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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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she also finds time to train for marathons. congrats. here is a risk and reward. we would jampacked busy hour for you. on the geopolitical stage that is the record run. this hours away the era of strategic patience is over. president trump shook hands with the japanese prime minister the president instead of zooming in hard.
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meantime here at home. the democrats and the clintons and cass. an explosive exposé it could spell the end of a clinton era. she considered putting cory booker as a ticket. the clinton machine rigged the primary. the clintons unethically took over dnc operations. they may have a longer donations. president trump right all along. they are eager to bury the clinton era. with the full details about
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the take into a major crackdown unfolding in saudi arabia that could change the middle east forever. they watch closely more on it. we would all start lineup tonight. the policy advisor. of the former chief operating officer. welcome to risk and reward. all three major indices and closing of record highs again today. ended nine points higher. that is less than 500 points the defending ryle in south korea. look at one of the best reporters. with more from the latest.
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good morning to you. it just now 7:00 in the morning. is in tokyo right now. up and at it. getting ready to leave for south korea we will figure it all out. [indiscernible] it looks like we are having technical difficulties. use of the president's statement there and on twitter. the next stop is seoul, south korea and north korea now mocking the president the president today warning that the era of strategic patience is over. the spy agency now says north korea could be preparing
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another missile test for mart let's bring more let's bring in a top expert on the region. he is the author of a book nuclear shut up. he joins us now. let's do a wrap up. twenty-two missiles fired so far this year. less than two months ago. north korea was shooting them over in japan. is the president's tough stance working. the rhetoric should be dialed down. what do you say. i think we should stop with the insults. trump has a very good policy on north korea and that is to cut off the flow of money because the ruler there doesn't have money than he cannot do it. he cannot do something else which is get politics. giving luxury items in order to buy their luxury. we are seeing some evidence
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that it is working because that junior level officials who are favorite class are not getting their rations from the government according to unconfirmed reports. if they are true. it means that president trump's campaign is still working. with some breaking information. the prime minister he weighed in on how north korea is talking and it's dialogue about this trip. let's take a listen. roll tape. north korea has used those talks to further develop the nuclear program as well as missiles. so the north korean dialogue just for the purpose of a dialogue is meaningless. you can catch the full interview tonight on the special report. gordon, what do you think of what the prime minister of japan just said. he's absolutely right. there is a time for diplomacy. the time is when he realizes
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that he has no choice but to give up his weapons. i think that will be within nine months perhaps a year when his strangulation campaign really well have an effect then you can sit down and talk to the north koreans. if you do that now. as a japanese prime minister to said we are giving the north koreans time to increase their arsenal and we seen this before. we've had talks with the north koreans and they had use that to buy time. the seeker in dc is that they are probably the best negotiators around. the question is what would china do if north korea me to made a move against japan. what you expect from the trip to china. the chinese and the global time which is not official it
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is owned and controlled. global times in the editorial they reflect the view said that if north korea strikes first china is not going to stand by north korea because they have a mutual defense trading. they will intervene on north korea's side. that reflects accurately what the chinese would do. they should buy u.s. military hardware. we will talk about that later in the show. the other thing that is happening is that president trump is planning a meeting with the russian counterpart this week to talk about north korea. what do you expect there. it is always a troublemaker but is much more interested in making trouble in the baltics. if he sees a chance to do that.
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what president trump will be doing is making it clear to him that he should not be doing that. it's always terrific to have you on. he is one of the sharpest minds out there. now to the story unfolding in the middle east. they are detaining 11 princes. including the billionaire prince. he is an investor in western as this is that bank is said to have frozen the bank account. let's bring in the disease there. what do you think of the crackdown. what is happening now in saudi arabia of weeks and months all the way since the president met with the leader.
