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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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i couldn't sing baits was against policy. liz: thank you so as much for coming on the show. we have charles maine now with making money. charles: the dow tickled that 23,000, taking only 72 days to get there. we are awaiting a keynote speech from president trump next hour. he's expected to address tax reform. president trump and mitch mcconnell reiterating that they are going to get reform done this year. lamar alexander and patty murray reached a deal on healthcare sharing. the window is closing quickly with under 30 days left in the
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legislative calendar. so where do we go from here. can we get any of it done? joining me now, tammy bruins amy holmes. and hugo gerks rgen. a full plate mixed signals. we would expect that, the stakes are high. president trump is also aiming high. he's not just aiming for changes around the edges. >> he wanted that as has the republicans on tap hill for the entire year. they have shown themselves so far incapable of doing it. but there are some positive noises about this new agreement about cost sharing, et cetera, between the democrat and the
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republican. i'm sceptical about how easy that would be and whether they want to get that done now before they do tax reform. the momentum is with tax reform. he will start selling that. the last thing they want to do is mix the message and turn it to healthcare reform. charles: mixed messages have been the form. tammy: it was interesting the president and the senate leader in the rose garden signaling they have come together. then we have this announcement about bipartisan understanding on healthcare. the republicans were able to pass through and have the budget be seen at the end of the week with 50 republicans. a number of senators were absent. but that was moved through which
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is a good sign that that will allow them to get the tax cuts through. jared and ivanka had last night, heidi heitkamp and joe manchin -- charles: president trump tweeting minutes ago, any increase in obamacare premiums is the fault of the democrats for giving us a product that never had a chance to work. the democrats are saying if you make these moves you own obamacare and all the bad things that go along with it. but i want to go back too am i optimistic -- i want to go back
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to -- charles: the american public. >> the american public first and then the republican party. they are working on the budget reconciliation bill. they have three hurdles to overcome. they have to deliver on middle class tax cuts, and senator mccain who is once again proving to be the fly in the ointment. charles: senator mccain said i long support the efforts to fix our tax system and simplify the tax codes and help our middle class. >> i talked to sources on capitol hill work on this budget reconciliation act. tammy: senator mccain says a lot
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of things and does things differently. he was rele ected to the senate because he said a lot of things he did not act on. they are going to get tax reform through. it may not be this year because they can't get out of their loathing of donald trump. but they are answerable to the american people. the three democrats who had continue whether kushners know that. they are at high risk. this should have been mcconnell's job of pressuring these democrats. but no one who crushed the repeal and repair of obamacare have been punished. they should have been punished internally when it comes to power and mcconnell never did it. charles: the president tweeting out so much false news being put
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out in dying magazines and newspapers. earlier he called obamacare a disgrace to our nation. >> obamacare is virtually dead, at best you can say it's in its final legs. the premiums are going through the roof. the deductibles are so high people don't get to use it. obamacare is a disgrace to our nation and we are solving the problem of obamacare. charles: the reason the alexander murray got closer to the finish line. they said the straight to the point commentary puts pressure on folks who have never been held accountable. do you see this ultimately
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working for this and tax reform as well. >> i do. i don't think the republicans are going to let themselves go through the 2018 elections without having accomplishes this because they promised it. it was a slick move by the president because by ending the subsidies, restored the constitutional order. the republicans challenged it in court and the republicans won. and the only reason they pulled back is because the republicans won the election. that's what he did by announcing the end of the subsidy. and it forces congress to take action where it should. >> because obama cares in a death spiral, this will make it more painful initially. who owns that pain for right
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now? >> senator alex an der and senator murray had been working on this subsidy issue since august. but they have failed to deliver. for president trump to say i'm not going to do it by executive order. you are going to have to do it through the constitutional process. tammy: and executive orders are not final. there is an indication the detail are the not final. the president said it's one or maybe two years. they will have to do it. or you will see the entire dynamic collapse. charles: subsidizing these plans -- i think if president trump is going to give this up to the democrats, i think he will need more from the
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democrats. tammy: you can't do it for two years. you have got to do it in as short amount of time as possible to force congress to do its job. because otherwise it won't. a programming alert. you want to stay tuned to fox business. we'll have live coverage and analysis of president trump's major policy and tax reform. meanwhile, signs over the past 24 hours that when it comes to president trump and senator mccain, it looks like they are burying the hatchet, but maybe they are not. what will the impact be on trump's economic agenda if they can't work together. we have that next.
