selling obamacare coverage and that really weighed on the group, so we had positive consumer sentiment as well as records on wall street. have a great weekend. >> liz: good to see you nicole. now this story for you, saudi arabia oil company was supposed to be the world's biggest ipo, initial public offer offering but saudi arkansas aramco denying reports it won't do ipo,
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going back and we are watching it the talk was it may just go to private investors. now saudi arabia has always been quick to deny any reports about its ipo. it would be one of the world's big its if not the biggest ipo ever valued in some assets $1.2 trillion. we'll watch that one for you. next up, an offer to really offer bbc interview with hillary clinton. hillary clinton comparing president trump to harvey wine stein saying trump is a sexual assaulter who is in the oval office but when the bbc interviewer asked hillary clinton what about your husband, it got really awkward. coming up we will show you that response and also the winestein company saying they did not know about the assault but a new report shows the sexual assaults were written into his contract we'll debate whether that was in the legal contract that allowed him to be a predator but first 15 states suing to block president trump's cutoff of obamacare bail out cash going to the insurers we've got that story for you next,
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>> liz: we really big business story will affect your family and your money after yesterday's executive order to unravel parts of obamacare president trump took another step to unwind obama's health reform legacy bill. president trump immediately stopped subsidy payments to insurers for plans in the exchanges and now democrats claim that move will break the insurance markets and collapse them. we've got breaking news too 15 states are now suing the trump administration to stop the president. here is the president tweeting this morning, "the democrats obamacare is imploding massive subsidy payments to their pet companies has stopped." democrats should call me to fix. critics say obama did an unconstitutional end run around congress with these payments to
5:20 pm
insurers arguing it was the insurers now this is the argument for the critics that it's the insurers who benefit not the poor and the sick who get help from these subsidies. let's take a look at the health insurance stocks ending the day to the downside look at at that in the green, let's bring in dr. segal, good to see you doc, good moved to? he inherited a mess and now it's like both republicans and house democrats not doing anything to fix obamacare and it's sort of like they're smoking in bed while the house is on fire right so do you like what the president did today? >> i think for the largest extent it's a step in the right direction and i'll tell you why i don't believe the state exchanges are working and we have a lot of evidence of that and do you know what the biggest evidence is liz it's the 6.5 million people who paid the tax penalty. not even the 8 million that were assessed it but the 6.5 were actually paid it, who said i would rather pay a a tax penalty
5:21 pm
than pay a premium and have such a high deductible that i don't have a workable product that can get me actual healthcare. i'll wait until i get sick and then aetna's ceo said last year, do you know why i'm dropping out of the exchanges because 55% of the patients i get are already sick or have chronic conditions. that's what president trump inherited and he's basically saying in terms of one executive order he's basically saying let me offer those who took the tax penalty something that might actually work, something that's based on small insurers grouping up providing a plan that doesn't have all these essential parts. >> liz: but how do you deal with the preexisting conditions and sick handled early. the stat is out there 5% of the population were responsible 50% of healthcare costs and how will the president deal with that? >> i'll tell you how you don't deal with that. you don't deal with that by asking the a 28 year old whose just starting out in life to pay for a 70 year old who smoked themselves or someone who weighs
5:22 pm
too much and has diabetes. i don't want my healthy 28 year old to pay for that . that's called cost sharing. the government wants to take seriously paying for very sick or poor people they should do it directly. that's who should get subsidies, that's what high risk pools are called but if you don't want to call it a high risk pool let's have a two tiered system where one tier can get insurance for the healthy, catastrophic, or skinny insurance that's what this bill allows and again, if it's a trade association or small businesses grouping up, something that will give us an alternative that's a skinny plan that will work. not a junk plan, a skinny plan that doesn't have all these benefits and then the government can subsidize those that are on the exchanges with preexisting conditions. that's what i would think would work better. i think overall, liz, you're going to see more people insured as a result, because people that took their tax penalty will say well wait a minute, i'll take a catastrophic plan. i don't want to end up in an emergency room going bankrupt. >> liz: all right do we have the
5:23 pm
