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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thank you so much. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. special coverage of president trump's speech to the heritage foundation. we'll be right true into truth declared. mitch mcconnell holding a joint press conference to talk about the agenda appeared with the lead to win on tax reform. train to check out the dow closing in on 23,000. nasdaq futures down three points. drink a stock seen rising slightly at the open but the story has changed. all the major indices are down just a fraction. lauren: japanese stocks logging
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their 11th straight game. trying to netflix stock on fire overnight with the companies that own house of cards another original shows pay now for the big increase in subscribers. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: good morning. 5:01 a.m. in new york. tuesday, october 17th. cheryl: good morning, everyone. cheryl casone. did we ever doubt netflix would not have a good quarter? prices up 10%. unbelievable. cheryl: shows are credible. chewing through the national football league the national football league set to meet here in new york later today. commissioner roger cabal, coaches will discuss the national anthem controversy and try to find a solution. cheryl: tracee carrasco will cover this all morning in new
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york. a preview of what we can expect. tracee: good morning, ladies. the protests of the national anthem will command much attention over the next few days as nfl commissioner roger goodell, head of the team owners and current former players meet here in new york city for the angelique meeting. nfl said last week it has no plans to stand for the national anthem but is expected to present a possible solution for how to end the controversial protest that the corporation would find a compromise that still allows players to use their platform to raise awareness on issues that added to them justice and equality. the whole issue is nearly forgotten about until a few weeks ago in president trump meets and fiery comment at a campaign rally for luther strange calling for nfl players who refuse to stand for the anthem to be fired. of course this didn't go well
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with players and there has since been an ongoing battle both on the field and twitter over the issue of kneeling during the national anthem. at a press briefing, the president reiterated his stance on the issue. >> it is very disrespectful to our country when they taken me number one. number two, the people of our country are very angry at the nfl. look at their meetings and stadiums. you see empty seats you never saw before. transfer meanwhile, hillary clinton spoke out in support of the players right to kneel at a book event in london on sunday. here's what she had to say. >> so, you have to resist what are very clear what we call dog whistles. that's what the black athletes mailing list about it that is not against our anthem or our flag. kneeling is a reference position. it was to demonstrate in a
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peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system. cheryl: the challenge for the nfl owners over the next few days will be finding a compromise that pleases both fans and the players. lauren, cheryl. lauren: tracee carrasco, thank you. fairfax business for more tracee's reporting. cheryl: well, congress is back in its budget time. senate republicans focus on passing a budget this week so they can get to work on tax reform. president trump signaling the possibility gop will not feel of the past tax reform by the end of this year. blake burman has details from the white house. spinnaker timeline to get tax reform done this on a sliding scale imposed on monday brought the possibility of 2018 into the equation. appearing alongside mitch mcconnell in the rose garden in an impromptu press conference
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from the president trump cited past challenges and spoke of tax reform happening this year. >> we won't go a step further. if we get it done us a great achievement. don't forget it took years for the regular administration. i've been here for nine months come a little than nine months. >> separately in an interview with the wisconsin radio station, paul ryan, echoed the same aspirations as well. congress will soon have it pay and tax reform. during a meeting with his cabinet monday, the president made it known he feels let down by the senate which fails to repeal and replace of omnicare. >> i have great relationships with many senators, but in particular with most republican senators. but we are not getting the job done. i'm not going to blame myself. i'll be honest. >> i asked president trump what is up for negotiation on tax reform and he described the whole thing is undergoing minor
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adjustments. back to you in new york. lauren: and he gave himself some wiggle room or the president will welcome -- he will also meet with federal reserve chair janet yellen and interview candidates to lead the central bank. her current term expires in february. cheryl: now to the latest in the harvey wines in scandal. private equity firm is in talk to by the weinstein company. her writing at least for now an immediate capital into the company. both companies have made no mention of a possible deal value. lauren: meanwhile to participate in the participating by phone. he is still a member of the board. the producers guild of america has terminated its membership. that happened yesterday.
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cheryl: well, a new warning from north korea. pyongyang said the nuclear war may break out at any moment. the north deputy u.n. ambassador subjected to a direct nuclear threat from the united states and has the right to possess nuclear weapons in self defense. he also says the entire u.s. mainland is within the north's firing range. meanwhile after a meeting in japan, secretary of state john sullivan says washington is not ruling out the possibility of direct talks with the kim jong un regime. setting the stage from it being on the defensive. >> secretary of state tillerson says diplomacy or rating until the first bomb drops. coming up, president donald trump and mitch mcconnell seemed to be best friends. what does this new friendship mean for the term agenda going forward?
