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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for their response to yesterday's attack. a young officer, ryan nash is being whiled a hero. david: he was near the scene, saw the suspect, chased him down and shot him. melissa: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> shots fired. >> did you call 911. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. okay. i need an ambulance. >> i see a truck going down the bike path. this vehicle method by isis is something that isis is now using as a routine vector for attacks. we have to look at every aspect of every individual to make sure we're not importing europe's terror problems. >> for sayfullo saipov had been
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planning this for a number of weeks, he did this in the name of isis. >> you don't play bingo and give the guy a greengard. >> our nation as a whole we have to get tougher, get much smarter. we have to get much less politically collect. >> new details emerging about yesterday's terror attack, worst in new york city since 9/11, sayfullo saipov the 29-year-old uzbek immigrant, who mowed down innocent bikers and pedestrian, with a pickup truck in the name of isis, was planning the attack for weeks, we have details coming out. >> we have latest on tax reform, house republicans postponing the release of their tax bill by a day to tomorrow. but new details on how it may affect your wallet are leaking out. we have them.
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also, breaking news, white house has notified federal reserve governor jerome powell. that president trump intends to nominate him as next chairman of central bank. grover norquist is here. and we have big companies with earnings after the bell, and russia-back facebook ads have just been released, and they look like they support bernie sanders. we'll go through them for you. and john mac. >> all here, all speaking out tonight. >> welcome, to "risk & reward." i am cheryl casone. the market shaken up, latest terror attack in mid-city, dow, s&p, nasdaq, with intraday
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all-time highs today. driving the nasdaq higher, u.s. companies reporting they added most workers in 7 months, consumer confidence also hitting highest level since december of 2000, this just in, breaking news president reportedly is going to tap federal reserve governor powell to be next chairman of federal reserve. this as a horrific terror attack hits new york city. homeland security chairman mccaul said that deadly truck attack is 9th vehicle assault used by isis. and president trump responding. >> what we're demanding is merit-based immigration. we want people that are going to help our country, we' people that are going to keep our country safe. we don't want lotteries.
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>> president trump starting process of ends program that suspect allegedly use to enter u.s. to use lottery. here with latest on terror attack, connell mcshane. >> it is a busy day, we learned new information. from justice department officials, telling us that suspected terrorist, sayfullo saipov will make a court appear appearance tonight, that is important. but first to investigation here in new york and in new jersey, newest video, shows video that was used in this attack being driven away from the scene, it had been here throughout the day. in video you see it under the tarp. today our cameras caught the vehicle on west street, it was still there.
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white home depot-rented flat bed truck with both doors still open, you can see the damage that was done, when it collided with a school bus that ended this attack. a police officer came out and shot that suspected terrorist. he survived, he will appear in court. we learned some about his planning. from new york city officials. >> based on the investigation overnight, it appears that for saipov had been planning this for a number of weeks, in the name of isis. and along with other items recovered at the scene, was some notes that further indicate that. reporter: notes that were written in arabic, leaving clear indications it was a terrorist attack, inspired by isis, officials say. they have taken their investigation to paterson, new jersey, he most recently lived
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and thought to have attended a mosque in the area, not far from where he lived where he rented that truck yesterday. cheryl to get to where we started, we have learned he will appear in court tonight, that is important, because i guess is speaks to his well being to some degree, we're told he had minor surgery after being shot by the police officer, from this official that we spoke to on the courthouse he is well enough to be in court. and he will go through the civilian criminal justice system, rather than sent as some speculated to guantanamo bay. that will not happen if he appears in court as expected to. >> connell, interesting, we're learning there will be a press conference from south en district of new york, hopefully we'll get more details. connell mcshane thank you for that live report on this scene. a busy day down in lower