chris cuomo part ready for doc s egal to respond to ready from cnn? here is the thing, there's a lot of criticism now that's been directed by cnn's anchor chris c uomo and others that president trump is basically acting like an imperial president with his executive orders. i need to show the stats guys on how many executive orders that president obama signed versus president trump. we're going to show you now this sound bite and i want your reaction let's listen. >> jim why aren't you saying that the president is acting like an emperor and his job is to execute laws passed not write his own. congress must account for doing so. >> chris not with these csr payments, just like with daca. this president said i'm not going to continue an activity the court says is unconstitutional. the parties held the litigation. it's not decided. >> so there's one in the judicial system to decide on this and they said it's unconstitutional because this
5:24 pm
money wasn't appropriated. >> liz: okay so here is the fact president obama basically has 533 executive order and memorandum. george bush had 422 so obama was the imperial president right? and when he presented the obama administration presented their cases to the supreme court he lost more than half the time one of the worst track records. >> not only that he made an appointment in 2014 to the national labor relations board while his senate was in session the supreme court couldn't believe it they ruled it unconstitutional. this executive order that trump just did basically saying withdraw the subsidies that's a retraction of an executive order that gave subsidies but didn't make any sense throwing good money after bad. the clean power plan, the supreme court said look, the president may actually be thinking president obama about something to do with the environment here but the way he went about doing it is essentially unconstitutional so they didn't allow it to be enacted. it's obama that was the one that was executive overreach.
5:25 pm
>> liz: the facts are that president obama's track record before the supreme court was worse than bill clinton in terms of losses and worse than george w. bush, right? >> absolutely. he had more supreme court losses than any other modern president by far and i want to emphasize this again, liz. what president trump is doing here is he's saying a law is not working. he's saying people are not getting healthcare and being promised healthcare but they're getting forced to buy in insurance at a penalty of about $500 a year and that kind of force i'm going to use an executive order to prevent the people from being hurt. i don't think that's anything near as unconstitutional as what we saw before. i think it's a proper use of executive power. >> liz: dr. mark siegel, good to see you. we have an awkward bbc interview with hillary clinton coming up basically having difficulty answering a bbc reporter's question about her husband. you'll see that next. ♪ can i kick it?
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>> the winestein company is saying oh, my god we didn't know , we fired him immediately, you will not believe the contract that the winestein company gave harvey winestein in 2015. it tolerates sexual harassment. not one instance, not two but an infinite number of cases. all harvey winestein had to do is pay any judgment or settlement that a woman might have gotten as a result of it and a fine, what they do is the company gets $250,000 the first time he does it, 500 the second, 750 the third and for every instance after that, harvey wine stein pays a million dollar fine to the company and he's good to go. there's no other action that's the way the contract was written >> liz: okay, did you catch this story that basically harvey wine stein sounded like he had an illegal contract that aided and a betted predatory behavior. let's bring in legal expert emily companio.
5:30 pm
the way it's worded is if he paid out the money then that cured the behavior. i think the cure is firing him. this sounds like aiding and a betting illegal predatory behavior. >> right and that's why this is so hard to digest so it's not rare for a corporate contract to have opportunities to secure clauses in the contracts but obviously what's so startling here is it's covering up illegal behavior and granted there's another clause in the contract that says if you are indicted and charged with criminal misconduct we can terminate you so it's offsetting this clause that basically renders the contract technically valid but at the same time no mediator would rule in his favor if he chose to protest this, and the fact that the board continues to say that they had no idea about the settlements, the winestein h r department investigated two of those. >> liz: there were multiple settlements at the time when he was signing this contract. i mean this is a company on the verge of collapse right now, so he does own 42% but wow when we
5:31 pm
saw this it was aiding and a betting predatory behavior. we want to get to this hillary clinton was asked about her views on harvey winestein on a b bc program. >> this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere whether it's in entertainment, politics, after all we have someone admitting to being a sexual assault erin the oval office. >> yet in your book the three women by trump attacking your husband and you kind of dismissed them. was that the right thing to do are you sure about that? >> well yes because that was all litigated. that was the subject of a huge investigation as you might recall in the late 90s and there were conclusions drawn and that was clearly in the past. >> liz: clearly in the past was litigated what are your thoughts >> first of all not all of the allegations were litigated so that comment is false and secondly, i think it does a dis service to so many women to
