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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i don't think that will be answer merchandise my lifetime of who did it. lou: we'll have to finds out because it's coming up quick. good cheryl: breaking news this morning. a bombshell says hillary clinton and the democratic national committee were behind the 2008 campaign oppression collision. lauren: stunning news is arizona republican jeff flake says he will not run for reelection since the latest gop infighting with the trump agenda at stake. train to another record high with the dow 167 points yesterday the dow components to shift the win. dow component shifting to a slightly lower open. 20 allies on earning a place the european central bank in london. the ftse down 20 points. trade to initiate japanese
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stocks. the nikkei down half a percent. lauren: higher avocado prices clock is thinking about 10%. "fbn:am" starts right now. 5:01 a.m. in new york. wednesday october 21st. good morning. lauren: and lauren simonetti. thank you for joining us. higher avocado prices. three bucks a pop or i go. the clinton presidential campaign as well as the democratic national committee help fund a research firm. that produces a dossier of allegations about president trump and his ties to russia. the firm, fusion gps.
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then hired to write the dossier. devin nunes on special report last night saying he is now seeking the baking records of the research firm. >> we believe we are going to have this matter fixed within the next week or so and we believe we will receive the financial records of fusion gps ps chairman of the committee, it is my job to enforce subpoenas. lauren: fusion gps says the subpoena has no legitimate purposes. cheryl: that's a big story overnight. also, the white house saying arizona republican senator jeff flake's decision not to seek reelection is probably a good move. senator flake's decision to a month after bob corker said he will not be running for reelection as well. >> i think we support the american people on this one. the people both in tennessee and
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arizona supported this president and i don't think that the numbers are in favor of either of those two senators in their faith that this is probably the right decision. true to senate majority leader chuck schumer@jeff flake is one of the finest i've met in politics. he will be missed in the senate. senator flake announced in his decision yesterday with a lengthy criticism on the senate floor of the senate. >> we must stop pretending the degradation of politics and conduct of some in our executive rancher normal. they are not normal. checklists, outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as telling it it is when it is actually just reckless, outrageous and undignified. cheryl: of course going after the president. flake was facing a challenge
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from kelly ward. chief strategist steve bannon attended a fundraiser for her last week pitched he has been supportive kelly ward pretty big of a back story as to why he decided not to run for reelection. lauren: we are seeing steve bannon magic at work. meeting with republicans on capitol hill, wanting to meet about taxes and getting a plan in place. connell mcshane has details for us. >> share the more incoming thank you to you guys. building among republicans when it comes to passing tax reform. president trump is a to appear with their work and lunch republican senators yesterday openly feuding with senators which will talk about in a moment here first, listen to this. the mac if anything on republicans think are important to the country into our party is comprehensive tax reform. the issue itself brings about great unity among our members.
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we concentrate on the agenda we have for the american people. the president shares the agenda. >> the luncheon followed by a feud for of a better word. senator bob corker come you can see that two of them going back and forth on twitter early in the data left him wondering if they would speak to each other at the lunch. here's what senator corker told us about the discussion. >> i was a conversation? >> i didn't partake. i terminally dull. the tax barely came up. reporter: other republicans are not go far seemed there were other issues addressed. the parents opioid commission was given as an example. passing tax reform is a priority for republicans in the leadership has been listing that they can do is say do is say in the trump corker feud will not stand in their way.
