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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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when he's in warsaw. charles: thank you for watching every night. we appreciate it. here is lou dobbs. keep it right here on fox business. david: good evening, i'm david as man in for lou dobbs who is on vacation. breaking tonight, president trump blasting jeff sessions and the justice department for not investigating crooked hillary clinton and the democratic committee. he says the american people deserve an investigation into clinton corruption. this after donna brazile accused hillary clinton of rigging the democratic primary. president trump: they should be looking at podesta and all that dishonesty. a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department,
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including me. david: the president landing at hickham air force base in hawaii literally seconds ago. he's expected to step up pressure on nuclear north korea. the military already stepping up threats on kim jong-un's regime, flying a pair of b-1 bombers over the peninsula. we'll take up the president's historic trip with ambassador john bolton. the islamic state taking responsibility for the assault that killed 8 and injured 12. our top tory, president trump stepping up pressure on the justice department to investigate the clinton scandals and corruption. the action coming as he prepares to apply pressure on others during an historic 13-day trip
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to asia. chrireporter: president trump ma surprise announcement. he will be extending his trip by one day so he can attend a summit in the philippines. president trump for the next 13 days, he will be pushing china to trade more fairly with the united states and top militarizing the south china sea. but his number one focus is north korea. he will be leaning on the leaders of japan, vietnam, the philippines and china, to put more pressure on pyongyang. >> we'll be enlisting the help of many people. but i think we'll have a very successful trip. reporter: he's leaving behind
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tax reform. he's also leaving behind the growing cloud of the special counsel's investigation which continues to seep its way into the west wing this week. president trump addressed former campaign associate george papadopoulos' claim that he attempted to arrange a meeting between candidate trump and vladimir putin. >> i don't remember much about that meeting. reporter: one issue he almost took with him is his pressuring of the justice department to investigate hillary clinton and the russian dossier. he tweeted about it 8 times. he said at some point the justice department and the fbi must do what's right and proper. president trump: because i'm president of the united states,
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i'm not supposed to be involved with the justice department or fbi. i am not suppose to be doing the things i would love to be doing. reporter: dianne feinstein says we can't allow ourselves to become numb with the president calling on independent law enforcement to investigate his political opponents. he slashed his budget, refused to fill vacancies and undercut its secretary. but the president said in the end the world knows the buck stops with him. >> i am the on one that matters. but that's what the policy is going to be. reporter: bob corker calls it totally inappropriate and says it under mines our justice system and erodes america's
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confidence in our institutions. david: plenty of buzz about donna brazile's allegations that hillary clinton rigged the dnc. gregg jarrett believes crimes may have been committed. but first the president's criticism of the justice department. is he going after career justice officials or is this directed at yes sessions himself? gregg: i think it's both. jeff sessions has recused himself from anything related to hillary clinton. that doesn't mean that others in the department obvious is are not investigating hillary clinton for a wide variety of what may be crimes. and keeping sessions out of the loop because of his recusal. so it's a little unclear who the president is referring to.
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we know he has had some criticism of sessions in the past. he $seems to be unhappy with his job. david: we heard diane fine steins boiler plate criticism of the president. but didn't president obama couple with information about investigation that the american people didn't know about. gregg: there is a myth that there is a chinese wall that separates doj and president of the united states. that involves only investigation relate together president of the united states. the president is entitled to be kept abreast of what's going on at the department of justice. david: could it be that the justice department is investigating hillary clinton and the president don't know about it?
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gregg: it's possible that is happening. but they would have to keep sessions away from it. uninformed, unsolved. because he promised during this confirmation hearing he would recuse himself on anything related to hillary clinton or trump-russia. david: the allegations hillary clinton was rigging the -- nc kiss blowing the lid off the top of the capital. is there anything that you heard so far that could involve a criminal investigation into her? >> there could be three potential crimes committed. it strikes me the entire scheme by clinton and the dnc smacks of money laundering. any money that is being used that is concealed or hidden and
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it relates to illegal activity is money laundering. so what would be the illegal activity? it would be violating the federal law that is very strict on campaign contributions. if that was violated that means a second law on filing a false, misleading finance report. so three potential laws. david: there is the fusion gps. on the other hand, somebody did it's worth an investigation to find out who did gregg: she is saying she didn't know. but one thing is for sure. it's against the law to for any campaign to give money to a foreign national, whether it's a british spy or russian government agent related to a political campaign it appears that's what happened here.