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manhattan. for more on the new york terror suspect, entering u.s., under the diversity visa program, president trump wants to end since it allows people is based on a lottery, not merit. former trump add veed adviser st political correctness it going to get us kill. >> look at australia and new zealand, they have stringent immigration requirements, based on skill set, and education, if you don't meet them you don't get to come in, you don't play bingo and give the guy a green card, political correctness can get people killed. >> retired lieutenant general tom mac mack mcnerney is joining me now. >> thank you. >> do you agree with president,
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do you think that program is dangerous, should be at least reevaluated? >> absolutely. there is no reason why we need a diversity visa program. this is an example of what happened, how many other potential terrorist have we brutbrought in with this prograe don't need that kind of diversity. it is important that the president get rid of this program. even if it is by an executive order could if he could do that. we need to get rid of it quickly. >> if that is possible. would be next shoe to drop. this suspect, applied for that program back in 2008, granted a diversey it visa two years later. to be clear this is fourth assailant from uzbekistan to launch an attack within a year according to several reports. the country is well-known
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terrorist hotbed. listen to this. >> uzbekistan in particular, has a history of jihadism. there is an organization that was founded years ago, imu, islamic movement of uzbekistan. there is a place in uzbekistan where kyrgyzstan and kazakhstan all meet together, that is a group of terrorists they were married to taliban, we have fought them before, a lot have been in afghanistan. the fact we would have a diversity program hope to a-- hope to allow people to come in is insane. >> according to international crisis group between 2000 and and 4 thousand militants have come in. uzbek nationals are largest single group of isis supporters. should there be more monitoring
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of the country? >> absolutely, cheryl, it is insane what we're dig doing for diversity, you listen to governor cuomo and the mayor, they don't understand what they talk about lone wolves there is no such thing, they are soldiers of allah. they are soldiers of islam, they are always connected to it in ideology, people who talk about lone wolfs do not know the yelle ideology we're facing. it important we do that and incumbent on us to put responsibility back to muslims to fix this. infidels cannot fix in ideology problem. >> that lone wolf statement from governor cuomo last night has been hotly debated, thank you, general. >> thank you. >> house republicans, postponing the roll out of tax reform bill
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too tomorrow. -- to tomorrow, saying they need it finalize a few key detail, president trump talking about the much anticipated release. >> house is doing very well. they have taken an extra few hours, which will go into to tomorrow, and they will announce and i'll probably be standing with them, we're leaving for asia friday morning, i'm be standing with them, sometime tomorrow. and announcing massive tax cuts, and reform. >> like president suggesting that calling tax bill to cut, cut act, no word on whether that will be accepted by the hill. but president reportedly tapping, federal reserve governor jerome powell at next fed chairman, that is breaking news. grover norquist is with me now, let's put jerome on the
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sideline. we kind of expected that. but about the taxes tomorrow, what do you make of one day delay? have they not had 7 years to work on details. >> they have a very nice outline that is helpful, they are staying within it. what you are doing now is kind of negotiationing and coming to an agreement that otherwise might be happening at committee level or on floor of the house or a joint senate house conference. the fact they are doing it now, as they did with the budget, remember that budget could have taken three weeks, they sat down, they worked it out. the senate accepted the house amendments, and house accepted senate bill, boom, done in two days, impressive, saving us 3 weeks, on the agenda. to take the day now, and negotiate some of things worked on rather than a couple of weeks is a good use of time. it is helpful.
