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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i can't believe the media produced these beautiful children? >> melissa: i want to know if blake burman took his new toddler. >> david: i don't know what you dress as is. risk & rewards starts right now. have a great weekend. >> president trump: strength will also require growth, right now, our economy isn't growing at all. we had only around a 1% growth last quarter. gdp a disaster. the country isn't growing, the stock market now is starting to go down, we're sitting on a big beautiful bubble. obama is the first president in modern history not to have a single year of 3% growth. for every 1% of gdp growth, we fail to generate in any given year, we also fail to create over 1 million jobs.
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what a waste and what a sad sad thing. the single weakest, weakest of any economic expansion in more than 70 years. we'll get it straight now but we'll certainly blame them okay? we're going to blame them. >> liz: well three hurricanes did not stop the u.s. economy, gdp growth strong in the face of storms that temporarily shutdown major population centers in texas and florida and more news coming in on the clinton scandal s now swirling. we are digging into the news that the fbi is sending its stock next week on the un verified anti-trump russia dossier. the democrats fighting back saying there is no shame in funding these wildly cellacious anti-trump accusation s and more on the uranium one deal on the former fbi informant who out to talk and that informant was under an obama gag order and he feared
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for his life and now this house minority leader nancy pelosi again undercutting president trump's pro-growth tax cuts but these are the same tax cuts that democrat joe biden, al gore, john kerry all voted for under ronald reagan as democrats. we have an all-star guest lineup had talk about all this trump great perk co-chair ed rollins, jordan secula, gary abernathy, wrote a washington post. >>
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welcome to risk & reward i'm elizabeth macdonald i'm laughing as charles charles payne is about to weigh in here at the money flying around like the old 70s tv show with the money grab but anyway, we'll tack about it in a second but despite the hurricanes in september, the economy is still growing at a 3% rate. they blew away expectations of 2.5%. gdp growth did reach 3% on a quarterly basis under obama eight times, or about once a year compared to president trump he's already hit it twice in just the last three quarters and the markets on a rip hitting all-time highs with tech stocks leading the charge and the nasdac earning its 5 fifth record close under president trump. now tech ceo's who did not like president trump you have to admit they are enjoying the trump ride. amazon ceo jeff bezos is the
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owner of the washington post the richest man in the world with 90 billion plus and made nearly 25 billion since trump was elected amazon stock surging a strong earnings hitting highest level earning topping almost $ 1100 a share let's get to co- founder and and ceo mark zuckerberg whose wealth is up $20 billion since trump was elected facebook shares ending more than 4% higher today and tim cook at apple is making basically $31 million more since trump was elected and look at the tech giant stock closing up more than 3%. look whose here? formerly introduce him charles payne host of making money on fox business and so these tech t itans were critical of president trump. they can't argue with their own right now. >> charles: they can't argue with the own success from election to early january wall street executives hold $100 million of stock as well, remember the conventional wisdom was that the market was going to implode and the whole thing was going to be haywire. its been the totally exact opposite. its been straight up and i'll
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tell you why, all of that excitement that was generated on the election has become reality. it's not about surveys, not what they call soft data. it's hard data and it has momentum behind it. >> liz: but if you listen to rachel madow the night of the election how much have we lost out on? $5.3 trillion. >> charles: living in the cave somewhere like the last japanese soldier, and 20 years later. >> liz: that's if they listen to those guys you would have missed out on $5.3 trillion warren buffet richer than ever before, look at jack dorcey, the twitter co-founder and ceo making 76 million since trump was elected microsoft stock making 24 million over the same time period. so charles, i mean, we talked a lot about gdp growth. you are the numbers guy you're brilliant at it. and under the obama administration is like five or eight times a hit 3% but never on an annual annualized basis and trump hit it twice in three
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quarters. what are you thinking? >> charles: first thing i tweet ed was a graph of the quarterly gdp and i got a lot of hate or pushback from progressives and they're saying trump hasn't done anything and i think what they failed to understand and fail to give president trump credit for is i don't know if you remember the argument for the supreme court ruling whether corporations were people? >> liz: yes. >> charles: i always say they're organisms and what theophano do they want? to survive and grow and get better. they couldn't do that for eight years. corporate america went into a foxhole. they hid out and now they're coming back to life doing what they've done building a better mousetrap. trying to grow and capture market share. that generates economic activity we are seeing evidence of this and it wasn't just today's gdp number. it was the durable goods report earlier this week. new home sales average at a new all-time high. earnings from caterpillar blew them away. earnings from visa people are using their credit cards more why? >> liz: you're all about the analyst spirits right?