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it's not a crime for donald trump, jr. to talk to a lawyer or papadopoulos to talk to a lawyer. you just can't give them money in a campaign. that's what the dnc and hillary did. david: finally uranium one. the uranium one deal was bad enough, to give 20% of our uranium to a russian company steeped in corruption. its leading u.s. representative ended up in jail. but the dial the self as bad as the deal was wasn't honored. the deal 8ed the u.s. uranium was supposed to stay in the u.s. and there are reasons to believe it didn't. >> the nuclear regulatory commission promised it would never leave the united states. they now know and admitted it did least united states, and they are the ones who gave a third-party trucking company
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permission to ship uranium out of the use the. this is the condensed powder material you use for nuclear weapons and we are giving it to russia, our enemy. and they have 1,200 strategic nuclear weapons aimed at us. i wonder how much of that uranium is inside those weapons. david: air force one, what a beautiful day in honolulu. this is hickham air force base going way back to world war ii. the president has just arrived. this is the first leg of his asia trip. they are 6 hours behind the east coast, 3 hours behind the west coast. it's a beautiful day in honolulu. the president is going to be coming out. perhaps we can take a look at
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him coming out when we come back from a break. he will be receiving a briefing from make command. and he will tour pearl harbor ahead of his say shah trip. president trump promising his thanks cuts will expand the economy more than ever. president trump: tax cuts, if we get this through, i think you will see this economy take off like a rocket ship. david: we'll take it up with republican study chairman, mark walker. president trump saying the islamic state will pay a big price as the terror group claims responsibility. we are coming right back.
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for a store near you. david: president trump just arriving at hickham air force base in hawaii. it's about a 10-hour flight from washington, d.c. to hawaii. house ways and means committee
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chairman devin brady says he's repealing the obamacare mandate. >> he told me twice by phone and once in person. and we asked for the updated score. no decisions have been made. we are listening to the members. david: joining me to learn whether it would doom efforts. joining me is congressman walker. i think there is already so much of this tax bill, do we need to low more, something as contention as healthcare? >> i think it's a good move. yesterday in conference chairman brady answered dozen of questions it allows us to stay on track fulfilling the promises
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we made to the american people. if you can rip direct components of the original mandate out, you are pumping $3 mill back into the economy. david: the senate, they have bent stumbling block for so many things the past 6 or 7 months. wouldn't that give them another excuse to reject the tax bill in its whole? it may be. that's why chairman brady is wise in vetting this when it comes out of mark-up next week. my hope is the senate will get on board with this. this is something we all voted for two years ago. removing the individual mandate goes a long way. we are not going to do something that careens -- this is about
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reducing tax rates for all it's about helping small businesses do what they do best, compete for jobs and we wouldn't want to get in the way of that. david: how much confidence do you have in the senate leadership. you passed healthcare, i went to the senate and stalled. are you losing confidence? senator mcconnell? >> i don't have a great deal of confidence over there. i'm hoping our brothers and sisters in the senate feel the same urgency we in the house feel. we have 300 pieces of legislation sitting in the senate. we hope they will partner with us. we'll need to tweak and do some different things. this would make a great christmas present for a lot of americans. they look into things like fusion gps or like the uranium one deal.
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just to throw one question out there that you guys may be able to tackle as to who paid for that trump dossier. we know that the democratic national committee, hillary clinton was involved. hillary said she didn't do it. debbie wasserman-schultz said she didn't do it. aren't you interested in investigating that? >> we are interested in looking into that. if you are paying for everything else to the dnc, it's not too far out of bounds to think you may have paid for that. trey gowdy is doing a good job putting together a small committee to look at the 2016 doj committee. when you have $134 million to the clinton foundation and president clinton gets twice his normal speaking feels.