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>> grover, there are so many you know bones of contention on this from the state and local deduct to the estate tax. and to top tier rate on hiring americans, there seems to be more divisive pieces of tax reform. does that put getting this thing through in jeopardy. >> no, because things that used to be divisive are now all agreed to. idea of 20% corporate rate, originally house of at 25, trump came in said, 15 this a year ago. and house moved down to 20. trump came up from 15. you have full and immediate, expensing, difficult term amly, so do you it 5 years, these are settled questions, they are debating smaller questions, i
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think that is progress. we need to get the stuff down, no reason to wait until debt. >> grover, jerome powell, do you like the pick. >> yeah, he is a good pick. >> i figured that much. grover -- >> can we call him jerry. >> we'll see, grover norquist thank you. >> you got it. >> well, social media company facebook coming out with earnings after the bell, they beat on revenue by a billion dollars, stock is up slightly after hours. a stock to watch tomorrow. yes, white house has notified federal reserve governor jerome powell, not calling him jerry, grover. that president trump intends to nominate him at next president of central bank, adam shapiro is here with latest. reporter: the president likes it congress most likely will. this man is a life long
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republican, worked at treasury department from 1990-93, under secretary at industry investigating domestic finance. you might remember salomon brothers, he was involved in some investigation there. and the investigation of solomon yeah but he within to bankers trust, worked for carlyle group, then back to you might say government when barack obama, democrat president nominated him to join the board of governors, and took office with federal reserve in 2012. we spoke with governor powell back in jackson hole in august. about the potential that he might become the next fed chair. i think we have the sound bite ready. where he responded to what would you do if president called you. >> we dean have it ready, he said
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this say job that requires deep knowledge of federal reserve operations, i think it happens to have knowledge of economic issues that we face. he doesn't the economic issues, some people say he is kind of neutral on for instance dodd-frank regulation, he said weadock that more efficiently. he wrote a paper, deliver aid speech about 6 months ago, calling for congress to reform fannie mae and freddie mac, saying that issue has not been resolved. some refer to him as a dove. more neutral with monitor policy, expect more of the same with a few more papers from governor powell. >> seems like a safer pick. is how many characterize him, that is okay. we don't need controversy at the fed. reporter: he has real world experience, he was at carlyle group, and bankers trust, the other issue. back during the finish -- financial cliff years ago, he
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was the not in government service, he was going up to capitol hill talking to different lawmaker about why that would be a horrible thing to allow. the united states to miss the debt payment, this is not only a plan with real world experience in finance and politics as well. >> and you know him, adam shapiro thank you. >> the russia-funded facebook ads seem to back bernie sanders. what is up with that? we'll show them to you. later in the show, but first, more details did new york city terrorist, that fbi is seeking information on a second person. a relation to new york attack, details next. i accept i don't conquer
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cheryl: electric carmaker tesla reporting earnings, shocking investors with a bigger loss than expected, they are slashing production of model sand model x, that is not good, it. also getting breaking new. just in, fbi we're told seeking a second person. in relation to the attack in new york city yesterday. here is what we know. they describe this person brown eyes, a white male, born november 5, 1984. about 39 years old. and from uzbekistan. remember this suspect the current suspect also from uzbekistan. second individual, they are looking for right now also from
5:22 pm
uzbekistan. if you see or recognize this person, you are told to contact fbi right away. especially if you are in new york area. >> all this happening as president trump wants to step up extreme vetting. >> no aim of extreme vetting the stop that, president is usual, went off half cocked out waiting for the facts, if you talk about refugee, they get extreme vetting it takes about two years to go through vetting process where american intelligence agencies looking at people.
5:23 pm
cheryl: retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer said our vetting is not good enough. >> we did not vet the guy, the name himself is towar sword of , not joe, that is a clue. >> joining me now, azra, to great to have you here, a lot argue that extreme vetting the not happen. what do you say? >> i do believe we need to do more vetting, we have to do vetting not only of human beings but the ideas that are crossing into america's borders. real issue that concerns me as a liberal is that too many people on the left, and inside of the democratic party are refusing to actage the ideology problem that
5:24 pm
is the underlying issue behind the manhattan attack. we had unfortunately this afternoon, the former journalist, and interviewer of osama bin laden stepping forward to speak for nypd. saying, this attack had nothing to do with islam. we have muslim activists trying to claim that you are islamophobic if you talk about islamic extrem extremism. the real issue is we're not vet our ideas, not saying that islamic radicalism is not okay in this world, that is the heart of what we need to tackle, see on that part is a lot of cowardice. cheryl: and being politically incorrect, that is something as a country we've gone in opposite direct, especially under the freshiouprevious administration. >> what did the vetting process,
5:25 pm
would that help stop the isis-inspired attacks in u.s. >> i don't think it would stop it honestly, these ideas are crossing borders that are porous. we have to have increased vetting we're not doing enough to stop radicalization from coming in idea we can top flew through human bein being this tt is one we should not be naive about. that makes a man think that it is legal and islamic and religion to then plow people on the streets of manhattan. then declare allah akbar. god is great. cheryl: amazing, still sere yell what happened yesterday.