5:32 pm
claim if it's litigated it's set in stone and put to bed. we've seen by this example there can be an industry riddled with sexual assault conduct that never gets litigated. >> liz: it's double standards railing against trump when the allegations about bill clinton, right? i don't think hillary clinton has said anything negative ever about bill clinton's behavior right? >> no she hasn't and granted she's his wife but at the same time this kind of continued defense of him and also while at the same time seemingly slandering the women who have come forward it just doesn't make any sense . the hipocracy reeks and the fact that her tweet is all about females rights hen she herself had the opportunity to become a larger champion of the men that was in that oval office with her. it's unfortunate. >> liz: emily legal expert and genius thanks for coming on we love it. next up actress jane fonda saying she knew about winestein about a year ago but didn't say anything and she regrets that we've got that sound coming up we have a guest who says hollywood stars are too busy calling out president trump
5:33 pm
and overlooking what's going on in their swamp we've got amazon studio head the chief there suspended after fresh harassment allegations, we're going to talk about actress rose mcgowan too going after jeff bezos more after this. think offers best in class hd horsepower and the most capable off-road midsize pickup? i'd go ram. i would put it on ford. let's find out. noooooooo. chevy. that's right, it's chevy. they look amazing. wow. chevy's killin it. yeah, definitely. trade up to this light duty silverado all star and get a total value of over eleven thousand two hundred dollars. or during truck month, get 0% financing for 72 months on our most popular chevy trucks. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die
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>> liz: more stories coming out about allege ed sexual harassment allegations out of hollywood this time it's amazon suspending its chief of its studio, roy price. again, new sexual harassment
5:37 pm
allegations against price are coming out at the same time, one of harvey winestein's main accusers, actress rose mcgowan firing off a series of tweets at liberal billionaire amazon founder jeff bezos imploring him to "stop funding rapists" saying"i told the head of your studio that harvey wine stein raped me over and over i said it. he said it hadn't been proved. i said i was the proof when i heard a winestein bailout was in the works i begged the studio chief to do the right thing. i was ignored the deal was done. amazon won a "dirty oscar." i am calling on you to stop funding rapists, allege ed pedophiles and sexual harassers, and amazon stock ending the day in the green closing higher by two points, joining me now patrice lee from the independent women's forum and look whose here eric shipper as well good to see you guys. >> you too. >> liz: patrice and i think eric would agree it's interesting how
5:38 pm
hollywood applauds and shines its spotlight on everyone but itself but patrice, mcgowan claims amazon got rid of a tv series after she voiced concerns about winestein, what do you think of that? >> i mean if it's true it's absolutely horrendous but it your scores this is not just hollywood. the tech industry also had its woes to deal with beginning earlier this year with susan fow ler, an engineer at uber who disclosed the challenges they've had there. certainly not to the level we've seen with this winestein scandal but it's a reminder that this is going on in a lot of different industries and unfortunately it's being untold. it takes courageous women to come forward. >> liz: as journalists too eric it's hard with these stories, it's a he said she said situation, right? you don't have the proof i'm not sure there's factual proof, absent the audio with harvey winestein and the italian model but eric here is the other line that we're looking into. the washington post which is owned by jeff bezos, they
5:39 pm
reportedly assigned 20 reporters to dig into trump. we don't know how many it has on the mcgowan amazon story or even winestein story but we raise this issue because nbc and the media they run stories about trump based on anonymous sources but nbc declined to run the wine stein expose, which had on the record accusers. what do you make of all of this? >> it's very interesting. i think well look, with amazon, excuse me washington post, trump was running for president so i think if price was running for president you probably would get 20 people but there are selective choices that are happening. look i've noticed it. i've done a lot of interviews over the last couple days on this and some of the different reporters have an interesting slant and i think that certainly you get different publications that will have perspectives. a lot of people were friends with him. the other side of it is theres a
5:40 pm