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a new twist in a las vegas mass shooting. security guard shot by the gun man stephen paddock disappeared. where did he go? you are watching "fbn:am." i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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lauren: literature carpet would have been a u.s. citizen turned terraces facing prison for detonating a homemade bomb that injured 30 people last year. took a federal judge for hours to find him guilty of setting up to pressure cooker bombs in manhattan as well as seaside park, new jersey. president trump says cuba is responsible for the mysterious ailment to take u.s. embassy employees in havana but a step short of blaming the human government. washington's position has been responsible for protect the safety of american diplomats. cuba has denied any role. get this. mandalay bay security guard deemed a hero who were shot just a forgotten man stephen paddock began his deadly assault on concertgoers is missing. jesus campos disappeared moments before he was to break his silence in interviews. he has not been seen since he went to the walk-in clinic last
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thursday for treatment. that is what is happening now. cheryl: well, it is hardly a case of stranger things. netflix clock in its best quarter ever. sticking to record highs. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with more. tracee: good morning, ladies. analysts meeting expectations. continuing to grow at inside .3 million subscribers this past quarter, most of the international subscribers. if brought into .98 alien dollars in revenue and looking ahead, it will spend seven to $8 billion on content next year. shares up around 2% during after-hours trading of the earnings were posted. they say they have about 109.3 million subscribers globally. trade your international store is wonderful for them. lauren: but they need to keep
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creating exclusive original content to keep that engine going. nordstrom stock got hit hard yesterday. suspending their plans to go private. transfer interesting move here. the nordstrom family trying to acquire 70% of the stock they don't already own the yesterday decided to take a break for the effort. decision due to a difficulty of debt financing. the nordstrom family saying they may start of the search again after the end of the holiday shopping season. shares of nordstrom down about 15% so far this year. cheryl: yet the company has enough to open up a major flagstone store right here in manhattan. tracee: people are still shopping there. lauren: another hack, really? trade for another day, another hack. pizza hut was hacked on october 1st and 2nd awaited
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two weeks to inform customers their private data has been compromised. everything from zip codes come delivery addresses, credit card numbers and e-mail addresses. anyone who ordered a pizza to pizza hut mobile app on those two days also potentially affect it. it doesn't say how many people are included in the hat, but some people report having their bank accounts cleared out. they waited two weeks, just enough to notice this weekend. lauren: you would think companies would come right out with the information so at least you don't get criticized for the delay. coming out of washington, president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell standing side-by-side, declaring they are closer than ever. mcconnell even sounded very trump asked. >> you have to nominate people
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who can actually win because winners make policy losers go home. cheryl: is this new program is going to last? policy analyst at the independent women's forum. good morning. i want to first start with part of the soundbite replayed or what you heard from him. basically he is flying in the face of what the bayonet is up to right now, which is challenging establishment candidates instead that are coming up midterm. mcconnell fired back saying that, this is not going to work. benin versus mcconnell may be the next debate were going to see. >> it's interesting that, kind of calling not this wedge between him and the president. it is important the senate continues to maintain. tax reform, health care repeal, lots of agenda items. we haven't even started thinking about transportation bill would look like.
