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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 24, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ed: good question they are they are released. lou: when is that? ed: wednesday. lou: i'll ask thahahahaha lauren: breaking news this morning. president trump had to capitol hill. his daughter ivanka journeymen on the site. trading two dow components with results today. caterpillar, 3m, the donaldson united technology. futures point to a higher open up. european central bank meeting later this week. stocks opened mixed in europe. train to postelection balance out the half a percent. lauren: facebook wants to unclutter your newsfeed.
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"fbn:am" starts right now. train 25:01 a.m. in new york. tuesday, october 24th. good morning, cheryl personae. lauren: has a unclutter our newsfeed, they will probably make more money. cheryl: more advertising. lauren: president trump on the offensive heading to capitol hill today to move forward on his agenda especially tax reform to the republican senators weekly policy luncheon. last night to promote the tax plan on hannity where she made her pitch. >> we needed tax code that is good of modern reality of our workforce, including supporting our working families, the majority of which are now dual
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income, which is why i'm really excited about the realization of a large part of the administration's working family agenda through tax reform. cheryl: she talks about that as well. the house to vote in support of a senate budget resolution this thursday. that would fast-track tax reform. an exclusive interview with maria bartiromo. the president expressed optimism. >> i think we have the votes. i think rand paul is going to vote for the tax cuts. i think other people, you know, we have tremendous enthusiasm this time. drain to the 401(k) limit might be reduced to offset revenue proposed by tax cuts. the president treated same is going to be a change to your 401(k). always a great middle class tax cut that were extended stays.
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a lot of nervous people about that one. lauren: that's how we retire, right? but tighter refugee admission to 45,000 down from 110,000. the president expected to call for tougher vetting rules. the trump administration 120 day refugee bid expires today we have a programming note for you. president trump will be a lou dobbs tonight. an exclusive interview tonight 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. train to president trump following through on a major campaign promise. trump residing a white house event with singapore's prime minister is going to send the $1,320,000,000,000 contract from singapore airlines for 39 jet. >> most importantly it's about 70,000 jobs. these are all jobs in this
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country. train to no pressure there. the deal is free 20 boeing seven triple sevens. lauren: the managing director for delivering the news that a major investment conference there. concerns that the api would be delayed. the world's largest oil company in the public investment fund's managing director sits on their board. maria bartiromo reporting from the investment conference. she will have more news coming up today on morning sickness react. train to welcome a to welcome you to ever wish your facebook newsfeed wasn't so cluttered? the company testing a new feature that could actually solve the problem. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with that and more headlines.
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lauren: facebook testing the idea of dividing its newsfeed into two separating commercial posts for personal post so users will have one feed focused on friends and family and a second dedicated to the pages the user has liked. the change could force those who read pages that everyone from news outlets to musicians to pay to run advertisements if they want to be seen in the friends and family feed. facebook is testing this out in six smaller markets. bolivia, cambodia, no plans to test this globally that they been under fire for the way they filtered news. lauren: they are not testing in the u.s. i guess it would be easier for u.s. to tell us the cities that did not bid. tracee: that would probably be easier because amazon competition is stiff for amazon hq two. 238 cities and regions from 51st dates, provinces,
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districts and territories put in bids to become the place for amazon opens its second headquarters. cities include new york, boston, and tennessee, austin texas applied for the new site and the more unexpected bidders include puerto rico, which was devastated by hurricane last month in several locations in mexico and canada. only seven u.s. states didn't apply. amazon said it will make a decision on the location next year. cheryl: sun came up with some pretty wasted it for amazon. train for a train ticket jeff bezos attention. cheryl: what is not so new meaning. tracee: this is interesting. i'm willing to try it. you guys are pulling this from an archive with the limited release of based on a recipe that hasn't been brewed since the prohibition era called
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budweiser 1933 repeal racer hits store shelves this week. it's an amber lager, comes in a short bottle and will have a higher alcohol content which is of course what we would expect from a prohibition era. advisor doesn't typically really seasonal beers but this is to mark the anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. tracee: that's why you want to try it. higher alcohol content. trade due back in era coming back to the listserv. lauren: it's weird that they change a budweiser. train for the last time they did something like this was in 2012. they really don't do this often. lauren: thanks, tracey. good to see you. just how divided is the republican party and how would it affect the tax reform vote as well as the midterm election? president trump says not at all.