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the house oversight committee will make sure we are turning over every stone. you have to be careful from the executive branch ordering other branches. however, this is congressional oversight. this is something we should be able to pick up the ball with. i think congressman trey gowdy will do a great job of that. we have breaking news. the national archives release an additional 676 documents related to the jfk assassination after the intel community pressured the president to delay release of all jfk files. the president has called for all jfk files to be knead public by april 26. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you have confidence the
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justice department will fully investigate the clinton corruption scandals. and reminds tore follow slough dobbs on twitter. a record-breaking day on wall street. the dow up 23 points. the s & p you have 8. all closing at new record highs. vol on the big board, 3.5 billion shares. the nasdaq and s & p up 2.5%. qualcomm shares surging 13%. a reminder to listen to lou's reports three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. coming you have next, president trump takes his america first agenda abroad embark on a 13-day
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asia trip. president trump: i think a lot of good things are going to happen. i'm going to china and vietnam. dave will be we'll discuss the latest north korea threat with ambassador john bolton next. [vo] progress is an unstoppable force. the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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david: i'm david asman in for lou dobbs who is on vacation. the islamic state is claiming responsibilities for the truck attack that killed 8 people. the suspected attacker told police he was inspired by isis video he watched on his cell phone. president trump raising doubts about rex tillerson's future as secretary of state. president trump: rex is working hard, he's doing his best.
7:27 pm
reporter: will he be with you for the dur snraition. president trump: we'll see. david: the former ambassador to the u.n., ambassador john bolton. rex tillerson and the president don't see eye to eye on everything it's probably not that unusual. but might their differences lead to a departure. john: i wouldn't read too much into that statement. average tenure for a cabinet secretary is two years. it's unusual for somebody to last the whole time. you need to let this play out a little bit more. the president's views are not entirely implemented throughout bureaucracy. i don't think he has full control of the national security bureaucracy and that poses a problem for him.
7:28 pm
david: rex tillerson is not a bureaucrat. but the dispute they have and the president spelled it out specifically, the toughness of rex tillerson on issues like north korea and iran. i think the president thinks those countries are less susceptible to negotiation than hard action. don't you think? john: i think the president has a clearer view of the threats posed by iran and north korea's nuclear program. one of secretary tillerson's problems is because he doesn't have political under secretaries and assistant secretaries to help number running the bureaucracy, what he reflects is when he hears from the career people at the state department who were largely responsible for
7:29 pm
helping negotiate the iran deal and implement it for the last two years. they think it's a great deal. if he's not hearing from other people inside who think it's a terrible deal like the president, it shouldn't be much of a surprise's a disconnect. my first job for george w. bush was get us out of the anti-miss soil treat why it of 1972. i don't think any of those who worked for me agreed with what george w. bush wanted to do. there is a huge difference between having subordinates who actually agree with the president's principles. david: the president is elected and he is in charge. as president reagan overruled the bureaucracy in the 8 department when he went to berlin and said mr. gorbachev
7:30 pm
tear down this wall, they didn't want him to say it. he said it anyway. this president is about to go to china, and he's going to negotiate a lot harder. what should he be say together chinese about north korea. >> he's in an ideal position to say what he said at the plates. denuclearization is the only way forward. i think he should say to xi jinping, we can do this the easy way together other hard way when we act on our own accord. we are very serious. we'll not leave this particular crisis we face today to see north korea with nuclear weapons. we can reunite the peninsula. you can get rid of the quick
7:31 pm
regime. but if at the end of the day they still have nuclear weapons, you better realize we are prepared to use military force. i think it would come with particular effectiveness for the president who over coffee and cake some months ago announced he just launched 60 cruise missiles in syria. david: over a beautiful chocolate cake, as the president said it was the last time the two gentlemen met. i don't think it was accidental that he announced the targeting of syria whiled the president of china was there to prove his words meet actions. john: the united states is very clear in its position against the proliferation of nuclear and biological weapons. the chinese have not been so
7:32 pm
serious it's time to make things clear. david: we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. president trump stepping up pressure on the justice department and the fbi to investigate crooked hillary. president trump: you want to look at hillary clinton and the new book put out by donna brazile. she bought the dnc and stole the election from bernie. david: this ambition wing suiter performing a stunt that has never been done before. we'll show you the spectacular video from switzerland next. stay with us. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro.