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>> charles: but it's one thing someone walks in front of a mall at a clipboard, how you feeling i'm feeling great. it's another thing when you walk out the mall with two bags in your hand. that's what we're seeing. the people felt great after the elections walking out of the mall with two bags in their hand or saying i'll just use amazon. either way the spirits are moving big time and it's reflected in the market. >> liz: the trump agenda hasn't even been enacted but he killed up through the summer and early fall 800 ruled programs that the president obama wanted and trump just got rid of them is that helping? >> charles: that's helping a lot. you know yesterday the kansas city manufacturing data came out , again another great number the best number in six and a half years. they've already started to and one thing you don't start as a business you don't say i'm going to build a new factory for 300 million and change your mind next week. once you've committed to these things the wheels of commerce start to grind and that's what they're already doing. they aren't going to stop. now tell you what, get through some smart forms and get corporate rates lower and watch
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the wheels go faster so they've already gone and begun. >> liz: you're plugged in and you talk to a lot of people do you think it will happen by thanksgiving tax cuts? >> charles: i don't think by thanksgiving these artificial timeliness just get it done. i think the corporate america works on a five year time horizon sometimes much longer. they just want you to get it done in the near term. >> liz: charles payne good to see you will be on making money at 6:00 to noon at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. now house minority leader nancy pelosi is back out calling gop tax cuts a "massive con job" on the middle class. roll tape. >> nancy: when the republicans voted to advance the budget they put forth, they drew a line in the sand between the middle class and working families but what the republicans did today was to give, to give an open
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path to this assault, an assault it's a ripoff, a shakedown of losing of the middle class. >> liz: an assault, a ripoff, a shakedown of the middle class so here are the facts the trump tax cuts double the standard deduction to 12,000 for individuals and 24,000 for married couples. that will likely increase the number of people who end up in that 0% tax bracket meaning they pay zero. no federal income taxes, nearly half the country pays no federal income taxes, the top 20% pays something like 84% of federal income tax revenues and the tax cuts also increase the child tax credit for the middle class as well adds a $500 credit to help families who care for non-child dependents meaning senior citizens and cuts the top rate in income for small businesses to 25%, many of those mom and pop middle class guys. former reagan campaign manager and trump great america co-chair ed rollins with me now. ed, you going to love this because you were there back then
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under the reagan administration. nancy pelosi says that it's a con job. even though joe biden, al gore, john kerry, pat lahey, and 30 senate democrats all voted for the same type of tax cuts under reagan so did ted kennedy and bill bradley. >> i've known nancy pelosi for 45 years and she's never met-- >> liz: but were all those guys conned? no, first one was interesting in how the bill came about bradley the senator from new jersey was trying to have a bradley gebhart bill the majority leader of the house and i argue we already had the big tax stuff in the first term. we needed to put a line there to study just in case they came up with the tax which is what they were advocating. >> liz: but what happened to the democrat party? the leaders of our bill was bipartisan, the chairman of the ways and means committee was the principal architect of again bill bradley the senator from
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presidential candidate and everybody at that point in time realized if you cut taxes on working people, made businesses more-- >> liz: i still don't get what's going on with the democrats today. >> they are basically in a different mindset. it's more and more taxes and more for spending. >> liz: i just don't know how they go into the midterm telling voters you raise your taxes like the flat earthers out there. >> or small business what this bill will do at the end to give small businesses better opportunities to work. >> liz: kevin brady telling fox he wants people to save more money. he's looking at increasing the contributions that americans can make to their 401 k. roll tape. >> we want to increase the amount you can give to your 401 (k) or ira for 401 (k) up to $20,000 or more and then we want to create incentives because look, most families in these plans they are only saving $200 a month. that won't make it for them in retirement. they will be in trouble so we're