5:26 pm
fox is reporting that mosque that terrorist attended was on nypd watch list for years. >> mosque right behind me here, the omar mosque we behind sayfullo saipov's mosque and his residents he lived here. behind me, the omar mosque has been on nypd radar since 2005. cheryl: what do you make of that? they have been watching the mosque for years. >> it is tragic, i came to country as a 4-year-old, i first lived in new jersey. my father fought so saudi influence would not come to mosque in america. we have been penetrated by ideology, it took two seconds
5:27 pm
looking at the face of that mosque to know it tinsel rent -- it is intolerant. cheryl: thank you so much, we'll be right back. can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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cheryl: breaking news, live pictures in new york, a press conference to begin to announce federal terrorism changes again sayfullo saipov, related to yesterday's deadly attack in lower manhattan. we're monitoring the podium, and expecting to see acting u.s. attorney for southern district of new york and director sweeny and james o'neill. we're expecting them out there, in next few moments. we'll join them live with ples s conference starts, here we go. i believe this is- let's listen in. >> everybody ready?
5:31 pm
hello, thank you for coming. i am officer ryan ashe, i appreciate public recognition of the actions of myself and fellow officers yesterday, we were just doing or job like thousands of officers do every day, i know importance of yesterday's events and role we played, i am grateful for recognition we received, i want to thank my family, friends for support and responding officers into assisted me, however, do to nature of pending criminal case, i cannot make any further public statements about the incident at this time, thank you. >> thank you, guys. cheryl: that was interesting that is the nypd hero officer, has been called today, in new york city, that actually was first person to come upon the suspect here in new york.
5:32 pm
ryan nash saying he could not say much more but appreciative of the fact that there has been an outpouring. he is the one that first apprehended and shot the suspect here in new york. again, we were not sure how that was going down, we're waiting for a press conference, we had guidance it will start in next 10 minutes. when full conference starts with fbi, police, and d.a. of new york we'll take you back, get formal charges, they are criminal charges. many had wanted them to be basically federal terrorism charges, they will be criminal terrorism charges, there is a difference how -- he goes 3 through the criminal court system. moving to other things. that we've been following white house saying that today that it considers new york terrorist enemy combatant. president trump said that he
5:33 pm
would like to see this prisoner, this attacker, go to guantanamo bay. that is military detention center there while he awaits trial, senator lindsey graham agreed, saying that terrorist does not deserve u.s. criminal protection. >> the last thing i want this guy to hear tonight, is you have the right to a lawyer, the last thing he should hear is his miranda rights, i have been a military ther lawyer for 33 yea, there is enough evidence to prove he can be qualified at enemy combatant. >> okay, wanted to follow-up with that sound bite there is a lot of talk about types of charges and where the trial will be held, we're waiting on this breaking news. we'll take a quick break, "risk & reward" will be right back, stay with us.
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cheryl: we continue to follow the story of new york terror attack yesterday. i bring in the man who integrated 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. thank you for joining us. nypd referred to save sayfullo saipov as a criminal, white
5:38 pm
house thinks he should be considered a enemy combatant. >> he should be considered an illegal enemy combatant. they do not have a army does not wear a uniform. are not subject to the geneva convention. i would echo what president trump said, and i think what senator graham said, we should be interesting in interrogating him to find out, since we know he is note there by himself, he came here probably already radicalized and honed it while here, he brought the bad ideas with him, we should figure out who he brought with him, he had a chain of people they allowed him to bring to u.s. u.s. we should figure out which of those folks are radicalizedded. and what his network circumstancis, who hasbeen provd
5:39 pm
treat him like an kno an enemy combatant. cheryl: we're waiting on the press conference from u.s. attorney general and police commissioner. it looks like he is going through regular court sim system, that means a lawyer. >> he has already been mirandaizeed. he undoubtedly, already been appointed an attorney, either from one of many groups who apologize for them in pro bono represent them or from a lawyer that paid for by taxpayer, the very people he is trying to kill. cheryl: former congressman, fox contributor jason chaffetz thinks we need to go further with him. >> come to united states is a privilege. but, how do you do, i see a mug
5:40 pm
shot, if you come here to the country, and you have an arrest record, you should get not get in, if you here you get arrested, kick him out. this is a privilege to be here, we don't need people like that here, get rid of his family the entire family should be deported. >> family, what do you make of that? >> depend on whether they areu citizens or whether or not they were aiding and abetting. it would be a useful tool to have if family deserved to be treated that way, if they are innocent and they don't that and i little bit draconian, it would be nights t nice to have that ii don't know his wife, i don't know who she is. the odd pretty good she will be on the welfare system, the have ever people he is trying to kill
5:41 pm
will end up supporting him. cheryl: there are children involved. >> those children are u.s. citizens. cheryl: yeah, james thank you very much. we appreciate having you here on this. >> all right, thank you, much. cheryl: all right james mitchell. we'll take a quick break, we're waiting to hear forly th -- offl whreofficially the charges agaie suspect of the terror attacks in new york, you are watching "risk & reward" stay with us.