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>> refuting gets in the way of your agenda? >> know, sometimes it helps. trades are asking erick erickson about the state of the party. lauren: xi jinping now the most popular in the party -- ♪
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you. let's get you caught up in what's happening now. chinese president xi jinping increase in his grip on power in china. china's communist power voting to ensure in in the constitution. this means any challenge will be seen as a threat to the communist party rule. shares could be put through the rant through the rant today. the stocks fell after the appliance maker issued a rising costs. series announcing that will no longer sell world pool appliances after pricing dispute that they expect more than a century. shares are down again in the premarket as you can see on your screen about 745%. emmanuel tennessee boy learning
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about good karma. elijah davies paid attention when he said the $3 allowance to president trump to help cover his cut salary. it was supposed to go towards the education foundation heard about a sacrifice. they repaid him and gave him that mandolin. that is what is happening now. translate such a beautiful story. three dollars is a lot for a little kid. all of president trump's recent feuding with his own party to derail his agenda. he doesn't think so. >> even supporters say he's got fantastic policies. we want to see this through, but the bickering and feuding gets in the way. obviously the feuding with senator corker, there's a personal thing going on between you and senator mccain. do you believe this gets in the way of your agenda? >> know, sometimes it helps, we'll see what happens in the
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end. sometimes it helps indicates people to do what they are supposed to be doing. that is the way it is. i just want what is right. for the most part they want what is right, too. traded the president going head-to-head with one of his most loyal reporters come as eve bannon. calling the lawmakers in particular for reelection that bannon has been trying to drive out. the question is what does this mean for the gop divide? you're doing incoming conservative host erick erickson. good morning. >> good morning. lauren: do agree that the president the feuding hops? >> i think it does come actually. these guys want to get to next year but they need to get things done producing a president go out on the campaign trail intrigue about them. the voters are more with president trump then they are with him and frankly they are scared of the president's anger because they are afraid of reelection. they want to do what the
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president wants. lauren: d.c. with between steve banning of president trump? >> not really -- lauren: namely senator wicker, barrasso and fisher. as steve bannon tries to replace them with more conservatives gop candidates. >> i don't think there's really a brett bair. the president understands that the admin is doing. if anything, britain is lighting the fire to send with the president. whether it works or something else entirely. we've got the guy in new york, the lady in arizona. it's the quality of these challengers that matter and to some degree is done up in intent. if the voters reject these people at primaries, suddenly if they win the primary solicitor general's the establishment can say look, trump only works for
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the president would have to abandon it. it does much more harm than good to the president's agenda. lauren: can you make the argument that steve bannon has skipped the president on tracking instance for alabama men with worry more who won the president was going for luther strange and on the sudden after the roy moore victory you see trump repealing parts of obamacare for instance, take a hard stance on immigration. do you think that has anything to do with it? >> i'm not sure that it does. what really happens at this scale is getting bad advice to support luther strange and realizing there's a lot of people out there who really support the president. everyone tried to pick this up as a guy who lost alabama. to guide people in washington told the president. lauren: is mitch mcconnell save? >> i hope not. mitch mcconnell does more harm than good that people blame the
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president for her. he solely interested in running the senate and keeping power. he's not interested in the president's agenda. until that happens the fight continues. lauren: does outside help the democrats namely with the 2018 midterms? >> you know, a lot of people say yes although an article circulating this morning that democrats will go out and find monikers against their progressive challengers. democrats have their own civil war brewing in very few media outlets want to cover that. they are going to be distracted by their own fight. the gop has the incumbent party always does. but the democrats have a lot of problems. people hate the republican party but a lot of polling suggests they disliked democrats even more. lauren: the unexpected always happens. speaking of unexpected, the president touted manage style as some predict bull. do you think that hurts or helps him? >> it depends on the day of the
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week. yes, it can help them a lot because he keeps republicans in congress off guard. they live in fear of god in that actually can help. but it can also, you know the market likes stability. they like things that are predictable and sometimes unpredictability can get them in trump will. it probably becomes more of a liability. trained to do for his daughter was in pennsylvania touting tax refund yesterday and she seemed since i decide to let go at the president is promising on the campaign trail. let's level the playing field at the thought that middle-class american family and do that with tax reform. where do we stand on tax reform? >> it totally depends on what republicans are able to do. i looks like we should have a plan. they are not going to hurt 401(k)s that they should have it by christmas. this is all in the senate. the house has a plan. paul ryan has a plan. this is all about senate
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republicans. lauren: the difference between health care and tax refund is the president is working to sell to reform. thank you for your insight this morning. we appreciate it. >> sure, have a good morning. cheryl: coming up on a broadway show that promise to take down president trump. broadway fans were not fans of michael moore's liberal broadway show. why he vows to keep it going. game one of the world series today and the players better be ready. fox senior meteorologist janice dean got the world series forecast. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes.