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actually exchanging ideas with the president on how best do we help people save more and save sooner in their lives. >> liz: what do you think? it will not touch our 401 (k)? >> well i think the president made it clear he doesn't want to touch them and brady is certainly carrying out that message. the critical thing about 401 (k) is it does give people an opportunity to make their own retirement and save money automatically and they paid taxes at the end of it. it's not like it's tax-free. just basically gives you an opportunity to invest more in the stock market for the 401 (k) >> liz: i think what's blowing people's minds is republicans are talking about retirement savings as a bargaining chip. >> but the problem is it's going to be a tax bill and it's now about $1.5 trillion they're talking about reshifting money trying to make the numbers all work out and to a certain extent that's part of the things. >> liz: but people are upset about that when congress enjoys curby pensions for life and social securities so go check the 401 (k). ed rollins we love having you on
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>> thank you. >> liz: plus we love your mind and the history about the reagan era love it. come back soon. well let's check your money tech earnings driving stocks to record highs nicole is on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole? >> nicole: well liz another day with up arrows and in fact we did see the s & p 500 and the nasdac closed all-time record highs and the dow gained. the dow gained 33 points, technology really helps to lead the way today after some stand out earnings we saw amazon a big jumper today and also google, microsoft, intel all of these names hit highs and also gained and were great performers on the major averages. on the other hand a name such as jc penney dropped more than 14% as they lowered their guidance. that took down the sector, macy's, kohl's came under pressure and also concerned about some of the department stores going into the crucial holiday season, and we're going to watch some of these key names apple, facebook, qualcomm, next week all three of those names
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will be reporting their quarterly numbers and today, we heard apple saying that they're seeing demand for that iphone 10 , 10 was the pre-order for the 10 so that's key for apple going into the holiday season as well. liz? >> liz: thank you nicole. the biggest political crisis to hit spain in decades. spain's leader fired the government of the country's peta lonia region dissolving the parliament and ordering new elections after defiant lawmakers declared independence on spain, escalating the crisis there. now the news hitting the spain's benchmark stock index on friday, losses 35 reaching nearly 2% and now it is a wealthy region of the country and it supplies a lot of tax revenues to spain for welfare programs and the like look at this the euro also weakening against the dollar reflecting fears the european union is in trouble, another major crisis on the doorstep of europe.
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coming up a video going viral, an off duty new jersey state trooper running to the rescue, quick thinking saving a life of a man choking on a buffalo wild wings in front of her toddler son. he's here to talk to us. the attorney for an fbi informant whose just been released from a gag order speaking to fox, that attorney's latest comments next, don't go away. we all depend on trucks.
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>> liz: welcome back. story about your money president trump leaning toward appointing federal reserve governor jerome powell to be the next chair of the fed to replace janet yellen. basically in keeping with janet yellen same policies and the president is expected to announce a decision next week and also this for you the house ways and means is expected to
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release the tax plan from the house. you're going to find out all about those credits and deductions and the income thresholds for the tax brackets and more. we're on that story for you next week. next up this story. the attorney for an fbi informant has just been released on a gag order, says that he could unlock key information about that uranium one deal which gave russia control of a fifth of the u.s. uranium supply it is a growing controversy involving the clintons. >> and this decision was made to sell to the russian companies the 20% of our uranium and he asked the people that the fbi person, well what's going on why are they doing this, and i'll tell you what he said at another time. >> can you give me a hint? >> yeah. the fbi person was just as frustrated as my client and he said no, politics.