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david: twitter says a customer service employee on her final day of employment was behind the deactivation of president trump's account. his handle disappeared for 11 minutes. the president speak out about the deactivation saying quote, my twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. i guess word must finally be getting out and having an impact. donna bra zims new bikes
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indicative of a democratic crackup i didn't know was as big as it is. i knew there was bad blood between hillary and bernie. but now the whole party is involved. matt: they really are washing their hands of the clintons. with donna brazile doing it, it must sting. david: she was tainted by what she did with the cnn questions for hillary, having essentially stolen them and giving them to hillary clinton, then saying she didn't do it. swearing she didn't do it in an interview, then coming back and admitting she had. but she still has status in the party. and her word does have weight in the party. so where will the party end up? >> it's interesting you bring about this leak.
7:38 pm
donna brazile said she lit candles and put on gospel music to prepare herself to call bernie sanders to tell him she found the smoking begun memo to show the election was rigged. but what she didn't put in the book was she herself leaked a question to hillary from cnn. anybody who is against -- wasn't feeling the bern. they have to atone for their past sins and get right with these people. david: i think it's a myth that there was a centrist party. but hillary clinton wants as far left as bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. but is the more moderate section of the democratic party going to
7:39 pm
disappear or give up to the left? matt: don't forget one of the things i found in 2016, there is a lot of political change out there. the coalitions are changing. there are a lot of people in the middle aligning themselves with donald trump. most of people in the media wouldn't report it that way. but there are a lot of people in this country who believe the democrats are a left-wing activist party and they don't represent the average american. david: donna brazile i'm told will be interviewed this weekend on george stephenopolous' show. it's out there. she can't pull it back, can she?
7:40 pm
matt already she can't pull it back. elizabeth warren said it was rigged. they have superdelegates where the democratic party has the insiders who get to pick who their nominee is. the republicans don't do it that way. they are more grassroots. david: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you have confidence the justice department will fully investigate the hillary clinton scandals. watch as this wing suiter soars across switzerland before falling head first three three targets with incredible speed and accuracy. the wing suiter said this is the most of special jump he has ever accomplished. president trump calling on republicans to act quickly on
7:41 pm
tax reform to boost the economy. president trump: the biggest thanks cuts in the history our country. and it's for jobs. david: steve forbes joining me to discuss the economic impact of tax cuts next. i accept i don't conquer the mountain like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to,
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david: the labor market rebound after being battered by a string of hurricanes. the economy adding 250,000 jobs. but the decrease in unemployment is mainly because of people leaving the workforce. we would like to see full
7:46 pm
employment. if we don't get a tax cut bill, i wonder if those numbers could slip more. steve: they could. the thing that's disturbing is the wages aren't going up. if the tax cuts are done properly you get higher wages immediately and you get better jobs and higher pay in the future. and you have to look at the household survey where they call up people and say who's working? those numbers are volatile. last month's report was not good. but not good. david: there is only so far you can go with deregulation. it has had spectacular success. a lot of things this administration has done to get the economy moving. but a lot of people are concerned about this tax bill.
7:47 pm
the "wall street journal" had an editorial today saying it's a half of tax reform to which i would say -- because i any that's cynical. half is better than nothing. steve: people are calling it tax deform. this a fifth bracket for individuals. on small businesses the way they have con consider constructed it their tax only goats from 39 to 35. david: 39 to 25. steve: no, they assume the profits you gets from your small business, 70% are labor costs. so unless you have got a good lawyer, your tax goes from 39.6 to 35%.
7:48 pm
it's load with that stuff. david: i saw sitcomming when they have came up with the gop tax plan. and they have this line in there. this is from the gop tax plan. a middle class tax cut that is at least as progressive as the current system. the current system has provide us with very slow growth. it widened the began the last 8 years between the rich and the poor. so we don't want more a progressive tax plan, do we? >> no, why are you accepting the other side in terms of what a tax bill should be? they are take out, you can't deduct interest on your student loans. you can't deduct medical expenses. al money. if you pay alimony to your spouse, the spouse pays tax, you get a tax deduction.