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it is important the senate is able to maintain their majority. that's what he's trying to underscore. >> you think republicans are in trouble? how big of a force is the bayonet? frankly a lot of republicans and voters in the party are frustrated with o'connell. in fact, let me show you this tweet that came in from donald trump in august. this is pretty interesting because back in august, august 24th donald trump treated the only problem i have with mitch mcconnell after hearing repeal and replace her seven years he failed. i should never have happened. how long has this -- is this the romance going to last? >> i would call it reluctant partners. these are two people who need each other right now. the president meets mcconnell to wrangle senators back in line to pass the budget, to pass tax reform coming in the outcome of past key agenda items. mcconnell also ms. president
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trump to speak to steve bayonet and rein in the incumbent challenger rhetoric and language. but they are working together and i don't want to undermine our underestimate how important it is that they work together. if they had disagreements they should do that behind the scenes. cheryl: that really hasn't been a characteristic of this administration and now it's interesting because you've got this letter that was written to mcconnell with a lot of conservative groups anywhere this want. you have shown us that their failure to do anything when it comes to health care. that tax refund this may be pushing off until next year if you look at language mcconnell is using. he's trying to temper expectations. that could be a problem for mcconnell and mcconnell backed candidates. and what they did with roy moore. >> i do think so. when we look at 2018, there's a pretty tight timeline for
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scheduled to be able to get anything done. when we consider with the past nine months now going into 10 months for the senate has not been able to get his job done. the house is as health care and the budget in half of the senate will be voting on the budget this week. if you take anything and 2018, the likelihood of it getting done is even more difficult especially considering you've got senators who we've seen some of those kind of more moderate senators take a step back when it comes to repeal and replace efforts on obamacare. we've seen senator johnson start to talk about his own tax plan is a plan b in case the house and senate are not able to reconcile and work with the trump administration framework. 2018 is not realistic and i think americans will hold senator mcconnell accountable for missed opportunities to give real relief to americans and really deal with the issues that have been left behind from
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president obama. >> to fear of course if they are holding mcconnell liable for the come and they will hold the candidates he supported in these key states liable and that means republicans could lose power. and long drawnout fight. thank you for being here this morning. good to see you. lauren: of republicans losing power doesn't help donald trump. an incredible stories of jet plunges 24,000 feet in minutes. >> running down screaming, pitcher belt line, pitcher belt sign. lauren: there is not the end of it. there's a very happy ending to it. finally, relief for california. his rain on the way? janice dean has the answer coming up. the dallas 43 points away from 23,000. as that milestone happening today. the dow is higher by four points. we will be right back.
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>> bouts of crying, pretty much preparing like we thought there was a good chance they were going down. >> passages describing the terrifying moment when it plunged 24,000 feet in nine minutes. the plane landed safely. none of the passengers were hurt and it's actually an even happier story. this man right here plan to the posters down say when they
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arrived in bali but when the plane began falling in the panic started, he took office oxygen mask pulled out the ring and asked her right there on the plane to be his wife and she accepted. tree into when they got on the ground safely he repeated the proposal to make sure she still wanted to. lauren: then again assert plummeting on a plane cheryl: when you're dropping 24,000 feet i've got to say is frightening. i used to be a flight attendant. the death toll has now risen to 41 but there could finally be a breath of fresh news -- good news for the area. rain is on the way. trades are we've been doing for the solon. janice dean joins us now with the good man's. are they getting any relief out there? >> northern california has rain on the way. southern california still not getting in on the moisture.
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we have a cold front, a significant one across the northeast. temperatures in the 40s, advisories to parts of the northeast. here are current temperatures come a far cry from the 70s and 80s this fall. 44 in new york, 42 in cleveland, 50 in chicago, 53 in dallas and we are watching the radar pretty quiet right now. the frontal boundary across florida will bring sunshowers. the rain is going to come into the northwest so that is going to bring us some relief not only to the northwest but the next couple days getting some of the much-needed moisture into northern california. all of california but we'll take what we can get in and snow in the highest elevations. stormy pattern moving into the northwest and some much-needed relief for northern california. the rest of today's forecast, beautiful conditions across the central u.s. rain in the forecast for the
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south. and a 61 refreshing degrees here in new york city and unsettled weather for the northwest provincially northern carolina which is what we like to see. cheryl: well, coming upcoming yesterday we told you about ordering food on face the. get this. facebook wants to help you find a job. the new area the company is getting into. taco bell is free taco giveaway is back along with the world series. you are watching "fbn:am". five years ago, on any given night, almost 75,000 veterans experienced homelessness. we have reduced those numbers by almost half, but despite the great progress that we have achieved, there are still too many veterans who still need a place to live.
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this project is a comprehensive rehabilitation of the center's facility here in downtown boston to create permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and service spaces, a facility that really delivers on society's commitment to people who have served in the military. citi® was the financial partner because they were able to come with the resources, both the capital resources and also the human resources, the experts in their fields, and without citi's partnership we probably would not be here where we are right now. the goal for us at this project is to be more effective in the services that we provide so that veterans who have committed to put their lives at risk to protect this country have a home in this country.
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the cheryl: breaking news this morning. the national anthem protest in anthem protests. find them tonight today is the nfl kicks off its annual fall meeting in new york. while the protests resulted in
5:30 am
progress? lauren: president trump as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell holding a joint press conference to talk about the agenda. with alito went on tax reform? >> train to a trifecta of records on wall street. the dow closing and 23 pointer mixed bag of pointing out by nine. lauren: in europe, stocks higher right now the cac in paris down five points. >> images japanese stocks watching their 11th straight day of games day of games played in making day of gains for the nikkei appoint 38%. lauren: facebook knows no bounds. now they want to help you find a job. "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: 5:30 a.m. in new york. tuesday, october 17. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. lauren simonetti. a job from facebook.