5:20 pm
>> liz: apparently this informant has information dating back to 2009. obama's attorney general loretta lynch put the gag order on this former fbi informant and threatened criminal action against him and that's according to his attorney. we're checking into that information for you. joining me now conservative strategist angela mcglowan, and eric shiffer. angela why do you think the obama administration put this gag order on this informant? >> angela: well i think that it is evident. sometimes it's not the act but the coverup and the obama administration was supposed to be the most transparent administration and now we see there have been many coverups and the true crush to the ground will rise again and loretta lynch served at the pleasure of our president at that time wb o so i think that this is just the tip of the iceberg, talking about russian collusion. >> liz: debbie wasserman schultz was the chair of the dnc, referring to the anti-trump
5:21 pm
dossier. eric she says she did not know about it and the new leadership of the dnc says they didn't know about it either. they make an emphasis the new leadership. this again was relying on that middle man law firm to help fund this anti-trump file. let's roll tape. >> when did you learn the dnc and clinton campaign were behind the dossier? i wasn't aware of that. >> how could you have led the dnc to be in the dark about the dossier? >> i wasn't aware aft arrangement at all. >> what do you think about the new leadership statement about kicking the can back to your leadership? >> liz: but the attorney for the former fbi informant says people should know, roll tape. >> most of the obama cabinet knew about it because they had to vote on it, that's the board that aproves such a transaction because it had to be approved
5:22 pm
the u.s. government. hillary clinton sat on that board, eric holder sat on that board and my client was being told during this time that the attorney general and the white house the head of the fbi were being briefed on his case and work in this corruption. >> liz: okay eric, here is what the controversy is about that the democrats paid for an anti- trump file, that used russians as its source. it's unverified and the fear is that it could have led the fbi and the nsa to do surveillance on trump tower and unmask trump and his team what are your thoughts? >> well, as a patriot, the fact that this happened very much disturbs me and i think we need to understand. i don't believe that any government that's foreign should be working with the campaign in any capacity and certainly, it would be tremendously hypocritical of the clinton campaign to be pointing the fingers at trump if in fact they were in any way complacent
5:23 pm
themselves so this will be very fascinating to know. mueller should be taking this up why should he not? this should be part of his investigation as well. >> liz: what do you think angela >> i think it should be and we're talking about tax policy and i used to work on the ways and means committee, so american people, you're paying for this nonsense. you have to take care of your card note, your mortgage, you have to pay your bills so you have the right to know. russia doesn't like us. russia wants to take us over, china wants to take us over. we're the experiment and you guys have the right to know and mueller, my friend eric you are correct should be taking this up well elizabeth why isn't he? >> liz: it's an interesting point and eric quickly about that uranium one deal. many in the media the liberal media saying this is a non-story it's not a story but the washington post and the new york times and news week broke the story about this a lot of information about this uranium
5:24 pm
one deal, sold the stake in 2007 and the company was sold to russia in 2010 but still he had $131 million toward the clinton foundation charities and sat on the clinton foundation board. >> what i don't understand, liz, is how any governmental agency would have signed off on this. why would you in any way want to give uranium to what is a government that is certainly not our friend and could be a grave enemy. that doesn't compute and then certainly, you have these other questions. now, the major donor certainly was far before any of this happened but there were other donors after this happened and around the time that it happened gave money to the clinton foundation and certainly-- >> but it's play to pay see what i'm saying? >> well it could be.
5:25 pm
>> it's quid pro quo. >> it could be, from an optics standpoint, it's terrible. it's just horrible looking and so if they were innocent of this , they should have been staying away. they should have been aware of how all this looks. >> liz: we've got three congressional committees on this thank you so much for your time. next up twitter announcing it is banning all advertising from russian news agencies russia today and sputnick effectively immediately saying these news agencies implemented state sponsored efforts to disrupt the u.s. elections and not something they want on the twitter website and looking at the board twitter in the green today up more than 6.5%. coming up a video going viral, a quick thinking off duty new jersey state trooper running to the rescue, saving a man, chok ing at buffalo wild wings that officer is here to tell us that story next, don't go away. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference.
