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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 31, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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back, and it will be a good thing. lou: president trump is making that case for the legislation as is his treasury secretary. but lo and behold we are watching the house be intransigent and obscure in some of it judgments and it would just make you scratch your head. charlie: it's what they do. lou: but it's not going to lead to a happy place for them at the polls. the president is going to be in office. i'm serious about this, charlie. i don't think the republican leadership is smart enough to understand if they don't deliver for this president, they are the ones who will lose their jobs. this president, i true lire believ -- itruly believe can got
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another majority. but they will pay such a high price. it's inconceivable they can't comprehend their own vulnerability as a result of their object city ithere object. charlie: he's part of a movement. people who don't like him personally support him because of the issues he championed in the election. if they fail to make good on those promises, they are going to pay the price, the president isn't. lou: i watched the white house press briefing today. i saw a different tone today on the part of the press corps. i thought how difficult this might be and problematic for the republican leadership on capitol hill and the dems in particular
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if indeed there were respect between the correspondents in the press briefing -- i'm not suggesting that arrived, only that it's in possible spent at least based on the behave year i have seen. there was a mutual regard by sanders to the press corps and the press corps for her. i liked the feel, the sense of that. charlie: sarah sanders i think is one of the finest white house press briefing people i have ever seen. she is so good in dealing with them. she is respectful, but she is so good at sort of just raising the bar and making them look ridiculous by the stupid questions they ask. she is so skilled. but i don't have much faith the press is going to be able to grow up and start taking the issues seriously. the other thing that's important to remember.
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everyone likes to focus on the problems in the republican party and the disagreements. after the clintons, the dnc total election from bernie sanders, that crackup is still going to happen. and when it does, it will be a fireworks show. lou: fireworks show and one that's been lifted as we look at the special counsel that has broadened its focus to include tony podesta apparently. and we find out tony podesta and paul manafort have been working together. the swamp is even swampier than we guessed. and we can guess pretty strongly. we are watching something unfold here that is remarkable. a president who has given no one any evidence or reason to infer
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that there is any collusion between his campaign and the russians. and a political party that is the democrats who have laid evidence on the table in front of everyone, and they are ignored by special counsels and committee chairmen who would like to investigate and landed instead off investigating republicans. this is madness and absurdity and i think it will continue. charlie: if you took his script to hbo, they would say this is tooley ridiculous. tony podesta he had to quit because he's hung up in this russia-gate. it's terrible. lou: no one is laughing in the white house at this point. i think they will have he reason to soon. this theater of the absurd has
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to. 8 people killed today in new york city after a terrorist attack in lower manhattan. the driver of a rental truck plowed into psych -- into cyclists and pedestrians. the driver is identified as sayfullo saipov. the 29-year-old is a native of you can beck and. he came to the united states in 2010. he had a driver's license from florida and also with a tampa address. we don't know why he would have both forms of identification. he was shot by police. he was treated at a manhattan hospital. he remains in city. connell mcshane has been in manhattan for hours reporting on this. and he has the latest details
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for us. connell? reporter: a terrorist attack in new york city just blocks north of the world trade center when young school children were just letting out for their day. witnesses say the scene was beyond horrific. they describe bodies lying on the ground covered in white sheets in some cases. bikes were mangled beyond belief. one student on her way to swim practice said she saw bikes twisted in a way she didn't think could be twisted. a rabbi was in the process of picking up children for that program. he said he arrived on the scene minutes after hearing about the terrorist attack and knew what he was dealing with when the nypd and other officials
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arrived. >> the fbi came and literally a block west of that 10 minute later there was a suspicious van there, so they had bomb-sniffing dogs it was very, very chaotic. reporter: chaotic is what i heard a number of witnesses describe this scene as. several are injured as the investigation continues. this 29-year-old man identified by name. sayfullo saipov. with that florida driver's license. as the investigation goes into the evening, the new york city mayor as well as the governor, andrew cuomo, they have been spotted nearby at the greenwich village halloween parade. they have been there this evening where security is stepped up. this coming sunday new york city is set to hold its marathon. we are told security there will
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be stepped up as well. just one point about the nypd. fox has been told by new york city police officials that the police department grape plans for situation like -- game plans on and routine basis. an active shooter practice was held and they have been training for the possibility of a car attack after what happened in europe. they have known something like this is a possibility, and tonight that training was put to the test. the hero police officer did prevent a horrible situation from being worse by opening fire on the suspect and shooting him in the abdomen where he's expected to survive. lou: joining us tonight, retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel tony shaffer, a senior fellow