lot of fear in hollywood. you don't want to burn someone certainly that's the pervasive thought that could be providing your next job or helping you get a deal. that's just it's a relationship business. that's hollywood. it's all about relationships, so if you begin to burn people and certainly go after a guy like winestein who had immense power, then you're really hurting yourself. that's the perception. it's a lot of people-- >> liz: but that is the hollywood swamp. women have to give up pieces of their souls in order to get a job. then you have heather graham not getting work, right patrice? >> patrice: yeah. it's hard especially when you're a young woman whose trying to kind of make your way. you shouldn't have to trade your integrity for a shot at your dreams. >> liz: we have to get to this sound bite jane fonda telling cnn she knew about harvey wine stein about a year ago. she regrets it about not saying
5:41 pm
anything watch. >> jane: i found out about harvey a year ago and i'm ashamed i didn't say anything right then. why didn't you you're so bold? >> jane: i was not that bold, because i guess it hadn't happened to me and so i didn't feel it was my place. >> what did you know? >> jane: one of the women who have spoken out, rosanna told me , and it came as a shock and a great disappointment. >> liz: okay we have 32 women with claims of sexual assault and harassment by harvey wine stein. here is jane fonda on president trump. the predator in chief and his fake news, you know, their tactic is to divide and conquer. >> we refuse to be controlled by a sexist lying hypocritical bigot. >> i have a new idea for a new business model for trump, adult diapers, they could be called
5:42 pm
trumpers to help with all the leaks. >> liz: eric comment on this what's your reaction? >> eric: if you talk trump in hollywood you get work. if you attack winestein or people like him you lose work simple as that. >> liz: patrice quickly? >> i think that's despicable and how ironic is it she's co- founder of a one's media outlet in d.c. and they're a place that's a safe space and she was someone who knew about these allegations and was hiding it? i just say so much hipocracy there. >> liz: good to see you both appreciate it. we'll have more after the break. don't go away. i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma .
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(ch(baby crying)eat) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play-- (jet engine white noise) (airline "ding") (bell mnemonic) >> nbc is lying, yesterday news had noah oppenheimer claimed nbc encouraged him to report that story the opposite is true they pressured him to drop it. oppenheim says nbc gave him resources to report that story over many many months, maybe except for a camera crew when he tried to interview an alleged rape victim oppenheim says the
5:46 pm
stories were not the story else we were looking at when we made our judgment yet another lie. could it be that oppenheim had a business relationship with harvey winestein or his company? it's not a farfetched possibility at all and yet as of earlier today oppenheim and nbc when asked directly refused to say. no oppenheim should resign immediately and if he doesn't he should be fired immediately by nbc's parent company comcast. >> liz: fox news tucker carlson calling nbc news president noah oppenheim to step down or be fired for allegedly refusing to run the wineteen sexual assault expose. let's take a look at how comcast did in the markets today it ended the day slightly up and here to weigh in is dan gainer with the media research center should he be fired? >> dan: well of course. this is one where we are left and really do agree that nbc has been completely irresponsible and incompetent on this story
5:47 pm
and maybe worse, and you look at it's not just the news division. you have saturday night live which of course didn't run any jokes about winestein. you look at the nbc news not just how they handled farrow, but how they didn't report the story as it broke and then they waited around until it was claimed that nbc helped him. >> liz: the only thing dan is the accusation is that nbc runs anonymous stories about president trump but wouldn't take his well-sourced story and on the record story with on the record named accusers about harvey winestein. here we have fox news shawn hann ity calling out late night host jam it kimmel over his reaction to the winestein scandal. listen. >> oh, and then there's mr. political himself jimmy kimmel. the website media called out the late night host for how he's been covering the winestein scandal. take a look at this headline. jimmy kimmel where is your
5:48 pm
emotional monologue on sexual harassment in hollywood? an excellent question and excellent point. now kimmel is very quick to attack president trump and republicans quick to shed a tear about topics he cares about but for some reason kimmel has been so quiet about winestein, where are kimmel's tears for winestein 's victims? >> liz: where are jimmy kimmel's tears? >> jimmy kimmel came out and countered the media narrative which new york times and cnn and others said a moral conscience for america and he says he's not except for of course basically he is when he wants to push a left wing agenda. he's hiding from this story because most of hollywood has been hiding from this story for decades. >> liz: nbc's seth meyers taking aim at president trump's voters and supporters let's take a listen. >> any fans of this show who are also big fans of donald trump, it's time to make make a decision guys . >> [applause] >> get off the phone.