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that they took place in the soviet union. in that renewal of these institutions. they have started a few months ago by changing by putting pressure on the relevant radical estimates. and in opening up the society. now he's attacking it. the financial situation inside saudi arabia. what his turn to do right now is make sure that it will be a one national center for economic decisions that is a big thing that you just said. that is huge. how would it look that change that you said is coming. what form is it going to take. what is it going to look like. the changes in terms of who controls the financial decision and who has a lot of cash and some of those involved in the reform.
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it is a very difficult tunnel. you will see a rapid series liberalization much easier to be done. the whole economic time will change. saudi arabia may be aligns with israel over time. saudi arabia may be aligns with israel over time. is a secret in the middle east. that block is already forming and that's why they are very nervous. that is why they are instructing their allies to deter the south saudis. they did intercept a middle -- a missile. it came close to riyadh. what are your thoughts about that. this is aggression or pressure
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on saudi arabia. it is not going to be only missiles. we may see other terror acts inside were along the borders. the prince now and the one who will become the king eventually is not getting power for power but to be able to defend it. he wants to make it a big economic partner. will he do what president trump ask them to do on the tweet it's a different question ensure another panel will discuss. it is surging more than 3%. that is the best close. in june of 2015. after saudi arabia arrest the prominent billionaire. that is the insight corruption way.
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take a check of oil it is up for the last three straight trading sessions. the prices are up 6 cents. for a gallon of regular. the markets on a record bull run. let's get to our own nicole pedal any. with the latest. the stocks on wall street gained across the board. new records. incremental at that. we moved just nine points to the upside. it was a winning day on wall street. we saw apple and airs on -- amazon hitting all tech highs. we have a big news which moved the stocks of 21st century fox and disney there were reports from the wall street journal during the day that there had been some talks between the two that gave a boost to the stock. also reported that the talks
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were no longer active. the only thing that i can say is that both stocks moved to the upside. higher than 9% on the day. we saw the news on broad, and this could be a $130 deal. both stocks there finishing higher as well. the fear index which closed at a record low on friday gained about 3% on the day and still in that low level below ten. back to you. the former dnc chair has a message for critics trying to silence her for her new exposé about mismanaged hillary clinton campaign. for those who are telling me to shut up. i'm a tell my story that's coming up.
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i gear after the panama papers another massive leak. about tax havens used by the rich and famous. it came from bermuda law firm. and how the superrich use they know no politics.
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the wealthy celebrities are doing this. wilbor ross used these accounts. by that book. join me now. an honor to be here as always. it's not even considered to be illegal but there is a difference. the tax evasion avoidance is not illegal. none of it is illegal people love money and people don't like paying taxes. even wealthy people at dumont -- do not want to pay taxes. switching gears. let's switch to tax reform.
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it is holding a markup section. the members will go through the tax reform bill line by line amendments worth trading changes. these sessions may be held every day this week. here's vice president michael penn's talking about it on sunday morning futures. there is always room for compromise. but what the president is not going to compromise with his determination to see this congress passed historic tax cuts. and at the president the president is also committed to make sure as he said that this is a middle-class miracle. what you think the senate's gonna do to the tax reform bill. first of all let's back up a little bit. this is not a middle-class miracle it's a way of shifting tax burdens from very wealthy
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owners of buildings businesses to homeowners and especially in high home values in high tax states like california and new jersey i'm not quite sure why. it is a bill that basically says there can really speemac it to the people wanting to buy a nice houses. i don't understand what the point of that is. why do we not want to encourage people to own and buy nice houses. what's wrong is that. meyer we approaching it that way. if the tax cut is such a great idea why do we need to do anything to raise more revenue. supposedly they are self funding. why bother weight raising taxes.
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do you think we will stimulate growth hitting hard in the upper bracket. probably will add to growth in some sectors of the economy. it will be one hell of a hit to the home industry. the very large industry and just what they've done to deserve it i'm not sure. it's can hit people who are buying houses it will hit them very hard why in california that is just a middle-class home obviously not true in rural texas but very much so in california and new york. why is it hitting us people like us in those areas. what's so hard. is the goal to say i can't imagine that that would be a goal.