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timeline wise, we expect to see a key budget vote in the house probably tomorrow and possibly a tax bill on the floor of the house by thanksgiving. we will see. with that, lauren and cheryl, back to you guys in new york. cheryl: if that wasn't enough fireworks, a disruption when a protester was able to get close to trump as he walked to the lunch of the senators. the protester, ryan clayton then talk to the russia flag and yelled at him. >> trump is treason. trump is treason. [inaudible] -- to steal an election. we should be talking about treason in congress could not about tax cuts. lauren: he represents a group that once president trump
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impeached. cheryl: programming now. president trump will sit down with lou dobbs, an exclusive interview that will air tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time here on fox business in maria bartiromo atop the treasury secretary stephen mnuchin about his meetings with top officials in saudi arabia and the prospects for tax reform. all of this city 30:00 a.m. eastern time live from riyadh. lauren: a baking row for the administration would allow consumers to break class-action lawsuits against their bank or credit card company. mike pence cassius i'm about to break the 50/50 tie. the baking industry pushing her to roll back the regulation from the consumer financial protection bureau. the chimp administration as well as republicans made the rule harms the free market and the president expected to no sign the measure into law. lauren: chipotle experience in a slump after a frustrating season and a lot of other things going
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on. the lauren: i guess o. didn't do it for them. tracee carrasco joins us with more on the headlines. lauren: chipotle since restaurant lines rose and more than doubled in the third quarter. however, hurricane or not and harvey cut into revenue associated with enabled malmö attack also cut into his profit. and the rising cost of avocados and beefing don't forget about it nor a virus outbreak over the summer. overall a rough quarter for chipotle b. shares fell more than 8% in after-hours trading. down about 14% so far this year. lauren: mcdonald's making big changes in the stock is on fire. lauren: what they are doing, make donald springing back a new version of its popular dollar menu they got rid of in 2014
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print the value menu will offer items that $1, $2.3 available in 28 team. talking about the end of the mcdonald's plans to offer delivery from 5000 u.s. locations. currently delivers out the 3700 restaurants nationwide. mcdonald's has seen success so far but his delivery service in cities like new york, l.a. and boston. cheryl: i miss the dollar menu. but they are bringing it back. a new way to make some cash this fall. tracee: raking in the dough. if the website. they will pay you for shipping them your fall and fall foliage. you could make money making up your backyard. through the rest of the autumn season, cash for these is offering 1 dollar per maple leaf from massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont and maine and
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rhode island or connecticut but the company buying leads in quantities of 100. what are they going to do with the leaves? some are dressed, and unseasonably warm fall has contributed to a low inventory for another site called shiv which creates leaf centric products and gifts. cash relieved sigh business opportunity darren will supply that site with the submitted leaves. lauren: what fun with these two new york city and new jersey? tracee: they have to be pretty perfect for them to be accepted. there can be enabled,, can be brown. they have to be certain colors. cheryl: that takes about 80% of the people who were going to make money on this. lauren: haven't seen many leaves changing color. cheryl: it's still summer basically. lewis even a little bit. lauren: another billionaire may
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be looking for a run at the white house. mark cuban lays out his plans to help the middle class. >> that money instead of having the taxes now, the money would go right to the hands of the people who need it most. lauren: senator jeff flake will not run for reelection. a sign of the great divide in the republican party. we will take a look at the future of the gop. we will be right back. i no longer live with
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cheryl: good morning welcome back. disturbing new details about the sandy hook killer. fbi documents were the adamant that had an interest in pedophilia and may have believed he was saving the children he murdered. he killed 21st corridors that sidney hook elementary in 2012. that was one of the worst mass shooting in american history. mark cuban is still considering a run for president in 2020 and last night offered part of his tax plan to tucker carlson. >> the first thing i do rather than the tax reform we look at right now is to reduce consent of how they never get our tax as it is now, the money would write code to the hands of the people
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need it most than 77,000 people get paid for the hour. we are ignoring it. >> you do that for which technology would reduce the cost of other entitlements. he would run against donald trump by the way. one celebrity not running for office is this guy, kid rock. he told howard stern he never intended to run for the senate saying it is just a stunt to promote his new album due out next week. a lot of people are kind of into his run for senate. not happening, cheryl. cheryl: i would've enjoyed kid rock in the campaign. anyway, speaking of politics. first between tennessee senator bob corker teed up in the morning yesterday. now jeff flake says he's not going to run for reelection. yesterday afternoon, flick unleashed on the president accusing him of degrading politics. democrats were thrilled with a heard the news. senate majority leader chuck