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>> what should i do? how do i get to you? how do i find you? what should i do? cheryl: things are about to give strange. fans of netflix but stranger things could stranger things got a real-life stranger things could her realize the present missile billboards with ads for hawkins power and might. that's a fictional electric company for paranormal powers. the billboards feature working 100 number you can call to get clues about the upcoming season. one fan recorded her encounter. take a listen. >> hello. and that her sam holland, director of at hawkins power and money. we are committed to cultivating a perception of excellence and our top priority is to serve the community. we promise to light our way through the darkness.
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cheryl: if you watch the show you know why. the new season of stranger things is coming out this friday. lauren: at the rap for director michael moore's one-man broadway show. the liberal minded satire which went after everything from the crisis of flint michigan to president trump not received well at all at the box office or the critics. >> he knew how to tell them what they wanted to hear. he win over saint anger and to make you a rich. i'm going to make you a rich. well, who wouldn't like to hear that, right? lauren: one critic saying attending the show was like being stuck at thanksgiving dinner with herself regarding time uncle. the show is in its 13 week run. it generated only 49% of its potential growth.
5:24 am
cheryl: he wants to take it on the road? why would you take it on the road? strange. today's world series game one in los angeles could be a real sport share. lauren: meteorologist janice dean is live in the weather center with the forecast. reporter: it could be the hottest first came one of the world series in history. 100 degrees in los angeles. we broke your grades yesterday. we are going to break records for california, southern california not only today, but wednesday in the local things authenticated thursday. the problem is not only the heat, but the fire danger for southern california. red flag warning in effect paid fire weather watch across southern california. we will see the gusty offshore winds of santa ana winds turning to take up throughout the day
5:25 am
today into the afternoon and through the evening as well. a couple things we watch in southern california. meanwhile for the east coast of the severe storms the severe weather hitting carolinas yesterday. we will see the same storm system moving to the northeast including all of these big cities. we could see several tornadoes here. i want people to be on alert if you live across the northeast corridor here up towards new england for the potential of large hill certainly very damaging winds, heavy rain fell and even tornadoes. the future radar is going to bring us and have a random potential for severe storm throughout the day today and into the overnight. we will be watching not only that, but of course the world series scorcher tonight. cheryl: that would be something else. thank you very much. lauren: parents, the latest target for hackers of schools. your kids information is now at
5:26 am
stake. and if you thought liver was bad for your liver, a new study that might suggest otherwise. what scientists are up to now. the reversal of yesterdays misfortune. i was up 42 for dow stocks on the third order today. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ep wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b,
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cheryl: breaking news this morning. president trump heads to capitol hill to push his tax reform plan. his daughter is not also joining the fight. cheryl: earning palouse on wall street. 3m can make donaldson united technology. nasdaq up 47. cheryl: allies and ecb meeting. a mixed bag, but that's a tiny
5:30 am
fraction. lauren: a postelection violence in japan. the nikkei rising another half of 1%. cheryl: back at home, hackers have a new target from your children's school. now they are stealing students private information. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: good morning. 5:30 a.m. in new york today. thank you for joining us. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: i'm cheryl casone. another threat to our privacy. our kids now. more on that story little bit later. first right now, and president trump on the offensive. headed to capitol hill to push lawmakers to move on his agenda especially tax reform. this is his first visit as president through the republican senators weekly policy lunch in.