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i don't think it would be a legitimate tax bill situation. thank you so much for coming on. always good to see you. thank you so much. the former dnc chair came up swinging over her new tell-all about hillary clinton in the field campaign. this after members of her own party criticized down donna brazil. we are to see what she say now. and president trump plans to meet with russia's vladimir putin to discuss that on the asia to her. we are bringing in in the ceo about the rest of the agenda. here's jeff dewitt. he's coming up next. and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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we are hours away from present trump leaving japan and going to south korea. the next stop the president
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has taken a tough stance in north korea and now he says he will miss meet with russian president in vietnam. joining me now the arizona state treasurer and the chief operating officer. great to see you. what is your take on the president's strategy. what did you want to accomplish. first and foremost we want to use all diplomatic pressure possible. that is going to be one of the topics that i'm sure gets addressed. it is promoting fair trade deals for companies like that in china. in strengthening american interests over there. why the president is gone he's gone for 12 days to five asian company -- countries.
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think about the fact that they were almost there a year now. the economy here is doing great. we have seen unemployment at decades low and we have the stock market hitting new highs. things are going great here. and the way you know it's going will is the only way that he has been able to criticize him so far is that he might have said he fed the fish too much food. they wanted to dial down the rhetoric. the criticism on the other side. he speaks in plain english. i get a part of this is speaking to a dictator in north korea that doesn't seem to understand any other language.
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we've have them use a much nicer language and so far he seems to have put north korea on its heels. it is a choice of a strategy. we need north korea to play. south korea being right next to it. president trump will meet with him. how do you think that will go. china still is one of the economic lifelines to north korea where they can move their products and goods. the fact that china came on
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board earlier this year in the region against north korea was huge. they could not get china on board. north korea absolutely is feeling the pinch right now. we've a dictator there that does not want to admit it but he is in a bind and hopefully he can get rid of the nukes and see this happen. has been built over decades. thank you so much for coming on. this is a story for you. on the platform by the third party sellers. the mom mom-and-pop small businesses. they want to draw more sales that price work is effectively a truth war.
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it will basically cover that. now listen to this amazon ceo and founder sold more than one billion dollars worth of stock. he still personally owns about 60% of amazon. about 1.4 billion dollars in 1998. worth more than $80 billion today. let's get to the story. donna brazil slamming debbie wasserman schultz in a new book. we will show you more and what happened in present trump they could shoot it out of the side. we will bring in the former u.s. army intelligence
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officer. he joins us next. from the very beginning ...
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>> continue development of its unlawful weapon program. and outrageous launches of ballistic missiles directly over japanese territory are a threat to the civilized world and international peace and stability. we'll not stand for that. the era of strategic patience is
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over. liz: president trump doubling down on the u.s.'s tough stance on north korea. as the president prepares to leave for south korea tonight from japan, joining us now, is andrew peak. the prime minister of japan, abe and president trump they agree to boost efforts to put pressure on north korea. what do you think? >> i think it long overdue, traditionally u.s. has not wanted to over load japanese military capabilities. and japanese public opinion, generally lags behind what the politicians are ready to do. we don't want issue to be about what we're giving the japanese rather than what they need. there has been a see change because of north korea behavior, we're seeing an increasings
5:36 pm
shipment of weapons agreed upon and sent over. liz: so, how do you think that north korea will respond? >> negatively, of course. it exacerbates some negative feelings that many country in region have about japan, it makes issue about japan and legacy of world war ii, in particular korean peninsula, world war ii resulted in terrible atrocities, sex slavery for many koreans. liz: so, now. china is in the mix. also talk that you know away ofs intersection of china with russia and japan, we have putin sits down with president in vietnam, coming up. it unclear how north korea will respond, maybe test another missile, what do you think?