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schumer smiling ear to ear when he got the news from a reporter. [inaudible conversations] cheryl: did you hear the laughing by the way underneath a smile? let's bring in her pinup bring in our panel, and gop strategists with us and political consultant harlan hill. also remember that donald trump for president advisory board. this is an interesting game being played right now. >> it is. he got my main take away from all this is? steve bannon in his wing of the republican party is winning. the civil war for the heart and soul of the republican party. the president executed a hostile takeover of it with the election last year and we are starting to see they are clinging the rank-and-file membership for the
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republican party, leadership of the republican party to serve the president's agenda and better reflect the new gop taking shape over the last 12 months. cheryl: real quick, i want to follow it. do you think that is why jeff flake decided not to run for reelection because that is his pick? >> somebody else could still get into this come into this is someone like jeff dewitt, someone that is a really strong candidate from a strong republican candidate, i don't think it is just kelly. we may have some other interesting names that will materialize very soon. jeff flake knew looking at the numbers come at the raw polling that he was vulnerable. any republican in this day and age is going to have a very hard time being alike in a republican primary if they are at war with the president of the united states. cheryl: let's look at what happened with 2010. republicans trying to regain
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control. they have some right wing candidates that did not survive. if you look at history, that was a noise the case when it comes down to it. chuck schumer is thinking they can actually pick up arizona, which laid in the last few years has gone a little more to the democratic side than it has been traditionally. >> harlin is completely right about the political dynamic at a lot of issues for personal struggle with and this is a different political dynamic. personally roll my eyes at a lot of the speeches because i don't think they are authentic. i met him on the hill in different settings and they found him to be a little bit snooty. i never found him that impressive. you roll your eyes. the fact is that voters have turned away from a lot of the traditional sort of thing. when you have senator schumer praised a new in politics that's not exactly the side of the isle you'll either need. cheryl: and will certainly play out in a lot of uncertainty
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about what all of this means for tax reform with flake at odds with the president. do you start? mick mulvaney i'm not. i want your take first on this new bombshell report. hillary clinton and the dnc through an attorney hired fusion gps to find research against president trump. this does not look good for hillary in the dnc. this is all coming from there can't. would you make make of these new allegations? >> there's no way "crooked hillary" could have been behind this. no way i would've expected that. hillary clinton is very dishonest. we've seen that over time. when someone asked you a question or you want to send the lighting and there are dishonest as i know how to be. i'm not surprised. i think that has fallen on its face that appeared early on the media was in front of so
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involved before there is any substance. they'll help the president's narrative all along and not letting the fake news media take control of things because there's no substance to it. >> let's recap here. it is extraordinary. obama's fbi used opposition research that has largely been discredited but was nevertheless funded by hillary clinton's campaign and the democratic national committee to get a fisa warrant to survey all the campaign in the associates of president trump's election campaign. this is extraordinary. it's unprecedented. this is something he seen a banana republic, not the united states of america. cheryl: a lot of discussion about that as the sun rises in washington. thanks both of you for being here on this early morning. we appreciate it, guys.
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to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. cheryl: puerto rico defending a contract for a small montana utility company called whitefish
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that is going to repair the u.s. territory power grid. puerto rico's governor issued a statement saying one was asking for a substantial amount of money the puerto rico electrical power authority in another did not require. the other one is whitefish. material company was awarded despite the fact it's only got two full-time employees. puerto rico is still struggling to restore power to 80% of the island after ricky maria. elon musk is that i will come in the with the solar power grid. they will get it done. enjoy the pumpkin spice latte. you officially deserve it because it will finally feel like fall today. colder weather across the country. adam klotz tracking it all. give your latte ready to go,
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adam? reporter: ready to get the energy going. we talk about cold weather in some parts, warm weather in others. the commander group roller coaster ride. yesterday watching a baseball game, world series of two triple digits. 99 degrees, still incredibly warm in the southwest. the only spot will be hanging on to the heat here for an extended period of time. today, maybe that last mile day because pay attention as we run through the week. i take you in take you into tuesday and you start to see this area right here, the first real cold last beginning to settle into the center of the country. suddenly the temperatures dropping down to daytime highs you take a look at this one for you. the thursday forecast, the 40s i was talking about, and st. louis back to kansas city, back to oklahoma city into friday in the cold air falls down in the center of the country.