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♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. >> liz: staying on this russia probe liberal legal scholar jonathan turley says these
5:29 pm
accusations involving the clintons says they could rise to the level of criminal it. roll tape. the allegations against the clintons could potentially be criminal. doesn't mean that they are criminal the $500,000 given to bill clinton might have been innocent. the timing just might have been horrible, but that would be a crime if a linkage was found. in the same way, the allegation over the dossier does involve a potential violation of federal law. >> liz: joining me now the american center for law and justice jordan secula. could you help us break this down how could the charges rise to the level of criminality. what's the probate of implication here? >> we talked a lot about the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's time at the state department and quid pro quo, something for something and if you're a government official or married to a government official
5:30 pm
and you're in that kind of a situation it goes from quid pro quo to bribery which is a crime under the racketeering statutes that's what i think professor tu rley was talking about how the $500,000 for one single speech which was double the normal speaking fee for former president bill clinton tied to the same timing as this uranium deal in the united states which his wife sat on the board, the committee for ford investment in the u.s. , as everybody has been calling it, so it's all the timing and why the investigation matters and why this confidential informant being able to speak to these committee chairs is very important because that's the beginning of a real investigation which could lead, won't necessarily lead but could lead to criminal charges. that's on the uranium matter. now on the matter involving the dossier, the lawyer for the clinton campaign who failed to acknowledge he paid for this
5:31 pm
first and then by doing that also failed to report it in the sec. he listed it as just like normal fees and didn't say what it was. well under u.s. election law your campaign funds when you use them for campaign activities that are specific like research on an an anthropology opponent you have to at least list that down and if you don't you fail to do that it is actually a fred all crime not just a civil matter a federal crime. >> liz: we're going to be staying on this story. jordan we want to ask you about the trump administration agreeing to pay between a million dollars and $10 million to settle lawsuit against the internal revenue service the irs for targeting tea party non- profit groups during the obama administration saying the irs admits its treatment was wrong and these conservative groups claim the irs engaged in discriminatory behavior. jordan you represented 428 tea party groups in a class action lawsuit. what do you think about the verdict? >> jordan: we actually represented 41 groups, liz, in
5:32 pm
the civil action. our case focused on we also settled today with the government, the judge signed off on that attorney general session s said this was an abuse of power all of our clients came to an agreement this was never about the money, because these were small groups so when all this money is disbursed among hundreds of groups, it's a few thousands of dollars here and there to cover some costs. what this was really about, why we filed these lawsuits and these were brave clients to take on the irs and i'm glad that we could stay with them in court nearly four years fighting the irs, so this never happens again to anyone else liz. that was their goal to make sure that the irs never engages in this kind of political viewpoint targeting ever again. >> liz: jordan we love have you you on come back soon. let's get to pre orders of the iphone 10, iphone x sold out in
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about 10 minutes several models not available until december. the iphone 8 appears to be off to a rocky start since going on sale last month the iphone 8 model representing just about 16 % of total u.s. phone sales during the fiscal third quarter apple stock closing up 3% today. coming up a video now going viral on social media. an off duty new jersey state trooper running to the rescue basically saving the life of a man choking. he's here to talk to us about it also the jfk assassination document is out, did someone tip off the british press that jfk was about to be assassinated minutes before he was shot in 1963? we'll show you that and more after this. you know who likes to be
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to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares >> liz: president trump releasing nearly 3000 secret government records about the assassination of john f. kennedy and the conspiracy is turning over and this really interesting stuff in these documents. for example, there may have been a tipoff that jfk would be assassinated 25 minutes before he was shot in 1963. the records seem to indicate that j. edgar hoover also got a tip that lee harvey oswald was a saskatchewan crated and the cia believed oswald was an agent of fidel castro and considered using maybe mobsters to assassinate castro. back with me washington times contributor eric shiffer. good to see you.