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cheryl: we're waiting on a press conference, we're told they are going to announce federal charges again sayfullo saipov related to yesterday's deadly attack in lower manhattan, killing 8, injuring 12. want to bring in former fbi counterterrorism task force member, steve rogers. there was so much back and forth
5:45 pm
today on how he should be charged. this is going to be a federal criminal case, he is getting a lawyer, he may already be zipping his lip. >> this is the tragedy of what we're dealing with. we're at war, until the government and i am talking about whether congress or whatever realized we're at war, we'll see the continues go down this road of being prosecuted as criminals and not enemy combatants, you are at war, and you have enemy radicalizes their warriors here, they are enemy combatants, he should be tried in a military court. cheryl: that is not going to happen. a few moments ago we thought that press conference was going to start, ryan nash, hero police officer from nypd same out to say thank you for outpouring of support. i am glad we had that moment, he was the there. and saved lives. it was amazing what he shot him right away, and suspect lived.
5:46 pm
>> you know what a way to humanize our police officers, we hear so many negative things, this young man really served his country, let alone the city well, god bless him and all of the law enforcement officers who protect and serve. cheryl: he spoke, now we move to next phase. it is going to be a long drawn out process, the suspect is from uzbekistan, not a citizen of u.s. ly has family here there is a lottery don't know, we there is a lottery don't know, we know he did attend a mosque in new jersey that has been on nypd 90 watch list for years. we heard they had a picture that came out in august of somebody taking a picture of that walkway in the spot on the bike path on west side with an isis flag. there was planned, he planned this, we've been already told
5:47 pm
this, this information leaking out to fox news ahead of the charges. >> there are questions asked if he was on law enforcement radar, what happened? i can tell you fbi and law enforcement agents are doing the best they could with what they have, we don't have human intelligence assets that we had, those are boots at ground, eyes on suspect, we are great at electronic intercepts, i know trouble trudg trump administrats moving back to community policing, more money willing put into counterterrorism, boots on ground to follow people, that is how we brought the old mob down, cop nascars, physically surveying people. it is interesting from high-tech to low tech. cheryl: but you have to think, this is new york city. this is the worst terror attack we've had in new york since 9/11. it is troubling we're still vulnerable, to mayor de blasio's point, to governor cuomo point, we can't be held hostage by
5:48 pm
terrorists, whether isis orelon wolf or whatever. we can't be held hostage as new yorker, they hate our way of life. they want us to suffer, this is our new reality. >> you know we're not held hostage we're still moving oworld series is ofootball game is on, everything that we live by is moving on, we can do, situational awareness is something we need it talk with down the road, talked about guy with flag, someone took a picture, if you see something, say something, so many times say i don't want to bother the police, bother the police. cheryl: there are plenty of them, steve, stay with me, we continue to monitor live picture, we're waiting official federal charges to be nouned again the suspect of the terror attack here in new york city, we're taking a quick commercial break, stay with us, we'll be right back with that. [lance] monica, it is absolute chaos out here!