5:27 am
these are daytime highs topping off only in the 40s and by saturday that continues to shift these. finally beginning to feel more of a winter feel across the center of the country. that will be moving east by the weekend. lauren: thank you, adam. cheryl: coming up, is your twitter feed about to change. new rules to increase transparency. and how much they are spending. if you love being outside, get ready to pay more for it. some big price hikes at the nations parks. you will not believe the numbers. you are watching "fbn:am." alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market
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lauren: breaking news this morning. a bombshell report shows hillary clinton the democratic national committee via the dossier accusing the term campaign of russian collusion. cheryl: arizona republic can jeff flake will not run for reelection but in the trump agenda at stake. cheryl: another record high for the dow soared 167 points yesterday. today earning lauren: dow stocks. boeing, coca-cola. now down 10 points. cheryl: the ecb as you can see the foot in the dax down slightly. lauren: all good things come to an end. japanese stocks snapped a 16 game winning streak. cheryl: twitter trying to stay one step ahead of critics of the government promising you are going to know where and from who the political ad came from. "fbn:am" continues right now.
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lauren: 5:31 a.m. in new york. good morning and lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning i'm cheryl casone. cheryl: let's get ahead of this. >> tell you who's buying what i'm paying how much. >> a lot of news from overnight. first the spirit of bombshell report the clinton presidential campaign as well as the democratic national committee helped fund research that produced a dossier of allegations about president tribes ties to russia. the research firms based in d.c. then hired former british intelligence officer to write the dossier. house intelligence committee devin nunes was on fox news special report. he says he's seeking the banking records at the research firm.
5:33 am
>> we believe we are going to have this matter fixed within the next week or so and we believe that we will receive the financial records of fusion gps. it is my job to enforce the subpoenas. cheryl: fusion gps is the subpoena has no legitimate purposes but the story is developing and of course will be talked more about today. tracee: backfiring democrats. the white house says arizona republican senator jeff flake's decision not to seek reelection is probably a good move. senator flake's decision came a month after tennessee senator bob corker also said he is not running for reelection. >> i think we support the american people on this one. the people in tennessee and arizona supported this president and i don't think that the numbers are in favor of either of those two senators in their state inside think this is probably the right decision.
5:34 am
lauren: jeff flake is one of the finest human beings i've met in politics. he's moral, upright and strong and will be missed in the senate. the announcement came with a blistering review from president trump. watch this. >> we must stop pretending the degradation of our politics in combat and some of the executive branch are normal. they are not normal. reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused as telling it like it is when it is actually just reckless, outrageous and undignified. lauren: are flake did run for election he did face a serious challenge from a senator kelly ward. she is back at white house chief strategist steve benin who attended a fundraiser for her last week.
5:35 am
cheryl: president trump meeting with senate republicans on capitol hill to basically talk about tax strategy. two republican senators, jeff flake and bob corker attacking the president. you just heard from flake the gop can only afford to lose two votes in the senate if they wanted a tax cut through. do these affections think the white house tax reform agenda? white house budget director mick mulvaney says no. >> bob corker will not vote against the bill because it is like the president. i'm not too concerned about them. cheryl: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell also weighed on this. >> if there's anything on republicans think are important to the country into our party, it is comprehensive tax reform. the issue itself brings about great unity among our members. and so we are concentrating on the agenda we have for the
5:36 am
american people. the president shares the agenda. cheryl: there is a disruption when a protester was able to get close enough to president trump as he walked to lunch with mitch mcconnell. the man identified as frankly. and started yelling at him. >> trumpeters treason. >> trumpeters treason. trumpeters treason. we should be talking about treason in congress, not about tax cuts. lauren: that was dramatic. we do have a programming note for you. president trump was the lou dobbs an exclusive interview tonight at 7:00 eastern. maria bartiromo asked treasury
5:37 am