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for policy and research. radicalized terrorists using vehicles to attack pedestrians, bicyclists, and now they brought that tactic to new york city. >> as sad as it is. they have done this all over europe. this was not a quote-unquote lone wolf. this is a tactic of isis. this is the trend, this is where they are going. i have been in contact with my friends at the nypd. they are doing what they to be finds out if this is linked to a larger network. i agree with the concept of governor cuomo and mayor deblasio pushing forward with the parade. but we have to understand this is not going away. isis continues to do whatever
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they can to establish a network and inspire and plan these attacks. therefore, you live in the world of counter terror. i was down at 17 state street, a half mile from where this attack happened. nypd is doing everything they can to stop this sort of thing. and they stopped more of these things people are aware of. the bad news is you can't stop every one of them. lou: the fact he was able to get a van on to a bike path. we don't know if that's preventable or not. but i'm sure authorities will be looking at that possibility as well. we should put this in the larger context. that's the war against the islamic state is being carried out with such great effectiveness by the trump administration, general mattis
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and the defense department and the u.s. military doing an extraordinary job in taking the battle to isis. and making a very big difference over there. and now we are seeing these attacks, even though they are horrific and tragic. they do not in any way seem to be preventable and that's the reality that we are dealing with. >> we have to go at this two ways. we can't stop everything. but we need to get ahead of the ideology. we don't want people coming here to kill us. i don't think muslims who are already here wants muslims to come here and kill them. regarding the campaign against isis. the operations in mali that recently had casualties. just because you denied isis
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territory, you haven't denied them battle space. and we have to get ahead of the ideology. we have to do things to work with our allies including president al-sisi of egypt to said we must in their own religion remove violence from islam. but we have to do this globally. lou: extreme vetting. we have to know who is entering our country and have absolute knowledge of their intentions and whether and why they are here. absolutely. it's how it could be debatable is beyond me. and i think most of americans get that as part of what goes on in washington. tony shaffer, we appreciate you being with us. up next the nypd praised for their quick response to today's
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terrorist attack. >> our first respondsers did an extraordinary job. the nypd, the fbi, the new york state police within ems. we have the finest security on the globe. and we are learning more tonight slowly about the terrorist who carried out the attack. he's reportedly from uzbekistan. we'll take you have the fight against radical islamist terror. we'll be talking with the president of the islamic form for democracy. zuhdi jasser joins us next. here's to the heroes -- america's small business owners. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes, who use their expertise to keep those businesses covered. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes behind the heroes,
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lou: the 29-year-old man suspected of driving a rented truck down a bike path near the world strayed center and killing 8 people is from uzbekistan. sayfullo saipov came to the united states in 2010, according to u.s. officials involved in the investigation. he reportedly has a florida driver's license. he was staying in new jersey. joining me now, foinders and president of the american islamic form for democracy.
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-- zuhdi jasser. this is a matter of vetting. it's a matter of understanding who we are bringing into this country. and it's deeply concerning to americans that in most of instances we know our government has no idea in hell who they are. >> the definition of insanity is approaching things the same way and expecting different results. we finally have a president that calls for a commission on radical islam and has had an extreme vetting program that isn't granting the right islamists and people who don't share our world view. they are not sloan wolves. they are radicalized by a global ideology of not just isis, but globally haddist insurgeon is. and in germany, france and the united states. a population that may not even
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be violent. but we have to recognize and unleash our homeland security so we can look at the precursor ideologies. lou: how pathological is it for any nation to not have institutions to protect the citizens and make that a priority. president trump steps forward to lead the nation and is met by a orthodoxy of left-wing ideologues who want to exhalt a quote-unquote living constitution rather than keep their citizens alive. >> it's unfathomable. it's national fraticide where we have not aslowfd ourselves to look at what's happening inside
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the muslim community. the protestant movement is celebrating 500 years since its re for nation. islam is 448 years old. it's just beginning 9 process of confronting -- beginning the process of confronting the tyrants. and we are hamstring our homeland security and president and government and institutions nationally because of i'd tir politics. muslims that are part of the islamic problem rather man muslim reformers who need to be given ways to pushback against this radicalism. lou: our border patrol, our military, our immigration and customs enforcement agents.