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cheryl: what are they going to do next? i love it. like the amazon effect. a lot going on including the biggs tory happening in new york today. national football league set to meet in new york later today. commissioner goodell, players, coaches discussing the controversy trying to find a solution. >> here with a preview of what we can expect. tracee, how are they dealing with the kaepernick situation? neil: this is going to be huge. that'll be one of many things. the protester the national anthem is to command much attention over the next two days as nfl commissioner roger goodell, team owners in current and former players meet here in new york city for an annual lake meeting. the nfl said last week it has no plans to mandate the players stand for the national anthem is expected to present a possible
5:32 am
solution for how to run the controversial protest near the nfl wishes to find a compromise that still allows players to use the platform to raise awareness on issues that matter to them like social justice and equality. this whole issue was nearly forgotten about until a few weeks ago when president trump made some fiery comments at a campaign rally for luther strange, calling for nfl players who refuse to stand for the anthem to be fired. of course this didn't go over well with players and there's since been an ongoing battle both on the field and on twitter for the issue of kneeling during the national anthem. a press briefing yesterday the president reiterated his stance on the issue. >> it is very disrespectful to our country when they taken me number one. number two, the people of our country are very angry. all you have to do is look at their ratings and stadiums. you see empty seats where you never saw them before.
5:33 am
>> meanwhile come or clinton spoken in support by the book event in london on sunday. >> so you have to resist what are very clear, what we call dog whistles in that base. that is what the black athletes mailing list about. that was not against our anthem or our flag. kneeling is a reference position. it was to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system. training for the challenge over the next two days is going to be for there to be compromised that makes the fans happy and players happy as well. lauren: and get everybody back to playing football because the fans have had it. they've made it very clear. >> this has been the focus of the entire season. the manual says player should stand at attention during the anthem.
5:34 am
obviously not enforced but will be interesting if that comes out here this past week in football they went to commercial break. >> they did that on purpose. train to thank you very much program want our viewers to know you're covered this today. david fox business. tracee reporting from the nfl owners meeting at the conrad new york hotel. a lot happening in the city this afternoon. lauren: senate republicans focused on passing a budget bill this week that could clear the way for tax reform. adam shapiro has details for us. >> good morning. the senate convened on monday evening and now do your attention today will on getting tax reform. they have to pass that 2018 budget resolution. peter mcconnell, the republican who leads the senate was with president trump in the
5:35 am
rose garden monday and said this the upcoming agenda. >> obviously passing the budget which enables tax reform and tax reduction comes next in the supplemental to take adequate care of those who've been harmed by the natural disasters we've been afflicted with lately. and of course, the senate's unique role as seems to be a lot of people forget. >> it would appear mcconnell and president trump are patched up some of their differences. as with the president said about focusing on tax reform. >> i believe we have a very good chance image feels the same way of getting the taxes done hopefully fairly long before the end of the year. that's only like to see. >> the goal is to get it done this calendar year. >> the expectation is that it will the 2018 budget resolution sometime later this week and move on to tax reform of the house of representatives.
5:36 am
back to you. cheryl: also today, the president will lock the greek prime minister alexis tsipras to the white house this afternoon. also expected to meet with janet yellen later this week. the president is in the process of interviewing candidates including yelling to me yelling to lead the central bank theatre current term expires in february february 28 team if she chooses to stay in philly? lauren: lifeline for the weinstein sexual assault allegations. the private equity firm in talks to buy the company is also providing an immediate capital confusion. the two companies have made no mention i possible value here. cheryl: a lot of financial problems since the scandal started. meanwhile, harvey weinstein reportedly testing to participate in today's board of directors meeting. he will: by phone in arizona undergoing rehab.
5:37 am
still a member of the board despite being fired by the company and the producers guild of america has terminated the member yesterday. the story continues with harvey weinstein and we're looking forward to seeing what happens at the phone call. lauren: florida governor rick scott declared a state of emergency ahead of a speech by white nationalist leader richard sancerre. after a forecast for subscriber growth in the last quarter, will last founder of the disruptive tech research if netflix is worth buying. you are watching "fbn:am". [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives.