5:38 pm
>> good to see you. >> liz: the real revelation was there was this phone call from some anonymous person calling a cambridge newspaper in england saying something big is about to happen and 25 minutes later is shot. not all the finals have been released what was your take on the jfk files? >> very interesting, it's great to see the president do this it's fascinating too many questions have been left out there and this interesting case where you had a guy who was a known agent of the kgb, whose alleged to have made this phone call 20 minutes more and what's more interesting is he was on a bus going to mexico city with lee harvey oswald and there was some talk and this wasn't that long before the actual killing, so did he have information? could he have known what was
5:39 pm
going to happen? was he the person that actually made the phone call? the facts certainly point that way. a lot of interesting things in this report one of the biggest ones is the potential implication to russia and whether or not they were significantly involved. there have been many agents of of the kgb, who have gone to the cia, gone to the fbi and said look, this was absolutely a plot many have been discredited but there's a lot of new information here that raises a lot of questions. the russians cannot stay out of the news. >> liz: it's interesting, you bring that up. there's this other controversy about how come we aren't getting all of the documents and cnn is sounding off over that delay in release of the jfk files. roll tape. >> i think it's shameful. this is something the intelligence community has not years but decades to deal with,
5:40 pm
and this instinct ever desire to keep things secret is so ingrain ed even relating to events in the early 1960s the idea they can't be released at this point is absurd and i think that it's really disappointing that the agencies are behaving this way. >> liz: eric what are your thoughts here? >> well number one i'm glad to see the president do this. i think we should be congratulating the fact that these records have been released most of them have. there are very few that haven't. with respect to the ones that haven't, there are reasons for this and he knows this and knows better. it's to protect assets, protect allies of america who are still living. there's still people that are breathing that are out there. also, secrets that could injure other assets of america. >> liz: thank you so much have a good weekend. >> thank you, liz. >> liz: here is a fun story did
5:41 pm
you ever want to dress like elizabeth taylor and wear the same glamourous clothes or jewelry shown in hollywood movie s? look at this, our own hillary vaughn is out inbev early hills and she's finding you can for a lot less than the original price with the details. hillary? >> hillary: liz that's right. people who come to the dina collection location inbev early hills are coming for the million dollar markdown. these two pieces that i have on easily worth over a million dollars but they can buy that for a fraction. the earrings i'm wearing were born by debbie reynolds herself. dina is known for his one of a kind collection pieces, this dress behind me is supposedly worn by marilyn monroe and in the process of verifying that. it's easily worth over a million dollars, but he also has sports memorabilia. and these diamonds this cartier ring here are $5 million but again he offers deep pocket discounts for those that come in
5:42 pm
here. this bag is ray charles bag and liz i'll tell you it still has his grooming kit inside which means his dna is inside this bag this jacket worn by michael jackson authenticated his off is here and again, you get thousands of dollars off of this by coming in here and this is just a few items of many but not everything here is for sale. take a listen. >> this is one of my favorite pieces and i'm not selling that. it's from the movie forrest gump , was horn by tom hanks. i love this piece like i love the movie and i like to keep some stuff i really care for. >> hillary: his client list is several pages long, stacked full of well-known celebrities but discretion is also what he offer s here, so for those celebrities that don't want to come through the front door he brings them in the back, opens up his vip room where they can conduct his most high dollar top
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deals in secret, so he doesn't give out all the names of the people that he works with and does business with, but i will tell you a lot of these clients are using this to get money for their next movie or their next big real estate deal. liz? >> liz: great stuff hillary love that you wore that necklace all day long and those rings look great. good stuff thanks so much. the attorney for the former fbi informant on the uranium deal saying no one in the media has contacted her, except fox. the next guest says that's because the media he thinks the interesting piece in the washington post says they're too against donald trump. the times gazette publisher gary abernathy speaks out next. don't go away. six in the morning. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it.