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>> they will. it is likely. japanese will need to confront a situation, where they will need to shoot down a missile, they have resisted. but i think as president noted in his visit, a large swath of the japanese public is saying, we are able of taking action independent of american capability. why don't we definished defend . liz: pentagon came out with a report, saying only way to locate and destroy north korea nukes is to put u.s. boots on the ground, but then pentagon said, there are no good military options to north korea, invading north korea could result in a catastrophic loss of lives for u.s., and civilians in south korea, your thoughts?
5:38 pm
>> two, it is unhelpful for pentagon to say there are no good military option, diplomacy is more likely to work in north korea thinks of that as a better option than a pillar military option, we words are with come bloocomplete certainty. only way is invading and occupying, a realistic military strike will be a drone strike combined with special operations forces, nobody is looking at an invasion at-this-point. liz: south korea foreign minister telling news that war with korea must not happen, a resolution should be done with a peaceful, diplomatic matter. the soviet union collapsed and not a shot was fired, your
5:39 pm
thoughts? >> i think these two are parallel. for years we built up our military and contested soviet influence. i think with north korea the challenge that trump administration faces in january 2017, when it came to power, america's military deterrent was such at low ebb because of inact with ukraine and syria and elsewhere. some of rhetoric and military exercises are part of that, i think this is succeeding, on the two comprehensive u.s. sa 'sand- sanction resolution. >> thank you andrew. liz: thank you. >> vin scully shocked fans with his reaction to nflin national anthem protest.
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did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another?
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right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt. liz: the suspect on the attack of republican rand paul may now face criminal charges, the senator's 59-year-old neighbor is being charged with first degree assault, he was let go on a $7500 bond, he tackled senator rand fall from behind friday, he blindsided him while senator was mowing his lawn in his kentucky home, rand paul suffers broken ribs. he has difficulty breathing.
5:44 pm
his lawyer said it was over a trivial matter it had nothing to to with politics, now this former dnc chair, donna brazile pushing back against critics of her new expose of hillary clinton's failed campaign, and the democrat party and the dnc. she has a message for anyone trying to silence her. >> for those to tell me to shut up, i tell them, go to hell, i'm going to tell my story. i want to tell my story, george, i say di go to hell, why am i supposed to be the only person that is unable to tell my story. liz: it could mark the beginning of the end for clinton era and democrat politics describe how the clinton hijacked dnc operations, and rigged primaries against ber bernie sanders.
5:45 pm
and campaign created no unthusiasm among the younger voters. donna brazile blasting shameful, joining me now, former new york representative, ann hey worth and daniel mclauflin. is this end of clinton era? >> i think that began on election day in 2016. hillary's book made it worse. what shocked me most is not that hillary's team did all they could to coopt and takeover mechanics of democratic party, what shocked me is that president obama left the party in debt, most popular democratic president among elites.
5:46 pm
how is that able to happen. liz: the thing. the clinton takeover of dnc happened because donna brazile said it was bankrupt, $2 million in hole, ha hal hal owed out fot she called 3 giant egos. they took over primary. >> the victory funds are terrifying to anyone. trump you could raise 500,000, clinton 350,000. if you are a regular american you can donate 2700. there are issues that need to be addressed by the dnc . liz: she is saying, and spending, donna brazile said that deborah wassermann schultz. consultants and all that,
5:47 pm
question is, will democrats clean house? donna brazile said it was unethical that hillary clinton rigged the primaries. even house speaker, paul ryan said he has never seen anything like this before, is now questioning whether the clinton may have laundered donations through the dnc . >> no wonder the democrats are ticked off, i would be to, it is amazing to me how clintons lived above the rules in this to have a primary, have one of the primary participants stacking deck running party, i have never heard of that before that is just takes the cake in my mind. liz: senator warren said it was rigged too. >> and more to point, they were doing was taking enormous donation through joint fundraising committee that were nominally going to state democratic parties,
5:48 pm
unfortunately, presumably, perhaps illegally they were then shunted back to the hillary clinton campaign, they did not even help the local democrats. liz: we're talking about democrats, they are in a meltdown mode right now. >> only -- looking like they may have laundered money is paul manafort. liz: donna brazile writes she considered replacing hillary clinton with joe biden, cory booker at the ticket. >> you didn't have power on your own to replace hillary on the tickets. >> no, the chair person shall in consultation with leadership in congress and others, i had to put it on the table, because i was under stress -- pressure after secretary clinton fainted to have a quote, unquote plan b,
5:49 pm
i didn't' a plan b, i wanted her to win. but we were under pressure. liz: there was a plan b, when media reported on, that democrat went ballistic. saying that there is no such thing, of course, they will say that. >> there had to be a plan b . you would think about this. >> if your nominee is inc in-- >> hindsight is 20/20. liz: talk about how campaign was run, donna brazile saying that brooklyn headquarters of sterile like someone had died, there was no enthusiasm. split from heart and soul of the american people, her words. >> this is say big problem, having spoke to people in headquarters, i think they thought they were going to win. liz: polls say that but trump hit the american people, there was no again and again. >> she did not visit wisconsin.