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cheryl: press conference about to begin to announce federal terrorism changes again sayfullo saipov, related to yesterday's deadly attack here in lower manhattan. we're expecting to see acting u.s. attorney, and william sweeny from fbi, and james o'neal, new york police commissioner. you may have seen him yesterday, giving us first early details in the press confront held with mayor de blasio and governor cuomo. they are testing the microphone, we're told it will start any moment, i have steve rogers with me. in break we were talking about that being here in city yesterday, you almost wonder if we're desensitized to things like this, that is a dangerous thing. my friends were worried about
5:53 pm
where am i going to take my kids trick or treating, not am i safe. >> we're so inundated with violent, tv, radio, even the new movies, all violence, that what we're fed, a new violent act happens, are we desensitized. we have to be careful to not fall asleep. >> certainly the big actually here we go, june kim. let's listen in. >> good evening. i am june kim, i am acting u.s. attorney for south were district of new york, yesterday afternoon, a man consumed by hate and a twisted ideology attacked our country and our city. using a rented home depot truck as his weapon of terror the man sped down west side highway,
5:54 pm
then intentionally blowed his truck into a pedestrian walkway and bicycle path, hitting and running over people who were simply trying to enjoy a sunny afternoon in new york city. he killed eight innocent human beings. and injured at left a dozen other people. that man has alleged in a complaint filed today was sayfullo saipov. today thanks to the incredible work of the fbi, the nypd, joint terrorism tasks force, and law enforce. in the city and around the country, just about 24 hours after sayfullo saipov attack, we have him charged with federal crimes of terrorism. complaint filed today, charges saipov with two counts, first
5:55 pm
material support of a terrorist organization, that being isis. second federal charge of violence and destructiontion of the a motor vehicle with willful disregard for safety of human life that resulted in multiple deaths, after speeding through the walkway and bike paths, run everything on and killing people, saipov crashed his truck into a school bus, carrying children. he got out, yelled, allah akbar. means god is great, brandishing two weapons, that turned out to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun. he was the stopped by a brave police officer, ryan nash. who confronted him and shot him in the abdomen. in the short time since this attack, as alleged, we have
5:56 pm
developed evidence establishing that saipov committed this attack in support of isis. that evidence is laid out in the complaint, it includes the following. note recovered outside of the truck. that read in part no god, but god. and mohammed is his prophet. and islamic i is up -- is up -- will endure. also, a search of cell phones in a bag, he was carrying assert. revealed thousands of isis related images, and 90 videos about 90, depicting among other things. isis fighters, killing prisoners. running over them with a tank. beheading them, and shoul shoulg
5:57 pm
them in the face. in in miranda die statements, he admitted high was inspired to commit the attack by isis videos he watched and had been planning the attack efficien for two mond admitted high rented a truck on october 22, in practice. to practice the turns he would make on his halloween day attack. as i mentioned, it is incredible investigative work that allowed us to bring the changes so soon afteafter the attacks, thank yow enforcement and citizens who responded to this attaining in way work workers do, in particular. thank officer ryan nash, for hisself less bravery. thank fbi represented here today. by bill sweeny.
5:58 pm
their work in this case, as in all terrorism matters that we've worked with them on has been extraordinary, and thank you to nypd, represented here today. by first deputy commissioner benjamin tucker, and jon their leadership and that of commissioner o'neill over the greatest police force in the world has helped keep our city safe. in the wake of the attack nypd has kept our citizens reassured and continuing to live our lives. i want to thank the investigators in my office who jumped on this immediately and haven't gotten any sleep since. they are not here because they are in court at the presentment. as well as the supervisors of
5:59 pm
our international terrorism unit who are here with me. to folks in that unit working with the fbi and the atf, having a long and unblemished track record investigating international terrorists, whether it's the chelsea bomber who was convicted on all counts and will be serving manltd tory life in prison, or the other terrorists convicted in our courthouse count street in the last few years alone. that's includes the recent convictions by this office of usama bin laden's son-in-law. a united kingdom-based radical cleric. and khalid awaz.
6:00 pm
it's an amazing record of success. of the eight innocent people saipov allegedly killed yesterday, two were americans. five were from argentina celebrating a high school reunion. those argentinian men came like millions much other visitors to see the sights and spends time in the greatest city on earth. for the same reason millions visit this city and finds it so special. alleged terrorists like saipov view the city as a target for their hate-filled crimes. but for the alleged terrorists like


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