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up in what's happening out what's happening up in the u.s. coast guard has suspended a man who disappeared after the explosion sunday on an oiled egg in louisiana. rescue teams have stopped searching for timothy morrison at texas in the area difficult to reach because of twisted metals and strong winds. florida governor rick scott has declared emergency ahead of the scandal at the university of florida by white nationalist
5:41 am
leader. scheduled to speak at the school in gainesville on thursday often referred to as one of the founders of the albright movement. finally, army sergeant boberg dall scheduled to be sentenced monday. he pled guilty to desertion in this behavior yesterday. he faces life in prison for the misbehavior charge alone. bergdah; is insulted by claims that he's a traitor traitor. that's what's happening now. cheryl: yesterday we told you facebook wants you to order food anyone help you find a job. cheryl: tracee carrasco is up with more on that. >> status update looking for a job. reportedly testing a picture of them looks like microsoft are you essentially be able to build on top of your existing personal profile. the new deal expand on facebook's current work in
5:42 am
education system and that users fill in specific details about their jobs, both past and present. no word yet on when this will be rolled out to everyone that they are testing out right now. >> job needed on my facebook page, but that's pretty good. talk about this take craft back movement. what is that? >> this is interesting. a bit of a role reversal here. they are tired of the big companies buying small independent breweries. so what they are doing, trying to raise $213 billion to buy anheuser-busch. the group is calling it as you said take craft back effort that claims they've taken the independence of real craft brewers as well stealing customers freedom of choice. so far they've raised more than one point for a million dollars. the group says they will only be collect after all $213 billion has been secured.
5:43 am
>> i don't know that they're going to be able to do that. >> you can try to buy companies that you can get three tacos. trade for but there's a catch. no pun intended. all about the world series. taco bell handed out three tacos during the series assuming someone manages to steal a base. if either player on either team, everyone gets a free doritos locals talk on wednesday, november 1st from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on all participating taco bell locations. the first is told that the world series is a free taco on tuesday, november 7th from 2:00 to 6:00. but of course, if no one goes to base throughout the entire series, there will be no free tacos. >> 5:45, not bad. >> this is all good for 5:43 in the morning.
5:44 am
thank you, tracee. also watching netflix at an all-time high. they brought in more than 5 million new subscribers in the last quarter. founder of disruptive tech research literally ordered to keep the subscribers netflix needs to feed the beast, keep spending money on content here does not look in your view? >> there's a winning formula. forget cash. they are literally spending billions more than its competitors leading to above-average growth even by their own expectations. i don't think this is momentum that will stop anytime soon making netflix and my son stopped. much like apple and facebook in amazon. >> looking at shares now appeared to o2 yesterday in the premarket record highs. can you buy them at those levels? >> you can be a buyer if you look in recent days to read.
5:45 am
déjà vu all over again. netflix torched expert patient commissioners at an all-time high now up from 175 to 205 roughly. it's moved in the inner order. a healthy amount. that doesn't mean you go out and leverage your house. but i do think you can be a buyer had not done this. lauren: know it's crazy, since they announced their price hike, the stock prices keep going up. it's unbelievable. it seems like subscribers will pay higher prices for content. >> i read a server this morning is that netflix raises raises another 35% to 37% of women in tech subscriber growth one day. they have great tremendous pricing power. everyone wants the netflix in the new watch shows that doesn't matter that you don't have disney and the long-term lineup anymore. all about exclusive original content to maher outspending the
5:46 am
competition and have a competitive advantage that's hard for anyone to catch them. lauren: dow stocks reporting today. >> no, dave lewis singing the blues for a lot longer at my opinion. it is a sad testament to the old tech companies trying to stay relevant in today's new tech world. ibm was a long process. stocks down 12% year-to-date while the s&p and nasdaq rep double digits. the last two quarters of the report and missed on the atop lenin shares sold off critics that the same thing happening here. twenty-second consecutive quarter of revenue decline. >> we were showing the chart. good to see you. thank you very much. mastermind is an issue of her was talking about on netflix. did you hear about it? >> esca massari at that that was the end of it.
5:47 am
>> listen, there's going to be tremendous new content coming out. one of many. lauren: thanks, lou. cheryl: well, new yorkers are waking up to some pretty spent secular this morning. new york yankees kept hope alive thanks to their homerun slugger aaron judge and the tennessee titans with a late comeback. jared max has all the highlights for you. reports suggested: kaepernick blames president trump for colluding with owners have not kept him out of the job. we are going to talk about that. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets.