5:31 am
i sang his daughter, ivanka, held a town hall meeting to promote the tax plan. she also appeared on hannity making her page. >> we need a tax code that is reflect to the modern reality from our workforce, including supporting our working families, the majority of which are now dual income, which is why i'm really excited about the realization of a large part of the administrations working family family agenda through tax reform. cheryl: the house expected to vote to support a resolution on sunday fast tracking the effort to advance tax reform in an exclusive sitdown with maria bartiromo the president was optimistic. >> i think we have the votes. rand paul is actually going to vote for the tax cuts. other people, you know, we have tremendous enthusiasm this time. lauren: had to pay for the tax cuts is the glaring?
5:32 am
but the president did shoot down a report that the 401(k) maximum produced production limit would be reduced at that offset revenue caused by proposed tax cut. the president treating there'd be no change to your 401(k). this has only been a great and popular middle-class tax cut that works. cheryl: also today can't president trump to announce a tighter cap on the number of refugees entering the united states. under these new rules committee has would limit missions to 45,000 year down from 110,000. the president expected to call for tougher vetting rules at the trump administration's 120 day refugee ban does expire today. also, programming note for you. president trump on lou dobbs tonight for an exclusive interview tamara 7:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox business network. he don't want to miss the interview with president trump. cheryl: the president following through on a major campaign promise creating jobs.
5:33 am
he presided at the white house met with singapore is prime minister is boeing signed a 13-point a billion dollars from singapore airline for 39 of their jets. >> most importantly it's about 70,000 jobs. so those are all jobs in this country. >> 70,000 in this country, the united states. lauren: america first. biggio is for 200-8777 and 23 miners. cheryl: saudi arabia is top sovereign wealth fund said the initial public offering is on track to take place next year. major garrett or public investment fund delivering the news that a major conference happening right now. concerns the biggest ipo ever would be delayed. the world's largest oil company and the public investment fund
5:34 am
sits on the board. maria bartiromo is reporting from that investment conference today to future investment initiative. she is going to have a lot more coming up today on "mornings with maria." lauren: hackers found a new target and we get more on the disturbing story from hillary vaughn. training lauren and cheryl, ramping up attacks on schools putting children and students across the united states at risk. the fbi says hackers are stealing personal information from full database is threatening to expose private information to predators or schools don't pay out. the fbi says these types of attacks are on the rise has hackers target vulnerable and out of date i.t. systems. this is the data hackers are getting their hands on. names and addresses of students, social security numbers for student academic informants, grades, disciplinary records and even medical records.
5:35 am
in iowa, school districts have been school districts as they really students names and addresses on lines and sent threatening tax to parents, somewhat death threats against their own kids in after the school didn't keep the hackers demands, the information is now available online so in a child predator can find of it is. so for hackers have targeted 30 schools across the country cost you manage thousands of dollars. valley college here in l.a. pitted $28,000 ransom in january. schools in atlanta, boston and georgia had their direct deposit paycheck intercepted and rerouted to unauthorized accounts for student schools to pay their teachers twice. the problem is bigger than we know. only 15% of cybercrime victims actually were ported to authorities and while they say it's a bad idea for targets to pay off hackers, a lot of schools say they feel they have no choice. lauren and cheryl.
5:36 am
cheryl: hillary vaughn. target is gearing up for the holiday season and they are offering a great deal. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with that and other headlines making news this morning. what is target going to do to entice fish out there for christmas. transfer target of a plan to attract holiday shoppers. free shipping will start november 1st with no minimum purchase. that's the key there. target will rollout more than 1700 items for the holidays, most under $15 hundreds of stocking stuffers for 1 dollar. also going to introduce a exclusive brands including a line of home goods from celebrity remodelers chipping chewing again. cheryl: if i buy something for $5 with free shipping? tracee: we will try it out november 1st. cheryl: they are going to lose a few bucks. lauren: that may be getting a few customers is that the
5:37 am
opening -- hoping to do. train for the u.s. house and the newcomer starbucks launching more ready to drink beverages. two new flavors of the single serve cold brew, vanilla and fake and unsweetened black. also vanilla and milk to bottled from pacino with almond milk and double shot coffee smoothies and dark chocolate and also vanilla honey. those will arrive in grocery stores in february 2018. i like the almond milk. cheryl: yeah, a lot of people are doing almond and coconut milk instead of dairy. this is interesting. hangover free alcohol. that was the first story you brought us last week. now it is alcohol that is not going to harm our liver? train for a few minutes ago we had the prohibition. we've got a trend here. cheryl: you have a trend here. tracee: and researcher has a
5:38 am
compound to protect against liver caused by drinking alcohol. test results from liver damage was 93% lower for people who drink vodka versus people who drink regular vodka. the researcher has been battling regulators that a new jersey brand belly on the authority sold this infused vodka in bars and restaurants with plans of a broader rollout in 20 team. so it's got this compound that will help keep it a little healthier for you. train for the next thing is going to be alcohol is good for you. if her lungs to life. cheryl: this study brought to you by the wine industry. lauren: exactly.