7:49 pm
so it's riddled with this kind of stuff. why are they hurting people? david: something is better than something at this point. ronald reagan first 1981 tax bill had a lot of things in it that conservatives complained about. the phase-in. it took three years to phase the whole thing in. the reagan bill left intact the 50% tax rate on salaried income. so we are leaving the top rate of wait was 39.5%. but look what happened to the economy under reagan. in 1983 when the tax cuts finally kicked in. the economy went from a deficit of 1.9% to an increase of 4.3%. 17% in 1984, then it never did
7:50 pm
less than 3.5%. steve: this bill takes a 35% threshold. a couple must make $400,000 to be in the 35% break the. they reduced that to $250,000. just do an across the board tax cut. david: it turns out to be good for the bottom of the economy and top of the economy. from 1983 to '89. it was up 1%. -- it was up 12%. if you want to reduce that gap, across the board tax cuts is the way to go. steve: their incomes went up so
7:51 pm
they win the to the 40%, 50% level. so we want dynamics. david: half a love is better than none. but it looks like half a -- half a loaf. [lance] monica, it is absolute chaos out here! gale force winds, accumulations up to 8 inches... ...don't know if you can hear me, but [monica] what's he doing? [lance] can we get a shot of this cold front, right here. winter has arrived. whooo! hahaha [vo] progress is an unstoppable force. brace yourself for the season of audi sales event. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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david: in our online poll last night we asked do you trust the gop leadership to pass middle class thanks relief? 70% of you said no. donna brazile said the election was rigged for hillary. abc, nbc, and cbs failed to mention this story in their newscasts. the information was published 12 hours before air time. but nothing on their newscasts about the story. it's extraordinary but not unexpected that the news networks would avoid this story. it can't be avoid inside the beltway.
7:56 pm
what is it doing to the beltway, to the swamp? >> i love the tweet trump did about pocahontas confirmed the election primary was rigged. referring to elizabeth warren. it doesn't just toss shade on the clintons. obviously donna brazile's hands are dirty. what about obama snow was the leader of the party. the fact that he did nothing to lead the party and help fund the dnc gave an opening to hillary clinton to fund and control that primary. i think there is going to be a lot of blame to go around. there is a lot of focus on the republicans. but the democrats have a lot of problems on their hands. david: president obama comes off poorly in the book as well. she claims he was responsible
7:57 pm
for not mending their cash burn which was tremendous. they were going through a lot of money, were in debt. that's why they had to take money directly from hillary's campaign. you don't have hillary, you don't have obama. who does the democratic party have for their leadership? >> i still want it to be mrs. clinton. david: that has left the station, my friend. >> the longer she is out there, she keeps the juices going. the democrats don't know what to do with her. they are trying to get her off the stage for elizabeth warren go after this publicly is good news. it keeps things going it remind us of why trump won this election. and how horrible she is today. david: when she is getting kicked down the stairs by her
7:58 pm
own party, i think that's it. who do you see? who is it going to be? >> it's bernie sanders. socialist who by the what i said on his website that you could find the american dream in venezuela before you could find it in america. that's the leader of their party. one of the most of memorable lines of the last convention the one before is when paul ryan said that all the kids are living in their basements staring up at posters of obama. guess what. the economy is booming. social i., the centralized government that bernie sanders and his wing of the party wants to give us, we know it doesn't work. this is an opportunity for conservatives and free marketers and everybody to cares about entrepreneurship and capitalism know works.
7:59 pm
david: do the democrats lose the mid-terms and lose the 2020 election. are the democrats snuck this left-wing rut for decades? >> i don't know about decades. but i agree bernie is the face of the party, maybe elizabeth warren. what a duo that is. i believe in america. america will reject that time after time after time. david: you combine this with the scandals. you combine it with uranium one and what she may have gone the dnc finances. they don't have much to roll with now. >> what they have to count on is the media. you started this segment talking about how the media isn't talking about it. the mainstream media is not going to report any of this. david: that's it for us tonight.
8:00 pm
please join me tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m. eastern time to noon. the cost of freedom live on fox news channel. we hope to see you there. take care. >> announcer: from fox business headquarters in new york city, a new "wall street week." maria: welcome to "wall street week," the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. first here is a look at the headlines. house republicans unveiling their tax reform bill, hoping to push through the first revamp' of the tax code in 30 years. if it passes it would cut the number of tax brackets from 7 down to 4. the thanks brack


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