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>> president trump has been an
5:51 am
outspoken critic of: kaepernick or the quarterback plans to make him a central figure in his collision case against the nfl. will argue the president street, rallies and context of nfl owners are part of the reason he's not been offered a contract to play. kaepernick may argue some nfl have an implied agreement with the league not to send the quarterback. they send messages they receive from president trump or that he just wasn't a good quarterback. i don't know. >> new york yankees finally got hot. >> jared max coming series in new york. >> this is the new europe post judge comes alive, take game three, they rose last night. down two games. no better picture to play a role in cc sabatier. now pitching in games following yankees losses. six shutout innings.
5:52 am
only one for a starting pitcher charlie martin. second inning, tom frazier. three-run home run. given a hero's welcome in now the aaron judge show. bottom of the fifth, three-run home run made this court ate nothing on the first home run here in the judge shows off a letter. unbelievable catch. into the wall. watch the face as it smashes into the wall. and then he would make another beautiful catch. a great night for the yankees as they went 8-1. game three later this afternoon will be a late night for yankees fans for astros fans in the bronx. the yankees will start sunday. the cubs back home tonight after they lost the first two and the dodgers in l.a. week six nfl draft up last night in tennessee for the titans as
5:53 am
they beat the colts are to 6-22. the titans came back and scored e first win ainst indianapolis since 2011. a streak of games. aaron rodgers may notlay again. it's going have surgery and is broke and right collarbone. did the packers needed a quarterback? mike mccarthy, what about that guy: kaepernick? [inaudible] >> -- the quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be. we are fortunate for the great quarterback. we need to play better as a football team. >> from one coach to another, san antonio spurs called the reporter yesterday to vent about president trump's remarks that explain why he had not mentioned before u.s. soldiers were killed in an ambush. future hall of fame coach told
5:54 am
the nation, quote, this man in the oval office is a soulless coward who thinks he can only become much by belittling others. this has been a common practice that is but to do it and lie about how previous presidents responded to the death of soldiers is as low as it gets. the nba season opens tonight. the matches of last season's conference finals. cavaliers and celtics first up. thomas and jay crowder,, tyree irving. baseball, football, basketball, hockey. >> everything is happening at once right now. this is a silly question. i don't really follow baseball. are they okay to play a late night came today at 5:00 p.m.? it seems like there is no rest time. >> this time no rest for the weary. trying to plan as far as the world series coverage. no idea where we are going.
5:55 am
he can't go to los angeles because what if he had to go back to chicago. anything can happen here. a lot of times you can have a late night gave me back at 1:00 p.m. the next day. they are used to this. it's an opportunity i'm going to the game tonight. i can afford things. that sounds different. >> i want a full report tomorrow. cheryl: you can catch jared max on fox news headlines 24/7 sirius xm channel 115. truly 3-d around with a greater condo is on the verge of collapse? president trump meaning that the prime minister. we'll take a look at how the economy is doing right now. retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up?
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so get back to it. and do the best work of your life. ♪ ♪ and do the best ♪ can i kick it? . ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone >> president trump meeting today with great prime minister alexis tsipras. he was the prime minister when the economy is collapsing. good morning to you. how is the greek economy? >> much better than it was in 2016. the greek economy is actually on track for growth this year after spending most of the last decade in recession increases return to international bond market
5:59 am
recently as assignments may be in better health than it has been in quite a long time. >> that's going to be today but over here anyway we are the middle earning season. you've got goldman sachs, morgan stanley, how closely the european investors watch what's happening with earnings report? >> it's absolutely a benchmark for the financial sector. even a year people want to know what the ceos think about the prospects for u.s. tax change and a regulation in how that might affect the u.s. economy. of course the biggest in the world. although quite recently results have been pretty good for these banks and investors in the u.s. and overseas have brushed it off so we will see how much of that comes up today with morgan stanley because it has spent quite tested so far this bank earning season. lauren: riva gold, thank you so
6:00 am
much. dow 23,004 points away. trade with us it would have been spared a lot of news to get to. maria bartiromo. morning said maria starting right now. >> good morning to you. happy tuesday. i maria bartiromo and it's tuesday, october 17. top stories right on the east coast for a show of unity. president trump and mitch mcconnell coming yesterday to move the agenda forward. they said their relationship is better than ever as they work to pass the largest tax reform in the country's history. >> we have been working together long and hard. we are in good shape for the budget we hope and we hope to be in good shape at the largest tax cuts in this country. my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding, has an outstanding. we are working hard to get the tax cuts. maria: on the gop united front this


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