5:39 am
cheryl: she's got me thinking about 5:00 p.m. trade through big scary moments. for some jetblue passengers yesterday. why this fight had to make an emergency landing right here in new york could be well believe. scary stuff. general motors and chrysler, two of the big companies reporting earliest numbers today. we'll talk about how the earnings season is going so far. dow is up about 40 points today. dowling nasdaq futures up high. we will be right back. [child speaking indistinctly]
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announcer: are your children in the right car seat for their age and size? is the seat supposed to be forward-facing or rear-facing? did they move to a booster seat too soon? it may be too late to check when you're on the road. [blaring car horn and skidding] fortunately, you're on the couch.
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lauren: verified out of boston was forced to make an emergency landing after striking birds during takeoff. the plan was not able to return to boston because of bad weather so pilots are forced to fly to new york instead. vegas to new york. could be worse. revisiting the timeline of the deadly battle in niger three
5:43 am
weeks ago for his soldiers by islamic militants for two hours before support arrived much longer than previously reported that a special unit did not call for support in french backups did not arrive for another hour after that. four u.s. soldiers were killed in that fight. retired army captain credited with saving dozens of lives while dodging bullets on a four-day mission to laos during the vietnam war and yesterday he received the medal of honor for his heroic service during a ceremony with president trump at the white house. beautiful ceremony. that's what's happening now. cheryl: i always love when veterans are honored like that. especially that ceremony. earnings season in full swing. for dow components to report this morning. are you in by shawnee, chief strategist with us this morning. good morning sir. >> good morning. thanks for having me. cheryl: what is power in the markets higher beside the
5:44 am
election and inauguration it's been an earnings driven story. overall the s&p could continue to deliver. >> sure, it could continue to deliver. as long as the economic figure remains the same, healthy labor market. we see more of the same. money to keep coming in the market. there is no alternative right now. rise of the tide. cheryl: a couple specific names. you've got general motors come if you chrysler, more of an economic story for these companies. our jobs coming back? when it comes into the car market, that is a barometer for the overall consumer. >> consumer confidence. i think that's always translating to spending, then again, if you are engaging whether people are having economy. you should be in there, get
5:45 am
involved in the diversified. and keep abreast of what's happening. i think it's something you don't want to disregard that the market moves up enough regardless of earnings it seems. cheryl: one of the big drivers of the market gains we've seen has been in particular the bank stops or technology in general but the bank stocks comes to social media, a consumer storage he come engagement story. do you like technology as a group, as a factor? >> of course. i think you'd be amiss to leave it out of your portfolio, but again it's the bigger picture. right now people get too caught up on the set airplanes and rotations. u.n. have broad exposure to everything. cheryl: are you more of an etf index type strategists? is that we have people put their money? >> depending what portfolio you have, how much money you have come at etf are a great way to gain broad exposure for a
5:46 am
low-cost and get diversified your diversification in today's market where we can get complacent is key so you read through any market cycle. again, sectors are all doing well. we continue to see sectors rotate. you want to have exposure to all sectors and not have too many eggs in one basket. cheryl: does not include financial banking, another strong performer despite issues of trade revenues, financials have also been signed as vieri missed the regulatory environment for the administration has been quietly but steadily starting to remove regulations? >> sure, the banking industry will continue to do well. the administration now receive benefits thinking if they pass a regulation that financials are an essential part of any diversified portfolio. again, you want to have general exposure. you don't want to double up too much on anything.
5:47 am
don't get too greedy. don't be fearful. don't go from one side or the other because you hear whatever kind of headline taking place. you won't broad exposure to the market right now. cheryl: i'm sure your clients are coming to you seen this market is on fire. look at what the dow, s&p and nasdaq have done with the election on the progrowth strategies that we've heard from president trump. we are talking double-digit percentages paid when someone comes and says i'm nervous it's going to be a selloff for some strategist says this is too good to be true. would you tell that person? the mac of the correction comes today, tomorrow coming months from now, everything a short-lived. it's all about the long-term market. if correction happened than you money on the sideline come at the time to buy. should you change your allocation and portfolio? absolutely not. that would be a mistake.