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5:47 pm
motto is democracy dies in darkness. >> liz: that was the attorney for former fbi informant who knows a lot more about the russian bribery allegations, three congressional committees now probing this deal gave russia control of a fifth of america's uranium assets and the probe couldn't steer the own clinton foundation and charities got an estimated $145 million of investors connected to uranium one and comcast closing more than a percent higher disney, cv s slightly lower new york times ending flat let's bring in editor gary abernathy. you wrote that editorial for the washington post about the media. what is your thoughts, gary about the media not reaching out to the attorney for the informant? >> gary: well, it kind of follows a pattern and this is the point that i've made the number of times is that my problem was what the media does is not so much what they report. it's where they stop. it's the extent of commission
5:48 pm
but omission and what they don't go after. it's fine to report report the story is lies but there is so much to be done [inaudible]-- >> liz: so a study says news coverage of president trump is more negative than for other presidents, jimmy carter says this russia story is nothing there. is this a new phenomenon how the media has been treating the president? >> gary: yeah, i think it is. it's not unusual for republicans to complain and they've been doing it for decades, but i think there's a new plateau that's been crossed here. i think they're now into an area where they actually lead the resistance and as i mentioned in my piece in the post that you're talking about, they've actually become a political movement themselves and become nothing but to lit it call partisans so
5:49 pm
that practically makes the democratic party obsolete. >> liz: all right, gary abernath y, thank you so much for your time appreciate it sir. >> thank you. >> liz: now to a video going viral an off duty new jersey state trooper running to the rescue saving a man who was choking at a buffalo wild wings. that officer here to talk about it, he is the hero new jersey state police trooper, dennis pal ia. he talks to us next don't go away. think your large cap equity fund
5:50 pm
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>> liz: to a video going viral this is a really scary moment. an off duty new jersey state trooper running to the rescue. he saved a man who was choking. new jersey state police saying trooper dennis palaia was watching football with his son at a buffalo wild wings in new
5:53 pm
jersey when a man at another table showed signs he had difficulty breathing. he joins me now, good to see you trooper. >> thank you, ma'am. >> liz: sir so can you set the stage put us there. what happened? >> well my son and i decided last minute we would go to buffalo wild wings. we sat down, we had just ordered and i could hear a sound coming from the man behind me. it was an unusual almost like he sucked in or burped. it was different than just a normal cough so i recognized it and i started to peak over and as soon as i peaked over i saw his face was red and he was choking. >> liz: so you did the heimlich maneuver four times on him and then what happened? >> well as soon as i think it was the fifth time that i was able to do the maneuver, he vomited and once he got that out , he was able to stand up, breathe, and then we sat him back down and asked if he wanted ems, because sometimes your
5:54 pm
throat is hurt or you break a rib doing it and he said he was fine and next thing you know he came up after he cleaned up a little bit, he said thank you, brought his son over and said thank you and that was really it >> liz: what was he choking on? >> he said that he was just having the bone less chicken wings and it was a spicy kind and it was a little too spicy for him, so he tried to swallow it too quickly. >> liz: but your quick thinking this is a really scary situation that comes up out of the blue. you're in a buffalo wild wings and all of a sudden a guy is choking. has anything like this happened to you before? do things like this occur often on the job where you see things like this? >> on the job you'll see medical calls and things of this nature but you don't expect it off duty for sure especially not when, i mean my son is six years old and the son that was with him was six years old, so not like that and not in front of your kids. >> liz: exactly in front of the kids is a good point. first of all have you ever done the heimlich maneuver before and
5:55 pm
how do you do it? how do you perform it? >> well, we are taught it. we do cpr training which the heimlich maneuver is one of the things they go over and show you videos and it's every other year that training. i've never had to do it. this was the first time but you go over it enough where you know what to do, so you're supposed to come around first you ask the patient if they're okay and if they signal no and obviously they do the sign of choking you'll come around and feel where the z yphoid process is the little bone that sticks down in your chest you want to be underneath that because you could break it and if not you'll make a ball with your fist and take your other hand and put it on the knee and you're supposed to go up and in, which pushes out the air. >> liz: but this is your first time and you did it like a pro and you're a hero. have you spoken to him since? >> i didn't, so this happened on sunday. i didn't speak to him until thursday, because i never got his name. i never got his contact information.
5:56 pm
when i went back to buffalo wild wings they had asked me to come in and they had all of the information so once i got that and the state police put this out on facebook it just started going viral i guess and by the morning it was picked up on all different news syndicates and pretty soon we were doing interviews and i wanted to reach out to him and see if he was all right and talk to him, so i got his number and i did speak with him on thursday. >> liz: this is great, trooper dennis palaia. we thank you, thank you for your service to our country you're a hero you saved that guy's life. have a good weekend. >> thank you, ma'am. >> liz: this is the biggest political crisis to hit spain in decades spain's leader firing the government of the country's region today we're staying on this situation to hit the markets on monday morning.
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
liz: this is the biggest global crisis to hit spainl in decades. spain fired the leader of catalonia. a special hour of "wall street week." a lot of news coming out of that. charles payne is here now with making money. charles: breaking news from wall street to washington. president trump seeing a big win on the economy. gdp growth 3%. that helped push the s & p 500 to its biggest gain year to date. the house passing the senate's resolution yesterday, but the 401k limits


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