5:49 pm
>> [applause] will you support him or do you support this show, the constantly everything about him? i know it's a tough call but the time has come to make a decision now i'm not much of a rapper, but here it goes. >> [applause] >> my name is seth and i'm here to say if you like trump then go away. >> [applause] >> [laughter] >> liz: should we point out his ratings are down year-over-year. what do you think of that story given the nbc controversy about the farrow story? >> it's ridiculous. here he is embracing the m& m idea that trump is, everybody used the four letter word, but you know the idea that nbc has any more all high ground over anybody has been swimming in the sewer for years and now, it gets
5:50 pm
caught. >> liz: dan gainer good to see you thanks so much for coming on >> thank you. >> liz: billionaire ceo jamie diamond of jp morgan chase says he will hire more people if president trump's tax cuts pass. the details, next. liberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe. is it? you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone which of these truck tabrands do you think offers best in class hd horsepower and the most capable off-road midsize pickup? i'd go ram. i would put it on ford. let's find out. noooooooo. chevy. that's right, it's chevy. they look amazing. wow. chevy's killin it.
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>> liz: the fox business network continues to honor hispanic heritage month. there are at least 4 million hispanic-owned businesses in the u.s. right now. bring in in billions of dollars every year. our own tracy corasco smoke spoke to one such small business owner about the challenges he faces with tax healthcare and immigration.
5:54 pm
>> it was a dream as most hispanic people do and he just worked very hard. >> reporter: alex the son of colombian immigrants is living the american dream. an entrepreneur for nearly 30 years working closely with his family previously owning an import/export business now a daycare and a restaurant in west new york, new jersey with plans of another restaurant in 2018. >> i know it's difficult at times, but i would weigh that over going corporate. >> the restaurant now in its sixth year is thriving and employs more than 100 people and has brought in more than $7 million in gross sales so far this year, but being a successful small business owner is not without challenges. high taxes is one of them. >> simplified tax code. i just think that the easier you make it for us and the less that we have to take out of our pocket the march we can grow. >> another challenge healthcare, for duran, it's pricey but he
5:55 pm
knows it's necessary and wants congress to come up with a solution that works. >> i like to see something fair, meaning i agree that the employees need insurance. listen, if i have a kitchen cook then he isn't feeling well doesn't have the health insurance then do you know what? he's my engine. what am i going to do if he gets sick. >> at doran's restaurant more than 90% of his employees are am it grants and disagrees with the president's stance on immigration. they work, make their money and send it back to the country and pay their taxes so i tell you about that so what he's doing i think is awful. >> well he's hopeful a business- minded president like trump will support him, he says success will be up to him. >> i can't control what the government does. i can only control what we do here and, you know, we just keep trying to grow our business. >> in west new york new jersey tracy corasco, fox business >> liz: thank you for that tracy jamie diamond the head of jp morgan chase says as president
5:56 pm
trump's tax cuts pass the company will be hiring more workers at the plant to boost jobs and wages. jpmorgan has over 200,000 workers worldwide, more than 160,000 working in the u.s.. jp morgan chase closing the day in the red but down only less than a percent. samsung electronics ceo resign ing saying samsung is in an unprecedented crisis, details next. ..
5:57 pm
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we all made it out safely. it's kind of one of those things you can't even... you cant even thank somebody. people you don't know actually care about you. to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares liz: samsung electronics ceo resigning citing an unprecedented crisis after the heir of the samsung group was imprisoned for corruption in august. he said as we are confronted with this unprecedented crisis, it's time for samsung to have a
6:00 pm
new ceo. you know, we hope you have a good weekend. charles payne is here now with making money. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne and you are watching "making money." fast-moving developments across the nation. but we start with escalating global tensions. president trump unveiling a sweeping more aggressive policy toward iran saying he will not recertify the agreement made with iran in 2013. >> based on the factual record i am announcing today we'll not make this certification. we'll not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror and the very real t


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