5:48 am
your allocation should allow you to arrive during a downturn. cheryl: will be good to see the downturn through that election. thank you very much. >> eggs for having me. lauren: that was quite nice. a lot going on in sports. monday night football philadelphia eagles and washington redskins in game one of the world series is tonight. how the dodgers and the astros are preparing. too young for division one. we will tell you about the 10-year-old boy who's already getting college scholarship offers to play football. imagine not. his father must be proud. s&p up to the head of the storm of the earnings report. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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cheryl: an unknown italian runner went into venice marathon thanks to a bizarre twist of fate or should we say a twist of the course. the elite runners accidentally were directed the wrong way on the course by a motorcycle guide. the runners in the group lost about two minutes because of the mistake. the winner, 25-year-old didn't take that turn becoming the first italian to win the venice marathon in more than 20 years. transfer wizard from the area or lived in venice? cheryl: yeah, but all the elites were in a group. usually the canyons that win these races by the way, like all
5:53 am
of them. go italy. lauren: one of the christ sites in the country is not fixed with text. he's actually a 10-year-old fourth grader in los angeles. espn reported that maxwell jan has to football scholarship offers already. one from the university of illinois, the other from the mystery school. on track to attend college in 2025. look at his muscles. he's not even the youngest recipient. university of nevada offered a scholarship to a 9-year-old. cheryl: got so strange. so young. he's cute though. who knows how far a football career is going to go, but a rising star worth watching in the mfr -- on the phone right now. four touchdown passes in a 34-24 went over the washington redskins. monday night football.
5:54 am
268-yard in the best 63 for their fifth straight win in the league's best. also leading the league with six touchdown passes. but the square in the middle of the mvp. watch out for the eagles. ezekiel elliott will get at least one more game for the cowboys. federal judge in new york requested the nfl to the suspension on domestic violence allegations. the hearing will be held next monday as scheduled. they will start a pretty tough coming to new york. transfer the world series gets underway today in los angeles. working out in the sheep before game one or at the weather can be a factor because the forecast calls for temperatures near 100 degrees at gametime. the world series record for the hottest times 94 degrees in phoenix during game one back in
5:55 am
2001. first pitch tonight 8:00 p.m. you can watch the game on fox. plus this tender moment with south korea before the warriors game last night. he met with his nephew buried in a week after britain's father was killed in a car accident. curry is seen hugging and consoling rating for appeared to be crying. when it ended his eyes had welled up with tears as well. curry also gave written a pair of his shoes. cheryl: coming up, closely watched meeting of the european central bank happening later this week. the ♪
5:56 am
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lauren: investors monitoring this week's meeting of the european central bank when mario draghi is to come back on stimulus. we have a gold for the "washington journal" joins us now. >> expectations are high announcing a former tapering. we don't know how much she's going to cut it or exactly how long it's going to run or whether or not he's going to single a definite endgame that expectations are certainly a
5:59 am
pretty big announcement on the state of its massive qa program on thursday. cheryl: the wall street journal on which one would expect we be best for stocks. janet yellen has reiterated for his job at other names as well. >> surveys of investors and just talking to investors in the total you get a sense that janet yellen is seen as a stock for the candidate. she's a well-known entity to the market and advocated for pretty low rates for long time. powell is well seen as a middle-of-the-road candidate. there are some candidates in their particularly mr. taylor who could really shake things up, sending yields higher and retire which of course would be a big question mark to the stock market. thank you so much. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. cheryl: about is that for us. mornings with murrieta starts
6:00 am
right now. >> life from saudi arabia, here is maria bartiromo with the special edition of "mornings with maria." maria: good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. tuesday, october 24th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. earnings to this morning. caterpillar, and donaldson united technology. all of the numbers and will have the analysis as they come in. what do the numbers mean to you? markets looking higher this morning. take a look at what we've got at the moment in the sun. dow industrial 45 points, nasdaq, s&p 500 in positive territory. stocks are searching for direction this morning. the europe, ft 100 off just a fraction in the cac up a q


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