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>> the world we organized, to aban don't ideals we advanced around the globe. to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain last best hope on earth for the sake of some half baked nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats and solve problem is worse on the tired dogma of the past that americans can assign to the ash heap of history. republican nor john mccain seemingly talking about steve bannon in a speech in philadelphia. though he did not directly mention president trump. it still cooked up president
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trump and here was his response. >> people have to be careful. but at some point i fight back. i am being very, very nice. at some point i fight back and i won't be pretty. charles: senator mccain doesn't seem rattled by president trump's tough talk. >> i don't comment on what the president says, i comment on what he does. i have faced some pretty tough adversaries in the past. i'm not interested in confronting the president, i'm interested in working with the president. charles: .known, wow, the battle is becoming public. you have to wonder how much this will impact the progress
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with respect to president trump's agenda. >> hashtag can take cantankerou. john mccain has been in office for over 30 years. there should be some term limits here. he's going after president trump and he's going after trump supporters. america knows what trump stands for. internationally, trump is doing what's in the best interest for our country. no tpp. no paris climate agreement. so he's look out for the best interests of america. john mccain has it out for the president from day one. charles: "the washington post" has a headline long time goes
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mccain and biden form an alliance against trump. is it good for any member of the republican party to be forming an alliance with joe biden? >> we should come together to focus on tax policies and obamacare. john mccain is from a wing of the party that is an interventionist wing. i hope that the president can try to work with him and other members of congress constructively to get things done. charles: you are a former spokesperson for romney and many believe romney is the globalist from the same school as mccain. don't the troops usually rally around the commander-in-chief and find a way to compromise?
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why can't he do it with the person at the top of his own political party? >> i think it's a two-way street. senator mccain was elected by his constituents. there will be differences of opinion, but i hope both sides can come together to engage in constructive dialogue to get something done. >> there is a reason the liberal networks love having john mccain come on, because he's highly critical of donald trump. he's been doing this from day one. he went rogue upon obamacare. he's not willing to work with the president and it's hurting the president. charles: when the president said people have to be careful. relap
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with mccain. >> why aren't you working with the president? when you are not working with the president you are not representing the best interests for america. charles: the nfl commission everything roger goodell addressing the press just before we came on. we'll delve into that next. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing,
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charles: roger goodell making
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remarks just a short time ago. connell mcshane is at the meeting site. reporter: we have been waiting throughout the day and we were wondering if we would hear from the commissioner. we did just briefly. he promised to come back tomorrow in what is we are told a full-blown news conference. >> let me just say today's discussion with our players was very productive and very important. we different reflected i think our commitment to work together with our players on issues of social justice. i will tell you our players of men of great character. they have a very deep understanding and tremendous knowledge of the issues that are going on in all of our communities. and their commitment to addressing these issues is admirable. reporter: notice what roger
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goodell said. also take note of what he did not say. there is no announcement that there is a deal in place toned or change "the national anthem" protests going on around the league. started last season by colin kaepernick. comments knead moments ago by the 49ers owner jeb york. he spoke to some reports and one of the things he said is that in his view the longer you listen to the players and their arguments that they are making, the harder he says it is to disagree with them. some of the owners may not be as supportive of the players as that. we'll see if roger goodell adds anything to it in tomorrow's news conference. charles: i want to bring in
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former defense attorney gregg jarrett along with super bowl champion burgess owens. burgess, interesting point that connell just made. the owner of the 49'ers said the longer the owners listen to the players, the harder it is to argue against what they are protesting. i don't think that's the central issue it's when they decide to protest that it's become a national issue. >> it's not only when. this cuts to the corps of how our -- to the cover how our young men are being brought up. we have wealthy black men who think they have to talk to white men to get answers for a black problem. when they have the ability to
6:25 pm
talk to the black men. they need to talk to their black representatives, the ones running these communities for decades and ask why they haven't come to the plate and done their job. charles: you heard him use the words social justice. you get a demonstration during the middle of the national anthem. >> what you have is a leftist. we call it crony corporatism. people who never go into business but they are put in a business and they are running down the brands. the democrats were trying to anythingize the black vote. personally i'm fieferred my race being used by the democrats and socialists and marxists for their political gain. charles: one of the big issues
6:26 pm
at this meeting, they want to reduce minimum sentencing and eliminate three strikes, and give judges more latitude. i don't see anything wrong with that particular platform. but how this has come about is backwards. gregg: it never worked in california with three strikes. there isn't any evidence these minimums did anything but stack the prisons with people who are there longer than they should be. as far as baldwin's lehrer to the seattle seahawks. goodell had something meaningful to stop domestic abuse or reduce it. i wrote a column about this communities. a strong public campaign.