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how do we help move forward? >> all we need to do is shift the conversation from countering violent extremism to countering violent islamism. once our security and national focus and conversation on every program and every hearing is about islamism, then you will start to see the withering away of islamist idea ollie and reformers who reject theocracy. the islamists even if they are not radical will be seen always natural recursors of radical islamists. , and that's 9 way to begin to cure the cancer of islamism. lou: new york police investigating what drove a 29
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uzbek national to plow a rented van into a crowd. we'll take up the police response with randy sutton. a lot more straight ahead. stay with us.
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lou: president trump on the new york terrorist attack tweeting this. nyc looks like another attack by
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a very sick and deranged person. law enforcement is following this closely. not in the u.s.a.! my thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the new york city terrorist attack. god and your country are with you! lou: randy sutton, thanks for taking the time to be with us. these individual attacks and most of tragically the attack you in your communities and the country suffered not so long ago. here we are in manhattan with another individual who reportedly left a note saying he was acting for isis. no such claim in las vegas. but is there a way we can besides extreme vetting by careful careful understanding of who we are allowing into our
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country. how else can we prevent these attacks? >> i wish i could tell you we could prevent these attacks. but the unfortunate reality is different. there are attacks that have been thwarted, many have been thwarted by proactive police, by proactive joints federal task force with local law enforcement and the fbi. so many many have been thwarted. but there are always going to be those that get through. this is a perfect example. only thing i'm happy they didn't kill this punk because now we'll be able to question him. usually this is not the case. so we'll be able to determine -- we know what his motivations are. but if there were other people involved with this, that's what needs to be determined at this
8:28 pm
point. lou: that determination maybe as simple as he was reading cad rallizing materials on -- -- radicalizing materials on the web, which seems to be the case too often. >> this could be a self-radicalized individual. he has only been in the country for 7 years. he could have been harboring this resentment for quite a period of time. he could have been a sleeper sent here. in that case that's what the extreme vetting would try and cull out of the herd of people coming into this country. but that needs to be determined by the investigators. as with all of these, lessons will be learned. these are very, very important lessons that must be learned in order to be ready for the next one. unfortunately it's the american law enforcement officer on the front line of this new war of
8:29 pm
terror. lou: in las vegas the information flow has simply halted. we are learning nothing new about the attack in which 58 people were killed, hundreds wound. why has that information flow just simply it seems ended? >> this is very disturbing for me to even say. i spent 24 years with the las vegas metropolitan police department it's one of the finest police agencies in the country. and the law enforcement response to this tragedy on the night it happened, and the subsequent investigation is being handled very professionally. however, i for the life of me cannot understand why at this point that information flow has dried up when all eyes are on
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las vegas. and this was the worst mass murder shooting in the country's history. why this is now dried up is a question that i do not know and i'm very, very disappointed. lou: i'm disappointed, too. and i know millions of americans have to be because of the tragedy and the right to know which is sacred in this country is being dishonored in too many places, and amok them obviously las vegas. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. randy sutton. up next, new york's finest saving a lot of lives in today's terrorist attack. >> the command and response nypd officer on post near the location stopped the carnage moments after it began. the work of the first responders including the fire department,
8:31 pm
the ems personnel truly helped save additional lives. lou: steve rogers joins us next. stay with us. we'll have the latest on the terrorist attack and washington, d.c. the swamp. you see it in the southern tier with companies that are developing powerful batteries that make everything from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce and vocational job training. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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truck down a lower manhattan bike path. he left a note in the truck saying he committed the attack for the islamic state. he's a 29-year-old uzbek national. he has ties to florida and new jersey. as we are talking right now, at a home depot where he rented a truck, we believe is the car that belongs to him. he left the car there as he took off in the truck. authorities are trying to find out exactly more about the car, the prospect it is booby trapped, and they are taking their time as indeed they should. joining us to help us understand what's going on here is retired military intelligence officer, member of the fbi terrorism task force, steve rogers. good to have you with us.