secretary stevens said tendinitis means that top officials in saudi arabia and prospects for a tax refund this morning 8:30 eastern time. cheryl: congress voting to overturn a banking row from the imam administration that would allow consumers to bring class-action lawsuits against your bank or credit card company. vice president pence pass the final vote breaking the 50/50 tie. in the industry pushing her to go back to regulation. this started for the consumer financial protection bureau. the trump administration republicans say the rule harms the free market. the president to sign the measure into law. lauren: to regulation one of the reasons that i was pushing at 24,000. russia's election battle in twitter has agreed to become more transparent with advertising. cheryl: tracee carrasco has that with more headlines. >> good morning, ladies. twitter said it would now begin
5:38 am
labeling political advertisements as part of a new effort to increase transparency. the labeling that includes a purple dot which was used in twitter's example, noting that the tweet is prompted by a political account. twitter said it will also create an advertising transparency center were users can fill ad campaigns on the site, political or not. users will have access to the full amount being spent on ad campaigns that companies come information on advertisers, demographics and historical data on advertisers past marketing campaigns. cheryl: basically if the russians are behind the ad they want to know it. this is good. the number of people on food stamps in the country is actually fallen. tracee: yes i'm a big number. 125 million americans are no longer on food stamps since january 2017 when president trump took office. that is according to stats from
5:39 am
u.s. department of agriculture. enrollment is down 42 out of 50 states and continues to be a lowest level in seven years because of policies the president has implemented at the federal level and ongoing efforts from state legislators to get people off of the assistance program and that to work. lauren: you might soon be paying double, more than that, i like to visit a national park. tracee: ought to raise money for maintenance and repairs. this considering raising vehicle entrance fees by up to 180% at the nation's most popular parks including yosemite, joshua tree, yellowstone during the peak visiting season. proposing a $70 fee for each vehicle up from the current pair of 25 to $30 depending on the part. the cycle with more than double
5:40 am
the $50 visitors on foot or bicycle would pay $30. the increase of 17 of the nation's most popular parks to generate $70 million a year. >> that's a tremendous increase. just a proposal at this point. tracey, thank you. >> we've got a lot more coming up. it just keeps climbing. cheryl: throw champagne on wall street i think. dow 23,000 by the way. the bull market isn't making you happy, we'll tell you about albert einstein's theory of happiness and how much is software. you are watching "fbn:am"
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♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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cheryl: welcome back to the caught back to the caught up in what's happening now. paul manafort, campaign chairman facing another criminal probe. the manhattan u.s. attorney's office pursuing an investigation into money laundering. robert mueller who by the way of investigating russia's interference to the election is working with the u.s. attorney's
5:44 am
office. remember that horrific fire in june that killed 80 people? an investigation by "the wall street journal" has found thousands structures around the world including many here in the united states use the same combustible panel that help feed the london fire putting people around the world of risk. finally come a few words of wisdom from albert einstein are worth a fortune. einstein wrote a note on a hotel in tokyo in 1922. he did them in the tip about voice would give him a note in bed. it is referred to as the theory of happiness. it just sold at an auction for $1.3 million. somebody's happy that was holding onto the note. lauren: a common modestly produced more happiness than the pursuit of happiness. now you know. $1.3 million. where records on wall street.
5:45 am
thanks to better-than-expected earnings and particularly yesterday on john and is the founder and author who joins us now. you call about 23,003,000 points to nowhere 559 points. where are we going next? >> we are going to hit 24,000. the same thing i've been saying. earnings and employment. more evidence of that today they continue their needs of the dow industrials. i do believe we are going to get tax reform as we heard from the budget director a few minutes ago. bob corker is not going to vote against the tax deal simply because he doesn't like the president. we are just watching another episode played out. train to your argument is the political infighting was not derail the trump agenda and
5:46 am
thanksgiving week perhaps when we see what the bill looks like for tax reform we see that output at a 25,000? >> yes, that is my call. 24 is the earnings and employment with tax reform consisted out 25,000. transfer we are a quarter the way through. 71% of companies coming out with better than expected results. boeing is the one i want to talk about because this is the best performing in the most extensive dow stock and 27 team. >> it's a great american story about a company doing everything right. from the bull's-eye subscribers are just wrote a company called this those systems that does all the software that enables the design things like boeing fuselage is on your computer and then it actually prints the parts for use you can make them on-site.