6:27 pm
he never did it because he is a feckless leader who has no backbone. charles: the chances of kaepernick winning his collusion lawsuit? gregg: zero. he would have to prove a verbal pore written conspiracy. and he has no ability to subpoena documents to prove it. the collective bargaining agreement says he has the burden of proof. and arguing he's a qualified player unsigned is not enough to prove collusion or conspiracy. charles: there is a in new report out that says the obama administration knew about some shady russian things going on. and nevertheless it was approved. so the controversial new deal in the russian collusion took on a new twist. we'll have the details coming up. it's easy to think that all
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charles: a bombshell report involving russia's nuclear program and obama administration, hill reporting that before obama administration approved controversial bill in 2010 giving moscow control of a large swath of american uranium, fbi gathered evidence that russia nuclear industry officials were engages in bribe
6:32 pm
rare, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering. according to government documents and interviews. back with us tammy bruce and giana. former federal prosecutor, john laurel. >> i'll start with you. this is serious stuff, this was always a shady deal, but now it is shadier. >> i think what is so troubling about this report, it reaffirms corruption knows no bounds, especially with clinton foundation, you know since 2001. they raised more than $2 billion, received between from governments a third of their revenue, what is more interesting, they are supposed to receive that funding, saudi arabia gave between $10-$25
6:33 pm
million, obama administration was aware by way of the fbi, when it came to this investigation. that fbi what was going on, but they let this continue for 4 years. charles: but, tamm, we're talking urain numb, and -- uranium it was pushed through secretary clinton at helm. people could not understand why it was pushed through, now you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to start connestin cone dots. >> and they knew what was going on, they were not guessing, they had tapes and racketeering, it involved american companies set up, money given to clinton foundation. and they imow it was happening, then they slow walked the investigation, for years, in the middle of which president obama
6:34 pm
then made the deals with moscow. that sounds like collusion. like you slowed down the dynamic here in united states that would expose this while giving benefits to moscow and hillary's foundation receiving untold numbers of dollars. and then suddenly all of the accusations is donald trump is colluding with the russians when clearly now we know for years, they were. >> you won't read about this or see this in the paper. charles: what happens, john. as a trial attorney, where do you think it goes? >> what was shocking to me, i prosecuted political krupp shup- corruption cases, the guy at middle of this got a sweetheart deal during the obama administration, he had to plead to just one charge. he faced racketeering, money laundering, bribery.
6:35 pm
it was loretta lynch in charge of the justice department, comey in charge of fbi, andrew weisman, now part of special prosecutor was on the, and rob broaden stein. someone needs to appoint a special count to investigate why this was not pros caughted. >> do you think it will happen. >> i think once trump dets his feet settled. then with all of those linkages, it is remarkable, usual suspects, those individuals have been in charge for a long time. donald trump is trying to get a grip on the justice department. i think that attorney general sessions is a man who would' to, but with rosenstein possibly involved and existing people still in the system it has to be cleaned out to have a system that agrees to you know serious
6:36 pm
let's look at this. >> does anyone believe that justice department has fairly and thoroughly investigated the clinton. charles: nobody believes this. and a letter that comey wrote -- >> now confirmed. charles: the dark cloud gets darker and darker. you wonder if we'll see justice. >> you know, people have stayed, negative things about president trump, saying we need to investigate hillary clinton. they said you should let the election go, let it end. but we're seeing right here, 3 this investigation, that just came out this reporting, we need to investigate hillary clinton. >> i don't think that will go away. thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: dow soaring to a second straight record close. and briefly testing 23,000, i'll break it down for you. including winners and potential winner tomorrow, we'll be right back. today, we're out here
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(bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested charles: harvey weinstein resigning from his company's board of director, as a producer accused his brother bob of sexual harassment. he denies the claims.