8:36 pm
one term we have chosen not to use on this broadcast some time now is the expression lone wolf. we have said this man appeared to have acted alone. he act as an individual. but lone wolf has preposterous connotations. so we are careful about that. are we expect? >> absolutely direct. the fact of the matter is all these individuals who commit these acts are somehow some way way -- are connected to someone else. i would dare to say this individual probably based on what i'm hearing was speaking to someone else. he didn't just wage last night and decide to plow into a bunch of people like he did. lou: he left a note apparently
8:37 pm
claiming credit for the islamic state. the islamic state as far as i know has not claims credit for this attack. >> in this particular case the questions that need to be answered. did he have a foreign connection? we don't know that yet. in new jersey at that lot, they have cameras there. they will have to look at the cameras to see if there was anybody else in the car that he took there to get that truck. lou: where can an investigation -- what can it advance toward in terms of understanding what did motivate him and how he might have been radicalized if that's the case? >> a few thing will take place. there will be a complete forensic analysis of computers
8:38 pm
and cell phones. they will look at the electronic footprints. who he was interacting with on the internet. more importantly is the proactive approach on this. where do we go from here? president trump took the initiative some time ago when he reversed president obama's decision to take that tactical equipment away from police. but now the police are getting that equipment back to respond to this. and president trump will start to rebuild the community policing programs that disappeared many years ago to help foster a good relationship between the police and the people. we said months ago the war on terrorism will be switched from the sands of the middle east to the streets of america it's happening as we sit here today. lou: you can't give president trump too much credit because
8:39 pm
what he has done is unleashed the military and the result has been an effective war against the islamic state, reducing the caliphate, putting their survivors if you will on the run. to north africa, uzbekistan, and other places. but iraq and syria, the islamic state is effectively no more. >> president trump decapitated isis. he's the one who had the courage and guts to put in politically correct policing and getting our police forces back to where they should to be fight this war on terrorism. lou: steve rogers. thanks for being with us. terror hits new york's lower manhattan. the terrorist shouting allahu akbar. we take up the fight against middle east terror with
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lou: joining me, walid phares.
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this is an individual who left a note in the truck he drove into pedestrians and bicyclists, killing 8 of them. 12 remain injured in hospital. your thoughts about the note and what you make of the tactic used now by our count xiii times, that is, using a vehicle to attack innocent civilians 13 times around the world. >> we have looked at all these cases you have mentioned over months and years, it has basically all to do with vetting. they changed tactics, they change locations. they adapt. the one policy that would allow us as americans and europeans to
8:45 pm
detect these individuals is vetting. the problem is over the past 8 years we haven't been able to do vetting because there was no policy for that. every element of vetting was dismantled. so now it's a new evident by this administration to create a strategic vetting to avoid these problems. lou: that part of bipartisanship seems to be beyond us. we have a left-wing judiciary that has stopped three times travel bands. and now the president, the administration, the president's administration has refined again the ban against jihadists and bringing forward extreme vetting. but it's as if we have a death wish in this country. the left-wing judiciary seem to
8:46 pm
insist that we close our eyes and cover our ears and speak nothing of radical islamist terror and take account of where people we are bringing into this country originate from. >> there is something strange happening here at least in the united states. and i will say why in other countries it's not happening. i testified to congress and briefed members of both parties than was a consensus that we need to do something about indoctrination and jihaddism. it's in the congressional records. what happened the last few years? if you look at europe, they are using this new terminology. they have a lot of domestic problems. even the arab world knows that, saudi arabia, jordan, tunisia, all of them are telling us you
8:47 pm
need to address the issue of ideology. those on social media, i read them every day, they are even more aware than those making the decisions not to address the ideology. lou: i look at europe and germany. a mill people $have entered their country without vetting. immigrants, refugees, call them what you will. the u.k. with horrible problems as a result of either not vetting or being indifferent to what they have vetted about the people they brought into their country. >> you are right. your last statement is very, very important. they are now facing the results of not vetting. let's say tomorrow we'll have the best vetting in the world here and in europe. but we still have to address a second and third layer of jihadists who have been radicalized. even when isis is dismantled in
8:48 pm
the middle east in syria and iraq and libya, there are many jihadists embed in the west. >> walid, thanks for being with us. we appreciate as always. up next, the new york city marathon will run as planned this weekend. what steps will the police take to ashower the safety of the marathoners? stay with us. we'll be right back. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the
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lou: let's bring you up to date on what we know about the terrorist attack on lower manhattan that occurred a little after 3:00 eastern time today. a 29-year-old uzbek national in city tonight after using a truck to kill at least 8 people and injure more than a dozen others in lower manhattan. there are reports tonight that he left a note in the truck in which he claimed he committed the attack for the islamic state. tonight's halloween parade by the way in new york city still going on, taking place despite the terrorist attack. and the new york city marathon will also go on as scheduled
8:53 pm
this coming sunday and the white house releasing a statement from president trump reading we offer our thanks to the first responders to the suspect and rendered immediate aid to the victims of this howardly attack. these brave men and women embody the -- american spirit. i will continue to follow developments closely. joining me the former deputy secretary for public safety, michael balboni. this is so dispe -- dirks spiri. we are in a war and this is aremindser of factly that.