5:47 am
in other words, no printing aerospace parts on site. it saves money by 20%. the parts are later parts are letters you could make a more fuel-efficient jet. absolutely love this story. i don't very expensive stuff, but you are paying for quality and just a great story. trading for a loving and knowing that i was reading your notes come you don't like coca-cola. >> now, run $46, trading at 25 times earnings with a premium to the market which is 18 times earnings. the earnings growth for four years. they may finally make some money next year, not this year. next he would be 2% growth. why would pay a premium for a company not growing and they've been selling assets that might boeing which is buying assets. the reason to get excited. >> let's wrap this up really quickly with thoughts about ge.
5:48 am
concerns about the dividend. is this a good time to buy a ge investors and the dow? >> yes and yes. i just voted out. i like the restructuring of the fact it's down 30%. he lost its way under jeff and all. he should never stay there that long. i love it, by ge. cheryl: coming up, "star wars" last jedi is in an theaters, but new video has been released. >> doing many and expect good things. >> look who's getting their training. we will show you a few more moments from not. in sports, the dodgers pitcher was even hotter than the weather
5:49 am
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>> he has flaws in other areas. i just don't know about them. >> ready an action.
5:53 am
lauren: you're looking at an exclusive behind the scenes look at return of the jedi. in december direct or ryan johnson as he describes his journey from being a boiler man. marcam all. we also got behind the scenes action including light saber training in some pretty awesome studs. cheryl: we didn't get the answer that. time now for sport. you probably were watching this or the world series back in hollywood for the first time since 1988. game one. temperature 103 today. hottest ever for world series. players drinking water but no sweat for the dodgers could tailor mvp of the championship series. given the dollar and her
5:54 am
daughters striking out 11 batters in seven innings, and coming from justin turner. >> it is pretty well. it is gone. two run shot. justin turner. turner already has four home runs this season. dodgers going to beat the astros three to one. both teams square off again tonight and you can watch that on fox. l.a. company came to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. lauren: i failed quake showing his true colors on his head. before the game he prepared himself for this series by dyeing his hair so his mohawk have a special? that is pure dodger blue.
5:55 am
i hope it's not permanent. football now come oakland raiders will be out with bullish on lunch for sunday's game. the one-game suspension of the running back for making it go contact with an official. the incident occurred in last thursday's game when he ran onto the field during a scuffle. the suspension will cost them $100,000. here's something you rarely see. the broad james playing point guard against the chicago bulls lost me. juggling the lineup with the first time that point since 2005. the bride showing off his passing skills he finishes with 34 points and win it one night teen-112. cheryl: a lot more coming up. investors looking at a better-than-expected reading the u.k. gdp you read. we are going to london.
5:56 am
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cheryl: a lot of big news and u.k. gdp. better than expected with a lot of question marks about what the ecb is going through. riva gold with "the wall street journal." what does this mean?
5:59 am
>> rose features were a little bit better than expected but still the u.k. economy and an absolute like her and it's still pretty moderate. it was enough to convince people that the bank of england likely to undo its emergency rate cut that it did in the week of the u.k. referendum last year and basically solidified expert patients at the bank of england is likely to push rates just a little bit higher at the next meeting. transfer the european central bank mario draghi might try to avoid one keyword. what is that keyword? >> he seems to be playing a to be playing a video game of taboo. he has repeatedly stated he does not like this word peered he prefers to call it a recalibration of the bond purchase program. of course then for not heed also avoided the word paper but that didn't prevent the market.
6:00 am
cheryl: obviously she said the word paper and then her shot went down or froze a. finally, we understand what makes sense to us. i understand the word paper. going back on purchases. lauren: thank you for joining us. "mornings with maria" starts right now. >> five for more yacht, saudi arabia, here is maria bartiromo with a special edition of "mornings with maria." maria: good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, october 25th. top stories right now. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. jeff flake is out. the senator will not run for reelection while his term expires next year, jeff flake tennessee colleague bob


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