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charles: another record day for the market, dow industrials making it to 23 thousand. before you begin to think, too exuberant, consider percentage gain was higher. we had 24 days in 1499 that -- in 1999 that do you was 11 thousand. so, 76 days of dow 23 thousand is different but impressive, today's session, inturnals were anything but exuberant, more than 500 more decliners than
6:41 pm
advancers on the new york stock exchange, and 800 ho more losing stocks than winners on nasdaq. a problem, i believe is finding value and leadership, most cheap stocks are cheap for a reasons. rotation toward was out of technology, into thing like restaurant stocks. under swore scored by desire tot risk. sonic, posted mixed results, stock tumbled out of the gay but reversed midway, then just about every name in industry started to climb. health insurers popped. about 2 p.m. word came of a possible bipartisan deal on obamacare, there still work to be done. unitedhealth had a great earnings report, up big all day long. >> after close ibm posted the 22nd straight quarter of declining revenues, the stock
6:42 pm
went higher, big blue smiling tomorrow, cloud business is up 20%. nafta news, making the robins, 5 rounds of talks, parties involved are getting antsy and talks have been extended to first quarter of next year, trade ministers right now agreeing they are far apart on the key issues, what happens in this deal is actually exprap sc. remember started in january 1st of 1994. by march of 1998, there were 800,000 additional manufacturing jobs but then they started to slide and collapse in 2001, that recession, as of last month there were 4.4 million fewer manufacturing jobs, there are
6:43 pm
some reasons, it carries risk, canadians and mexicans made a lot of stuff made in america, i am not sure what the number. is we experted 500 billion in goods and services to our nafta partners next year, we need a better, smaller deal. new flag waves in the former islamic capital of raqqa as u.s.-backed forces claim control of last urban strong hold, isis on the run, details next. [vo] when it comes to investing,
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charles: u.s.-backed forces claiming control of the islamic state defacto capital of raqqa, syria, with me now daniel davis, defense priority senior fellow. and retired marine corp gunnery sergeant. colonel davis with you, it has been remarkable at pace that we've been handing isis defeats this year. >> well, it has. when you look at how long we've been supporting the kurdish forces in trying to take them out, without the support they had when they were trying the
6:48 pm
iraqis were trying to take out isness mosul. -- isis in mosul, it has been effective. charles: we have isis on the run. i don't know where the next strong hold is iraqa was sort of the brain -- raqqa of the sort of the braining and operation they launched a lot of terrorist attacks in west. hopefully that will be cut off. >> raqqa was their defacto capital, they would parade in public square and force the civilians to watch their beheadings and brutal crucifying different civilians at different times, it was a horrible regime, over a thousand civilians have died, 270,000 people have done displaced. isis is now about to strength of 6500 individuals left, after their peak of tens of thousands. we are expecting that we have question icell -- squelched thea
6:49 pm
they are still on the border, do not think that sharia sep mine set is going away. charles: caliphate, if you will, idea they could concur the rest of the has crumbled before their eyes, if you are a young kid on a computer somewhere in london or new york, you may have second thoughts about following these people now. >> that is one of the bigger benefits that we have, i agree ideology will continue on, and security of our nation is what we need to remain sharply focused on. anything we could do it diminish the brand of isis, or al qaeda or.