5:50 pm
liz: there was no hillary clinton campaign sign even in minority neighborhoods. >> this campaign of the run by east coast egg heads basically. how could the not do to wisconsin. he took a big chunk of democratic electorate. >> she won the popular vote and primary. >> yeah. >> a see change at the dnc right now, thank you so much, you will be back in a moment. liz: nfl anthem protest, in the 9th week, we have broadcast legend vin scully, what he is saying about the protests, he does not like it. we have that for you coming up next. stay with us.
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liz: national anthem protest continue in week 9 of nfl season, 18 players kneeling, showing fists are staying in locker room this weekend. former dodger announcer, hall of famer, vin scully said he will never watch another nfl game because of the protest. he will celebrate his 98th bay this month, a legend in sports broadcasts. this as pizza chain papa john's is threatening to remove its tv advertising for nfl, the stock price is down year-to-date. bringing our panel in, danielle? >> this is tricky. i don't think this will en any time soon. i wonder what papa john could have done and some team owners somehow say to players, i understand what you are trying to achieve, let's work together to achieve it off the field. liz: off the field. >> maybe there is way, they have
5:55 pm
a right to do, maybe there is a way of making this -- cooperative way. liz: maybe rodger goodell should say, stop with protest, stand with anthem we'll give you a podium and microphone outside of stadium. >> i agree with both. i think that commissioner goodell has handled this very poorly, he vehicle provided an alter -- he could have provided an alternative mean that could have been effective for all of the nfl player talk about the issues that is genuine, and not hurt the vendors, your neighborhood pizza guy who is just trying to sell pizza. small fish get caught up in big nets, nfl did not allow other players under other circumstances to express themselves, for example when they want to memorialize 9/11, league's rule said no, you can't
5:56 pm
have that right of free speech, because as employers they can limit the terms. liz: amazing, you can't celebrate a touchdown in end zone. >> right. liz: but you can take a knee. we know there is norways to stream nfl content that could hit it. >> right, sure, cord cutting and various options, you would think that fantasy football would have helped. so many things going on in market. last thing, if you. liz: thank you so much good to have you on, we have special coverage tomorrow, we'll tell you about it after the break, stick with us. [vo] progress is an unstoppable force.
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liz: fox news bret baier is interviewing japanese prime minister shinzo abe at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. and we'll have live coverage of
6:00 pm
the virginia and new jersey races tomorrow. thank you so much for watching. charles payne is here now with "making money." charles: we have self breaking stories regarding the gop thanks plan. republican senator john mccain is telling people this gop thanks plan as of right now is dead on arrival. after two other senators expressed their concerns over the bill, that's three strikes. while the public aim sight awaits the senate's own thanks plan that is expected to be released next week. can the gop couple with a compromise and pass this tax plan?


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