8:54 pm
we learn we have done so much against the islamic state with this president. he has led a real military response to the islamic state threat. what can we do to insure this doesn't happen again. you know this is the first time there are terrorism-related deaths in new york city since 9/11. that's going to change everybody's thinking. the new york city police department has done a tremendous job in terms of intelligence and resources. they created the lower manhattan security network under mayor mike bloomberg. but even that, type of situation, to take somebody and stop them from doing something so random. when he rents a truck, that's not a crime. he drives through the streets of
8:55 pm
manhattan, that's not a crime. what we are seeing tonight is what new york is about and america is about. we are going to continue. we are resilient. the president's tweet was right on. the police officers respond -- this guy comes out with two weapons. they turn out not to be firearms. but nonetheless, weapons, these officers respond and take out that individual immediately on-site. the question becomes what could we have done more. there is a controversy brewing among police services. how do you deal with a vehicle causing mayhem. there are many jurisdictions that have the direction not to shoot to kill the driver. a whole host of reasons. lou: that is a shame. >> it's a safety reason. i'll bet after this incident it will be reexamined to see what are the pros and cons of that
8:56 pm
response. lou: we have seen another change in police tactics. uniformed police officers instructed to wait for s.w.a.t. with a shooter taking lives. most of police departments -- i better check myself on it and say many police departments have abandoned that rule and want their officers to go to the gunfire. uniformed officers. because too many lives can be lost too quickly. >> it happened at the columbine active shooter situation. it's now the policy in if not all departments, but most of of them. this will be the response of the individual who first arrives on the scene. the question becomes with a vehicle-born threat, how do you stop it? what they saw in barcelona. when people congregate you should take a look at the
8:57 pm
setting and make sure they have the protection from attack. lou: this is the picture of the suspect, an uzbek national shot twice in the abdomen, we are told, who is obviously in police custody and alive. importantly alive in the hope we can learn more about who he is, what motivated him. and what the connections are, if any, to the islamic state. >> what interests me is his targeting. why did he pick this intersection. why did he pick -- the school bus was the target. there are school buses all over the place. is it halloween? there was a school nearby. lou: and he was a little over a half mile away from grounds sky row, the world trade -- ground
8:58 pm
zero, the world trade center. you wonder:that played a -- you wonder if that played a part as well. it takes you down blind alleys and cul-de-sacs. the first responder is doing a magnificent job in treating the wound as well as new york's finest in bringing the terrorists down. is it your thought we are going to see the tactic on shooting a moving vehicle injuring people be put in place? >> that will be the debate among law enforcement officers and departments as to what should be the proper response. and god forbid if more of these attacks occur. lou: we have seen 13 so far around the world in europe and north america. 13 times.
8:59 pm
islamic state individuals have attacked innocent civilians with these vehicular terrorist assaults. as we examine all of this, is it your sense we are going to see possibly a return to stop and frisk? are we going to see a ratcheting up? we know the tactic was effective. >> i defended the bloomberg administration when they did this at the time base thought it brought down crime in poor communities. this department decided not to pursue it. but it's still the safest large city in america. lou: no stop and frisk. >> i don't see it coming back. lou: thank you so much. that is it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us throughout.
9:00 pm
tomorrow night a republican national committee chairwoman and jack king are among our guests. until then, thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. a two special that starts now. >> good evening, everybody, we begin with breaking news tonight, i a terrorist attack in downtown new york city, just more than a half mile from the world trade center. the individual, the radical islamist terrorist has not been identified but killed eight people and nearly a dozen were injured as he rammed his vehicle into bicyclists and pedestrians on a bike way. the incident started 3:15 this afternoon. the radical islamist terrorist 29-year-old male of arabic de


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