6:50 pm
charles: jesse jane. taliban is slaughters civilians , what is our strategy there. president trump has uncuffed the generals in the middle east, do we have enough soldiers there? are we positioned to win? what is going on in afghanistan? all of a sudden then taliban we hear more about them. >>ur hour mill -- our military suffered a lot urge previous administration, this president has empowered battle feel commanders to make decisions. this battle in raqqa started in june, isis had been there for 3 years. making these people suffer, i exec we'll see the same result in afghanistan against taliban, now we have a no-nonsense approach, president trump is going after them aggressively, and we'll allow the people who did this job, the experts to make the decisions they need to make, i expect our military, in
6:51 pm
this case, syrian democratic forces with support of american air and ground advisers, if we continue on this strategy, i think we'll see great success. charles: we get isis out of iraq, out of syria. what happens then, keeping the peace is huge. we say with president bush and president obama. >> well, i think is where we need to relook our foreign policy objectives. we're not going to succeed at that, in raqqa there is all right conflict between two separate groups who claim they have control over how the civilian government is going to be set up. there is a possibility of more fighting to go on there, although with different groups, instead of isis. u.s. must use intelligence or assets that we have to go after
6:52 pm
anyone that goes after united states but we cannot shovel other -- shove solve other peops problems. >> thank you are fantastic thank you. >> thank you. charles: next, president trump to make his case on tax reform in a speech before the heritage foundation, that happens shortly, we'll preview it for you first.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
charles: we're waiting president trump, he is expected to deliver a policy speech on tax reform at top of the hour, with me now -- now is eric shiffer, and deneen boreali. many believe that key in keeping stock market rally going. and the economical momentum. >> well, i think it critical,
6:56 pm
absolutely critical and i think that president trump is trying to make that happen. he is pointed out, for developed country our taxes for businesses are outrage usually high -- usually, high this is why jobs are overseas, my concern in passing this is senator mccain's hate for trump, may overcome what he should do for the country. you know, that is my concern. you know we have some real obstacles. i think what trump needs to did is follow sun sue. don't alienate, keep it tight, get it passed. we need the guys to not peal off to pass this. i'm hopeful that it could happen. charles: sun sue, author of art of war. but, you know deneen, we would talk a war within the republican
6:57 pm
party. we would talk about who should yield what and when. idea they are sent to washington d.c. not to legislate as locals but on national page for the interest of the country, underring that compromise is part of the job. >> you are right, this is war between liberal establishment and anti-establishment camp, this is a reason why that president trump is president trump, americans are tired of politics as usual. we're talking about tax cuts, americans. tax cuts, tax cuts, will help middle class, help increase wages, companies can hire more, it is good for the economy. charles: who doesn't want tax cuts? or some folks saying, they must be within a rigid set of parameters, there is no bending? >> there is why we're supposedly having this back and forth discussion among our members of
6:58 pm
congress, americans are watch, they want initiative, and acts, they want points on the board, they messed up with repealing and replacing obamacare, let's get tax cuts done so morning can move forward and do away with the drama. charles: part of the drama may have lessened. you talked about john mccain, there was a statement from mccain saying he supports budget regular, he said he long supported effort to fix up burdensome tax. it sounds like a win-win. >> he is saying that. and he is saying that right now. he is also saying he wants to see for him to vote for it, the process go through normal channels, that means that democrats need to participate, right now they are not, i don't
6:59 pm
want want to see him pull a rabbit out of the hat to get refrench against donald trump. this should be about well,. charles: let me ask you. even some republicans who seem not this believe in a ronald reagan economic miracle, what do you sayou say to them. >> i saw, it -- say, it really depends there are different perspectives, i don't agree with some of the perspectives as a business person, there are direct relationships between having more money in the bank because you are lower -- your taxes are lower, and your ability to invest in jobs to spend, that is what i will be doing. charles: that is same with households, people can put some in the bank they will spend
7:00 pm
some. >> i'm trying to make as much as you diso, do, i want those tax . charles: remember president trump speaking at top of the hour, the man himself will take you there, lou dobbs. >> good evening, a number of breakinbreaking news stories, ms from a presidential address on tax cut, president trump will address the heritage foundation to make his case for middle class tax cuts and reductiontion in corporate rates as well, we'll bring you president's remarks when he takes the stage, also a big victory in war against the radical islamist terrorism and the islamic state, celebration in the streets of raqqa u.s.-backed forced have liberated the islamic capital in


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